Glee Boss Ryan Murphy: 'Amazing Stories' Coming for Mercedes, Mike, Tina, and Sue

Glee co-creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy used to worry about how fans would react to the introduction of new characters to the show’s merry band of musical high-school outcasts. But as he plans Season 3 of Fox’s smash hit — including a long-envisioned “endgame,” a graduation strategy for New Directions’ senior classmen, and a fresh crop of young talent (including one warbler from his new Oxygen reality series The Glee Project) — Murphy says he’s put those worries behind him. “It’s all about the stories and characters,” says Murphy. “It’s our job to find new [stars] that people will love, but I never feel like we’re replacing anybody. The [core] characters are irreplaceable.” With that philosophy in mind, here’s what Murphy says you can expect from Season 3:

Character Will Trump Razzle-Dazzle and Bold-Faced Guest Stars | “Season 2 was definitely about bigger, better, flashier,” says Murphy. “And I loved so much about Season 2. I loved the Gwyneth story. I loved the bullying story. Chris Colfer and Darren Criss did an amazing job, as did Max Adler. But Season 3 we decided is going to be character, character, character.” How will that manifest itself? For starters, there’ll be only one musical tribute episode — though it’ll be a biggie. “It’s one I’ve been working on for two years — it took forever to clear — with a really big artist,” Murphy teases. Oh, and don’t expect a parade of Oscar winners, pop divas, and Broadway vets to populate the McKinley High hallways. “We’re not going to have any guest stars,” says Murphy. “And we’re going to do fewer songs.”

New Directions’ Unsung Heroes Are About to Start Singing | “We’re writing stuff this year for [characters] who haven’t had those big stories,” says the exec producer. “We have an amazing Mercedes story. We have a great Mike and Tina story. They’re fascinating. I love them as performers and it’s time they get their due. Also, Matt Morrison last year didn’t really have the big, huge arc he had in Season 1, but he will in the upcoming season.”

A Change Is Gonna Come for Sue Sylvester — Personally and Professionally | “We have an amazing 20-episode arc for Jane Lynch that’s quite fantastic,” says Murphy, and it will partly focus on her character’s campaign for Congress. “We’ve decided it’s a little tired for Sue to be constantly trying to destroy the glee club. We did that, and we did that well. But now it’s time for Sue to stop picking on the glee club and time for her to start picking on the country,” Murphy says with a laugh. What’s more, Our Lady of Track Suits will also be involved in some romantic intrigue. “One thing I’m looking for is someone for Sue Sylvester to love. Who is that person — man or woman? Who is man enough to love Sue Sylvester? That’s an interesting idea,” Murphy adds. “Jane did that Rod Remington romantic arc so well, so it’s something I’ve always wanted to find for her. How would Sue date? I’m interested in that.”

Blaine, Sam, and Lauren Are in Limbo…Till at Least Next Week Anyway | Murphy says no decision has been made regarding the status for Darren Criss (Blaine), Chord Overstreet (Sam), or Ashley Fink (Lauren). “We’ve just started to write [the new season], so I don’t know who we’re bringing back or who we’re letting go. We’ll be deciding that in the next week or so,” says Murphy. “I don’t think of it as coming down to the wire, I just look at it as, ‘Okay, what are the stories?’ That’s what it’s about for me next season.”

Murphy Has Been Planning the Season 3 Endgame for Three Years Now | “We now have a writing staff of nine people, and they’re all great, heavy hitters,” boasts Murphy. As a result, he and co-creator Brad Falchuk have decided to point the show toward the exact endgame Murphy envisioned when he first pitched Glee more than three years ago. To that end…

Don’t Look for the McKinley Class of 2012 to Roam the School’s Hallways Come Sept. 2012, Unless… | Murphy says he was shocked that his recent interview with Ryan Seacrest — during which he reiterated his plans to have McKinley’s seniors get their caps and gowns by season’s end — got such widespread pickup, seeing how he’s made his plan public for the last year. “The show to me is about the way you express yourself as you start to move out into the world as a fresh, young person. Do we really want to have an eight-year senior?” he asks. “The only way somebody could stay on the show is if they flunk, and that is always a possibility. I think Brittany is pulling straight Fs.” Asked if he might change course and brainstorm some last-minute plot twists that would allow, for example, Puck to score a gig as an assistant football coach at McKinley, Murphy offers a firm “No.”

Then Again, Don’t Assume Some of Your Favorite New Directions Members Won’t Resurface in a Spinoff Series | Presented with the concept of Rachel and Kurt and a few of their pals spearheading a new hour on Fox about a group of young artists who head to New York City to pursue their musical theater dreams, Murphy doesn’t immediately shoot it down. “It’s an interesting idea,” he says. “The questions are ‘How would we do it? And when would we do it?’ It would have to be something I would talk about to Peter Rice and Kevin Reilly and Dana Walden and Gary Newman. What we’re trying to do now — maybe those discussions will happen around December — we’re just now trying to do the first 10 episodes.” Not that Murphy’s brain hasn’t dabbled with a flash-forward to Rachel’s future. “I keep saying that with the new Funny Girl revival, they should just say it’s Rachel Berry in Funny Girl — get Lea to do that, but as Rachel Berry. It would be a crowd-pleaser.”

What do you think of Murphy’s plans for Season 3? Anything strike you as genius or scary? Sound off below, and for all the Glee news you need to get you through the summer, follow us on Twitter @TVLineNews!

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  1. Cindy says:

    If they don’t bring back Chord Overstreet & Darren Criss I’m done. Only reason I stuck around for S2.

    • Sean says:

      Ditto. Especially for Darren Criss.

    • Amber says:

      Same. I can’t believe he doesn’t know Darren’s status yet. He really is clueless, if he doesn’t know that Darren (and Klaine) was one of the only bright spots last season.

      • Courtney says:

        Darren’s safe – there’s no way in hell that someone who made them that much money AND starred in the most popular arc of the season wouldn’t be back.

      • Cassidy says:

        I totally agree. Darren Criss is such a good actor and I feel that he really tied the ends of the Kurt storyline. Not to say that there isn’t more in store.

        • Matthew Thomas says:

          I almost spit my water at the screen. Thanks for giving me that laugh. Darren Criss..a good actor? Darren Criss fangirls are really blind aren’t they? The guy is a decent singer but one of the worst actors on Glee.

