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Question: Any scoop on Desperate Housewives‘ central mystery this season? Please tell there’s more to it than just the ladies playing cat-and-mouse with the cops over the death of Gabby’s stepfather. —Nadia
There’s more to it. According to executive producer Bob Daily, “There is a big reveal at the end of the first episode that ties us back into the first season in an interesting way.” Daily confirms that it involves Mary Alice’s suicide but shoots down talk that the character will somehow turn up in the flesh. “She’s dead,” he insists. ” We’re not going to mess with the DNA of the show. We’re going to pay homage to it.”

Question: I need some CSI spoilers, please. —Sharp
There still seems to be some confusion among fans whether Ted Danson is in fact coming in as a new supervisor, since Catherine was the leader last season. Well, I can confirm that Danson’s D.B. Russell is definitely in charge when the season starts and Catherine is not happy about it. She blames Nick for her demotion because of how he handled the Haskell imbroglio.

Question: I am dying for a hint on the Gossip Girl pregnancy. Do you have anything to share? —Jennifer
Someone is pregnant and it’s not Dorota. On second thought…  

Question: Any chance my favorite Gossip Girl couple, Dan and Serena, will reunite next season? —Derena
Serena will attempt to get back in Dan’s good graces when she returns from Los Angeles, but — shocker — she has ulterior motives.

Question: Do you have any idea how Glee‘s Sam Evans is going to be written off the show? Witness Protection Program? Eaten by dinosaurs? —Pinsleric
The answer is C) His family moves out of state… apparently to Indiana!

Question: Will Glee finally introduce Rachel’s gay dads this season? —Justin
No immediate plans that I know of. However, it appears producers are making good on their promise to give Mike Chang a mom and dad. The show is quietly casting an Asian couple — stylish wife, conservative dad — to potentially recur this season.

Question: Could you give us a hint as to who is going to be the new Dean of Medicine on House? —Máté
The job will be given to (drumroll, please) one of these seven people. Now for some FRESH House scoop: The opening teaser of the Oct. 10 episode will be unlike anything you’ve seen on House before. Heck, I’ll go so far as to say it’s unlike anything you’ve seen on TV before.

Question: I am begging for some Pretty Little Liars scoop! Please tell me you’ve got something. —Estee
I’ve got something! In an effort to boost the show’s lagging Dirty Old Men Age 55-90 demo, the midseason finale will feature a jaw-dropping sequence involving hot girls and mud!

Question: I’ve just spent the last week watching every single episode of Chuck. I know what’s been said, but is there anything we can do to help this awesome show reach 100 episodes? —Nicole
Find a Nielsen box, hook it up to your television, watch the show live when it returns on Oct. 21. Rinse, repeat, urge others to do same.

Question: Sons of Anarchy spoilers, please. Specifically anything on Jax and Tara. —Brittany
One of my favorite Jax/Tara scenes ever takes place in the Sept. 6 premiere. Nothing flashy. It’s just the two of them lying in bed post-coitus talking about their future. Speaking of which, look for Tara to make a surprising announcement in Episode 2.

Question: Can I get a tidbit, great or small, involving Sons of Anarchy? Specifically anything to do with Jax’s continued rivalry with Clay. —Reshef
Actually, the two of them are on pretty good terms in the first three episodes. They actually make a pact to [spoiler] in exchange for [spoiler]. In other news, look for the tension to get ratcheted up between Gemma and Tara when the former suspects the latter of being a little too up-to-speed on Teller family history.

Question: Ask Ausiello is the highlight of my week. But I have a bone to pick with you. For the love of God, give me some dirt on the most under-appreciated series on TV, Sons of Anarchy! —Paige
The body count in the premiere is high, even by SOA‘s lofty standards.

Question: I was just wondering if you have anything new to share about 90210? —Kate
Would you believe me if I told you that a major character becomes a professional escort in Season 4?

Question: Any new scoop on 90210‘s fourth season? —Julius
Would you believe me if I told you that the major character that becomes a professional escort in Season 4 is Annie?

Question: Are there any plans for Audra McDonald to return to Private Practice this season? —Jarrod
“Anything’s possible in Shondaland,” muses McDonald’s onscreen BFF Kate Walsh. “The door’s open for her to come back.” If Naomi does find her way back to the West Coast one day, it won’t be to rekindle things with her ex. “We all miss [Audra],” says her onetime leading man Taye Diggs. “But as far as Sam and Naomi are concerned, I feel like we’ve beaten that horse to death.” Agreed.

