Glee Project's Samuel Larsen on Christianity, Sexuality, and Cutting His Trademark Hair

Samuel Larsen wants people to know his acting skills aren’t limited to intense “Blue Steel” gazes. Of course, as the co-champion of The Glee Project‘s inaugural season, Samuel is now lined up with a seven-episode arc on Season 3 of the Glee mothership that should give him plenty of opportunity to prove his naysayers wrong. TVLine caught up with Samuel to talk about how his Christian beliefs inspired Glee creator Ryan Murphy, why he thinks he managed to avoid conflict and drama with his fellow contestants, and whether or not he’d sacrifice his trademark dreadlocks for his art.

TVLINE | I found it interesting that during The Glee Project, you said as late as Top 5 week that you’d never considered yourself an actor, and yet the goal of the show was to compete for a role on Glee.
I’d done some acting stuff when I was younger, around age nine. But then I just didn’t focus on it much, and it was surprising to get back into it. I’ve been going out and auditioning for stuff for the last year, but [The Glee Project] was the first time I’d felt like it wasn’t merely an audition, but being very exposed as an actor and really considering myself in that light.

TVLINE | What prompted you to audition in the first place?
I’d gone up for a role on Glee two years ago — I’d done a MySpace audition — and [casting director] Robert [Ulrich] kept me in mind after I didn’t get the part, and called me back for this.

TVLINE | You definitely looked like a front-runner this season — you were never in the Bottom 3 until Top 5 week — but were there times that was a hindrance, because you didn’t end up in front of Ryan and getting his feedback?
Absolutely, I always said I wished I’d been in the Bottom 3 a lot more than I was. I didn’t find out till very late in the series that Ryan wanted me to be vulnerable. I didn’t know until I’d spent nearly the entire season pushing through and being more intense.

TVLINE | When you did finally get in front of Ryan, he was fascinated to hear more about your Christianity and your religious beliefs. Did you ever think that aspect of your personality would play a significant role in inspiring the Glee writers?
Not at all. I always looked at being Christian and trying to make it in this business as opposites working against each other, because there’s a lot of iffy things that come up, and you have to be very secure in your faith to approach this business. I certainly never thought it would be a topic of inspiration or anything like that. It surprised me a lot, and I was initially thrilled to hear that. My parents are a little iffy about me being in this business because of my faith. But I think this proves it’s not always working against you.

TVLINE | On that topic, in the “Sexuality” episode, you had to portray a same-sex romance opposite Alex, and you mentioned being worried about your mom’s reaction. You weren’t really voicing any problems personally with the scene, though. Talk to me a little about that moment.
I didn’t mind at all. I knew going into Glee that it’s a show that explores sexuality, and I am completely fine with it. In the moment, my only concern was my mom’s response. I called her and told her, “Mom, it’s just a role.” I remember even the role I went out for two years ago [on Glee], there were rumors it would be a gay role. And that’s something that doesn’t bother me. I’m very comfortable with that.

TVLINE | There were a couple comments this season where people wondered if your acting ability went beyond giving intense stares. How do you react to that?
I definitely feel like I have something to prove. A lot of what I did during the show was playing to my strengths, giving off that intense look, but I feel like I have a lot more I can offer, and I want to be able to show that.

TVLINE | At the same time, you managed to avoid a lot of the behind-the-scenes drama. Did you have to consciously work to avoid getting involved in tiffs and disagreements with your fellow contestants?
What it came down to is that I wasn’t excited about doing a reality show. I treated the entire process as an audition. I just sat there and I was kinda quiet. I didn’t try to milk the whole reality aspect of it; I just wanted that role at the end.

TVLINE | Your hair was a frequent topic of discussion. If, for example, Glee decided to extend your seven-episode arc, but it was contingent on your character making a drastic change and getting a short preppy hairdo, or a buzzcut, would that be a deal-breaker?
Actually, I would love that. I’m very much over my hair. If it was up to me I’d have cut it a long time ago. I called my agent a year ago telling her I wanted to cut my hair because I thought it limited me too much. I wanted to try to get more mainstream roles, and she talked me out of it. I guess that Ryan liked it and I’m okay with that, but I do look at keeping my hair as more of a burden.

TVLINE | I also have to ask what was the deal with those hot-pink shorts you always wore to dance rehearsal.
I love the color pink. It makes a bold statement. It’s not an easy color to pull off. And the more I wear it, it just stands out. I try to collect things that are hot pink. [Laughs]

TVLINE |You chose “Jolene” as your season-finale performance. How did you settle on that, especially since it’s a ballad from the point of view of a woman singing to her man’s mistress?
The first time I heard “Jolene,” I was 12 years old and it was performed by Jack White. I remember watching that video and forgetting it was from a woman’s point of view, and forgetting it was a country song, and forgetting it was originally by Dolly Parton. I was just watching Jack White bare his soul in these lyrics that didn’t have very much to do with him. And that affected me, and made me a huge fan of the song and him. I just knew that if I could get somewhere close to that kind of a performance in front of Ryan, make him forget it’s supposed to be sung by a woman, it would give me something of an advantage, and so I just went for it. It was one of those cases where it was more about storytelling as opposed to something I could relate to.