          • Samantha Watkins says:

            NO. Darren Criss is an AMAZING actor. A-MA-ZING. And he isn’t a “decent” singer. he’s amazing. And don’t call me just another “fangirl” and i’m not blind. or deaf. That would be a serious wound to the show if they lost Darren. Even if he isn’t great (but he IS) those “fangirls”? yeah, there’s a LOT of them. and They all watch the show. I don’t think Glee wants to lose all those viewers.
            Maybe you’re blind… or deaf. I’ve talked to many people, young and old. Darren’s voice is amazing. and he plays Blaine perfectly. However, that is just my opinion. clearly yours is different. And you are entitled to yours. and I’m entitled to mine. Thank you though, for creating disscussion. It’s always interesting for me to have discussion with someone who has a difference in opinion.

          • Colby says:

            This. I tried to like Blaine since they were finally giving Kurt a boyfriend, I really tried but I just couldn’t get into his character. Darren’s acting feels forced and unnatural (his kiss and “I love you” with Kurt made me rofl in pain instead of aww with joy), his singing while decent didn’t impress me compared to ND’s harmonies (Raise Your Glass was the first Glee song I didn’t like over the original, and this is coming from someone that prefers Brittany’s Tik Tok over Kesha’s), and lastly the Warbler scenes overall felt like a distraction from New Directions instead of enhancing the storylines.

            While I can say most of the same for Sam, his character’s actually grown on me in an ab-ulously adorkable way, he made me enjoy not one but two Bieber songs, and I even cried during his hotel scene. I’m rather upset they picked up Blaine as a series regular over Sam, as I’d rather see more of Sam’s family issues and growing friendships with New Directions over Blaine who serves no purpose other than Kurt’s lackluster boyfriend that needs to be dumped asap. >_<"

          • Taylor Binney says:

            Darren Criss, not a good actor or singer? He has so much talent!! However, I, as a Starkid, don’t know how all this attention is affecting him. I think Joey Richter and Lauren Lopez deserve their talents to be shown too.

          • Julia says:

            No matter what anyone thinks, Klaine is forever and will remain as the best thing on Glee- or anywhere – for eternity. Yes, eternity. If you argue my belief, it only means you love Klaine. If you agree, it only means you love Klaine. Either way, you love Klaine.

          • Gunner says:

            UM Darren Criss is annoying and Lea michele is the best thing to happen on glee thank you have a nice day ;)

          • Larry Ganz says:

            Please, oh please, don’t get rid of ANY of the characters from season 2….I want to see Karofsky, Lauren, Sam and Blaine all develop instead of being written off into oblivion. All of them are interesting and all of them deserve to graduate….PLEASE! I am so pleased about the character driven concept for the show. It was the themed shows that almost killed it for me in the first half of season 2….the unrealistic story lines..all of that? pbbbbt. BUT, the second half of season 2? when the arcs began to reflect the characters and not the flash…THATS when the show redeemed itself for me and my love of glee totally renewed itself…I am so grateful that Ryan’s vision reflects this…YAY RYan!

    • MedOrMad says:

      I’m with you there… It would be a huge mistake… they are now part of the group… you don’t introduce someone in S2, give them great story, personality and make us love them, and then just decide not to bring them back for season 3… even more if you think that season finale ended with KB I love yous and Sam and Mercedes revealing something is happening between the two of them…

    • Jennifer says:

      I hope that Darren and Chord leave. Sam serves not true purpose and doesn’t add anything, and Blaine is a mary-sue and distracts too much attention. Both are generic, bland characters. The show would improve without them.

      • RKB says:

        I love you. But I say keep Sam for a little while. His family storyline and Mercedes couple storyline should get a bit of mileage.

      • Michael says:

        I’d like to see Darren return, and I think he will. I’d heard he was signed to be a regular in Season 3 a long time ago. However, I think what would be interesting with Blaine would be that he really is the Fairy Tale ideal who’s perfect on paper, but in reality just doesn’t fulfill Kurt. I like the idea that Blaine is a good person, but that his tendency to run away from things that scare him eventually grates on Kurt who is so unflinchingly brave. The idea of someone being out and proud but really being held back by a lot of fear is a very interesting character to deal with. Throw in Karofsky, who was so far behind both Kurt and Blaine in the self-acceptance department, continuing to evolve slowly, eventually surpassing Blaine and becoming more attractive to Kurt… that would be awesome.

        Just the idea that Karofsky did live in fear, but was honest about it and eventually overcomes it, whereas Blaine appears to be the brave one, but never quite walks the walk.

        That would be DELICIOUS.

        • Melinda says:

          Wow! Have you thought about being a writer? That is a juicy storyline (Karosky surpacing Blaine and becoming more attractive to Kurt). Nice, very nice! Gotta love drama!

        • S says:

          Kurtofsky would be disgusting. Just because Max Adler is a good actor doesn’t mean Karofsky should date Kurt, he was boderline creepy towards him and has a lot of issues he should fix before dating anyone.

        • Melanie says:

          Wow! Cool character development ideas! You even managed to make Blaine kinda interesting to me — amazing considering I think he’s the most poorly written character on the show. Murphy’s talk of writing toward a conclusion gives me hope that they’ll develop characters and relationships more rationally this season, in a well-paced way. And any kind of Kurt/Dave relationship would be just awesome. The actors are amazing, their characters’ interactions are always electric and showing a romantic relationship on the show develop all the way from enmity through forgiveness, change, honesty, friendship and love would be SUCH good tv. And optimistic, you know? When it comes to love, anything is possible. : )

        • Annonymous says:

          Not Karofsky. ew. not with kurt. not his type. He’s a jerk. He was a jerk to everyone in Glee club. No way Kurt dates him. Besides, KLAINE is sooooo cute. I love them together. I’d like to see them grow as a couple. I feel they can help each other with their problems.

    • Kiley says:

      They best not mess up Finchel AGAIN – they are the only reason I watch the show. So sick of the back and forth and OUT OF CHARACTER actions.. just make them all happy… it is GLEE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

      • blackrising says:

        I’m amazed there are still people who can support Finchel. I mean, I never liked it, but at least in season 1 Finn was kind of adorable…like a dumb puppy.
        Now he’s just a douchebag that doesn’t deserve Quinn OR Rachel. And Rachel, for all her talk of being independant and having a bright future ahead of her is downright dumb for going back to him time and time again.

        Ryan Murphy ruined it. Simple as that. Season 1!Finchel was not my cup of tea, but bearable. Season 2!Finchel makes me want to slap the dumb out of Rachel (and that’s coming from someone who ADORED Rachel since day one) and run over Finn with a truck.

