Joshua Jackson Cheers Fringe's Vanishing Act - and How It Will Save the Peter/Olivia Romance

Joshua Jackson is sorry if you fretted over his fate (as well as that of Peter Bishop’s) after his Fringe alter ego literally flickered out of existence in the Season 3 finale. But he assures you it was in the name of several greater goods — including boosting the Peter/Olivia romance.

Reflecting on early this spring, at which time he first got word that Peter might cease to exist, Jackson tells TVLine, “They brought me in as part of the [creative] process at the end, because there was a lot of debate internally about whether to finish [the season] with that or not, because it is such a big thing to do. And I was very much on the pro side.”

Fringe‘s John Noble On Season 4’s Big Mystery: ‘Walter Without Peter Is a Very Sad Man’

Why would an actor vote in favor of his character disappearing? Jackson’s rationale was two-fold. “One, it was the right ending for that season’s story – it almost had to be,” he says of the story arc in which Peter confronted his destiny as the “trigger” for a doomsday machine.

Jackson’s second reason for validating Peter’s vanishing: “I was never a real huge fan of the Peter/Olivia storyline,” he concedes. “All of Fringe is on this epic scale, and that seemed kind of banal to me at the center of it.”

But now, in the wake of Peter’s season-ending act and its dire ramifications, his connection to Olivia (played by Anna Torv) “is on an epic scale as well,” Jackson notes. “This guy sacrificed himself for the woman that he loves, which made that relationship more interesting and it launched us into the off-season with this ‘Holy s—t!’ moment.”

Fringe Scoop: Anna Torv Tackles the Peter Question and Her Own Big Season 4 Dilemma

Getting back to those fretting Fringe fans, I asked Jackson if he had words of reassurance, any sort of promise that they will get their fill of Peter (and thus him) despite a season-opening storyline that would seem to limit his presence. The gist of his missive: the show, and I, would never betray you.

“Part of the reason they ended up making the decision to go with that cliff-hanger is because there’s a belief, given how passionate our fans are, that there is a level of trust in us — and we are all keenly aware of not violating that trust,” he shares. “So as much as there was a freak-out and panic, it was done with the hope that everyone understands that we’d never [mess] with our audience, which has been so faithful to us and kept us on the air.

“It was just a case of stealing a page out of [executive producer] J.J. Abrams’ playbook,” he continues, “and keeping people on their toes with anticipation… and then hopefully satisfying their desire.”

Fox President Shares His Expectations for Fringe‘s Season 4 Ratings

Fox’s Fringe premieres its new season on Friday, Sept. 23, at 9/8c.

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  1. Mr L says:

    The second half of last season became too much like Lost. Yes exactly, to what he says about Abrams playbook and that’s where the disappointment lies. Up till then this was the antidote for those recovering from Lost disappointment.

    Still, I wish the best for him and his show. Let’s hope it works out.

    • Douche says:

      JJ left Lost after the first episode.

      • Bob says:

        So? Christians have been following their “playbook” for 2000+ years. Jews have been following their “playbook” for 3000+ years. Abrams wrote the Lost “playbook” and then left the show. His minions then followed it for the remainder of the series.

    • Barb says:

      I started watching Fringe in spite of the JJ Abrams connection, not because of it. It was more coherent that what I expected from what I had heard about JJAbrams (and what I later saw of his work in Star Trek) until the Peter Bishop ‘poof’ moment. I have read a bit about multi-universe theory, which is based on, inter alia, Quantum Physics, and there is simply no basis for Peter to vanish, at least not from the past. There could have been arguments made for him to dissolve.

      I can accept an anti-scientific premise which allows a story to happen, but I’m not yet convinced that exists in this story. This seems more like the red matter in Star Trek, a contradiction of reality for a short one-shot bang. To quote another famous producer/writer/director, “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying NOTHING.

      • Juan says:

        I don’t think his vanishing had to do with his bringing the two universes together, but rather the time travelling that he did. And also, we still don’t have a proper explanation for what happened so we’ll see. And there a lot of paradoxical issues that are raised but I trust Fringe enough to give them the chance to see how they answer it all.

      • Drew says:

        What a waste of a Shakespeare quote. You’re not even smart enought to use it. Star Trek was a masterpiece, for this 35 year Star Trek fan. THis overly intellectualized crap pile of a post simply proves you’re an overweight Twizzlers addict. If you can’t do the creativity, shut up about it. Go cry to your gay-friendly girlfriend, who obviously has black lipsitck and nails.

        • Firstfall says:

          Hey now – leave the Twizzlers out of this. They are an innocent fat-free chewing sensation…..
          I love Fringe. I love Star Trek. I love Twizzlers.
          (I never watched Lost though…..)

        • disapointed says:

          You had me agreeing with you until you implied that being gay-friendly was a negative thing. In trying to flame someone else you have in fact just outed yourself as a homophobic prick, pretty much worse then who you were replying to who also is full of contempt. You started out so strong but then you just had to finish with a tasteless insult. It makes your argument much less effective and turns most people reading it into not caring what you have to say. In the future you should read what you write before you post it. If you want to be taken seriously then you should be aware of who you are insulting. And yes i’m a big gay fat guy so lets get that reply bs out of the way. Also, if your trying to insult someone you shouldnt say they have a girlfriend as that equates them to having more worth, and a partner to have fun with. You really ruined your post with that last statement. Enjoy your day. Sorry for the rant yall. OH ya and i wont be back to read replies just an fyi.