TVLINE | What was the most difficult shoot for you out of all the videos you guys participated in during the season?
When we were doing “The Only Exception,” it wasn’t that the challenge was so hard, it was that the entire day I was in a weird, angry headspace, and it totally affected the way I wanted to do the video. And it was hard to pull myself out of it. That was unfortunate.

TVLINE | I imagine it’s a lonely experience in some ways. And it’s always hard to get perspective when you’re cut off from the people, places, and things you know.
We were very isolated. We didn’t have phones, we didn’t have the Internet. Plus, it was all of our biggest dreams — especially mine — and we would get in these funks and we could not get out of them. Man, I would cry myself to sleep every night because it’s just overwhelming. I loved being there, but at the same time it’s hard because you don’t want to let it go.

TVLINE | Ryan Murphy named you the winner of The Glee Project, and seconds later, said that Damian was also the winner. And then not only did you two get seven-episode arcs, but Lindsay and Alex were given two-episode arcs as well. What went through your mind as that moment played out?
When I won, obviously I was ecstatic. It felt amazing. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that anyone else lost, I was just in my own world. But when Ryan said Damian had won, too, it was almost like I’d won twice. I had told Damian many, many times if I don’t win, I want you to win. I connected to him, and we had a really great brotherhood. It was maybe a case of not wanting to go alone to the first day of school. And then when I found out Lindsay and Alex would be getting roles, too, it was kind of like keeping the whole family together. It felt really good that all of us would get a chance to prove ourselves.

TVLINE | Were there any moments from the season that were hard for you to watch back on TV?
I am very hard on myself with my performances in the music videos, and some of them didn’t turn out as well as I was hoping they would. One thing I’m looking forward to with Glee as opposed to The Glee Project is that on [the latter show], you don’t get to see any playback, they don’t show you what the scene looks like. You make a face and you hope for the best. On Glee, the director can be like “Hey, your face is looking a little too intense here.” And they can show me the screen and I can be like “I know exacrly what to do here.” Watching those [Glee Project] music videos at home, I’d always be like “Oh, if I had just lightened up a tad, I know how I could fix this.” That kind of annoyed me a little bit.

TVLINE | But you still don’t know what character you’re playing?
It’s all up in the air. I know Ryan is still working on the first few episodes. I’m not sure when he’s gonna introduce Damian and I, but I’m exited and I can’t wait.

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  1. df54dfvs says:

    This guy’s acting is worse than Selena Gomez. See his “My glass is empty. That sucks!” line in “Raise your glass”. No, it’s not the glass, it’s your acting that sucks.

    • DL says:

      The guy hasn’t acted since he was nine years old. I studied acting for four years in NYC. Some people have a natural talent for it, and some people don’t. But the people who don’t can still vastly improve with the proper training, which, it has been noted, he and Damian are both receiving.
      I’ll reserve judgment for both winners until I see them on the show.

    • Chris Crocker says:


    • kat says:

      hes not a actor yet, but he has it so you have too watch him!he’ll get better cause hes got it all!

    • Gdep says:

      What!? That was my favorite line in the whole song – he looks so hilariously pissed about how empty his glass is! And Selena Gomez is a crappy singer; her acting isn’t THAT bad. Granted, she pretty much plays herself in every role… so perhaps you have a point. Give Sam a chance! :)

    • savannah says:


    • Kristina says:

      Get over yourself. Let’s see you go through Glee Project, come out on top, and now have a fairly big role.

  2. Bobeau says:

    Good interview, thanks. Interesting to hear about their immersion, very emotional.

    I was a Sam fan from the start because of his movement and the strong range of his on camera looks: intensity contrasting with the openness shown during the talking head interludes. Never had any doubts about Sam’s acting talent.

    We didn’t see enough of his singing until later. That was by far the best “Jolene” I’ve heard. Must have felt amazing to take hold of that guitar.

  3. Lily says:

    Really looking forward to his acting in Glee Season 3.

    • Lindsey says:

      Me too! So to all ya downers out there give this guy a chance! Ya’ll just wait, when ya see him on glee you gonna be totly dumbstruck!

  4. Tim says:

    He can’t act. His winning makes no sense.

    • DL says:

      The Glee Project was never an acting, singing, or dance competition. It was a contest to see who could inspire Ryan Murphy (and Ian Brennan) to write a character for them.

      • Tim says:

        Yes, as clearly evidenced by the two that won, TGP was never about acting/singing/dancing talent. Yet a role on a show like Glee would presumably require someone who can act/sing/dance.

