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Exclusive: Bones Boss on Booth-Brennan Sexscapades: 'We Don't Need to See That'

Many loyal Bones viewers, having been denied the lovemaking scene that resulted in Brennan’s season-ending pregnancy news, hold out hope that they will see the prospective parents at some point this season… you know, dance in the sheets. But while executive producer Stephen Nathan promises that you’ll witness “affection” between the partners in crime-solving when the new season arrives Thursday, Nov. 3, their interactions will stop well short of a rigorous romp.

“No, there are many websites that you can see [sex scenes]; you don’t need to see that on Fox,” Nathan tells TVLine with a laugh as he broaches the hot topic. “That’s health class in junior high.”

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Instead, Nathan promises that Booth and Brennan, as they anticipate the birth of their child, will demonstrate to each other affection that is “so natural and organic.” But “they’re not all over each other.”

Explaining the duo’s closer dynamic and how it might differ from some viewers’ sexpectations, he says, “This is a couple six months down the line, so you’re seeing them in a way that allows them to still disagree with each other and not be so lovey-dovey that it’s like, ‘Eh, I don’t need to see that.’ They’re not the couple you go on a date with that you never want to see again because they’re making out at dinner. We don’t want to do that.”

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Thanks in part to series leads Emily Deschanel (who in real life just gave birth to a boy) and David Boreanaz — “They’re so at ease with each other,” Nathan notes — the way B&B’s new intimacy comes across on-screen “is better than I ever thought it would be,” he raves, “and I thought it would be good.”

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  1. zaza says:

    Maybe we don’t have to see them actually having sex, but we do want to see more than just affection. We want to see them in love, which should include some passionate moments. We have often seen frisky moments between Angela and Hodgins that didn’t involve them taking their clothes off. But it’s plain with them that the passion is there. That’s what we want to be assured of with Booth and Brennan.

    • Jem says:

      Agreed! It seems anything B/B they’re so sensitive about that they’re robbing the fans of the same things they gave Angela & Hodgins.

      • Jackie/Max Strange says:

        It makes Bones look like an old maid school teacher when Booth can’t keep his lusty hands off Hannah and doesn’t show enough love and desire for Brennan.I was insulted that the writers would even make Hannah a threat to Brennan. She was self centered and absolutely did not love Booth. He was just a good lay.We need to see B&B desire for each other.

    • Kim R says:

      I agree as well. After waiting for so long, being frustrated at the “will they/won’t they” marathon, I do feel the PTB owed us something. Like you stated, it was clear when Angela & Hodgins came together again and was so nice to see. I do feel we, the viewers, were ripped off a bit. We have been extremely patient, after all!! :)

    • amy says:

      agreed! I don’t know why they keep accusing us fans of being pervs who need some softcore porno of them having intercourse – that’s the last thing I want! I can’t even understand their position on this issue, especially since hodgins/angela had some VERY steamy love making scenes – more than I’d usually like to see on network television, since my children watch this show. (I suspect the show runners only accuse us fans of wanting to LITERALLY see them having sex because they want to avoid that topic altogether, and it’s easier to deflect than to answer how/why.) we fans just want to see their passionate, intimate relationship as it grows from professional to friend to romantic lovers…. and the whole thing took place off-camera! :(

      • Jason says:

        What took place off-camera, amy? The sex scene that you just said you don’t want your kids to see? Everything else we would have seen if it were pertinent but its not.

        We will see the affection and intimacy in the next season.

        • Sarina says:

          Well, the whole romance was off-screen. They could at least have shown so much as a kiss that night that Bones crept into Booth’s bedroom and they made the baby. The way I see it, we saw Bones entering Booth’s room and him comforting her in a fashion that would be appropriate among friends and bam, all of a sudden she’s pregnant.

          After so many seasons of endless will they/ won’t they dragging the should have given us so much as a kiss or a passionate embrace, but all of that took place off-camera. It was the biggest step these charcters ever took in the entire series and we got to see none of it. I felt cheated and I’m sure many others did, too. Character development has to be shown on screen so it is believable to the viewers!

          • Wendy says:

            Angela once put it best on the show: Booth/Brennan dated, just without the sex. And they did. I saw emotional involvement and intimacy. I don’t need a romp in the sack to show me. And they have kissed and touched before.

          • Amber says:

            I totally agree with Sarina! It is that first real passionate kiss (besides the other kisses they shared) that is so special and we missed that. I personally like a first kiss much more that the so called dancing in the sheets.

      • Liana in San Diego says:

        Amen. Ditto. Agree. Yes. I’m not a happy camper at how the network thinks we are just lusting for sex between Bones and Booth. It’s demeaning to us and frankly, it makes me pissed off. I love the show, but I’m NOT happy with management that is deciding what is PC for us. And you’re right – Angela/Hodgins scenes were downright steam producing, so sounds like a double standard to me. Okay for the “minor” couple to be steamy but not Booth and Bones? Grrrrr.

        • nogigglingmajor says:

          I agree that they are hypocrites have have a different standard fro BB than any other couples, including when BB have been with other people. I also agree that the writers just really didn’t know how to get BB together and that this has been the most obvious and biggest cop out I’ve seen. Now, i don’t mind not seeing a romp, I don’t even mind not seeing clothes being thrown. But hey a real kiss would be nice – I don’t need passionate or tounges stealing tonsels, just a nice kiss that isn’t mistletoe, drunk, dreamt, or when booth got stupid at the end of season 5. A nice kiss, just one – I think that’s very, very, VERY little to ask for…especially after how last season turned into a bigger sopa opera than Bold & the Beautiful.

      • lipsticksocialism says:

        THIS THIS.

      • Mel says:

        I think part of the reason why they’re not showing B/B scenes is that Emily was actually pregnant at the time of the filming, so it makes sense why they wouldn’t write anything that might harm the baby in anyway.