    • me says:

      I’d be all in favor of Sam leaving, never cared for him myself

    • Jesse says:

      He probably knows exactly what he’s doing, he just can’t say until their deals are done. There’s no way Darren Criss isn’t coming back.

      • David says:

        Not only is there no way he isn’t coming back… there’s no way he wasn’t signed to a contract in advance of pilot season.

    • amy says:

      They should just make the show two hours so they can bring back everybody and still have plenty of story time LOL I could handle two hours every week :)

    • Sarah says:


    • loli says:

      Britney had better flunk. Heather Morris is the most entertaining aspect of the show.

    • Lisa says:

      It seems that a network gets a show that is decent and worth watching and after a season or two they have they start making changes and the show is no longer worth watching. Look at thed history of shows like CSI…after William Petersen left and Grissom was no more…they show isn’t worth watching or CSI:NY without Stella the show just isn’t to the same calliber. I wish they would leave well anough alone. The show is hollywood for crying out load….just because the season ends doesn’t mean that the school year runs in the same cycle…time is what we make it. For all we know they could still be Sophomores….really this will be my last season of watching GLEE….how sad!

  2. amanda says:

    JUST GET RID OF LAUREN. not getting my hopes up. he said all these things leading into season 2 as well and look what happened there.

    • Jesse says:

      If he gets rid of Lauren I will stop watching the show. She’s got to be the funniest character on the show next to Brittany and Santana.

    • kiley says:

      how about not getting rid of anyone – just drive some authentic storylines.. then everyone is happy! I just want screen time for Britana, Finchel, Klaine – if that happens the majority of the time, I am happy

    • Shy says:

      They could easily get rid of Lauren and Puck too. He was funny bad boy in 1 season. But now they just don’t know what to do with him. They created this ridiculous story with Lauren but in reality Puck would be tired of her and would cheat in 2 weeks. There are too many people in Glee. Get rid of Mike and Tina too.

    • Alienate says:

      Lauren is the most OBNOXIOUS character I have ever seen.

      Can her big arse and sell it on e-bay.

  3. Val says:

    Did Murphy have any comments on the other characters? 3 seasons for our favorite Glee cast members is a bit short lived in my humble opinion.

    • amy says:

      I agree I want more than three seasons, why can’t they still follow the kids as they move on after graduation, while still keeping up with the new members of glee. We wouldn’t see as much of them, but something is better than nothing.

      • David says:

        They can’t follow them because there’s no way people like Rachel, Kurt and Blaine would stay in Lima. Even if they all had a financial disaster and couldn’t go to college, it still wouldn’t work because they couldn’t participate in any of the musical numbers. What’s the point of having them working as baristas in the Lima Bean, taking people’s coffee orders?

        • Jimi says:

          Very good point, I wouldnt mind a well thought out spin off but I would prefer they leave the show once they graduate. I hate when they drag characters out like that. Glee is for the glee club kids, when the new kids come they’ll take over the whole show (if they keep glee going). But as for the older characters, they should graduate and move on. Either to a spin off show or to a new point in their promising careers. I know this may be unoriginal but maybe they could introduce a younger sibling to one of the characters. Do we know if Mike or Santana have any younger brothers or sisters? That could be an interesting mix lol

  4. annete says:

    No way that Darren Criss is going anywhere. Ryan Murphy has been quoted saying that Blaine is the Fox executives’ favorite character these days.

    • Kim says:

      The only problem with Blaine staying on is The Warblers no longer make sense as a storyline (even though they are sensational musically. ) Fox could probably make more money with Blaine as a recurring character and turn the Warblers into an Il Divo-style recording machine and spit out 3-4 albums a year.

    • Lily says:

      I think Blaine will still be a guest star but only for a few episodes… Sam should be more prominent and replace Finn in Season 4. I love Lauren but I don’t know what story she can tell…

  5. Parker says:

    Why should we believe him now? He promised us so many things before season 2 started, and did we get any of them? NO. I was looking forward to a Christian rival for Rachel and a boyfriend for Mercedes. Not a stupid all-boys school and a bullying storyline. And whatever happened to Jennifer Lopez as a lunch lady and Javier Bardem as an aging rock star? There’s too many empty promises, and for that, I will not be watching season 3.

    • Matthew Thomas says:

      I completely agree. However this time he’ll be more busy working on An American Horror Story and Glee unlike last year has several more people in the writers room. This time what he says might be true.

    • Julianna says:

      I’m not watching either. After that fiasco that he called a season finale, I gave up on the show. I’m not a Finchel fan and if he says he’s sticking with the endgame he has for three years now (read: Finchel), this means he’ll either suddenly turn Finn into a genius, or the football team into a winning machine so Finn can be granted a scholarship to go with Rachel to NYC, or (worse) have Rachel give up on her dreams of Broadway to stay with Finn in Ohio.

  6. Jenna says:

    Why no Finchel scoop?

  7. Annie says:

    All of this character development sounds promising – now make it happen Ryan Murphy! Less relationship drama and more . . . life? I want to see the Hummel-Hudson household and Rachel’s dads (if they’ve been supportive all this time, why haven’t they shown up for anything?).

    Also, I wouldn’t mind if a few Disney songs were thrown in here and there.

    • Frank says:

      God I want Rachel’s dads’ so bad…. Ryan just does’t know how to write for them which is a shame.

      I don’t believe a word he says either. Last summer he said so much and maybe 10% happened.

    • Kel says:

      I need Hudson-Berry-Hummel stuff – that is all I need and I am happy. I need them to be together all the time – Kurt, Finn, and Rachel are the heart of the show. I need a spin off with them and I need the focus on them in Season three. I also like Brittana. SPIN OFFS!

      • Jenny says:

        They need to have an episode with a Hudson-Berry-Hummel family dinner. Maybe Burt/Carol invite Rachel and her family over for a family dinner since Finn/Rachel are dating. Heck even throw Blaine and his family for Kurt. Could be a very funny dinner.

    • Lily says:

      Give a fatherfigure to Puck… he has suffered enough…

      • Shelby says:

        I agree with this comment. Puck had a huge arc in season 1, but since Mark Salling self-released his album, Fox has been really angry. I’ve read Murphy comments to the effect that Puck will in “no way” return to Glee after season 3. Murphy and the Fox execs planned the Puck/Lauren thing to piss Salling off and make him leave the show. this is sad because Mark Salling is, hands down, the most musically gifted member of the cast.
        Also, I’d love for Finchel and Kurt to have a spinoff. Maybe they can start it now so we never have to look at them again. Finn has NO talent, Rachel is so annoying it’s ridiculous and Kurt. Ugh. I love Blaine. Wish he could have a story without Kurt.
        I need more Tina. She’s a great character and Jenna Ushkowitz is a great talent. Plus, more Tina means more Mike, and that’s totally okay with me.

