Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Fringe, The Good Wife, Bones, Entourage, Burn Notice and More!

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Question: Will Peter come back in Season 4 of Fringe? Will Olivia find out the existence of Fauxlivia’s son? And, if so, how will she react? —Silvia
I don’t have any concrete answers to those questions, but my gut is telling me probably, eventually and not well. Meanwhile, sources confirm that producers are casting a new recurring female character. Interested actresses should be Asian and between the age of 25 and 50. Got casting tips? Hit the comments. I’ll get you started: Ming-Na!

Question: Any more intel on Lisa Edelstein’s Good Wife role? Do you know the nature of her past connection to Will? —Tara
I’m hearing she’s his ex — professionally speaking. They were once partners at the same law firm.

Question: Are we gonna get a Bones Christmas episode this season? They had one in Season 5, but not in Season 6. So I think it’s time dust off the mistletoe! —Hanna
At this point, “nothing’s planned,” responds exec producer Stephen Nathan. “But since we will be airing in the middle of December, we might toss in a snowman or something. Could be a nice murder, thawing out Frosty and finding the clues in a puddle of water.” You mess with Frosty, you mess with my childhood. Tread lightly, Nathan. Tread lightly.

Question: Will we see Michael’s brother Nate on Burn Notice this season? —Jason
Michael’s dumbass sib actually resurfaces in this Thursday’s episode with a new title: daddy! “He has a kid now” with new bride Ruth, previews series creator Matt Nix. “It’s just another thing Michael is dealing with. We really like having Seth [Petersen] around and part of this whole season is just dealing with who Michael is vis-à-vis his family and the people that he cares about. Nate is part of that.”

Question: Anything on the current season of The Glades? I’ll take anything. —Emily
Vampire Diaries‘ Kayla Ewell is squeezing in a Glades guest spot before she resumes work on the CW hit. The actress will play a Miami bartender who may have ties to a man found murdered at the beach. And by “ties to” I mean “murdered in cold blood.”

Question: Does the news that Chord Overstreet will not be a series regular on Glee next season have anything to do with this Blind Item? —Chris
No, it sure doesn’t!

Question: There is a rumor that Jayma Mays is leaving Glee too. Please say it ain’t so! —Nicky
It ain’t so! Mays’ contract option was definitely picked up. And to all those inquiring about the status of Ashley Fink, her rep assures me that she will be back on a recurring basis next season.

Question: It’s almost that time of the summer where we reunite with Vince and the guys for the final time. Got an Entourage scoop? —Peter C.
Got several. The premiere picks up three months after Vince got busted for cocaine possession, with Drama, Turtle and Eric preparing for his release from rehab. Their meal ticket’s readjustment to sober living proves to be far more challenging for them than it does for Vince himself, especially when it comes to planning his alcohol-free homecoming bash. (I’ve got two words for you: Reverse. Intervention.) And if anyone could use a stiff drink it’s Eric, whose on-again/off-again relationship/engagement with Sloan is once again off… for now anyway. Ari, meanwhile, has a new archenemy, and he looks a lot like the guy pictured here.

Question: I was really starting to love Sarah Jane Morris on NCIS. Does USA Networks’ decision to pick up Common Law mean that EJ won’t be back? —Chris
Morris only appears as a guest star in the Law pilot, so one thing has nothing to do with the other.

Question: Damages. Scoop? —James
For the first time in the show’s history, producers have the freedom to end Season 4 (premiering July 13) with a doozy of a cliffhanger since DirecTV has already picked the show up for a fifth season. But exec producer Glenn Kessler tells me they plan to stick to their successful finale formula, wherein “we bring closer to the central case but [tease] that there’s more in the relationship between Patty and Ellen.” Kessler, meanwhile, says he already has an endgame in mind for the eventual series finale. “It revolves around the Patti-Ellen relationship,” he reveals. “We always envisioned the series as being an exploration of that relationship, and we have a sense of what the endpoint of that relationship would be. And once we know we’re going to end the series, we will end that relationship in a way that’s satisfying and hopefully enjoyable for the audience.”