    • Bess77 says:

      We’ve seen a lot of moments that did involve them taking their clothes off too. The Egyptian Room, anyone.

    • Zoe says:

      Exactly! The reason I felt cheated by that finale was that we basically see them lie down on the bed and then suddenly Brennan’s pregnant. If we had just seen a kiss on the aformentioned bed, or something that confirmed that sex had happened, that would’ve been okay. But really, we didn’t know that they had sex until she said she was pregnant. Just some confirmation that this is actually happening is all I need.

    • Liz says:

      You’re SO right, we want to see the passion. Heck, after all those years, we deserve it darn it!

      • Jackie/Max Strange says:

        I would like to see more affection — more love talk as they discuss their long courtship and how they came to see that Booth only had eros love (sexual} with both Rebecca and Hannah. But for Bones he had agape love — unconditional love with philos friendship or soul mates. Why did we have to watch so many sexual scenes with Hannah and none with Bones. Why was Hannah always dressed in gorgeous underwear and Bones’ sleep ware is like a librarians wardrobe.Booth was nothing but the latest boy toy with Booth. Bones loved him unconditionally when she accepted him after he turned her down for Hannah and Bones turned sully down for Booth. He owes Bones plenty.We don’t have to see them naked but we do want some sweet love and lots of affection shown.

    • suzyku says:

      You are abslutely right! Now if only the Bones powers that be will listen! Based on season 6, they don’t seem to care much about what the viewers/fans think.

    • H is for hypocrite says:

      This is coming from the same guys who had Angela and Hodges banging each other in the storeroom of the museum on an ancient egyptian bed that oh-so mysteriously had clean sheets on it each time they were doing each other. And of course there were Angela’s nooners with the intern guy. And Booth’s romps with blondie last year. But oh yes, now we’re above that that whole sex in a relationship thing…..

    • Jackie/Max Strange says:

      I agree. Have them hold hands — please try to outdo those signs with hannah — whom i still hate and think that Booth should ask forgiveness for betraying Brennan with that party girl. Maybe Booth should have married her and thus be miserable the rest of his life.. He better make it up to Brennan this time or I’ll say goodbye to the series.

    • Jackie/Max Strange says:

      I want to see more affection than he showed his affair with shallow Hannah. We saw them way too much getting out of bed or in bed — only sex. What did she and Booth do: had sex, went out to eat. They didn’t even know each other. Hannah liked sex — and she knew the woman who saved her life loved Booth — but she didn’t care as long as she had nothing else to do with Booth except sex. I am angry with Booth over that. We need to see that he realizes Brennah has been and will always be the love of his heart and life.He better start realizing the differences between lust and real love.

  2. xav says:

    Thank goodness. I want the team dynamics and less of everyone being relationshippy. Solve crimes and have sexual tension, please.

    • Meri says:

      Here here! Couldn’t have said it better myself! Go ahead, show passion, show tension, show us “in love” but I don’t need a make-out session. Besides, B&B are coming together after being friends for a long time, much like my husband and I did. It wasn’t nervous fumbling for us, more like two people converging. Their relationship isn’t new, just this element so it shouldn’t seem like your typical new romance!

    • Jean says:

      I do not need to see a make-out session. I loved when Bones undressed Booth in one of the Christmas episodes. No sex, but a lot of steam. It is nice to leave something to the imagination. Add your own ending :D

  3. Pamela says:

    It’s called the art of romance. Lame. I quit Bones. Sorry David & Emily, but the writers ruined the romance for me. It’s no longer even entertaining. Deleted off my DVR and moving onwards.

  4. Lindsey says:

    We really were already given that in a sense with the “married” scenes from Booth’s dream ep. Looking forward to them being together but don’t want any uncomfortable sex scenes like we just got on The Good Wife. There is wanting them to act like a couple (payoff for these last years) and there is ruining it be going too far. The way they feel for each other is already obvious and some of those looks already sizzle.

    • Angie says:

      I agree. I am glad they are not showing. Leave something to the imagination. I love The Good Wife – but that was a little over the top for me.

      • Gia says:

        I loved the sex scene between Will and Alicia on The Good Wife. We waited two years for those two to finally hook up, and when they did it was hot! I would’ve felt incredibly cheated if all we saw was them going into the hotel room. The sex scene was also important because we saw Alicia as a newly liberated sexual being. She’s having fun and enjoying her sexuality. The new tag line “don’t let the name fool you” is right.

  5. Bess77 says:

    When your story goes down a hole, the best thing to do is stop digging. Somehow this guys in their interviews just keep digging.

  6. ForensicMama says:

    I actually totally agree. I have seen a lot of people who disagree and wanted to see it, but I feel like it’s not necessary.

    Bring on Season Seven!

  7. Tara says:

    but i had to watch Booth & Hannah go at it like rabbits every freaking episode? puke…i still haven’t gotten over that – to me, the whole Hannah storyline ruined the mojo…the Booth/Brennan romance is not believable to me anymore :( and that makes me sad…i used to be a Bones fanatic until last year

  8. Shannon says:

    This is a hilarious sentiment coming from the guys who shoved Booth and Hannah’s sex life down our throats last year. Maybe they just need to own up to the fact that after six years of building up this romance, they decided to cop out. Putting the leads together off screen and then jumping forward in time so that we miss the first six months of their relationship has to be the lamest resolution I have ever seen to a love story.

    • not amused says:

      I know, right?

    • ama_blue says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. An absolutely terrible resolution to six years of build up. The writers spent more than 120 episodes teasing the viewer with will they?/won’t they? nonsense all to let it fizzle out completely in one dud of a season finale.

