Exclusive: Lisa Edelstein Opens Up About Her 'Disappointing' House Exit and Good New Gig

A funny thing happened to Lisa Edelstein soon after the news broke that she wouldn’t be returning to House this fall: She started getting phone calls. A lot of phone calls, from people who wanted to work with her. “It was a really nice feeling,” she tells TVLine in her first interview since tendering her resignation from the Fox hit back in May. “It was a new position for me, and it was very exciting.” One of the first overtures to come her way was made by the producers of The Good Wife, who offered her a three-episode arc as Celeste Serrano, a lawyer with ties to Josh Charles’ Will. As she began work on the CBS drama this morning, the actress called from the set to discuss her new gig and reflect on all things House — including her sudden exit, the shocking season finale and whether she’d ever return as Cuddy.

TVLINE | Three months later, how are you feeling about your House departure.
It was very sad and very disappointing and a really difficult decision to make. But ultimately I felt like it was the best thing for me to do for myself and for my business. I’m really looking forward to some of the great things I have on my plate right now. That’s pretty much what I’m focusing on. It’s interesting to throw yourself back out there into the world after you’ve had such an amazing job after seven years. You get cushy about it, and you lay back and you let yourself be taken care of for a while. And having to get your hustle back on is both terrifying and really exciting.

TVLINE | Given how the season ended, I’m guessing you didn’t walk away with a sense of closure storyline-wise.
No. Definitely not. It wasn’t an expected turn of events — for anybody. But that’s what happens sometimes.

TVLINE | What was your reaction to that finale?
[Laughs] People were really up in arms! They thought House was trying to kill Cuddy. I totally understand their argument. How could you drive a car into a house where you know that your friends are, where you know there’s a child, and not think that? It really is homicidal. Although in the script it didn’t read that way because it was very clear that [Cuddy and her friends and family] had left that room. It’s still a very extreme thing to do. It definitely pushes the envelope quite a bit.

TVLINE | Did you think it was out of character for House?
The problem is in order to affect any kind of change for a character like that you have to go to extreme places, [but] maybe it was too extreme for the audience. It’s just not that kind of show. Was it out of line in terms of the creative path? No. It makes sense on just a purely creative level. But in terms of it being on a network television show, I think it went too far for a lot of people.

TVLINE | The show picks up this fall with House in jail. Do you think that’s a fair punishment?
[Laughs] I guess so. I don’t know.

TVLINE | If this turns out to be the show’s final season, would you be open to returning as a guest star?
I haven’t talked to anyone over there so it would seem unlikely. Who knows what I’ll be doing. I have a lot on my plate. I wouldn’t want to answer that and get anyone’s hopes up. It doesn’t seem like that’s the direction anyone is going in.

TVLINE | It sounded like that was the direction David Shore was going in when I spoke to him recently.
Well, I can’t have a conversation with David Shore via Michael Ausiello. [Laughs] It might be a bolder move for someone to pick up a phone.

TVLINE | What can you tell me about your Good Wife character? It’s already out there that she has ties to Will.
She has a history with Will. She’s a lawyer with pliable ethics. [Laughs]. She really enjoys the gamble and the game of law. She’s also a professional gambler. She’s been playing for a long time and she has a history with Will in that world as well. So everything that she does is all about the risk, and it’s really fun — especially [in contrast] to Alicia [Julianna Margulies] who has to be so held together. This woman doesn’t have any of those rules in her life.

TVLINE | Rumor has it Celeste and Will were former partners.
I don’t know anything about us being business partners. I know that we gambled together. I know that we have a romantic history.

TVLINE | Is it possible your three-episode arc could be extended?
Who knows? I like [the length of the stint] because I’m here for a solid month and then I’m available to go back to work in Los Angeles. But I love working, so if they want to continue with this character we’ll see what happens down the road.

TVLINE | What’s next? I hear you’re developing a few things. Can you say anything about that?
Not yet. There’s a project I’m doing on my own that [has required] so much research that I feel like I’m getting ready for a dissertation. And I’m also working with a producer on a possible new series. So it’s all very up in the air at the moment, but my creative juices are flowing. I really want to get more into the producing side so I can participate a little bit more.

TVLINE | Would the ideal scenario be producing a series that you’re also the lead of?
I don’t care if I’m the star. I really like to be part of an ensemble. Hugh [Laurie]’s life is extremely limited by those 14-hour days, and to add producing on top of that is a big task. I more just want to use my brain as much as I possibly can.

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  1. Gi says:

    she sounds bitter they wouldnt give her the $$$$ she wanted

    • yeahright says:

      You don’t say. Her white male co-star who never moved a finger to promote the show or at least sound half-enthusiastic about his involvement (not that there is anything wrong with that) got all the money he wanted. She should have been happy for him and taken the cut, like the black guy did. That bitch!

      • . says:

        Clearly whoever was in charge of who got paid what decided that Wilson is more important than Cuddy. which is why they paid RSL what he wanted and not her

        • lol says:

          Whoever was in charge most likely doesn’t watch the show at all. Everything is decided by numbers and statistics. In show business white males make more than blacks and women. Simple as that.

          • okay says:

            Yes, it has everything to do with race and gender and nothing to do with the fact that Wilson would not be easy to replace. Team member or boss? Easy. House’s best friend? Not so much.