  8. Jenna V says:

    this guy is a nutjob so i take everything he says with a grain of salt, but if he indeed stops with the freakin guest stars and 9 songs per episode (he said he’d do that for season 2 also and didnt. hence my distrust with him) then i’ll be happy. he’s talking about stuff i want: more for tina, mike, and mercedes and more actual storylines. so my fingers are crossed but im not celebrating til it happens.

  9. Taylor says:

    I can’t wait. Glad to see Tina Cohen-Chang Chang is finally getting some love. Mercedes as well!
    The Sue story sounds interesting. I’m sure the witty insults will be making a swift return :)
    They better not get rid of Sam & Blaine!!

    Personally, I want to see some home life of the characters. We get Furt and got a taste of Sam, but no one else has really gotten a family showcase. I think some interesting plotlines could develop from that.

    I’m still a Gleek through and through, and I’m not giving up any time soon. I’m praying to Grilled Cheesus that season 3 is amazing.

    • Jane says:

      You do know she will get a “c” plot and get to finish a solo and that is it right? She won’t have an arc.

  10. Courtney says:

    FINCHEL and KLAINE SPIN OFF PLEASSSEEEE!!!!!!!!! i would LOVE that!

    • RiffRaff says:

      I would DEFINITELY watch that!

    • Michele says:

      YES!!! Please!! A finchel and klaine (or just kurt) spin off would be wonderful. I do like darren – but I know he has commitments outside of glee.

    • Michael says:

      I don’t want Finn to go NY with Rachel. I like the idea that they had their star-crossed high school romance that ends on good terms, and they move on. Maybe Finn makes it out of Lima, but I don’t think he should go into show business. If he becomes a music teacher, that would be interesting.

      I would love to just see a spin-off with Rachel, Kurt, and Mercedes living in Manhattan. It could be called “Divas.”

      Having Finn and Blaine follow them to NY would require those characters to be mainstays, which would mean at the very least some annoying on-again/off-again relationship drama to keep them involved in the story. Call me cynical, but two teenagers with limited relationship experience and bad time management skills ending up with their high school sweethearts just strikes me as incredibly unrealistic and unsatisfying.

  11. Angela says:

    I swear, they better bring Darren Criss back or I won’t be watching. Serious. They would be stupid to not bring him or Chord back.

  12. bb says:

    When you say “warbler” from the Glee Project, does that mean the winner of the show is a male?

  13. Mairead says:

    Bring back all three, but especially Darren and Chord.
    The only problem I have really is that Mr. Schu getting a “big story arc” will annoy me, since it seems that the best episodes feature him the least. At least to me.
    I like Matthew Morrison, but Schuester is a bit meh.

    • BatmanFanGirl says:

      I don’t like Will either. I Liked him okay season one, but after season two I was just like “Ugh.”

      I don’t like Matt Morrison either. Every interview/tv spot I’ve seen him in he seems like a arrogant jerk.

  14. Marcus says:

    No way that Darren Criss is going anywhere, he makes all the little girls’ panties wet. RM must really think we’re stupid if he thinks we’ll believe DC won’t be back for season 3. Aside from that, it’s too early to believe anything about season 3, because the writers obviously have never known what they’re saying.

  15. Chachi says:

    Um. They need to bring back Chord and Darren. I’m not amused. :|

  16. Leigh says:

    PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Get rid of Lauren Zises! She adds nothing to the ensemble. She has little-to-no singing ability –was evidenced by her monotone solo “I Know What Boys Like”. She can barely dance/move. (Godzilla is more graceful.) She has the emotional range of brick. And to-date, her only talent has been the ability to sneer. I have no idea why Ryan cast her in the first place. (Maybe she has incriminating photographs/video/tweets and she blackmailed her way onto the show?)

    • Ines says:

      Agree! She’s an awful awful character. She’s mean, sarcastic, vengeful and always trying to blackmail someone. What she did to Quinn was horrible and she barely apologize!
      She brings nothing to the club. So far I’ve seen her pretending she can sing, barely moving (so no dance moves) and she’s never excited about songs or the competition.
      Ryan, please say she is transferring to another school!

      • Marley says:

        Not that I care about Lauren, but Quinn had it coming and has yet to apologize for all the cruel things she’s pulled. I say get rid of Quinn, it’s not like she’s interesting, or able to sing or like Dianna Agron can act.

        • carla says:

          On the contrary, Dianna deserves a better storyline in season 3 (that isn’t about being prom queen, for a feminist that was totally out of character). I loved the first 13 episodes in big part because of her storyline. Since then, they’ve done Quinn no justice. They totally forgot Beth and Quinn/Puck.

          Dianna is also a wonderful person in real life and if Hollywood is taking notice, so should the Glee producers.

          • Marley says:

            What story line? Being a bland beyotch dating and cheating on boys? Dianna may be as sweet as pit, but has yet to prove herself as an actress or a singer. I’m unsure about what Hollywood notice you’re talking about.

  17. paul says:

    BAD Twitter posting!! I clicked through JUST to see who was graduating, and no joy.

  18. Johnification says:

    This all seems promising, mostly because they have a writing staff and script supervision now. But my question is and always has been, WHY did Ryan Murphy decide to make everyone the same age?!

    • Anna says:

      They’re not. Nobody seems to remember that Kurt was only a sophomore last year, so he will be around for at least two seasons. The only people confirmed to graduate in 2012 are Rachel, Quin, Fin, and Puck. I am betting that Santana is on that list too, even though I hate the thought of her leaving as she has become my favorite glee club member.
      Anyway this still possibly leaves Mercedes, Tina, Mike, Sam, and Arty for season 4. Britney is probably going repeat her Senior year once or twice so I don’t think she is going anywhere.

      • Marcus says:

        Kurt was 16 in season 1. For most people, that’s their sophomore year…

        • Anna says:

          But last year in an interview about Blaine, RM said something along the lines of “Blaine is a year older, a Junior, has been out longer, and is sort of a mentor for Kurt.” Also I don’t Remember Glee ever saying Kurt was 16. Not that I am doubting you, I just don’t remember. I do however remember RM specifically alluding to Kurt being a Sophomore in season 2.