    • Liana in San Diego says:

      Totally agree. Thanks for bringing up the Booth/Hannah fiasco – that was gratuitous sex that I really didn’t care to see at all. Didn’t like Hannah, didn’t like the actress playing Hannah, so happily fast-forwarded those scenes. But what blatant hypocrisy to say they don’t want to show sex, when there has been plenty of it with Booth/Hannah, Angela/Hodgins, even Cam/Booth early on. Enough with the lies.
      Show us the romance and the love – I don’t need them in bed, but I need more than just sweet looks. Losing it for the show writers.

      • Nan says:

        Don’t forget Booth and Rebecca, FOX can show the sex between Booth and every other women on the planet but not Booth and Brennan, that is just lame. I will watch the first half of the season if I do not like it, I will say goodbye to Bones. I was obsessed with Bones first 3 season but after the Writer’s Strike Bones started to decline, my new obsession is Castle and Fringe

        • ace says:

          Totally agree. I thought the first couple of seasons were awesome. Hated the abbreviated season that turned Zach into a criminal with little explanation. Now we finally have Booth and Brennan as a couple and we don’t get to see them finally breaking through to a new level of intimacy?

  9. Jim says:

    So it was no problem to show us Booth making Cam and Rebecca squeal, no problem to show us post-coital Angela and Hodgins… But with Brennan and Booth, it’s an issue? I call BS!

    • Sarah says:

      EXACTLY. And I would argue you’ll hardly find any characters that seem as “in love” as Angela and Hodgins. This is just an excuse. And don’t forget we got to see Booth with Hannah ALL THE TIME too, and they were supposedly in love as well. Are Emily and David just not up for shooting the scenes, or do the writers just not know what to do after 6 freaking seasons of “will they/won’t they” sexual tension?

    • Liz says:

      AMEN! Why do they want to destroy all sexual tension??

    • J says:

      Don’t forget, we also saw Bones in bed with Sully, and that didn’t seem to be a problem.

  10. Monique says:

    All my friends that watch Bones were pretty pissed off they didn’t get that love scene so here it is again the writers not giving the fans what they want. They ruined the show with the god-awful 100th episode for me.

  11. Lois says:

    Wow – I wonder about Mr. Nathan if he thinks sex is only for JR High health class. I don’t get it. Then why was I subjected to Booth/Hannah last season?? Why wasn’t it juvenile then? I don’t under stand Mr. Nathan. I don’t need overt sex, but I do want some passion. I hope Bones doesn’t return with a B&B that’s reminds me of Al and Peggy Bundy! Not exactly how you want to entice people imo.

  12. Michelle says:

    I love Bones and don’t mind for one minute that they didn’t show us B&B ripping eachother’s clothes off and falling into bed together (we saw that already in the S4 finale even if it was only a coma dream). I would however like for them to act with a little more afftection towards eachother in the new season.
    Also i would like the show to go back to focusing a bit more on the crimes that they are solving rather than being all about B&B, Angela & Jack and whatever other relationships arise in the new season.

  13. Rach says:

    I want to know where all these fans are supposedly wanting porny Brennan and Booth that SN has to mention NO PORN in every interview he’s given since the season finale? Perhaps next time Stephen Nathan can actually give an interview that promotes S7 in a way that will get the fans excited instead of one that throws in backhanded insults at the viewers.

    • amy says:

      I have a feeling those pervy fans don’t exist. (and, if they do, they are definitely the minority!) the show-runners are purposely misinterpreting our disappointment at the complete lack of intimacy as disappoint that we didn’t get a sex scene…. it’s because they’re lazy and couldn’t think of a way to show this new development in their relationship without falling victim to what they call “the moonlighting curse.”

      • Rach says:

        Yes, I think that’s it – they’re purposely misinterpreting the disappointment, and it’s frustrating and insulting. I don’t need or want to see Booth & Brennan banging each other from the rafters, but I don’t want them bickering like The Honeymooners either.

        The fact that Mr. Nathan is so convinced that the fans only want S7 to be about Booth & Brennan sexytiemz that he has to mention it in all of his interviews seems to me that TPTB are rather out of touch with the viewers. Most people I know didn’t want to see that either. I just want to see something between them that makes it believable that they’re actually a couple.

  14. DJ says:

    I hope we see some ‘loving’ moments when B&B come back in November. I agree that we had to endure ‘what’s her name (Hannah)’ for all those weeks. At least maybe a little hand-holding, hugging and kissing for the fans please.

  15. Ashley says:

    BS!! This all Deschanel’s fault. She has said repeatedly that she doesn’t like to make out with Boreanaz on screen. I would have never believed that ANY woman would not want to make out with DB. Well, it is now clear who has all the power on this show. First, a 4 to 5 month maternity leave(ridiculous) and now this. Deschanel wins again.

    • TiredOfTheHate says:

      Show me where Emily has ever said she doesn’t want to do love scenes with David? Because I must’ve missed that.

      Also she worked until the day before giving birth on 9/21, and will return to work the first of the new year. That’s three months (minus two weeks they would’ve taken off for Christmas regardless), and three months maternity leave is the FMLA given right of any American worker.

    • seattlemary says:

      Well I would imagine if your good friends with DB and were happily married then you might have a problem with it :-)

      Every actor will say that the most uncomfortable scenes are the kissing and the more passionate physical ones and that becomes harder if your friends with your costar, which I imagine ED and DB are, seeing how they must spend about every waking hour together for most of the year, since they are costars, producers (I think they’re even Exe. producers) and now DB is directing.

      That being said, I think they’re trying to justify their actions by now pretending their fans are like CSI fans, meaning we don’t like to get too involved in the character’s personal lives, which I don’t think is true and neither do other fans judging by comments.

      As for her maternity leave, I think that’s reasonable, because this is Hollywood after all, and there is an unnatural expectation for actresses to get their pre-baby bodies back right away and I’m sure she’ll be giving input on pre-production of the season, so I don’t begrudge the delay in the season, but I will hold a grudge if they don’t give us some kind of emotional payoff, because I think we’ve all earned it and the show has never had any problem showing other characters in those type of scenes.

