Exclusive: Bones Plotting Bonus 'Mini-Season' to Possibly Air Next Summer

Bones‘ unorthodox approach to its seventh season just got even… unorthodoxier.

You’ll recall that Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy already forced the show to scale back its number of episodes to 13, six this fall (beginning Nov. 3) and seven in the spring, with its spinoff, The Finder, bridging the gap in the winter. Well, now comes word that Fox has ordered four additional episodes, possibly to air over the summer or be carried to Season 8 (assuming there is a Season 8).

Executive producer Stephen Nathan acknowledges that “it’s a very odd situation we’re in,” adding that Fox “has scheduled us for 13 episodes, but they want as many episodes as we can produce.”

Whatever happens, the four bonus hours will likely air apart from the original 13. “We’re constructing the season so that the finale is Episode 13,” Nathan says. “And then there will ultimately be four more episodes that we can play with. [Fox] could run them on a different night, they could run them in the summer, or they could hold them for fall.”

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the four extras, they will be written as standalones. “Because the show is centrally episodic, and we know what’s happening with Booth and Brennan, we can do four great episodes that are almost like a mini-season,” Nathan explains. “So we can do a four-episode mini season after the 13-episode regular season.”

“It’s weird, and it’s a challenge,” he concludes. “But we’ll do it.”

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  1. Deena says:


    • Sg. Grant says:

      Bones could air 52 episodes a year and that still wouldn’t be enough.

    • Ana Muller says:

      I’ll take more Bones in any way shape or form I can get it.

    • Evelyn Spence says:

      There is NO such thing as tooooooooooo many Bones Episodes…

    • Elizabeth says:

      Just had a baby and named him Seeley!!

      • katherinef says:

        omg!!! my husband would kill me if i named our son that! i have a huge crush on him!!! my husband still calls him david “borealis” because of the cross over between family guy and bones

    • Lana says:

      Hooray! Can hardly wait. I’m counting down the days to November!I’ll take any and all extra episodes that they can make.

    • Selbs says:

      For years I kept away from Bones because it’s on the network I detest most in the world! However, I did make an exception early on for Fringe. One afternoon with nothing much to do I tuned in to TBS (or TNT, I get confused) and I caught an episode of Bones. I fell madly, passionately in love and now I can’t do without it. On Wednesday there are 4 episodes back to back, and on Thursday almost an entire afternoon. Then on Thursday evening, 2 episodes. I so love this show like I’ve NEVER felt about any other show! The chemistry between Bones and Booth is beyond belief. The entire cast is priceless, the writing is amazing and serious/humorous/heart-wrenching stories abound. Imagine, Fox carries my most favorite 2 shows. Other than that, I never watch that network!

    • StevieRay says:

      I think it would be great to have a 2, 2-hour movies (with the 4 extra episodes) with totally different plots that Bones and Booth and the squints work on. Something totally different – a mystery/suspense-like.
      What do you think Bones fans?

    • Pixie says:

      I agree with Sg.Grant..& suzyku! Love it, I’d love 52 episodes but 365 is always better :)

  2. Toni says:

    After I see how the Booth/Brennan/Baby fiasco is handled I’ll decide if I’m happy about this. Haha. I LOVE Bones but I wasn’t happy with the last season’s ending.

    • Templar says:

      This show is circling the drain like the last season of Gilmore Girls. Fail

      • kate says:

        You’re not that smart, are you, Templar? If Bones were “circling the drain” as you say, then Fox would NOT request new episodes out of contract. You’re opinion, which is all it is, is incorrect.

        I will end this post like you ended yours. Grossly immature.


    • Corinne says:

      I’m with you 100%. I thought it would be pretty bad, but the promo I saw here on a few weeks ago gave me hope.

    • virginia says:

      I agree, the season finale was frustrating. Im really not thrilled that they spend 7 years leading up to this relationship, then rush it into a pregnancy just because emily is pregnant. They had SOOO many options that would have been much better.