Question: Do you have any Private Practice scoop on Charlotte and Cooper? Possibly a baby in the future? —Sarah
It would appear the ball remains in Charlotte’s court on that front. “That’s a constant conflict between them,” reminds Cooper’s portrayer, Paul Adelstein. “Cooper has been gung-ho for children for a long time. Charlotte has always been a little lukewarm on the subject.” Besides, as Adelstein notes, “They want to enjoy married life for a while.” (Ha, good luck with that.)

Question: What’s the latest on the return of Crowley on Supernatural? —Claire
The latest is his portrayer Mark Sheppard steadfastly refuses to confirm any particulars. “Look at the Season 7 trailer [shown at Comic-Con],” he says. “There’s a shot of me in the trailer, so obviously I must appear somewhere at the beginning of the season, doing something. You never know — maybe I appear for five seconds and get blown up? [Laughs] You never know, man.” As for what Crowley’s take on Castiel’s new godly status might be, he said, “It’s not really a promotion, is it? He managed to consume those souls, so we’ll see what happens as a result. I think Crowley’s in the ‘Better you than me, mate’ camp — if he gets a chance to comment on it!” OK, Cagey McCagerson.

Question: Any word about Criminal Minds exploring Reid’s headaches further this season? —Meredith
The issue is not addressed in the first batch of episodes. What is addressed early on— by Reid himself — is his past drug abuse.

Question: I know you absolutely hate the show but I’d love some One Tree Hill scoop, please. —Samantha via Facebook
Is it out there that a major character gets *i**a**** this season? If it is, please don’t hurt me. I don’t have time to read every spoiler that gets posted to the Interwebnet. I just don’t. Between running an empire and dodging earthquakes, my hands are pretty full.

Question: Can you please give me some scoop on Castle?! Thanks in advance. You da man. —Ivy
The show wasn’t able to get Dan Akroyd to make a cameo in its Ghostbusters-themed Halloween episode. Bummer.

Question: Anything new on the How I Met Your Mother front? —Colin
There’s buzz that a major castmember will be full-on streaking in an early episode — or as full on as one can on network television. Jason Segel certainly has experience doing the full monty on camera, but, for my money, this has Barney Stinson written all over it.

Question: You gotta help a Canadian girl out! Would love some spoilers for Rookie Blue‘s Sam and Andy. Please… eh? —Christina
Ben Bass (Sam) offers this cryptic tease re: the Sept. 1 season finale: “Both Sam and Andy get into trouble. What’s going to happen to them in the department is unclear.”

Question: How long will we have to wait for Peter to reappear on Fringe? Please tell me it’s not, like, five episodes in or something. —Dan
It’s not five, though it’s at least two. Until then, you can be assured that his presence (or lack of?) will definitely be felt.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Meg Masters and Vlada Gelman)

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  1. jenn says:

    Is Blair’s mom too old to get preggers?

    • amber says:

      i know the show stopped following the books a long time ago but in the books blair’s mom has a baby so…

    • Ava says:

      I feel like she is but let’s face it, if the writers on Gossip Girl managed to find a use for Vanessa all these years then they can surely reverse the effects of menopause.

  2. Dave says:

    No I would not believe what your spoilers on 90210. About GG, Derena almost getting back together really is a shocker, isn’t it. We want Serenate. C’mon, golden couple needs a real chance this time and the bts pictures we’ve seen with Nate and Serena hanging out were so awesome!

    • Captain says:

      Serena/Nate are done. When she chose Dan over Nate, that was that. They had a real chance, that’s what Season 3 was.

      • Louis says:

        I’m sorry, I understand why a DS fan might think she chose Dan over Nate but she never actually did and she said so herself on the season finale. That’s the fact, you should just deal with it and the fact that most people here are saying Dan should GTFO and spend a whole season or two with Jenny.

        • Becky says:

          Derena all the way!

        • Paula says:

          Do you guys remember that one episode where Serena was in Ostroff? She told Dan, “You were the one I came to kiss, you and only you.” She obviously chose. She just didn’t decide fast enough. But she chose Dan.



  4. Emma says:

    Thanks for the Sons of Anarchy scoop… Can’t wait!!

  5. BonesFringe says:


  6. sofia says:

    Of course we can’t meet Rachel’s parents on Glee. Reid and Morgan are not allowed to leave the BAU on Criminal Minds. lol

  7. Alex says:

    Uuuuuh, Sam Evans’ family is moving out of the state? Wow I’m shocked! That’s such an original idea and a fresh unthinkable way to get rid of them! *sarcasm*
    My 7 years old cousin suggested the exact same thing a month ago… can he get paied as much as the other talented writer -with super unpredictable ideas- of this show?

