SYTYCD Recap: 10 Across the Board

So You Think You Can Dance delivered surprising twists aplenty on Wednesday night. Nine of the 10 remaining dancers scored rave reviews from the judges. One choreographer got spanked rather harshly by this week’s guest panelist. And an All-Star dancer bled (rather sexily) for his art. But nothing will be more shocking than seeing one of Season 8’s fabulous female contestants head home on this week’s results show. (Shouldn’t the FCC step in and threaten Fox with a hefty fine for denying us another week of one of these singularly fierce ladies? And doesn’t that sentence make you want to see a “Single Ladies” routine featuring Sasha, Melanie, Clarice, Caitlynn, and Jordan? Make it happen, Nigel!)

Cat Deeley Talks SYTYCD Emmy Nod:
Cheering Seacrest, Toppling Probst, Skirting Fashion Hell

Anyhow, folks, before we jump into a rundown of this week’s routines, please be advised that I’m battling a nasty summer cold complete with sore throat and chest congestion, so I’m going to keep things brief — and let you hash out the finer points of the 10 solo routines — none of which exactly blew my mind (except for maybe Tadd) — down in the comments.

Marko (with Chelsie): Jason Gilkison, Samba
There were one or two instances of this fast and furious number about a paparazzi photog and his muse where Marko looked just a tad unsteady, but for the most part, dude’s hips didn’t lie, and he was able to keep pace with his Dancing With the Stars pro partner. Marko’s split leap right over Chelsie’s head was breathtaking, as was “that crotch-split-lift thing,” as Mary so eloquently and technically labeled it.

Jordan (with Brandon): Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson, Contemporary
As guest judge Neil Patrick Harris so aptly put it, Jordan managed to command attention even while dancing with a shirtless Brandon. I especially liked that one move where she wound down his torso like a ribbon on a maypole, and that assisted pirouette where Jordan’s leg was lifted parallel to her torso. Still, as beautifully as she danced, Jordan didn’t get help in two crucial areas: Her main routine came first of all the ladies, and she didn’t get the gift of a stumble from Melanie, Sasha, Caitlynn, or Clarice. Combine that with her forgettable solo, and Jordan could be in trouble when the final results are announced.

Tadd Gadduang (with Comfort): Chuck Maldonado, Hip-Hop
I’m genetically programmed to adore Tadd, and he only added to my loyalty by flashing his abs during the hardest-hitting hip-hop routine of the season. Just as impressive, though, was the way dude’s entire body was vibrating with kinetic energy throughout the routine, like a metal bowl making contact with an electric egg beater (if that makes any sense). Please excuse me for my lameness, but I got a secret thrill when NPH zeroed in on the same exact move that thrilled me most: Where Tadd yanked himself up from a prone position by his lapel, then smoothly segued back to the floor.

Mitchell Kelly (with Melody): Tyce Diorio, Broadway
I may be in the minority, but for the last several weeks, I couldn’t envision the Top 5 guys without Mitchell in the mix. Which is why I’m sad to say it’s also very hard to envision a Top 4 guys where Mitchell remains in the competition. Granted, dude got saddled with the worst routine and least exciting All-Star of the night, but Mary was right that it all got a little overbaked in the facial department. Fosse (and even cheap Fosse imitations) need a certain sense of cool sensuality, not broad theatrical mugs, and Mitchell and Melody had all the sexual chemistry of honeyed ham and Velveeta. What shocked me most, though, was NPH’s unfiltered put-down of the choreography, calling it “disjointed” and “not well thought-out.” Dare I say it’s time someone set Tyce straight about his lackluster routines — or perhaps thought about bringing in some fresh blood when it comes to channeling the Great White Way?

Caitlynn Lawson (with Pasha): Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo, Argentine Tango
Is there really anything better than a well-executed Argentine Tango? (No, actually, there is not.) And the kicks and flicks and sense of sexual longing that filled this piece were an undeniable treat, as was that lift in which Caitlynn held her torso in an impossibly complicated arch. Still, on a night where the judges made frequent mention of contestants out-hoofing their All-Stars (and I truly believe that was the case with Tadd, Sasha, and perhaps even Melanie) or at least matching them, I’d say this particular dance belonged to Pasha, who brought one part silent film star and one part Daniel Craig as 007, left me equal parts shaken and stirred in the aftermath.

