Grey's Anatomy Mystery: Where the Heck Is Lexie?

Forget the uncertainty surrounding Derek and Meredith’s fractured relationship. To heck with Cristina and Owen’s baby drama. The storyline that really has Grey’s Anatomy fans buzzing this season involves Lexie Grey. Specifically: Where the hell is she?

As eagle-eyed Grey’s viewers have picked up on, Chyler Leigh has been largely MIA through the first three hours of the show’s eighth season. And she didn’t appear in previews for next week’s episode either.

So what’s going on?

A rep for the actress tells TVLine that Grey’s boss Shonda Rhimes granted Leigh’s request for an extended summer hiatus in order to spend more time with her family. (Leigh has three children, a son and two daughters, with actor-husband Nathan West.)

Leigh won’t be gone for long though. A Grey’s spokesperson tells TVLine that Lexie will be back full-time beginning with the Oct. 13 episode.

News of Leigh’s absence comes at a potentially critical time for the Grey’s vet. With the contract of her onscreen sister, Ellen Pompeo, up at season’s end, the Practice alum may soon find herself the “Grey” in Grey’s Anatomy. “I can represent the Grey,” Leigh told TVLine in June. “I’m not going anywhere!”

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  1. Jaime says:

    Lexie is one of my favorites, and I was definitely noticing her absence. Glad to know she will return, just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

    • Captain says:

      Me too. Lexie is the best part of GA for me and I missed her. I wasn’t surprised she wasn’t in the first 3 episodes a lot because the writers never give her any decent material unless she’s pining for/dumping Mark but atleast now I know she was gone for a legit reason.

    • Bob says:

      Lexie is my favorite too , Merideth is a self centered whiner.

    • Sally says:

      Lexie is one of my favs on Grey’s Anotomy, and I noticed she was MIA. They are showing too much of April. That character is annoying. I wish it would have been April who was killed instead of the other one. I liked the other one. She was arrogant like Karev.

    • Sue Larson says:

      How could you kill of Lexie…..just how….

    • malilou says:

      ouais de retour mes que juste jusqu’a la fin de la saison 8

    • katherine says:

      Yeah. Lexi is for sure my favorite character. And is she really coming back. And if so when. I can barely watch this show without her. :'(

  2. Karen says:

    She could never carry the “Grey” in Grey’s Anatomy…sorry, shes a great character, but she could never fill Meredith’s shoes

  3. Barbie says:

    Lexie is my FAVORITE Grey’s Anatomy character BY FAR. Since her very first episode, when she told George he was being a wuss, and he told her, “You’re kind of awesome.” she completely stole my heart and the show, for me, has been about her. I HOPE Meredith leaves so SHE can be the Grey, I truly do. She’s THE BEST. I’m glad she’s not going anywhere. Love, love, LOVE Lexie!!!! <3

  4. Drea says:

    Wow, is it terrible that I haven’t even noticed she was gone and Greys is my #1 show… Maybe she couldn’t hold water as the ‘Grey’ in Grey’s Anatomy after all??!!

  5. Sam says:

    Didn’t really noticed, She doesn’t really serve purpose other than she’s stuck between two guys on the show. And she can never carry the show. Period.

  6. Lucia says:

    Shonda has already said that Meredith Grey is the title Grey in Grey’s Anatomy. Nobody else. So don’t bring up that old story about Chyler Leigh wants to be the next Grey.

    • G says:

      Word!! It came from Shonda’s mouth and maybe that’s why CL kept her mouth shut after that.

      Meredith will always be the heart and the voice of Grey’s. Lexie can’t be ‘the Grey’ if they wanted her to be they could give her, her own personality, her own friends etc.. not the same SL they did 1000 times of someone in a triangle for the past two seasons.

    • Cinders says:

      Bringing up that old story is stupid, given that Ellen Pompeo has already stated that she wants to come back.

  7. boynotorious says:

    I didn’t even notice her missing last night. If I am ABC, I would that that as a sign for next season should Mer & Der really be leaving. I’d rather it end then try to carry on with forgettable secondary characters.

    • LeAnn says:

      Totally agree with you. I’ve watched it from the beginning but just can’t see myself holding interest quite the same way if the original cast goes away. Not to say I wouldn’t necessarily stop watching, but it just won’t be the same Grey’s!

  8. qeee says:

    Thanks for the info, I was wondering where she was. Love lexie.