  3. Cass says:

    The BONES teams does what they can with what they are asked to do. And more BONES isn’t a bad thing, in my opinion. Four additional episodes? I’ll take ’em!

  4. S says:

    YAY! I’ll take Bones any way I can get it. :)

  5. Juliana says:

    This extra episodes could be some kind of prologo, showing us the first months of the pregnancy and the reactions of everybory when they told them. I really wanna see that, haha.

  6. Wendy says:

    Awesome idea! This is what I call a silver lining to a shorter Season 7. :) I just hope we also get a Season 8 following this Mini Season, too.

  7. Emma says:

    Think about it guys, they are probably trying to wrap the series. More episodes is a way to do it. Goodbye season 8.

    • Wendy says:

      @Emma If that were so, I doubt the episodes would be standalone. It would be the usual continuous, connecting fashion. And it was quoted at SDCC that Fox hopes to go beyond S7 (ratings willing).

      • emma says:

        Do you really think they tell fans they don’t plan to go beyond season 7? come on. This is a business. they don’t care about the fans.

        • Wendy says:

          @emma No, but they care about ratings. Bones was in the Top 25 overall last year. Add in preorder sales for the so-called reviled S6 at Amazon is around the Top 100, and it shows there is still an audience. Audience equals revenue.

        • A says:

          Do you really think they’ve state that they’ll probably ahve a season eight if they had no intention to?
          It’s a business alright, and they care about ratings. Bones does wonderfully in the ratings, they have no reason to let it go just yet.

        • Jason says:

          Wtf? Haven’t you heard about networks officially stating which season will be a shows last? Look at In Plain Sight, we know for a fact next season is its last. Look at the Closer, this season is its last. Isn’t House over next season too?

          Quiet with your nonsense, emma.

        • uhyeahright says:

          Actually, I agree with Emma. I’ve seen it countless times when networks have said they want additional seasons, yet then don’t follow through. It is all about ratings but sometimes if the cost of the show is getting too much (license fee gets higher the longer a show is on the air with each season), they’ll cancel the show even if it is getting decent ratings.

    • A says:

      They’re talking about perhaps adding these episodes to a potential season eight. That doesn’t sound like they’re trying to axe the show to me.

      • Jillian says:

        I agree.

      • uhyeahright says:

        In this case, I agree with you. The network wouldn’t bother with those four additional episodes if they were planning on cancelling the show. They would just say, “okay give us those 13 episodes since you can’t give us 22” and leave it at that, but they specifically asked for as many additional episodes as possible considering the circumstances, and the studio said they could make four more.

        • uhyeahright says:

          Just read below that they’re renegotiating contracts for most of the actors on the show, so now I’m thinking its a toss up. It could go either way.

    • Linda says:

      If they end it after season 7, with those 4 episodes they can wrap up a better end.
      But I really hope they renew it for a 8th season. The ratings are good, and nobody knows what will happen to House MD and Glee after Season 3. Fox doesnt have another big show.
      I was worried at first to, but I really like the idea with the first months of pregnancy we won’t see.

    • O'Brien says:

      If I remember correctly, Bones was the highest-rated scripted show Fox had last season, and has also been one of the rare shows whose audience has grown along with the progression of seasons instead of dropped off. I’m not sure what HH and SN want to do in terms of ending the show, but I highly doubt this is it, and I also highly doubt Fox is trying to run them off. Don’t worry; we’ll get Season 8!

  8. J says:

    I think they are missing an opportunity if they write the 4 as standalones. Set it up as a 4 episode mini that is in itself a standalone story. A new four hour epic Bones mini that airs over the summertime would be ratings gold!

  9. CM says:

    I’ll worry about the mini-season after I watch season 7.

  10. Dan says:

    Great!! Brasil loves Bones!!

  11. kim says:

    Bones will air six episodes in the fall, seven in the spring and then four at some far off distant time. I really think this show is on its last season.

