90210 Exclusive: Newcomer Justin Deeley Joins Season 4 Cast as… Brad Pitt?!

Saddle up, 90210 fans: Relative newcomer Justin Deeley has landed the recurring role of Austin, a sexy cowboy type who’ll be a potential love interest for AnnaLynne McCord’s Naomi.

In other casting news, CSI: Miami‘s Megalyn Echikunwoke has been tapped to play Holly, Naomi’s new college archnemesis.

But first, more on Deeley…

Though Austin comes off a lot like Brad Pitt’s scruffy-hot character in Thelma & Louise, he actually comes from money — and lots of it. Turns out he’s the son of a country music superstar, but he doesn’t flaunt his fame, fortune and sexiness.

OK, well, maybe his sexiness.

In any case, Austin is pretty much the polar opposite of Naomi’s current beau, nerdy Max.

Echikunwoke’s Holly, meanwhile, is all about showing off her wealth, beauty and status as the head of the best sorority at CU. A total Heather, she’s worshipped and feared by everyone on campus — except Naomi.

Echikunwoke’s credits also include The 4400 and 24. Deeley’s resume’ is a little sparse, but he has three movies in post-production. He also had a bit part on 90210 last season as a stripper.

The duo join previously announced Season 4 addition Kristina Apgar. The Privileged actress will play a love interest for Matt Lanter’s Liam.

90210 kicks off its fourth season on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

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  1. ernin says:

    I am confused about this show! With the addition of all of these characters than they are basically breaking up Annie/Liam and Naomi/Max? Annie and Liam never really got a chance and what about Naomi’s pregnancy? I sure hope everything gets a proper ending.

    • silly says:

      won’t watch if they break up annie and liam… and max & naomi are so cute! why can’t this show just get some good storylines? I mean Naomis fake pregnancy isn’t a good storyline and will prob. break her up with max. and naomi getting an enemy at cu?? LOL what a story!

      • Miranda says:

        Annie and Liam are the only reason I still watch 90210. And Max is probably the only reason I tolerate Naomi – whom I only liked in season 1 and a few other sparing moments. They break up Annie and Liam, and I’m done with the show, none of the other characters I’m liking so much from the last season.

        • Captain says:

          Completely agree. And serously putting Kristina Apgar on this show period is a fail. She was TERRIBLE on Privileged.

          • Natalia says:

            Oh I agree, she has no place in the movie and how she came in Liam’s life is redicilouse! She is just so ugly her face and her character! Why is she there?? I am disappointed with Liam on the end and Annie I can not stand from episode one! Austin omg what a sexy cute little cowboy!!!!!

      • Jason says:

        (eye roll) Yes, that’s a great idea…stop watching a show because two fictional characters who had zero chemistry and very little screen time together are “broken up.” Never mind that she’s an intellectual and he’s off on a fishing boat. Never mind that they just graduated and aren’t “joined at the hip” yet. Your name says it all, chick.

    • Kara says:

      I think that the new showrunners want to clear all the crap that the last one have been doing. I mean, they would improve 90210, because the second and third season are pretty boring and really annoying in comparision with the first season. I just watch the show because Ade (She’s a bitch, I know), Naomi and Ivy’s storyline with Raj! They’re so cute!

  2. sandra says:

    So i’m guess Naomi loses the baby if they’re casting potential love interests for her.

  3. MrsMiller says:

    NO NO NO. If any 90210 peeps read your stuff….I do not like this!! Seriously, give Naomi/Max and Annie/Liam more time! Well…let me rephrase! I absolutely LOVE the Naomi/Max story and I don’t want it to end yet. Please….let the nerd love continue!

  4. Jean says:

    He was the stripper cop on the last season episode??? He looks nothing like Brad Pitt. This show sucks

    • Miranda says:

      It’s not that he looks like Brad Pitt, it’s that his character might be seen as similar to Brad Pitt’s character in Thelma & Louise.

  5. haldrich says:

    would this show just go away already

  6. Mike says:

    Ha, I loved that stripper.