    • Claude says:

      That’s really a very harsh comment.
      Emily Deschanel never said she, as you say, “does not like to make out” with David Boreanaz. You just made this up. And for your information, not every woman wants to make out with David Boreanaz!

      And who are you to say that it is ridiculous for Emily Deschanel to take a 4 to 5 month maternity leave? Emily has been working 15 hour days or sometimes longer, 5 to 6 days a week for 6 years. Yes, she is co-star with David Boreanaz and the long hours come with the job. So what?
      She asked to have some longer time with her baby before going back to work, they thought about it and decided how to make it work.

      If you hate Emily Deschanel so much, why are you watching the show?

      • Claude says:

        And also, Emily Deschanel won’t take a 4 to 5 month maternity leave at all.
        Her son was born September 21st and her last shooting day, for episode 6, was on September 19th, meaning 2 days prior she had her baby.
        And per TJ Thyne’s tweet of today, they all come back in January to shoot the rest of season 7.
        Do the math, that’s 3 months, not 4 to 5!

    • rynogeny says:

      I’m sorry. I get that you’re upset, but I’ve been doing the math on this, and can’t get a 5 month maternity leave out of Sept. 20-early January?

      She worked up until 2 days before the baby was born, and there’s not exactly much point in coming back three months later, on Dec. 20. Not unless you’d like them to work through Christmas?

      They’ve said they’ll start up again in January, presumably the same time they always do after the holidays.

    • Archie says:

      Umm, excuse me? Like she had a BABY! How can you grudge her the time spent with her child??

  16. MK says:

    If “we don’t need to see that” for Booth and Brennan, why did we have to see that with Booth and Hannah?

    • Gracie says:

      exactly! he must have gotten his “junior high health class” mixed up with something else last year b/c that’s exactly what we saw between Booth/Hannah…i really don’t think the creators care about the die hard fans anymore anyways (even though WE are the reason they’ve been on 7 seasons)

    • Jen says:

      I think this one sentence says it all.

  17. Gina says:

    Emily was pregnant filming 1-6… did anyone really believe she was going to do a sex scene?

    And for me Booth and Brennan are so much more than sex. That was Hannah/Booth and Cam/Booth. maybe some of you people should get your own sex lives instead of living vicariously through Booth and Brennan. Its much more fun…

  18. Lisa says:

    So the payoff for the fans is to see Booth and Brennan be ‘affectionate’ with each other? Umm how is that different from any of the other seasons? We’ve seen them be affectionate since Season 1. Only now we get to see them be affectionate and have a baby. They might as well be Ozzie & Harriet.

    I don’t know why it’s so taboo to show them be in love with each and I’m not talking about a bed scene.

    Why is it that they can show the romance for every couple they care to introduce to the show, but Booth & Brennan are off limits.

    I hope the actual episodes are better than how this interview played out.

  19. 1mars says:

    These comments coming from a man (SN) who last week commented on twitter about popups in HIS pants. WTF, is he trying to kill the show? This show has always written storylines sexual subjects and we have seen every other couple in clinches but not the main couple. Big Fail, Mr. Nathan.

  20. Mikaylah says:

    I am very much looking forward to them being a couple and I agree that that does NOT need to involve a “sex scene”. Emily and David do have such great chemistry that I don’t think we need to see that to believe in them as a couple. We all know they love each other, and now they are having a baby. That is PERFECT. :)

  21. Mic says:

    Whatever! We have before so why stop now? All your are doing is going back on your word, doubling back, scared of the reactions & are just full of crap. So what if some things haven’t worked out, like ” you wanted”? There has to be some compromise. Congrats on Emily’s new baby & here’s to continuing to kick a&& & take names later!!

    Stop with the negative comments & get back to work on more Bones. Can’t wait for November & more Bones!!

  22. not amused says:

    I guess SN must have amnesia, because we certainly saw a whole lot of “dancing between the sheets” with Booth and Hannah. And Booth and Cam. And Booth and his ex. And Angela and Hodgins. And Cam and her dark, tall, and handsome man. Need I say more? I don’t even want to see some stupid sex scene between Booth & Brennan (and I ESPECIALLY didn’t want to see the rest of those scenes), I just think the hypocrisy and “holier than thou” rhetoric coming from SN and HH is infuriating.

  23. Emily says:

    I don’t need to see the sex but I would have really liked to see a conversation or two between laying down in bed and “I’m pregnant.” Maybe a DTR?

  24. Ashley says:

    @Gina, I will give you that. Deschanel was pregnant when shooting Episodes 1-6. Logical reason for not shooting sex scenes. She has had her baby now, so their is no EXCUSE when she comes back. I will wager anything that we won’t see any sex scenes because she doesn’t want to them with David Boreanaz pure and simple. Yet, she seemed quite comfortable swapping spit with the actor that played Sully.

    • Jayme says:

      I’m pretty sure she’s kissed Boreanaz onscreen more than she kissed Sully (can’t think of his real name right now) , and if you’re refering to the bed scene between Brennan and Sully in season 2, then you might want to remember the bed scene between Bren and Booth in “The End in the Beginning” it was much steamier than the Brennan/Sully one.

  25. Esther says:

    Wow. How do people not rage at this? Why is this still such a popular show that can do no wrong in the eyes of the shippers, when they shove this up your butt after how many seasons of waiting?! “We don’t need to see that on Fox!” Um… okay? What about other shows that have people make out and imply the rest? Glee, House, etc? To tease those who have been faithful and fanatic about this pairing for SO long, since day one – the reason your show succeeds, btw – then skip it all to make her pregnant, in a crappy way to deal with a real-life pregnancy of the actress.

