Big Brother Recap: Is the 'Worst Player Ever' Getting Smart?

With just six days before next Wednesday’s finale, Big Brother is almost done blaring a spotlight on each player’s game. Remember early on, when we spent a good week inspecting Dominic, wondering if he was a social savant or a totally futile houseguest? Remember when we examined Brendon, the zombie with comeback zeal? Then Daniele, the self-possessed heroine of this season? Then Shelly — our beige-y, beige-tastic, Me’Shelly NBeigeOcello (see here)– the defiant troubadour who scorned not-so-big Jeff? Finally, we’re getting around to vivisecting the one player who never, ever seemed to matter: Adam. And we’re discovering more than we planned.

The long and short of last night’s turbulent episode goes like this: Adam won P.O.V. (under Rachel as HOH) in Otev the Shark’s pie retrieval game, opted not to save either Kalia or Porsche, and watched as Rachel voted a shattered Kalia out of the house in a tiebreaking eviction vote. Then, Adam miraculously won an H.O.H. memory game in which the remaining players had to recall “fortunes” proclaimed by the house’s mysterious, Zingbot-esque, fortune teller in the middle of the night. Did the ghastly puppet witch say that Jeff would be “last seen wandering the Chicago streets muttering only two words: ‘clown shoe’” or “last seen wandering the Chicago streets muttering only two words: ‘clown shoes.’ It’s about precise auditory recall, and Adam edged out Jordan and walloped Porsche. He’s our H.O.H, darn it. He controls who is eligible for tomorrow’s eviction, and he will no doubt select Porsche –- his only “adversary” left in the game — and either Rachel or Jordan, who won’t vote each other out. Porsche needs to win P.O.V. next episode to stay alive, but in the meantime, let’s move away from the bobbling, sweatpanted femmes of Big Brother and back to the guy who suddenly seems like a formidable hellbringer. Yes, it’s Adam. The one who thinks occasional facial hair can compensate for an entire personality.

I scoffed when that 40-year-old milquetoast didn’t use the P.O.V. to backdoor either Jordan or Rachel. The decision seemed obvious to me (and you, and everyone): Pull a Shelly, break up the alliance that will relegate you to third place, and set the stage for a Final 2 showdown starring you and a competitor you might win against, like Porsche. Kalia stated it herself using her self-proclaimed “gift of freaking gab” – which was perhaps her one standout trait in the game.

And yet, Adam balked. That scared, phlegmatic lackey argued that he wanted to substantiate himself as “a man of his word” and maintained the Porsche/Kalia chopping block. Is this some sort of parable? An Aesopian tale? What lesson does Adam teach with this exercise in friendship? I thought we were playing Big Brother, the grudge match where “moves” are revered over motionlessness, and intuitive gamesmanship is God. It’s hard to believe Adam could be such a self-declared Big Brother fan when his “strategy” is so uninspired (at best) and nonexistent (at worst). But consider this: Would staying true to his alliance with Jordan and Rachel inspire members of the Jury House to like him? So much that they’d vote to give him $500,000 instead of Porsche? There’s no use trying to track the evolving opinions of Jury House members, but I personally think it’s not crazy to suggest that the veterans will always vote for veterans, and Daniele/Shelly/Kalia will always vote for either Porsche or the best remaining player. Adam can’t claim to be either of those things, in any circumstance. Perhaps he assumes that if Rachel and Jordan are both eliminated by Porsche’s vote, they’ll maintain their respect for Adam, expand their influence to their boyfriends, and earn Adam the win in a 4-3 vote. If that’s the case, he’s not doing enough to ensure that Jordan and Rachel will both lose. All I can say is Adam presents us with nothing – no true plan or conviction – and it’s a fascinatingly white canvas to observe. Ever read Yasmina Reza’s Art? Same dilemma. Maybe that blank picture is worth nothing. Or maybe it’s a half-million-dollar masterpiece that only a disturbed, faith-driven collector could appreciate. As a defender of Team Daniele’s righteous, rollicking gameplay, I’m betting on the former. Let’s invest six figures elsewhere.