        So, once again, his winning makes no sense. How about Ryan just do his job and WRITE A CHARACTER and let an actor play it. Who in the hell came up with this idea that you have to BE the character you play? Or that if youy personality isn’t “new” to the show you can’t ACT differently. It’s all just so stupid and strips this show of having any rhyme or reason to the viewer. It’s all about whatever gets Ryan off.

        • Mimi says:

          Are you an actor or an acting coach? You are so negative jeez. Both Damian and Samuel sing very well and I have no doubt that their acting will be fine. They both have so much charisma and they are very appealing to a lot of women. (I am assuming Tim is a guy) I had so much fun watching the Glee Project and was very happy that Damian and Samuel won. In fact I found the “contenders” on the Glee Project more fun than the actual Glee actors.

        • Alyssa says:

          Oh, I’m sorry. Did you come up with a show that has millions and millions of viewers, and has quickly become one of the most popular TV shows of recent times? No? Oh, okay. When you do, they you can do those shows the way that

        • Alyssa says:

          Whoa didn’t get to finish that post…ANYWAY
          When YOU come up with a show as popular as Glee AND The Glee Project, then you can judge it the way that you want. Ryan Murphy created them, and therefore, is running them the way that he wants. Now shut up.

        • Kristina says:

          When you come up with a show that starts a multimillion dollar franchise, not to mention boosts the LGBT rights movement, then you can do things your way. How about you lert Ryan do things his way.

    • Anna says:

      People watch Glee for the acting? I just like the music.

    • Kathy says:

      To you maybe, but I have 2 teen girls (12 & 14) and a pre-teen boy (9) who rooted along with me (50) for Samuel & Damien as our favorites. That’s broad range appeal & in our opinion, Ryan Murphy couldn’t have gotten it more right; we’re really looking forward to the next season of Glee & will be returning viewers!

      That rendition of Jolene was incredible. My first skepitcal thought was ‘what an odd song for him to choose’. It didn’t take long to realize it was a brilliant choice and a brilliant performance.

      I thought all the kids were good, and could think up story lines for nearly everyone of them that would suit the quirks displayed, but above that Damien and Samuel just have something special that draws you to them.

      • Yep says:

        Of course, little girls and their mommy sqeeing over cute boys. That’s not a broad range appeal. And Samuel copycatted his version of Jolene from the White Stripes, just like he copycatted Hannah with skdoosh. He’s hardly creative or original.

        • Kathy says:

          Sorry, personally don’t care for the dreds but they work for him. I gave the ages so that those of average IQ’s would know elementary school, Jr. High and High school, but there is also a 20 (college) & 17 (high school) boys that also liked them and a 33 year old female and 52 year old male. I’d say that’s pretty broad appeal. Of course the 17 year old boy also thought Marissa should have been top 2 also.
          Not exactly the White Stripes version or the Parton version. Being inspired by White Stripes doesn’t make his talent or performance less than it was.
          You seem to have a case of sour grapes preventing you from simply enjoying the show and the array of talent, who was it you wanted to win and feel slighted enough to rip others because they didn’t?

        • Kristina says:

          Ok, realize what your saying here. ‘he copycatted his veriosn’ yeah. His VERSION. Meaning that it has been ‘copycatted’ before. That’s kinda wht a cover is and pretty much all Glee does.

      • How can a 12 year old be a teen? There is no teen in the word twelve. Also who says pre-teen? ._____. People just refer to anybody under the age of 13 as a child.

      • How can a 12 year old be a teen? There is no teen in the word twelve. Also who says pre-teen? ._____. People just refer to anybody under the age of 13 as a child gosh.

  5. Randi says:

    I think that they should continue Santana’s confusion and have her and Samuel’s character be her love interest. Then bring in Marissa as the new head Cheerio that causes drama between them. Marissa shouldn’t have been cut. She should have got the two episodes instead of crappy Lindsey.

    • Captain says:

      She should have got the two episodes instead of Alex. If Lindsay, Marissa, Samuel and Damien all got on the show, it would ahve been a perfect finale. You know what, can they just make a Glee 2 and use the entire Glee Project cast? That works, lets go with that.

      • Kathy says:

        I think they all should get an episode.
        The cast of Glee Project were a talented and interesting array of personalities and types. They nearly all had something to contribute to the show.

        • Judy says:

          If you recall, when Ryan cut Marissa, he said “I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again.” [foreshadowing] He had to cut someone, and I’m sure they are all under contract.

          Personally, I would love to see him take the kids brought in on the Generosity show and create a Glee Middle School version. Those kids were great, and I think they could create some good entertainment.

    • MonkeyRat says:

      What confusion exactly? Because as far as we know, Santana is not confused at all. She knows that she’s a lesbian, she just happens to have a hard time with coming out. And if you actually watched the show, you should know that too.

      So unless this guy becomes a girl, I don’t see how he could possibly be a love interest for her.

      She’s gay, deal with it.