  9. wina says:

    I really hope that Lexie’s leaving might be a way to deal with her post-traumaic stress. remember that she’s still has issues about it? Lexie’s my favorite. I really hate the fact that April has more scenes instead. Bring Lexie Back!!!!!!!! I miss her quirkiness

  10. Saar says:

    I have missed her soo bad.
    I can’t wait to see her again, and then she better moves away from that Jackson guy.
    She needs to be with Mark, it’s just a fact

  11. Carly says:

    Thanks for the article letting us know why Lexie has been missing. Hopefully all is OK for Chyler and her family and she’ll be back as Lexie full force soon.

  12. Alicia says:

    I noticed she was mising because I missed her giving Avery a pep talk and giving Mark googly eyes for which she glares at him afterwards. If she is going to be the Grey in Grey’s Anatomy its not going to be her that keep the viewers coming back its going to be Sloan, Callzona, Teddy, and whoever of the original characters stay.

  13. Fiona says:

    Lexie is a completely useless character and last night proved it. Show flowed perfectly without her. Didn’t even realize she was gone til a co worker pointed out how nice it was not to see her cry/whine about everything. I would love for her to extend that hiatus. I’ve never liked the character at all.

  14. Cassandra says:

    Wow, well this was nice to know. I love Lexie too. I think she’s wonderful. I also love Mere so I guess I’m a minority here. I thought the episode was okay, loved Jackson being called the Goober. I’m ready for some Lexie though.

  15. edam says:

    Didnt miss her honestly.
    but nice shes spending time with her family
    and SHONDA RHIMES SAID herself MEREDITH GREY is the Grey in Greys Anatomy
    and Ellen Pompeo said she is extending her contract so BACK OFF CHYLER. seriously back off.

    • StillAFan says:

      What happened to the Grey’s Anatomy fandom?

      It used to be so cool and fun and now it’s all about jealousy & rivalry and everyone taking everything way too serious.

      It’s sad.

    • Liz says:

      Meredith is THE Grey. Chyler was SO disrespectful, drooling for Ellen’s job like that.

  16. Amy says:

    Thanks for the GA news Michael :) Gee, Chyler Leigh wasn’t in last night’s episode? I’ll have to go back and watch again, but honestly wasn’t even aware. Guess that shows the impact “Lexie” has on the Grey’s Anatomy experience for me….

  17. shaun says:

    Lexie needs to get involved in the story….she’s mostly on the fringe of the show.They need to re-invigorate her character,maybe by bringing her other sister around for a bit or seeing Thatcher.Also she should have been helping Mer with Zola but it was Christina doing it.What kind of sister is she?!

    • Amy says:

      LoL..True. Lexie pleads for Meredith to give Mer’s “deadbeat daddy” Thatcher a part of her liver in a past SL, and the impact of the overwhelming act of kindness for her sister Lexie on Mer’s part is, in the first ep of S8 when Zola is crying and Mer is going through the impact of what she has done to help Richard/Adele, Lexie is in the other room having sex with Jackson (?????) In the ep, Lexie never reaches out to her sister Mer once. Again, it’s Mer’s “family” Cristina, Alex, Richard, heck, even April showed more concern than Lexie. Sad.

    • viola says:

      Um, did you watch season 4, all the early episodes with Lexie where half her character was about trying to get Meredith to even recognize her existence? Remember how excited she was when Mer said she could be part of the MerDer bridal party? It’s only because of this behind-the-scenes break that we haven’t seen her around for Meredith during Mer’s current struggles. And Mer always treats Christina as her sister more than Lexie anyways.

      • Lucia says:

        Mer treats Cristina as her sister because she loves her the most. She thinks Cristina is her soulmate. Lexie cannot compete with that.

  18. Robin says:

    I noticed she was missing specifically last night. When Karev was asking April who was going to scrub in on the surgery with him. I thought, “Why not Lexie?”

  19. StillAFan says:

    I think Lexie should get back with Alex. But I like her with Avery too. They are the kind of fun loving young couple Grey’s Anatomy has been missing for a while. With so many of the other surgeons married to each other now.

  20. HDLowrider says:

    Meredith is Grey’s Anatomy. The series is the best ever in my opinion but is has about run its course. Even the actors appear bored and the story line seems weak. I can watch all the previous seasons on DVD which I do every day… Just not this season.