Question: Is Supernatural the answer to your recent blind item about a hit show taking a flying leap? —Meredith

Question: How’s your pilot watching coming? Any recommendations? —Heath
I made a ton of headway on Pilot Watch 2011 over the long July 4th weekend, and here’s my Top 10 so far*:

1. Awake (midseason)
2. Smash (midseason)
3. Suburgatory
4. A Gifted Man
5. 2 Broke Girls
6. Once Upon a Time
7. Terra Nova
8. Alcatraz (midseason)
9. Pan Am
10. Revenge

Keep in mind, I have yet to watch such buzzy offerings as Prime Suspect, Grimm, Ringer, Hart of Dixie and Secret Circle, so this list will likely be tweaked in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, Matt Mitovich recently started rolling out his own Fall TV First Impressions — and he actually uses sentences and stuff. First up: NBC’s Playboy Club and The CW’s Ringer.

Question: I can’t be the only one who is tired of the Neal/Peter tension on White Collar, right? Are they going to resolve this frakkin’ issue soon, or are they going to drag is out all season? I want to see the Neal/Peter friendship and camaraderie back. —Scott
Considering that the episode they’re currently shooting revolves around the treasure mystery, I’m betting the tension will persist at least through the midseason finale  “This [episode] has a lot to do with the treasure,” confirms Tim DeKay. “Some questions will be answered, and some may not.”

Question: So Castle and Josh finally get into it on Castle! Amazing! But is it physical blows or just a shouting match? Please tell me it’s physical! —Kelis
It’s physical!

Question: Any scoop on Kristen Bell’s new Showtime series House of Lies? —Karen
The show is casting a love interest for her character, and producers are looking for a twentysomething actor with a dirty sexy rocker vibe who’s comfortable with simulated intercourse, tasteful nudity and endless comparisons to Russell Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Question: I’ll take a Falling Skies scooplet, please. It’s my new obsession. —David
We’ll bear witness to the 2nd Massachusetts’ suffers its first major casualty in this Sunday’s episode when [spoiler] gets *a**** by an *.*.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Barbara says:

    Just this little tiny Castle scoop??!! Soooo sad

  2. CAIO says:

    Didn’t Damages also get a 2-year renewal for its 2nd and 3rd season?

    • Amber says:

      Yup. Nice to have that security, though it was definitely pins and needles waiting for this new DirectTV pickup. I hope DirectTV lets the writers know in advance about the final season.

      • Bobby says:

        Thanks Amber, but the article mentions that for the first time in the show’s history they are able to end with a (doozy) of a cliffhanger. Since Damages was renewed for multiple seasons previously on a different network, it is not the first time in the show’s history they can end with a cliffhanger because they have the security of coming back.

  3. Aimee says:

    Something tells me that the Fringe team will keeping a tight lid on things as they go back into production ;)

  4. Wendy says:

    I can *so* see a dead body in a snowman on “Bones”. Hee. But, like Ausiello, that would put a crimp in my childhood memories! But, hey, they already killed a Santa years ago, two actually!, so I guess it is all downhill from there.

  5. lolo says:

    only tiny bones, castle and glee scoop :'( *sniff*

  6. Dex says:

    Woah, top 10 pilot list looks impressive! 2 out of 3 CBS shows, huh?! What about Person Of Interest? Everyone’s taking different sides, I thought you guys will tell us something too :)

    • Zach says:

      I’m surprised The New Girl isn’t on the top 10 list. Next to Awake, its the show I was initially most excited for based on previews.

      • jenna says:

        I’m excited for awake but I still wish it kept its old title of R.E.M. so much catchier/memorable and brings a sense of mystery

      • MelindaB says:

        Most of Ausiello’s shows are on my list based on descriptions alone, so I’m even more intrigued. The New Girl and Person of Interest are both shows that I am looking forward to as well. The new season is shaping up to have almost too many shows for me to sample all those that interest me.

  7. mare says:

    This Fringe stuff with Peter is starting to get on my nerves. :-/ I really don’t have a good feeling about his status with the show or the IIC’s plans for him and it’s turning me off the show. I know he’s not a favorite of theirs but the way they’ve been treating him, on top of writing him out in the finale just makes me resentful not intrigued. He may not be their fave but he is mine and he’s the only reason left for me go watch.

    • Aimee says:

      J.J. Abrams said that Peter’s story is extraordinary. There is something amazing planned for him, just wait.

    • Gavin says:

      There’s zero reason to be doubtful as there hasn’t been a single concrete leak from production since the cliffhanger, so your whole basis to be negative is entirely one directional.