          • sara says:

            What the people who PAY to have the show made look at is ratings.
            Huddy could NOT keep the audience it inherited, so its value and the value of Cuddy went down, It was the audience reaction to the storyline that made her worth less, not some fictional bias. If Huddy would have increased the ratings, her salary would have increased.

            It is a business and it is that simple

          • Jaded says:

            They should have got rid of Olivia Wilde!! Getting rid of Cuddy was one of the stupidest moves ever by a show! Olivia Wilde is not a good investment for the show because 1. she’s not that popular among the House fans 2. She’s a movie star and will be on the show for a limited number of shows!! Dumb move Shore!

          • @sara says:

            @sara Please check your facts. The ratings went down in the middle of the season, the beginning of the season was consistent with normal fluctuation of the series in its seventh season. People might not have been enthusiastic about “Huddy”, but apparently they hated the breakup and its aftermath even more. Personally, I think the writing was extremely poor since episode one, and coupling/decoupling per se had nothing to do with people losing interest, except the finale, that was a terrible and costly miscalculation.

          • Epic Fail says:

            I love how people continue to rationalize the low ratings for Season 7. Before making any statements one way or the other, please google “House” and check its ratings episode by episode, not just the over-all season numbers. Then go back and look at shows like L&O and NCIS (which are the only ones that come to mind right now) that didn’t dick around with the formula and see what their ratings are doing.

            LE is NOT happy about leaving House. I’ve no doubt that she had other “projects on her plate” for some time; however, I think she was counting on another year with House to get herself organized and ready to move in that direction. But the ratings tanked and, whether or not that was due to “Huddy,” FOX determined that that particular story arc was the reason and they chose to blame LE. So she was invited not to renew her contract and the real drama began. Look at the enormous publicity her leaving has generated. Between that and the fact that the season finale stirred such unexpected dichotomous reactions from people pretty much guarantees a very successful and much-watched season 8 premiere. FOX, Shore and Co. are all rubbing their dirty little hands together in glee (no pun intended) over how this little comedy has played out. The trick will be in sustaining our interest as the season moves forward. Personally, I think they’ll fail.

          • Thomas says:

            Interesting sob story Shore has been spinning about how much he misses Lisa/would love to have her back, yet he hasn’t even called her. Curious…
            Well if he wants to keep this fan he better ask her to make an appearance, otherwise I’m already done with the show.

        • Liz says:

          The person in charge was definitely right then. Cuddy’s character is not necessary anymore. She failed as love interest (which was predictable) and thus as boss, so bye. Plus, Wilson is way more important. Holmes without Watson can’t work.

          • doddle says:

            and here we go again, hilson against the world! how old are you?

          • A says:

            Exactly this

          • @doddle says:

            So thinking House’s best friend is more important (which he clearly is) to the show than his boss automatically makes you a Hilson now?

          • Ariella says:

            What kind of @ss-backwards logic is that? “She failed as a love interest and thus as boss” O_o because sleeping with House and overseeing him are connected?
            Besides, she didn’t fail at anything. Shore was itching to kill their relationship from the moment they got together and it would be written that way no matter what. The car crash stunt was just supposed to seal the deal so they could “move on.” If Shore’d had his way Cuddy would be around like nothing happened and House would be nowhere near prison.
            Though now that it’s clear what a FLAGRANT LIAR David Shore is, maybe he will ACTUALLY contact LE and try to salvage his show.

          • ripzu says:

            Agree0 if we go back to the premise of the show Wilson is House’s” Watson”.

          • eda says:

            Really? We waited for 6 season for that Huddy kiss and they ruined everything.

          • i agree – Wilson was far more important besids if y remember house warned cuddy that things can get worse but she wantes to start this love with him, after that seasion i have to say that Wilson was besids house alwyes the most important part in house live so cuddy had to go. But i have to say she was fun to watch.. HOUSE WILL BE MISSED

        • Iris says:

          @by. Hardly. Whoever made the first move and screwed over the rest ended up on top (RSL). It takes a special brand of a$$hole to do what he did, but then again he never lied about the fact that HE LOVES MONEY.
          @okay, And “Wilson would not be easy to replace”?? You must be smoking some good sh*t–pass it over, because the only thing special about Wilson is his name (the Watson to House’s Holmes). He doesn’t even HELP WITH CASES ANYMORE (like the actual Watson). The useless tw@t just shows up to harangue House once in awhile without even contributing diagnostically. He’s been dead weight for a long time now.

          • . says:

            Robert’s not an asshole, of course he loves money, they all do, it’s a job to them. And what exactly did he do that was so horrible anyways? It’s not like he knew anything about anybody else’s salaries.

            Wilson may not have been helping on cases (and why should he unless they think it’s cancer? he’s not a member of the team), but he still was the one House always went to with his problems. And David Shore obviously still thinks he’s important since he said that House and Wilson’s relationship was one of the cornerstones of the series

            gtfo with your bitterness.

          • mooseonajew says:

            RSL stating he likes money DOES NOT make him an asshole. And he signed back on at his old salary as well as doing fewer episodes so he can spend time with his family. No need to bash him for that and the “t word” usage was childish and offensive.

