Justin Chambers Uncertain About His Grey's Future, Talks Possible Series Finale: 'I'm Sad'

Since the contracts of many of its original cast members are set to expire in May, Grey’s Anatomy could well play out its most suspenseful story off screen this season — potentially its last.

Whether the actors stay or leave, and whether the ABC hit does call it a day, Justin Chambers is keenly aware that there is no turning back. “It makes me sad to know that we’re closer to the end [than the beginning],” the actor tells TVLine. “[But] it’s been a great ride. It really has. There was no better job that I could’ve fallen into.”

Like Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo, Chambers is undecided about whether he’ll re-sign, even if there does turn out to be a series with which to re-sign. “I don’t know if I’ll go farther,” he insists. “I don’t know if the show will go farther. When we get to that point, we’ll go from there…

“We know it’s going to end sooner or later,” he continues. “It’s just about ending well and the audience getting what they want out of it, and maybe there are some amends made with the characters, because they’re very flawed.”

If he and his fellow MDs don’t re-up, Chambers is skeptical about the chances of Grey’s‘ survival. “It’s possible [it could go on], but I doubt it,” he says. “Meredith is the voice. We need that voice — I do think that. That’s a big part of it.”

For her part, series creator Shonda Rhimes remains confident the show will return for a ninth season. “I don’t presume to speak for the studio or the network,” she says, “but I don’t think this is the last season of the show.”

Neither does ABC president Paul Lee. Although this week he announced that Desperate Housewives would end after its eighth season, he’s far from ready to set an end date to Grey’s. “Hopefully, [it] is going to go on for many, many years to come,” he says, shrugging off any concern about his stars’ contracts expiring. “We don’t have to face that for some time.”

In the meantime, the show has another milestone to mark. The second hour of its Sept. 22 season premiere is its 150th episode. “It seems like the 100th just came up,” Chambers admits. “Maybe we will go to 200. You never know.”

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  1. Dominique says:

    I would be sad if Ellen and Patrick left after this season, but I’d still watch. But if Justin checks out, then so am I.
    Alex is my favorite character.

  2. Sara says:

    Finally a cast member who appreciates the people he works with (Sara and Chyler should learn from him!). I really do agree with him and honestly, the show is already a disaster, I don’t want to think about how it will be without the people who make it watchable.

    • Jan says:

      Here we go again…

      • Billie says:

        There are a handful of very active online posters who enjoy going to every conceivable comment section where GREY’S is featured to repost almost verbatim the same anti-anyone-but-Ellen-and-Patrick drek over and over and over and… It’s annoying and, frankly, does a disservice to Ellen and Patrick by souring others to their contributions by creating a backlash. I watch GREY’S for Ellen and Patrick and Justin and Sandra and Chandra and Kevin and Chyler and Eric and Sara and Jessica and formerly T.R. when he was on. It’s a good, not great, show and if it ends when EP, PD, and JC depart then so be it, if not, I’ll continue to watch with the remaining talented cast.

    • Liz says:

      You’re right Sara, Chyler seemed waaayyy too eager to replace Ellen, it was disgusting. Ellen IS the Grey, Justin is right about that.

    • Captain says:

      So Sara and Chyler should want their jobs to end because Ellen does?

    • Mary says:

      I wish people would show some sense of perspective. Wanting the show to continue even if some of the original cast members leave does not automatically mean people are being ungrateful. It means they would like to keep their jobs. Jobs that help them support their families. And many of these people have husbands, wives and children. What do you want to hear from them? That they’d rather resign and abandon the opportunity to stay on a somewhat stable acting job with secure income than consider the possibility of Grey’s continuing without Ellen, Justin or Sandra? This is really just fans creating unnecessary drama again.

    • lorna says:

      What’s wrong with Sara and Chyler? Callie should have been gone ages ago. She’s annoying. I HATED Lucy from s7, she was rude and ungrateful and stabbed Alex in the back. Give him a GOOD love interest, FFS.