      There would be no drama if there are no repurcussions to Peter’s absence. The actor is returning to season 4, full time. Look at what happened when they switched to the other side where there was no Peter. The writers kept Jackson in the episodes despite there being no real reason to use him other than they love the actor and character.

    • TV Gord says:

      Where do you get the idea the people in charge don’t like him? People really have to stop reading message board speculation as gospel. Just because people claim to be insiders doesn’t mean they are. Don’t be so naive.

    • br says:

      My feelings exactly. I don’t think anger is the reaction they want, but maybe I’m wrong. I also think that the clear dislike they have for the character has been getting out of hand for a while now. If that is a new strategy to promote the show, I’d like someone to explain how that works.

    • Fin says:

      The writers love/enjoy writing for Olivia and Walter. you can notice that from the way they take storylines; never from Peter’s perspective. That’s so sad since I also love the character.
      They keep writing new storylines for other characters. even Altrivia’s character. when they did not even gave us some answers about the Peter shady past from season 1, that kept us hooked and presented him as an ambigus character that I really liked. but they just chose to ignore all the things concerning his story. so Yes I’m beginning to think they don’t like the character. and use him nothing more than a plot device. he seems important, saves the universe and all, but in fact he does nothing. Or at least we’re never informed about how/why he acts like we are about Olivia and walter whose acts are always justified in a way or another…Typical plot device. And I hope I’m wrong.

      • br says:

        Unfortunately that’s the impression they give. It’s a shame, because I love the character, but they have proved again and again for three seasons, that they don’t care about him. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for them to even fake some interest, but everytime it looks like they finally might delve deeper into the character, it’s just a fake-out. They only use him to showcase Walter and Olivia even more.

        I have never seen so much potential wasted. Peter has such a rich background and they could do so much more with him. There is a huge difference between how they treat Walter and Olivia, and even secondary characters, and how they treat Peter. The dislike is glaring.

        • guest says:

          Seasons 1 and 2 were all about Walter and Peter, Olivia was sidelined, she was the boring character, the least popular for most until half season 2, and worse, Anna Torv got all the crap from the media as a result. Jeff Pinkner found that hard to watch, still Anna had to go through playing the character as told. I loved Olivia Dunham from the start, why others did not, no idea.

          John Noble and Josh Jackson were the popular guys from the start. Every storyline is about Peter, in season 2 peter even took the place of Charlie and Olivia lost more and more her active role. Walter has always had to best storylines, and scenes and oneliners, then comes Peter.

          In season 3 finally Anna Torv got better material and Olivia was seen by everyone as she should have been seen from the start, a complex, introverted character and Anna Torv a wonderful actress.

          Unfortunately Josh Jackson has been negative about his storyline in the media, something Anna Torv never did, so you all keep repeating that the showrunners do not like the character.
          When did they say that?? When did anyone of the cast say that?

          Anna Torv has been promoting Fringe during the summer, she repeatedly has said that the actor and character will be back.

          • br says:

            Anto, you’re lying, as always.

          • GenX says:

            At a Saturn awards interview, Anna called the relationship part of the story a “shXT Show,” basically insulting the writers and fans that like that aspect, but “oh, she never says anything negative…”

            Josh just says that he prefers the sci-fi over the romance, but he gets jumped like a donut on an ant hill?

            You spew this lie about Josh Jackson on every Fringe article and message board, and it’s getting old.

          • GenX says:

            All one has to do is visit a certain Fringe Blog… err… to see how some people make it their crazed mission to lie about and villify the character of Peter Bishop. To the point of censoring anyone with a differing opinion. Anto is chief among these posters.

    • Serenity says:

      What do you mean they’re treating JJ badly? I haven’t heard about any complaints, and I don’t understand why you think they’re mistreating him. His story arc is just different from Anna and Johns, not lesser. Please don’t try to start an unfortunate fan war like the ones in House and Supernatural. I love both of those shows, but some of their fans are frankly, obsessive, and that’s the way you sound too.

  8. jen says:

    yes!!! i second your ming-na casting suggestion! it would be wonderful to have her back on my TV again, just like juliana marguilles and lauren graham are on “the good wife” and “parenthood.” those two shows, plus “fringe” are the best things on these days.

    • jen says:

      oh, and “awake” is at the top of my list for this coming season, too. imagine, jason isaacs on tv, too!!!

