Brandon Hantz: Survivor's Creepiest Player Ever?

Something disconcerting is happening on Survivor: South Pacific, the Broadway Musical. I speak, of course, of Brandon Hantz‘s baffling obsession with the idea that his Upolu tribemate Mikayla, a sporty, no-nonsense chick whose main interests seem to be catching fish and exhibiting both heart and muscle in challenges, is somehow destroying the fabric of his marriage. How exactly he’s managed to interpret Mikayla’s behavior as “using her seductive ways and young-girl attitude” is one of the more confounding developments in recent reality TV history. Okay, sure, Mikayla spends most of her time in a boy-cut bikini, but this isn’t Survivor: Arctic Circle. And if exposed flesh is really Brandon’s issue, then why didn’t he have a meltdown during a lengthy walk-and-talk session with Coach during which the latter player’s nether-regions had to be continuously pixellated. (Side note: Gentlemen, if you happened to be letting it all hang out, so to speak, is there any way you wouldn’t be aware of it? Come ON!)

Anyhow, when Coach asked Brandon why Mikayla made him feel so uncomfortable that he wanted her eliminated (despite the fact that her physical strength is a huge asset to Upolu), all Brandon could say is this: “Because I’m faithful to my wife.” Who knows? Maybe Mikayla waits every night for her Upolu tribemates and the Survivor camera operators to go to sleep, then taunts Brandon by performing the dance of the seven Survivor buffs, but the dude’s obsession kinda makes me think his machete privileges should be curtailed, no?

p.s. If you missed the episode, the week’s four main developments were Ozzy finding the immunity idol on the Savaii side (funny how those returning players seem to find ’em with such ease, no?); Brandon revealing to Coach that he’s Russell’s nephew; Christine getting voted off from Upolu — largely because of how she dismissed Coach as a “temporary player” back on Day 1; and Brandon admitting at Tribal Council that he attempted to get Christine and Stacey to vote for Mikayla. Here’s an idea: Maybe next week he can propose that his team banish the harlot to the deep forest and paint her forehead with a large red A!

Take our poll below and weigh in on whether Brandon tops the Survivor creep-o-meter, and if your answer is no, then please provide alternative contenders for the title down in the comments! (Slezak on Twitter: @MichaelSlezakTV)

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  1. AJ says:

    It’s clever. Get rid of the girl that can beat you in the game by making everyone else think she is a tramp that is teasing and tempting him even though he is married. Of course it can backfire, but it’s an interesting trick. Everyone hates a tramp (even if they have no proof that is really the case).

    • Jaded says:

      I honestly don’t think it’s a strategy ploy by Brandon, though. In his asides he seems genuinely concerned about being faithful to his wife, even though Mikayla hasn’t even spoken to him. It’s not like she’s snuggling up next to him at night. He stands there and drools over her and then rambles on and on about being faithful. Clearly he is tempted and trying to blame it on her.

      • Cy says:

        I agree. It’s like the laws in Islam that require women to cover up and curtail their own lifestyles so that men won’t be tempted. Wish people would stop putting the blame on the victim, yo. Especially in a case like this, where Mikayla clearly isn’t doing anything but existing. That freak Brandon needs to go, before he causes problems for himself and other people.

        • Zturk says:

          I agree.He is the one with the problem and yet he attacks her.

        • shaunna says:

          I agree 100%.

        • JW says:

          I don’t think Brandon has a snowballs chance in hell with Mikayla. And quite honestly I get so creped out by this guy I may stop watching all together. The way he looks at her is like what I imagine a rapist looks like before he strikes. He needs to go and he needs to go NOW!

          • Sean says:

            The rapist parallels came to my mind as well. Though for me it was his messed up belief that it is somehow her fault that he’s attracted to her. And that as a result of his attracted she constitutes a threat to his marriage and therefore must be immediately voted out. I’m sure he’d probably see no flaw in the argument that a rape victim deserved it because she was scantily dressed. Obviously I’m eager to see him leave. Horrible little weirdo!

          • R says:

            I totally agree! It is not her fault! I mean they are in a tropical island and there are other women who run around in their bikinis. Brandon clearly likes Mikayla and the way he looks at her is exactly like a rapist….it scares me. She has done nothing wrong. Forget getting voted off….he needs to be taken out of the show.

        • JW says:

          I don’t think Brandon has a snowballs chance in hell with Mikayla. But quite honestly I get so creped out by this guy I may stop watching all together. The way he looks at her is like what I imagine a rapist looks like before he strikes. He needs to go and he needs to go NOW!