          • K says:

            Kurt won Prom Queen at his Junior prom. He was a Junior in season 2, Blaine is now the same age (instead of older). Everyone’s been retconned.

          • Cory says:

            Kurt had to be at least 16 in season 1 because he drove his SUV in the first few episodes (until Mercedes smashed the windshield). Admittedly, that doesn’t mean he was a sophomore, but 16 is a little old to be a freshman. Also, I was under the impression that all the characters were juniors because they went to junior prom, which (when I was in high school at least) is only open to juniors unless they’re the guests of a junior (so I guess some of the characters could have only been sophomores and went with a junior, but that wouldn’t work for Kurt because he went with Blaine, who doesn’t go to McKinley).

          • Anna says:

            Kurt attended the Jr prom, but he was also performing in it, which could explain away why he was at the prom in the first place. And he was a write in winner for prom Queen. There was no pre-election to make him a prom-princess or any other official channels that went through deciding who would win (because honestly if there were, Kurt would never had been called up as prom Queen in the first place.
            I am just going by what was said in an interview by RM. Honestly it could go either way because we all know how much continuity is important to him (not so much)

          • simonew says:

            Kurt did not perform at prom!

          • North of Lost In Mid America says:

            Kurt had to be at least 16 in season one because he had a license (remember ‘broke the windows out my car’ that was HIS car). Rachel said in the first episode something to the effect of ‘I may only be a sophomore but I can feel the clock ticking). Blaine has never been given an age on the show, just in interviews. It’s sort of a joke within some of the fandom that he was 17 for a VERY long time.

            AND everyone did go to junior prom… so it’s understood that no matter what age they were the previous season they were all juniors at the end of season 2.

        • Joe says:

          No where has it been said on the show Kurt was sophomore this year.

          We know Rachel turned 16 in Dec. Kurt who was 16 in the start of season 1, Finn was 16 least year he said so to Teri, and Quinn is 17 as of the end of this school year. And most likely Mercedes is at least 16 since she had a car in Night of Neglect.

          That is all we know for sure,

          So the two most likely canidates for a spin off Kurt and Rachel are right now 16 and 17.

  19. Sara says:

    Seriously? Matt Morrison getting more screen time is NOT my idea of a good time. I’m over the moon about story arcs for Tina, Mike and Mercedes, but this show is about growing up, not BEING grown up (and failing at it). Schuester is the most poorly-written excuse for a teacher. He’s embarrassing.

    Sorry Murphy, but when this cast goes, I go.

    • AGREED says:

      You’re right. The adults aren’t the draw. As wonderful as Jane Lynch is (and frankly, I think she’s overhyped in the part, but a lovely and talented lady in general), neither she nor Morrison can anchor the show.

    • kay says:

      this – I don’t give a crap about Will or Emma …
      just give me Kurt, Blaine, Rachel and Finn… and throw some santana and britany – they are the fan favorites

      • Miriam says:

        I totally agree. I know this is general and not what everyone wants, but I think Murphy should put more of the characters the viewers are MOST passionate about; not the adults so much.

    • Heather says:

      If they’re going to give an adult more screen time, PLEASE make it Coach Beiste!! I missed her in the second half of the season! Football season may have been over, but doesn’t she teach/coach OTHER things?

      • Kate says:

        @ Heather – not sure if you might watch The Glee Project but I believe that Dot Marie Jones is the extra judge in Episode 3. I think she is pretty cool too.

  20. Kevin says:

    I”m certain Darren and Chord are staying. Ashley will stay on too, just not as a member of the club anymore.

  21. Sam says:

    I don’t mind graduating the characters. I do mind getting rid of characters. We fall in love with a tv show for a million reasons and whatever those reasons are, we get to know the cast. They become the show. I think getting rid of Lea Michele who pretty much holds the show together is the most idiotic thing ever (I also LOVE Puck but he’s not so much of a glue). I really think there are ways to graduate the characters and still have them on the show, at least as very recurring characters. Slowly replacing an entire cast is not a good idea.

    Next: Ryan Murphy literally said the same exact thing at the end of last season- “fewer musical numbers, fewer tributes, more character bases.” Turned out that pretty much none of that happened so he’s lost some of his credibility. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Kim says:

      Really to get rid of all of them in one swoop and then get rid of Rachel makes no sense. Mr Shue isn’t that importation to the story, none of the adults are. Lea and Chris are the heart and soul of the show. When they are gone I am too.

      • Erin says:

        Fewer musical numbers? This show is all about the music. I love Glee, but plot and character development are not the show’s strong suit. Which is fine as long as the music is fun and plentiful. One musical number per show would likely see our TiVo season pass deleted.

        • Dude says:

          Agree. The thread that ties everything together is the music. It’s the great numbers, mash-ups that are universal. That’s another reason why Glee is so successful overseas. If they write in American storylines – more unpopular and definitely misunderstood issues – then the rest of the world will turn off Glee too. And at that point, who loses? Ryan, keep the music, don’t fret the stories too much, your characters will develop all by themselves. Just keep the music strong and fresh.

  22. AAA says:

    I still have no interest in the new talent they plan on bringing in. If I wanted to watch a talent show I know of a few others that do it better. I want this cast and I want story development and I’d like to see them after high school. Not on some stupid spin off but on the show I’ve supported from the beginning with all of the characters from season 1. I wanna see them in college, they don’t all have to go to the same college, Dawson’s Creek, Buffy and Gossip Girl all managed story lines beyond high school. There are Glee clubs in college!!!

  23. mamaLarson3 says:

    I couldn’t even make it half-way through season 2 and I was a season 1 super-fan. The tribute shows and guest stars seemed very lazy to me. If he doesn’t stick to what he says in this interview, he’s lost me forever (and I’m a Mom who has three tweenagers who watch what I watch so he’d actually be losing 4 viewers). I’ll just stick to watching ‘The Glee Project’. It at least has the heart and story of the first season…

  24. Erik says:

    Why didn’t you ask about Max Adler/Karofsky?

    • jum says:

      He is the oldest looking one and he does have a bald spot.

      • RKB says:

        He does not. He’s yummy. :) He looks older, yeah, but he doesn’t look like an old man or anything. Besides, Dave was Junior Prom king, which almost definitely means he’s a junior.