      • Desdemona says:

        Shakespeare understood that an audience will buy into any plot implausibility if they are invested in the characters and their collective fate, especially if that fate shines a light onto a more existential type of truth about the human condition. Nobody gives a crap about dry scientific plausibility. This is how alternate universes coexist in the mythology of Fringe. What those alternate universes meant for Peter/Walter, Peter/Olivia, and to a lesser extent Lincoln and Astrid, that’s the importance of the story.

      • TMB says:

        You do realize that this is a TV show and that is science FICTION and for entertainment purposes?? Just checking. Suspend your disbelief, sit back and enjoy the relationships (as the rest of us do) If you’re looking for REAL science I suggest watching the Discovery channel or PBS (while it still exists)

      • Jennifer says:

        Well then my suggestion for you would be to stop watching then you can complain to someone else about your meaningless existence & let us fans that do LOVE Fringe for its amazing cast, writers & story lines enjoy it like we have since the very first episode! TURN THE CHANNEL, GET A LIFE & STOP TAKING THE TIME TO GET ON A WEBPAGE & POST COMMENTS ABOUT A SHOW THAT YOU SO CALL “DON’T LIKE”!!!!

    • Lost=best television program ever says:

      Ugg. Seriously? Fringe can only hope to be as epic as Lost. Fringe is well on it’s way to carving out it’s own niche, but Lost, man, that cast and that show, well, they were special. I still can’t watch that final shot of Jack and Vincent without tearing up.

      • Vinny B says:

        I loved Lost also…. Until the end which appeared to be a massive anti-climax. All those interesting threads and tangents from the story were never brought back together. In hindsight the end is like a big metaphysical facade – concocted to avoid dealing with all the story elements created

  2. Emma says:

    I thought that Peter disappearing was an amazing ending to the third season. Even if Peter never returned I would continue watching Fringe. I love Josh Jackson, but Fringe is greater than just one actor. I love that Josh Jackson was in support of Peter’s disappearance! It shows he really cares for the show, and that he doesn’t just think of it as a job.

  3. bravestoryqw says:

    Yeah ok, if it was john noble or Anna torv you wouldn’t have that who cares about josh Jackson, the show can do well without him attitude.

    • CJ says:

      Well you will find many who completely disagree with you on just about all that you wrote. Fringe really needs it’s full complement of actors and characters. A Fringe without Peter is a Fringe that I would still watch but I know I would always pine for that character because his relationship with Walter was part of what made and makes Fringe a cut above the rest. As for Josh Jackson’s attitude — what attitude. He has done nothing but been supportive for Fringe and has been in the forefront of making sure Fringe fans come out en force.

      • jbfringefan says:

        I agree w/you totally – I don’t think peter has an attitude. I think it is integral to the show to have that relationship between peter and walter. They mesh well and it gives Walter someone to confide in, someone he truly cares about and the son who gives him the strength to use his ability to the foremost and not get lost in some of his silly antics (ie the milkshake formula he’s dying to unlock). Will be waiting to watch or taping the show for all the details.

        • jag says:

          I agree with you. Peter or Jackson might not be the center of the story but he is is the glue of Walter’s and Olivia’s character. Remember in the pilot ep. Olivia searched for Peter to be the responsible person in behalf of his deranged father, Walter. The producers might have opt to just skip all the father-son aspect and jump with out Peter. But that was the point of the story, its not the Quantum science theory but the human emotions and instinct playing in the story. i like Lost the best at this moment but with Fringe’s storyline more cohesive and satisfying, I’ll have a change of heart sooner than i thought.

    • Gavin says:

      Nearly all the emotional scenes involving Anna Torv and John Noble have been about Peter, or had Peter at the centre of it. He is literally the heart of the show. Noble recently hinted that without Peter, Walter has something missing. I’m guessing its his heart and he will be closer to the cold hearted man that Walternate is.

      I still say that there is a Peter in the past who went with Walter to set the machine up. Since the machine stuff happened in the future, the past would not have changed. So maybe it’s the Peter form 2026 that comes back thru a wormhole and not the Peter from 2011.

      • bravestoryqw says:


        • bravestoryqw says:

          And John and anna keep getting awards and josh doesn’t get any!

        • Gavin says:

          Hey? Are you saying that Peter is a real person, will real feelings and that the showrunners must take the feelings of this real person into consideration when they are writing the show?

          Drama is about conflict, tragedy, the human condition. If everyone was happy there would be no show.

          Every writer should put their characters up a tree and throw bricks at them.

          Who is bashing Josh by the way? Great actor, great character.

        • Amy says:

          Guys, this is that same psycho person who trolls every single Fringe thing with conspiracy theories about how storylines that are about Peter are somehow ploys to get him off the show and proof that people hate hiim. Logic does not come into this. Do not poke with sticks. Leave her alone.