      • E says:

        The show is called House, not Cuddy M.D.

        • Kirstin says:

          Bless you for the simple logic of your statement, E. I was surprised Cuddy was not coming back but not horrified by it. I felt their romance was such a gimme to the huddy fans. Wilson, on the other hand, is worth every penny. Wilson and House are a far more entertaining combo than Mommy Cuddy was.

        • chloe loy says:

          Well, maybe it SHOULD be called Cuddy M.D. Huddy was doomed from the start anyway, thanks to David Shore. He never wanted that story line anyhow. We had to wait what, 5 seasons just for a kiss. And the CPR at the end of season 4 “shore” doesn’t count, although I’m glad it was Cuddy giving House mouth to mouth instead of Wilson.

      • Adam Newland says:

        I can appreciate Cuddy’s departure from the show is upsetting for some people, but you won’t miss her. Let the season get going and everything will be fine. Furthermore, we will not hear much from Lisa Edelstein again. She’s an effective actor, but I suspect that she will spend any substantial TV time doing guest arcs like she will doing for The Good Wife.

        Best of luck to you Ms. Edelstein. You will need it.

    • Ellen says:

      I don’t think people understand that actors cannot allow themselves to be undervalued when it comes to salary. Everyone in Hollywood knows what your salary is, and if you don’t get a raise on par with your talent (and the lack of a raise is the equivalent of a pay cut in this economy), it becomes known behind the scenes, and it ruins your “brand.” It makes you look cheap. It hurts the types of roles you may be considered for in the future. It hurts your “A list” status or whatever “list” you are on.

      It sounds to me like she had to think hard about this but in the end decided to protect her career rather than be devalued by remaining on House. Good for her.

      • Sally says:

        I totally agree Ellen, it’s also my impression.

      • Actor says:

        Thank You! This is so true. I am an actor on a local level, and it is taught, understood and part of the process from the very beginning. It is business. The hate just shows a selfish lack of undertanding of that business.

      • Alex says:

        I guess she got a cut on par with her talent then

        • @Alex says:

          @Alex Don’t know about that, but the fact that she got picked up almost instantly by the best network drama speaks volumes. Mind you, it was end of season, they didn’t even have material for her back then. Shore must be furious.

        • Actor says:

          This is just such a shallow way of thinking about any actor. She got a cut – not on par with her (personal) level – but more likely on par with the character expectations the network anticpated for the season. It’s not a reflection of her talent, since clearly they wouldn’t have kept her for 7 seasons if she didn’t meet expectations. These kinds of comments are just spiteful, and have no relevance to the business.

      • Dilara Clem says:

        I completely agree with this! I don’t understand why people think “Lisa doesn’t do something like that.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a BIG FAN of her. But what’s “something like that” mean? People work for money. Just because of she’s an actress, that doesn’t mean she can’t do something like that. If she has accepted that salaray, that’d look her cheap like you said.

        • Ariella says:

          Agreed, she has to keep her dignity and not sell herself short. Though, it’s pretty incredible that Fox/NBCU cried poor and tried to nickel and dime the rest of the cast, yet they can afford to up Hugh’s pay to $700,000 PER EPISODE.
          Ratings have been diving but the solution is to nearly double Hugh’s salary while forcing out any cast members who won’t accept a pay cut? Yes, that’ll solve the problem… not like they should have cleaned out the writers room and hired some TALENT with that money.

          • A says:

            Without Hugh, there is no show.

            Lisa is completely expendable, as seen by their willingness to let her leave.

          • Say that again? says:

            $700,00 per episode? I thought it was more like $400,000. That’s the figure all of those lists they ran last year read. I remember noticing that Meloni and Hargitay each got $395,000 for L/O:SVU. Did Hugh Laurie suddenly get a raise and everyone else had to take a pay cut – or WALK? I didn’t realize that FOX had its head buried that far up Hugh Laurie’s @ss, or that the 5th and final year of his contract kicked up his salary by 80%. Soooweeeet deal for Mr. Laurie. Especially since, by this time next year, he’ll be back in Blightly with the wife ‘n’ kiddies, spending all of those American millions he earned here, over there. Sucks to be ANYBODY but Hugh Laurie these days. It certainly sucks to be Lisa Edelstein, who was originally being paid a whole lot less per episode than the amount of Hugh Laurie’s raise. So does anybody know the real story?

    • bella says:

      she got a part, ok a 3eps arc, in the best network drama…bitter? i’m sorry but TPTB should be bitter for LYING!!!! this was not just about the money.

    • Sam says:

      That word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.
      If anyone’s bitter it’s David Shore. In fact, the man is pressed as hell. Let’s see if he can actually get over himself and bring LE back to do right by the show and viewers.

    • joe jackson says:

      Well the gave the money to all the male cast members but they wanted her to take a pay cut

    • piena says:

      where the hell does it say that that’s the reason why she left?? jeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz

    • sanity says:

      Stop Trolling!

    • bastian says:

      no kidding. and it IS. how disappointing, and embarassing. you haven’t even TALKED to anyone at the show you were on for HOW MANY YEARS after quitting? a salary dispute is one thing, that has a lot to do with the network. but your showrunner and creator not speaking to you since you quit??? kind of only verifies the rumor that edelstein is and always has been a super b#tch. not missed hon. not at all. and you leaving them high and dry was your slap in the face to them…too bad you’re getting slapped right back with no one cares.

