Exclusive: Chord Overstreet on Leaving Glee and What's Next (Music and The Middle!)

Trouty Mouth is finally talking.

In his first interview since parting ways with Glee earlier this summer, Chord Overstreet is setting the record straight about the circumstances surrounding his departure from the Fox phenom and his plans for the future, including an album and a stint on ABC’s The Middle.

TVLINE | What was your reaction when you learned Glee had decided not to pick up your series regular option for Season 3?
Of course I was bummed initially. I had the best time working on the show and I had one of the best life experiences. It was a blast. But I decided to look at it as an opportunity to dive into my music.

TVLINE | The news broke when you were on the road for the final leg of the Glee concert tour. Was the cast supportive?
We spent the past 12, 13 months together, so we were like a family. I made some friends for life. They were all there for me. They were all really sweet.

TVLINE | The producers invited you back on a recurring basis with the possibility of becoming a regular later in the season, but you declined. Why?
I’ve been writing music my entire life and I had an opportunity to work on a record. It’s something I have a huge passion for. I did a lot of thinking and I felt like it was a good time to work on my album and focus on that avenue of my career. They offered me the chance to come back for a few episodes, but there was nothing guaranteed so I decided to dive into the music thing. And that’s been my main priority the past two months.

TVLINE | Where do things stand with your music?
I’m working on the album and I’ve been encouraged and excited by the interest from record labels and publishers. Hopefully we’ll get something out there for the fans to hear pretty soon.

TVLINE | But you’re doing an episode of the The Middle, so clearly you’re not closing the door on an acting career.
Right now my main focus is music, but I love The Middle. It’s one of my favorite shows. I’m a huge Neil Flynn fan. So when they asked, “Do you want to do this for one day?,” I was like, “I can do a scene with Neil Flynn? Sure, why not?”

TVLINE | You’re playing Brick’s new teacher, right?
Yeah, I play a 22-year-old teacher who’s really excited about his job.

TVLINE | Will you continue to watch Glee?
I don’t think I could ever stop watching it. [Laughs]

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  1. Erin says:

    Such a sweetie. Will support him forever!

    • TEDD says:

      Chord Sucks and got fired, and is now trying to make ti seem like he left. He got a little too big for his britches

      • Tralala says:

        lol Chord acted classy, and didn’t shove too much “it was all their doing” at the Glee creators, which it was, by the way. He was practically fired when they didn’t promote him (going off of everything logically), and when the creators saw the fan support they offered him ‘a few episodes’, as Chord just said so himself, but it was nothing confirmed to last more than just that, so Chord left. He was treated horribly, and I’m glad he left, and kept his dignity.

      • T says:

        thankfully Chord is much more a classy person then you….and I bet his abs are way better too

    • Petra says:

      He is good kid. I hope he stays that way and does good in life. Looking forward to seeing him in The Middle. :)

    • lorna says:

      Umm he is hot and Glee is a piece of crap with nobody attractive on the show, minus Diana. I’m sorry, but Moneath? EW. What a lame show.

      • Steve says:

        Ummmm you sure seem to no alot about Glee for someone who dosen’t like the show. I think you are full of crap. Glee is a great show with great talent.

        • jenna says:

          yeah, great show with great talent! but with not so great CREATORS AND PRODUCERS. Clearly, RIB sucks!!!! and its stupid decisions such as these is bringing everything down no matter how great the cast were. you just have to live with it that its a sinking ship! have you seen the ratings and its songs on the charts?

    • Martin Severino says:

      There should be SOME mention on the current “Glee” as to why he’s no longer there. Like it’s strnage that none of the characters, including the girl he dated, has mentioned Sam. Like can’t they say he moved out of town or something like that. Or maybe they can even say he was fired from Glee?

      • nikki says:

        Mercedes mentioned him in the very first 5 minutes of the season premiere, she said Sam’s dad got a job out of state.

  2. ken says:

    didn’t mark selling record an album and work on glee at the same time? why does he think he had to make an either/or decision? something doesn’t seem right here. regardless, he was never a favorite character of mine. i’ll look forward to him on the middle but i won’t really miss him on glee.