    • The Miz says:

      Ming-Na is a good suggestion, I’d also like to add Yunjin Kim from Lost to the mix….

      • Diana says:

        YES! Yunjin Kim!!! I would love to see her on Fringe!! :)

      • lrochelle says:

        Good call! She would be a perfect addition.
        Also just a note about the Peter character: I love Joshua Jackson and I love their relationship, having said that, the show’s pilot was about Olivia and the people that came together to help her as she moved into the Fringe Division. The irony is they were all already co-mingled before that moment as we have seen throughout subsequent seasons. She is the pivotal character, but interaction with each of the others has been, in my humble opinion, just stunning work by all. I have absolutely no beef with the writer’s as I am always surprised and delighted by what the show brings each week. I am sorely missing them during this hiatus but will be there when they return with eager anticipation of what comes next!

  9. denise says:

    THAT’S the only scoop you can give us about Supernatural??????????????!!!

  10. Jason says:

    They drop Chord but bring back Ashley Fink? WHY??! Lauren is a unlikeable character with the no grace and zero singing talent who contributes nothing to the show! I’m so sad at how low Glee has sunk.

    • Sivat says:

      Lauren is one of THE most likable characters on this show! I am glad they are keeping her but would prefer her as a full-fledged series regular.

    • Marcus says:

      Chord and Ashley are getting the same treatment – staying exactly at the status they already were.

    • Melissa says:

      Totally agree! Lauren is the worst character. Her relationship with Puck would NEVER happen in real life. She can’t act or sing and needs to go ASAP!

  11. Nicky says:

    Whew, sure glad Supernatural isn’t the blind item.

    But you do need to get your hints straight. Supernatural certainly has THE most crazy-rabid fandom there is. That part was way misleading.

    • tahina says:

      I’m almost sure is either Castle or House.

    • Chris says:

      I have a feeling that FRINGE is the show AA was talking about in the blind item about the time jump next season. Although that seems kind of redundant since they did a 15 year leap to the future in last season’e finale. That’s my call and I’m sticking to it.

  12. Mel says:


  13. Tyler says:

    Jamie Chung for the recurring role on Fringe.She’s awesome! I loved her in the mini-series Samurai GIrl.

  14. skylark66 says:

    I hope Josh pops Castle one..with Castle making a move on Beckett when he knows Josh/Beckett are a couple, tacky Castle, tacky.

    • Wendy says:

      Well…maybe. And I will have my butt handed to me, no doubt, by her fans, but that is partially Beckett’s fault, too. She keeps asking Castle why he is there or stays or whatever and leads him on – and yet she *has a boyfriend*. I like Kate, but it did her no favors and made her look like a tease.

      • B. Robert says:

        The last 3 episodes has Beckett very dysfunctional. Now, Castle and Josh get into a physical fist fight? Geez.. This show continues to get tacky and then more tacky. I would wish for more professional type characters (a Doctor and a Writer) who do not lower level themselves into fist fighting. Just tacky! Beckett’s now mentally degraded, and now her male characters come down to her level, rather than they assist her upward professional recovery.. Now they all become dysfunctional. Is this the 3 stooges?

        • Annie says:

          I disagree. Beckett had a very good reason for her behaviour and I don’t think that it’s fair to call her “mentally degraded”. She was upset with Castle and by the end of the episode they had made up. As for the fight, I think you should wait for the episode before you decide that it’s gonna be “tacky”. I’m not saying that a fist-fight in a hospital is a mature thing to do, but if there is enough emotion in that scene then I don’t have a problem with the physical part. It’s up to the writers to give them a good reason for their fight and I’m sure they can do that.

    • MelindaB says:

      But Castle also knows–and said as much to her, which she didn’t deny–that she only dates guys that she knows she won’t get serious with. She keeps people at arm’s length, which is part of why Castle bothers her so much, I think; she can’t do that with him.

  15. skybridge says:

    Well there goes our theory that Baby Boothette will be born on Christmas on Bones. OK, what is our next theory?

    • Wendy says:

      @skybridge I *would* guess February sweeps as May to February is nine months real time (which Bones seems to do – usually), but with The Finder crappola, I guess February is also out. So is Brennan going to be pregnant for a year a la a soap opera – or an elephant?!

    • Lisa says:

      My theory is that they don’t do a Christmas episode and Brennan has the baby as their last episode before their very long hiatus.

