Exclusive: Hawaii Five-0 Team Adds a New Member... and Love Interest?

The Hawaii Five-0 team will be saying “Aloha” to a new member — and McGarrett a possible new love interest — with the addition of Happy Town alumna Lauren German to the CBS drama’s cast.

German, TVLine has learned exclusively, is boarding the sophomore thrill ride in the series regular role of a smart and beautiful former Homeland Security officer who has been hand-picked by the new Governor (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ Richard T. Jones) to join the Five-0 task force.

Forced into McGarrett’s elite ensemble, German’s character will not just help them fight crime, but also keep them in check on behalf of the Gov. And, as hinted above, she is poised to also serve as a potential love interest for Alex O’Loughlin’s McGarrett.

German is the latest add-on for Five-0‘s sophomore run (premiering Sept. 19), joining Jones, Heroes‘ Masi Oka (now a series regular as coroner Max), Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn (as McGarrett’s Navy SEAL trainer), and film vet Tom Sizemore (playing a pesky Internal Affairs agent).

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  1. Jon says:

    They should’ve just kept Larisa Oleynik on, she was awesome!

    • Marla says:

      Absolutely agree!!

      • Lambsilencer says:

        Well, with this news, the addition of Larisa Oleynik as a series regular is now very unlikely. I liked her, and would have loved to see her joining the show, but the fan backlash against her character was quite massive. Maybe the producers listened… But she still might come back in guest spots or on a recurring basis when the Wo Fat case is at the center.

        • Ace says:

          I’d much rather keep Larisa Oleynik, IF we have to have new team members at all. (I’d really rather it just be Steve, Danno, Chin, and Kono.)

          • Lambsilencer says:

            Finally, some news, thanks to TV Guide.

            Larisa Oleynik will return, but as a recurring, when the focus is on the Wo Fat case.

          • Candy Evans says:

            I agree why do we need a new person. Steve,Danno, hin, and Kono are just perfect.
            For me the new girl is drab with no feeling for the part. She does nothing for the show, in fact it is distracting to look at her…

    • Halena says:

      I agree!!

    • Johnification says:

      Yeah, I thought the idea when they introduced Oleynik’s character was that she would join the team. What gives? She would have really piqued my interest!

      Oh well, I like German too…I thought Happy Town was underrated and enjoyed her on it.

    • zapherian says:

      Agree!!! Why do they have to add and remove cast/s to what the viewers already accustomed to… and one thing more is it really important in a crime drama that the actors/actresses should have a love interest???

    • Arlene says:

      I totally agree Larisa Oleynik should have stayed and take Luaren back, she’s not a good fit to the show

    • murphi says:

      uhh… first off, i kinda like her, she awesome could u please not judge her, give her a chance.. she’s pretty and smart plus her and steve go together! =)

    • julia says:

      stop trash talking bout her
      she’s pretty and smart and a good cop
      her and steve do go together

  2. ScottB says:

    Matt – Will Larisa Oleynik be back?

  3. Linda says:

    Um…she looks like she’s a teenager. Why couldn’t they keep the four team, as is?

    • Patty says:

      It’s that awful picture. Both Alex and Lauren are in their early/mid 30’s.

      • War Chief Shake Zula says:

        And she looked early-to-mid 30s in her guest spot on Human Target back in January, too. I think it’s the way she’s wearing her hair…

    • Alicia says:

      C’mon, it was only a matter of time before they added another white person. I’m sure the execs have been wringing their hands over the 50-50 cast from the beginning.

    • forrest says:

      The intro season really underused Grace Park – by adding this many new characters – I really doubt her role will improve beyond just the token female extra. This whole new storyline trend appears to take the focus off the core 4.

      • actually says:

        Agree they completely underused Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim. Let’s have a bit more storyline for the core 4.

        • Claire says:

          We are really missing out when they don’t use Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim. They complete the team. It is just fine without all the additional people. The new gal seems very out of place with the team, just doesn’t fit in. Their work is important but hey, it’s Hawaii….loosen up

  4. Richard says:

    what about Michelle Borth? She WAS the love interest…

    • Rachel says:

      She’s on ABC’s Combat Hospital.