        • Jennifer says:

          AMEN!!!! I own the DVDs & I have watched them over about 3 or 4 times & there would NOT be a show without Peter! (Josh Jackson!) When you take him out of the equation…there really isn’t meaning to the show. Its his rogue, sexy, bad ass(when have to be),caring, loving, nurturing ways that has the show still on the air. He doesn’t need an Alternate because he has enough going for him in that one character that everyone else does in 2. I truly believe that if Josh had not been cast for this show or part, Fringe wouldn’t have made it past the pilot.

    • Junebug says:

      Hey, it’s “PRBabe”! I don’t know why you bother changing your handle–it’s always incredibly obvious that it’s you.

      I can’t believe you’re still at it. Girl, you need help.

  4. Matt says:

    So what happens when Olivia — who has no idea who Peter is — sees a shimmering man?

  5. Aimee says:

    I’m glad Josh finally sees what the writers intended- not some trite and boring romance, but one that is epic. As a fan of the genre, he should know that science-fiction always has the best love stories, because they are “epic.” Olivia and Peter have overcome so much, what’s a little non-existence in the scheme of things? ;)

    • J says:

      It bothers me that he called the Peter/Olivia romance “banal.” although i agree that the season-ender take things up a notch, I still thought it had already been a markedly more substantial relationship than most TV romances.

      • PhantasyStar12 says:

        So what? Like everyone else keep saying, “I AM ENTITLED TO MY OPINION” and if Josh doesn’t like the PO relationship, he Not sure why people act like actors can’t have their disagreements about a show or couple WITHOUT some people taking personally.

      • Jennifer says:

        He probably called it banal because when they finally got together their romantic story lines weren’t really that major in comparison to what it should have been given the time they spent getting it to that point so I think now in season 4 it will be over the top or epic as he says! ;)

    • Desdemona says:

      Truth. Joshua Jackson is a smart, smart man. The thing is, Peter did exist before everything was altered. So is there some sort of imprint there on Olivia and Walter, maybe not a memory per se but something?

      • Jennifer says:

        Well here’s something to think about when you wonder about an imprint…on the season finale if you watched the beginning where they play the music, one of the phrases are Dual Maternity so she could actually be pregnant.

    • shinygoodguy says:

      Fringe is sci-fi, yes, but it is ultimately about relationships. People from both universes, both good and bad, making decisions that affects each of their worlds. Peter made the ultimate sacrifice to save both worlds, with Walter, Olivia and Astrid’s help. I agree with the poster that said the show is more than just pure sci-fi, cut and dry, cold even. I agree also that the romance has evolved into something other than boy-meets-girl genre. I find it fascinating. It has been alluded to, within the show, as something extraordinary – Peter and Olivia – they transcend time and space. And, although Peter did the ‘poof’ thing, I see it as encouraging and optomistic of a better future within the Fringe universes. From the beginning it has been about what ‘we’ would do to help those we truly love. Even the Observers are not immune to the emotion of love and how it shapes our world. At first I was baffled and confused by the ending, and somewhat sad, but now I know that the writers have a plan, something up their collective sleeve. No way are they going to mess with the fantastic chemistry among these gifted actors. Peter’s poofing will serve a purpose and on Sept. 23rd we will see what that is – I will trust the writers and patiently wait to climb aboard.

      • Jennifer says:

        Exactly my thoughts! They took a long time to get these characters together, feeding us little flirtations every episode to just make it disappear completely. That is one thing about this show that has me intrigued is the time frame in what they do things…other shows would & have been predictable & would have had them in the sack by the 2nd or 3rd episode & the writers along with the other cast members know that Peter is the heart of the show.

  6. Coeur says:

    Watching this show just for one character is kinda dumb. Fringe is made up of Walter/Peter and our lovely Olivia, that is why its so great. People who watch just to drool over one character are idiots.

    • bravestoryqw says:

      And what if your “lovely” Olivia was to be gone for a bit, would you LIKE IT?

      • Coeur says:

        You’re joking right? You know you can always go watch Dawson’s Creek somewhere. Most of you Pacey fans are annoying as hell.I described our main female protagonist as lovely and you get upset jeez, I love all the characters if you are a true fan of the show you should to idiot.

        • bravestoryqw says:

          Yeah well you walter and olivia fans are JUST AS ANNOYING!

          • Coeur says:

            I’m a Peter/Walter/Olivia fan like most. Go watch the mighty ducks movies and Dawson Creek and shut up you’re demised troll.

          • summer says:

            You’re so sad! If I didn’t like Fringe and Peter so much, just like I adore Walter and Olivia, I wouldn’t mind losing Peter if that meant getting rid of the Peter/Joshua fans like you. Do you have a life? Because it’s so obvious who you are no matter what name you have.

        • Clara says:

          I totally agree with you Coeur this is probably the same nut job that was on You Tube and got kicked off,but then there seems to be allot of Josh Jackson nuts out there,Me I like all the characters and actors on Fringe, sure I have my favorite Anna Torv but I still like the others too,I would say Josh would find these people annoying too I don’t think he likes the nut job fans much anymore then anyone else, and sense he and the rest of the cast are close in real life he wouldn’t like someone always dogging them because they like him ether!