What do you think? Is Adam on the verge of a breakdown or a breakthrough? Will Porsche nab tomorrow’s P.O.V. and earn major leverage? And who would she vote out? Is a Rachel-Jordan final two a major possibility? Did you find Jeff’s extreme hostility towards Shelly’s rational betrayal a little — well, extreme? Leave your take in the comments, follow me on Twitter at @louisvirtel, and read me regularly at!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sivat says:

    Is this show still on? I stopped watching when Daniele got evicted.

    • Persephone says:

      Yes we know you remind us of that every time these articles are added…if you don’t care then don’t bother clicking on the article.

    • Katie says:

      My words when Adam won HOH last night: Ugh, I knew I should have just stopped watching when Dani left. But I should know this, rarely have I ever liked who is left in the end. I think the Dick/Danielle year is one of the few.

    • ThereasonsY says:

      How’s that worked out for you since you obviously still care enough to post about this show you don’t watch. At least you can see Dani in the Jury House AND vote for her to get Favorite player.

    • annemarie says:

      It is amazing who the final two might be. I Love how Adam is Loyal to who ever. I am hoping Rachel wins PLEASE let her win. I would be pissed and I am at Shelly fo making that move her big move that sent her packing the next week . Jeff is MAD and should be YES ITS game & she ruined his. I dont see them being friends for life . Im not happy with the F3 but that is what is is. I hated the yr Maggie won to. YOu just dont get it our way all the time. OH well.

      • telma_v says:

        Like you said, it is a game. Saying that she ruined his game makes no sense really. In that frame of mind, anyone who’s ever voted anyone else off ruined that person’s game. That’s the point of Big Brother, they’re all trying for the big prize so eventually everyone’s game, except the winner’s of course, has been ruined in some shape or form by the other players. Jeff’s being mad as he was is ridiculous in my opinion. He lost, he’s got to accept it. Dani and Brendon did, they seem fine in the jury house. When all was going his way, he was fine and dandy, but when things change it’s the end of the world. And if he’s so mad at Shelly for “betraying” him, maybe he should tell Brendon he threw the veto to Adam and ended up getting him evicted. It’s pretty much the same thing if you think about it.
        Regarding Adam, he can’t win for beans. Only way he’s winning now is that, as you get to the end there are less people and the likelihood of winning something increases, and considering the people left in the house (not including Rachel, she couldn’t play HOH this week) he didn’t have much competition. Anyway, that is all…carry on.

    • Ron Swanson says:

      LMAO!!! Sivat, can you say obsessed? Why don’t you go ahead and add another picture to your Dani Shrine!!!!

  2. Teresa says:

    Adam is a super floater and doesn’t deserve to win he should have used the veto and didn’t all because of his alleged alliance to jordan oh please the vets hate floaters so there’s no way he’d win the $500,000

    • A fan says:

      Say he uses the Veto

      He would have automatically lost Brendan, Jeff and Jordan’s votes and Danielle would vote against Adam versus anyone else left, even Rachel. So there is no chance of winning.

      This way, especially since he won HOH, he has no blood on his hands if the outcome of the Veto results in Jordan or Rachel going, and would likely receive a better Jury outcome.

      Any while he won very little, he is no less a floater than Kalia or Porche, had aligned with the Vets very early on in the game (somewhat covertly), and played a good social game within the house. He also has been a key swing vote in several eviction decisions.

      So, I would argue that he has played a decent game. He is in the final 3.