Sasha Mallory (with Twitch): Christopher Scott Hip-Hop
I could really sum this routine up in two words: Damn, Sasha! Or perhaps just quote Cat Deeley’s quip about breakfast being “the most important meal of the day.” But I can’t help but want to say a little more about the way Season 8’s warrior princess threw her body and soul into a number about a couple whose passion gets unexpectedly reawakened over tea and toast. It didn’t hurt that the explosive steps juxtaposed so interestingly with the soft sounds of Dorothy Moore’s “Misty Blue,” or that Sasha and Twitch possessed the acting chops (and the chemistry) to bring this little teleplay to life. Bust Sasha brought such raw power and strength to the choreography — that move where she strode toward Twitch as he backed away, the crazy way she bounced off the floor into an incredible, unsupported arch — that I couldn’t hold it against Nigel when he added insult to the injury of Alexander’s elimination last week by noting that this was the first time all season that Sasha had believable chemistry with a partner.

Jess LeProtto (with Kathryn): Stacey Tookey, Contemporary
I really wish NPH had been a little more eloquent in pointing out Jess’ occasional problems with a “muggy” expression, seeing as how he didn’t exhibit any of those tendencies in a number that was filled with yearning and missed connections. The entire movement of Jess’ body as he writhed at Kathryn’s feet was pure perfection, and the guy’s pirouettes are unmatched by any of his Season 8 competitors. As for his slightly peculiar lifts, I don’t think it’s that Jess isn’t strong enough or adept enough to pull them off; I think it’s just that with his diminutive stature, he has a tendency to literally disappear behind the ladies he’s hoisting into the air. And alas, that always ends up looking a little alarming, even if there’s nothing he can do about it.

Melanie Moore (with Pasha): Jason Gilkison, Viennese Waltz
That exquisite white gown and the incredible lighting design certainly helped this routine reach its heavenly heights, but without Melanie and Pasha’s passion and effortless power, it would’ve been just a gauzy shell without any muscle or bone to support it. As NPH described it, Pasha and Melanie made it all look so easy, you could almost overlook the fact that there were any lifts at all, and that’s why I appreciated Nigel and Mary pointing out the difficulty involved in how Melanie never broke the flow of motion going into and out of the various waltz moves.

Ricky Jaime (with Allison): Tyce Diorio, Broadway Jazz
It’s a good thing Tyce’s second routine wasn’t as hinky as his first; otherwise, Uncle Nigel might’e had him pack up the contents of his desk and be escorted from the building by SYTYCD security guards. Ricky definitely captured the menacing character of Allison’s living nightmare, but there were a few moments where his expression was perhaps a little too studied, a wee bit actorly, and not enough in the moment. By comparison, Allison wasn’t merely playing the role of a woman haunted by bad dreams, she was living, breathing, and dancing out the horror of the situation. And technically, this was a rock-solid duet. Mary was right to point out the awesomeness of that move where Ricky lifted Allison by the leg — using only one arm. For a guy that wiry, he’s got some power!

Clarice Ordaz (with Robert… le sigh): Nakul Dev Mahajan, Bollywood
Like Nigel said, when Bollywood is done right, sometimes you just have to let go of technical considerations and enjoy the lightning fast ride. And unlike the just okay Nick-Iveta number from earlier in the season, Clarice and Robert proved absolutely scintillating here. It didn’t hurt that her costume was a kaleidoscope of vibrant color, or that Robert’s ridiculous upper body was adorned with nothing more than some wispy gold chains and some glittering purple appliques. But the real joy was in the perfectly synchronized execution of Nakul’s dazzling steps. The side-by-side leaps left me gasping, and while I thought the duo looked a little clumsy in the closing 15 seconds, it soon became clear that Robert’s necklace-harness thingie had gotten caught in Clarice’s outfit, then torn from his body. I noticed a few drops of blood on Robert’s collarbone as he stepped up for his interview with Cat, but professionalism (or perhaps adrenaline) prevented him from noticing or pointing out that he’d been injured in the name of dance. Perhaps as a way to reward his efforts, we should start a petition to bring him back for a second All-Star session next week?