    • Captain says:

      I think he was a little hurt that they didn’t make him a regular. He seems to have wanted a guaruntee that he’d be sticking around longer than a few episodes (although I don’t see why he wouldn’t have been made a regular, he was very popular). I can understand that music is certainly his passion and Glee takes up a lot of time (they didn’t even really get a summer off) but I wish he hadn’t left. I never really had a strong opinion about him while he was on the show but after he announced he was leaving, I realized how much I was going to miss his character. No more Trouty Mouth jokes!

      • Liza says:

        I beg to differ, Sam wasn’t a popular character. Contrary to popular belief ‘Glee’ is not stupid, I’m sure they thought about their decision long and hard before deciding to drop Chord (especially with his characters plot entanglements with other characters, ie Mercedes). I think Glee and Chord are on to bigger and better things. I do have to admit after this interview I have more respect for him as a person. It SEEMS like there are no hard feelings on both sides.

        • Jas says:

          are you kidding? RIB have constantly been proving that they don’t think long and hard about anything. Ryan has countless times shot off at the mouth about something and Fox themselves have gotten on him for get “too excited” and saying things before it becomes legit.

          • Julia says:

            “RIB have constantly been proving that they don’t think long and hard about anything.”

            *slow clap*

        • john says:

          Wasn’t a popular character?? have you been to twitter lately? have you seen how many people are tweeting him that they miss him? have you seen tumblr?? his posts and reblogs even reached thousands.. and with all the cast, he’s one of the people that has a huge fanbase with the likes of lea, cory, chris, dianna…

    • Karen says:

      Because he’d be required to make himself available for a show that MAY OR MAY NOT even give him a part. Glee treated him like garbage. He did the same amount of work as his regular costars and got paid less than them. He’s not like Harry Shum Jr who was in the background for two seasons and therefore was paid accordingly (as a guest star instead of a regular). Chord had major storylines with other major characters and was involved in like 9 songs. He should have been offered a regular spot. Ryan Murphy and co are too busy trying to fit in a million new guest stars than telling quality stories with the characters they spend time developing. I won’t be watching Glee anymore, Chord being let go was the last straw.

      • Deena says:

        Eh, Chord had to pay his dues and half the time Chord was just in the background until ‘Rumors’ (Fleetwood Mac episode). I don’t think Glee treated him like “garbage”, that’s the business and the risk he took when he signed up for the show. You can’t expect to be promoted when its your first season and you’re a no-name actor who has no room to negotiate. That’s life, whats done is done. We don’t know what went on behind the scenes,and if you were watching Glee for Chord or will stop watching now that he’s gone, you had no business watching in the first place. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

      • Michael says:

        You sound like the girlfriend of a scorned actor. Get over it. Chord was a character on the periphery of relevance. Unless you’ve had a front seat into the inner workings of negotiations, you don’t know if he was treated like crap. Plus, when a show decides not to pick up the option of a semi-regular it usually means that THEY are crap.

      • reallykaren says:

        Ryan Murphy actually said that they aren’t doing as many guest stars in season 3, I think that based on everyones reaction (or at least mine) of who cares who is guest starring, I came for the characters in the glee club they decided to not go with guest stars in every other episode. Chord did have a few major storylines but so did Naya and Heather and they didn’t become regulars till season 2 along with Harry who is now a regular. While I’m sad to see him go, I hope it wasn’t a reaction to him not becoming a regular, cause that would be childish and kinda stupid.

      • Roxie says:

        I agree with you Karen! I loved Sam and Quinn together, I thought they had great chemistry and their voices blended so well together. After the first episode last week I don’t like the direction Glee is going at all. Very disappointing.

    • Frank says:

      and how well did Mark’s album do?

    • bigbowood says:

      Mark Salling DID put out an album, yes, but he did it through some loophole in his contract that allowed it (noticed none of the other regulars have released albums). Ryan Murphy was so pissed that he wrote Mark out for a bunch of episodes (that’s when Puck was in “juvie”). Chord probably figures that if he’s at the show’s beck and call, he’ll never be able to finish the album

    • Sally says:

      The reason it was an either/or decision is because the contracts they have for those guys suck. they will own everything you do as long as youre with them (in his situation, his music) and didnt you notice mark (puck) got less and less air time on the show after he came out with his album?

