Idoloonies: Scotty McCreery on Eyebrow Action, Showmances, Explicit Gaga, Hip-Hop Covers

By now, it’s cliché to take home first prize in a reality competition and announce, “I’m going to Disneyland!” But American Idol Season 10 champ Scotty McCreery says the day after his confetti shower at the Nokia, he was taking his AP English exam. The polite but cheeky 17-year-old sat down for his Idoloonies interview and opened up about his fear of being painted as a “poster child for bullies” after Hollywood Week, a well-liked performance that came dangerously close to being “one of those country moments gone bad,” and why he has a problem watching the end-of-performance “swing” after his Top 2 performance of “Gone.” Press play below on our three-part interview, and for all my Idol news, reviews, and interviews — including future chats with Haley Reinhart and (hopefully) Casey Abrams — follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. stevenjaba says:

    Just started watching… but you guys realize you’re wearing almost exactly the same shirt, right?

    • caludia84 says:

      You are right! Hahaha

      • yeah says:

        Congrats Scotty. I will buy your cd you fun cowboy.

        • Marty says:

          Me too. I really like how Scotty is just so cool, fun and mature for a 17 year old.

          I am very impressed.

          • cyrlopez says:

            Scotty is so cool! Great interview. Love the matching shirts.

          • Jascat says:

            I’m waiting for his album to reach Asia. I love Scotty! Thank goodness for this interview! It is explained in here how come the studio recording for You’ve Got a Friend is so far away from his performance on Idol stage. I did not like the studio recording honestly but I loved his performance on Idol. Now, I can sleep without thinking about what the ever happened with that studio recording…hahaha…
            The interviewer is good. It showed how smart they both are! Way to go! Once again thank you!

        • Shari Lee- Malaysia says:

          What does this stupid Michael mean by a “SHAMELESS LIAR PRODUCTION”. Is it a pun or is he indicating that Scotty is a Liar?

      • Scotty says:

        Haley fans please note that it has been reported that Michael is planning on releasing Haley’s interview this thursday or friday.


        • alice says:

          my lovely scotty young kid dont worry about haley fans,they just annoying, you deserve everything thats why you win young are pure smart decent you have a lot of vote .and haley not even half of ur vote. how haley deserve to win her song is noisy .shes good singer but the things is your voice is unique ,people wants to hear something new tone ,can touch the people heart so that is you

          you melt our hearts thats why we always hear your songs until now since the audition long black train and my favorite is letters from home you make me smile all the time ,my little boy hope my son like you you the same age


    • Vivi says:

      I haven’t clicked on the video but I hope you guys made some kind of joke regarding the plaid shirts. If not, what’s the point of dressing alike? *shrugs*

    • M says:

      LOL, I was about to say exactly the same thing.

    • sonja says:

      I think he did all three interviews(Lauren, Haley and Scotty) the same day.

      • MS says:

        Well if he did, I’m glad he’s making those ridiculous Haley fans wait. They seem to feel that this show is about talent. Scotty was a much nicer guy than her, as everyone here is talking about, and he deserved to win because of his personality.

        Michael claims to be a big Haley fan, but after talking to Scotty I’m sure he will change his mind, and go out and buy some Scotty singles on Itunes.

        Way to go Michael to keep the Haley fans begging, you show, you can play the game just like Nigel and the producers. I think you should get Randy on too, so he can tell us, all the inside crap about Haley.

    • Ringo says:

      I hope that you showed Haley the same kind of respect by wearing something tight and low-cut to match her interview ensemble.

    • Mark Sloan says:

      I could care less about getting to know Scotty, and I won’t be watching his interview. Everything that is wrong with AI is represented by Scotty. I’m sure that he is a very nice kid, but the fact that he became the Idol champion is insulting to me. The show draws you in to the lives of these people – and you make a connection, such that when they are manipulated or treated unfairly, you react. If I watch next season it will be much more detached and casual, and I will not participate in the voting.