    To work it into the show realistically and properly, look to the Office. [mild Office spoiler!!] Pam and Jim are having a second baby, all because Jenna Fischer is pregnant. But, this is actually within the realm of possibility, because the characters have already had a kid, and even if they didn’t, their relationship had evolved enough that getting pregnant for the first time was the next natural step. It boggles my mind how people haven’t raged that much over how Bones stuck it to the viewers. It would be like Castle and Beckett having one night of pity sex (after having one hallucinatory ‘night’), and her all of a sudden getting pregnant, and us never seeing anything but them reacting to the news and talking about it. And showing ‘affection’. Lame, cheap and lazy.

    • sam says:

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • TiredOfTheHate says:

      We’ve never once seen Jim and Pam having sex. But they are often affectionate.

      • Wendy says:

        Thank you! No difference there. Jim/Pam aren’t rutting all over the screen and it hasn’t hurt them, either.

        • max says:

          Except the difference is that they didn’t skip right from Jim/Pam’s first romantic encounter to “Hey Jim! I’m pregnant! And, since it could be anyone’s, I have to specify that it’s yours!” Jim and Pam’s romance was organic, it flowed from season to season, and when they finally announced (albeit silently) Pam’s first pregnancy, it was one of the sweetest scenes I’ve ever seen on television — their relationship is, quite frankly, one of the best television romances I’ve ever seen, if not THE best. It’s sweet yet realistic, tender yet not perfect, and most importantly it’s BELIEVABLE. Bones writers could have learned a lot from the way The Office handled Jim/Pam’s relationship.

          • Wendy says:

            Well, I saw Booth barely tolerated Brennan and the squints in S1’s start to having feelings by the end of that season with her mom’s discovery (with respect for said squints) and the subsequent deepening over the subsequent five other seasons. So I saw the emotional component just fine, personally.

          • TiredOfTheHate says:

            They actually did skip from “are you free for a date” till several months later over a summer hiatus. And again we have never seen Pam & Jim have sex or anything more than a kiss.

          • TiredOfTheHate says:

            Also in my opinion the “You’re the father” line was solely for fans who otherwise would’ve spent the entire summer saying “I can’t believe she’s having someone else’s baby, I hate Hart Hanson!!!!” You just can’t please some so called “fans.”

          • max says:

            well @Wendy and @TiredOfTheHate, I guess we can agree to disagree. I suppose what I’m so disappointed by is the fact that I had thought, way back in season 1, that if we ever finally got to the point where Bones announces she is pregnant with Booth’s baby, we would be so far along in their monogamous romantic relationship that there would be absolutely no room for doubt as to whose baby it was. but I guess that’s just me. :/

          • El says:

            Could not agree more about Jim and Pam on the Office. They have never had a sex scene but their relationship on screen, even their triangles in early season, have been so well done. You always knew they belonged together and that they always loved each other. After last season, I no longer see that with Booth. I don’t care about a sex scene, especially with ED being pregnant, but a hug or a kiss or some type of hand hold, which showed some type of affection would have been enough for me. Gilmore Girls also did it much better.
            I stopped caring if B & B ever got together, but the way they got them together and how they intend to skip over that relationship,
            has just turned me off the show. I dvr and decide if it is worth watching. Substituting Hogela for a real romance just does not make up for skipping over B & B. That natural chemistry between them is not longer apparent to me. Right now they are just two people who are together because Booth got rejected and went back to Brennan after he got over his anger. She stood by him and they had grief sex,and bam, a baby. After six years and now going into season 7, I think they should be showing affection (not sex) and not just saying that their chemistry is enough. That chemistry is not what it used to be.

          • PD says:

            @max: I didn’t see it as there being doubt of WHO the father was. I saw it as Bones confirming that she wanted Booth to be the father and involved in their child’s life right alongside her instead of just being the sperm donor like she wanted in S3 before Booth’s brain surgery.

    • Eva says:

      I completely agree. It makes me sick how the producers are trying to make fans feel like perverts just because we want to see a couple we’ve invested in for SEVEN years, finally get it on. I’m not afraid to say it. I want to see them have S.E.X. Ooooh. I guess that makes me a naughty girl who should just be content to watch sex on line. Give me a break. We deserve to see the passion and lust between these two. We’ve seen “affection” between them for the last 6 seasons.

  26. Rose says:

    Please Fox would you hire a PR person for HH and SN so they will understand that insulting their fan base is not a great way of promoting a new season. With regard to the sex scene, I missed the emotional attachment between B&B more. In my opinion, I wanted to see more B&B connection because we did not see it last season. They never addressed the damage that the Hannah arc did to B&B and especially to Booth. If he was so in love with someone else how can we believe he actually wants to be with Brennan, or is he only with her because Hannah turned him down? I am sorry but one scene in the blizzard episode did not erase all the eye rolling, rude behavior that Booth displayed. They made him into the type of guys that drops his friend for sex.

  27. Min says:

    Season six ruined Bones for me. Booth and Brennan have absolutely no chemistry at all anymore. I feel sorry for the fans who waited to see Booth and Brennan finally get together and got stuck with the aweful season six ending. Grief sex and Brennan telling Booth ‘your the father,’ because you know I sleep around alot and have to clarify that its actually your baby, really tells me these two people make absolutely no sense as a believable couple. Booth treated Brennan like she was something stuck on the bottom of his shoe the entirety of season six. Brennan was regressed to a robotic character and a doormat. To go from that type of behavior, to comfort sex and a baby is just poor story-telling.

    This show no longer cares about the overall story. Sex sells as long as they have a Maxim centerfold actress playing the part. That is why Hannah was half undressed in every scene she was in. The producers were o.k. with this, because they were hoping the male audience numbers would increase by doing this. Instead they started losing viewers. I believe they lost over 1 million viewers between episode seven and eight.

    Bones has gone downhill and everything coming out about next season just sounds boring and cliched. If I don’t believe that Booth and Brennan make sense and have no romantic chemistry, what would be appealing about season seven? Another cliched and typical pregnancy storyline part 2 (already saw this with Hodgins and Angela), nonstop baby dialogue ( Hodgins and Angela part 2) and Brennan and Booth acting like brother and sister ( what I saw in season six) doesn’t make for an interesting show. Get ready for overt and annoying humor and non-stop baby talk. Season seven sounds dull, repetitive and boring!