  16. Danielle H. says:

    The Vampire Diaries scoop please!!!! Thanks! :)

  17. tahina says:

    Thanks Mike for the minute spoiler on Castle and Josh getting physical, can’t wait! :).. and on Lisa’s back history character on TGW..can’t still get used to the idea she wont be on House, but wont lose faith she ‘ll be back at least once for the series finale.

  18. Hector says:

    I think it either the female doctor or the black kid or his father or the guy in charge

  19. Lexie says:

    Thanks, Mike for the scoop on Lisa Edelstein, Castle, Bones and the new shows coming up. I’m curious about some of them so I’m glad you did the rankings. Are you planning on watching and reviewing “Person of Interest”? Or is Matt? Thanks for the NCIS scoop also. Heard anything on Tiva plans for the new season yet?

    • AngelMoonGirl says:

      I’m dying for some Tiva scoop too! TPTB’s handling of Tony and Ziva in the finale had me seriously pissed off. Lots of lead up and then… nothing. Ziva’s gag-inducing scene with Ray where she practically begged him for a ring (empty promise box? Who DOES that? And weren’t they not on speaking terms for like, weeks before this? *facepalm* What a character disservice to Ziva) was insult to injury. Please, Ausiello, tell me things are looking up for my favorite not-yet-couple in season 9 of NCIS??

  20. AngelMoonGirl says:

    RE: Bones Scoop –
    This just confirms to me that Brennan’s delivery will happen in episode 6 and will therefore be somehow linked to the new villain. I think it’ll be dramatic. Because I always thought it would be that or some happy mushy Christmas episode. And since they aren’t planning a Christmas episode, but seem to already have the birth planned… Then again I live in my own world when it comes to this stuff :D I have more hope than is healthy that Booth and Brennan get caught in an emergency situation and they can’t get to a hospital in time. I’m DYING to see Booth and Brennan having to rely only on each other to bring that baby into the world.

  21. Sam says:

    Thanks for the info on Lisa Edelstein – sounds interesting, I would love to see her be a partner in Will’s present firm (fingers crossed she ends up being a series regular)!!

    • Eli says:

      I couldnt agree more!
      Lisa is going to be great on The Good Wife and I hope maybe this leads to a recurring gig like they have with Chris Noth (who is free to do other project on the side while still appeearing on the show regularly) or maybe to a new show altogether for 2012-13.

  22. Kylie says:

    WOOHOO Jay’s contract has been updated. So we should expect her for the remainder of the show. :D

    Could this mean more Emma?

  23. Heather says:

    YUNJIN KIM FOR “FRINGE!” Please! I need Yunjin Kim back on my TV screen and she would be incredible alongside Anna Torv. I can’t even begin to process it – that’s how incredible it would be.

  24. KM says:

    I’d be surprised if there’s no Christmas episode on Bones, seeing as how they’ve been predictably scheduled so far (seasons 1, 3, and 5). Those are all some of my favorites. Then again, Emily’s pregnancy is placing its own demands on the schedule, and that’s reasonable. Yayyy “mama Bones”!

  25. tvlover says:

    love the ‘damages’ scoop – just a *proofreading* note: you meant ‘closure’ not ‘closer’, and you’ve spelt Patty’s name incorrectly (second mention).

  26. Nicotine says:

    Does this mean Kristen Bell will be doing tasteful nudity on her new show? Because if so, count me in!!!

  27. Jason says:

    Wait, someone actually likes Sarah Jane Morris on NCIS?

    Well, that’s one.

  28. cora says:

    Thx for LE’s scoop. TGW is a great show and i’m happy for her be on it!

  29. Miranda says:

    Screw Amber Fink and Darren Criss, I’m majorly pissed Chord Overstreet won’t be back, he’s my second favourite male character, and tied for third favourite character on Glee!

  30. Scruffy says:

    Thanks for the info on Lisa Edelstein and also the Fringe scoop. I’m very excited to see Lisa on a new show!

  31. Kyle says:

    My vote is YUNJIN KIM For FRINGE!!

  32. Sourabh says:

    New Girl isn’t in your top 10? The trailer looked pretty good.

  33. Amanda says:

    So glad to see Surburgatory on your list!

  34. jrs says:

    I’m excited to see Michael’s brother will be back on Burn Notice. I’ve always liked the chemistry there, plus Nate is sure nice to look at!!!

