Hidden Seeker: Bridget Regan's NCIS: LA Role Is Shrouded In Secrecy

Fans of CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles, the defunct action-adventure series Legend of the Seeker and/or its star can file the following under “Innnteresting”: The hit procedural is keeping Bridget Regan’s guest-starring role under wraps, despite my best efforts to procure some intel.

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Speaking with the usually freely teasing Shane Brennan on Wednesday night — and after only being able to get Regan’s guest gig confirmed — I asked the NCIS: LA boss to shed some light on who the brunette beauty is playing.

“I… I might hold back on that,” Brennan responded, carefully. “Only because if I get into that character, it might reveal something.”

Video: Romance Ahead for NCIS: LA‘s Geek Squad?

During our full fall preview conversation, Brennan repeatedly mentioned that the first four episodes of NCIS: LA‘s new season — the first of which, TVLine just scooped, plays out in real time — will revolve around the immediate aftermath of the season finale, including Hetty’s fate and Callen’s true identity. So, can we at least assume that Regan appears somewhere during that stretch?

“She is… somewhere… in the early episodes,” Brennan allowed.

Picking up on Brennan’s staunch determination to keep Regan’s role under wraps — her character’s identity must truly be some manner of spoiler — I asked if Seeker fans might at least watch for the actress to kick some ass on the CBS crime drama, as she often did as Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell.

“They’ll got a lot of satisfaction from what she does [on NCIS: LA],” Brennan answered. “And they’ll just have to watch to see if she gets to kick ass!”

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  1. Mikaylah says:

    I loved Legend of the Seeker! I am so glad Bridget Regan will be on NCIS: LA. :)

    • Jimmy says:

      Reagan was one of the few good things about Legend of the Seeker. The show itself left a lot to be desired.

      • Jazmin says:

        Unfortunately yes. Bridget was one, if not the only good thing on that show… :/

      • Tusk says:

        And Tabrett Bethel is another….I know she is going to be in some crime show pilot (“Poe” I think, though looks like a prime candidate for early cancellation), but I feel we have only seen the surface of what Tabrett has to offer….not to mention the possibility of more Bridget/Tabrett hotness :)

      • Tusk says:

        I forgot to mention the missed opportunity of Bridget playing Wonder Woman…would never have been cancelled before it started if they cast Ms. Regan in the title role. She already has the action/fighting chops and would have looked incredible in the outfit. Would also have been an opportunity for a Regan/Bethell face off casting Tabrett as a villain. A guy can dream can’t he?

        • Dav says:

          Thank God she didn’t get cast as Wonder Woman. That show was a disaster waiting to happen and would have dragged down anybody associated with it. Bridget deserves better.

    • Taiwo says:

      Bridget,u re a dream of perfection.

  2. sadtroll says:

    Love her and anything that gets her on my tv.

    That’s a yay!

  3. Will says:

    This woman needs to be a big star. Loved her on Legend of the Seeker!

  4. xav says:

    I can’t wait to see her on my tv again. I wish she was on another awesome show that I could watch every week.

  5. ivan gonzalez says:

    I love Bridget and LOTS! I can’t wait to see her and I hope she gets more than one episode because WE her fans, can’t get enough of her!!!

  6. Renee says:

    Yep. Innnteresting. I really liked the season finale of NCIS LA. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

  7. allisa says:

    Yaaa Cant wait 4 this episode to air! LOVED her in Legend of the Seeker. Her and Craig Horner along with the gorgeous Tabrett Bethell were AMAZING! Its so nice to see Bridget doing new stuff, so happy for her. and really hope Craig Horner can follow in her example & pop out into the spotlight a bit so we know what he’s been up to 4 the past year… so proud of the former Mother confesser! =)))

  8. Gregor Golle says:

    Bridget Regan is a great actress and I cannot await to see her. I live in Europe and here are so much Bridget Regan fans too. We all await the date of showing the new possibility to see this wonderful actress. ;) I hope that we can see more from her.

  9. jay says:

    I love Bridget Regan!!! She should have been Wonder Woman!!

  10. mike says:

    yesssss! Its crime that she hasnt been on a tv show since LOTS. This means Im going to have to watch all of NCIS:LA now to catch up on the show so I could watch it for Bridget Regan

  11. Jem says:

    I love her! Looks like I got a reason to tune into a show I do not watch. Thanks Matt!

  12. Angie says:

    It’s great to hear that Bridget will be in this show. I’m from Europe and have been a big fan of Legend of the Seeker (because of Bridget) and will watch the episode just because she’s in it. Hope it will give her the recognition she deserves!

  13. Laura says:

    I really miss Bridget at the Mother Confessor in ‘Legend of the Seeker.’ So many fantasy shows keep popping out, but nothing comes close.

    ABC Studio has a gem and hope they bring it back.

  14. Magnoly says:

    I can’t wait to see that episode! Bridget is so wonderful <3 P.S. Bring back Legend of the Seeker!!

  15. Sara says:

    i’m so excited to see Bridget on this show! I don’t watch NCIS but it does look interesting, and I’ll for sure watch it to see Bridget awesomeness! Loved her in LotS :)

  16. phoebe101 says:

    omg! so excited. im not actually a fan of ncis, but i am a huge admirer of bridget regan. she takes my breathe away. absolutely stunning at the same time talented. i hope she gets a very interesting role:)

  17. Stephen says:

    I cannot believe this! She is going to make the episode she’s in EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BRING BACK LEGEND OF THE SEEKER!!!!!!!

  18. Gary says:

    I LOVE Bridget Regan, Can’t wait to see her again. I never watched NCIS before, but I will DEFINETELY be watching just to see her. She totally stole my heart in Legend of the Seeker!

    • Richard (no, not that one) says:

      Concur totally! I would watch Bridget Reagan read a phone book, . . . in Spanish! LOTS was great because of her and I want to see her again, and again!

  19. Anderson CorCino says:

    I’m sure that whatever kind of artistic project Catherine get in, will be a sucess. Certainly, she’s a wonderful actress. I’m still waiting the hoollywood producers pay more attention on her talent. I just can’t believe that she wasn’t invited to work in a great movie, with a great character. In “Best and the brightest”, her character was too small. Yes, it was good character. Ok, it was a great job, she did great as usual. But I believe she deserves more. Too much more! She can act, she can dance, she can produce and, my god, she can sing!!! What a lovely voice she has! Come on, movie Producers! There is a great female artist just waiting for a great oportunity in a “big screen” project!

  20. Hilda S. says:

    Bridget Regan is one of the best actress out there. Love her, she is amazing……

  21. Chanelle LeBlanc says:

    Bridget was awesome on Legend of the Seeker. She is one of my new fave actresses. I know she will be great on NCIS:Los Angeles.

  22. sherry says:

    I would like to see Bridget in The Game of Thrones, or The Borgias. She is so beautiful, and can really act!

  23. dhwang says:

    Love Bridget. Go Bridget.

  24. Jaleesa Dennis says:

    I loved Bridget Regan on legend of the seeker as Kahlan Amnell. I’m very excited for her to be guest starring on ncis:la and her other show hide that’s coming out on Dec 6. I also had and idea if they didn’t bring back LOTS for season 3, they should make it into a movie 3 parts like the matrix. Love Bridget Regan hope to see more of her on t.v.