As for the evening’s solos, just a few random thoughts from me: Hadn’t we seen that plaid shirt on Ricky once before? Can we hope to never again see Melanie’s ghastly silver and white monstrosity again? How cute was the interplay between mighty Cat and tiny Jess as he reclined on the stage at the end of his number? Did Mitchell perform an actual solo or just a series of pirouettes? Did anyone else catch a hint of Arielle Coker’s audition (the wide stance/fast feet) at the start of Jordan’s solo? And was anything more impressive than Tadd’s “one foot hanging over the edge of the stage” showboating? Finally, thank you Clarice for introducing me to a song featuring Roisin Murphy that I’d never heard.

Will Go Home
Mitchell and Jordan

Should Go Home
Mitchell and Ricky None of the Ladies Caitlynn

On that note, what did you think of the Top 10 performances on this week’s SYTYCD? Who will and should go home? Who was your favorite? Did anyone surprise you? And what did you make of NPH’s criticism of Tyce’s routine? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Karen says:

    What a great night! Besides Mitchell’s unfortunate routine, I loved all of the routines.
    And daumn Twitch and Sasha! That’s some chemistry. (P.s. Twitch always = daumn!)
    Based on tonights performances I think Mitchell and Jordan might be headed home. But I’m hoping more for Jess and Clarice to leave instead, even though both are starting to win me over a little bit.

    • Selbs says:

      Please excuse me for jumping to the front of the line, but what show were you people watching last night? I said it last week and I’ll repeat it this week, the choreography is cookie cutter this year, the music unlistenable, the solos all look alike, Cat is becoming a total bore and hogs the stage (ya, I know, she got an Emmy nom). They continue to use “civilians” as judges who really don’t know dick about the fine art of dance. Oh, I forgot, NPH hosted the Tonys and Carmen Electra did “something” back where she comes from! Nigel and Mary (egad, shut up woman) heap absurd praises on these choreographers and tears of appreciation abound. Melanie rocks no matter what she wears or what routine they saddle her with, and she’s my reason for watching this year. Please, please, save this show!

      • Vivi says:

        I love it when one person questions the majority about why WE don’t see what HE/SHE sees. LOL! It cracks me up.

      • Harriet Meadow says:

        You have a problem with the “civilian” judges…so, only people who dance can truly appreciate dance? That’s like saying only people who can sing can appreciate a good singer or recognize a bad one (which, of course, is untrue). And yes, I am a dancer and dance teacher, so I’m not saying this defensively. With that being said, I too have been generally disappointed by the choreography this year. I’m glad the (as you called him, “civilian”) guest judge wasn’t afraid to call out the bad choreograph.

        • Harriet Meadow says:

          *choreography*, excuse me.

          • KevyB says:

            I wasn’t thinking much about the choreography one way or the other until I read through the Emmy list and noted the nominated performances. There were so many memorable ones last year and so few (so far) this year! And last year’s dancers weren’t as good as this year’s. Stop giving us solos and give us two couples routines!

          • Stephanie says:

            @KevyB–there is a reason why more routines from last year were nominated for Emmys than from this yer–the cut off date of 5/31/11, barely into this season.

            You will see that every year, because starting 6/1 the routines that we have seen will only be available for nomination for next year. It doesn’t go by SYTYCD season, so it has nothing to do with which season had “better” routines.

    • Paula says:

      Do two people go home this week or just one?

      • davey says:

        I was under the impression that only one dancer went home now each week – but it seems that I could be wrong! Mitchell for sure – but which girl will go home?

  2. Dryden says:

    Very nice selection of photo, Mr. Slezak. Very nice indeed.

    Another great night for the show. I love that Marko and Melanie both had amazing routines, as I worried that breaking the pair up would make one of them look weaker. Sasha had my favorite performance of the night, and I think she could become the dark horse to win the whole competition.

  3. KMG says:

    Wow, Slezak… a chest cold and sore throat that make it hard to type???

  4. Eli says:

    Slezak, there’s no way Sasha “out-hoofed” tWitch. She looked better than twitch because he made her shine, same with Alex Freakin Wong last year.

    Besides that, mostly a good recap sir.

    Cat Rocks!

  5. Bee says:

    Thank goodness NPH called Tyce out on that lame routine; he should NOT be allowed to choreograph broadway anymore…ugh.