    I wouldn’t assume just because people are getting other love interests that couples are breaking up. I also love Naomi/Max, so I hope they can stick it out for a while. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Annie lose Liam. She needs a reason to get a little crazy again.

    • silly says:

      i don’t understand why u need a love interest if you are in a relationship! to make it a little more exciting? we already got that 3 seasons long… why don’t they bring up something interessting!? I think this show needs some new writers!

  7. Caitlin says:

    Love Justin! Just did a movie with this kid and he’s the sweetest guy I know!

  8. Brock says:

    Love the show, though it sucks Teddy is out and the relationships aren’t getting much traction before the damage sets in!

    LOVE the Heather reference!

  9. ggny says:

    why the hell does Naomi need a love interest? Does anyone know if Max is returning? I really hope so Naomi/Max where one of the big reasons 90210 didnt suck last year

    Michael you got to find out if Max is returning or not

  10. Molly says:

    I, for one, hope Max isn’t coming back. He made Naomi boring, Austin looks/sounds like a more interesting character and I’m sure Naomi/Austin will be a better pairing.

  11. TeddyFan84 says:

    Hmm, a Brad Pitt lookalike who’s the wealthy son of a famous person. So basically they’re getting rid of Teddy only to cast…Teddy.

  12. Richard says:

    With Teddy gone, I’ve already removed it from my TiVo.

  13. Lauren says:

    Ugh, they better not break up Naomi and Max. They are the only couple I like on that show! They were the best part of Season 3 for me.

  14. GLEEK says:

    Who cares, I watched for Teddy and they use him for the best story line then toss him out, which is good in my opinion cuz 90210
    sucks eggs and they recycle a co-star stripper from last season
    and try to pass him off as something new. Pull the plug CW.
    you had my attention last season cuz you had substance and now
    you are just garbage.

  15. flutiefan says:

    Naomi/Max, while very sweet, was completely unbelievable. hope this show finds its way out of that one. i do, however, like Annie/Liam, though that was not quite kosher either.

  16. Sara says:

    Great! I loved that stripper in the finale! Was hoping to see MORE of him. Lol. Awesome casting 90210, keep up the good work!

  17. delyn says:

    i only want Naomi and Max!

  18. Lea says:

    Seriously? Can we scrap the various love interests and just get Naomi and Liam (aka, the show’s BEST couple) back together already?!

  19. Cole says:

    gross face. with all these “love interests” they are acting like
    high school again. I allowed my self to gush and watch for Teddy
    storyline but after his 5 are up so is this shows spot
    on my record list. DELETE

  20. Erica says:

    Geez people the whole Naomi Max thing was so unbelievable and totally played out! The show needed some new blood and I love the character idea of Austin,being a southern girl myself! It helps that he is hot!!

  21. zarz says:

    Naomi and Max are the only reason why i watch this show. oh well.

  22. Jason says:

    May I suggest everyone do a GOOGLE search on “Justin Deeley” and check out his provocative underwear modeling shots. Caution, you may need a fan nearby…the guy is freakin’ hot. Teddy who? And at least this guy is in his early/mid-20s, not over 30.

    Cowboy up, kiddos.

  23. ChrisW says:

    Justin Deeley will be a solid addition to the cast. He has been doing some good roles recently and seems poised for bigger roles. The kid has some talent

  24. Emily says:

    I agree with Lea. Stop giving Naomi new love interests and get Naomi and Liam back together. Naomi and Liam were by FAR the best couple 90210 has ever had.

  25. RecceR says:

    ****SEASON 4 FINALE SPOILER IN HERE**** (not sure why anyone would read this article before seeing it, but there is always someone that will complain)