  2. Jerry says:

    Yeah, she sounds pretty angry over the whole thing.

    • jj says:

      how does what she said come across as angry unless you already are biased to think she is? i thought she handled the questions well, managed to exress her disappointment at leaving the gig and didn’t bad mouth her former employers or coworkers. if anything, it was such a political interview that i still have no idea what she REALLY thinks. but not many people can voice their real opinions about previous jobs and expect to continue to work. and i mean in the real world, not just hollywood. Can you imagine if you went to a job interview and they asked about your previous employment and all you did was byatch and moan that they would hire you?

      • Hyacinth says:

        I didn’t think she sounded angry either! I think those fans who ARE angry are putting their own spin on this interview. I thought her answers were very diplomatic.

  3. allthingsdecent says:

    David Shore, ball’s in your court. Make a damn phone call.

    • Alicia says:

      Precisely. But he won’t. Shore & Co are a bunch of fraudulent b!tches who do nothing but talk out of their asses. As IF he “would love” to have LE back at some point; his lies are so transparent.
      In his first post-finale interview with Ausiello it was obvious how bitter he is about everything. He’s changed his tune in the weeks since but he definitely resents LE for not playing ball.
      Shore is petty and vindictive and would not give viewers (or LE) the satisfaction of resolving Cuddy’s storyline if he can help it. But if that’s the way it’s going to be viewers don’t even need to tune in hoping Cuddy will show up at some point–they can quit the show RIGHT NOW.

  4. Dilara Clem says:

    Welli be ready for a perfect year my all dear Lisabian friends! The b*tch is back! :D
    I’m soooooooooooo happy for her! I hope she’ll start a new series!

  5. Olivia says:

    You go, Lisa!

  6. Karen says:

    I knew it something obviously went on BTS

  7. Rachel says:

    I wish her all the best, I am looking forward to seeing her in The Good Wife!

  8. Jaded says:

    So I have two shows that are off my list.. House and TGW! The Good Wife got stale with that whole boring, chemistry free Alicia/Will hookup and House is crap now. Guess I won’t see Lisa ever again..

    • BabyGoz says:

      & yet you felt the need to not only read an article about her but to comment aswell.

    • Hannah says:

      Considering Lisa’s no longer on House and is only on The Good Wife for a three episode stint thus far, your claims of never seeing Lisa “ever again” are a bit shortsighted.

  9. ilovehouse says:

    If Shore did not call her yet, maybe it’s because he’s a little upset/angry at what she’s done lol

    • emma says:

      What has she “done”? She quit a job because she wasn’t willing to take a paycut. If your boss at your job wanted you to play ball and take a paycut, would you be willing to do that? Especially knowing that your position wouldn’t last forever, and that future jobs would look at you pay as a basis of what they would need to offer you?

      • Are you kidding? says:

        In this economy? And at her age? You bet your ass I would.

        • Willow says:

          An actor who has been on a show for 7 years can probably retire if they want to. They have the luxury of turning down work that isn’t going to help further their career objective. These people aren’t affected by the recession in the same way most people are.

  10. Liz says:

    I would say that it seems stupid David Shore won’t answer her calls… immature much?
    She was SO right to leave this show, DS murdered the Huddy storyline, making it sooo depressing. After all those years, to do what he did with those great characters? Pfft.
    Just like Shonda Rhimes, he can’t acknowledge he made a mistake…
    I hope it the last season, at least then Hugh will be able to take a break.

    And Michael Ausiello? Congrats for getting her first interview after the whole thing! I always like your interviews with her. Can’t wait to see Lisa in the Good Wife!

    • Annoyed says:

      Where did she say DS didn’t “answer her calls”? Honestly, you freaks will read whatever you want in to this interview. She doesn’t sound pissed; she sound resigned and like she’s moved on. You people would do wise to follow her lead!

  11. Guess says:

    The only reason I was watching was because of Cuddy, without her it’s so long House MD!

    • Martha says:

      Me too. There is no reason left to watch if she is not in the show anymore.

      • Creeped Out says:

        Oh dear. You must be one of those “I Watch for Lisa” fanatics. I saw that site and it absolutely creeped me out. It’s almost like some obsessed cult worshiping an idol. Excuse me, I mean worshipping their “goddess.” I can’t imagine that Lisa Edelstein feels comfortable with that kind of intense fanaticism, and if I were a showrunner and considering hiring LE for a big role, one look at that site would decide me against hiring someone with that kind of over-the-top lunacy behind her.

        • Watch Me! says:

          Are you kidding? Lisa E is LOOOVING on Lisa E! She even gave the site a shout out in her acceptance speech at the People’s Choice awards. Now THAT’s commitment!

          • Creeped Out says:

            That was a shout out to those of you who voted your fingers to the bone so that she “won.” She’s smart enough to know that it wasn’t an actual legitimate sampling of the House community. And the comments by the rabid Huddies to those cast members and TPTB that didn’t show up at the awards show or remember to “thank” them is just the kind of over-the-top sense of entitlement that I was talking about! They were all outraged because their obsession wasn’t recognized. Do you really think TPTB appreciates that kind of pressure from you guys? If those awards actually meant anything, they’d have ALL been there. The more you guys demand, the less likely that you will get your “goddess” back, and that’s where you guys have failed Lisa Edelstein.