  3. Mooshki says:

    I’m still waiting for a good blind item to explain what really happened. (I’m talking to you, Ausiello!)

  4. celita says:

    They say that he just didn’t want to wait like Harry did for instance, but when i read the news for the first time the feeling i got was that they didn’t want them in all the season but a few episodes. So they were killing him off from the very start.

    I’m sad that Chord and Sam are gone, since (unlike Finn) his character was loveable and a nice guy. I really liked him!

    And RIB should learn how to treat their cast instead of firing them and then pretend that the actor had a bad attitude when fans get pissed at them.

    Thanks Mike!

    • Captain says:

      They didn’t fire him. They simply didn’t make him a regular. Ashley Fink wasn’t made a regular either but was offered the same 10 episodes (with the option for a regular deal later). It took Harry 2 seasons to be made a regular but he was. Ryan certainly seemed to have plans for his character beyond this season. He even said that Sam wasn’t a senior and would probably return in Season 4. Hopefully they can reach an understanding somewhere down the line and bring him back next year.

      • celita says:

        He says “They offered me the chance to come back for a few episodes” that doesn’t sound like the deal Harry had this year, or Naya and Heather had last year. They were “guess stars” of course, but everybody knew that was just a cheaper contract, not that they wouldn’t be in the whole season.

        • Kris says:

          They offered him 10. And if you knew anything about the televison industry, you’d know that’s a huge deal.

          • celita says:

            And do you have a source saying that was the actual number of episodes he was offered? because 10 is not “a few”. (And for the record I know how tv deals work due to other fandoms).

          • celita says:

            Because the original new was this http://www.tvline.com/2011/07/glee-scoop-chord-overstreet-leaving/ and it says:

            “Chord Overstreet‘s series regular option has not been picked up. However, a source close to the show says the actor — who joined the Fox hit last fall in the recurring role of McKinley transfer student Sam Evans — could return as an occasional guest star.”

            occasional guest star, not recurring, but occasional. 10 episodes would be recurring.

          • KiKi says:

            They also could have added more episodes for him later on

          • Celita says:

            Thanks for the source!, however that report was after the news of Chord not coming back, and Lea, Chris and Cory leaving Glee after season 3 and not be back at all were public. So, since they changed their mind about Lea, Chris and Cory and the spin off and their future on Glee… how do we know they didn’t change their mind as well about Chord being just an occasional guest star? That deal may have been a damage control after the fans complaining.
            Ausiello knows how tv shows work, so I don’t think he would have said that a close source to the show told him that Chord would be an occasional guest star if he was told that they wanted him for at least 10 episodes. So I see 2 possibilities, that he misunderstood what the close source told him and he thought that Chord would appear in the 3rd season in some capacity but wouldn’t be one of the glee kids anymore. Or he understood perfectly well and RIB changed their mind due to fans displeasure and chose to blame Chord for this in order to avoid responsibility. And knowing RIB I find the second option more plausible, this is the man that said that finchel would be together the whole 2nd season or broke up Sam and Quinn because he “got bored”.
            I’m not a Chord core fan, and I have no need to demonize anyone. I’m just saying that the first report Ausiello made about this doesn’t sound like “they want Chord to be like Harry was last year” to me. I wouldn’t have complained if Chord were a “guess star” in every episode of the season, because that’s just the way “Glee” does things to save money, that wouldn’t affect me as a fan. It would, however, affect Chord as an actor, and well, is his prerogative to accept a deal or not, and a good choice or not it would be his life.

      • Karen says:

        Don’t even try to compare Harry and Ashley to Chord. Harry has had no major storylines and barely sings. Ashley has had one storyline with Mark and has 1 song to her name. Chord had storylines with Cory, Dianna, Naya, Lea, and Chris (all heavy hitters), and had an upcoming storyline with Mercedes, and recorded 9 songs for them. He did more work than the other guest stars and deserved to be promoted and paid accordingly. RIB treat their actors horribly. Simple as that.

        • Anna says:

          What? Your delusional. I’m sure all the cast puts in the same amount of effort (except maybe Lea). Naya, Heather, and Harry all had to wait for a recurring role. Sam was no more or less important than other supporting character on the show. Sounds like Glee got cheap and Chord got whiny, thats show buisness. I’m sure if Chord was a huge fan favorite and if his absence would hurt Glee or impact them in some way, Glee would’ve fought for Chord. . which they didn’t.