  3. ThereasonsY says:

    Firm believer that Jeff’s rage against Shelly made sense because in his mind not only did she ruin his game, he ruined Jordan’s, and hers. Part of it is that he views her as a friend and is pissed she made a bad decision because she should have stuck with the vets until 4 and seen what happened. Car has done NOTHING all season and she stands the best chance to win this debacle if she can get that Veto. Everyone can see that. I think the idea of a golden ticket holder winning this season when you had two previous winners and Danielle makes us all sick because that golden ticket is why Car didn’t play the game until top 8. May the TV Gods forgive me for saying this but Rachel FTW.

    • tripoli says:

      Agreed! Can’t believe that I’m totally on team Rachel. Anyone else winning would be an utter shame. And Jeff’s actions in regards to Shelly are completely justified. The relationship he believed he had formed with her went beyond the game, that’s why it bothers him so much that she betrayed the alliance.

      • playerett says:

        Jeff should of been nice to shelly and the other jury members. His poor attitute could of cost Jordan jury votes. If Jordan was not evicted, he could of cost her $500,000

  4. Lee says:

    I don’t understand the hatred for “floaters.” Isn’t that as much a strategy as backstabbing and lying? Adam bent with the wind and is still standing…he won 2 HUGE competitions in the last week. Why does that make him weak? He is playing the Dr. Will Social Game…that doesn’t make him a bad player…it just might make him $500K.

    • Jamie says:

      I don’t understand the hatred of floaters either. That’s what big brother is, a giant game of chicken in which whoever is the last person to make there move usually comes out on top. However, your giving way too much credit to Adam. He isn’t playing Dr. Will’s social game. Adam is doing nothing at all (much like Jordan). Dr. Will was able to convince people to nominate their best friends over him and then he voted them out. Adam has backstabbed no one, while Dr.Will backstabbed EVERYONE. Adam is not Dr.Will, he’s erika from all-stars. He’ll get to the end, but will only get one vote and lose 6-1.

    • Mary says:

      I totally agree. I think people just like throwing around the name floater to make themselves feel like they are saying something. Adam did not lie to people he straight out told them when he was not going to vote for them. When the vets tried to drag him in the beginning he out right told them no. So he has always played his own game and was usually the swing vote. That is power. Go Adam or Rachel!

    • bob says:

      i agree that “floating” b/w allegiances is certainly a strategy, and obviously a good one considering the gameplay of the remaining contestants (save rachel, ugh). however, i think the reason people hate it is because it isn’t exactly the most inspired, or, and god i hate myself for saying this about a reality show, noble way of winning. with THAT said, i think adam plays exactly how kalia said he plays–like a superfan. every time he’s in the diary room he always appears giddy at the prospect that he’s there, and you can tell he’s just starstruck to be working with the two remaining vets. it’s all just kind of annoying.

  5. Corey says:

    The writer of this article is just a freakin’ Jerk who is pissed that all her favorite female contestants got knocked out so now she’s taking out her hatred on Adam because he managed to survive. There was no need to bash and demoralize Adam as much as she did and it just shows she’s being bitter because Dani still isn’t in the game. Go cry a river in your penthouse apartment somewhere.

    Team Adam forever.

    • Mark says:

      Penthouse apartment, eh? How much do you think these writers get paid? Yes this writer is extremely biased but the Adam hate is universal and not unique to Virtel.

    • Tim says:

      how can you call the writer bias?–she states that Adam is “a fascinatingly white canvas to observe” seriously? i’d rather watch paint dry.

    • TheReasonsY says:

      Where to begin. For starters this isn’t journalism it is a CRITICS OPINION ON THE GAME. This isn’t Pulitzer news coverage but commentary from a rabid TV watcher/professional critic. That is like saying you should be mad at Ebert for trashing Catwoman because he didn’t like Halle Berry’s performance. Critics critique. You don’t have to agree with it just defend your points calling them a jerk is not defending your points but lowering the argument. Next up some people view floating as a solid strategy. Others don’t. We also don’t really know who is a floater or not since we get a compressed and edited view of the contestants lives for a week at a time. For the record, I prefer an aggressive game playing approach and was team Dani now team Rachel. Lastly, not that it matters but the critic is a man.

