Jennifer Lopez Returning to American Idol, Says Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe

Jennifer Lopez is is apparently no longer on the fence about her American Idol future.

After weeks of carefully calculated suspense, Idol‘s executive producer  Nigel Lythgoe revealed on Ryan Seacrest’s radio program that the multi-hyphenate will return as a judge for Idol‘s 11th season, rejoining fellow panelists Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson, both of whom are in the midst of multi-year deals.

At the end of an interview about Wednesday and Thursday night’s two-part So You Think You Can Dance season finale, Seacrest asked Lythgoe, “Do you wanna go ahead and do the Jennifer announcement here, or are we still waiting?”

“I believe we’re still waiting for the official announcement,” responded Lythgoe, “but I am delighted to say that all three judges, along with the brilliant host of American Idol, is back for the next season.”

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  1. Andy says:

    that’s just wonderful :\

    at least we have x-factor

  2. Joe R says:

    Wasn’t this official two weeks ago, with the revelation of her $20 million paycheck? I thought this was known.

  3. genome38 says:

    I refuse to watch this person who cannot sing a lick, judging singers who can. Now, if this were a booty-shaking contest, then OK.

  4. Bobbi says:

    I’m glad Nigel is delighted. American Idol may have to struggle along without me this year. No judges would be better than that trio!

    • Cup of Joe says:

      Struggle along without you? Really? Douche!

      I’m quite sure that we could all find a much better trio, you know? The ones who are actually relevant, talented and can give honest criticisms.

      • ReMMeZ says:

        WTF.. are you for real bobbi. I’ll take the judging panel of Platinum hit any day instead of these bunch of tools. Relevance..? In your own mind perhaps, but in real life.. Randy, Steven and J-Lo are just as relevent as Ed Sullivan, Neil Armstrong and Richard Nixon.

  5. Jenny says:

    What a shame.

  6. Amy says:

    Woo… oh who am I kidding. I can’t even begin to pretend how not thrilled I am by this. Oh well.

  7. Aprilcot26 says:

    Greeeeeeeeeeat. Maybe she can be more than pair of shiny legs and wasted space at the judge’s panel this season…

  8. SlezakFan says:


  9. jrs says:

    The truly bad news here is that the buffoonish and worthless and altogether irrelevant Randy Jackson will be back. Of course, they’re never gonna pry his fat ass out of that chair willingly of his own accord.

  10. Rebecca Parker says:

    I want to say this decision has made me seriously consider whether or not I will continue watching, but I always wind up watching just so I can get my Idoloonies fix.

    • Denise says:

      Ditto! Couldn’t have said it better. I have boycotted her music though.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      @Rebecca Parker

      Speaking from experience, you do not have to watch the show in order to watch dear Mr. Slezak’s recaps! Trust me, I know of what I speak!

  11. Amber says:

    After the way she treated Haley last season, I don’t think I can watch again this season. I’ll still come here for Idoloonies, though. That was always the best part of idol anyway.

    • Cup of Joe says:


      That Autotuned, irrelevant and hypocritical broad ruined a lot of the Season 10 Idol experience along with that other irrelevant, cliched tool that’s known for producing that maddeningly sickening Glee anthem.

      But hey, if it means she’d be a perfect object of rage for us people, then pass me those tomatoes to pelt her with.

      J.Ho = Maleficent. ‘Nuff said!

      Oh yeah, and is it already known that her ex has a lot more talent in his pinky than J.Blow would ever have.

  12. brandy says:

    I just had J.Lo’s face on my screen 5 times at once.

  13. Deb says:

    I see that I am not the only one who isn’t interested in judges who don’t actually give critical information to contestants and blatantly gear what they say to create the outcome they want. Ugh is right!

  14. Jane says:

    Great News! No reason for me to watch this year. Thanks Nigel.

  15. Ben says:

    As afar as I can make out, most casual viewers responded well to a change from Simon to a less critical, more targetted kind of feedback. JLo gives very targetted criticisms that are appropriate to the contestants. As a musician myself, I had been waiting for years for someone to finally give REAL feedback instead of dumb platitudes and I’m glad the first judge to take that role seriously has been retained, however much some sectors of the fan base may think she was anti-Haley or just generally too nice (both very subjective comments).

    • Kevin C. says:

      The trouble was that at some point she stopped giving that feedback. If we can get the early season J.Lo. back, I’m all for it.

    • Volcfom says:

      Do you realize that your argument about fans’ subjectivity is thrown out the window when your comment is also filled with it? Your sentence, “JLo gives very targetted criticisms that are appropriate to the contestants” is not objective in the slightest.

  16. Elaine says:


  17. My Alter Ego says:

    Well, unfortunately the second that I read that she and M.A. were splitting, I knew her return as judge was a given.

    But I’m still astonished by why she was ever picked to begin with. While she does seem to be able to bust a move, her primary talent (IMO) is her ability to promote herself.

    She has no vocal ability whatsoever! (She also can’t act!) And given most of what’s she’s recorded, it seems that she’s not particulary good at selecting songs to record.

    And yet, she thinks she has the ability to criticize Haley (and only Haley)regarding song choice???

    Oops — maybe the sentence prior to the last explains the following! Perhaps, Jennifer does know how to advise about song selection.

    Too bad she’s never learned how to apply that to herself.

  18. Ablo says:

    Nope — I might just go elsewhere. How in the world did Nigel think we liked the judges this year???

  19. ai fan says:

    really nigel…all 3 judges “is” back for next season? well shet mah mouf…they sure “is”

    and such a shame it is…the best thing to do would be to clean house…and find someone who can actually provide legitimate critique… you know, like a real judge should

  20. Wendeeloo says:

    I can’t watch these awful judges another year I will get enough of the show from Slezak It’s liberating to be free from it actually.

  21. DC says:

    Nigel is a smart man and I know he reads a number of blogs and online articles. I know he’s only one of many people involved in making decisions for Idol but I can only hope he picks up on the discontent felt by almost everybody regarding how bad the judges became last year. For 20 million dollars J-lo and her cohorts should be told that they actually have to provide insightful critiques to these kids instead of the blah blah in it to win it crap. Nigel or someone else at Idol stop the egos and reign in these judges.

  22. MR says:

    Man not another year of Lopez! I was hoping for someone like Shania.

  23. Sam says:

    Now I know that I made the correct decision in “breaking up” with American Idol last season toward the end. Reading this announcement just solidifies my decision to not watch this garbage any more. There are other, better shows on the nights that Idol is on to either watch or dvr. Thanks Nigel, for giving me the extra boost to leave this.

  24. karenb says:

    Yay. NOT!

  25. Jonathan says:

    This cements my plan to not watch next year. I hope I can stick to the plan.

  26. Madabout says:

    Nigel doesn’t want any insight from his judges that veer away from his desire to control the outcome of his pick. I am sure that he has had his surprises over the years, but it seems to me that if an undesirable gets too close to winning, Nigel seems to prefer mediocrity to reign rather than ruining the Idol image with a talent that doesn’t fit the mould. As for his mean spirited puppets, J.Lo & Randy – vile. Can’t watch the nastiness that goes with Idol anymore and will sit my course with Idoloonies and Michael for my end of the week entertainment and visits to Utube to enjoy new talent.