          • Octavia says:

            Naya and Heather didn’t have to wait, they were made regulars for season 2. Darren is also being made regular. So Chord has the right to feel unapreciated. The creators even said: “If he wants, he can come back”. That’s not valuing your actor. Also, it seems like Glee is not his passion and at 22 he should be doing what he likes, so if he has the opportunity to record an album which is what he wants, good for him to focus on that and leave the Glee drama behind.

          • Anna says:

            @Octavia, Naya and Heather didn’t have to wait because Murphy and Co. had plans for their characters. They were no longer filler characters, they were apart of the cast. Darren was only on 2 more episodes than Chord and Darren became a huge sensation (Blaine character wise) and a money maker for FOX, after Teenage Dream he was hit, Chord was not. Its all about status, once again thats what show buisness is, it isnt fair. Its a buisness descision. Chord just wasn’t that popular. And although, he can leave all the drama at Glee behind (which is an unfair statement to make because all shows have drama its just Glee can’t keep theirs quiet) Chord is still off one of the most popular if not the most popular show on television, and he still a relatively unknown actor. If you don’t watch Glee you don’t know him. I agree about the music part, I think if he really wanted to Chord would have took the deal, seems like music is what he wants to do.

          • Aque says:

            @Octavia – but Chord’s songs on Glee didn’t sell.

            Opportunity to record an album? That’s BS. He doesn’t have a record deal, he’s never even played a full solo set live. Who TF does he think is going to buy some album he might put out two years from now IF he can get a deal?

            Glee valued him enough to offer him 10 episodes, he’s the one who quit because he got greedy.

          • alta says:

            If the powers that be over at “House” couldn’t convince FOX to keep Lisa Edelstein, what makes you think this poor kid had a fighting chance? Are you listening NBC Universal? -_-

        • Jax says:

          OH my dear grilled cheesus! You people think that just because someone appears on a TV show they AUTOMATICALLY deserve rights. He worked really, really hard and said, like, 10 lines and everything…Please. That’s not how it works. You could be the most hardworking person on the show and put in three times as much work as any other actor and guess what? If the character doesn’t catch on or fit in with the story then you are gone. That’s how it works. That’s TV. Get over it!

        • Seth says:

          Amen, sistah.

        • Seth says:

          @Karen Amen, sistah.

      • Patrice says:

        Harry Shum may be a special case to compare to Chad Overstreet. Harry probably has had the most freedom of all the regulars, especially with his latest stint into the online episodes of LXD, League of Extrodinary Dancers.

        However after 3 seasons, his character remains woefully underdeveloped, his voice is still unheard. Will he ever have an episode of his own?

        I think the same would have likely happened to Chord’s character even if Sam was a regular character. Considering the size of the cast there’s a lot of meat, but up to now, very little of it has been explored and the show is mostly concerned about the retention of the 3-4 characters they did truly attempt to develop.

  5. Angel says:

    “They were all there for me” sounds like he was fired initially and THEN offered a few episodes (wasn’t it something like 5?) but “nothing guaranteed” re: returning full time. So he put in the work of a regular with none of the benefits.

    Chord is a class act. He had the opportunity to talk trash about his bosses the way they talked about him at Comic Con, but took the high road. I wish him lots of luck with his career and look forward to his album.

  6. Alex D. says:

    I think he’s cute and all but I can’t respect his decision to leave the biggest show he’ll ever be on.. cause we all know dam well his “Music Carrer”AIN’T GONNA WORK OUT! Sorry Jus Tellin Da TRUTH!

    • Angel says:

      LOL Do you respect Amber Riley? Because she’s going around telling any reporter who will listen that she’s ready to move on. She isn’t the only one.

      • Jan says:

        She’s probally tired of all the excersise and work she gets from Glee. 7 hours of choreography, whoooooooo!

        • Iris says:

          Alex D, do you have a magic ball that tells the future? And if you think Glee is huge, it’s really not. It’s a moderate hit at around 8-9 million viewers. The movie tanked, the reality show had abismal ratings. The show is already in its downspiral ratings wise and quality wise. Chord may have made a good call leaving a sinking ship. He got exposure from Glee, now he can search other oppurtunities. He’s handled himself with class. I predict the ratings will fall hard thuis season.