  6. Mark says:

    I didn’t understand why Jeff was saying those things about a Final Four of Adam, Shelly, Jordan, and himself right in front of Brendon. Jeff was basically saying to Brendon, “Hey! My gf and I were going to screw your fiance when the time was right.” I mean I guess it doesn’t matter all too much but I’d have refrained from saying those things in front of Brendon with the jury voting coming up and Jordan still being in the game.

    • B says:

      I caught that too, although I assumed he was lying even then. I have a feeling that he and Jordan made final-three deals with BOTH Shelly and Adam, though I can’t recall specifically whether they ever aired anything where that was discussed with Adam. Of course, I skipped a few episodes and did some fast forwarding in others, so I could have missed such a discussion.

      But regardless, Jeff & Jordan aren’t the saintly ones they make themselves out to be, so I didn’t take his comments to Shelly about the final four as the gospel there.

    • TheReasonsY says:

      To be honest, they probably assumed that Rachel was going to be evicted. To be honest haven’t we ALL assumed she would have been gone by now which is why I think she deserves the win the most.

  7. Cary says:

    I am not a Porsche fan. She has zero personality. She doesn’t share her life experiences with the other houseguests like they do with her. She is really boring. That being said, she was the first one to receive the golden key so she was NOT ABLE to compete in the first several weeks of BB which causes everyone to think she didn’t show up until the end. IMO, I believe, Rachel should win, but Porsche is the second best player. Adam would be third compared to Jordan. I am a huge fan of Jordan because I always pull for NC players. Jordan has said this season over and over again that she did NOT want to come back. Jeff talked her into it. She should not win BB again because she did not play to win at all. I do hope everyone will give her the $25,000 America’s Choice vote though!

    • AZProud2Be says:

      my BET is Porsche will just be another Reality Star doing Porn in Los Angeles with in a year.

      I would like to see Jordan win the $25k too…she used most of her other winnings to pay for and help her Mom and Brother….can’t really see any other house guests that have that kindness and selflessness in them…..but I would bet Jordan would give it to Jeff so that he can open the restaurant he wants…..because that is the kind of woman she is…

  8. D says:

    As soon as Adam didn’t use the veto, I just gave up, knew Kalia was going home, and went to do something else. He’s either so spineless he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty, or so stupid he actually believes he can beat Rachel in the Final HOH.

    That veto just pissed me off. You grab the wrong plate? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I never saw Seasons 1, 2, 4, 5, or 9. Were any of them worse than this joke of a season?

    • Tim says:

      Season 3 is probably the all time best season of big brother, followed by the Winter Edition and Dick and Danielle’s original season.

      • Linda says:

        My favorite was Season 2, followed closely by Season 3. I stopped watching this year when Evel Dick left. It would have been soooo interesting if he’d been able to stay! Rachel would have been long gone!!

      • D says:

        I loved 6 and 7. The house was split down the middle and everyone hated each other. A tad embarrassing admission, but the drama and nastiness just enthralled me. Not to mention the house was full of people who knew how to compete. 3 and 8 were really good, too.

    • The Other Boleyn Girl says:

      The second season which featured Dr. Will was by far the best. That man was the puppet master personified. And watching him manipulate all the houseguest and manuver himself to the win was a thing of beauty.

  9. b says:

    One thing I noticed in the eviction last night…why was it that Rachel and Jordan voted to evict different people? Could it be that Rachel sees her best chance at winning to be taking Adam to the final 2, and that’s why he voted to evict Kalia and that’s who Rachel tossed? And does Jordan have a clue?

    • Mary says:

      Jordan spoke with Adam and Rachel. They already decided that Kalia was leaving but Jordan wanted to stick to her word to Kalia that she wouldn’t put her up or vote her out. She didn’t want to be seen as a liar. Rachel and Adam told her that was fine do what she wants and Rachel will break the tie.