  7. Anna says:

    I like what Josh said about Peter/Olivia. I personally have always loved their romance but he really got it right when he said that they were not the normal tv couple but an epic one that fits into the fringe story lines. I personally think that’s the best part of fringe, how they have both the science/ mythology as well as the romance and relationships. And how they make it so that they can have both without either overshadowing the other

  8. Sarah says:

    Fringe always has the best finales.

    1. Oliva in the still standing WTC tower…in another universe!
    2. Olivia being stuck in the other side by Walternate.

    I really hope they can give him a great journey to exist again. Don’t tell me he can’t still be existing SOMEWHERE…just presently not in the universes…perhaps a quasi-dimension where we can see him but others cannot.

  9. Kris says:

    Thanks for bringing us Josh’s comments. He’s a smart guy and we love him and we love the show. This will make fans feel a lot better.

    • Aimee says:

      Agreed. Part of the reason fans were wary was because we weren’t hearing what Josh thought about it. If he’s happy, then there really isn’t anything to worry about. One of things I like about the character of Peter is here is this person that was taken from his parents, made to believe lies, and he grew up a lost/angry young man. Only to turn around, forgive, and find purpose/love – love worth fighting and dying for. So, Josh is right about Peter’s noble sacrifice. It has to hurt, and believe me, it will.

      • Kris says:

        Well, some fans were actually wondering if something was wrong behind the scenes. It makes me feel better to know that the decision to do this was given very serious thought.

        I do hope the writers can come through with something amazing.

        • Michael says:

          Rock on man,you really tuched my heart.I for one was really sad and Mad about it.
          i mean why feed us all that crap in season 1,2 and 3,then in the end of 3 Peter just freaking disappers like as he was a ghost or something,like he didn’t even exist in the first place.Now i will say that sayin that this was a classic example of a GOOD story gone WRONG(spoilt) will be an understatement.I feel sooo angry right now, that it’s good bye to Fringe,i think am gonna take up “supernatural” there nither Dean nor Sam FREAKING DISAPPERS.

          • sara says:

            actualy you find that there is some disappearing that goes on in supernatural. personally i love both shows so enjoy either way.

          • xixicx says:

            well yeah, but then it’s onily their estranged mother which died(because she made a deal with d devil) and their dad which disappers but is later brought back from hell,and besides the are minor protagonists(onily appearing here and then there).But 2 say Peter DISAPEARS one of the main protagonists…..I am just like WDF and can’t get over it.What the producers did was take a preaty good enough story and flushed it down d cramper..But then again i could be wrong nay be this is just dry humor keeping us in suspense….While in sceason 4or5 walter may go back or forth in time 2 get another peter(after all his done it once,and 2wice is just right).Yu’oll can reach me @ xixicx69@live.Com lol’

          • Desdemona says:

            Supernatural, really? You should talk to Castiel fans about the season finale before you make such declarations. At least the Fringe writers seem to care about ALL of their characters, according to Jackson.

          • Pannecake says:

            As Mr.Jackson said, he’s not gone. He’s coming back. Its very important that this happened. Why? well tune in and you’ll find out. Knowing Fringe and how it works… its bound to be one hell of a story :)

  10. Cat says:

    I liked “Lost” in the beginning, but then I myself got LOST in the complex storylines and many many characters. My son got me watching “Fringe” in the beginning. I thought the show was compelling, and I was curious about the unique father/son story, but it wasn’t until season two when the three main characters began to form a sweet, dysfunctional little family that I became a rabid fan.

    Peter has been at the heart of that delightful “Fringe” family, and Peter (JJ) is my favorite character, so the vanishing act did not please me. In fact, it made me mad. I’m not terribly excited about watching a Peterless “Fringe.”

    What would life on “Fringe” have been like if Peter had never existed? Not sure I care. I as a fan would probably have never existed. If showrunners Pinkner and Wyman will explore that question rather quickly and get back to PETER/Walter/Olivia, I may be able to hold on for the pay off (if there is any). Don’t drag it out though, guys. I won’t bear with this long, and I’m probably not the only fan with that attitude.

    • Jennifer says:

      As an avid Josh Jackson follower, I can understand because I myself also started watching this show because of him & found myself absolutely captivated by the entire show, but Josh was at Comic Con & the whole cast did a live interview with EW online & Lance Reddick spilled the beans by accident but if you watch it & listen close, Lance says Josh is back on the first episode as like a glimmer or a ghost & I also believe that the writers & the cast know that if there was no Peter(Josh) then the show wouldn’t last. He has more fans yell for him than any other cast member at Comic Con every year. There is no way that these geniuses have told this story for 3 seasons as well as they have for it to just turn into crap.

  11. Veronica says:

    i think that without Peter,fans would kinda nt be drawn to the show that much,Peter is very vital to the show n olivia n walter without peter is boring,hope he be around in season 4.

  12. kara says:

    I’m glad JJ is trying to reassure his fans. It is clear that the writers of this show respect their fans and their characters. Believe me, it totally sucks when you watch a show where that isn’t the case.

  13. Roneo says:

    First, I’m also happy that Josh finally has seen what a lot of fans had seen time ago: Peter and Olivia’s love is epic, and intimately conected to the overall Fringe story.
    Second, we all have to have in mind that Peter ceasing to exist it’s just a plot device. Not a way of getting rid of an actor or of a character. So, I think there’s no need to panic, nor to get mad, things will be put into place sooner than later.