        Also, Dave Karofsky’s storyline is the only one other than Brittana’s that I actually enjoyed this season! Klaine’s fodder for the viewers with no emotional depth and just plain nauseating, Finchel’s insane and filled with immaturity, Quinn/Finn was stupid and hypocritical (like Finn), and Mercedes was just lonely and kinda background. Tina/Mike were almost nonexistent except for their random little kisses. I guess Sam was okay this season but he was pretty background, though I liked his family-life storyline (a character with actual problems not crappy teenage drama they blow out of proportion is always welcome) and I hope to see his and Mercedes’ relationship. It was all either rushed, fueled by what the fans wanted instead of what would give the show more emotional depth or progress, or just ridiculous.

        However, Dave’s storyline wasn’t. He was genuinely in pain, afraid, and an icon for a large part of the LGTB community. Frightened teens who have things keeping them in the closet find Dave’s storyline relatable, unlike Blaine who has no real background, personality, and is a walking stereotype for Prince Charming. Screw Darren. We need Max more than him because they need to finish Dave’s storyline. After all, the last time we saw him, he was running out of prom after Kurt pressured him to come out before he was ready. He deserves some resolution, Santana too. It would be ridiculous to forget the two characters with real problems in favor of the boring to watch Klaine or purposeless Blaine, no matter how much Darren Criss excites little teens. He’s honestly not even that cute. Not say I’m not happy that Kurt’s happy (I’m a huge Kurtsie, actually) but Blaine is boring.

        Oh. Wow. That got longer than I meant for it to. I apologize for the rant. And I don’t mean to piss anyone off here. This is just my personal opinion.

        • Rambo says:

          You were on a rant? That is about the only thing I agree with you on. I will stand up for Darren on this one. Though I like Max and he played a bully to hide being in the closet. What more is there to say? He’s staying there. Darren introduced a straight looking guy opening up about his gay lifestyle. Chris (Kurt) is gay and acts gay. They have a story to tell. But both can sing. Sorry Max. Darren (Blaine) brought us the Warblers, Teenage Dream and that famous kiss. Darren is a great singer/musician/songwriter/stage performer on his own. RM wouldn’t get rid of Darren unless he asked to leave and I doubt that will happen right away, or he couldn’t get a bulk deal on razor blades.
          As for the cast of writers, it looks like RM will beef up the storylines and work towards retiring a few, bringing in some new musical marvels to do what people want…the music. All generations can buy into great covers of hit songs. All you have to do is follow the Glee Live on Stage tour. We all love the entire cast of characters with their own strengths and weaknesses, but how big can the cast get. You pay by the speaking/singing role. Which cause will get less attention, may be the question to ask.

          • Elvah1 says:

            Just wanted to comment on the bit about Max being unable to sing.Because he has stated that not only CAN he sing, but he was 1st chair in his high school’s show choir, which would imply that his voice is very good. I believe (hope) that he will be given the opportunity to sing this season. It wouldn’t have worked last season, because it wouldn’t have fit in w/h his character development. There have already been hints about Dave being talented (Schue’s comment in the Super Bowl ep.) & he seems to enjoy performing w/h the Glee club, so it would make sense for Dave as a part of his acceptance & a large part about Glee is about self expression through music. Also, unlike w/h Blaine, a song w/h Dave probably wouldn’t be random & pointless, but would actually contribute to his storyline & character development.

          • RKB says:

            I disagree with you and agree with Elvah1 on the first half of your comment. And what story does Blaine the Bland have to tell? He’s just a pretty boy with random, meaningless songs and too many tween fangirls. He has no purpose other than single-handedly using the world’s supply of hairgel.

      • North of Lost In Mid America says:

        Um… have you seen the back of Darren Criss’ head? Watch some of the (totally illegal) YouTube posts of the concert.

        THAT said. I love both characters and hope they have a place in Season 2.

        (Please don’t hate on me for the Darren comment. I loved him in AVPM long before he came to Glee and I’ll continue to love him long after he leaves.)

        • RKB says:

          Max doesn’t have a bald spot. Seriously! There are parts of the episodes where we see the back of his head and pics too and he has plenty of hair back there. He’s only 25! He looks older because he cuts his hair so short.

          • North of Lost In Mid America says:

            Honestly a bald spot has nothing to do with age. I had a classmate who started going bald at 16 and was almost completely so by 20. And, I’ve never noticed a bald spot on Max, to be honest – but I have on Darren (who, as I mentioned, I love and will add I have a totally inappropriate crush on (I’m old enough to be his mom.)).

        • RKB says:

          I couldn’t reply to your answer below so I’m replying here.

          That’s true. Ok then. I know he looks older than other cast members but I’m just very protective of Max. He’s so sweet and cute and I have a totally inappropriate crush on him. Like you do on Darren only kinda in reverse cause I’m too young for Max. LOL. I don’t like the person who says he has a bald spot because I like his short brown curls so much. They got me a little worked up. They were too crass, in my opinion. Maybe that’s me being protective, though. Sorry.

          Also, I’d just like to say that I’m glad to be having a moderately civil and adult conversation (with good grammar, spelling, and the plus of being completely comprehensible! Yay!) with someone who likes Darren. Also, you’re not twelve. So, thank you for defying that little stereotype for me, dear. ^_^

      • Really says:

        Agreed. He’s super old and super unattractive. Interesting story line but the less of him the better.

        • sam says:

          wow hes not older than cory or mark is he? and thats such a rude thing to say about him its like me saying how much i dislike darren and how unattractive he is to me.

          • Really says:

            umm okay? I don’t understand that comparison. I’m not stopping you from saying it. It’s a free world. I don’t care about Darren, and I think Max is super old and unattractive and an okay actor.

    • andre says:

      Max Adler is perfect dont say bad things about him! He is the best actor of the show!

  25. Rachel says:

    I hope he stays true to this. While I will be sad to see a good part of the founding class move on, I’d rather see them go out on top than replay old story lines.

    I don’t see how they can cut Blaine, based on how things were left last season. Ditto Sam.

    Okay… Lauren Z… I really like Ashley Fink and I love the character, but Lauren shouldn’t be a part of the Glee club. By all means, keep her on the show, but she’s not really a performer the way Mike Chang is or a singer.

    Thrilled that Mercedes is getting a storyline. She’s my favorite!

    And hopefully Sues new arc will save her from the ridiculousness of pretty much everything past the Super Bowl to Funeral?

  26. angelstorm says:

    Well – if they must get rid of the core cast then I like the idea about Rachel and Kurt in New York . . .

  27. Megslin says:

    well seeing as how Ryan Murphy promised a whole bunch of things LAST year that didn’t pan out, 1) How can we believe anything out of his mouth now and 2) Why would he expect people to be surprised that he’s actually STILL planning to have them graduate next year?