      • Linda says:

        That’s too bad, I liked her. (Well not too bad for her, I guess. LOL)

        • War Chief Shake Zula says:

          We’ll see how Grey’s-in-Afghanistan…er, Combat Hospital, works out. It’s ratings are notably lower than the typical Grey’s-in-a-police-precinct…er, Rookie Blue ep from last summer. (and indeed, I think Rookie Blue’s eps this summer are outperforming Combat Hospital to this point).

    • Matt says:

      Agreed! I really liked her, and Combat Hospital is a summer show, so it shouldn’t conflict too badly. Maybe they can bring her back on a recurring basis for some love triangle action…

      • Brent says:

        It’s a summer show, but the first season at least was shot during the winter… in Etobicoke Ontario. It’s a Canadian-British co-production that was bought by ABC after it was given the greenlight by the Global TV. That probably explains why Borth disappeared from Hawaii Five-0 about halfway through the first season.

  5. AJ says:

    She does look quite young to be McGarrett love interest, but the character sounds interesting.

  6. dee says:

    Don’t forget Masi Oka! Doesn’t he become a series regular this season after making several guest appearances as the coroner last season?

  7. Ryan says:

    First season 2 casting news I haven’t liked. I agree with the above people. What about Larissa Oleynik? I enjoyed Jenna.

  8. Rebecca says:

    I love the team as is..and she doesn’t even look old enoughh to play that role.

  9. Toni says:

    I thought this girl was supposed to be some eye catcher. I have to say I am disapointed. Michelle Borth is so much better.

    • Brittany says:

      I saw her in the first few episodes of “Happy Town” (then I stopped watching) and she was actually very pretty, that’s just a bad picture.

  10. xav says:

    Why didn’t they just keep Larissa and dump poor Masi Oka, who is the weak link on the show?

  11. Cindy says:

    Hey Matt you didn’t pick a very good picture of her. She is much older than that pic and waaaaay prettier.

  12. Tay says:

    Ok y???? We already have a great cast !! Ugh!! I liked the other girls this girl looks like my age but guess I will like the show and I already called dibs on mcgarrett

  13. fritzi says:

    I will miss Grace Park, wish she was still on the program, don’t think this new girl is a good fit as others have stated she is too young for Alex’s character. The casting director did a poor job on this one, H5O is one of my favorites as was the first version many many years ago

    • Ace says:

      I haven’t heard anything to indicate that Grace Park is leaving the show. I would think that would have been major news.

      Also, I’m not sure why we need all of these new cast members they’re hiring. This show (my absolute favorite, BTW) is seriously in danger of Grey’s Anatomy Syndrome (meaning way too many leads). And I don’t like all of the love interest stories for Steve and Danno. Can we just fight some crime, please, guys? The general absence of love interest plotlines is one of the reasons I enjoyed this show last year!

    • KARLOS says:

      Grace Park is still on the show thankfully. There was a video released yesterday of them all back together on set :)

  14. mgb says:

    It would really make my viewing of the show much more enjoyable if they would recast the role of Danno. The current actor is intolerable to me. I love the rest of the cast though, and the stories are good. The scenery can’t be beat either.

    • dee says:

      Holy smokes, are you in the minority. Scott Cahn was the breakout star last season!

    • Suncatcher says:

      @ mgb – Totally agree with you! And, if Scott Cahn is so great, how come he usually ends up all alone (with wife and daughter) on most episodes – and not with the rest of the cast? Have heard Cahn is not happy in Hawaii (too far from home) and wanted out early on. Are producers giving Cahn his own little space so he can come and go at will? Get a REAL team member, McGarrett! And besides, Cahn is too short for you.