    • Wendy says:

      @Kim Some far distant time? It says next summer OR for Season 8. So I don’t get the issue.

    • Ryan M. says:

      I agee. This is the end. 13 was a little too short to end the series on. 17 is a bit better. Fox just does not seem to respect Bones as much as they do other shows. I don’t see it going another season. Enjoy your last season fans.

      • Wendy says:

        I’ll enjoy that last season once it is announced. This is not it. The jumping the gun is weird considering ratings are just fine.

        • Ryan M. says:

          Look sweetie, I know you enjoy your show. Everyone does. But this is clearly the end. And you can take that to the bank. don’t believe me but when it happens, I’ll come back and tell you, “I told you so.” 100% sure this is the end. Last season.

          • Wendy says:

            First, condescending much? My name is not “sweetie”. Secondly, there is no concrete evidence of this being a final season as NOT ONE PERSON has said as such. If Fox wanted to be done, they would just tell PTB once the Spring half comes to wrap it up by Episode 13. Instead, the network asked for four more episodes – and there is talk in the article of an additional season. So, right there, those are examples of the uncertain future, nothing decided. Will S8 come to pass? I don’t know. Maybe it won’t, maybe it will. But as of NOW, it is NOT definite that S7 is it. Time will tell that tale. Not you and not me.

          • Jason says:

            Ryan, we all know how much you hate Bones and wish for the show to die but sadly this will not be the last season. You’ll have more hate to spread when season 8 does come around.

            Have fun with your bitter life, sucks to be you.

    • Kim says:

      The majority of the cast of Bones will be in contract renewals at the end of season seven. If contract negotiations fall apart and a significant portion of the cast chooses not to sign on again, this will be the last season. The four summer episodes will be a series finale, if that is the case. If contracts go well and its renewed they’ll be tagged onto the end of the eighth season. So who knows when these will be airing. Early summer, mid summer, or late summer. Spring of 2013 isn’t in the near future, if they are added to an eighth season.

      • Wendy says:

        I bet any money this is the exact plan A and plan B.

      • uhyeahright says:

        I think they would either air in Summer or be tacked onto the BEGINNING of the Spring season. My bet is on them airing in Spring 2012 because broadcast networks always seem to not like Summer airings from what I’ve seen for scripted shows (unless its one made in Canada for the purpose of airing in the U.S.).

    • Lisa says:

      Considering it’s one of the most popular scripted shows on Fox, and won the ratings for its time-slot this last season, unless people just outright get too confused by this broken-up season and stop watching, I highly doubt it will be over. The only reason Fox would ask for 4 more episodes is that they are already confident the ratings will stay high this season.

  12. Robin says:

    All for more Bones episodes! Not sure how I feel about those 4 being standalones… I would want to see just a bit of “baby bones” but we could most definitly say he or she will not be in these standalones at all. :( but overall I take this as good news! :)

  13. Annie says:

    4 more episodes PLUS a potential Season 8?!?! HELL YES, I’LL TAKE IT.
    This is the best thing ever.

    • glos says:

      I agree that this is great news, I could watch it every week if they could produce it.. Please don’t end BONES.. THE FIRST GOOD SHOW ON TV IN A LOONNNGGGGG TIME…..

  14. kevin says:

    Having a bad feeling that somehow BONES will definitely end in 2013.

    • Wendy says:

      Well, by 2013, it will be 8 seasons in, assuming there is one. That is a respectably long run! And there are always DVDs/BluRays and repeats f it is the end and you need a fix. :)

    • Gina says:

      Hart Hanson has always said he wanted Bones to go 8 seasons. I think season 8 is a good number to stop at.

  15. Mackey says:

    It’s official, this is the wrap up for Bones- this should be viewed for what it is. Fox has told them to wrap it up and the finder is getting the push. Some of the cast is being invited over. The sets are even being destroyed, and the crazed fans can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s pretty bad that it could get a finale of the series in the Summer. Fox will most likely run the four episodes of Bones next sept. and carry over into the Finder- clearly the hopeful replacement now. Sad, Sad, Sad.