    LOVED the use of Tori Amos’ “Precious Things” for the Allison/Ricky routine. Even though he edited it quite a bit for the sake of time, that piece of music is haunting, gorgeous and hypnotic–just like the routine.

  6. Ziggy says:

    Clarice was so good last night, I’m glad she had the closing number with Robert. (After Katee and Joshua’s first bollywood, this is my fav!) Clarice has been under the radar for me and I think she may give Melanie and Caitlynn a run for their money! Her strength, technicality and stamina really came through last night and I enjoyed her solo. She’s the only jazz dancer of the girls left and I hope she stays.

    • Saracen Riggins says:

      Hasn’t Jordan labeled herself a jazz dancer as well?

      • Bee says:

        I’m not sure. She certainly does contemporary style for all her solos (which are lackluster, in my opinion). I thought Clarice’s solo was dynamic, interesting and energetic.

  7. Bee says:

    Best comment of the night: Stacy Tookey saying Kathryn can practically levitate, so it shouldn’t be hard for Jess to do the lifts. Kathryn is SUBLIME. I want to see her every week.

    • hawk says:

      Kathryn is one of my all-time favorites, along with Katee. Am I the only one who thought that she absolutely carried Jess through that routine?

      I may also be the only one who thought the Sasha/tWitch routine was just ok. After the adoration poured on them by the judges, I went back to see what I missed. Meh. It was good, but certainly nothing special in my eyes. Oh, and tWitch definitely outdanced Sasha.

    • Melinda says:

      Did anyone else notice, and feel bothered, that at the end of Jess and Kathryn’s routine, she didn’t congratulate or even acknowledge Jess? She didn’t even glance his way. It was like she continued her inability to see him from the dance.

  8. Saracen Riggins says:

    I have to say I sorely disagree that you think Tadd’s was the only solo worth mentioning. I love Tadd. But Melanie’s solo was downright amazing. Even if her outfit was a tad ugly.
    As far as the couples dances go. Ricky and Allison’s dance was easily my favorite of the night, maybe of the season. I’m surprised I’m not reading more of that on the internet today! I was just completely lost and terrified throughout the routine. LOVED it.
    Slezak – when will you provide us the opportunity to vote for our favorite dances like you do for favorite performances on Idol?

  9. kyrjar says:

    I do think Jordan should go home and the other four ladies were better last night and Jordan was the only one doing her own style. Poor Mitchell, bad luck but going home — and he would go anyway in my mind before the other four guys (except maybe Jess).

    Loved seeing Kathryn, Chelsie, Brandon, Robert, Pasha, tWitch, Allison. Hopefully, they can ask Sara to come do hip hop. She was great in her season. The show is just dying for a quality girl hip hopper.

    Anyway, thought everyone was excellent and only surprise of the night was Clarice — excellent solo and best Bollywood since Katee and Joshua.

    • Saracen Riggins says:

      YES! Thank you! I’ve been saying since last season when they introduced all-stars that they need to bring Sara back. She was one of the best! I definitely prefer her over Comfort…

    • Bee says:

      Yes! Comfort is SO overrated, she was slower and sloppier than Tadd in their routine.

    • Linda says:

      Wasn’t Sara labelled a B girl? I think she was, but she could do anything they threw at her! Would love to see her again! Comfort is over-rated!

  10. SMH says:

    Caitlynn should go home? Did we watch the same show last night? After Sasha and Twitch, I thought her tango was the best. How smoking hot was she and Pasha together?!

    In fact, I think that Caitlynn is the dark horse. She hasn’t been pimped, yet she is killing it. She very well may end up as the next Sabra…she just one killer routine away from it.

    • Charlene says:

      I completely agree with everything you said! Caitlynn’s been dancing well every week, but I think that tango was a game changer for her.

    • djm says:

      Sorry, but Caitlynn is too much of a “hair dancer” – in fact I was THRILLED that they had pulled her hair back for the tango, but then she came out for her solo and there it was AGAIN. I hope Clarice goes home instead of Jordan.

  11. OK says:

    I’m actually kind of sad Jordan will be going home. I know a lot of people don’t like her but she actually grew on me.

  12. Nikki says:

    Are you joking about Clarice’s solo song choice? That was used twice last season – once for a group # and Ashley used it during one of her solos..