      • jj says:

        i agree about Callie. She started out as a promising character but so much has gone wrong since then. She was never believable with George (but then neither was Izzy)The whole bi out of the blue thing, the back and forth with Eric. The whole relationship with both female docs was unappealing- esp. that whole going to Africa storyline where she was supportive and then got all whiny about it… I don’t like Callie when she’s with Arizona. Ugh I just don’t like Callie at all actually. She just grates… I hate Lucy too. There aren’t really any likeable characters on Grey’s anymore. I’m not really rooting for anyone

        • Caro says:

          I’m sad but I kind of feel the same way. The show used to be great, but even when it was great, they went too far with some stories. Now, I’m still watching because Mer & Der are finally together forever, but even that seems to be an issue – AGAIN! I’m getting so tired of these old ancient issues… I thought Shonda could do better, but apparently she only has one story to tell: numerous hookups between almost every character, followed by breakups and even worse. She jumped the shark with George/Meredith, George/Izzie, Addison/Alex, Alex/Callie and in my opinion with the whole Callie/Arizona/Eric thing. She ruins great characters like Eric, who had a lot of potential for growing in his character. I used to start to respect him but she ruined it and now he’s just lame. Same with Bailey. She used to be one of the best characters and now she’s supposedly in love with a nurse?! I don’t buy it. I don’t buy a lot of things. It makes me wonder why I’m still watching a show that is making me so tired. I want to either love the characters or don’t bother, I don’t want to love them and then watch them get destroyed. I loved Lucy/Alex, loved Eric/Addison, loved Eric/Lexie but again – ruined. Shonda can’t expect us to keep yearning for couples to get back together when she makes them hookup with everyone. There’s a limit and beyond that point people will quit caring and will ultimately quit watching. I’m not that far, because of Mer & Der but I am tired. And hoping it will get better instead of worse. I think it’s better that a show stops when everything is good than to wait for it to die a painful death. I fear the worst but hope for the best.

  3. lene says:

    I’ve stopped watching. I started watching for Ellen and Patrick. And they barely had any airtime last season. And they should have gotten the pregnancy storyline. Instead Shonda gave those frontburner storylines to Callie/Arizona/Mark, and now Cristina/Owen. Ridiculous.

    • Brooke says:

      What’s with the adoption bias? The adoption storyline for Meredith is a lovely idea.

    • jj says:

      agreed. the idea that in a love triangle that involved three surgeons there would be an unplanned pregnancy is laughable. No birth control for a professional woman with no plans to get pregnant? No condom when sleeping with a man who is known to be a slut? especially when this show made a point of showing an STD outbreak in one of the early seasons. And same with Christina. After having an unplanned ectopic pregnancy are we to believe that a MARRIED woman living with her husband who REALLY doesn’t want to have a baby wouldn’t be on some form of birth control? With either of these cases, they could’ve made thes story work if they’d just addressed the obvious. So unrealistic and part of why i don’t care if i see this show or not. definitely not must see tv.

  4. Amy says:

    Justin Chambers is awesome. Next to Meredith, Alex is has always been my favorite character on the show and it is so nice to see him acknowledge Ellen Pompeo and her contributions to Grey’s so kindly. I hope all three stay. To me, the more of the season one characters that leave, the less chance there will be of me continuing to watch. Having said that, I have really enjoyed all the original actors on this show, and as long as they stay, will continue to. Thank you Ausiello for the great Justin Chambers interview!

    • kim says:

      i agree. I still miss george’s character, I feel like lexie has kind of ‘taken the role of’ izzie but no ones really like george

    • Alicia says:

      Agreed, the original cast members are the reason I watch the show. If Grey’s has a ninth season (which Shonda seems intent on) I hope the original cast continue on in a cohesive fashion. Hopefully, Justin/Ellen/Patrick/Sandra etc can negotiate together (a la “Friends”) so that no one is screwed over (a la “House”).
      Going forward it would be a shame if Derek (for example) “had to die” because a contract couldn’t be worked out with Patrick. Since there’s really no meaningful way to continue Meredith’s story without him (and vice versa). Shonda & Co really should think about that since they insist the show must go on.

      • Caro says:

        If Shonda kills off Derek the last episode I will have watched has already aired. I prefer to fantasize about Mer & Der happy in their dream house or off to Afrika doing some good there, than watching the greatest couple on tv getting crushed!

        Shonda should take lesson from Brothers & Sisters – every great character there left and the star couple ended because they killed Rob Lowe’s character. The result: Now the show is cancelled. I’m not surprised!