    Ryan should write a book: “How to ruin every single one of your tv series before you reach ep 50” because, apparenty, no one can do it better them him & Brad. I still cringe when I think back at Nip/Tuck Before it sucked and after…

    • Patty says:

      Uh… the writing on Glee doesn’t always make sense, but in this case, given Sam’s family financial problems it makes sense that they would move out to accomodate a parent’s job. It’s a better explanation than “He transfered” or worse, nobody mentioning where he went – that was my fear, that it’d be like Sam never existed.

    • Um says:

      Sam moved from the South to Ohio, for his dads job. It would make sense for him to be written out like that, him moving to Indiana for his dads job. Doofus.

    • murley says:

      yeah, exactly how would you have sam leave the show?

  8. Nat says:

    Wow.. that SoA spoilers have me even more excited!!

  9. netty says:

    i hope lily is the pregnant person!Or better, Blair and Lily should be pregnant.

  10. Sandra says:

    I hope it’s Blair that is pregnant! So excited for it! Serena using Dan? Not sure how much I like that. Derena were adorable in season 1 and 2. Please bring back the adorable!

    • Mira says:

      Why would you be happy about a 20-year-old still figuring her life out and cheating on her prince fiancee in the process getting pregnant? I don’t think Blair would think it was a good thing as this transitional point in her life.

    • mac says:

      I think, Serena’s ulterior motives to get back in Dan’s good graces it’s because she wants his novel for a film adaptation or at least to get the rights so it’ll become a movie later on.

  11. Ben says:

    Unless this House teaser is a jump that corrects the destruction of the House character, it will only be something we haven’t seen, not something we care to see. When are they actually going to talk about that? Ever? I’m more disgusted the more they ignore and dodge the issue, and maintain their exertions that are pathetic excuses.

    • Dani says:

      They don’t get it and they never will. These particular ostriches are firmly burying their heads in the sand.

      The hyperbole of this spoiler is hilarious though. I’m thinking ‘Wizard of Oz’. They’ll go all post-modern and have a long-tracking shot up to a big curtain which is whipped back to reveal GY crashing a toy car into doll’s house and screaming ‘KA-BOOM!’ at the top of his voice, as off-screen DS laughs maniacally. Wonder if I’m close? Hmmmm….

  12. V says:

    Rookie Blues season finale is Sept 1?!?! I thought it was the 8th and we got 2 episodes on that day.

  13. Chmarin says:

    So, someone’s getting kidnapped on OTH.

  14. Taylor says:

    It figures about Sam. The way the writing on Glee has been going, I guess at this point we should just be grateful they didn’t just kill him off. I will definitely miss him.

    • Sandi says:

      I can see them doing that…he got stabbed on his pizza route perhaps…and the Halloween ep. this year is a whodunnit….

    • Captain says:

      To be fair, they tried to keep him. It’s not their fault he turned them down. Acting was always secondary for Chord. I’m gonna miss him but it’s not really fair to be mad at the people who wanted him to stay.

  15. C says:

    @Jenn Yes, Blair’s mom is too old to get pregnant. In S3 episode 3X11 “The Treasure of Serena Madre” when Blair thought her mom was pregnant and it was Dorota, she apoloized to her mom then said “I mean come on we both know you closed your business a long time ago”

    So it isn’t Eleanor, I dont think it’s Serena. My money is on Blair and and a Bass baby. :)

  16. Melissa says:

    Glad to hear that Dan/Serena isn’t over, but- why does Serena have to get back into Dan’s good graces anyway? I thought they left S4 on good terms…. aside from him macking all over her BFF and her cousin.

  17. Cat says:

    Not excited about Serena having to get into Dan’s good graces. Didn’t he try to get with her best friend and her cousin and then not believe her when she told him something was wrong with her cousin? Why do they always have to push Dan at us. Can’t stand him.

  18. Jason says:

    That was a great batch of spoilers. Thanks for info on CSI, House, Sons of Anarchy and Fringe.

  19. Marcela says:

    Why does Serena have to get into Dan’s good grace? This show, ugh, everything has to be about boring Dan.

    I hope Blair is the pregnant one. I would love to see Chuck and Blair dealing with a baby.

  20. MSC says:

    I hope Blair is pregnant with Chuck’s baby.

    I don’t care about anything involving Dan Humphrey. I find him extremely boring. I say put Serena and Nate together!