    • Riley says:

      You better thank God Scott Caan is on this show, because it would have been cancelled after the first episode. C’mon, we all know pretty boy Alex can’t carry a show. The only acting class he ever took was on how to take his shirt off! Scott is the only reason this show is still on the air!

    • Cat says:

      I agree 100%, mgb!
      I like the show and love Alex O’Loughlin but cannot stand Scott Caan.
      His over-the-top acting and constant yelling grates on my nerves. Most of the times I find myself turning the volume off during his scenes. I hate his interpretation of Danno!
      I am willing to give the new character a chance but not as a romantic interest for McGarrett. I prefer Michelle B. for this part.

      • Pam says:

        Sorry @cat but SC is the reason the show didn’t get cancelled after the first few eps and I agree with the person who said they’re not really a big fan of him either. GP is about as bad as Alex in the acting department and Daniel is HIGHLY underused.

        • trace says:

          So right, Pam! Daniel can do so much more than the short scripted parts he is given on H50. They way they are trying to connect the core four together is so sloppy. It’s normally just McGarrett and Danno and now more love interests? A bit more focus and crimefighting would be much appreciated.

    • Amy says:

      are you kidding me? this guy was nominated for a Golden Globe for portraying Danno’s character! i dont think they should ever let him leave the show..he’s brilliant and i like his and Alex’s on-screen chemistry

      • Vrinda says:

        Being nominated for a Golden Globe doesn’t mean you’re talented. Scott overacts and argues too much. I read that he asked the producers to put that in to create “tension” between him and McGarrett. As if the crimes they investigate don’t create enough tension.

    • sashay says:

      He’s the main reason I haven’t been able to watch the show, despite being initially excited over the casting (Alex, Grace, wow!) The original wasn’t so Danny centric, so why did they do this with the remake? They thought women in their twenties wouldn’t be excited enough over the casting of Alex???!

  15. Elle says:

    neither like the choice for or the character, actually i’m with those people who want jenna back. i would have loved for her to be on the team, i liked her. the role description looks like this new girl (yes, GIRL) is gonna be a pain in the ass and slow things down. i loved every addition to the show so for but this blows.

  16. KARLOS says:

    I’d rather she was a love interest for Grace Parks character :)

  17. Jill says:

    What?! Grace Park leaving..no!!! This new girl is pretty but does she have what it takes to click with McGarrett? I don’t fancy Larisa at first but i admit she grew on me :)
    Still wish it’s just the 4 of them only. Hope Claire van der Boom also make a series regular..i find her awesome as Danno’s wife

  18. Vigorous Anonymity says:

    Bromance with Danno = Entertaining

    Romance with [insert pretty actress] = Boring

  19. amy says:

    The only issue I have with this is now the team will be uneven. It was nice before because we usually had Steve and Danny teamed together and Chin and Kono teamed together. So who is this new woman going to be teamed with?

    • Sassy says:

      Neither, she will be the thorn in their side because she’s representing the governor’s office. Try reading the article before making half-witted comments.

  20. Jazz says:

    I wasn’t even aware people didn’t like Jenna. Then I guess I’m the minority in saying that I want Larisa Oleynick back next season because I thought she was a good addition and liked seeing her back on my TV…

  21. Ashley says:

    I’d rather have Larisa Oleynick back as Jenna. I liked the kid sister-big brother vibe going on between her and McGarrett, and the fact that she’s an analyst could mean she could take over some of the technical stuff and let Chin out into the field more. It feels like they’re adding Lauren German’s character just so they can sex up the show and that’s just so unnecessary – I watch for the beautiful locations and the entertaining bickering between Steve and Danno!

    • kasha says:

      i agree ashley; the bickering between steve and danno makes the show!! it has me in stitches everytime those two start bantering, and the stuff danno comes out with is just hilarious!!

      • Elsie says:

        The bickering gets old after a while. It took two eps for me and AOL needs to work on his acting a bit. Sorry to all the AOL fans out there but it was SC that was carrying the show and I’m not even a fan of him.