  10. The WB Frog says:

    I’ll take “Worst Season of Big Brother” for $200, Alex.

  11. Tim says:

    I have to say, the worst season to me was the summer of love. Was that season 9? The one where a different Adam won the game, who was one of the creepiest people ever to play the game, and Natalie, the bikini barista stalker! They matched people up who had zero chemistry and made them sleep together, but the other gay guy mysteriously and suspiciously disappeared early in the game! I did like Ryan, though.

  12. Linda Baggs says:

    It’s funny how just because people think that they personally know Jordan,and people think she is this really sweet girl,if you would have watched her closely in this game and really listened to her comments. I get the total opposite,I do not feel she is any sweeter of a person then the rest of the players in the house.She absolutely does not deserve to win any money for anything in this season,she has done nothing at all but coast and ride first Jeff’s coat tails and then Adam’s and Rachel’s.Early on she made a comment that she did not want to see someone win that was a floater or coaster,and someone that did not deserve to win.Jordan of every single person on BB 13,is the least of all that should even still be in that house. The monies should always be given to people that tried to make big moves and people that had to fight and win things in order to stay in the game.Money should not be given to people the just sit on the couch and twril their hair all day long.

  13. Alec Berg says:

    First off…Rachael deserves to win..she puts her heart and soul into this game, like no one else.
    Secondly, with all the obvious tweaking and chiseling going on behind the scenes, why don’t the producers make it fun for the BBAD viewers to watch and give the cast games, “real” cards, projects, etc. , that would allow for more of the player personality to shine through. The relentless game talk is boring and I’m sure does nothing for ratings.

  14. JorJeff says:

    Porsche and Jordan nominated. Porsche wins POV. Rachel goes up w/ Jordan. Porsche only voter. Votes out Jordan.
    Then HOPEFULLY Rach wins final HOH and evicts Porsche. Adam will finish 2nd (not that its deserved but neither is Porsche winning it. I’d rather someone like him who actually talked game and didn’t sleep allll summer!) And rach will win! She’s deserves it, she’s a competitior and has fought her butt off to be where she is. Jordan or Jeff will get Americas Choice, cause they are both AWESOME and Dani/Kalia suck and are annoying.

    • D says:

      Porsche didn’t sleep when she won HOH against Adam and the veto that sent Jeff home. Those who can game; do game. Those who can’t game; talk game.

    • Russ says:

      Idk Rachel might take Porsche with her because “she like competitors”, atleast Porsche deserves it a hell of a lot more than Adam.

  15. Lauralei B says:

    First, I’m fascinated reading this and really glad I found this site. Obviously a lot of viewers are very superficial and are hopelessly in love with Jeff and Jordan probably only because of their looks. Jeff is an idiot and arrogant, he thinks everything must be his way. Also, once he is in the jury house he should chill out. He really made a fool of himself. Jordan is just like everyone else, she is edited in a way to make her look better. As far as game play goes, she has none, and is the biggest floater ever!!! If she didn’t have people watching her back (and winning) she would be out a long time ago. I don’t think she should have won the other BB that she was on. I’ve wanted her to be out since day 1.

  16. Russ says:

    JORDAN NEEDS TO GO HOME! as sweet as she is if she makes it to the final two she has won the game again, no matter who is with her she will win, she has the votes.
    Brenden: Vote Rachel if not Jordan
    Dani: Vote Porsche if not Jordan then Rachel then Adam
    Jeff: Jordan if not Rachel then Adam then Porsche
    Shelly: Jordan if not maybe P then A then R
    Kalia: Porsche if not J then R then A
    Rachel (if out): Jordan then P then A
    Adam (if out): Jordan then R or P idk
    Porsche (if out): maybe R then J then A idk

    I hope Adam is smart enough to realize this or Porsche win POV and is smart enough to vote her out. Personally I think the final two should be Rachel and Porsche