    • Sadie says:

      Marissa was a pretty good performer, but she doesn’t pop on screen like Lindsay does. If this had been a talent competition from the start then Lindsay would have won and beat your precious Marissa.

      • Laura says:

        AMEN! Lindsay is amazingly talented and it’s too bad that talent isn’t rewarded with this show. She didn’t even get a co-win. It’s ridiculous. But we should be used to less talented boys beating out more talented girls in these reality shows. Girls can be 1000 times more talented and still can’t win.

  6. Sivat says:

    I liked him until he started talking about his Christianity and his homophobic, bigoted mother. I just can’t stand those kinds of people.

    • Captain says:

      I’m gay and I play an active role in the Christian community and I can safely say that just because someone doesn’t agree with homosexuality, doesn’t make them a bad person. I know plenty of people through church who are very conflicted because they have no hate in their heart towards homosexuals but they cannot agree with it because of their faith. There’s a difference between a bigot who hates gay people and someone who doesn’t agree with the lifestyle because of their faith or other factors. It doesn’t make them bad people.

      • Donna says:

        But being gay isn’t a lifestyle, it is just part of who someone is. I hope we get to a point where people don’t find it OK to disagree with who someone is. Sure, we aren’t all going to like everyone, but minimally respect for everyone for who they are sure would be nice. I personally don’t agree with the “Christian” lifestyle, as I am not Christian, but I respect people for their beliefs. What is ironic is that being Christian is a choice and a choice of lifestyle whereas being gay is not a choice. Seems many Christians have it backwards. Anyhow, people are all different and Christians come in all stripes and attitudes, so I look forward to seeing what they do with Samuel. I liked him the whole season and how he took the whole process very seriously, like a professional.

        • Sivat says:

          Well said, Donna! As an atheist, I cannot stand Christians (or Muslims, or Jews, etc.).

          • Ian says:

            Well then you can’t claim any moral high ground over religious people with your categorical hate.

          • Sivat says:

            I do have the moral high ground—at least I don’t believe in the Sky Bully! :D

          • uh-huh says:

            You know the old criticism. If you have to point out that you’re hip, you aren’t. If you think you have the moral high ground, you don’t.

        • Carrie says:

          It seems people have a hard time understanding that just because something is natural to us doesn’t justify it. People are born with disabilities all the time but that doesn’t justify it, make it normal or okay. Humans are flawed. The news is filled with people with a compulsion to do all sorts of things, from murder, stealing to pedophilia. They choose to act on those compulsions rather than deny them. Every single person wants to do things they have no business. It’s our nature. It’s the flesh. Even Christians rarely teach what the bible says about the flesh, possibly because they don’t like hearing it either (maybe because they’re dealing with lust, porn addiction, etc). It clearly states we have to deny the flesh. The flesh will always NATURALLY want to do what’s wrong. The choice comes in choosing to indulge the flesh or deny it. The flesh is something we will wrestle with until the day we die. It’s not fixable. That’s not just gay people, that’s everyone. It’s the human condition. But, of course, if you’re not Christian, it doesn’t matter. You can do what you want. So, no, being gay is not a choice, but to act on it is. That’s the reason some people say it’s a lifestyle. Just to clarify and give a little insight into the thought process of others that we may not understand. Of course, it is never right to shun, ostracize, persecute or hate others either. You are right, we should respect all people regardless.

          • Carrie says:

            Except for pedophiles…NOBODY likes them.

          • I love how we say “acting on it is a choice.” Now are we talking, “acting on being gay”?
            I would like to clarify, that while I do get your point, your choice of words is the same as thousands before you, who use these words: acting on it is a choice.
            Hunger is not a choice. Acting on it is. Ok, that makes sense.
            But “acting on being gay” USUALLY describes “acting on sexual impulses and being sexual with a member of the same sex.”
            But that reduces “gay” to sexual activity. It is so much more than just sexual activity. It is an identify. So where does a guy “ACT” on being gay? Is it when he uses a limp wrists, goes shopping for a pair of runners, holds another guy’s hand, kisses him, marries him, or screws him? ALL OF THE ABOVE could be considered “acting on being gay.” But for some reason Christians think that all gay is about is SEX SEX SEX. Which is ridiculously reductive. There are plenty of virginal, celibate gay people who have never had sexual relations with a member of the same sex perhaps just due to circumstance or choice. But they’re still gay, and living as if they are gay, living a “lifestyle” where they are in a relationship with someone of the same sex.
            At the end of the day, being gay is not about sex. It’s about who you connect with on a romantic, intimate, and sexual level and about who you are. It’s not ONLY sex. Sex is a part of it. But even a celibate person, or a person who has no genitalia because his bottom half has been sawed off, can be “gay.”

      • Kathy says:

        Wow, what an insightful comment. My oldest brother is gay and becomes very hateful when someone doesn’t 100% agree with his lifestyle. They’re all “POS bible-abusing fascist bigots” according to him, yet he doesn’t realize he is far more hateful and bigotted in his indignation than any opine they made in the first place.