          • E says:

            The reality show had good enough ratings that its being renewed, so no, it didn’t tank.

            Chord’s going to labeled forever as that divo who quit Glee.

          • Fran says:

            What planet are you on? Glee is popular as hell. I can’t turn on the TV or go on the internet without seeing something about this show. Ratings wise, it went down because of the quality of season 2. Please, name any show in the 2010-2011 that wasn’t somewhat inconsitent to lacking what its all about (from Modern Family to 30 Rock. I don’t like or dislike Glee but I understand the extreme haters want it to die a painful death. But not popular? Your delusional. Thats like saying because evryone hates the Kardashians, theyre not popular. Please.

          • Babs says:

            First of all, 8 or 9 million viewers is nothing to snear at. There are plenty of TV shows out there that would KILL to get those kinds of ratings. And second of all, they are still making a S*** Ton of money off of the songs. So Glee is still quite successful as far as Fox and the TV executives are concerned and it’s not going away any time soon.

  7. Hannah says:

    See, the weird thing to me is that they said “for a few episodes” and made no guarantees in the first place. People are like “Why didn’t he stay?” but I always go “Why didn’t they deem Sam important enough to try harder to keep him and offer him a better deal?” It’s ridiculous. His character was well-received, he has dedicated fans, it just makes no sense because it all sounds so uncertain. Like, what, 2 episodes? 3? Why WOULDN’T Sam, who had entire episodes revolving around him, be a more important part of season 3, you know?

    So I don’t blame him. But I AM so incredibly sad that the character of Sam is gone, as he was my favorite part of season 2 and I wanted to learn so much more about him (what happened at his old school? And I wanted to see more of his comic book loving nerdy side) and I wanted to see him be happier. Basically, I blame the writers. I would much rather have seen more of Sam and the rest of ND than get 10 new characters all of a sudden.

    Anyway, I hope his record sells well and that he’s very successful. I’ve become extremely fond of Chord himself and will support him in all his future endeavors.

    • Kris says:

      It was 10 episodes. They offered him 10 episodes. That’s a huge deal in the television industry. The Glee Project winners only got 7. Furthermore, that’s only the confirmed number of episodes he was given. Typically, television shows don’t like to commit to a large number of episodes for non-regulars because the nature of television is constantly changing and writers don’t always have a clear plan for what to do in the second half of the season. That order could have been increased at any time, plus it came with the option of being made a regular in the latter half of the season. That’s a far better deal than some of his co-workers are getting. Max Adler works on an episode-to-episode basis as did Ashley Fink until last season. Few Glee cast members began as regulars. Even Naya and Heather were on a recurring basis at one point.

  8. Kris says:

    People keep assuming that he was fired and Ryan & co. are these evil scumbags but I haven’t seen anything that indicates that. I get Chord fans want to believe that he’s this victim (instead of someone who chose to leave) but seriously, calling him a saint for not talking trash about something that probably didn’t even happen? This whole feud is an invention of the media. Internet blogs took the information that Chord wasn;t made a regular and made it seem like he was on the way out when he was probably always intended to be apart of the season. Chord’s life is music and that’s awesome but I think he let his pride get in the way of his decision.

  9. em says:

    My prediction is that his album tanks and he’s begging to be back on Glee by the second half of the season. And hopefully they take him back.

  10. Mel says:

    Guy made his decision so now hopefully everyone will stop pretending that Sam was such a wonderful character. Like he never lied or manipulated or cheated to/on anyone. Getting a second girlfriend before breaking up with his first makes him a cheater. Using Beiste, using Quinn, and so much more. Sam was never the saint everyone tries to make him out to be.

  11. Monica says:

    Awww Chord! You are still awesome! Too bad RIB had no idea wht they were doing by not offering you a better story. We wish you luck. Oh and to answer someone I forgot who…Mark did do his album while shooting. He was only out to promote his album when they sent him to Juvie on the show. I wish Chord had done something like that, like We have to go back to Tennessee for about a month and then come back on the show or something, lol. Samcedes never got a real story and thats just a shame.