        • 912joh says:

          Totally agree!

    • Lily says:

      I don’t think its a strategy either. I really think the guy is severely twisted and should never have passed the psych test.

      And if he is ever on Redemption Island with another female they better give her a security guard. And I’m not kidding.

      • timshel says:

        That’s what I was thinking. He doesn’t seem mentally sound at times, which you would think they would have seen as a bit of a red flag. But since they continuously want to shove Russell down our throats, giving the crazy nephew a pass seems appropriate.

      • JW says:

        Lily you are 100% right. I didn’t think of that! I would be scared for the woman stuck with him, really scared for her safety.

      • Sean says:

        I hadn’t thought of that. I’m always a little weary of the uber-Christian cast members on Survivor but this guy takes the cake. He makes that guy Shannon, from Nicaragua, look positively open-minded.

    • RAMPAGE says:


      • aw21985 says:

        I know this is over a decade later but am watching the show on hulu. I had to go online because of how APPALLED I AM BY THIS CREEPER!!!!

        Poor girl is going about her business being an awesome strong woman! And he just stares at her OBSESSIVELY, OBSESSIVELY TALKS ABOUT HER, AND BLAMES HER FOR HIM HAVING “IMPURE” THOUGHTS!

        He SHOULD NOT BE MARRIED. It is OBVIOUS he has cheated on his wife and will do so again. Their marriage is doomed.

        I feel afraid for her and sad for her. She is doing no different than any other man or woman on the show.

        As far as I am concearned she has been on the conservative side as far as survivor goes!

        This season and Brandon on it is a discrace to women. It is basically along the lines of victim blaming!!!!!! Brandons thought process “I am attracted to you and am having unfaithful thoughts to you AND THAT IS YOUR FAULT I HAVE THESE FEELINGS!”

      • aw21985 says:

        And we as women KNOW that look, that type of guy, that creeper vibe. Sad as it is, we know. And thats not ok. I STAND UP FOR MYKALA!!!! SHE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG Besides being a female in Brandons eyesight.

  2. GaryJrBoston says:

    I loved The Soup’s take on this on last Friday’s episode. The dude is a total creep. Let’s blame the woman for your creepy urges. Gimme a break!

  3. John says:

    I agree with your article about Brandon Hantz, he could be the creepiest player ever on Survivor. I’m a huge fan of the show but something about this guy strikes me as odd and I would keep one eye open while sleeping. Could be his menacing stare or that he’s is Russell’s nephew, or both.

    If he has such a problem with Milayla’s looks then he needs to use some self control, she has done nothing wrong to deserve this. He could have little man complex and feels threatened by her, or maybe worse he has some urges that he can’t control and they need to keep and eye out and get him off that island and away from the machete!

  4. Taylor says:

    It comes off as creepy, but he was somewhat correct in his parallel to Parvati. Mikayla could very well use the same strategy of athleticism and sex appeal, but I question her intelligence to pull it off the way Parvati did.
    Hope she stays because I do think she’s a good competitor.

    • Lily says:

      Oh please. The only thing Mikayla has done was be born female. The problem is in Brandon’s head, and it is ridiculous to blame the woman when she has done nothing whatsoever to him.

    • Jules says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Russell told his nephew to beware of athletic coniving females (like Parvati) and this kid took him at his lying cheating word. It would explain the hate.. he is convinced there ahd to be at least on Parvati on his tribe and mikayla fit the bill for him. The edit makes him creepy.. I bet he is just pulling a rookie mistake and over playing the game too early. Keep the strong people together and pick them off at the merge is Survivor strategy 101.. funny how few people can follow it.

    • Sean says:

      He’s completely wrong, in my opinion, about Mikayla. She’s seems very meek and mild-mannered and doesn’t show ANY signs of being a tactical threat, let alone Parvati version 2.0. And even if it was Parvati herself who was out there in her stead his reaction would still be disturbing. The idea that it is in any way Mikayla’s fault that he’s attracted to her is nonsense. Brandon’s overarching viewpoint on life in general, but in particular on women, is ridiculous and doesn’t even belong in the 21st century. Can’t wait to see him gone!

  5. Jen says:

    Brandon has that misogynistic christian “Eve was the downfall of man” mentality common in fundamentalist based christianity. I’ve suffered through three generations of this clap trap and can spot it from across the room. Some men just have to blame the woman if she makes his penis twitch. I feel sorry for any daughter he will ever have. Disgusting. I want him out so he can get back to his cult church.

