How I Met Your Mother's Best Song and Dance Moments - From Robin Sparkles to Dirty Dancing

There aren’t many network sitcoms that can boast the breadth and awesomeness of How I Met Your Mother‘s song and dance routines. It’s a tradition the CBS series plans to continue as it kicks off its seventh season this Monday at 8/7c with a big Robin and Barney musical number. Judging by this video preview, another legendary performance is in the works.

To celebrate the show’s latest foray into musical territory, TVLine has compiled a list of HIMYM‘s 10 Best Song and Dance Moments — and there were plenty to choose from!

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10. How I Met Your Theme Song
Episode: “Hopeless, Season 6 | The cast rocks out, performing the show’s infinitely hummable theme song, which was written by creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. Nice touch knocking over the microphone, Ted.

9. Dirty Dancing With Barney
Episode: “First Time in New York,” Season 2 | Neil Patrick Harris gets superimposed into the iconic ’80s film as Barney recalls the (fake) tale of how he lost his virginity. Check out the wizardry it took to pull off the moment below. Color us impressed by – and nostalgic over – the work of the HIMYM special effects department.

HIMYM: Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders Preview Barney and Robin’s New Love Square

8. “Super Date”
Episode: “Of Course,” Season 5 | Hey, Neil Patrick Harris isn’t the only one in this cast with pipes. After you get past the foreign translation below, Josh Radnor shows off his very smooth voice as he sweeps Barney away with visions of a super date. The old-school movie-musical magic is undeniable.

7. Barney’s Naughty Holiday Songs
Episode: “Little Minnesota,” Season 4 | With each Christmas visit of Ted’s sister, Barney shows off just how much he wants to get into her pants by changing the words of well-known holiday songs. Anybody who can make a Hanukkah ditty sound dirty deserves props.

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6. “Stand By Me”
Episode: “Cleaning House,” Season 6 | Two guys who know something about vocals – Ben Vereen and Wayne Brady – duet as Barney’s brother (Brady) finally meets his dad. It’s hard to tell in the video, but the best part of Barney shoving his way into their sweet reunion song is Cobie Smulders desperately trying – and failing – to keep a straight face through Harris’ over-the-top performance.

5. “Best Night Ever”
Episode: “The Sexless Innkeeper,” Season 5 | Marshall’s double date ditty gets the music video treatment in an homage to Extreme’s “More than Words.” In fact, the band’s very own Nuno Bettencourt makes an appearance. To sum it up: Are you free next Saturday?

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4. “Sandcastles in the Sand” & “Two Beavers Are Better Than One
Episodes: “Sandcastles in the Sand, Season 3;Glitter, Season 6 | This pair of follow-up Robin Sparkles songs aren’t quite up to par with “Let’s Go to the Mall,” only because the first song was so awesome, it’s nearly impossible to top. But the presence of Tiffany, Alan Thicke and a surprisingly game James Van Der Beek – remember, this was way before his Funny or Die venture – more than makes up for the temporary foray into semi-serious balladry. Meanwhile, it’s just difficult to listen to “Two Beavers Are Better Than One” — the unintentionally dirty theme song to a children’s show — without grinning. We can’t wait to see what other sparkly treasures Barney uncovers in the future.

3. “You Just Got Slapped”
Episode: “Slapsgiving, Season 3 | Marshall commemorates his third slap with an Elton John-esque song, and Barney brilliantly joins in with some pained “ohs” and “ahs.” As if that wasn’t awesome enough, the show also released a music video of Jason Segel singing the tune in a Vegas-worthy white suit as a butler brings him a cocktail and a fur coat. Then, to top it off, the song got a remix for Slap Bet the board game in Season 5. Fun fact: Harris directed the board game tag to prep for his HIMYM directing debut later that season.

2. “Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit”
Episode: “Girls Versus Suits,” Season 5 | The show’s 100th episode featured a musical number so big, it quite possibly topped Robin Sparkles in sheer scope. With dozens of background dancers, some intricate choreography by Glee‘s Zach Woodlee – please don’t fall off the cab, Neil! – and a fantastic song, the cast and crew bite off quite a challenge and more than deliver on it. Plus, the word “refute” has never sounded better.