  12. dee says:

    What a moron! What kind of idiot leaves one of the biggest shows in the world?

  13. Hannah says:

    I don’t see why you think Chord leaving will change anyone’s opinion on Sam. He may not have been perfect (no one is on this show) but he’s actually one of the nicest and definitely one of the most honorable characters to have been on Glee, if you’re comparing what he’s done to what other characters on that show have done (sending a rival to a crackhouse, getting your BFF’s girl pregnant, lying to your boyfriend for months about him being your baby’s dad and treating him like crap the entire time through, etc.).

  14. Jane says:

    Glee basically screwed him, so I think Chord made the right decision and truly wish him luck. I’d rather hear him sing his own music than Rebecca Black :)

  15. Taylor says:

    Yeah, this confirms what I thought. It sucks that they didn’t value his contribution as much as so many Glee fans did. It sounds like there was no set number of episodes he was offered (no guarantees). Whatever people may think of Chord, he was the one who was there and he knows what was actually offered and what’s best for him in terms of what he wants better than anyone else does. But I believe Chord will be okay, regardless of what any haters say. I will definitely buy his album and support him always.

  16. Mollie says:

    People are blowing this Chord thing way out of proportion. He wasn’t promoted and decided that music was more important to him than Glee, so he decided to go his own way. Simple as that.

    There are no villains and no victims here, just two separate parties that made two decisions. Chord isn’t a diva for walking out on Glee because of no promotion, he’s just a guy that wants to do something new with his career. RIB aren’t soulless monsters who treat their actors like crap. They’re just writers who decided to be safe and wait until promoting Sam as a regular because they weren’t sure what to do with his character.

    Chord isn’t even in his mid-twenties yet and he already has had more success than most people can accomplish in their whole lives. He’s a good looking guy who will have no trouble finding a girlfriend and will earn more money in three months than many people earn in years working in office jobs or in the army.

    I wouldn’t waste my time feeling sorry for him.

  17. Mdz says:

    He seems a great guy!! Love that he still has only good things to say about glee…Wish him all the best!

  18. kathy says:

    I liked Sam. Liked the fact that he was actually getting a story line. You can’t compare his character to Heather & Harry’s .. they were originally hired to fill out the club, to be dancers; they weren’t given story lines. Sam, on the other hand, was hired to be a character who spoke and interacted with the rest — replacing the quarterback in more ways than one.
    The producers didn’t offer him anything until there was a lot of noise by people who wanted Sam to stay and by then it was too little, too late
    But I LOVE the Middle and hope he shows up more than once.

  19. ken says:

    i don’t buy it. nice to see him have a good attitude but something isn’t being said here. chord was far from a leading guy and the offer they gave him would have kept him on. i think the main issue was the fact that they had a tour, and i think he thought, being a part of the tour meant (he thought) they wanted to keep him around as a regular.

    personally, he’s gonna have to release that album FAST to stay relevant.

  20. Vanish says:

    It saddens me that we lose a talented singer and still have 2 in the cast who can’t sing for crap. At least one of those two can dance. Ashley sticking around makes me not want to watch the show anymore. I don’t like filler, and that’s all she is.

  21. june says:

    tl;dr nobody cares, but I wish him the best! will probably check out his new show etc etc.

  22. pria says:

    LOL I bet Chord is smiling from ear to ear from all this media attention. He never got this much buzz when he was on Glee!

  23. R says:

    And guess what – his songs didn’t sell. why would Fox spend money on an actor who isn’t worth th investment.

    And then you’ve got his cast mates laughing at him for being an even worse dancer than Cory (which means he must be terrible) & how he kept walking into stuff on tour, & how he was always late for the bus or plane or whatever. That’s called being a professional liability.

  24. Austen says:

    Is this kid’s name really “Chord Overstreet”? Please tell me it’s a stage name or something.

  25. E says:

    The only time an actor gets offered a regular spot is if someone else wants them & the show needs to block them from going to a competitor. Well, guess what – Chord’s just not that popular than anyone else wants to hire him on a permanent basis, & Glee’s not doing it either. This role – its one days worth of work, for goodness sake & he quit Glee for that?