      • Michaela says:

        I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind seeing either Der or Meredith on their own anymore. Derek more so than Meredith because she always has stories outside of their relationship every season with fake daddy Richard and her friends, but Derek has nothing but work and being Meredith’s husband. And maybe a couple of scenes with Mark every year. I understand that Shonda sees herself in Meredith and identifies with her while Derek probably never got out of the McDreamy box she put him early on. But I’m still sad Shonda is so limited in writing for them and especially for Derek. My passion for Mer and Der has cooled off bit for bit since season three and I wouldn’t mind sacrificing Shonda’s version of an onscreen happy ending for them if this meant we’d get a more in-depth look at Derek’s character instead.
        Put the focus on his family for a change, for example. Allow him to be flawed and explore the parts of his personality that are not McDreamy for more than one or two episodes. There’s still a lot about his time in New York I’m dying to know more about. But it’s never going to happen. I think Shonda has no interest in all of this and that’s probably one of the reasons why Patrick is fed up and ready to leave. No matter if she splits Meredith and Derek up or pushes them together in her version of a happy ending, Shonda will never give Derek the material that could make him a memorable character outside of his trademark McDreamy label.
        The only thing I still want to see during season eight is a crossover with Private Practice so Derek can more scenes with his sister and some closure on that front before Patrick backs up his stuff and leaves to focus on his movie career.

  5. Julie says:

    Even if the show were to go on for more seasons, if Justin is gone then I’m not watching the show. Alex is the most intriguing character the show has and the reason I still tune in. The truth is the show has gone down in quality in recent years by adding way too many characters and focusing on lame characters with over the top and contrived story lines.

    I would love for Justin to move on to something else because I feel his talent is being wasted on this show. Whatever choice he does end up making, I wish him the best because he truly is a good guy.

  6. hello says:

    Why not start the cast-negotiations now so a decision can be made if it is the final season or not. If many, or most of the original castmembers decide this is it for them there is no reason to continue

  7. James P says:

    I hope season 8 will be better than season 7. I felt it was the Callie/Arizona and Mark show it focused less on meeidith and the original characters except for christina

    • lorna says:

      Agreed. And annoying April. EW.

      • Caro says:

        And can they also stop adding more useless characters like Jackson and that new peds guy and Eli? Of course you can add characters; adding Eric and Owen and Teddy was a GREAT idea but it shouldn’t mean the original characters don’t have a storyline or a ‘life’ anymore. Ones like Bailey, Richard, Eric hardly get any screen time but it goes to boring scenes with characters that I guess a lot of people wouldn’t miss if they’d be gone. I like the actors but don’t see the use of the characters Jackson, April, peds guy (I even forgot his name!) and Eli. Please focus on the ones that deserve a good storyline and explore their characters before adding more people, please!
        I understand Shonda feels like she needs to add players if she wants to create some sort of ER kind of show, and needs to spread the risks because Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson might want to quit Grey’s, but… they most likely will quit sooner when their characters have become a shadow of what they were! Shonda seems to forget about that. You cannot have it all. You need to invest in your current characters, for the actors themselves and for the fans. You cannot expect everyone to accept everything.
        Grey’s turns into a soap opera more and more. If that is what she wants to write, she should start a Bold and Beautiful spinoff.

        • Sierra says:

          Caro, Grey’s has ALWAYS been a soap opera, from the first scene in the pilot! It doesn’t need to “turn into” one. The fact that it IS one is what makes most people watch it. If you don’t like it, turn the channel and stop whining.

  8. Mandy says:

    Alex is one of the most consistant and compelling characters on the show. Justin Chambers does such a great job every week, whether his character is featured prominatley or playing more of a supporting role.
    I would love to see the show continue for a few more seasons. But, what I want more than that, is for all those whose contracts are up to decide well in advance what they want to do. That will give the showrunners lots of notice to decide what their plan it. I hate when these things come down to the wire.

  9. Hannah says:

    I don’t understand why they don’t give Justin better storylines. He’s a great actor, completely committed to this show, he never causes any kind of media drama and plays a fan favourite character. And yet all he gets is the other character’s stupid leftovers. It’s really disappointing.

    • Samantha says:

      It truly is disappointing to see a talented actor and a compelling character like Alex wasted like he has been. It seems like there was a plan when Alex and Izzie got back together and got married but once Katherine Heigl left they had to trash the plans and didn’t know what to do with Alex. So all we’ve had is Alex being a Pediatric surgeon story line and a couple of failed not-serious relationships (Lexie, Lucy) with Shonda still basically saying Alex hasn’t moved on or at least hasn’t been happy since Izzie which in Grey’s timeline was like over 2 years ago (but this show’s timeline is so messed up). That just reflects what poor storytelling the show has and the fact that Shonda isn’t all that interested in the character of Alex preferring to concentrate on her new toys and lame love triangles.
      Justin (and Alex) deserves more and better.