      Also as a Haley fan, Scotty and Lauren represent noise to me, and I am really looking forward to her interview, but for some reason the powers that be keep feeding us Scotty and Lauren, this coming from Slezak himself. He is in danger of becoming part of the problem that he so skillfully pointed out on his own show.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Mark, as several people have pointed out to me, it’s reality TV and you don’t have to watch. I loved Haley but found Scotty and Lauren’s interviews entertaining.

      • whynotcanada says:

        wow, pretty harsh critisism. i don’d entirely disagree and i too feel jaded as a huge Haley fan. But, maybe we are all fooled throughout the process. I heard that Haley whad been hand-picked to come back to Idol because they realized their previous mistake. Perhaps Haley has been gearing up to this for a long time (she seemss like a seasoned star) and it might be part of a big plan she had (good for her, i suppose – i’ll buy her music.) But I also now get the impression from both the Scotty and Lauren interviews that they are also very smart and skillful in their plans to become big. i think we are getting ‘reality-tvd’.

        • Shari Lee- Malaysia says:

          Hi, No need to squabble. I am a jazzy/hip hop/ago go/pop/blues/ rock/ballad and country fan. When you had so much genre this season, anybody can be dropped off due to not enough votes. Everybody has their own taste and flavour and everyone wants their favourites to win and you cannot blame the contestants if your favourite lose. Think rationally. Haley had been in the bottom 3 numerous times and these should have opened your eyes to vote harder for her or encouraged the voters for those dropoffs to pool their resources to vote for her or for anyone that you found to be in trouble. Unity is strength. Even Casey could not encourage his fans to vote for Haley. I am sure that there are many others who enjoy jazz/blues music but why are they not voting but only good at making all these empty noises. Esp Tom Hanks. He had all the money. He could had asked his assistants to hit the redial buttoms on his behalf if he was not free or could not get thru. There are a
          lot of blues/jazz/pop/rock singers/musicians. What about Tony Bennet or Adam Lambert and fans? Are they helping her or James? There could be reasons for not doing so. Snatching of rice bowls perhaps. Talking is useless but must have action. Country folks, lovers artistes and fans are different. They really go out to help their own as can be seen during the recent country activities. They are close knits entity. I am sure your genre of musics also have young voters and boys/men and the middle age or between 18-50 yrs who are into your love of this genre. But where are they. They did not vote I am sure and waiting for each other to vote and in the end, there are not enough votes to save your favourites. You have to ask yourselves when there were only 3 standing. The votes for the country were split between Lauren and Scotty. Haley’s voters should have taken the utmost opportunity to pull her thru. That was the GOLDEN CHANCE THAT SLIPPED THRU YOUR FINGERS so THERE IS NO BLAMING SCOTTY. He did not know. He just wanted to be in the final and so did Lauren and Haley. They need the voters votes. It’s everybody game. By the way, those tween girls rushing towards Scotty in the rock and roll week were actually meant for the Wild Card guy (can’t remember his name) and Niger pushed them up to Scotty. Was that Scotty’s fault. Was it Scotty’s fault too that his fans love him more than the rest? For your information, 1st impression counts. Contestants must have that special spark, the IT Factor/ Identity that is his deep baritone voice and he made it very clear in the audition that cointry is his genre. Haley grew too slow to find herself and by the time she truly find herself, everybody’s minds had been made up who they want to be in the final. So be rational and please no names calling. Scotty/ Haley/James are nice people. Don’t let fans destroy their friendship. They would not want that. I would suggest if you still want to call Scotty, Alfred Nueman, then perhaps you should seach the idol website and look for AI contestants look alike. Every one of the 40 contestants have a look alike. I had a good laugh looking at it. And another thing. Please remember, if you call people nasty names because of looks and if that person do not talk back about you, you yourself might have children of such manners and looks/ mongoloid unless you do not want to get married or have children. They is always PAY BACK TIME. So please make peace. AI fan from Malaysia, SEA

          • Julie says:

            I don’t think you’re one to be wagging your finger at people over name-calling after what you just called Nigel there!

      • cyrlopez says:

        Scotty was so much better than Haley and Lauren, so I do think America got it right!