    People like Heather & Darren got promoted to stop them taking other jobs & lock them up with Glee. And even then, they are fitting extra stuff in their schedules. Chord, not so much – boy’s just lazy if he can’t write & act at the same time. Chris, & Naya & Darren & Mark all managed it. Heck, Chris managed to write & sell a screen play & sell two books too.

  26. Justin says:

    That picture of him is totally jacked up. Way airbrushed. It looks insanely weird.

  27. Micky says:

    Nothing against Chord who seems like a nice guy but I never liked the Sam charcter and I’m glad he’s gone.

  28. k says:

    Three of the main cast are leaving after this season. Knowing this, I think he made the right decision to go out now.

    If an opportunity comes up to further your career, and what you REALLY want to do, you take it. His decision wasn’t foolish in the least. All those who are prejudging this record release on success value only is missing the point. You have to go out there and do it, regardless. It’s a process. If you refuse to attempt something for the fear that it won’t be a hit, you’re not going to get much done.

  29. Dr Jan Itor says:

    Chord is such a sweetie, and I love that he loves Neil Flynn!

  30. Marcus says:

    Getting off the sinking ship that is Glee isn’t going to hurt him in the long run. If he’s lucky he’ll get a spot in something with consistent writing, rather than the fanfic-like crap that RIB pull out of their behinds.

  31. Millie says:

    It never surprised me that he didn’t get promoted. He wasn’t a big name so he didn’t bring any new audiences to the show, he wasn’t at risk for leaving because of other job offers (like Darren Criss was) and the character itself had nowhere to go. Everything they could do with Sam they could’ve done with Finn, Puck or even Mike.

  32. Bella says:

    He is definitely a guy smart enough not to burn any bridges.

  33. EA says:

    Just a few observations from all this. First off, Chord totally handled this in a much classier way than the writers of Glee ever did (looking at you, Brad Falchuk). He kept his mouth shut and never spoke badly about the writers or producers, and then here he talks about how he had a good experience on the show even if what they were offering him was not what he had hoped for, and even says he’ll keep watching and is grateful for the friends he made.

    Also, if they really did scale back his role, which they clearly did, then he wasn’t going to get much from Glee anyway. He’d be relegated to what characters like Tina were in season 2, probably not even getting the chance to sing a solo. The Glee writers have their extremely clear favorites (and their new baby is painfully obviously Darren Criss), and it is those characters/actors who benefit the most from this show because they get promoted hardcore, whereas others just get mostly forgotten (Tina/Jenna and Mercedes/Amber come to mind). It seems like he really wasn’t going to get anything else from this show, especially not with a billion newbies coming in whose characters would require so much screen time to establish. If he’d stayed, he probably wouldn’t be able to schedule anything else on the side while also having no guarantees that he’d even be in certain episodes. He did what he had to do for his own best interests. It’s just a pity that this entire situation surfaced in the first place.

  34. C says:

    For season 2, Chord was only guaranteed 7 episodes out of the first 13. The studio had the option to give him 5 more out of the last 9 episodes. He ended up with 21 out of 22 episodes for the season (more than what he was offered.) He was offered 10 for season 3 which most likely would have increased had he stayed with the show, just like in season 2, at which point he could have been promoted to series regular. But, he chose to leave. It was his decision.

  35. Will says:

    I liked his Sam,but if they would not give him a leading billing and did others,he should go and do his own thing.I love Glee,but the show will not last if they don’t work as a team or ensemble cast.To many shows have gone down because of jealousy in the cast.Good Luck to Chord,I hope he does well!

  36. OSRC says:

    I’m going to miss him, Sam was the best dude on Glee by a lot and he’s so sweet. Creys.

  37. tashi13 says:

    I would guess what happened is that when writing season 3 they decided Sam just didn’t fit into the storylines they wanted to do for the main cast(Lea, Cory, Dianne, Chris, Amber etc) and this is there season after all because they are all graduating. I expect if he had accepted the few episode deal they would have kept his and Mercedes relationship going in the background. I’m not sure it was a good idea to start the relationship and then not make Chord a regular but I expect they wanted to take Mercedes in a different direction, and like I said it is their season after all. I think he probably didn’t accept the offer because perhaps he felt slightly embarassed at not being made a regular and it would have been hard for him to swallow his pride and get on with it. This doesn’t make him moany or childish, I completely understand how he must have felt.