      • Caro says:

        I couldn’t agree more! See my previous comment. She destroyes the characters and also actors’ will to stay because of the lack of creativity. I hate the current Cristina-storyline, by the way.

  10. ang says:

    Hannah must have short term memory loss and forget all the pictures of Justin drunk and at a bar with a bunch of girls that were not his wife and when he checked into rehab for ‘sleeping issues’.

    • Deena says:

      I have a very long memory and I don’t remember that. I do remember seeing photos of him sleeping at a table by himself along with rumors and innuendo that weren’t backed up by any photos. I believe that they were in Star Magazine, that icon of journalistic integrity.

    • Nancy says:

      Doesn’t mean she’s wrong ’bout Alex and his lack of stories though. And I doubt the stuff you mentioned has anything to do with it.

    • Samantha says:

      No, actually you must have long term memory loss. Get your facts straight before you make yourself look like an idiot. He was vacationing in Palm Springs and was sleeping at his table at a bar. A few “fans” took pictures of him and sold them to a tabloid magazine (Star magazine) and the tabloid itself printed that Justin was NOT SERVED ANY ALCOHOL that night. This was all around the time when Justin was struggling with his sleep disorder. Furthermore, he checked in for 2 days at the UCLA psychiatric hospital (what you’re referring to as “rehab”) where he was medically induced to sleep because he was suffering from exhaustion from going so long (about two months) without really sleeping. If he had a drinking problem he wouldn’t check into rehab for only 2 days (Look at Eric Dane who just recently completed a 30 day stint in rehab for drug addiction) and neither would he be allowed to continue to consume alcohol which he does. Sorry to break it to you but Justin did tell the truth about having a sleep disorder and he didn’t/doesn’t have an addiction problem. It’s not his fault that he has a medical problem (which he hasn’t let affect his work and commitment to Grey’s Anatomy) and there has never been once instance or rumored instance of him acting unprofessionally or causing problems on set. In fact, his Grey’s co-stars and even guest stars have always praised him and said how great it was/is to work with him.

  11. PDizzle says:

    I Don’t think it would be the same Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith, Alex et al…, but I think it could still be a great show without them. ER’s last couple of seasons without any original cast members were some of their strongest IMHO.

  12. nyla says:

    tptb and the leads need to make a decision so the show can have a proper ending.

    • Gretchen says:

      Agreed. I am tired of shows that are canceled last minute meaning that there is no good ending. Law & Order, Without a Trace, even NUMB3RS to name a few. I know the bigwigs like to wait, but that isn’t really fair to fans of any show.

  13. Robert says:

    See. I don’t understand why ABC is ending Desperate Housewives and not Grey’s Anatomy. Overall in ratings for the past season, DH has beaten GA. I love Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, however, I think that it’s time for GA to bow out while it, like DH, is a viable show to ABC. I’d rather them announce the last season than cancel it in may sweeps.

    • ingmar says:

      Gotta correct you there. Grey’s had better ratings for the entire season in a way harder night with more and stronger oppononents ( Bones, CSI, Big Bang, etc ).

    • Cara says:

      You obviously don’t know much about the TV industry. DH has slid more in the ratings than GA has, and in fact had considerably worse demos during the 2010-11 season. It’s a less valuable show to ABC than GA is, which is proven by the fact that it’s ending after this season while ABC has announced no end date for GA. If ABC valued DH more, it would not be taking it off the air before it removes GA, plain and simple.

  14. Liz says:

    Honestly, they should do like Desperate, and leave while they’re still high.
    I was SUCH a fan of that show, I have loved season 1, 2 & the first half of season 3 SO much!
    But then, it went reeeaally wrong, Meredith was suddenly a clone of Christina (she wanted “moonlight & candy… and then she didn’t want anything romantic! WTF?), MerDer didn’t have any screentime, or the little they had, it was to break them up AGAIN! (Derek said he would wait… then did the Addison n°2 mistake again, the character proving he didn’t learn anything, when just the episode before, he understood her?).
    I SO get why Patrih Dempsey is pissed with the will they/won’t they thing. And Ellen honestly said that she didn’t fight when she didn’t like the storylines anymore. She knows Shonda will never change, and will never admit when she f*cked up…
    Everyone stays for the checks, and that’s sad… They should end it now.