    • Denise says:

      I agree, it didn’t occur to for one second he wouldn’t be back on the show, they were just switching things up. But telling people not to get mad is like telling them not to breathe. People take their television so seriously these days.
      Can’t wait for the show to come back! Open open open!

  14. jetdry says:

    Maybe if the writers hadn’t treated peter and josh so crappily this season with the stupid peter/FAUXLIVIA/thing making people go against him, then there wouldn’t be a problem.

  15. TM says:

    OMG, I just can’t stand all these people who keep saying how fringe won’t be the same without Peter and threaten not to watch next season.Firstly because obviously, Joshua Jackson still has a contract and he will of course be a regular character during season 4, so Peter is NOT GOING ANYWHERE, people…Secondly, as we all know it, this is FRINGE!!! They could bring each and every character back from dead 5 times and make it look like it makes sense, in the world of Fringe.So trust me,if they made Peter disappear,they will have thought of about 10 different ways of bringing him back until the Season 4 premiere.Knowing this show,they didn’t erase Peter’s existence just so they had a “wtf?” kind of cliffhanger ending,they certainly have a plan for the future of the series, and Peter vanishing from both universes is surely just a piece of the puzzle.So stop worrying, cause Peter and Joshua Jackson aren’t going anywhere…

  16. Hana says:

    For those who have just joined us, a little explanation of what’s going on in this thread:

    “Bravestoryqw” is the pseudonym of an aging Dawson’s Creek fan who continually complains that Josh is not being given enough to do. This bothers her SO much that she feels compelled to log on to any and all forums where Fringe is being discussed (under screen names that change daily) and complain about it – even to the point of condemning Joshua Jackson himself. In other words, she is simply nuts. And it’s always completely obvious that it’s just this one fan posting this stuff all the time. We all know her, we all know her routine. Please learn to recognize her and her continuing flakiness. She’s crazy and is never going to change.

    Meanwhile, certain other fans take her bait and react to her in various nonconstructive ways…

    But I think it’s safe to say that most SANE fans of the show respect what the writers are doing, even as they may feel some real concern that Josh and/or Peter may be absent from it. I personally feel the “ruse” about Josh being “gone” backfired on the showrunners a little and fans took it a little too seriously. You can’t really blame them because the road to TV hell has been littered by showrunners’ good intentions.

    However, I think Josh makes some very good points and I for one will be back in September to see what happens next!

    • Jennifer says:

      I for one am a HUGE Dawson’s Creek fan. (I own all the DVDS) BUT in saying this, I did start watching Fringe because of Josh Jackson but he is such an awesome actor that its as if you are watching 2 different people! He was amazing as Pacey on Dawson’s Creek & now hes amazing on Fringe! From the sound of things, it sounds as if this person actually believes that Pacey was an actual person & she feels as though she has to defend him. Ummmmm….he was a character then just as he is a character now that was played by Josh Jackson! In my opinion, he is one of the best actors in Hollywood for many reasons..he keeps his private life PRIVATE, hes not big on “show” & he is actually a very nice & warm, kindhearted man. And I can’t leave out gorgeous too! :) JJ Abrams remembered him from the DC days & was very impressed by him then so just sit back, shut up & enjoy what the show has to offer because if you really pay attention, its awesome!

  17. Lauren says:

    I’m glad Josh seems a bit more optimistic about the Peter/Olivia relationship. I love them together and I was always disappointed when he would say he didn’t like them together.

  18. Angel Heart says:

    Omg thats crazy,I remember a few days ago I was watching the Fringe comic-con on youtube,I posted a comment and this person by the name of “12Pearlsmile” (i have a good memory,I’m pretty sure)caught my attention. IT called Anna Torv MANY names and seemed to have had a love/hate feelings for JJ. I don’t know but the way you described IT maybe its the same person too, IT seems mentally ill,IT need to seek help ASAP. IT isn’t normal.

    • Angel Heart says:

      Oh I was replying to Hana.

    • Anon says:

      You’re right because this person is blocked on my youtube account. She’s on IMDB and TUMBLR too. Has invaded Television without Pity’s Fringe forum, and is only behaving because that forum is monitored.

      Peter is my favorite character, and I admire Josh Jackson, but I love all the cast and characters. Believe me, many Peter/Josh fans are embarrassed by this person. It disgusts me that she calls such beautiful people like John Noble and Anna Torv such horrible names.

      • jetdry says:

        And what makes you think that people don’t call josh names? I recall people calling josh the weakest actor/character, a wooden actor, etc. Pot meet kettle.

        • Passing says:

          Having an opninion about someonces acting is not calling names.

          Some Jackson fans/Pacey fans have directed nasty insults and abuse at mostly Anna Torv the entire year, not just the one who is now remodelling Fringe IMDB, where Anna Torv has been removed from the top of the call-sheet, and where this person made the most horrible remarks about Anna and directed at Anna at the Fringe and Anna Torv sites,and Fringe Twop is also mostly Pacey Twop these days.
          If it is up to her and some others Fringe will be renamed Pacey.
          Well that is what you get if the actor himself calls the Fringe panel at Comic Con Pacey-con. A shame that the rest of the cast is stuck with that as well.