    • Lookingforanewshow says:

      I agree…the final for s6 hit Canada first i believe and yes I was immediately on to spoilers (yeah I read them, so what?) And all i could think when I found out that Bren was pregnant was…’Canada’s playing a joke right? RIGHT?” It did ruin season 6, I mean I already disliked Booth (not for being with Hannah, more for his behaviour). I watched the ep cringed through the birth scene (jeeze you couldn’t get any more cheese into that) watched the end and thought. “BS I’m coming back for s7, you’ve got to be kidding me!” I have continued to read spoilers in the hope that Bones pulls itself back up from the Bold & Beautiful level but alas no…I will not be watching s7…I like my shows to have some class thankyou!

  28. max says:

    I’ve never seen two people who cared less about their audience than SN and HH seem to. They seem to constantly be pushing the boundaries of what their audience will stand, and then turning around and insulting fans for caring. It’s the complete opposite of a show like, for instance, Chuck, where the fans’ concerns are paramount. (And BTW, both main characters got together in a very satisfactory way.) Or, for instance, Castle, where the writers have said time and again that they don’t want to lead fans on, out of respect, and have said that they will bring the main characters together in a way that hopefully pleases everyone. SN and HH, on the other hand, seem to get some sort of schadenfreude-istic pleasure out of upsetting their fanbase over and over and over again.

  29. Silver says:

    I am SO over this show…. I feel cheated

  30. Jayme says:

    As usual the fanic occurs and people get blinders on. I actually read the article and what I got from it was that SN was saying that B/B aren’t going to be about sex. He NEVER said there wouldn’t be intimacy in FACT he actually says , you’ll witness “affection” between the partners in crime-solving when the new season arrives. Here`s the deal H/B were all about the physical, and we still never actually saw them having sex, we saw the before and the after, We’ve also seen a pretty detailed lead up to B/B sex in “The End in the Beginning” yeah ok it was a dream but that proves that the producers have no problem with steamy, What SN is saying is that they aren’t going to show the full deal, which clearly would never happen on network TV ( which is why he also makes that online comment)
    Also all those people saying you refuse to watch now? I personally wouldn’t base my show opinions on spoilers since they have been shown to be taken completely out of context in the past.

  31. nesca says:

    I dunno what kind of sex scene U have seen in your life but B&B only make love n this is a big difference and has nothing to do with the porno stuff like some ppl make after some bottle of wine. I wish I could see the making love scene between B&B in s6 b4 Brenn told she is preg n Booth is the father but I meant only after Emily will give birth her child n only if she will say yes to that kind of scene. Never while she was preg!!. They can do retrospection, there r lots of ways to show that scene like we have on 4×26 for example but stop telling she had to do that scene some time ago. What kind of person you r? I’m sure B&B will show us lots of love n passion but never porno stuff coz they r so in love n make love not have a creepy sex if U get what I mean xoxo

  32. fankaaa says:

    Dear Stephen Nathan-
    If you really think like in this articule, you don’t know anything about your fans. In many episode you taked about making love, about passion and now you reduce love to porn scene. Shame on you!

  33. Gina says:

    I see the same people here saying they are so over this show… yet you all come back. Please be over it. And go away…

  34. Ashley says:

    @Claude, First of all, WHOM ARE YOU to ask me why I watch the show? I shouldn’t but I will tell you. I watch for DAVID BOREANAZ and him alone. From your name, I assume you are a man and if you are, I can only assume you are an incredibly jealous person because DB has got it all.

    • Claude says:

      Sorry, you are all wrong, I am a woman! And I like him. But not that I would make out with him. And sorry again, but not every woman is in love with him!
      And it is not because you watch the show “for David Boreanaz and him alone” that you need to bash Emily Deschanel for everything.

      • 1mars says:

        Oh pleeze, if you were paid 150-200K an ep as an actor, you would make out with your co-star. Several yrs ago Emily said she was uncomfortable with make out scenes with David cause they are such great friends. If the script called for it, she would do it, as you would too. Last year he made out with KW and didnt look like he was enjoying it, but he is an actor too and does what the script calls for.

        • claude says:

          So, what I get from your post is that if they are asked for it, the actors do it.
          So from there, I can only conclude that the writers decided not to write a love scene during the first 6 episodes they shot if we don’t get any. But since we’re not in the writers’ secrets, we won’t know exactly. And I’m fine with that.
          Can I also remind you that these first 6 episodes were shot while Emily was pregnant, from 7 months -in July- to nearly 9 months -end of September when they shot episode 6-? Knowing that many actors have said that love scenes are uncomfortable to do, and how technical it is to shot a love scene, and knowing how far in her pregnancy Emily Deschanel was, I don’t see a problem that they did not shoot any.
          So it would be nice to stop blaming Emily Deschanel for what you don’t know.

          • 1mars says:

            I’m not blaming Emily for anything. I am saying if the script and story called for it, she would perform. She is an actor. Since they are such great friends and are so comfortable around each other, I am sure the cast and crew would have made it as comfortable as possible for them. BTW, there is nothing wrong with a pregnant couple showing affection for each other and even some “fade to black” intimacy.

          • lacey says:

            The point is that a love scene could have been filmed even with Emily’s pregnancy. The scene simply could have shown them kissing then cut to them waking up together. We don’t need the graphic scenes you can catch on cable, just something to show us that these two people are a couple. SN and HH probably wouldn’t have even hooked B&B up if it wasn’t for ED’s pregnancy.