  21. shuayb says:

    Lol there was so much going on tho… I don’t even think Shonda could have given her much more than she had. I love her character but something damaging would have to happen to her to become as twisted as Mer. She had a good upbringing, she is loved by two men. She is a great surgeon who would not do half the things Mer has done. My opinion: the show will die without Mer as the lead Grey unless Shonda writes something that sends Lexie to a dark and twisty place that becomes the focus of the show.

  22. Televisionplus says:

    Anyone with half a brain and some intellect would know that Lexie is going to be the next GREY. Period.

  23. Sarah says:

    Didn’t notice she was missing. Don’t really care. For me April and her are the same and she doesn’t give anything to the show, that’s worth it, other than two useless men on the show.

    Thank god Grey’s is focusing on the original characters again!

  24. Gemini says:

    I didn’t even notice she was gone. I read this article and thought: Wasn’t Lexie in the premiere episode? Guess not. The fact that I didn’t notice and don’t care speaks for itself.

  25. Jessi says:

    Lexie is definitely my favorite character, so I noticed she was gone. However!

    I do think that the show has such a huge cast that any actor can disappear for an ep or two without anyone really taking note of it. I mean, to be honest, remember when Patrick Dempsey had that run of eps last season where he was only in episdoes for like, 3 minutes at a time? And it lasted about a month before people started asking why Derek wasn’t getting any screen time?

    Anyway, I do like Lexie. She’s sweet and quirky and a little less petty than some of the other characters on the show, so I am excited for her to be brought back.

    On a side note: oh my goodness, am I ever jealous of those eyes of hers.

  26. Jay says:

    I don’t understand how someone could be a fan of a show and hate the main character who its based on. -____- And while I like Lexie, its nice to not have so many faces crowding the scenes for screen time. Give me MORE time with the original characters please!

    • Catherine says:

      It’s an ensemble show. I never hated Meredith, but I got pulled in by Cristina and the Cristina/Burke story. Others focused on other characters and stories. How is that hard to understand?

      • Electra says:

        oh dear, Jay was talking about “hating the main character” not “focusing on other characters”.
        Is that so hard to read&understand?

  27. Liz says:

    Because we don’t care where she is?
    For once, Grey’s focuses on the original characters, and that’s a very good thing!

    • Gladys says:

      I totally agree! LOL I didnt noticed until someone pointed at it. And her lack of screentime in first 2 episodes were kind of nice…April whine enough for the both though…LOL anyway I dodnt miss a hair of Lexie…

  28. Lily says:

    Lexie is my favorite character, I’ve definitely missed her in her absence. I feel like she has the most heart on the show. I’m hoping they’ll give her some real storylines this year instead of the same love triangle. And I don’t like her with Jackson. I would rather see Jackson with April. And I absolutely love Mark and Lexie together. Apart from that I would really like to see more Meredith/Lexie scenes.

  29. bob says:

    lexie is like what izzie used to be until she went over the deep end and doinked george, thus becoming an adulteress (and not in a conflicted way like mer with der in season 2/3). that’s to say that lexie is cute, funny, and light hearted where most other characters are dark and have become too hard to watch with 7 seasons worth of history (mer, christina, alex, callie, et al.). i can’t wait for her to come back.

  30. mai says:

    I hate lexie and of course I noticed her disappearance which make me more happy…less lexie meaning less of her silly and annoying character.

  31. Susan Lackey says:

    When Lexie first appeared on the show, it gave us insight as to why Mere was so cold towards her own family. Lexie played a role that brought out some warmth and a little love for her estranged family. Showed that Mer wasn’t too good to like her dysfunctional family after all. Lexie played an important role in Mer’s acknowledging that she wasn’t alone after all.

    • Gladys says:

      Excuse me but Meredith didnt need Lexie to know that she wasn’t alone at all. Her ‘adopted’ family is more than enough to prove that Merrdith is indeed not alone. And now even if her marriage is in a rocky place and Zola was taken away…is clear than Meredith doesn’t need her biological family..she has another kind of family. Sure, She now loves Lexie as a sister but she’s nowhere near to be that important in Mer’s life…

  32. sidney says:

    Never miss her…she should stay with her family a little longer

  33. Bri says:

    Ok am I the only one who likes them both and there scenes? Mer is my favorite but I love Lexi too. I forgot she was missing but that doesn’t mean I dont like her. I just was focused on the ep. She is not taking her job, let it go. So u guys who think she is she’s not things things will stay the same. Lol and stop saying who does more for the other person mer did things for lexi out of love and lex will do the same wen the time comes. For some reason i think either lex, mer, or Zola will get physically hurt this season either way they will be there for each other. And I’m sure Lexi will get an awesome storyline soon.