    • Laurel says:

      Amen sister !
      I couldn’t agree with you more Jen.
      Brandon is attracted to someone so she must be a wicked evil doer/ tramp.
      It’s an old story. Women have been putting up with this crap for years.

    • Anne says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • Sean says:

      Hit the nail right on the head! I disliked him right of the bat but this episode sent me over the edge. His reaction to the fact that she’s not covered from head to toe is astounding. They’re on a desert island in the South Pacific! If they remain on the same tribe much longer I wouldn’t be surprised if he fashioned a burka out of palm leaves for her to wear. Maybe then he’d be more comfortable.

    • Rick Tuthill says:

      I agree but I think it’s more than Brandon being a so-called christian and somehow blaming Makayla for her attractiveness. I think there is something wrong with him. He seems to have this strange obsession with attractive young women especially Makayla and unfortunately for her, he’s fixated on her. It reminds me of a rapist’s mentality, if she shows a little skin and is attractive then she is asking for whatever she gets. When he says “her seductive ways and young girl attitude” that is really creepy and I would think it should be a concern for the producers of the show. None of the other men on the show have ever complained about all the good looking young women who have been scantily clad on this show, because they’re normal and have control over their impulses unlike this little freak! I feel sorry for this weido’s poor wife, she may not be his wife for much longer after she watches the show and sees his behavior. Obviously the guy is disturbed and needs to be booted off the show RIGHT NOW!.

  6. Ron says:

    I can only hope production stepped in and removed Brandon before he attempted to rape or kill one of the women. He is clearly psychotic, and it’s pretty obvious they let him skip the psych test based on who his uncle is.

  7. M says:

    I have a feeling that 95% of what we’re seeing is strategic editing. None of the other tribe members are commenting on Brandon being a creeper, and Coach especially seems attuned to that sort of thing. If there was something sinister or threatening to complain about, no doubt Mikayla would (and may still) complain to get him removed from the tribe.

    Most of the ‘faithful to my wife’ comments are coming from confessionals, where the players are coached by producers (for instance, “What do you think about Mikayla? Do you think she’s attractive? What about starting up a showmance with her?”, therefore inducing Brandon to say things like “I’m faithful to my wife”) according to the storylines they want to see played out for the audience.

    “Reality” TV is almost exclusively the work of producers and editors. Before destroying a real human being’s reputation, we need to keep that in mind.

    • Debaloo says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. The show could be editing Brandon to come across a bit more creepier that he really is. It doesn’t help our perception of Brandon when they play creepy music when they show him looking at Mikayla. The guy may be somewhat crazy but the editing could make him look worse than he really is. Only time will tell.

    • Posey says:

      That’s a good way of getting juicy soundbites, but I don’t see how that would compel Brandon to actively try to get her voted off. I’m always skeptical of editing as well, but he clearly has a real problem with her if he’s lying and scheming to get her out.

      • M says:

        I certainly won’t argue that he has a problem with her. He does. But whether that problem is all in his head, whether there *is* something going on that the producers choose not to air, or whether the producers are coaching him toward getting her kicked off, we’ll likely never know. It’s been long-established that producers are ruthless in getting storylines they want, including telling players what to do, who to vote for, and who to try to get kicked off.

        Either way, we’ll see how it plays out!

    • Barryjn says:

      M, you might want to watch the episode again. He made the same “faithful” comment to Coach, who then mentioned in his confessional that Brandon might have some demons he’s fighting lurking in his shadows. You can’t “edit” what is not presented to the camera.

      • Shannon says:

        wanna bet? if you get creative enough with editing, especially with well-planned leading questions and forced situations, you can make your clips say anything you want. leave out the right parts, rearrange some other parts, add some other parts. I know because I’ve been in such a situation – with high school kids making a documentary no less – if high school beginners can make a video that is 180 degrees opposite from the truth then what do you think experienced professionals can do?

      • M says:

        Echoing what Shannon said, as well as adding that I did recall the part where Coach and Brandon talked, and Coach decided he must have had some demons. But again, that was said during confessional, and these “unscripted” reality TV shows are often anything but. The producers are almost completely in control of what happens on the island, and they are 100% in control of what airs and how it happens. Leading questions, staging scenes–it’s very possible that they were asked to talk about Mikayla for the camera. We can’t possibly know what really happened, and that’s the point I was making.