  16. Louise says:

    That is such great news!!..It’s like a mini thankyou for being patient through season 7’s little break after episode 6.

    Well done Fox :-)

    As for talks about it ending, I don’t think that’s what they are intending at all.
    Some of you guys haven’t even seen any of the coming season and your already taking about it like it’s over..lol

    It has longevity and plenty more stories to tell, Fox is very happy with it’s consistent performance and fan-base but in comes a baby and your all bouncing off the walls??…personally, I cant freaking wait to see the new dynamics, I love these characters and don’t see what all the fuss is about.

  17. LaurenZ says:

    I think the additional 4 episodes is a good sign for a season 8. FOX knows that season 7 writing and storylines are in line for 13 episodes. I would hope that when there is a final season fox would announce it at the beginning of the season vs middle or end. Ratings for season 6 were really good and there is alot of buzz about season 7 with 2 months to go before the premiere airs. Just my opinion. Time will tell.

  18. seattlemary says:

    Hey the prologue idea sounds great! This way everyone can be happy, the shipper fans can get their emotional payoff and the one fan that has the producers worried about angering or alienating can avoid the episodes and not miss a beat should the show continue on. Let’s face it between contract negotiations and increased production costs, and the very real possibility of a Moonlighting Curse, and a replacement show that will already be up and running, I’m sure Vegas would be giving a spread advantage towards cancellation.

  19. Mackey says:

    The sets for Bones’ apt. and Booths Apt. are gone. Insider information from someone working on the show. It has been confirmed.

    I really hate to go there, but Fox is probably looking at one of the leads as a problem. There is two confirmed suits that DB, the production company and Fox Studios was named in. They were settled out of court. God only knows what else there is that Fox chose not to be drug through the mud over. I like the guy as he appears in the role of Booth, even the old series Angel, but he represented the show and Fox to a degree with the title of executive producer. The fall out was to come eventually.

    • Lisa says:

      They struck those sets because Booth & Brennan are moving into a house together so the apartments are not needed. They are building a new house set for them. Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions.

  20. Jasper says:

    Well, FINALLY someone has the guts to go there. Thanks Mackey- if you read DB’s fall from grace as it unfolded in 2010, it is really very clear.

    (We) knew it was coming, FOX was not going to have the lead in a show run completely off the rails and represent himself to be a “boss” with the power to hire…….shame, he can be pretty nice, but truly is a mess. I know people wanted to put the past behind them, but Bones will be put to bed, shame the fans didn’t get to see it happen. It go put to bed a year ago behind the scenes.

    Em is a much smarter cookie than anyone knows. Look for her to cross over to the finder, or at least some of the team, the first four episodes of Bones will lead us to the Finder Fall of 2012, Bet on it.

    • Lisa says:

      David’s ‘fall from grace’ as you put it did not affect the show at all. It had a very successful season 6 and ratings were as strong as they have ever been.

      David’s personal life did not put people off from watching the show, since the majority of fans have no idea of what goes on off-screen, and if they did, they wouldn’t care since it doesn’t personally affect them.

      FOX loves what they have with Bones-it’s one of their top-rated shows. I’m sure they’re in no hurry to cancel it.

      I for one, took the addition of 4 episodes as a good thing. I’m thinking they will air like the episodes they filmed at the end of the writers strike. Air in the fall of Season 8, but be on the Season 7 DVD’s.

    • Gina says:

      Um, David’s fall from grace, as you say, didn’t hurt the show and clearly didn’t hurt his standing with Fox, because they just invited him to present at the Emmys this Sunday… ON FOX.

      • Dandana says:

        Gina, can you please explain to me this whole “David’s Fall from grace?”
        I usually keep up with these things but i havent had many chances to go on the computer lately.