  15. Liz says:

    Plus, it has become waaayyy too depressing. You don’t watch tv to be depressed. Angst is ok, but this is ridiculous.

  16. Sam says:

    If indeed all the original core cast members leave, the biggest question will be whether ABC gives the show without these characters a chance or decided to end “in the classiest way possible”! ‘Grey’s’ is not ER and it’s soapy nature makes such a transion hard.

    Could this coming season be the end of the 2 (of 3) ABC hits that put the web on map in 2004? Yes. If yes, let them not forget to pick that lame cat called ‘Private Practice’!

  17. jana says:

    I can’t imagine ABC would end both DH and GA in the same year. They are not that stupid. GA may lose viewers if some of the original don’t return, but it’s still hugely successful.

    • Robert says:

      So is Desperate Housewives. DH is actually doing a lot better in ratings and Grey’s Anatomy is still good, but I think it should end on top like Desperate Housewives is doing this year.

  18. Willa says:

    I think they all want major salary hikes if they stay.
    Grey’s Anatomy just might be on her last leg.

  19. Sam says:

    JC is great. I’ve always felt bad for him because he’s never really had his own great sl imo. I do think once him, EP and PD leave GA is done for… Its already done for imo but def once they leave.

  20. David says:

    Last season sucked and I think they should call the show Gay’s Anatomy because of storylines was dedicated to Callie/Arizona/Mark
    They should end it

    • Kenya says:

      Oh how I love this “argument”. But we still need someone to mention the famous silverplatter on which Callie and Arizona presumably get “everything” handed to them. And someone to make the claim that Sofia will have a terrible, terrible childhood because she was born to two mommies and a daddy and Arizona allegedly hates her daughter. Anyone?

  21. Larc says:

    Justin is one of the two best actors on Grey’s, IMO. The other one is Chandra Wilson.

  22. Josephine says:

    one thing needs to be said those who could decide to leave is not even only ED and DP or JC, it is also Sandra Oh, the guy who plays the cheif, and the one who plays Baily, and if they all decided to leave, there would be a huge loss in viewers…

  23. Jake says:

    ABC’s Paul Lee shrugging off any concern about his stars’ contracts expiring said,”We don’t have to face that for some time.” Seriously? Um….Pompeo, Oh, Chambers, Wilson, Pickens and Dempsey’s contract’s expire in May as far as we know. He’s got to give Rhimes some time to wrap things up if they don’t sign on. Hopefully they are having contract talks unknown to us. Unless he really believes the show can continue with just the newbies and a couple of the other characters added in recent years.

  24. Taanja says:

    All I know is Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh are the two reasons I still watch Grey’s. I love Alex and JC but it is Meredith that is the Grey in Grey’s. Period. And without the twisted sisters the show is dead to me!

  25. Greg says:

    Greys revived itself in the last two years, and showed that they could bring in a new cast and move the show along. Izzie, Berke and George are not missed at all. The show should go on.

    • David says:

      Couldn’t be more wrong

    • jj says:

      wtf? do you have any standards at all? the characters are all unlikable now and completely unrealistic.

      • Caro says:

        I agree, the characters used to be great but now are unlikable and unrealistic! It’s depressing. Burke gone and Addison gone – huge losses for the show! The great characters are hardly recognizable! Everything else is depressing and fans are hoping, hoping, hoping, but all we got was Meredith & Derek married for real and nothing else. One thing that we wanted but again all we hear is that they are seperated at the beginning of season 8. So again one hope is trashed or ruined.

  26. H says:

    Grey’s should take a note from Desperate Housewives & not continue to overstay their welcome. Too many shows do & it only hurts the show.

  27. Brittany says:

    Without the main cast I dont think the show has a chance… unfortunately. It’s like having House without Hugh or Friends with only Matt, and we all know how well Joey did…

  28. derby says:

    I cannot believe its lasted this long. I watched the first season. And while it was fine overall, the problem was that it felt designed for women. Where a much better (in every way) show like ‘ER’ seemed to reel in both men and women, ‘Greys’ just feels like a show more suited to a female viewer. Not based on substance, just overall style and tone of the show. Okay – it feels like a well-produced soap opera at times and not a legit TV drama.