    I predict this show becoming Saved By The Bell: The New Class. aka Canceled early on.

    And yes, PLEASE get rid of Lauren. I’m all for them having people in the Glee club that can’t sing as well (that’s pretty realistic for high school choirs!)…but she really does nothing for me as a character. I’d rather see Puck with Mercedes or Rachel…even Quinn or Santana…over Lauren. Or put him with someone new, inject different blood into the Glee Club cesspool. Just not Lauren!

  28. jasin says:

    I can honestly say that once I found out Jessalyn Gilsig isn’t back next season I decided I’m not either. He may want to get back to characters but I don’t believe for a second he will.

    • Joanna says:

      Oh yeah, because that will be SO much different from this season, when she got a whole three and a half minutes of screentime. Gilsig served her purpose in Season 1 and had no purpose in Season 2. Why keep her on in Season 3?

      • Lindy says:

        I completely agree with Joanna. Gilsig was a regular in Season 1 in credits only. And while I think she is an amazing actress and great as Terri, it just doesn’t make sense for her to be around except for a few appearances here and there. Terri and Will are divorced and have no relationship except as exes and the animosity between them seems to have dissolved as of the end of Season 2. Unless they gave her some job at the school, her character doesn’t have much reason to be involved in the show.

    • Olivia says:

      Honestly, yes, I DO watch for the adults. I could care less about Rachel and Finn, Mike and Tina, Artie, Sam, Blaine, and Mercedes. While I do like Santana, Brittany, and Kurt, I don’t WATCH for them. They’re just bonuses for me…
      Having said that, with a new incoming class cast, it would ruin the show. The reason we all liked season 1 was because it was about the SHOW, not who was on it, who wasn’t, etc etc. The music was to bring the story along, not to simply do a tribute, or to do a popular song. Can we go back to that, please?

      By the way, Ryan Murphy, getting rid of Jessalyn was one of the stupidest things you could have done. I wanted to see an Emma/Terri catfight in the school parking lot.

  29. C says:

    Following Finn, Rachel, Kurt and BLaine in NYC would be such a great show!! PLEASE let this happen!

    • Hussy says:

      I’m all for a spin off. EXCEPT, I believe it would be much better with Kurt/Blaine and Rachel sharing an apartment. Hopefully post-college. As an updated “Three’s Company” with a dash of “That Girl” and Mary Tyler Moore thrown in!
      Rachel is and always has been self centered and focused on becoming a star. This would leave plenty of possible story lines about her dates or lack thereof. Plus all of their struggles to make it. Lea Michele can shine far brighter than Cory Monteith /Finn.

  30. julie says:

    Murphy said that season 2 would be more character driven–that didn’t happen. He said Rachel would have a rival storyline–that didn’t happen (and no, Charice’s 3 songs don’t count). What about that Christian character? *crickets* Murphy says a lot of things that won’t happen. I don’t want to watch a Matthew Morrison story, any more than I wanted Paltrow to take over 3 episodes in her bid for a recording contract. I don’t care a thing about anything he’s talking about. The current cast of kids (and I say this as a 40 year old fan of Glee) is what has kept me watching. Once Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, etc. are gone, so am I and my ad and recording money. Frankly, considering the sad state of the show in season 2, I hope both Lea and Cory (the 2 I think have the most promise) move on to bigger and better written things.

    • Julia says:

      I’m 30 and I don’t watch for the adults either ;)
      I watch for Santana, Quinn, Rachel, Brittany, and also Finn and Kurt. I also like the others (Artie and Mercedes quite get on my nerves though) but they’re not the main reason. I know for sure that once Santana, Quinn and Rachel are gone, I’m gone too. I really hope for a spin-off with the girls, Finn, Klaine, and maybe Tike. With them, I would watch and spend my money that without hesitating!

      • North of Lost In Mid America says:

        I’m a 40 something fan of the show. And I, too, watch for the ‘kids’. I liked the Will/Emma story line but not so much April/Will or Holly/Will. (Although there are some scenes I loved with them, too). But I’m also willing to give Murphy & Co. the benefit of doubt. I’ll watch through season 3 and start season 4 (if it happens) and judge it on it’s own merits. We might find one of the ‘new’ characters to be even more endearing than our current favorite.

  31. shells says:

    Seriously more screen time for Matthew Morrison – awful decision –
    I am all for any story line with Jane Lynch but please for the love of God – no more Matthew Morrison – there is only so many love interests he can have –

    Rachel, Quinn, Santana and Brittany sprinkle in a little Puck and Finn and I would watch that series – if it takes place in NY than you have to throw in Kurt because he would go with Rachel –

    New series with them = old series canceled in one season

  32. luke says:

    This is why I hate Glee. They treat the actors like they can be replaced. They’re under paid, they barely get anything from the music sales and they don’t let them know until the last possible second if they’re going to be on next season. How is Darren Criss still waiting to hear if he’ll be back next season? Ryan Murphy is an idiot.

  33. Jay says:

    I hope chord stays, I want to see what happens with Sam and Mercades. Darren should stay as a guest so Blaine can have coffee with Kurt sometimes but he should never ever sing.

    • Lily says:

      yeah… no songs for Darren Criss… but how good of an actor is he ? Still think that Kurt will cherish his first love Blaine… but I will see him fall in love a 2nd time with someone else and it will be not that rosy… after that… bye bye Blaine…

      • jay says:

        Absolutely, I’d love for someone to go after Kurt.

        • Lily says:

          True… as long as it is not Karofsky… then again , if you read the recent interview Max Adler gave to the Advocate… there might be a slight chance that Kurtofsky is happening.. Even though I hope it would not..

          • Rhiannon says:

            I want Kurtofsky, Blaine is a boring character and him and Kurt have become so similar that they aren’t Kurt and Blaine anymore, they’re Klaine. I still love the idea of Kurt with a jock.

  34. Yeah sure... says:

    I’ve learned that the best way to handle Ryan Murphy is to not believe a word he says. This is same song different day…..we’ve heard the stuff about story lines for other characters before and never got it. I read endgame and cringed….those of us who know Rachel’s dreams know that her endgame will by NYC and broadway…. Sorry guys this comes straight from her mouth in the finale this season. I don’t see her going back on everything she has worked hard for. Finn has no reason to pick up and move to New York…he loves football and belongs at OSU or something like that. I am hoping all of these new people hired to help consult and write the show will see that.