          And Josh Jacksons attitude in the media the past year has not helped at all : you cannot complain in the media about a storyline like he did.

          The irony is, that the critics think he was better in season 3 then in the seasons before.
          Anna Torv and John Noble deserve every compliment and award they get, their acting is at the highest level.

          Him being positive about Olivia-Peter is a huge U-turn, wonder what caused that?

          • ketdry says:

            Pot meet kettle. YOU have been abusing, spreading lies about josh in every single post and you hate it when people give a crap about josh.

          • Angel Heart says:

            I wasn’t about her acting at all, it was words like b****, tramp, stupid etc that were used to describe her which was uncalled for. The cast seems like great people, why should any of them be insulted? Even if they’re not your favorite.

          • annon says:

            Oh, I know who you are now passing. You just changed your name. Your the obsessed Anna fan, anto.

            You, like that other crazy Josh fan, go on every website, peddling the same stuff over and over.

            The two of you should go and duke it out, somewhere else, and leave these sites alone. Honestly, it’s beyond tiresome now.

          • Anony says:

            Yeah, this is the OTHER crazed fan that disses Josh Jackson every chance he or she gets. Anto, could you and PRBabe just go fight ritualistic combat and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy all of the show and all of the characters…

  19. br says:

    I’m sorry, but not even Josh Jackson can reassure me at this point. Not because of the S3 cliffhanger, but because of the use they’ve made of Peter until now and how they seem to imply he had absolutely no influence on any events, until he disappeared. The writing for him has been careless and lazy. The writers don’t like the character at all and it shows.

    Peter has been basically a background character, a third wheel to Walter and Olivia with no character development and no emotional story arc. He’s just been a tool for the other characters, a prop and little more. And because of this, the first half of the season without Joshua Jackson (if the rumors are right), it’s to show off the characters the producers care about: Walter, Olivia and Lincoln. They’ll bring Peter back, so that the others can have their big emotional scene and then they’ll put Peter, where he belongs, in the background, where he can be supportive and understanding and nothing else.

    This is the reason why not even Josh Jackson can convince me that Peter and Olivia are nothing but trite, forced and unbelievable. On the one hand there is the perfect, pretty, competent and full of compassion Olivia and on the other hand you have the useless, unreliable, plot device Peter. Perfect epic couple? Sorry, but no.

    • ladybug12 says:

      Exactly my point, the writing for peter has been crappy ten fold and they expect us to just be ok with it.

    • Moe says:

      I totally agree with you, and that has been my issue for a long time now. They make everything supposedly “about” Peter, yet Josh Jackson’s Peter doesn’t get near the attention and love and care that Olivia and Walter do, which is frustrating and has turned me off of the show. I came back at the end of the season because I thought that maybe they were finally delivering on a storyline for Peter that INVOLVES Peter, only to have him wink out of existence. Now, to read the writer’s and producers talk about how they are excited to explore a world without Peter and see where these characters are without Peter. And apparently, they are at the same place they were even with Peter. So all of those times they showed us that Peter was supposedly as important and vital in certain storylines as Walter and Olivia, (Walter’s reason for going to the other side, Walter’s release from the institution, Walter’s ability to survive on the outside world, Walter’s ability to have functional relationships with other people and work in Fringe, Fringe division staying open, Olivia healing) moot, because he wasn’t really. Allof that happened without Peter, so obviously, he wasn’t really important after all.

      That’s what infuriates me and makes me feel betrayed by the show. Don’t tell me you supposedly love and value a character that I love and value, and yet in the storyline, show how completely and utterly untrue that is. They never would have done this with Walter or Olivia, because those ARE characters that they value. They would never wipe out their existence and then show that they were unimportant because everything would have happened the same without them. But Peter? Not a problem.

      I respect Josh Jackson for his loyalty to his job and him trying to support that, but as a Peter fan, that’s cold comfort when everything I see on the show, proves false what he is saying.

      • RKron says:

        To a certain degree, I’ll have to agree that Peter doesn’t get as much of a storyline as the other two of the trio, but that doesn’t mean he is completely unimportant. You’re judging this based on what you think you know, like how Walter can have a functional life and relationships or how Olivia will be the same person she was, but we really don’t. John Noble has said that Walter will not be as functional because of Peter’s non-existence and his relationship with Olivia will also be different because of that. A lot of things still change and saying that it’s all moot is an exaggeration. The only thing we really know that remains the same is: the room the doubles are in has merged even without Peter. Anything else is beyond us at this point, what previous events have changed, what previous characters survived, and what revelations have been made are not obvious right now. Maybe Peter didn’t impact the end result, but he has doubtlessly made a significant difference in the journey throughout the 3 seasons. Who really is to say about the future?