  34. babygate says:

    Thank you for this. 10 minutes into the episode I was already wondering where she was. I hope that her absence is only family related and not because she pissed someone off when she said she was willing to take on the lead role. I love Lexie but she can’t pull off the lead. She still too immature. But I do want to see hee back. I miss Lexiepedia.

  35. enigma17001 says:

    I like Lexi but to be honest I didn’t notice she was missing either. On another note her character does bring an upbeat kind of youthful energy to the show, I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this but I prefer April for those purposes. I find it interesting to see April getting her peers respect but still staying a beam of light in darkness that the other characters portray. Don’t take what I say out of context I like all the characters but most of them are cynical, snide, sarcastic, or in your face. That’s why I like the contrasting personality of April.

  36. zvi domb says:

    I love lexy she is bright beautiful and gives greys a breath of fresh air. There should be more episodes with her in it. For a mother of 3 she looks stunning!!!!

  37. Sue says:

    Saw the episode and didn’t notice she wasn’t in it until this article. I’d still rather have her than the month.

  38. Joy says:

    love Lexie. the show needs her. but we also need Meredith. she is still my favorite.

  39. sara says:

    I like both lexie and Meredith! But I think that when Lexie comes back, something must happen with the two of them as sisters. Maybe Molly or Thatcher should come back this season or something should happen with Zola and lexie would help out as an aunt.

  40. Iree says:

    I love ALL the characters. I hope they all remain on the show. It is all the different personalities that makes Greys Anatomy such a great show..Great writers as well.

  41. rick says:

    Grey’s has run its course and should be canceled. It is little more than a soap opera and a shell of the show it used to be.

  42. Kaity says:

    So much for Chyler “not going anywhere”!

  43. Jorge says:

    well all that just got shot to hell.

  44. sharon says:

    Why did they kill off lexie it was finnaly looking like meradith was getting her family that shd has always wanted why would they kill off a good part of the story line the finaily sucked with killing her off but the rest was fantatic. I can’t believe they killed off one of the best cast and story line.

  45. Saulo says:

    That’s an excellent point Kaity, Why would Chyler say that she wasn’t going anywhere? She probably didn’t know that she was getting fired back then! Unless something happened that we don’t know about and they had to boot her off the show. Or she was becoming too arrogant thinking she was going to be the next BIG Grey and they just needed to show her who’s the boss.

    But this is television people, for all we know she’s not dead… They’re just making us believe that. All the other characters have sustain serious injuries. Most Likely at the beginning of next season Lexi will be her annoying bitch self and it was actually one of the other characters that is going to die on the first show of next season.

    • Ben says:

      Hum… I seriously doubt that. Considering her injuries, that impossible (well, in the real world, not in the Grey’s world…).
      Still there is no doubt, at the end of the episode, that Lexie is dead. And Shonda was very clear when she talks about Chyler and Kim leaving the show.

      But, a part of me still wishes it can be true ! A really really really optimistic part of me !

  46. andrea says:

    “I’m not going anywhere.” Ok… that made me sad.

  47. you know says:

    In haven!

  48. aja martin says:

    Look it does not matter who anybody liked better IF UR A TRUE GREYS FAN U LOVE ALL OF THEM THE SAME they are a family and when the rest of them get found and they go back to the hospital there all going to mourn over lexi I still haven’t got over omally or stevens it freaking sucks when any of them have been there for that long and die and if u didn’t like lexi save ur opinion I’m sure she feels the same about u GA IS A FAMILY WHEN ONE HURTS WE ALL HURT THAT’S ALL I’M SAYING MARK IS ABOUT TO BE TORN UP ABOUT THIS IT REALLY SUCKS

  49. jake says:

    Derek and Meredith is the best they may have ups and downs but they are the RESON why I like GA I do like other people but Meredith a sweet person who has changed a lot because of derek and because she wanted to.and I am very very happy that the two best people are alive! I like every one on GA so thanks to the people who made GA! GA is one of my top 10 show’s and I will watch it over and over!!

  50. Rozanne says:

    Oh but she was. . .