        I don’t get why they feel the need to add all these people. Are they that worried that the rest can’t carry the show? That must be it. They need to work on their weak procedural storylines before they start adding new cast members

  22. Kath says:

    I’m someone else who was hoping to have Larisa Oleynik back on the show. She was a good addition last year, a steading influence on the team, and she had tons of chemistry with Alex O’L’s Steve.

    Why did they decide to bring this new character on instead of having Jenna back?

  23. kasha says:

    is this the end for the original team {steve, danno, chin, kono}?? after seeing the season final, the whole team seemed to just deteriorate and it was devastating!! you can’t have the 5-0 team with only one or two original members; it has to contain the members we’ve all grown to love!! i hope the team comes together again as they were suited perfectly. chin needs to get rid of HPD and come back to 5-0!! at least one good thing; we know that mcgarrett isn’t going anywhere!! and that he’s not in serious trouble with HPD after the last episode :D

    • Suncatcher says:

      @kasha Gotta agree with you. Why is it that the most popular shows now think it’s great to muck with a winner – and break up / expand the team till it bloats (NCIS, HOUSE, BONES, CRIMINAL MINDS, HAWAII 50 and more)? Oh, writers & producers: Viewers don’t like being jerked around…

      • Mr. Wolf says:

        By and large, TPTB don’t care. Writers and show runners (writers or producers themselves) consider themselves artists and don’t really give a fig what the consumers of their art want. They’ll pay attention if their wives, girlfriends/boyfriends, mistresses or someone higher in the food chain doesn’t like a plot or character, but anyone else…eh, whatever. They know we’ll probably watch anyway.

      • kasha says:

        I have no idea why they show makers just have to ruin a really great show by breaking up the original cast and bringing in new people and create stupid storylines… the hawaii 5-0 creators better not ruin the second season witth stupid lovestorys and uninteresting crime storys. The 5-0 team has to be band back together again!!

    • DGL63 says:

      I wouldn’t mind if Chin is marginalised as I have trouble trusting his character. I hope Danno, Rachel & Grace (and unborn) stay together. I agree, the best part of the prog for me is the banter between Steve & Danno,it is brilliant.

  24. Brandon says:

    Judging by the other comments, I seem to be one of the very few who think this is wonderful news. I thought Larisa Oleynik was quite an annoying and irrelevant character.

    • XK says:

      Ditto. H50 is already an amazingly unrealistic show, but having her around to basically tell the team anything they had not yet figured out was silly.

  25. Suncatcher says:

    If 5-0 adds many more new cast members, we’ll need GPS to figure out who’s doing what. It wasn’t broke! C’mon! Enough!

  26. Benita Lee says:

    I was excited about the new cast additions, but this one sounds like a bad decision. It was disappointing enough that Kono barely got any lines after Jenna joined the cast, but now another female character… who’s also going to be a love interest for McGarrett?! UGH. The two best episodes of the season were the pilot and finale… both of them action driven while delving into the back stories of the 4 main characters. The weakest plot of those two episodes were the Danno/Rachel relationship esp. the “I’m pregnant and its your baby” storyline which diverted from a great finale. If the producers are going to “sex” up the show by bringing in love interests within the team, this show will become a soap opera like Gray’s Anatomy.

  27. gamblin lil says:

    if it aint broke dont fix it i dont like all these changes

  28. Lana says:

    Not liking the new addition. Guess I will DVR instead and give it an episode or two.

  29. Katrina says:

    the team works well with the 4 of them!
    and love intrest NOOO
    I don’t want him to have a love intrest… he will be less mcGarett!
    I think the 4 is the best… its the good old 4 hawaii 5-o
    PLEASE NOOO love intrest

  30. lbj says:

    The part they need to recast is McGarrett. Alex is so wrong for the lead. I think had they gone with a better actor, instead of just another stereotypical Hollywood pretty boy, who CANNOT ACT!, this show be having a lot better ratings than they have now!