    And how awesome is Cat for reading off the #’s for all 10 dancers at the very end!

  13. maddy says:

    Maybe you missed it last season, but that Roisin Murphy song was used for a group routine AND one of Ashley Galvan’s solos. It’s fab.

  14. Bee says:

    My dream partners:
    Melanie & Kathryn
    Wouldn’t they be stellar together?! Perhaps this might happen before or on the finale…

  15. DC says:

    Even with the description, I really don’t remember Jordan’s number that well–so there’s her gone. Mitchel may be a beautiful dancer but I don’t think he ever really connected with the audience. He could have left weeks earlier IMO.
    Loved Nigel’s face after NPH slammed Tyce’s choreography.

  16. Al says:

    Latin/Ballroom routines usually totally pass me by and don’t grab my attention but Caitlynn blew me away last night. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her… I reckon Caitlynn is a dark horse in this competition. The only thing that might hold here back is that she gets so involved in the character of the dance that she loses her own personality. People will feel as if they know her less and won’t be as compelled to vote for. For me, Jordan hasn’t grabbed my attention as much as the other ladies and I’d much prefer to see her leave over the other girls.

  17. Tna says:

    Sasha & Twitch were the freaking BOMB!!! The only performance of the season that I watched more than once, 4 times actually :)

  18. Vivi says:

    This was a fantastic night of dancing. I mean, this Top 10 is pretty darn good. Throughout this season, it was hard for me to root for a particular dancer because each and every dancer had a likability about them (yes, even the hammy Jess). But now, my support is for Ricky. His ‘Dance for Your Life’ solos have been outta this world. And yesterday, his routine with the gorgeous Allison made me a fan. Tyce brought out another side of Ricky that we have not seen. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    My favorite routine from last night, though, was Sasha/Twitch. OMWord, it touched my soul. The musicality. The choreography. The chemistry. The dancing. A-MAH-ZING! I had to rewind it 5 times. This must be done in the finale show.

    Also, I will like to say that NPH did a great job as a guest judge. I really do enjoy when the guest judge actually watches the show and know the dancers’ weaknesses and strengths. Absolutely refreshing.

  19. Luna Maya says:

    aa..I don’t want Jordan to go home :(, her solo might be boring but she executes well each style that has been thrown at her!
    I blame whoever was responsible to put the number for each dancer at the end of the show, poor Cat has to read all from the start :D
    hope tomorrow they will reveal Kameron s3 as an all star!

  20. Amy says:

    Sasha and Twitch were so hot. One of my favorite performances of the season. I also loved Clarice and Robert which is surprising since I don’t care for the Bollywood number typically. Maybe because they aren’t ususally executed well. I was surprised by how serious NPH was! I thought he would be more jokey like JTF was last week. But I still loved him, especially for not being afraid to call out the crap that way Tyce’s Broadway. I knew it was going to be bad when he talked about being a suitcase.

  21. elizabeth says:

    tWitch & Sasha – totally agreed w/ NPH they should always be partners.

    I thought all the girls were very good, I must be tardy to the party, but I don’t see any of them as a front runner, nor a dark horse. Have to admit (and be jealous a bit), Clarice has grown on me the last two weeks.

    I’ve loved that NPH and Jesse Tyler Ferguson have kind of been critical and the voice of the fans at the same time. Good luck to any of the following judges – biiiiig shoes to fill. (And thanks NPH for calling out Jess Ballas and that wonky Broadway disaster.)

    (Thanks for the picture selection too! Well Done.)

  22. Oliver Klosoff says:

    I hope Jordan doesn’t go home. I think that girl whose name I can’t ever remember. Clarice I think? should go.

    She won’t win. No chance. So send her home. Boring.
    Did she even dance with Robert? I thought they just had some pretty fabric twirling around with him.

  23. NanCeE* says:

    NPH said everything I was thinking last night. He was a perfect guest judge! All the dancers are so good this year, but Jess (he’s grown on me, and his skills cannot be denied) and Melanie are my favorites at the moment. I think Jordan will go home, but wish it were Caitlin instead. The Argentine Tango was sublime, but Jordan’s body of work this season has been far better than Caitlin’s.