  29. J. says:

    I love Grey’s Anatomy and would certainly hate to see it end anytime in the near future, but it has had a tremendous and very successful run, so it would be understandable for anyone involved with it to call it quits. And while I would hate to see it go, I definitely can’t see it sustaining any kind of momentum without Ellen Pompeo in the title role, regardless of any other Grey’s coming in and trying to replace her. So if Ellen goes, I feel the show should rightfully come to a close as well.

  30. kay says:

    Alex is my favourite character on Grey’s and he always has been. If GA is renewed for a 9th season and if Justin chooses not to re-sign, I would miss him very much but I would at least give the show a chance to see if I still like it without Alex.

    And whoever said Grey’s is like a well-produced soap is wrong. Grey’s is not a soap opera in any way, shape, or form and this is coming from a long-time soap fan.

  31. O says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if Ellen, Patrick or Justin leave I won’t watch. I agree with Justin, Meredith is the voice and we need that voice otherwise it won’t be the same show I fell in love almost 8 years ago.

  32. greysfan says:

    So Desperate Housewives is ending so now everyone gets on the “Time to cancel Greys” bandwagon. Give me a bloody break here. This show is still good. It has its ups and downs like all shows and i personally think this show should go on with or without Patrick and Ellen. The cast is so strong that if say 2 of the originals left but there were others still there i would watch.

    Its the same last week as it is now. CANCEL this CANCEL that. Why don’t we just CANCEL television altogether then everyone will be happy. Give it a rest already. Grey’s will be here for season 9 and i have no doubt it will be here for a 10th season. After that who knows but the creators are wanting it to continue and so does ABC. Grey’s makes a tonne of money for ABC. There is no way ABC is going to cancel one of its most successful shows in the past decade. Not yet anyway. Stop with the damn attitude to cancel a show because you don’t like it. It doesn’t just revolve around American TV viewers you know. It has a world wide following. God i am just over this LETS CANCEL GREY’s. LETS CANCEL HOUSE etc

    Once its gone its gone for good. While its still going strong and lets face it Grey’s has dropped but its still ABC’s most successful drama still on the air keep it going. ABC would be stupid to cancel it.

  33. Sarabi says:


  34. disari says:

    i love grey’s anatomy… and with contracts ending i hope it continues… i think meredith is the focal point and while i like lexie they would have to bring her forward a lot in the new season to take meredith’s place and honestly i am not sure it would work.. i would give it a chance but not sure it would work out.. lexie is much more one dimensional than meredith is…
    i wouldn’t mind some shuffling of relationships.. while i like merder it seems to be in a rut.. and meredith could be a lot more interesting without him.. especially as patrick dempsey has said he doesn’t want to come back.. spend the season breaking them up and putting meredith with someone else… put her happy with mark and derek would run out of town…meredith and mark have an interesting dynamic.. derek chasing her would be a cool switch…

  35. Michael M says:

    Why does everyone like Alex so much? I can’t stand his character at all. I’m so tired of him – poor baby, had a hard childhood. He’s still so rude and mean to people sometimes. I find nothing about his one-dimensional character interesting at all.

  36. Flick says:

    JC is d best in GA. Look i hate d whole idea of EP & PD leaving but if datz wat dey want, i tink d show shuld still go on. And can sum1 plz tell shonda to stop adding crappy characters lyk Eli & dat annoying Kepner. Jackson is aiite doe.

  37. Amberlynn says:

    Alex is the favorite of many Grey’s viewers. I think the reasoning behind that is because he is neither hot nor cold. We know what makes Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Owen, Teddy, etc…tick. We know what they’re about, who they are, where they’ve been, and where they’re going (emotionally). Alex however, is a mystery. Ever since Izzie left him, his glass has been half empty rather than half full. He’s never really shown his emotions, true colors, life philosophy, beliefs, etc on the show. He is an emotional wreck/mess and needs someone special to help dig him out of the abyss that Izzie placed him in. Only then will we see what Alex Korev is really about. Until then, we have the Korev that hides his true self inside the self-absorbed jerk. Izzie hurt him in a gutwrenching way, and it is going to take someone extremely special to unearth, rebury and close that part of his life.

    …I don’t think that person is April Kepner! lol April is too sweet, innocent and juvenile to be placed with Alex. Avery – maybe…but not Alex. Alex needs another Izzie personality to compliment who he is.

  38. amber esarey says:

    Ellen and Patrick are my fav but so is Alex mark Lexie torez and robins.