    • Marry says:

      I completely agree with this. I don’t care anything involving Dan Humphrey including Blair or Chuck if they have scenes with him. Dan Humphrey is the most boring and lamest character of GG. They should get rid of him like they did with Vanessa and Jenny thats all.
      What is making GG GG is NJBC and UES not some boring lame ass. The writers clearly think the sun is shining out of Dan’s ass.otherw,se why involve him with everyone possible?

      • Paula says:

        Nate is eye candy nothing else. And Nate with Serena are so boring and dumb, worst couple ever.

      • Ava says:

        I find that I really dislike the entire Humphrey clan. I want to choke Rufus with his artist scarves every time he’s on camera. Dan just needs punched in the face and thank goodness JHump is out forever. The Humphrey family is the most annoying because they look down on everyone for being so pretentious but they are exactly the same way. The only problem is that the Humphreys think they aren’t. At least the UESers admit that they are pretentious and think that they are better than everyone else. Ugh I’m getting angry just thinking about it.

  21. Shanna says:

    WTF at Serena trying to get back in Dan’s good graces. She didn’t do anything to him. They ended the season as friends. Are you sure you don’t mean Vanessa Ausiello?

  22. Yes! says:

    Me too. I couldn’t care less about Dan, and the writers trying so hard to force me to like him just make me dislike Dan even more. He ruins GG.

  23. Jenna says:

    I like Dan and Serena but she has nothing to apologize for. He’s the one being creepy, obsessive about her best friend. Speaking of, I think it’s Blair who is pregnant, nothing else makes sense.

  24. oi says:

    Can Dan go visit Jenny for the whole season?

  25. Steph says:

    I think Blair is pregnant and I say, bring it! I want to see a Baby Bass!

  26. Crowley_Gal says:

    Thanks for asking the question about Crowley.

    I really hope they aren’t planning to kill him off. He’s pretty much the only reason I’m going to watch this season.

    • mj says:

      I’ll be really pissed if they kill Crowley, he’s one of the best characters the show has ever had. Supernatural needs to stop killing all of its characters just for shock value, it becomes as stupid and annoying as when a show never kills anyone.
      But I don’t think Crowley will get kill right away, I think Mark Sheppard is just teasing.

  27. Emily says:

    Love hearing that DS scoop!m I’ve really been missing them on GG lately. I don’t know why Serena needs to be in DAN’S good graces, though. He’s the one crushing on her sister and macking on her “cousin…”

    And I really really really hope Blair is pregnant with Chuck’s baby! <3

  28. Lexie says:

    Who cares about Dan on Gossip Girl? It’s all about Chuck and Blair for me, the rest is yawn worthy.Please let Blair be the pregnant one.Please!
    I wish Chuck would go on more than the episodes NBC gave it.

  29. R says:

    I am hoping for a Baby Bass and a Blair/Chuck reconciliation.

  30. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for the Gossip Girl scoop! Baby Waldorf Bass FTW PLEASE!!! :)

  31. Stacey says:

    I love Dan, he reminds me a lot of Seth on The O.C. (well, same creator) whom I loved! Actually, Serena is my least favorite character (since stupid Jenny left, hated her even more).

    • Bonnie says:

      Dan is my least favorite since Jenny and Vanessa are gone.
      I’d like more Chuck and Blair news

    • Rainetta Marlin says:

      Oh bite your tongue! :) I loved Seth Cohen. He was the definition of adorkable. One of my favorite characters ever.

      Dan Humphrey is a douchy judgmental hipster Gary Stu that everyone ends up apologizing to even when he’s in the wrong. Like Nate apologizing when Dan kissed Nate’s girlfriend. Now Serena is going to be trying to get back in Dan’s good graces when she did nothing to him. Typical

      Seth Cohen was AWESOME
      Dan Humphrey is not. Not even close.

  32. Damons GF says:

    So Dorota isn’t the one pregnant! YES! I’m so hoping Blair is preggers with Chuck’s baby. Let her be having the Bass Heir writers!

    Why is Serena trying to get back into Dan’s good graces? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • Vlada says:

      yeah. i don’t understand why serena would need to get back in dan’s good graces. what has she done to dan?

      • Nora says:

        Um, how about make it very obvious that she wants to get back with him, but then hook up with her college professor instead, and then not apologize for it for months? Or all the times he’s saved her and self-centered, poor-decision-making behind, and her still dragging him on?

        • Crista says:

          Dan is so annoying. I hope Serena and Nate get together and Chuck and Blair just so Dan will be alone. I hate that guy.

  33. C says:

    Wanting that Baby Bass!!! Unseal your lips!! In seriousness though, a Baby Bass would be amazing as well as more Chair please. Wedding!!