  24. Carly says:

    That’s exactly how I feel re: Jess and his lifting abilities. It’s not that he isn’t strong, it’s just that his height (or lack thereof) is a bigger disadvantage with his partners vs. someone who might have a little more in the height department – so even while he has the strength, it just winds up looking awkward.

    Clarice’s dance was the first Bollywood number I’ve really ever enjoyed across the seasons – she just looked like she was having a blast!

    My predictions for bottom two: Jordan and Mitchell.

  25. wendeeloo says:

    I voted for Jess Caitlyn and Clarice last night because I thought they’d need the help. I was irked that Stacey T. gave Jess choreography that featured Kathryn and stuck him behind her body for most of the dance. But when he had his moments – Jess soared. Literally. Caitlyn is a dark horse to me and she is capable of greatness. There is nothing sexier than a well executed argentine tango. Clarice surprised me last night and made me vote for her. I was a Mitchell fan but the bad luck of getting Tyce as a choreographer sealed his doom.

  26. sonja says:

    “Dare I say it’s time someone set Tyce straight about his lackluster routines — or perhaps thought about bringing in some fresh blood when it comes to channeling the Great White Way?”

    Thank-you, thank-you for saying this. I am so tired of everyone jizzing over Tyce, when I find most of his routines boring!

    Thanks also to Niel Patrick Hadrris who had the balls to say it on national TV!

  27. francine says:

    For years I’ve disliked ALL of Tyce D’Orio’s ‘Broadway’ numbers.

    Have you checked him out on

    He assisted on one broadway show! What a fabulous career.

    He must know all about Nigel’s skeletons…….

  28. daisyj says:

    Was that actually Kate Hudson singing that song Marko and Chelsea were dancing to? Or just someone else with the same name who should never be allowed near a recording studio ever again? Seriously, the dancing was fine, but that *&%^ was so bad I had to watch it with the sound off . (Guidoguidoguidoguido? That’s your chorus?)

    Overall, it was a fun show, but as long as Marko and Melanie stay in it (and mostly Melanie), I’m not really invested in when the rest of them go.

    • Sarah says:

      daisyj yes it was Kate Hudson. It was a track from the movie “Nine” with Daniel Day-Lewis. She is singing about his character Guido, who is a famous Italian director. Hence the chorus repeating his name “Guido” (she is hitting on him in the scene)
      In fact that was a Golden globe nominated song from the movie, it is called “Cinema Italiano”

      It may not be everyone’s favorite but it wasn’t nearly as bad as you make it out to be. Just thought you should be more informed before you call something &%^*#$

  29. whislerpotpie says:

    Joining in on the Tyce haterade….did anyone else see him in the Chorus Line documentary – total jackarse….nothing has changed!

  30. Jake says:

    Incredible show last night on SYTYCD. Great routines across the board, great dancing, great judging (including NPH). Best episode of the season.

    Clarice has been my favorite from the beginning, and last night might have been her break-out performance. She probably performed Bollywood better than any other contestant in the show’s history – often they look rushed and frantic, but Clarice made it look effortless and fun. And Robert was right – she really is gorgeous. Hopefully she’s peaking at just the right time like Jeanine did in Season 5.

    Next for me is Caitlynn, who I think continues to grow by the weak. But Sasha and Melanie were great last night, and Jordan’s solo was her best performance yet, IMO. Yeah, it will be hard to see any of these excellent ladies go home.

    Jess is my favorite guy, and I thought his solo was possibly the best of the bunch last night. He looks like he levitates at times. Mitchell is probably the weakest dancer of al the Top 10, but he’s still very good. Quite a group they’ve got this year….

  31. Mary says:

    I liked Tyce’s airplane dance. I thought it was very cool. I agree with Nigel that the “style” of the dance could have been accentuated.

  32. Hannah Butler says:

    So Michael I wanna know why you want Catelyn to go so much? I dont think we know enough about her but her dancing is amazing! I have to say even seperated Marko and Melanie are my favorites. In the end I really have always had an issue with Clarice. Ive wanted her gone and continue to want her gone I think shes only still here because people liked jess and even though Bollywood was really good (Robert still out danced her) I want her gone. As for the guys I say Mitchel also. I think Clarice or Sasha for the girls.

  33. djm says:

    Does one guy and one girl go home every week from now on? For some reason I was surprised by that last night – I thought it changed over to whoever had the lowest votes regardless of gender. It sucks that some of the girls are going to go home before the guys simply because of gender.