      • Jennifer says:

        Let me first start off by saying I am a HUGE Josh Jackson fan but you CAN’T judge this show & what they have & haven’t done with Peter when you said you came back & started watching at the end of the season, well that means you missed A LOT of Peter stories! This is one of those shows that you have to be a COMPLETE fan & watch every episode (words taken from Josh Jackson in an interview) or not bother watching at all. I have never really been a sci/fi fan but this show keeps your mind working & it makes it almost believable. It makes you second guess things & question if some of these things could really happen. I promise you that if you watch every episode from the 1st until now, you will NOT be dissatisfied. You can see how Peter/Olivia fall for one another & how Peter/Walter warm to one another & how Peter really misses the years without Walter. You find yourself feeling sympathy for Olivia & all she has gone through in her life & how Walter is a mastermind of a lot of horrific things but he also has a big, warm & caring heart.

    • Passing says:

      You all have short memories: Until the end of season 2 Olivia was being described as the boring one and worse, and I still get sick of the amount abuse Anna Torv got just because her character was not worked out like Walter and Peter. Walter and Peter have always had the best scenes written for them and both had backstories from the beginning.

      Season 1 and 2 was all about Walter and Peter, it was all about the Bishop boys and Anna Torv had to serve those storylines, and did so with great positive attitude.
      I cannot recall attacks at Josh or John for having all the attention and being so popular etc.
      For once the Olivia character got some attention and development, and the entire season the Jackson/Pacey fans are behaving like this.

      Peter and Josh Jackson are constantly at the center of the attention, and the actor does not even work half the hours Anna Torv does. So why complain??

      • jeydry says:

        Lies, lies, lies. Shut up passing.

      • Annon says:

        I don’t know why you are complaining about Olivia’s storyline over the course of the show. I’m an Olivia fan and I think she has had some fantastic stuff to play with over the course of the show. Olivia had a great arc in the back half of season 1. In the start of season 2 she had the arc of trying to come to terms with coming back from over there and in the back half of season 2, she had to keep Peter’s secret. Season 3, was phenomenal for Olivia and also the introduction of Bolivia, plus Olivia had to deal with inhabiting the soul of William Bell. Anna Torv herself has expressed how wonderful she has found season 3 because of all the work and chances she has been given by the writers. Don’t forget Olivia was also the cliffhanger for the finale of season 1 and season 2.

        Olivia along with Walter have become the faces of Fringe in season 3 with all the different versions they have had to play. We’ve been told that season 4, is really about how the characters are going to be without Peter in there lives. So, it looks like the Peter character is not going to be in it for awhile, while the others will be.

        The show is an ensemble cast, last time I checked. They all take turns being in the spotlight storylinewise for awhile. Peter is at the moment, but because he won’t be in the show for awhile, the spotlight swings back to the other characters for the start of season 4.

        So, as an Olivia fan I don’t get your complete negativeness about the character, as she has always been the one out in front in promotion etc and the one that has the most airtime out of all the characters.

        • Pertl says:

          Yeah so shut up passing. Josh won’t be on the show anymore while Anna will be in every single episode. The last time I checked Anna Torv was nominated for 3 awards and won 1 and Josh didn’t win a damn thing. so shut up about how “unfair” Anna Torv has been treated.

    • shinygoodguy says:

      Seriously! Ok, the rest of us are talking about Fringe. ‘No emotional story arc’ – you may have missed a few episodes (or perhaps a season or two). Each character has been carefully crafted and developed to this point (Season 3), that one can safely say that each is integral to the overall story of saving the world. Ok, I said my piece. Somehow I get the feeling that I’ve been had.

  20. Fringie6989 says:

    LOVE JOSH! Thanks for the reassurance! That’s whats great about a show like Fringe. No matter how bad I freaked out during the finale(and I freaked out BIG!), I had that underlying trust in the writers that they wouldn’t let us down. Josh has now confirmed that. Can’t wait for season 4! And I love what he said about the Peter/Olivia storyline. As a self-proclaimed PO shipper, I was thrilled with the season 3 development for the two of them, but that said, what make Peter and Olivia my favorite couple in media history, was the fact that it wasn’t the center of the show. From the moment Peter and Olivia met, their chemistry was obvious, but subtle. It was never the focus. And the writers really took the time to let their relationship develop, which just doesn’t happen in this sex-crazed age of television. So I’m very excited that their relationship won’t be center-stage, but it will still become even stronger with Peter’s sacrifice. Well done, Fringe!

  21. Shar says:

    Oh dear..Can we all just along?? We’re better than that.

  22. Shar says:

    Oh dear..Can we all just get along?? We’re better than that.

  23. dana says:

    Fringe is the best! Yay Fringe! Yay Josh!

  24. I really liked the outcome of the third season. Fit like a glove, was very surprising and left a feeling of great anxiety for the continuation.

    I expect a lot of season 4. I’m sure the director will not disappoint fans of the series. Although follow the series whit delay, because i live in Brazil, I am a big fan and I am very anxious for the premiere of Season 4.

  25. LoachGunner says:

    I don’t give one rat’s patoo about the inner or outer workings of quantum physics and the possibility of two worlds and all the other mumbo jumbo you pseudo scientists are tossing around. I personally believe the show would disintegrate without one of the main gels to this series and that is the character of Peter. Make sure he returns from the realm of wherever he is currently be-bopping around at.