    • XK says:

      It would help to also:

      (a) have better writers
      (b) have less obvious product placement (this drives me CRAZY)
      (c) have fewer painfully obvious ‘this is where McGarrett or Kano take their shirts off so we can get more viewers’ moments.

      I don’t think Alex O does a spectacular job, (really, I think Cahn is the only standout in the cast, despite liking most of the cast in other shows), but obviously they aren’t going to recast him, as he does bring in the female viewers (apparently). :)

    • Sara says:

      I totally agree. Alex O’Loughlin is a terrible actor. He’s so wooden and boring and I don’t think he’s handsome at all. They keep adding new cast members because O’Loughlin cannot carry the show.

  31. Alex says:

    Why do shows always do this? Start with a great small ensemble cast and then feel the need to add a half dozen new and unnecessary characters? It rarely ever works. I honestly don’t understand what the hell the producers are thinking. It’s like they want the show to fail.

  32. pv says:

    I am in agreement with most of the people who’ve already commented.

    Why fix what’s not broken.

    The show doesn’t need a “romance” plot line. (Besides steve and danno can cover that if that’s what audiences want). And really?! Its Hawaii, why can’t they cast a hawaiian woman instead of a white girl. Its only logical that steve would most likely date a local gal anyways.

    Stoopid show. Don’t mess with what works. And for goodness sake give Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim something to do!!

  33. Mary says:

    I am concerned that the producers will ruin a great show. I agree – H50 definitely doesn’t need a “Romance” plot line – it’s storylines are great as they are – don’t cheapen it with “sleeze”. The old saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! I don’t think any of the show’s fans want to see this show fail.

  34. Stella says:

    I’m trying really hard to give the writers the benefit of the doubt, because by and large season one was pretty awesome for the arcs and the team dynamic and the four main characters. But first they force Jenna on us (thank goodness at least she’s not the new team member), then they make Danny, the former moral compass of the team, an adulterer, and now they’re going to force yet another new team member on us *and* make her a love interest as well? Like the four people we tuned in for weren’t enough, now they’re going to get even less screen time while this new character (who I’m sure will be just perfect in every way) and McGarrett team up and make googly eyes at each other instead of focusing on the job and the others just fall by the wayside as backup?

    Bring on a new team member. Or bring on a new love interest. Or both. But don’t make it one in the same, and don’t screw up the dynamic that made us watch in the first place.

    Sorry, Jenna cost me about half the faith I have in the writers’ ability to pull this off. She was just terrible and forced down our throats and an insult to women, geeks, law enforcement and actors. Pardon me while I sit over here and nurse my fear that they will screw it up again.

  35. Stella says:

    Going back and reading some of the other comments, I’m surprised at the people who think AOL can’t act. I think SC is phenomenal, don’t get me wrong, but he also has the kind of role that throws talent front and center. McGarrett is a much more reserved character in comparison, and it takes just as much talent to play that, and it always gets overlooked (kind of like how people who can belt out a note on American Idol are the best thing ever even if they couldn’t hold a note without the screaming, whereas the truly great singers can support a note at any volume – subtlety is lost on people these days).

    Since becoming a fan of H50, I’ve gone back and watched other stuff with AOL in it, and the subtle differences in his voice and inflections and how he carries himself amaze me – the man is an amazing physical actor. I went back and watched Moonlight, and while it wasn’t the greatest show, his physical acting was amazing.

    And if you still don’t think he can act, go watch the finale again. Watch him pacing at the scene where the witness has been murdered. Watch him slowly unravelling as everything is falling apart the whole episode. And especially watch–and listen to–him when he confronts the governor. He’s amazing.

    • Alexa says:

      I have been an AOL fan since the days of Moonlight and couldn’t have said it better, Stella! Alex is a fine actor who is brilliant at the subtle style of acting. No screaming or flapping the arms for him, just a glance or a small gesture convey any emotion. He is a million times better than any of his costars, especially the terrble Scott Caan, who is the weak link in an otherwise talented cast.

      • sarah h says:

        Couldn’t agree more, Alexa.