  38. jo says:


    If you don’t care about Sam/Chord issue then WHY WOULD YOU EVEN BOTHER TO COMMENT?? LOL!

  39. karenb says:

    I will totally miss Trouty Mouth! And I loved his impersonations! Chord was definitely THE bright spot in a pretty awful season of glee. Seriously, the writing was all over the place last season. Hoping for a better season and can’t wait for the glee project kids to do their thing. But I still want Chord back-I thought he could act and sing. Loved the Bieber episode. And no, I’m not 10!

  40. sally says:

    i know for a fact that he was the victim in this situation. he had a chance to tell the truth about what REALLY happened and instead of trashing ryan (which i would’ve like) he was the bigger person and was very professional. He was in fact fired. Ryan knew for a month that he was going to fire him. (meanwhile he was saying he was keeping his around to the public. and to chord) Ryan & Co. have gotten to high in their own egos that they would destroy anyones career if they tried to trash them. and MANY cast members were very upset with the way they handled his firing and they were also upset of the fact that they had to still be under the crappy contract they had. Chord was lucky to be able to save his career and do better things instead of being type cast for the rest of his career.

  41. tc says:

    I will really miss Chord. I thought that he was a great addition to the show. I think that Glee will regret that decision later on. So happy that Darren Criss is a regular, but Chord should be one too.

  42. older viewer says:

    as an older viewer (way way older than the 16 to 28 market FOX / glee lusts after) I had a very strong interest in Sam’s story line. It triggered a near visceral emotion in me and my glee friends..How would a teenager facing dire economic circumstances due to the economy cope. how do you date when you are homeless? How do you feel normal when you even the nerds have amazing wardrobes and you live out of a laundry basket? I can tell you that WE and there are a lot of us, aren’t going to be very excited about Blaine and Kris’s saga, that’s just a twist on the exceedingly droll high school romance. But I guess Glee is about singing and dancing and hatred towards the arts. I spent over $250 bucks last season on Glee products for grand childrn’s gifts. Guess how much I am going to spend this year?

  43. jtric says:

    i am so glad to see sam leave—the show was draging with his character. yes, the relationship with mercede was interesting at first, but it would have been hard to develop and the public would have had a problem with it. so good bye sam.

  44. JR says:


  45. nancy says:

    hey chord..im so gonna miss you.you are awsome..i like you alot..

  46. alyssa says:

    I just finished watching the new glee and i felt like crying. I really miss chord. i fell in love with his character on glee. I hope he changes his mind and makes a guest appearence on glee. I am still going to watch glee but i dont think i am going to enjoy iit that much. I used to look forward to seeing trouty mouth

  47. Greg says:

    I am so dissappointed that the character Sam has left that I have lost all interest in the show. It was Sam’s character that got me so interested in the last season. Last night I turned on Glee and turned it off after about five minutes.

  48. Graffin says:

    Whatever the circumstances, I miss “Sam” on Glee. Season 3 (so far) has sucked big time. And those Glee Project winners aren’t helping much either. Lindsay’s so fake. Damian can’t act (or sing in my opinion). I only hope Samuel can bring some life back into the series. I really wish Cameron hadn’t quit, he would’ve been a perfect replacement for Chord. Oh well.

    I hope Chord comes back to Glee. He was a great actor and singer. His scenes made made me laugh. He made season 2 great.

    For those who say his album will fail… it probably will. Mark Salling’s didn’t do so well, nor did Matthew Morrison’s, but that’s not the point. If Chord wants to record an album, and not be jerked around with “possibly” being a regular later on in the show or appearing in an episode here and there (basically being on their beck and call even if he was offered 10 eps), that’s his choice.

    For me, season 1 was incredible, the second half of season 2 was amazing, but season 3 has been really really disappointing (songs are boring, stories are boring)… perhaps Ryan and Brad are putting too much effort into American Horror Story and not trying so hard with Glee anymore.

  49. Brad says:

    Sam was one of my favorite characters on the show, next to Mercedes. She deserves more more airtime and they need to scale back on all the look at Rachael crap. Sam was an awesome character and I almost stopped watching Glee altogether when I realized he was gone. His character was so easy to relate too.