    The Rachel/Kurt spinoff would be awesome! There are so many possibilities there…and they could crossover Glee and said spinoff at certain points too. The Core cast could drop into either show and it would be ok. After season 3 I am done with Glee…it will suck to not know how things turned out for the original characters. Oh well..

  35. Sivat says:

    Is Terri officially gone? Why didn’t you guys write for her in Season 2?

  36. KMB says:

    Darren will be back. He and Kurt are like the golden boys of Glee. And how do you explain “I love you –> I love you, too” –> *Poof*? How do you salvage your ratings and future album sales after that? More or less the same can be said for Sam regarding his new relationship with Mercedes. I could see Lauren falling back into occasional appearance on the show, and I’d be fine with that. They’re apparently introducing two female students next year…plus the Glee Project winner, plus if Blaine does transfer, that’s another in New Directions.

    I don’t think RM was stating that Darren, Chord or Ashley specifically were in danger. But they are only recurring characters, and the nature of recurring is that they’re not permanent to continue to S3. The author of this story just made a point of mentioning those three, and specifically Chord and Darren, for the “conflict”/”drama” effect it has on readers…who are left questioning “What the heck?! How could they not?!”.

    • Jake says:

      i was thinking the same. i dont think he met that they wouldnt come back more that they dont know whether they will continue as recurring or be main. Personally i think Sam and Blaine should become main characters Those two have become my favorite male characters. As for Lauren id be ok if she didnt make as much appearances as before.

    • Really says:

      Darren has no effect on ratings or album sales. Only one song he sang sold well and the Warblers album was mediocre sales-wise. Getting rid of him won’t affect anything.

      • Rawr says:

        Yes, it will affect the viewings of Glee. Billions of Darren Freakin’ Criss fangirls will stop watching. He’s crazingly popular especially being with Kurt, and he can’t just say ‘I love you’ then leave!

        • Lily says:

          Of course he can say “I love you ” and just leave…. there has been already one plane crash with the Warblers… so why not another plane crash… Kurt will mourn but then a new handsome guy will show up or Kurt start messing with the Sam-Mercedes relationship …

        • Really says:

          Glee doesn’t have billions of people tuning you child. It will not affect the ratings in any way no matter what you deluded fan girls think. His presence has added nothing significant to the ratings and the show has in fact lost fans despite him and some because of him. And if it gets rid of people like you watching the show, to be honest, that would be no loss at all.

          • Anna says:

            Ok, first of all yes glee will lose alot of viewers if darren left, which hes not gOing to because ryqn murphy has said since then that he has signed on to be a main in season 3. Darren brought a lot Of voewers to tye show becase he was already famous from a very potter musical (i would say, oh, 300,000 viewers.) since the other storylines are repetitive and unrealistic (yes, im talking about finchel) there would be no reason for the viewers he brought to stay. And FYI the Warblers album was #4 on itunes the day it was released. And thats not in a specific genre of music catagory. So. Yea. Im finished now.

  37. pinsleric says:

    Based on their story-lines, I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that Darren and Chord will be back. Ashley could go either way, I suppose. But I doubt they would just dump her.

  38. Brianna says:

    I want a Finchel and Brittana spin-off.

  39. Leta says:

    If the season starts up with Blaine having graduated and gone to NYC for college, either of Sam’s parents having found work in another town, or Lauren just disappearing, I’m going to be so pissed.

  40. Kelsey says:

    Less music?!? New characters every 3 to 4 years?!? Looks like an amazing show is heading towards its demise!

  41. Matt says:

    It’s ridiculous (and insulting to their fans) that they haven’t made a decision on Darren & Chord’s status. It’s almost as if they don’t want me to watch. No other show seems to take as much joy in showing no respect to their fans as RIB do on Glee. At times they just come across as pissy, hostile or just plain dismissive.

    To Ryan Murphy: the status of whether I will be watching next season has yet to be determined.

  42. Cory says:

    While I want Lauren to stay, I really, REALLY want Blaine and Sam to still be on the show. I’m not too concerned about them though because Blaine is ultra-popular and because Sam just started a relationship with Mercedes (and it’s been said that they’re going to be a couple when the show returns, though I also don’t put much stock in what RM says). But I will feel better when I have confirmation.

    • Emilie says:

      They can’t possibly take Blaine or Sam out of the show.. The fan-base would rage, and big story lines would be lost. I’m not worried.

  43. Melanie says:

    So excited for season 3! Focusing on character development and planned, long-term plot arcs should be wonderful! Really hoping they decide to develop Max Adler’s character some more. Dave’s the only one they left in kinda a sad, lonely place last season, after giving him some honest development and making us CARE for him. I think various gleeks making the effort to fold him into glee club would be a great way to end the current series with this cast. Show them teaching Dave the lessons about self-acceptance and -expression that THEY’VE learned over the past 2 years, thus furthering both his story and their own, and encapsulating in that storyline what the whole show has been about.

  44. Kem says:

    No Darren, No Glee, period..

    • Anna says:

      “No Darren no Glee”? Are you friggin’ kiding me?

      • Rhiannon says:

        Last season Blaine got more screen time and more solo’s than anyone and it really pissed people off especially since that was supposed to be Kurt’s arc. The Darren Criss fans are going to destroy the show, they demand Blaine get all the screen time just because he’s played by Darren Criss and they can’t see how it’s ruining the show. They never should have added such a popular actor to the cast…..

  45. Beth says:

    WHAT ABOUT BRITTANA?! They have to have a huge story in season 3. Kurt and Blaine did in season 2, now it’s their turn. There’s hardly any lesbian storylines on tv compared to gay men, so it’s about time the girls have their time to shine.
    And Quinn better have a damn good story too.

  46. Sara says:

    Lauren and Brittany were the high points of this season for me. I’d hate to see her go.

  47. Abbey says:

    I think the fans have made it clear that no one wants a new cast member.
    Also, I would like to see Jonathan Groff come back to reprise his roll as Jesse again. I hate how his character is just a Finchel pawn, he’s such a talented guy.

  48. Landon says:

    What about Max Adler? He better return to season 3; his role of Dave Karofsky inspired and helped thousands – Bring that amazing man back!

  49. Amanda says:

    So looking forward to how Dave’s story goes down this season.

    Also, FINALLY some light for Mercedes, Tina and Mike!

  50. Aki says:

    More Max please!! He was one of the best things about this season and Dave was definitely the most riveting and well developed as well. I really want to see him come to accept himself and become happy (falling in love and being in a relationship would be awesome too).