  12. me says:

    Yeah, she sounds really pissed

  13. commonisboring says:

    Thanks for the amazing interview, we’ve waiting for this! We missed Lisa a lot!

    • lipsticksocialism says:

      I’ve been waiting for a Lisa E Ausiello interview since this whole thing went down. Love Lisa E, love the interview. Well done, Michael!!

  14. commonisboring says:

    Thanks for the amazing interview, we’ve been waiting for this! We missed Lisa a lot!

  15. Lincooln says:

    Something went down and she’s upset, that’s for sure. Whether it was a money thing or not, I think what she is forgetting – and what most stars (i.e. Katherine Heigl) forget – is that she owes a lot of her success to the viewers who took the time out to watch and commit to the show for 7 darn years! It would be nice to pay tribute to such a great character AND to honor the fans who loved her by coming back for an episode or two if this is indeed the final year for “House.” We the viewers turn the tv on, buy the dvds, record the episodes, etc. Give US a nice closure if you’re asked to because, for goodness sakes, how many hours of our lives did we give YOU – and for free?! Hello!

    • jaded says:

      I agree I think that she owes it to her dedicated fans, if she is asked to come back, to give them closure! It’s the least she can do..

      • Tucker says:

        Gah. She doesn’t “owe” it to anyone. She put in her time. She fulfilled her contract. It’s not like she walked out in the middle of her contract and didn’t complete her duties. Her so-called dedicated fans should know this and accept that she’s moving on to new challenges in her life. And one would think they would be excited for her if they were such fans.

        Overbearing sense of entitlement is one of the worst traits of modern “fandom”. Very unbecoming.

    • Ellen says:

      Chill out. It sounds to me like she wouldn’t be against guesting, but news flash – DAVID SHORE HAS NOT CALLED HER!!!

      • dalilita says:

        LOL, EXACTLY! But haters are so eager to jump down her throat that they will blatantly try to twist her words and disregard the facts (as they have been doing for ages).

    • bella says:

      well someone needs to make that damn phone call, if fans want closure, and it’s not up to her at this point.

    • Cathy says:

      She can’t give you any closure if they don’t write it; not her fault. I don’t think she’s forgetting a thing, I think David Shore created an amazing character in House, and then put him into a corner with no way out. If people don’t like the character of Cuddy, I don’t know why they are necessarily blaming her, either. She didn’t write the material.

      David Shore needs to use the phone to book her if he wants to give the fans closure, because if he doesn’t do it soon, it sounds like her schedule will be booked up. Then they can blame it on her again, but let’s face it, she’s been turned into the fall guy. Shore needs to really respond to the fans, not put it back on others.

    • xav says:

      Whatever. I’m a fan of Lisa but not of the show. I like her from The West Wing, Sports Night, Relativity, Ally McBeal, etc. I’m glad that she left the sinking ship of House and moved on to a better show, even if it’s only for a few episodes.

  16. Eric says:

    So it was her decision to leave the show. Its always “take it or leave it” in the TV-world these days. You take what you’re offered or you go. Therefore she has to live with her decision and SHE DOES! Her fans should stop whining about it or blame others for it. It is really embarrassing for her. She is still alive and nor is she only able to play just this one character. If there are really fans out there who can’t live with out a fictional Cuddy in their lives. Get help!

  17. stacy says:

    I love her! :D Hope she doesn’t go back to this mess that is House now.And OMG possible new series. YES, PLEASE!

  18. JB says:

    She doesn’t really seem bitter to me.

    But Lisa, you need to be in front of the camera! I hope you don’t get too into doing so much producing that you’re not also acting!

  19. funnygirl says:

    A lot of phone calls? and she just plays in 3 episodes of TGW! HAHA let me laugh for a minute

    • Annoyed says:

      I’ll be laughing with you. lol!!!

      • LMAO says:

        You poor things. Must be hard to stomach her signing up with the best drama on TV within three days, and that without any storylines at hand, just because they wanted her that bad. Such a blow, right? Now guess who is dying from laugh watching your red faces exploding? :D

        • Annoyed says:

          When LE vanishes from the limelight entirely (shouldn’t be long!) I want you to come crawling back with your tail between your legs. She was a bit player before House and a bit player she will remain.

          • @Annoyed says:

            That butthurt, huh? I feel for you, buddy. Stop flexing it, it will heal much better. LMAO, priceless.

          • Teresa says:

            Very true. House would have been better off had she remained a secondary character with minimal screen time (please don’t come back). I don’t like the woman and I don’t care what she does post House (as long as she stays far, far away from the other shows I enjoy).That being said, good luck to her.

    • funny for you says:

      Funny for you. Apparently others think she gets a lot of phone calls too since they have sent out tweets when hanging out with her saying how many she gets, which is why they can break to tweet her fans photos. Troll. Your hate is ridiculous!

    • Dani says:

      I don’t doubt that she has a lot of phone calls for a second. She’s at a position in her career where she has the financial and professional stability to sit back and pick and choose what she wants to do. Good for her!