      • Sara says:

        What? Alex O’Loughlin is the worst actor ever. Of course he never screams or moves his body: he’s lifeless. He’s a deadpan.

        • Riley says:

          Totally agree Sara! I’m sick and tired of hearing how “Hot” Alex is. He is an okay looking guy, but I have certainly seen ten times better. As far as his acting, he is TERRIBLE. As his history has shown, he cannot carry a show. If not for Scott, this show would not be having a second season PERIOD! Scott did not get a Golden Globe nomination for nothing. As far as Alex, the producers and CBS could not even put his name in for consideration of an Emmy – if that is not telling I don’t know what it is! Get over it Alex fans, he is just there for the eye candy, because the producers are lame enough to believe that will increase ratings – WRONG AGAIN!

          • Erin says:

            It’s terrible your comments to Alex.
            Alex is a great actor, talented,handsome and attractive, something don’t will be never Scott.It bothers me that they only see their physical because he has many qualities.You think the series has been renewed for another season by Scott,and I think if it have had low ratings is because of Scott,because the series has focused too much on the character Danno.Many people had expectations grades with the show watching the pilot episode.But from there everything changed for the worse,only four or five episodes were really interesting,the episodes that focused on the central mystery of the death of the parents of McGarrett.I do not watch H5.0 to see what problems of family’s Danno.If CBS wants something so,they should do a spin off with Scott’s character ……Danno and his family.I think it would be fine and you would be so happy,and everyone else we would be happy,for lose sight of the bored Danno.

          • Sara says:

            Well said, Riley! Scott Caan carries the show and he outshines Alex O’Loughlin!

    • Shaz says:

      I once spoke to an acting coach who trains experienced actors to get jobs on TV. He said that a lot of his work is not helping the actors to improve their acting — because they’re already great actors — but showing actors how they need to alter their acting style to fit the type of TV show they want to work on.

      For example, take William Shatner. Few people would say that he is a great actor, yet he won an Emmy on Boston Legal. Shatner has a bombastic style of acting the he seems unable to change. Put him on a restrained drama like The Good Wife and epic fail. But put him on an over-the-top drama like Boston Legal and Emmy gold.

      Alex is a subtle actor but H50 is not a subtle show. I think the complaints about his woodenness is not because he’s a bad actor, but because his style of acting is at odds with the type of show he’s acting on.

      • Linda E. says:

        I agree that Alex is a very subtle actor, and though I’m thrilled to see him on tv each week, I personally don’t think HF-0 is the best show to display his talents. I thought Moonlight allowed him to bring out a larger range of his acting abilities, including great sensitivity. Alex is able to convey so much with just his eyes and a simple glance.

      • Jessica says:

        Well said. I completely agree. I like both Alex and Scott.

    • Andrea says:

      Exactly, I agree with you in everything you said.But I am not surprised that there are comments that Alex can not act.There is much hate and much envy, pure jealousy to Alex O’Loughlin.
      The role of Steve is more difficult than Danno,Scott Caan himself said in an interview,he could not play the role of Steve.Also, the role of Danno is nearest because it is a family man,but also more boring.If the writers had been careful in both the role of Steve,everyone would know now how great actor is AOL.When he had a chance to prove it he did,just look at the last episode,his performance was masterful.I hope that during the second season has more episodes like this.
      People who are not able to see this is that only see the superficial.Well, continue in ignorance and mediocrity.

  36. Lea says:

    Um, can they just bring Charisma Carpenter on as a regular please? Kickass? Check. Bikini body? Check. Chemistry with even a potted plant? CHECK!

  37. michlela says:

    je suis assez d’accord avec grand nombre de personnes qui pensent que trop de monde sont rajoutés à la saison 2
    le personnage de steeve est assez plat et je dois avouer que je regarde le spectacle en particulier pour alex que j’ai adoré dans moonlight, le role de mick st john etait tout à fait un role qui lui convenait à merveille mais il était très bien secondé par sophia myles et jason dohring
    hawai five o n’est pas le meme genre de spectacle,mais si sophia avait eu une place dans ce spectacle j’aurais préféré!!
    alex brillait dans moonlight avec ses co stars!!je ne retrouve pas la meme lueur dans ses yeux pour hawaii!!