    • ultimate troll says:

      They can’t be “editing” his amazingly creepy stares, Delilah comments, and his I don’t like Mikayla because “i’m faithful to my wife” complete nonsense.

      Sophie has commented on his creepyness. Coach has commented that he has demons. And after his sleazy self-outing at TC I expect the whole tribe will come to see what an embarassment to men this tool is.

      • M says:

        They can and they would. We don’t know what Brandon’s staring at for nearly all of those shots. The producers add in creepy music to make our creep-dar ping. And they can and undoubtedly are asking leading questions to get him to insist he is faithful to his wife.

        Remember, everything we see is controlled by the producers. Everything. And it is very, very easy to piece things together, ask leading questions, and attribute soundbites or clips from before or after that current day to twist a storyline to appear the way they want it to appear. Accepting what you see on TV as true reality is extremely naïve.

        I agree that he appears to be a tool, and it’ll only get worse from here. But crucifying the man for something that appears on TV is nothing short of bullying. He can’t help how he was edited, if it fact it is a work of edits.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Sophie has commented on the fact that he’s hiding something.

  8. Sean says:

    My Random Thoughts:

    – Mikayla was preparing to go fishing and taking too many clothes off, which tempted Brandon once again, who was edited to look like a serial rapist staring at her pelvis. I loved how this whole segment was accompanied by the appropriate “creepy guy music.”

    – From what I can tell, the Hantz’s just can’t keep their mouths shut. Russell obsessively told everyone within earshot that he had 17 Immunity Idols, and now Brandon, after repeated claims that he wouldn’t, decides to share his family secret.

    – Thank you CBS, for blurring out Coach’s little dragon.

    After you’re done here at TVLine, I hope you’ll check out the rest of my recap at or you can just click my name.

  9. Aaronisthinking says:

    I’m legitimately concerned that Brandon is going to castrate himself on television. Or, like, rape a dolphin just to quell his violent sexual aggression.

    • on behalf of women everywhere says:

      I am concerned he won’t. And the likely outcome of any dolphin attack is Creepy’s melon head getting whacked off by a tail smack.

  10. Barbara says:

    I wonder why Brandon’s wife thinks about all this…something tells me that she might not find it to be okay that he is clearly borderline obsessed with Mikayla (who has to be totally creeped out watching this unfold on TV)

    • stm says:

      I really think that whoever married this guy is not smart enough to make more sense about it.

    • Evan Meadow says:

      I think Brandon before he “found” religion was quite a player in his past and probably cheated on his wife repeatedly and only stopped once he “found” religion.

      So of course here he goes where he sees a beautiful woman, can find no way to control his lower half and the urges that go with it and feels the only way he can save himself is to vote her out and also make sure the others do it for him.

      So obviously his minister of choice in saving him is Ted Haggard. Otherwise if they were still alive he’d have used Jimmy Swaggart or Jim Baker.

      Seriously, I think Russell is sitting at home hitting him on the head every time he sees the stupidity that Brandon said. Cause this is above even Russell’s machinations.

  11. Sivat says:

    Brandon is a freak. I hope he is voted off ASAP and loses on Redemption Island.

  12. ik says:

    That dude is down straight dangerous. His “loco” tattoo is nothing else than a tattoo of a very violent Texan gang. There are actually a couple of them “locos”, dunno which one it is. You get plenty of this in Texas if you know where to look for it. His demons are probably the women he abused in the past or wants to abuse now. It’s apparent he hates what he can’t control himself around, namely young beautiful girls. Hopefully Mikayla’s out of his reach by now.

  13. Joey says:

    I think we’re all forgetting just how undeniably creepy and crazy the entire cast of Survivor: Thailand was.

  14. skscott says:

    YA because he is obsessed with Mikayla SHE has to suffer for it? He needs to learn self-control. As far as I can tell she is NOT tempting him at all..He is as annoying as Russle but in a different way. What is wrong with this family?

  15. Anne says:

    I was so grossed out by Brandon this entire episode. Surprised he didn’t offer Mikayla a burqa.

  16. Tahoe Mike says:

    Brandon reminds me of the character Telly Savalas played in The Dirty Dozen; Archer Maggott. I’ve decided to refer to him as Maggott for the duration.
    Maggott took Parvati’s name in vain, now I want to see him used as shark bait.
    So far Mikalya seems pretty unaware of how Maggott feels about her.
    I’d love to have been a fly on the wall to see how she reacted to seeing this unfold as she watched the show.