    • Jillian says:

      Emily never said that she didn’t like kissing David…Just that she was uncomfortable kissing him because they are such great friends. She also said that 4 years ago after they filmed their first kiss, the Christmas kiss. Also what’s with everyone only liking one actor and doing everything they can to bash the other actor…like even make stuff up. It’s lame.

    • Kik says:

      I am a woman, I like David, but also I respect Emily Deschanel as a woman and as a professional. Blaming her for everything is wrong, she’s doing her work, she has the right to have time with her kid, and she and David are good friends… she is an actress and she surely can kiss him if the script demand a kiss.
      Being a fan of David is not a reason to disrespect his costar, she’s a lady and deserve respect, lucky her, she actually knows David and is his friend.
      And by the way not every woman want to make out with him…

  35. baby andy says:

    Meaning: they had so much sex then that now after 6 months they are tired of each other already? Is it?

    This is so funny.

    Dude, people dont wanna see sex scenes. They are craving for smart writing. Tip: funny dialogs about the sex issue and everybody will be happy.

    By the way Mr Nathan, we all know that Fox is not HBO.
    Yes, we do ;)

    • Eva says:

      How do you know “people don’t want sex scenes?” This “person” wants sex scenes. Or at least I want a sex scene between a couple I’ve been waiting for seven years to see get together. Please don’t attempt to speak for everyone.

  36. Sarah says:

    Now they don’t want to see it??? What about all the seasons past where we watched them in bed with their other lovers??? The one time fans actually want to see even a little something, they think it’s too much! Are you freakin’ kidding me???

  37. socalgal says:

    I watch this show for entertainment. Once you view it from that perspective, these few changes would have made the storyline more better & believable and yes, also entertaining: (1) When B&B were stuck in the elevator lift, that’s when they should have introduced sexual overtones (2) the self control of both B&B make “grief” sex quite unbelievable (3) the ‘it’s yours’ scene was not executed well. Then again, I never expect logic when I watch entertainment.

  38. Cee says:

    “That’s health class in junior high.”

    So, essentially, Stephen Nathan is insulting his own show’s history of sex/bed scenes with:
    – Hodgins and Angela
    – Booth and Cam
    – Booth and Rebecca
    – Booth and Hannah
    – Brennan and Sully
    – Sweets and Daisy (couch in his office)
    and some sexytimes with:
    – Angela and Wendell
    – Clark and his girlfriend (Valentine’s Day ep)


    • Cee says:

      And ALL of that was on Fox.

    • Kika says:

      I concur…This guy (SN) is crazy, how many scenes with Booth and WHF in bed or kissing we had last year? I really didn’t want to watch Booth doing Hannah…So, I would ask Mr. Nathan, why can’t we have a very well written scene between B&B?, I am NOT asking for Porn, just for a normal love scene. Ohh, yes, the thing is HH and SN don’t write love scenes between the leads…just because they want to piss off the fans and also, because they are afraid of that damn stupid curse!!
      Ahh, I remmeber Hart to Hart, a loving couple solving murders, that show had FIVE SEASONS, so why can’t B&B have a normal couple’s relationship without losing their charm?? (I would say bad writters is the only reason!)
      So if Sidney Sheldon, Bill La Mond, Jo La Mond and some other writers prove in the 80’s that it is possible to have a show with a couple of crime fighters in love…what’s the problem. THEY DID IT! I miss you guys!!!

    • Liz says:

      Big fat DITTO to that!

  39. Meeeeeeeee says:

    Okay, I don’t need to see thrusting a moaning but I do want intimacy. I expect as much as they do with Angela and Hodgins.

  40. Krneki says:

    I believe David and especially Emily weren’t really up to shooting The scene in the last few months (9!), I mean put yourself in her position, she was pregnant… I would certainly not mind some … though. But I’m all in for fluff too :D

  41. Ashley says:

    @Claude. You like David??? If you say so. Just a serious question for you. If for whatever reason David Boreanaz was not going to be available to be on Bones for 3 months, do you think they would have stopped production until he got back? I am curious in what you think.

  42. Emma says:

    Really people. When is the last time Hodgela were in bed together? B&B will be affectionate with one another and kill kiss they just won’t be all over each other. Its always different when its the main characters. We are getting B&B as a couple and I bet we won’t see them in bed together until the last episode or close to that. They want to keep something. SN and HH and Eve TJ this very morning talked about wanting a season 8. That leaves a lot of time. I for one, can’t wait to see B&B together. I want to see how they function and handle eveything. Just showing them all over each other is not enough. I am very happy about this.

    • tripoli says:

      Agreed. The crazies are jumping the gun, as usual, acting like they won’t get to see anything intimate. It’s all rather ridiculous. No wonder the show creators, writers, etc ignore the fans. Too many crazy, demanding types.

  43. El says:

    SN has said things before about fans looking for porn with B & B. I don’t think that is what fans are looking for. They just wanted to see some affection and proof of love that they supposedly have for each other. Season 6 basically destroyed their chemistry.

    As for SN, I really don’t care for his attitude. As far as Hart Hanson is concerned, I will never watch another show he creates. I don’t care what a fan asks, his response to a fan at the Paley event was completely uncalled for. To tell this woman she could perform an act on him for disagreeing with him, was porn. It just shows a respect for the women in the room attending the event to make remarks like that. SN was present during that session. Before making remarks about what fans want and that they don’t need to show “sex” scenes, he might want to take a look at his partner, HH, and what he was suggesting at Paley.

    I just don’t respect either one of these guys. I watch for Emily Deschanel and some of the other cast. They have class. These producers need to take some lessons from them in their own comments and behavior. I will never watch the Finder or any other show that these men are involved in.

  44. Ashley says:

    @Claude, I know it would be strange, but you really didn’t answer my question. In your opinion would they have shut down production because DB was not available?

    • 1mars says:

      Good point, Ashley. When DB was going through his marital problems a couple years ago, was losing weight and was very depressed, the show did not shut down. Emily has a right to a maternity leave but it is just being handled ineffectively. This is the best plan the Fox and HH could come up with…or just a way to launch another show hopefully utilizing the same fanbase. (Good luck with that.)