    This is just silly, if you thought Gossip Girl was bad with their musical chair relationships, this show takes the cake! At least Gossip Girl just rotates the cast regulars as couples and once in a while introduces new love interests. It seems like every season 2-3 90210 characters get new love interests who are also new characters. And I know these are “fictional” characters and such, but it couldn’t hurt to keep a couple together for more than 10 episodes. Every show lately, teen or adult is constantly shaking up the couples dynamic. It’s also a bit odd they would release what that guy’s character will be on the show because it seems like a spoiler. I mean, as much as Naomi is a bitch, I can’t see her leaving Max, the father of her baby. So it suggests that she either loses the baby or aborts it, I vote for the miscarriage though. Unless they are going to pull a “Secret Life” where the pregnant girl starts hooking up with other guys so she can marry them, God I hope not. But being that they have a new showrunner, they will probably have Naomi miscarry. I mean, what young college kid is going to want to hook up with a pregnant girl? As for Liam, he and Annie are alright. But I bet he will come back from sea and have this huge thing to tell her, typical Annie won’t let him talk and then in comes his new girlfriend. Annie backs up off him and does the awkward turtle. End Scene.

    PS: I also agree that Naomi and Liam should be together again. They really did ruin everything with that dreadful season 2. Season 3 only had so much time to fix it; hopefully season 4 will make it whole again.

  26. Wimy says:

    erk! They are going to make that stripper guy (from season 3 finale) to be Naomi’s new love interest (in season 4)??

    I hope this show gets cancelled, just like “Life Unexpected”..

  27. adne_wt says:

    I will only watch if Max and Naomi are together.

  28. Jessica says:

    Why put Kristina Apgar for Liam’s love interest and Matt Cohen for Annie’s love interest? Annie and Liam are fine together and the best matching couple. They are my favorite character’s. They are the one’s that have less screening time and parts on the show. Can’t they have Annie and Liam more screening time and parts in season 4 talking about their relationships struggling, need some space, cooling things down, helping out each other, be there for each other when there is a problem, more romantic scenes, or showing that finally they have thought it over as things cooling down that they do realize they love each other and going on the next stage in adult lives.

  29. chiceuphor says:

    nonononononoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t break naomi and max up!! DX they’re the only reason I watch this show. NO NO NOO! Max is the only thing that’s making Naomi human. come onnn! Storylines in hollywood barely make a popular girl and a nerdy guy a couple. It’s always the girl who’s nerdy! Make Zuckerman a regular. :) There’s a lot of story into that!

  30. 90210-fan says:

    I love that Annie told Liam to find her after he was done thinking but really they never even gave lannie a chance! can they at least give them some romantic show time..BEFORE he finds someone else!? and Naomi and max I atleast hope that he sticks around for a little while! not too long though!

  31. alexis says:

    Listen up Miranda! No one is as dumb and naive as you! You are the most stupid person who ever walked this earth if you think that Annie and Liam belong together. Annie so doesn’t deserve Liam, isn’t it SO obvious that they’re not meant to be? Just because he decides maybe he isn’t going to college, she breaks up with him? If she really did love him, it wouldn’t matter if he’s going to college or not, his life choices have nothing to do with not only her, but with her feelings towards him. And if she, and you (Miranda) are stupid enough to not realize that then maybe they have to break up for another reason.

    And btw, you want the whole show to change its scripts and IMPORTANT scenes (ex: jim and jane) just for you and because you want Liam and Annie together?! The world doesn’t stop for you!! And if all of you want the show to not change and do something new then not only will it lose dumb asses like you, it will lose all of its viewers, why? Because then there won’t be a story, it wouldn’t be a show, it would just be pointless, if the things just be the same, and things go on, and on, and on…then where’s the story? There would be no point in it! There would be no point in anything!!! And before you know it it would be a failure and then not only would there be no Liam and Annie together, there would be no Liam and Annie at all! No nothing!! And if 90210 listen to dumb pathetic losers like you, there IS no 90210, not everything has to go your way!

    Annie doesn’t deserve him, she is annoying, clingy, VERY demanding, and proof that no man could ever settle with her and how she doesn’t deserve anyone and just to show how useless and careless and not-lovable she is, just look at how she never settled in with a guy and, how she got desperate and gave Liam the ring he gave her and told him to ask her again, but she saw how Liam move on and Jane (who I’m no big fan of either) behind him, she got together with patrick, a lonely middle aged guy who payed her to go out with him, but also (she found out) was cheating on her.

    P.P.S. She is very ugly :D

  32. Scott Spencer says:

    Matt Lanter (Liam) is the only dude who really matters on this show. Matt is solid.