        It takes very little to set him on a vicious attack full of judgments and childish name-calling. I can only guess that he’s been on the receiving end of some very hateful actions and so assumes everyone is extreme in hate-thinking regardless of what they actually say. Or, maybe he simply has a chip on his shoulder and eggs on confrontation just to bring people to his place of anger. I get so tired of the rage-filled bigotted comments directed AT people who voice their conflict BY people who claim to be the victims of bigotry. The irony would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

        Bad attitudes aside, I’m smart enough to realize that my ‘natural’ would be a miserable lie for my brother to live. I just want him to be happy.

        • Sivat says:

          Wow, I would hate to have a sister like you. What a b—h.

          • Kathy says:

            Your sister does have a brother like mine, I just hope she still loves you too.

            Your posts are exactly what my brother would post in his constant anger filled attack mode. My sympathies for what ever made you such a miserable person and I sincerely hope you find some happiness and turn things around for yourself.

        • Agree! says:

          You are so spot on! Hating an entire group of people because of what a few do is just another way of being intolerant and hateful.

        • Theo says:

          Being discriminated against all of his life and having to deal with family members like you would certainly give someone a chip on their shoulder. I’m sure you think it’s your brother’s fault that people have probably treated him the same way that millions of other gay people have been treated. Sounds like he’s defending himself against brain dead bigots.

      • calvin says:

        I’m sure you are not even gay, or at at least some sort of “ex gay” freak. I hope you’ll find a little self respect someday.
        Sorry for my english.

    • Ben says:

      Wow Sivat, seems you are the bigoted one. I can’t stand anybody, from any group (religious, gender, race or sexual identity) that think they have the high moral ground over anyone else as a result of their beliefs.

      It’s easy to shrug it off as ‘gay isn’t a choice, religion is a choice’ but the fact is either a God exists or they don’t – just like either a person is gay or they are not. There is no difference in my book between a Christian who attacks homosexuality and a homosexual who attacks Christianity. It’s all the same to me, and I don’t think either come close to having the high moral ground.

      • Ben says:

        Also, Sivat, just so you know – the Christian bible encourages every person to choose to be celibate – gay or straight, and every person has a choice as to whether they choose to be sexually active or not. So again, don’t pretend there is some difference about level of choice here. Get educated, get perspective from both sides, and stop being so hateful. Captain knows where its at.

        • Sivat says:

          You need to stop reading the Bible. It’s fake, you know. You’re reading fairy tales. Please get an education and stop falling for that nonsense.

          • grow up says:

            At least the people who fall for that nonsense are nicer than you. A world full of Sivats would be a much more hateful place.

          • Ben says:

            Sivat – I have an education. A damn good one too. Thats how I know what the bible has to say. I know a fair bit about what the Koran has to say too. Thats what being educated means. It doesn’t make me a Christian, or a Muslim, just informed enough not to hate entire groups of people because I don’t understand them.

          • DL says:

            Dude, how about you go and get an education on how to RESPECT people and their beliefs. You really have no right to insult someones beliefs, so keep your rudeness to yourself. Is this really all you have to do with your time is tell other people theyre wrong? You think that they are wrong, well mister have you ever thought that maybe YOURE wrong? And if you are, then where will you be? ill tell you, spending eternity with the devil. But if you are right, well thats fine too, but let people believe what they want without putting your rudeness out there and making yourself look like a fool.

      • calvin says:

        “There is no difference in my book between a Christian who attacks homosexuality and a homosexual who attacks Christianity.”
        This is a false analogy. Gay activists want EQUAL rights for everyone, the vast majority of christians preach HATE against gay people.
        Sorry for my english.

        • Ben says:

          The vast majority of christians do nothing of the sort, and you only need to look at Sivat to see there are gay people who preach hatred against Christianity. In fact, every religious, racial, sexual, gender group has a minority of people who preach hatred. It’s not a false analogy in the slightest, and it is the preaching of hatred we should be attacking, and not the group of people.

      • Theo says:

        it’s not a question of whether God exists or not; there are plenty of religious people who don’t believe that being gay is a sin. Believing that is a choice. It’s a choice that Sam’s mother made and it’s a choice that too many people have made. Sounds like it’s a choice that you made as well.

    • Kristina says:

      First off, just because you don’t believe in homosexuality doesn not make you a homophobic. Second, there are churches known as complete acceptance that are just that. Christianity does not automatically mean homophobia or not believing in homosexuality. A lot of people, churches included, not accpet that it is a biological difference just like hair color or eye color.

  7. Andrea says:

    I have nothing against Samuel, but I’m much more excited for Damian and his storyline. He could be an exchange student from Ireland.

    • Kim says:

      Sounds boring. But at least his trainwreck acting will be entertaining.

    • Kathy says:

      So obvious and exactly what I thought too, foreign exchange student.