    • Riley says:

      I agree with your last comment – Alex WAS brilliant in Moonlight! I probably agree with the rest of what you said if I could only understand it.

  38. MGL says:

    I think I agree with the French comments, though hard to translate. But Alex in Hawaii Five 0 is missing something that he portrayed in his Mick St. John character in Moonlight. I think the Steve McGarrett character could have the same passion as Mick had and not jeopardize the show in anyway. And, I too would have loved to have seen a Sophia Myles guest appearance with some interaction or passion between the two of them. It would be fun!

  39. iniquiT says:

    Ah, the TV executive brain trust at work: if it ain’t broke…fix it anyway. Seriously, H50 is gonna be just another show where the lead fishes off the company pier? I didn’t care for the last “new” girl on the team and would like to say I’ll be fair-minded and give this “new” girl on the team a chance but I’m a judgmental cow so, um, no. (lol)

  40. Janet says:

    First of all, I love Scott Caan as Danno. He adds something interesting to the show that I don’t think Alex O can do all by himself, although I do like Alex. As far as the new girl, good God! If you HAD to get better ratings with cheap sex, at least find an actress that fits the part. This one is not believable for this show. Just as a cop in the show fine, but a sexy love interest…you totally missed the mark.

  41. Marisa says:

    I have a bad feeling about this season. I will watch the first couple but if the show starts going down the cheezy, sex it up road, I will switch over to one of the other shows. Not going to watch I dont care who is in it.

  42. Tia says:

    Why mess with a good thing? Is Steve so boring he has to have a love interest? I liked the show with the action and story lines but please don’t throw in cheap sex scenes. If she is a bad ass cop, very cool. I can see her in that but for a love interest…can’t see any chemistry there. I won’t judge. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just turn the channel.

  43. Bob says:

    This smells a little like too much interference from CBS executives (too many cooks…). Hope they don’t ruin a good thing.

  44. Linda E. says:

    I hate to see the Alex put-downs on this site, but I’d be wasting space trying to change any minds, so watch the show for whoever you do like. I think Alex is the best actor on HF-0 and the best reason to watch it. I think his co-stars are fine, but really just accessories.
    I don’t understand why some people are in a flap about the new additions to the show. They are re-curring characters and won’t be in every episode. Since Lauren German’s character will have been brought in to monitor the team, she and McGarrett will more likely be adversaries, to begin with anyway. Give it a chance. Bringing P-Diddy back – now, that would be reason to worry.

  45. Maria says:

    I am glad that Steve has a girlfriend, but a real girlfriend, not a single friend in bed as now with Kathy.Anything to strengthen the character of Steve is good,because the series focuses too much on Danno and his family,and it’s boring always hysterical with their domestic problems.No wonder the series has not had the ratings that CBS expected.It has strayed too far from the original,where Steve was the leader indiscultible.Now the damage is done, but there is still time to rectify and they can give to Steve the prominence it deserves and that we want.