      Seen as she missed the pilot season because of how long the negotiations went on I don’t see how a guest stint in a show that’s highly respected and has a number of Emmy nominations is something to be embarrassed about at all.

    • troll says:

      LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jack says:

    Thanks Ausiello. From what was not said about the negotiations by either Shore or Edelstein, the split doesn’t sound amicable.

  21. heather_kaye says:

    I guess it’s all in how you read it – I don’t think she sounds at all angry. Disappointed, yes, but not angry. I’m sure this decision process was frustrating all around, but both parties had to do what was right for them, from a business standpoint and from a creative one. And it sounds like she’s exploding, creatively, so it must have been right for her.
    That said, I will miss her on House – there are going to be so many changes to the equation this year, I am hoping against hope that there ends up being some kind of balance…somewhere. Sigh. Too many shows to keep up with this fall, anyway, so maybe it will be awful and will free up my DVR a touch.

  22. Lana says:



  23. :)) says:

    House sucks now anyway MEH, gotta watch something else.

  24. Steve says:

    So she only cares about the money! she don’t cares about her fans! I liked her but she disappointed me. she’s selfish

  25. Jay says:

    So Shore talks and talks to the media about wanting to have Lisa back, but never actually contacts her? He’s probably just doing damage control with fans and never actually intends to call her.

    Looking forward to her stint on The Good Wife, which is a favorite show of mine (also, hoping it continues to do well with the move to Sunday!)Maybe we’ll hear more from you about her other new projects soon?

    • jaded says:

      Guess he’s lying to calm the fans lol.. Well I’m not watching either way so I guess his plan will not be too successful.. I feel sorry for Hugh because he’s stuck there for at least another season!

  26. bruna says:

    great interview, Ausiello! good to see her talk and confirms my suspicious! Go, Lisa!

  27. Luna says:

    They could have gotten rid of Olivia Wilde who won’t be on much because she’s a movie star now! Or Taub/Foreman who nobody really cares about in order to save one of the most important characters in the show. But no,DS and crew rather keep useless characters and ruin the whole show. Let’s hope that idiot DS invites her back for the finale.

  28. unusual says:

    Well, I agree with ya, people up there, that she sounds pretty angry, etc. I guess she’d like to have that call from Shore & then she’d [possibly] back for a while (?) to the [House MD] show. I also have to say that I can’t stand she’ll play in other [not just] series. For me it’s kinda like betrayal & it’s probably because i was used to see her playing [role] as Dr Lisa Cuddy . But I’m happy for her & I can’t wait to see her project.

  29. WHAT? says:

    @Gi I didn’t see anything she said to make me think her decision was bitterness over the money.

    @Liz She didn’t say DS wouldn’t answer her calls. She said she has not talked to anyone over there. She didn’t even imply that she has called him. I believe her implication was that he has not called her

    I appreciate this interview from Lisa. It took a lot of guts to do what she did and I respect her tremendously for doing what she believes in necessary.

  30. Miri says:

    Thanks for this!!! I’ll wacth Lisa in TGW, Can’t wait for the new season… I hope she gets to do a scene with Cary… My favorite show and one of my favorite actress together that is great television!!!1

  31. Sally says:

    Loved the interview. There must have been clearly serious creative contrasts about Edelstein and Shore, if they don’t even talk, she clearly hates the direction the show was taking and especially the finale. So i guess after also the contract negotiations she preferred to go, even if that meant say goodbye to a successful show. Bold and bright lady. I just hope she wouldn’t go back to that mess.

  32. Trish says:

    I think it was a bitch move on her part to leave the show because of a pay cut. Everyone stayed. It doesn’t sound like she’s got a lot going on other than TGW which is not even that much. I used to really like her, now I’m not so sure. Every time someone from House has an interview they talk about how sad they are that she left and that they would love for her to return as a guest start, and here she goes talking about how she hasn’t even talked to anyone from House since she left. Just plain rude. I loved Cuddy, she was a great character in the show and the show will definitely not be the same without Cuddy, but I don’t like Lisa Edelstein for doing this to the show, to her co-workers and specially to the fans of House who have watched the show for years and stuck to it through good and bad.

    • BRETT says:

      Like your job, it is HER job. She doesn’t owe anything to anyone, and has the right to leave whenever she wishes. Just like YOU could quit your job and go on with your life. Why is she not given the same treatment?

    • Jay says:

      “Everyone stayed.”
      That’s because only 3 people were asked to take a paycut – Lisa, RSL, and Omar. RSL did not accept the paycut and is coming back at his old salary. So that left the woman and the black guy to take the hit. I’m actually glad she said no – she’s been there since day 1; they should’ve cut Olivia Wilde since she’ll be off doing movies and only be in a few episodes anyway. Jennifer Morrison was treated exactly the same way. I really don’t see how you could blame Lisa Edelstein in this situation.

      • Um... says:

        RSL took a pay cut by agreeing to less episodes. He will film 18 of 22. That’s a decrease of $700k.

        And OW’s contract wasn’t up for renegotiation this season.

        • Crick says:

          But they were asking For the reduced episodes AND a paycut for each episode. RSL only took the reduced episode – because it worked with his plans to do more theatre and be with family. Guess he was selfish too, but since it worked out okay for his fans you won’t complain. What a petty argument! Besides, it’s clear it wasn’t just about money, but it obviously was the last straw.