    • vala says:

      @Jasper & Mackey – You are SO WRONG. Your wishful thinking won’t happen ’cause:

      1. David Boreanaz has ALREADY signed on to DIRECT and GUEST STAR in an episode of Finder. Don’t know about “look for Em to cross over to the finder”, but Boreanaz is officialy slated to appear in and direct for FOX’s new show.

      2 He’s ALREADY slated to direct AT LEAST 1 episode of BONES this season.

      Staring and directing for Bones + guest staring and directing for Finder + 1 guest stint on Family Guy = 3 FOX shows for David Boreanaz this season.

      3. Make it 4 if you take into account the fact that he will be presenting (for the 3rd time) at the EMMYS – airing this Sunday on……FOX.

      4. The sets for Booth’s apartment are taken down because BONES production is already building new sets for Booth+Brennan NEW HOUSE to move in.

    • val says:

      5. Not only that BONES did great rating wise last season (after the DB debacle), but the 2 top rated episodes, as in the first and the second rating wise, were directed by…..David Boreanaz.
      One can argue that BONES’s spring run was successful thanks to AI lead in, but out of the 13 episodes aired from January to May, the 2 TOP RATED were the DB directed ones. FOX is well aware of these facts.

  21. Jillian says:

    I don’t think this means that Bones is done at all. SN said that these 4 episodes may even air next fall…part of season 8. Also, the president of Fox was kept going on and on about how Bones was very successful…and how there were are no plans for a season 8 right now, but the Fox execs and the Bones producers are definitely talking about it.

    Also…they only destroyed the sets…because they just built a new set for Booth and Brennan’s new house. I think that’s pretty telling. They wouldn’t invest in a new set like that if they were planning to wrap it up this season…*but* this did come from a inside source, so we don’t know how exactly accurate this is.

  22. Jillian says:

    Also…what the hell does David have to do with Bones getting canceled?? Yeah, he made a mistake last year…but he really seems to have his act together now. They won’t just cancel Bones because of him.

  23. Wendy says:

    *If* B&B’s apartment sets are gone, it would go with upcoming spoilers of which I won’t say for the spoiler free. So that does not tell me there will be no final S8.

  24. Linda says:

    Thank you for making my day! I love Bones!!!!

  25. BJohnson says:

    I’m cool with that. Why not? As long as the baby is already here when the summer comes.

    • Jason says:

      Since Brennan will already be in her third trimester by the time season 7 premiers, I am pretty sure Baby Bones/Booth will be born right before they break, if not after (when ED has had her baby).

  26. Jasper says:

    DB’s fall from grace effects everything he associates his name with. With all due respect, you really don’t have a clue as to his current conduct and whether FOX does or not is not their concern, not now. The decision for the series became clear in the back lot of FOX studios in the handling of season six.

    SN has the habit of speaking his mind and flinging his cards on the table. HH is much better at the game, and, he had spent quality time moving on with his next project in the Finder- much of Bone’s blood (old crew and staff) is being brought on board. SN says it is very odd that 4 standalones have been asked for.

    A bit of informatiion for true fans of Bones, stand-alones are episodes that do not need a story arc to complete a series, they have no long term bad guy, new character intros, or significant lead changes. You will get B and B and a baby……perhaps living happy in the universe.

    • Wendy says:

      And as someone above has said, the Emmys are on FOX this Sunday. David was asked to represent. And if the network had an issue, the show could have been axed after last season. Your argument is faulty.

    • Jillian says:

      Of course, we haven’t heard anything about a new bad guy or a new character coming in in these new 4 episodes. The writers haven’t even written the 4 episodes yet. We have only found today that there was going to be 4 episodes. Episodes that aren’t part of their current season. I think it’s pretty clear that Fox really wants to Bones to air.