  17. Susie says:

    He’s a disgusting, perverted stalker who is trying to blame his bugnuts behavior on a completely unaware woman. I hope once she finds out, Mikayla kicks his sorry butt to the curb.

  18. Matt says:

    THANK YOU FOR THIS! I thought I was alone in thinking that! And its not some kind of clever strategy or else he’d probably make that known in his interview sessions. Guy has issues if he thinks a woman in a bikini is too much of a temptation to ruin his marriage. Strange creepy man. I want him gone ASAP

  19. Trish says:

    Let’s be clear Brandon – even with an engraved letter of permission from your wife, Mikayla wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole so your marriage has nothing to worry about. What a weenie.

    • ck says:

      Amen! In addition to all the other comments about his faulty logic/reasoning and inability to inhabit a warm island with women who have the nerve to wear swimsuits and be athletic, what in God’s name, makes him think that just because he is attracted to her, SHE would be attracted to HIM? It can’t be dangerous for his marriage if she wants nothing whatsoever to do with him! EEKKS. How will he ever work in a workplace with women? Good lord..could he handle watching women compete in a sport like swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, or track, where their uniforms are skimpy? Would they be “temptresses”????

  20. shaun says:

    Parvati really got in Russell’s head….now it’s bleeding into Brandon.He called Mikayla a Parvati,lol.

    • Sean says:

      Yeah and the similarities between Mikayla and Parvati don’t come to mind very quickly. Mikayla seems really meek and laid back. You can be sure Parvati wouldn’t have been sitting around cluelessly as her name was being tossed about. Even though I suppose Mikayla can’t be blamed for not knowing she was on the chopping block, after all Brandon’s strategy wasn’t based on any sort of logic.

  21. Jerri says:

    If Brandon keeps going the way he is, he’s sure to get his butt voted off shortly.

  22. Charlie02123 says:

    It would be naive to think that editing didn’t play a part in almost every single challenge being a “nail biter.” It would be silly to think that at least one of the montages of Brandon staring creepily wasn’t gleefully pieced together. To think that the producers of Survivor dreamed up a completely unpleasant storyline, went to great lengths to plant seeds with a contestant, then outright lied with Frankenstein editing? They don’t have that much time on their hands.

    Brandon is a total creep. The cause of my smidgen of sympathy for him: if I had to dream up the absolute worst time and place to get unending embarrassing erections, being trapped in my underwear on an island with a lingerie model/athlete and cameras on me at all times would definitely be near the top of the list.

    I hope he gets voted off soon for everyone’s sake.

    • BGough says:

      “if I had to dream up the absolute worst time and place to get unending embarrassing erections, being trapped in my underwear on an island with a lingerie model/athlete and cameras on me at all times would definitely be near the top of the list.”

      HAHA! funniest thing said for sure!

  23. Vetle says:

    I don’t usually eyeroll at people that “have found their” religion, but after season 22 and american idol 10, I got pretty tired about hearing “God, God, God”, “I<3God". Oh well. I don't mind it, but lately these past seasons, it has come across as kinda fake to me.

    And I SO TIRED OF THE HANTZ'. Brandon is more annoying than Russell at the moment.

    • Dan says:

      I agree on being tired of the Hantz. Russell was on three of the last four seasons. And even with him not on it, they found a way to continue shoving him down our throats. ENOUGH OF THE DAMN RUSSELL.

      It isn’t just that I can’t stand the guy. I would be sick of them doing this with any player. (well except Amanda, but even she might push my limit if she was on three of four seasons, then her cousin followed up the season after that). Take a break already, the show survived and thrived for almost 10 years before anyone even knew he existed. Do they honestly feel they can’t get by without him NOW.

  24. Maria says:

    U r scum who ever u r! He is a great kid and leave his children out of ur comments!

  25. DanB says:

    So, for those of you who are going on about the editing, care to explain how CBS “edited” this:

    Read the comment at the bottom from “Candace” — that’s his wife.

    For those who don’t want to click, that’s a recap of what life with Brandon was like until a few months ago, straight from his wife. Maybe he’s better know, I don’t know, but this kid is a sick pup and the fundamentalism isn’t his friend and editing isn’t being very creative.

  26. Dan says:

    It should be noted that in one of CBS.COM’s additional scenes for the first episode, it DID have her mention she was willing to flirt to get ahead. Although she also said being a tomboy that won’t come easy. So it is possible she is being flirty and we simply aren’t being shown it.