      • Samantha says:

        Jennifer Morrison wasn’t even given the choice to accept a paycut, she was simply written out. So you can’t say Jennifer was treated exactly the same way.

        • Mayra says:

          The problem with Jennifer Morrison is that nobody liked her (cast, crew and audience). That´s why they let her go.

          • BS says:

            and the JMohaters are here !
            please give me your source ! it’s just BS like usual with you

          • Samantha says:

            everybody who has worked with her has said she’s a sweetheart, that’s why she got a role on How I met your mother and now on Once Upon A Time, so I guess she’s well liked :D

          • @Samantha says:

            Samantha, maybe that’s why she didn’t click with the House folks – allegedly. She is nice and sweet, and they are mostly dark and sarcastic. Nothing’s wrong with either, btw. I have no knowledge on the subject, just speculating.

          • Sharona says:

            If no one liked her, why would she get so much work? Seems ridiculous. And I’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about her who’s met her.

        • Trish says:

          Best decision ever made. Most annoying character ever!

      • E says:

        Wrong, Jesse Spencer also took a pay cut.

    • Jenn says:

      Laurie said they talked about Huddy and that he’s very happy for her about TGW. For Edelstein wasn’t clearly only a pay cut problem (besides, that was asked only to Epps and her, according to Variety), Shore constantly lied about her since she left, the problem seems also on an artistic level.

      • jaded says:

        yeah she seems fine with Hugh so I guess the one she had a problem with was David Shore.

      • Doya says:

        JMos comment at TCA suggest there was more than money too. Sounds like something was brewing behing the scenes for years. People want to make LE some kind of bad guy, but clearly there are issues that especially attack women on that show.

      • Oh, puh-leeeeze says:

        Laurie did NOT say “they talked about Huddy…” etc. He said, “We all miss Lisa very much.” Period. You’re a HuLi and you offend me.

        • you are welcome says:

          Actually, some big name journo twitted about it from TCAs, so Hugh did say that in a half-private conversation. There is nothing wrong with being good friends, get your mind off the gutter.

        • Luc says:

          It was Keck with TV Guide who reported that HL said he spoke with LE about how awesome Huddy was and how she’ll be missed and that he was proud that TGW grabbed her. Not a HuLi comment. Just a fact. Besides, there is no HuLi. Get a grip.

          • Jennie says:

            Soooo. The goddess says that she hasn’t talked to anyone “over there” and you believe the TV guide dude????

            Okaaay then.

          • A-Ha! says:

            Nice catch, Jennie! I love it when people trip over themselves. “Everybody lies.”

          • Sara says:


            The hasn’t talked to anyone over there comment was in response to a question about her returning as a guest star, he didn’t ask if she had any contact with anyone from the show. I took the hasn’t talked to anyone to mean she hasn’t talked to the show runners, people who would be in a position to ask her back.

  33. LEfan4Life says:



  34. Diane says:

    Great interview! Glad to see that Lisa is doing well and moving on with her career. Can’t wait to see her in TGW :)

  35. unusual says:

    I forgot to say: Whatever happens, I support her on every step, because I can’t remove her from my life! I can’t just throw it all off of my life. It’s too hard, and that’s why I have mixed feelings about it. Still, I SUPPORT LISA E.!

  36. Widget says:

    I like Lisa but who pissed in her cornflakes??! I think this was about more than money cause she sounds pissed! I hope David makes that phone call because the fans want and need closure!!!

  37. Fernanda says:

    Um, I don’t think she sounds pissed (or disappointed, for that matter), and it’s hard to tell when you’re reading an interview, anyway.
    The thing with ‘House’ bosses is that they have a record regarding this kind of situation. Just like with Jennifer Morrison departure, they’ve vocalized several times they want Lisa Edelstein back, when in reality they’ve done, apparently, very little effort to make that happen.

    • Sharona says:

      Seriously. They actually had to pay Jennifer Morrison for three episodes last season – you’d think they’d try to make it worth the money!

      I guess it was so much more important to have Chase hook up with everything that moves and feature Taub’s crumbling marriage storyline over and over and over. Sometimes it’s like these people shouldn’t be running a bake sale, much less a TV show.

  38. JB says:

    Umm, haters, Lisa didn’t do anything “to the show”. IMO she just jumped off of a sinking ship. Blame David Shore. He’s the one who’s gone off the deepend with the storylines since mid-Season 7.

    I hope she doesn’t return for the finale or whatever. They don’t deserve her. I have nothing against the other actors, but I really despise David Shore these days.

    • Um... says:

      So let me get this straight. By haters you mean those who don’t like Lisa Edelstein, but it’s okay to hate David Shore. Riiiiiiiiight.

      • Dani says:

        I think there is a bit of a difference. Shore and Fox made decisions creatively that compromised people he worked with, whilst LE chose to back out of a situation that compromised her morally and financially. If it affected the decisions he’s had to make regarding season 8 then he’s got nobody to blame but himself and the execs from the network.

  39. unusual says:

    @Widget I agree ! And she sounds as pissed as disappointed.

  40. the old proofreader says:

    Affect, effect, hey, who needs an editor when you’ve got spellcheck?

