Exclusive: Richard Dean Anderson to MacGuest Star on Raising Hope

Richard Dean Anderson will bring laughs to Fox’s Raising Hope this season — and he’ll do it by combining a wad of chewing gum with some pipe cleaners, a teaspoon of drain cleaner, and a transistor radio.

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TVLine has learned exclusively that the erstwhile MacGyver and Stargateverse alum will guest star on the sophomore comedy as Keith, an imposing patriarch who finds Jimmy (played by Lucas Neff) talking to his daughter at Howdy’s. Based on when he steps into the conversation, Keith suspects that Jimmy is hitting on his little girl — which is kind of an issue, you see, since the lass will be played by Anderson’s 13-year-old real-life daughter, Wylie.

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In addition to the aforementioned MacGyver and this and that Stargate series, Anderosn’s myriad TV credits also include General Hospital (has Liz’s dad ever come to visit?), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Legend and, most recently, several episodes of USA Network’s Fairly Legal.

Raising Hope premieres its new season on Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 9:30 pm, now leading out of the Zooey Deschanel-fronted freshman comedy New Girl. The Andersons are set to appear in the fourth episode.

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  1. sarah says:

    Wylie? Really? All I can think is “Coyote”.

  2. Mikaylah says:

    Colonel Jack O’Neill is coming to Raising Hope!?! How amazing. :)

  3. brutony says:

    All Jimmy needs to get out of this is a paper clip, copper wire, plastic bag, etc…

  4. sandee says:

    Wishing RDA would appear on MAC-GH where he started out.

  5. kelly says:

    i love rda… i hope he bring a little jack o’neill to this role, with a dash of macgyver..lol

  6. Darinka Horvat says:

    I hate when brilliant actors, such as R.Dean Anderson go into oblivion as soon as the serial’ Gods decide it’s time to change the actors. I grew up with this guy, my child grew up loving him, as well. I want to see him act, and act and act until he decides enough is enough!

    • fffdfd says:

      He left Stargate to spend more time with his daughter, no one forced him out, or would have forced him out. That’s also probably the reason he’s only been doing bit parts lately.

    • The Wraith Lover says:

      Rick did not leave SG1 for being too old. He was a single father and wanted to be there for her.

  7. Liz says:

    God, yes! I missed seeing him on my screen.
    But about Stargate, if only they could give us a Sam & Jack reunion though… So we could FINALLY see them together! We deserve it, darn it, after all these years!

  8. Ileana says:

    I agree with Liz. I wish they would go back and finish what they started with Sam and Jack in Stargate. I loved that show! Still love to see RDA in any new show.

  9. Hélène says:

    Such a great news! I really miss RDA and his sense of humor. And for me, Raising hope is one of the best comedy at the moment along with Modern Family, so a lot of awesomeness to come!

  10. RDA FAN says:

    not to disappoint, but it is for only 1 episode gals. I check into RDA’s website daily and he said as much. I am so excited for him and his daughter for this opportunity together, his daughter is following in her dad’s foot steps. as for more stargate, sorry. MGM is broke, no more movies either. I too am sad. The Jack/Sam love story is to remain with us. There was to be a 3rd but no $$$ and the times were really bad I think it was 2010. It has been wrtten but shelved for good.

  11. RDA FAN says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to be a kill joy. But I just miss those Stargate SG-1 days. When RDA was Col/Gen. O’Neill going to distant plants with the team fighting bad guys, getting into all kinds of trouble, and then there’s him and Sam. Thank goodness I have the whole series on Netflix. But I still miss RDA just as much. Im with you Helene, I miss his sense of humor too.

  12. hanlonzone says:

    They wouldn’t let Sam and jack be together because they wanted to follow Airforce regs closely to make series more realistic. Darn those regs! But yes they could make a new movie and make an exception for our two heroes. Please???? Maybe be an online petition would help?

  13. sarah says:

    love this man sooo much wish him all the best hope that someone youtubes it so i can see it in the uk :)

  14. eleonora says:

    I love so much RDA so I’m hapy to watch him play again. But I would like to see it again star in a beautiful series !

    • margaret berry says:

      I feel the same way….I can never forget rda my birthday is also 23.01 not the same year but its good to know I share my birthday with such a great guy.

  15. Andre Denard says:

    I enjoyed March 27, 2012 episode “Hogging all the”. I enjoyed the song used during the Chance family leading the new (service) pig around. It was Billy Paul’s hit from 1973 “Thanks for saving my life”. Excellent choice. This is one of the best and delightful comedies of 2012. Well written……

  16. Lynn Morris says:

    Hello. Very interesting. I look forward to seeing you on TV again. You’ve had quite a prrsence on the television for so many years. Of course, you have many interests.

    I finally took my recycling pile to the recycling bins.

    I have been watching the Hatfields and McCoys. I’m really sure these families did more than stab and shoot each other . I’m sure they ” denutted” each other and. Imasculated each other in other ways. They were so mean. It was disheartening to watch.

    Well, I’m hot (here in Texas) and getting tired. Ugh.

    Happy to hear you are enjoying your daughters company.

    I’m so tired that I’mI not sure I understood the message, I’ll read it again later.

  17. Lynn Morris says:

    I. Have a conspiracy going on around me where the main players aren’t very well. My health has deteriorated.and my lifespan shortened. My sister , twisted she is , has cancer ibelieve. But, still getting along. Maybe, she isin remission, she doesn’t speak directly to us.

    Then I have. Cousin that is a main player, and she can not keep well. She wanted to have a baby so badly she over did it with invitro. Bleeding, hysterectomy probably, lost her headlights one at a time, one after the other, camel’s toe damaged, plastic surgery, leaky valve, marrow transplant next I think, all happening very quickly. No time to stop and relax. She planned and orchatrated the chiildren of her cousin to be removed from their mother ,then she lost her own baby. It was just something that happened. The father took the opportunity when it came as he was waiting.

    Her elderly, but hardy mother carried multiple babies in her womb and knew before they were born she would of live for long afterwards. I don’t know if she’ she’s dead or not. All seems so quiet. It’s all kind of a secret. Ssh.

    I have a fatty liver, which I am predisposed for. I’ m 100 % Welsh, which is why. I’m a diabetic, type II , which I did myself eating ice cream everyday, I got more than fat. I’m a a caregiver and it is not uncommon to do something like that. Over indulge without realizing the consequences. I also have an irritable bowel, from stress. Every time I pass a little gas, I have to cough. Also I am sleep deprived from drug withdrawal (lorazepam).

    Well, goodnight.

    • Lynn Morris says:

      Please omit or erase previous. Comment do nature of content. I needed to go back and erase but couldn’t . Looking for trouble.

  18. richard says:

    Boy im one of those RDA fan grew up with him anboy was i upset when he left SG . I understadn bout him wantin to be with his daughter but. should still have time to do a movie mcgiver he will be a block busttee or even his own show please rich come back to us still spend time with ur daughter but do come bk