    That being said I do think he is majorly over reacting, even if she is using her feminine wiles while we aren’t being privy to it.

    For one, if Brandon is faithful to his wife and is “on to her” what the hell is he even worried about? If he trust himself that little around a flirty girl under those circumstances, then why is he even on Survivor. Girls do that every season. Hell if he had been on Savaii with Elyse and Whitney he likely would have been driven insane. As they both seem to be more flirty than Mikayla.

    It should also be noted no one, seemed to see what Brandon was talking about. Even if Mikayla was having all the guys wrapped around her finger (despite the fact none of them seem to even be aligned with her) then I would think at least one of the girls would be complaining about it. Not wondering what the hell Brandon’s deal is.

    Especially considering none of these girls are really pulling that card themselves. Hell, Sophie even said in her pre-interview she hates women who play that way. Yet the only reason she can see Brandon would have an issue with Mikayla is that she is a strong women. Implying Sophie actually respects her.

    Whether or not Mikayla is being flirty or using her feminine wiles Brandon clearly has some issues. I think like most born agains he turned to god because of some deep problems he has. Clearly, he hasn’t worked them all out, and he should have done that before he ever thought about coming onto Survivor.

  27. Anna says:

    I don’t believe that this is strategy on his part. He is defintely creepy, but not the creepiest contestant ever. That title would have to go to Matt from Amazon, who you might remember for sharpening the knifes for hours on end…

  28. J-Dog says:

    That’s exactly what I thought. He obviously cheated in the past and he did make some comment about mistakes he’d made. So now he’s going way over the top to prove how faithful he is and is just too clueless to realize it makes him look more suss.

  29. Mev says:

    If Brandon Hantz were Muslim, he’d be in the Taliban.

  30. Alise says:

    It’s interesting how some people will go out of their way to blame his behaviour on editing, when it’s more logical to conclude that he holds archaic, sexist attitudes towards women because of his religious background and ‘macho’ temperament. Men with these attitudes exist. They’re not at all uncommon and are bound to show up on TV occasionally in all their mysoginist glory – which no amount of clever editing can hide.

  31. Davis says:

    [This comment has been back traced by the cyber police. We apologize for any inconvience.]

  32. Lori Kringle says:

    He appears to have been to HEll and back at a young age. I think he is so affraid of his past he is raw with emotion! Cut him so slack…he seems like a nice kid, just messed up from a bad past!

  33. Coco says:

    I’m glad I am not the only one creeped out by Hantz Jnr. Apart from the leering, the faulty logic and treating Mykayla like a “thing” – what is his assumption here? That if he was up for a roll in the sand Mykayla would be on him in a second? As if. Brandon’s problem is Brandon – he does not trust himself to exercise sexual self control. His own personal assessment, to me, means he is a potential sexual threat to women he finds attractive as there is no concept that they may be hugely uninterested in him.

  34. NANCY says:

    this kid is THE CREEP OF AMERICA. Like this Mykayla would even give this ugly 19 year old midget the time of day!!! sounds to me he had to get married cuz he knocked up his girlfriend?? and is taking it out on the world. WHO WOULD EVEN HAVE SEX WITH THIS JERK!
    anyhow, i can’t stand the way he lies and starts trouble and then looks at the cameraguy and goes on about how religious he is and what a christian he is! shame on him! then last night he says he thought it was mean or whatever when mikayla said at tribal that she doesn’t trust him cuz he’s a hantz . LOOK WHAT HE HAS PUT HER THROUGH for no reason at all except he can’t keep it in his little pants!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Sandra says:

    Did anyone mention Coach and how he was agreeing with Brandon’s comments. “You know she’s been with hundreds of guys.” To which he responds, “Yeah, for sure.” They don’t even know her!!! What the! Is this really what men think? What a disgrace to his wife and family. And his God.

  36. K says:

    Having known this kid and his parents let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree , which you may have seen a glimpse when his father was on the show . Those two would surely make a twisted show probably making ever woman angry that watched. The dad has a total disrespect for women and is very controlling which is sad for his own daughter and his wife(if he is still married he up and left his family and ran from NC to TX ) what a loser and to think this man led a Youth group which the Hantz’s are not a good representation of the body of Christ.

  37. Jen says:

    Does anyone else think he may have been born a woman and had gender reassignemnt? I can’t help but see ‘chastity – chaz bono’ similarities. Not that they look alike, but that Brandon is somewhat more female than male – pay close attention to his facial features.

  38. 7JhMLyi0U says:

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