    • Kenny says:

      I think last year with the all stars one a week went home. Regardless. I was caught a bit of guard by that as well.

  34. Heather says:

    I guess Slezak has never watched the show before because the song in Clarice’s solo was used in a Sonya group routine 1 or 2 seasons ago and also another solo from the same year of that group routine.

  35. Anna says:

    I ADORE that Roisin Murphy song. So glad you were introduced to it. And I don’t know if I agree that Jordan will go home…

  36. Lisa says:

    The show was so much better without Ryan. I hope Ricky gets a few weeks to show what he can do with a good partner.

    I didn’t think comfort was as good as the contestant girls. She didn’t seem to commit.

    Sasha/Twitch was my favorite of the night. They are both really good actors. Twitch seems to be that dancer that elevates everyone around him.

  37. Faz says:

    The music on last night’s episode was not great. Apart from a couple of selections, most were really bad. It seems unfair to the contestants to saddle them with something like, for example, that Jessie J song.

  38. kbooga says:

    I haved loved Melanie since I cried watching her audition. But I’m finding as the week roll along that I really like little things about all the dancers. I am liking Clarice more and more everytime I watch her dance! And Jess is getting ahold of his quirks that make him seem full of himself and appears a little bit more humble. If one goes home, I’d like it to be Mitchell, and if two…..well, not so sure which girl. As long as it’s not Melanie or Clarice

  39. Lulio3 says:

    So let me get this straight…they are going to have NEW all-stars every week? I didn’t realize that if that is the case.

  40. Rachel says:

    I absolutely agree with your “Who Will/Should Go Home”, but I really can’t decide which is Jordan and which is Caitlynn. They’re both fantastic, but neither of them compare to Melanie or Sasha (or Clarisse last night). I think they’re the next two to go, and Clarisse will round out the top 3.

  41. KittyJules says:

    I love tWitch! Wanted him to win his season, and still watch him dance with awe…so sexy! Sasha’s great, but I’m kind of irritated that she could step up her performance that much just because of a partner change. She could learn a thing or two from Allison in that regard. Also irritated by all comments about how Mitchell will be going home because of “Tyce’s routine”…he has been in the bottom 3 three other times? It was unfortunate about the routine, but that is not the only reason he could be going home. Jess is just a kid of 18 and what comes out of his mouth sometimes IMO is more bravado than anything else. He is a phenom dancer, but through no fault of his own, partner dancing is “akward” because of his height. Thought Clarice and Robert’s dance was best Bollywood ever on show. Love love love Robert!! Pasha danced better last night than I ever remember seeing him dance! Melanie is my fave from Season 8. Last thing that irritates me? All comments about how all of her dances “in her genre” so can’t really tell….um huh? She is just that good people. Sorry, IMO she is next Allison H. She will be able to just dance anything! And her art is wonderful too!

  42. Devin says:

    It should also be noted how annoying Tyce is as a judge. He makes Mary Murphy look sane and understated.

  43. cmp says:

    I can’t imagine anybody going home. They are all fabulous. My sis and I didn’t see a thing wrong with Mitchell’s number. Don’t get all of the criticism. My only criticism all night was that they didn’t give Marko enough intricate footwork in the Samba. It was just a bunch of lifts and leaps. Would have liked to see him do more actual dancing. If I had to choose two to leave, it would be Clarice and Ricky. Neither of them do a whole lot for me. Jess remains my favorite guy. I agree with Slezak that unfortunately, because of his stature, he does get swallowed up when lifting his partner but not much can be done about that. Sasha is my favorite female dancer. She is powerful, passionate and technically awesome. I couldn’t have thought of anybody I would rather see her dance with than tWitch. My fave routine of the night. I can image Caitlynn and Melissa’s reaction to dancing with Pasha. YES!!! Beautiful dances, both of them. Good luck ya’ll!!

  44. Mikos says:

    Holy crap is Tadd overrated. Best solo? Are you kidding? It was competent b-boying with his million dollar smile. That’s it.

    He was good in his routine, I’ll give him that. But he’s going to stiffly waltz his way into the final four I’m afraid, denying Jess or Marko a spot there. And he’s just so over freaking rated.