1. “Let’s Go to the Mall”
Episode: “Slap Bet,” Season 2 | Was there every any doubt what would top our list? Robin Sparkles’ first appearance came as such an unexpected and hilarious surprise, this is one spoiler we’re glad never leaked. Everything from the lyrics to the dance moves to the ’80s kitsch is so infectious, it makes you want to dig out your old jelly bracelets, find two strangers named Jessica and Tori, and hit the mall.

Bonus: Marshall Dancing

Episode: OK Awesome, Season 1 | We just couldn’t bring ourselves not to include this moment from an old Season 1 favorite. Once you see Marshall bust a move, you’ll understand why.

HIMYM fans, did we snub one of your favorites? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. MJ says:

    I had forgotten about some of these. I love Robin Sparkles and I remember when this episode aired and my co-worker and I watching this video over and over again the next day.

  2. Lauren says:

    It’s a tiny one, wouldn’t even expect it on the list, but “Cat-Sitting for Lily’s Mom” followed right away with “Cat Funeral” is one of my favorites.

  3. EM says:

    The fact that Neil Patrick Harris hasn’t won an EMMY for this role is a SHAME. He’s so talented and committed. Barney could’ve been an AWFUL character, but Harris totally brought him to life.

  4. Sarah says:

    I love all of these but my absolute favorite is “You Just Got Slapped”. When I’m pissed at somebody I turn it on and it makes me feel so much better. lol

  5. Zach says:

    Forgot the song at the end of Barney’s video resume! A classic.

  6. Paul says:

    I believe Slap Bet is the best episodes” of the show. It never gets old to me.

  7. Aprilcot26 says:

    While I can’t dispute the awesomeness of “Let’s Go to the Mall,” “You Just got Slapped” is by far my favorite musical moment.

  8. Gerald says:

    You’re missing one. The Beaver song with Nicole Scherzinger was awesome!

  9. toolegit says:

    I love these all so much! Some of them I had forgotten about, but I really adore how this show uses musical numbers. I’m excited to see Barney and Robin dancing to “Groove is in the Heart” tonight. I guess they’re technically dancing, not singing, but whatever, I’m looking forward to it.

  10. lacey says:

    While I agree that Let’s Go To The Mall is awesome Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit is my absolute favorite. Also, I don’t like You Just Got Slapped, because I’m such a huge Barney fan I hate to see him being slapped.

  11. Garu says:

    Love them all, you just missed the bang bang song.. Id Buy an album with those songs But just if you put the beaver song full

  12. Garu says:

    Love them all, you missed the bang bang song, also it should be a full version of the beaver song.. For sure id buy an album with all those songs

  13. astrid says:

    Where is Barney’s show when he get’s slapped for the second time? the robot finds love with the toaster oven? episode 2×16, “stuff”??? That’s way better than this Christmas-sexing-up-the-sister-song!

  14. Kate says:

    I love the episode where they realize all the annoying things each of them does and they flashback to Marshall singing everything, which ultimately results in him remembering his bar results password. On a related note, my favorite of those “Marshall singing everything” moments is actually from season 1 when he sings “Being a lawyer is totally awesome”. Love Marshall.

  15. lola says:

    ohgod the stand by me is by far my favourite, i can’t stop watching it hahahaha. ‘can we go camping?!’ arw NPH is a legend!!!

  16. fiftysix says:

    LOVE all this! Thank you for compiling!

    However, I have to disagree with one thing: the catchiest song and definitely my favorite is “bang, bang, bangity bang, I said a bang bang bangity bang! (bang bang bang)”

  17. Anna says:

    What about Marshall and Lily dueting in Life Among the Gorrillas Don’t go breaking my heart? It waso sweet

  18. emersunrose says:

    DIRTY DEEDS! DONE DIRT CHEAP! (“empty orchestra” style). Season One, Episode 17. I had NO idea NPH had it in him!

  19. ann says:

    I loved the song about ted and barney’s bar…PUZZELS!!!!

  20. gold says:

    I love d’song mashall nd lily sing for their baby. Nd i cnt stop watching stand by me. Its so funy. Barney interuptn james nd his dad. So awesome.

  21. gold says:

    I love d’song mashall nd lily sing for their baby. Nd i cnt stop watching stand by me. Its so funy. Barney interuptn james nd his dad. So awesome.i also love d’bang bang song too