    Though Ausi, you lost me, why does Serena need to get back into his good graces? He’s often the one that strikes against her too. Well as long as they clear the air before they reunite. I was partial to Serenate but Im pretty sure Derena is where its at, and they’re good too.

  34. Meg says:

    Good it’s not Dorota! That has narrowed the gap. I think Blair is pregnant with a Baby Bass, well, I hope so anyway!

  35. Elizabeth says:

    Need to know if Finn and Rachel are going to have a mature relationship in the new season of Glee?

  36. SusieEmm says:

    It’s the eighth.

  37. Elisha says:

    Come on ,Ausiello, we want to know if Blair is carrying a Baby Bass-Waldorf!

  38. Carri says:

    I really want to know if Blair is the pregnant one. If she is I’ll watch, if not, I just don’t care to see her with Louis or anyone but Chuck.

    I wish they would show Rachel’s parents on Glee.

  39. Dean Grimly says:

    Please! To all you fans of other shows. Listen up! We’re dealing with a whole new god over here on Supernatural! Priorities need readjustment ASAP!

    New Order starts 9/23/0001.

  40. Rhada Patel says:

    Thank you for the scoop on the Gossip Girl pregnancy! I hope this means Blair is the one pregnant and she’s having a little Bass baby. Who else could it be? The timeline doesn’t work for Serena and why would Lily or Eleanor leave a pregnancy test in Blair and Serena’s bathroom?
    I’m getting more and more excited about Season 5! I hope this leads to a Chuck and Blair reunion ASAP!

    • Crista says:

      Thanks for these spoilers. Dan Ackyord on Castle? Streaking on How I met your mother? I’ll tune in for both. I used to watch Gossip Girl but when they stopped Chuck and Blair so did my viewing. I hear Blair’s pregnant. if it’s Chuck’s I’ll watch.

  41. Jazmin says:

    Seriously that’s all the Castle scoop you can give us?!!!

  42. Mike says:

    Lem and Phil for Rachel’s dads

  43. Jaclyn says:

    Hey Michael!

    I was wondering if you could provide some scoop on Mad Men? I know its about 5 months away and they probably haven’t even had a table reading…but do you have any news? Maybe you can take Matt Weiner out for some Martini’s or an old fashioned?

  44. Hannah says:

    Please! Some info on the whole Charlie situation on GG!

  45. flutiefan says:

    it’s painfully obvious that the SAME person is posting all the Dan/Serena comments using different names. so pathetic.

  46. Amanda says:

    I am glad CM is revisiting Reid’s drug past. I always felt that story line was left unsettled.

    • Cari says:

      I agree, though I’m always impressed by their continuity when they bring it up at small moments (like when Reid refused narcotics in the episode with the anthrax attack). Plus, more Reid is never a bad thing. :)

    • MJ says:

      I’m glad to have anythig Reid related and I agree that story line always felt a little unfinished.

  47. Jo says:

    Please some TVD scoop next time Aus??? I’m desperate!

  48. dee says:

    Let me guess Mary Alice didn’t kill herself.

  49. guest says:

    At the end of season 3, or rather midway season 3, Peter has been made the hero instead of Olivia, and Olivia was reduced to being pasive, awaiting to be chosen, crowbar.
    No longer the gatekeeper, the chosen one, the hero.

    With all this peter stuff, he may just have been made a god and mr jackson treated as the superstar. I am not the only one who feels that too much is too much.

    And then there is the complete contrast, the lovely, wonderful Anna Torv, brilliant acting, modest and in service of the series with her motto Fringe is the star.

    • teemwinston says:

      Something tells me you are nothing more than Anna torv’s former publicist or somebody who is just here to advertise how wonderful Anna is and bashing josh, grow up.

    • Bob says:

      Well, taking a look at Anna Torv’s track record, she’s not exactly great at making life choices. I’m guessing it’s her massive acting ego that makes her not like Joshua Jackson at the moment. Regardless of how nicey-nice they appear to be at public gatherings. If it were up to her, he wouldn’t return this season, just like her ex-husband never returned. Then again, it may all just be speculation.

      • teemwinston says:

        Nah, its not Anna Torv since if it was, Josh would have quit 3 seasons ago. This “guest” or “anto” is just a bitter, lonely Anna Torv fan who thinks the whole world should bow down to her and if a person DARES to care about anybody else but her, she gets offended. Come on, somebody please ban her already!

  50. Captain says:

    Annie gonna be a hooker? Seriously? That is SO out of character it’s insane. I love Annie lets not ruin her character like the writers did with Adrianna last year, kay?