      Ellis – tiny innocent child to the adults but hell-raising gremlin when they’re not looking.
      Bryce – Puck rival, a legacy jock with rock star aspirations.
      Cameron -super nerd w/ multiple personality disorder displayed thru music.
      Marissa – Sue Jr. apprentice & head cheerio/instigator
      McKynleigh – sterotype breaking country girl, inclusion assumptions, nope not what you think, like a yo-yo story line.
      Lindsey – next Leah who lives, breathes & eats Glee.
      Emily – trouble making Emo sentenced to Glee because detention won’t take her anymore.
      Hannah – talented & sweet, but didn’t inspire role visions.
      Matius – Napoleon complex, insisting on large treatment.

      Alex – never connected because he’s completely disingenuine, too arrogant, nasty and fake in every over the top action unrelatable to the situation. Alex is the only one I found completely annoying and unenjoyable, there was just nothing genuine to connect to.

  8. karenb says:

    It’s a crazy world when winning homework assignments and not being in the B3 til the end of the “competition” or “casting” is a bad thing. Samuel was professional, mature, focused and had a great attitude. I think he comes across very comfortable in front of the camera, whether he’s performing in a video or speaking between scenes. While I always liked his voice, “Jolene” blew me away. He sounded amazing!

    Anyway, Samuel, if you’re reading this–never, ever cut your hair. It was the worst thing Lenny Kravitz ever did! ;)

  9. mimi says:

    Samuel comes off smart, funny and really sweet in that interview. I’m looking forward to seeing him on GLEE and I hope Ryan Murphy writes something good for him. As for his acting skills… We don’t know what any of their acting skills are at this point. I really don’t think most of the current cast of GLEE is all that when it comes to acting, anyway, because they don’t ask most of them to do more than sing and look pretty (or in the case of Harry Shum and Heather Morris, dance and look pretty). Who thinks Cory Monteith is a good actor? PUH-leez.

    And if you’re going to rag on Samuel for Blue Steel, then you better throw Damian on the fire for the cheesy performing style and facial gymnastics. I have no idea how THAT’S going to work on GLEE. Seriously — I can’t watch his face when he sings because of all the mugging. Anybody remember Teen Martin from American Idol? He was Damian, the American version. And I didn’t like him, either. Because cheesy lounge singers are way too old-fashioned and way too Lawrence Welk for today’s TV.

    • gleeker says:

      Totally agree with you about Damian. I felt like he was channeling Scotty McCreery during his last performance. Not good. I do like the guy, though. I think he’s hilarious, but yeah-his performances are a little “hokey.”

  10. HannaBec says:

    I adore this kid!! I’d gotten pretty bored with Glee; he’s the reason I’ll be back to watch the next season! I wish him the best of luck and can’t wait to see what they come up with for him! :))

  11. EJ says:

    So glad he won. I’m actually excited for Glee again.

  12. Joe says:

    I am annoyed to learn he was a producer plant from the start.

  13. MonkeyRat says:

    So… Tina and Mike didn’t have a proper storyline in two years (or dialogues, for that matter). And the only thing they’ll get this fall will, one more time, revolve around the fact they’re Asian.

    Puck was put in the backburner and became this whipped extra (oh sorry, he wasn’t an extra this season?).

    They made Artie more stupid and misogynist than he already was (I actually feel really bad for poor Kevin, he’s too nice for that).

    Of course, Quinn’s storyline only revolved around Finn and she merely was a plot device for Finchel. It’s not like she had a baby and a lot of feelings to deal with, right? Oh right, we learned about Lucy Caboosey. My bad.

    They finally gave something significant to Santana, but it seems that next season will be like “nothing happened”. Just like for a lot of things in Glee world.

    They barely gave something interesting for Sam to chew on, and now Chord’s gone.

    Mercedes… well, at least she had tots.

    And of course if Brittany is not dumb enough, RIB, the general audience and HeMo herself aren’t happy. So let’s go back to basics and make her dumber than she was even if there was a light of hope for her sanity when she was around Santana.

    And then we had Kurt, Blaine, Kurt, Blaine, oh look at that: it’s Klaine! St. Blaine, self-righteous Kurt, oh and a little more Klaine. Oh, and Blaine solos. And the Warblers. And Kurt 10 minutes camping trek solos. Wait, to be fair there was also Fuinnchel drama to balance a little. And who cares about continuity and about who wrote the songs for Nationals?

    What do you mean “there are nine other characters in Glee club”? Seriously? Ok, well they can deal with their laughable excuse for a storyline during the remaining 10 minutes, right?

    Oh and now we have SEVEN friggin’ new characters, YAY! I thought RIB didn’t want to lose too much screentime with guest stars? Well, technically they didn’t lie. And we should know by now that RM says bs all the time, so… what an exciting upcoming season. I can’t hide my enthusiasm.

    • C says:

      Whoa, are you mad?