  35. I wish you coulda told us more about Falling Skies. I am so wanting to know who get’s killed.

    • Jimbo Limbo says:

      It’s totally gonna be the Evil Doctor. Steven Weber, I mean.
      Since the third episode phrase “Dead Man Walking” was written all over his face.

  36. Jason says:

    Fringe: Lucy Liu

  37. Tim says:

    I’m excited for Once upon a time !!

  38. editor says:

    Sarah Jane Morris was only a guest star on NCIS too. I don’t think many want to see her back. Maybe she could try for another pilot show somewhere else, yes!

  39. Tru says:

    Though on Fringe: Wouldn’t Fauxlivia’s son not exist if Peter never existed? When the season ended, Peter didn’t exist in either world. No one remembered him as if he were never born. Therefore the son would never have been conceived.

  40. Christie says:

    I was thinking of Lucy Liu for Fringe also. The other one I was thinking of was Ziyi Zhang

  41. Mandy says:

    The Peter/neil tension has really revived White Collar for me this season. The comradery is still there, but so is the mistrust and spy vs. spy stuff of the first season. Love it!
    I would love to see Jason Dohring as Kristen Bell’s rocker boyfriend, as a Veronica/Logan reunion would be epic. But really, they should just make a Veronica Mars movie already! Actually, speaking of VMars alumni, Ryan Hansen would make an excellent rocker dude who wouldn’t get too many Russell Brand comparisons.

  42. Christie says:

    Ausiello, I’ve tried emailing you but it doesn’t seem to work.:/ Can you give up some Switched @ Birth info? Have any idea who Daphne might choose, the ‘hand me down’ or her BFF?

  43. GS says:

    How in God’s name will the find an actor willing to do nude or sex scenes with Kristen Bell? The poor chap.

  44. Namus says:

    I can´t wait to watch Lisa in TGW. Thanks for the scoop. She will rock it.

  45. Tarafic says:

    How about the terrific and underrated Patti Yasutake of “Gung Ho” and “Star Trek TNG” fame!

  46. Ashley says:

    Was Chord Overstreet’s character completely axed from season 3 of Glee or is his character remaining the same? More like a supporting actor?

  47. Alice says:

    I don’t want Lisa in OUR SHOW! Lisa is not a good actress, I would be ok with a better choice!

    • kEVIN says:

      I don’t want either! But it will last 2 or 3 episodes, thanks God!

    • Caio says:

      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ just $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Talent and fans don’t matter. I’m sad too!!!

    • Dumb Fatsos says:

      Hams, I told you millions of times, you are too dumb to pull this off. But you did manage to PO the wrong people. You have no idea what lies for you ahead.

      • Ange says:

        Because nothing says maturity like taking a shipper war and carrying it into the actors’ new shows. Are you really planning to trash Jennifer Morrison’s new show just because you feel that everyone must adore Lisa Edelstein?

      • Shaking My Head With Disgust says:

        What on earth is wrong with you people? Are you 10 years old? Why would Lisa Edelstein fans take their frustrations out on Jennifer Morrison, and why would Jennifer Morrison fans take out their frustrations on Lisa Edelstein? It makes no sense to me, but you all need to grow up and do something else with your time. Both actresses are gone from House now, yet you all continue this stupidity. Shame on you.

    • revengeisabiatch says:

      Silly, silly Hams. Never learn. Oh well.

  48. Brendo says:

    I wish Lisa hadn’t left House, I DON’T WANT HER IN TGW! ;-(

  49. James says:

    I would love Hugh Laurie in TGW, he is extremely talented, but Lisa????? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo **nightmare

  50. Alves says:

    We have Julianna, it’s enough! We don’t need/want Lisa!

    • Anna says:

      “We”? Sorry, you are not part of TGW fandom. Must be a deliberate attempt to make us look like some illiterate morons.

      • curious says:

        Please ignore, these are Jennifer Morrison’s fan. Must be the same group of people on every site – same grammar and same level of intellectual brilliance.

        • Shaking My Head With Disgust says:

          What on earth is wrong with you people? Are you 10 years old? why would Jennifer Morrison fans take out their frustrations on Lisa Edelstein? It makes no sense to me, but you all need to grow up and do something else with your time. Both actresses are gone from House now, yet you all continue this stupidity. Shame on you.