      Also…know one knows what is going on David’s personal life and his relationship with Fox. We can’t say that Fox is angry with David that they want to cancel his show or that they love him so much. We can only speculate…and watch and see what happens-but it’s pretty clear that the show does just fine regardless of what David does in his personal life. That’s really all TV networks care about.

      • Wendy says:

        “but it’s pretty clear that the show does just fine regardless of what David does in his personal life. That’s really all TV networks care about.”


        Yep. See Charlie Sheen with TAHM for 8 seasons. He was only fired because he went after the showrunner. He had substance issues throughout the span of the show and stuck around.

      • Jillian says:

        Yeah…I don’t see anything that ultimately concludes that David’s personal troubles affected his work and the people associated to him work-wise so much that Fox wants to fire him or cancel his show. Fox still seems to think that he is marketable. That his show is still very successful show. Like many people have said…they are using him to lead and get people to watch The Finder by quest starring and directing…and they are promoting his name with the Bones/The Finder crossover.

    • val says:


      But….there is no logic to your statements.
      Boreanaz himself IS BEING BROUGHT ON BOARD the Finder. FOX and HH offered him to direct and guest star in the new show. His name is THE FIRST ONE mentioned in relation to Bones people crossing over to Finder.
      How does this compute with “DB’s fall from grace effects everything he associates his name with”??????
      They’ve already started promoting the Finder-Bones crossover idea with Boreanaz’name.

    • Kirsty says:

      “DB’s fall from grace effects everything he associates his name with”

      It seems to me Jasper, that you are much more bothered by DB’s past fall from grace than Fox are.

      You said yourself that this happened back in 2010 (May to be exact). You realise it’s now September 2011 right?

      Things have moved on…people have moved on…and as long as DB still has a solid fan base (which he does, as much as you may not like it) Fox aren’t really going to care.

      Look at Charlie Sheen….how much crap did that man pull before he was finally fired? You’re not going to fire your main star, or scrap a ratings winner because of one past indiscretion.

      The fact is, a stars private life is of no real interest to MOST of the public. The majority of the people that watch any given TV show don’t know about the actors they are watching, and they don’t want to know.

  27. Angie says:

    I would love to see a season 8. I also agree with others about the 4 extra episodes. Let it be a look back at those missing months right after Bones tells Booth she is pregnant. Tearing sets down does not mean Bones is over. It sounds like to me they are building new sets for the show and they would not be putting so much work and money into new sets if they were planning to cancel it anytime soon. Why even bother? If this is the final season, so be it. However, all signs point to a season 8(crossing fingers and toes). I don’t think they will announce an 8th season until they see the ratings for the upcoming season. I am not to worried though. There seems to be interest from the millions of fans to keep it on. We fans need to keep supporting the show and showing Fox we want it to continue. Oh, as far as Davids involvement, if what happened last year was going to effect the show, the ratings would have dropped, not continued to stay where the were in 2010. The many fans out there don’t care what is going on in David and Emilys personal lives, they just love the show.

  28. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Weird though this is, it’s wonderful Fox has so much faith in the show and hey, I for one can never have enough Bones in my life! Bring it!

  29. Amy says:

    I will take Bones any way I can!

  30. El says:

    When they did this after the strike the episodes seemed to be like filler episodes where they could place anywhere. If they play them over the summer I doubt they would get good ratings. If they held on to them they would probably interfer with the next season plot.
    Therefore, they will probably be neutral episodes. I just get confused by these episodes because you don’t really get a feel of cotinuance. But whatever. The actors and crew will get paid and make up for some of the shortened season so I guess it is good for them.

  31. Greta says:

    Who Care’s….Emily Deschanel is not the first
    actor to be pregnant. She is not a royalty so stop
    treating her like a princess.
    The show has become a joke. Grief sex after 6 years
    after the death of a co worker…..
    Give me a break….. anyone over 17 and not in
    high school…. Bones is no longer directed toward

  32. Lynn says:

    How is this show circling the drain and how is the B&B baby stuff a fiasco? Seriously people just don’t watch if all you’re going to do is complain *smh*

  33. lally says:

    I love Bones and I’ll be there for season 8 and 9.