      (seriously if you dislike this, why are you still watching Glee? Better not to watch it and take away from their ratings, right?)

      • MonkeyRat says:

        Actually, that’s a good question! And tbh I still watch for Santana, Quinn, Rachel and Sue. I’d say Kurt too if he didn’t become that self-righteous kid. I liked a lot him before. And yeah, I’m mad. When a show panders to the GA and tweens (that kind of viewers that don’t even know the character’s names most of the time and/or skip episodes, which says a lot) and lower the quality to please them, real fans have all the reasons to get mad. And obviously the cast can’t wait to get out of this mess too, which is totally understandable.

    • Kristina says:

      Ok, dude, if your so cranky about all of this, which is basically the entire show, why do you even watch it? Save yourself some aggrivation and go watch something mindless with no meaningm that’ll cheer you up. You might be able to get it.

  14. J says:

    I think I like him more in this interview than I did the entire season.

  15. Jess says:

    I am very happy for Samuel! i wanted marissa or cameron or emily to win but hes better than lindsey

  16. TampaZeke says:

    I’m curious about Samuel’s concern about how his mother is going to feel about this or that because of her deep “Christian” beliefs. Does his mother’s deep Christian beliefs have a problem with Samuel’s tatoos and piercings (Leviticus 19:28) or his long hair (1 Corinthians 11:14)?

    I like his tatts, his piercings and his hair, but I don’t judge gay people or people with tatts, piercings or long hair because some ancient book says to. I just wonder how a person who does judge gay people because of what the bible says picks and chooses which Bible verses to judge by and which ones to ignore.

    • Juggling Monkey says:

      Maybe his mom was mad about his tatts and piercings when he got them. Maybe he was afraid she would be even more upset after she learned about the whole portraying a gay character thing. We can’t really say anything about people when we don’t know them or their experiences. I’m just saying.

  17. calvin says:

    @grow up:
    Yeah, because people who beat gays to death are atheists, the terrorists of the WTC were atheists, the Oslo’s bonber is atheist…
    Sorry for my english.

  18. Kelly says:

    Any time you start to argue religion is a lose lose Not everyone fits into the bible belt cookie cutter version of what christianity should be Glee is about being unconventional so there is something out there for everyone. A rocker gleek and an Irish transfer should help the show recover from what many critics in the media have described as a disastrous S2. If anything TGP has revived Glee by amping up a global audience that is sure to tune in to watch their favorites make their debut on Glee. Ryan Murphy understands one thing it’s called ratings. If you don’t like the results then use your remote and watch something else it’s just a TV show after all.

  19. Denise says:

    I watched the Glee project off and on. Samuel caught my attention right away. I don’t know what it was, his quiet presence, the “dreads”, or just him. I think he has something the writers also saw otherwise they wouldn’t have kept him around. I also think the younger teenage girl population will think he’s “hot”. In this day of reality TV people are famous for “not acting”, so what if his acting ability is “lacking”. He has something.

  20. susan s says:

    I personally feel that Cameron would have won,hands down. Having said that, I sincerely think that Ryan made the right choices, and he completely knew that the characters had to fit into the role and into his vision. Alex is a wonderful talent, but Kirk fits the bill, and no comment about Lindsay…………………. it was a wonderful show that she put on, talented actress , but I saw right though her unfortunately, even though she has the pipes. Damian is endearing and Samuel has raw appeal………………… excellent and insightful decisions.
    Bravo Ryan……………………….

  21. blib says:

    Here is a crazy thought!
    what if Homosexuality is just another sin in Gods eyes, The way I,as a man, lust(am sexually tempted) for a women is a sin. The times i have lied are sin. The fact that I have cheated, stole and blasphemed are sin. I did not want to do them, but indeed the flesh is weak. In fact, I have Sin in me, I do not think before I sin that “hey, I am gonna go lust today” or “I can’t wait to lie to my boss” I am brought into temptation, I sin. In the same way Homosexuals have a desire to be with another man/woman, but since they see no moral wrong they continue in the Sin. Hypocrite Christian hate Gays and lesbians, but the truth is the bible calls us to love them, the same way we should love our family, friends and neighbors who are also stuck with a sin. I have a gay cousin who is like a brother to me. I love him with all my heart. I have had gay teachers, friends, co-workers. I can say i love them all the same. Those “Christians” who are bigoted and hate are also in a sin they cannot see. The only difference is that if Jesus is the lord and savior of their life, the bible teaches that they receive eternal life by the forgiveness of those sins. God never calls Christians to hate but only to love. If you want eternal life Google John 3:16, Romans 10:9 read and follow. God loves Gays, atheist, Christians and non-christians. Homosexuals are not perfect, but neither are us Christians. Christians need to stop hating on groups that are in sin or are different, rebuke in love. That way the world will see christ in us.

    Please excuse any grammar errors n such.