      • Bridget says:

        And just what would be an effective way to handle her maternity leave? Plopping the baby out on the Fox lot and getting right back on set? I think they worked around the production issues in the best way possible. To accommodate Tina Fey’s maternity leave, 30 Rock is on hiatus until 2012. You’d really rather have that?

        • 1mars says:

          After a reasonable time off, say 6 weeks, how about working 1-2 days a week, part time sked to keep the production running. She is a millionaire with a private nanny and trailer on set, able to take your child to work with her, lots of standing around time to interact those 1-2 days a week. Yes, I would have rather had the season delayed until Jan. Now we get 6 eps and then 3 months or so off again. It is continual hiatus but an irregular enough sked that the other actors cant be available for any other work.

          • tripoli says:

            Wow, what a demanding, entitled bunch of fans this show has. Try getting a life of your own, rather than making demands and assumptions on the lives of people you do not know. It’s a TV show, made for entertainment. If it no longer entertains you, stop watching and go away.

    • Claude says:

      Sorry, but since I’m not working with the Fox people, and since I’m not a producer on Bones, I can’t answer. Why would I speculate on what they would do if David Boreanaz was not available? It’s impossible to know. It would depend on the reason he is unavailable, if unpredictable or planned, when it happens episode timeline wise, and so many other things.

      • Mindy says:

        I concur, and that kind of decision is not an actress decision, it is Fox and HH the ones with the power to decide about that. It is to easy to blame Emily! She is a professional, with a contract, so I concur Claude…we don’t know. But I am not blaming ED as she was the worst woman in the world.
        My respect for Emily and of course for David, they are good friends, why some of his fans hate ED, I really don’t know and I don’t care, I love them and respect them, they are good friends and the haters can’t change that!

  45. Mandy says:

    I’m in the minority, after watching Booth love, hit the sheets repeatedly and choose Hannah over Brennan at least four times, the last thing I want is to see him with Bren the consolation prize doing the nasty. Bren got pregnant during grief sex, ewwww, ewwwwww, who wants to see them acting all lovey dovey now that she’s his choice by default.

    • Cee says:

      Booth has been in love with Brennan since Day 1. He told her that he knew the moment he saw her.

      She is NOT a “consolation prize”. To diminish all of the character and relationship development that has been established over the years by calling her that is really demeaning.

      • Jeff says:

        Demeaning, but accurate. They ruined this show.

      • OhDiana says:

        Absolutely Cee! So tired of all the comments about comfort sex or grief sex. They spent the whole season working the relationship up to that point and removing the obstacles they had so painstakingly constructed over 6 seasons to keep them apart. Moments of great tragedy bring your life into sharper focus. They became a couple that night. It may have been subtle but certainly not hard to follow, all the looks between Brennan and Angela, then Brennan and Booth, the next episode where Max catches on in about 10 seconds, Brennan made what 3 or 4 comments about having babies together. I think they assumed we were as perceptive as Max.

  46. Sara says:

    I love it. Brings it back to more classy tv, when you know what their doing, but you don’t have to see it.

  47. Amy says:

    It’s not about sex. I don’t need to see Booth and Brennan going at it like rabbits. But the beauty of sexual tension (six years of it) and flirting is, for me, the pay-off. It’s the first kiss, the first date, the sneaking around while it’s new and exciting and unsure, the telling of friends… Sure, we had some of those things in theory (kisses, what might as well have been dates), but not while they were actually together trying to make a go of it.

    I’m biased because I’m generally not a huge fan of established relationships (I don’t think many shows handle them well) and I don’t like baby/pregnancy storylines on my TV, but the idea of building up a relationship for years, only to cut out the first six months when you finally get there, seems crazy.

    And I don’t think this will mean more procedural/solving crimes and less relationship talk. Not with two new babies within the team.

  48. Phillip says:

    Really people?? Cmon, B&B are together. I don’t need to see them go at like Booth/Hannah. I’m content to know that they’re together! And for those that wanted to see the first six months together?? Y’all know the reason right?? Real life pregnancy ring any bells?? Both Emily and HH said that they didn’t want to hide Her pregnancy. It was their decisions. So get over it already. I already did, so now I look forward in seeing them together now…

    • Indiana says:

      The Brennan and Booth relationship progressed quite well in season 6. There were plenty of caring moments with Booth and Brennan.

      The house warming gift (telephone)- Booth knew who really gave the gift. The St. Valentine day firing range celebration. Booth running with Brennan in the park. Brennan’s realization of her missed chance with Booth. Booth’s comforting Brennan in episode 22. Max’s noticing the change in Brennan and Booth’s relationship.

      Brennan telling Booth that he was the father was Brennan being Brennan. I think people are getting way to carried with the lack sex in the series. There are plenty of moments of true love.

      Note: (Actors will tell you that it is easier to do love scenes with people you dislike.) David and Emily have great chemistry on and off the scene. People need to pay attention to hints in previous years episodes of where the relationship is headed. The writers have done a great job of letting us know where Booth and Bones are headed.

  49. Cynthia says:

    I’m still excited about this new season. Thay are a couple in love and are gonna be raising a child together. That’s all that matters to me, I’ve been waitting this for years, well maybe not the baby part…
    I’m sure it will be amazing, people reallyneed to relax. We don’t need to see them all over each other to know that they love each other.
    We’ll still have amazing B&B moments!

  50. Kim says:

    Pff, wel Fox people, you s*ck.

    We want to see something like sex, like they did with Angel en Hopkins.

    Give us something, we have waiting so long!!!!

    • bonescrazy says:

      I agree. I wish B&B would get married ASAP !! The only that even came close to even simulating sex is when Booth was in his coma and he dreamed they were married club owners!!