  26. Rick in SF says:

    This show has steadily improved, season after season, IMO (which means In My Opinion). I don’t feel ‘lost’ – I think they’re right where they want to be story-wise. Maybe they’ll discover Peter in some quantum-physics way, like discovering the existence of a particile because of the behavior of other particles – who the hell knows, certainly not me. On a good day, Fringe actually reaches the lofty ‘Farscape’ ballpark, not a bad measurement IMO.
    Just as long as they don’t mess with Astro (Astrid) I’m right as rain with this show.

  27. V.K.L. says:

    C’mon guys. I never, not for one second, believed that they were removing Peter from the show. It’s just like FRINGE. Put the fans in a what-the-f*ck situation so they bite thief nails all summer musing about what will happen to one of thier favourite characters only to bring them back next season. It’s just FRINGE telling us the show will go on in the only way they can. Without the Peter Bishop “cliffhanger” the season finale would have felt like an actual finale, and FOX could have interpreted it as such. Instead, we have all the fans coming to sites like this to talk about FRINGE constantly, which brings cortexiFANs back in the masses 23 September, and it ended in a way that’s completely pleasing to the network (FOX loves this sh*t).

  28. Amy says:

    Yay for them not messing with us :3 unlike some shows (cough cough LOST!!!) Not that I didn’t end up watching all of LOST either. Ahem..

  29. mamax says:

    tranquilos chicos, conocemos el show, Peter volvera en un giro de guion,no se puede obviar 3 temporadas sin mas!

  30. Adele M says:

    I loved the finale for season 3…. it was fantastic. Have never been so totally left hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for the start of Season 4…I can sit back and enjoy each episode without being able to predict everything, poke endless holes in the plot etc like most shows..I luv this show so much….I just can’t express in words…best thing eva on the small screen….
    I too loved many years of star trek… genious….

  31. peggy says:

    JJ Abrams ended so very badly the 5-year tv serial Alias which, I am sure many of us still remember. Alias was a terrific spy story with a great cast but ended so poorly with a very terrible storyline in the 5th and last season, this is the reason why I chose not to pursuit Lost.
    I do hope Fringe will stay safe.

  32. Erin Bates says:

    Knowing how TV works, I always assumed that Peter and Olivia weren’t going to last, but I wanted them to anyway. I agree with Joshua that Peter’s sacrifice made the relationship epic. The finale was breathtaking and so poignant with Peter just ceasing to exist.

    It’s funny that Joshua talked about trust since I was just writing about that. After the second season finale I learned to trust everything they do is for the greater good. They haven’t disappointed me yet. I’m so excited for September, but it seems too far away.

    • shinygoodguy says:

      You are so right Erin. Plus in every story, TV or movies, there must be conflict or an obstacle for our heroes to overcome. In order for love to conquer all, the writers must put them through their paces. The more interesting the obstacles, the more ‘we’ care. Think of it, we’ve seen lovers get tossed by: a sinking ship (Titanic), a space battle (Star Wars), a civil war (GWTW) and, not to mention, Vampires (Underworld, Eclipse saga. This is actually an interesting twist – the guy never existed. This is gonna be good!

  33. Jessica says:

    I only recently started watching this series. A friend of mine suggested it, and I flatly refused even though I’m a total sci-fi fangirl. Every time that I get invested in something attached to Abrams name, it seems to end with me walking away sad, confused, and wondering where exactly it all went so terribly wrong. Star Trek being the only exception, and I suspect the reason for that is he didn’t want GR coming back from the grave to put a boot in his bum.
    Regardless, in a moment of weakness I started watching and was immediately hooked. Now all I can do is throw myself on the mercy of the tv gods, and pray that when it’s all over I’m not left wondering why he couldn’t at least buy me dinner first.

  34. Alice says:

    So I’ve thought about Jackson’s words for a while now, and it just doesn’t entirely make sense to me. Reflecting on the Peter/Olivia relationship, it began with Olivia bringing him back from another universe, and was on hiatus while Peter accidentally dated her doppelganger. I just don’t see how this doesn’t qualify as epic. I think their mid-season restart was a little weak, but their relationship is quite interesting and has been through a lot. This certainly ups the ante, but it’s not unprecedented.

    I agree with some of the other posters that he deserves a little more screen time / emphasis. Although he was the object of much speculation last year, I think it’d be great to see more of his life this year… assuming he ever gets one.

  35. Jessica says:


    First, I’m a huge Peter/Olivia fan. I want these two to end up with each other. That said, I think their beginning was a little weak. There wasn’t much build up, and I thought Olivia’s “you belong with me” came a little out of nowhere. Up until that point, they seemed little more than friends. There weren’t any truly emotional scenes between them, about them getting to know one another and beginning to lean on each other. There was their almost kiss, but other than that it was mostly just Walter making comments. There was little to no sexual tension between them, at least that I picked up on, and I thought it felt like they were slapped together because the fans expected it without being given the proper momentum. I agree that Peter dating Liv’s doppelganger was epic, and it had me wanting to claw Fauxlivia’s eyes out. But I think it would have been a lot more intense had Peter and Olivia had more of a relationship beforehand.

  36. Jill says:

    Blech. I hate the Peter/Olivia romance. The sooner it’s gone, the better. Olivia has better things to do then be involved with Peter. He’s fine, just not as a boyfriend for Olivia.