    • Kristina says:

      THANK YOU! For God’s sake, half of what the bible says is sin is even considered sin anymore. And apparently, all sins are equal, so all you hater Christian: your hypocracy is just as offensive to them as their “sin” is to you. These people need to get over themselves.

  22. hah. says:

    so can we all agree that the moon is NOT made out of cheese?

  23. SLFM says:

    I have to agree Selena Gomez sucks, I didn’t bother to watch anything with her on it after watching trailers. BUT, his acting doesn’t suck, YOU SUCK.

  24. Dani says:

    Regarding skdoosh:
    Have you ever seen anything with Jack Black, especially early Tenacious D, or even Kung Fu Panda? He’s used skdoosh for years. I love Hannah, bu she did no come up with the word. It’s not fair to accuse him of “copycatting” her when it wasn’t her original word either. I haven’t heard Jack White’s Jolene, so I can’t judge on whether Samuel’s version was the same or just inspired by it.

  25. Bellecousins says:


  26. Brianna says:

    I loved Sam on Glee, Damian & Cameron too. Sam’s sexy, he’s good at playing that like the pairability & sexuality episodes. I love his dreads & his style. I’ve his voice from the beginning, I think it’ll be a strong addition to the show, better than some of the guys on there. And he’s so intense, I’m interested to see what kind of character he’ll be & how he’ll fit in with the bunch.

  27. geraldine logan says:

    Loved the entire process Sam is great and as I believe never despise small beginnings he will grow into what he needs to he has a naturally God given talent that is a great foundation

  28. geraldine logan says:

    Totally agree with you, I always think of how many will say Lord I did this or that in Your name…and Jesus will say I dont know who you are! Presumption of sin think we are all this and that but how we judge and treat people in Jesus name so we think… may keep alot out of heaven

  29. I really want to send him a fan letter, but i dont have an adress to send to, do any of you guys know an adress i can use? I’ve searched all over the internett for it and i cant find it anywere.

  30. Brittnie Sue says:

    Ohmahgawsh! I know him! o_o He lives in this development and his parents go to my church!:)

  31. BBarnas says:

    He could be Ashley Greene’s brother.

  32. Me says:

    Hes amazing!!!!!!!!!! I love him and his acting is fine and if you guys have nothing better to do than hate on him I’m very sorry you don’t have lives :)

  33. fun says:

    I have loved reading all your comments guys, u just made my day alot more better so thank u. With that said, i just want to say Sam ain’t bad and with practice , he’ll even get better so lay off haters. Give the guy a chance.

  34. fun says:

    BBarnas, where in heaven did you get that idea from, lmfas after reading your comment, it’s just to hilarious.
    Not that am bothered or anything ,just really need to understand why people insult others behind a computer when clearly they are no better. Grow some pants people please will you. Atleast they are brave enough to go out there and explore whilist cowards sit behind a computer and tanish ,discourage,bully and scare them with hateful creepy messages. If you want to help, how bout doing it politely like say “Miley Cyrus , your voice ain’t fit for singing try your lack else where”. Thats alot more better than you suck!!! Put yourselves in their shoes people please. It’s just a cry for sympathy ,that’s all. Anyhow I loved all the comments , both on and off topic. Awesome then!!!!!!

  35. shani says:

    I definately think Samuel deserves a chance!!! He is great on Glee and he is super cute!!! So what if his mum is heavy into christian??!! My dads a pastor and I’ve got piercings and I’m getting a tattoo…God accepts everyone in heaven who serves and loves Him…God doesn’t judge like you people are judging…In the end the only thing you haters are doing is trying to break down confidence…Which isn’t helping because we all know that none of you look as good looking as him, or act as good as him… Haters gonna Hate and Potatos gonna Potate (:

  36. Jess says:

    I’m sad to read that he cried himself to sleep every night during the Glee Project. Whether or not he gets continued in Season 4, he did an excellent job on Glee. His face is very expressive, and he’s always in character. His voice is dreamy. 10 episodes, a substantial storyline, several songs, and his version of Stereo Hearts made the Billboard Hot 100. That’s a dream come true! As far as his mom goes, she grew up in a very large family in Mexico, had an abusive husband and two small children, and found love with a Danish man. She wrote a book about her experiences called The Race for Acceptance. Her husband and older son also have tattoos. In fact, Samuel and his dad have matching viking ship tattoos. Her older son has a tattoo of her face, and Samuel would like to have one, too. I don’t think they disapprove of tattoos because these prohibitions are in the Old Testament, which in the eyes of certain Christians was overridden by Jesus’ teachings in the New Testament. After she saw Heart she said that she agreed that “Love is Love,” but that’s different from saying ‘sex is sex.’ Samuel certainly has no homophobic prejudices himself, but he loves and respects his mother. I personally am not a Christian, but I don’t hate everyone whose religious beliefs are against homosexual sex, and I certainly wouldn’t require someone to reject his mother because of her beliefs.