  46. Marisa says:

    Another good news, I like Lauren German to play the possible new girlfriend of Steve and I don’t think that this relationship will subtract importance to the that between he and Danno.
    In the first season Steve has been too alone, barely he had some occasional visit from his peculiar ‘girlfriend intermittent’, and a brief appearance of his sister, who is his ‘only family’, this has deprived him of the chance to show the human side of the character, and only has been allowed to show his sense of humor through his “bromance” with Danno and the funny discussions, about almost everything.
    The personal and domestic issues of Danno have served to that the emotional part has been almost exclusively of him, the result is that in this way has been promoted one of the characters (Danno) at the expense of another and Steve is clearly the leader of the group, deserve at least the same treatment in the scripts and I hope the writers take this into account for the second season, we want to see more of Steve and Danno less.
    Steve need more ‘personal life’ for humanize the character and gives you the chance to show his feelings, and Danno, need a little less troubles of family, not everything has to be to Steve be an ‘action hero’, and for Danno to be a ‘loving father and sensible former husband’ also there is a person behind the hero.
    Have a formal girlfriend can show us this more emotional side that I’m sure has Steve McGarrett, the series will improve with this.
    After giving my opinion on the news that heads this article, let me say that I seem to struggle to defend of ‘who is better’, is a absurd and useless discussion between Alex and Scott fans, everyone has their preferences and nobody is going to convince anyone else.
    Anyway, for defend your favorite actor, is not need offend or belittle anyone and Mat and especially Kaley, have been the first to speak offensively of Alex, if we all have a little education, we can have different opinions without disturbing others.
    I am a fan of Alex for years, not only for their physical appearance, which luckily for him and for all, he can boast about it to anyone, but especially Alex has a legion of fans because he’s a great actor worthy of be valued for its excellent work throughout his career and if there are still people who do not it know is because he has not had a real chance to prove it.
    His fans just ask that in the second season Alex has the same opportunity that Scott have had in this first, to show his dramatic capability as an actor versatile and with great talent, we only ask ‘this’, equal opportunities for both, just this way you can judge the quality of Alex as an actor.
    The fans of Alex we love and admire to him for being also a wonderful person, sensitive and appreciative, he does not deserve the fierce and unfair criticism it receives at times of some people who don’t know to him, nor really know his job.

    • Tea says:

      Well, this can be said for all the actors on this show. They are all pretty good. Everyone has their preference. My advise, if the new season doesn’t work for you just change the channel. I know I will.

  47. Mariu says:

    I can see some of you really hate Alex O’Loughlin, some of you are exceedingly annoyed just because in the second Season It’s seems the producers will give him a chance to act and not give it all to Scott Caan. Alex is an amazing actor, to compare him to Scott is unfair as clearly Scott has the juicer part that allows him to shine and to show his different sides. Alex plays the part written for him, except for the few last episodes he was down-rate to the simple superficial physical character.
    I totally agree with those who think Alex’s acting is subtle, he changes the emotions in such a subtle way that some people can’t pick up the nuances of the expressions on his face. Alex built his character from the ground up.
    I’m fed up with reading how he’s just a handsome face and has no talent, they are overly critical of him because of his looks but clearly these people haven’t seen him in his different roles.

  48. Alexa says:

    I agree with Erin, Maria,and Mariu especially with Erin’s comment about the loss of viewers after the first few episodes when the focus shifted from McGarret’s story which was the premise of the show. People got tired of Danno’s family troubles with his ex, his partner and his lame brother. Boring and Scott Caan’s frantic acting drove some away as the low ratings for those episodes indicate.
    At least the writers/producers figured out later that the viewers tune in to find out what happened to Steve’s family and what the mystery of the box was and gave us some good McGarrett centered episodes. It was time! After the fantastic finale, I am looking forward to the second season.

  49. michlela says:

    pour moi et pour beaucoup d’autres personnes elle est ma costar
    feminine préférée pour jouer aux cotés d’alex ils forment le meilleur couple serie de ces dernieres annees!!!!!!

  50. Jez says:

    I don’t understand all the complaints of Scott Caan or Alex O’loughlin’s acting. Some complain that Scott Caan is over the top and too whiney – well guess what – that is the character he is playing, that is who Danno is, so I guess he is doing it right! Same as Alex – too woody? No emotion? Again, he is playing an ex Navy Seal – how else would you describe an ex navy seal? He also must being doing his job perfectly because he is playing the character as it should be played.

    As far as bringing in new characters – I am with the majority, don’t fix it if it is not broken, I hope they don’t lose sight of what got most of us hooked and kept us coming back week to week and that was the chemistry and relationship between Danno and McGarrett! Too many characters means too little screen time with them togtether. Don’t think I like that!