  41. Jenn says:

    I guess she would have loved to be also in the final season, but Shore, with his idiotic plots and Fox with their offensive strategy on pay cuts (asked only to the black actor and to the woman who’s over forty? Sheesh) didn’t make it possible. She preferred to leave instead of working for less money in a show that was going in a direction she hated. I hate it too, so I guess now I need another show to watch. The Good wife seems perfect :)

  42. Kari says:

    I’m excited Lisa didn’t come back to House because now I get to actually see her be the incredible actress she is. House (David Shore) rarely gave her any lines or anything much to do other than bend over in low cut blouses and tight skirts (which I’m not complaining about the benefits of yoga here). I can’t wait for The Good Wife where the writers actually write for women in believable voices. Good for you Lisa for having ovaries and valuing your worth!

  43. Ocean says:

    awesome interview. seemed honest. interesting to not have her gushing over all-that-is-House anymore. i like it.

  44. Jessica says:

    I don’t see her gushing over the way the season ended so I get the feeling she was not exactly happy the way it played out. That said, she and Hugh played their roles to perfection as always. I loved that she recognized most of the audience agreed the finale was over the top.
    I could see the possibility of her considering even on a part-time basis IF someone made a call and IF it were the right circumstances for her and for the show. I would welcome it because frankly I don’t think Greg House is beyond redemption. The writers and Shore wrote him into this mess they can write him out…intelligently, if they wanted to that is.
    Lisa, like the rest of us, is just trying to make a living at doing something she enjoys. And just like the rest of us, her livelihood depends on her talents so she should go where the opportunity is. There’s still a lot we don’t know, may never know about what happened and that’s fine. I will always believe that it was a combination of salary issues and Shore’s decision to take the lead characters down that road he took them in Season 7.
    What matters is that what was once the best television show on the air lost a fine actress and a very important part of the show’s dynamic which is House-Cuddy-Wilson. The three of them together on that show were an important part of the foundation. Without one of them it doesn’t seem right.

  45. Nikki says:

    I love this interview with Lisa. She sounds like she is doing well with everything that happen after House. The show House was getting to be really bad after the fifth season, so I think she was smart to leave the show now then later. I cannot wait to see her in TGW, the show is already amazing and she will make so much better. Also, her upcoming projects I cannot wait to see or hear about. It is good that she can be ceative in another light. Till next time.

  46. AjL says:

    BYE LISA!!!! Not going to miss you. After 7 good years on house, I hope your fall into obscurity isn’t too hard on you.

  47. Sally says:

    To be honest, I’m totally glad she’s gone, and I won’t miss her at all. Huddy totally ruined Cuddy’s character, I can’t stand her anymore.
    BTW “we” don’t love and “we” won’t miss her. Her fans do, the rest of us House fans not necessarily, so please LE fans, don’t pretend it’s all of “us” missing her. Nevertheless, good luck to Lisa Edelstein for her future career.
    And now, bring on the new season of House, can’t wait for it! :D

    • A says:

      I agree! :D

    • @Sally says:

      Same goes for you. As a House fan, I am a fan of hers too, so please don’t pretend to speak for all of “us”. “We” love her and “we” will miss her.

    • Mayra says:

      lol Liz the hameron. FYI there are only a few mo***s who hate her (you included). The rest of the audience either like her or just don´t care. The fact that the 4 hamerons and the 5 hilsons want her to die and keep trolling everywhere doesn´t mean the rest of the world share those feelings.

      • The Truth says:

        Honey you’re the troll. I noticed your reply to every comment made by a supposed House/Cameron fan. There are as many House/Cameron and House/Wilson fans as there are Huddies. We’re just not as obnoxiously vocal about them!

        • . says:

          lol this. If you look on livejournal, the main House/Wilson community has over 1000 more members than the House/Cuddy one

    • Tee says:

      Personally I really liked her on the show. I wasn’t all blahblah Camp Huddy or whatever, but I didn’t mind the idea that the writers were at least were trying something new from the usual dynamic last season. At first, that is. The relationship quickly got cringeworthy.

      In general the show is getting very tiring, can’t blame LE for not wanting to go back to the usual thing Cuddy was doing before. And as a bonus maybe someone else assuming the role of DoM will help shake things up a little.

    • Xina says:

      I agree !!!

  48. Rain says:

    I never thought she was a great actress but she was magic with Hugh. She won’t ever have a pairing as good as the one she had on House md. The show wasted their opportunity to really explore a relationship between their characters. I hope that one day she will return to the show to give her character a proper ending.

  49. dari says:

    Wow Lisa take an antacid .. your interview gives me the creeps!!
    Not going to miss you.. byeeeeeeeeee

  50. Curt says:

    You go Edelstein, I find her very talented and I love a lady who can defend herself. She took the right decision, House series is irredeemable. I didn’t know she’s on TGW when does the new season start?

    • Polly says:


      I seriously doubt that House will rise back to its glory after this atrocious seventh season.

      and don’t even try to put the blame on her because Huddy didn’t work.
      Huddy was ugly because it was written in an ugly way.
      it could have been really good and interesting to explore as a sub plot .
      they however decided to change it in “One Tree House” (or House’s Creek if you prefer :D ) and make the cases the subplot, and this screwed the series up.