  34. Laura says:

    I am being to think that season 7 will be the last
    for Bones. The plots are no longer of interest to
    anyone who compares them to seasons 1-4.
    Now with The Finder filling in for 3 months this
    winter while Bones is out of production.
    The Finder can will be able to replace Bones if
    cancelled next year.
    The extra 4 episodes may be the way to end Bones
    on a high note. They can have Brennan and Booth
    marry on the last episode. This was done when
    with Magnum PI for the final episode.

  35. Dillan says:

    My money is on it being a 4-episode long mini-series, with one storyline across the episodes.

  36. workaholic888 says:

    Anything to quench the unquenchable BONES thirst!!!! Why stop at 4?? Why not 10 more?? :P :P

    “…assuming there’s a season 8″….come on…don’t even joke about THAT!!! :(

  37. Audrey E. says:

    No, that would be an epilogue. Prologues come before (like PREviews or PREquels), Epilogues come after.

  38. Laura says:

    Guys, whats with all the negative comments? if you dont like the show, dont look at spoilers for it. simple.
    I, for one, am absolutely ecstatic about the prospect of an additional 4 episodes! And as for those arguing over the show’s future…just keep viewing it! It’s an amazing show and that’ll show in the ratings provided people keep watching.

  39. Kirsty says:

    Oh my…certain people really hate Bones, don’t they?!

    I for one think this can only be a good thing. S6 had very good ratings, and Fox have already stated they are interested in a S8. I think a mini series over the Summer could be good…a definite ratings winner :D

    And one small thing. ‘YOU’ may have not liked Season 6 but don’t think for one second that you speak for everyone. If you took the time to actually think before you speak (or type!) then you’d realise that Fox aren’t going to suddenly ditch a show after a season of ratings like they’ve had. IF S7 bombs in the ratings then yes, this might be the last season. But you can’t tell the future and neither can I.

    If you hate the show…any show actually, be it this or anything else, then get up off your ass and change the bloody channel.

  40. Saima says:

    Yes!!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  41. Mesha says:

    I hope it doesnt end up like gilmore girls cuz I TRULY love this show and it HAS to end right…hope that it doesnt tho….bt booth and brennan ARE DESTINED to b together!! Im too geeked for the new season!!

  42. Abby says:

    It’s considered “Bad Luck” to bank on a season before it’s been officially picked up. They are probably just being cautious about talking about a season 8 before they get the official go ahead :-)

  43. Norma hodson says:

    i love this show , all of it! The work bones does is awesome, sumthing i’d like to study 4, but bursaries not available in namibia… Booth ur one sexy guy!

  44. Suncatcher says:

    I just hope Bones’ new season is a heck of a lot better than last. No more Hannah and killing off squints and jerking the viewers around like a ride at Six Flags. They get 3 hours of MY valuable time this season and then we’ll see if they get any more after that.

  45. Bonnie C. says:

    Can’t get enough Bones. I am thrilled with the idea of a ‘mini season’.
    I’m hoping they’ll do something to complete the Zack Addy story line. Poor guy is still in Psych Hospital limbo.

    • StevieRay says:

      Why did Zack Adey (?) leave the show in the first place? He was great and make the whole squint dynamics the best.
      What’s he doing in real life?

  46. Sarah says:

    There’s never enough Bones!!! Keep the episodes coming!

  47. Rita says:

    Loved all the books before Bones, love the show, and love the reruns. What else can I say.

  48. Judith O'Shea says:

    Totally and utterly agree with you.

  49. Mariela says:

    Anyway Bones will be the best, with more o less episodes

  50. Robin says:

    All of these negative Bones comments, and on my bday too:) I am unwilling to speculate about a Season 8, but would like to ask the FOX execs who have thier eyes on this thread to keep up the great work with BONES! We love it!!