      • Wendeeloo says:

        “but for some reason the powers that be keep feeding us Scotty and Lauren” – Yes, Michael always interviews everyone – I don’t know what is unusual about that. If he didn’t interview everyone – he’d be accused of being unfair. Come on people….

        • MS says:

          Yes, I like how he announces he is going to be interviewing everyone knowing the expectations Haley fans have after all the drama thats happened around her, and his skillful manipulation of that anticipation by releasing Laura, and Scotty first.

          He is the cause of the Haley fans pissing so many off on this thread. If he had released her interview first, all of the Haliens would be on her thread and not her. Again Michael pulling a Nigel and stirring up the bees nest.

        • Shari Lee- Malaysia says:

          The Michael is a sly fox. As a reporter on whoever side he is on should be impartial. He should have done the 3 interviews together and ask the same questions instead of different questions for different people. He should be the peace maker. Instead he is driving a wedge amongst the fans of the differenct idols contestants. He is not very smart.

          • Mike says:

            No, Ms Misguided Malaysia, he is very smart. You, on the other hand, fail to realize that this site is his blog where he is openly biased and candid with his opinions, and doesn’t hold his interviews here to the same journalistic standards you refer to, which seems to me like publications like the New York Times or Newsweek. I can’t stand people like you who don’t have a clue where you are on the internet, then troll the comments section posting inaccurate and ridiculous statements as you did above, and upon further examination, you end up writing a LOT of comments and give the casual visitor the wrong impression that your opinions reflect those of many, when in reality it’s just that you post many opinions that say the same thing. Stop, please stop.

          • Sis says:

            Please re-read your comment to which this note replies. I am confident you did not think before you scribed. Michael did the courteous and professional thing. Opportunity is given to admirers of each to watch interview appropriate to them and provide comfort to the guest. It is never good decision to put everybody together and create ill will, to be seen world wide. Any top reporter wants the best from his or her subject. You have a favorite American Idol contestant? Watch interview tailored for that person, rather than sit through remarks from the others for whom you are not fond. I have never watched the live show and only recently was led to Phillip then Scotty, after the fact. I do recall that clips I saw on Internet or TV caused me to think the Clarkson girl should not have won since she had sore throat sound. And, the Clay fellow should certainly have won. American Idol should be ROLE MODEL as well as have talent. Scotty and Phillip and Clay exude those characteristics. You may have gathered I am not a child, though my spirit is continually youthful. I am not hateful, just direct. Please re-read your comment and search your soul.

      • Mike says:

        I love Idoloonies and Michael is amazing, but this was a painful reminder of why I couldn’t tolerate watching any more of Scotty on the show and ended up fast forwarding his performances on my tivo…he’s just dull and uninteresting, and like his voice, he is monotonous and very limited in range. At least after watching Lauren’s interview I found her to be quite endearing and far more in touch and self-aware than I ever expected her to be. Scotty on ther other hand…I’m getting bored just commenting about it. I’m sure Michael was similarly uninspired by it as well, as the videos have none of the usual funny cutaway clips (just clips of his performances) or funny captions that we see in all the other episodes of Idoloonies.

        • Shari Lee- Malaysia says:

          Don;t be silly. Scotty is a very intelligent young man. He cannot be fooled easily. I believe he can read minds and he knows who his friends are or are not. He is treading very carefully. I remember one interview he gave to two reporters from the same station. One said he was a Scotty’s fan and the other said he was Lauren’s fan and voted accordingly. He respected their views and even thanked them. Since I cannot vote, I am neutral but I find the above interviews to be an eye opener and very interesting. If you haters think it is very boring, then you are also boring yourself. It takes one Bored One to recognise another Bored one. You never look beyond yourself. What you asked is what you get. Lauren is a scare brain. Of course, she will talk more than what was asked. She wants the glittering lights. It’s good to look within yourself and have some laughters. Why agitate yourself for someone else. Will Haley give you a slice of her revenue to feed you as gratitude. Don;t be obssessed by Idols. The money and profits are for the AI and the idols themselves. Why spill blood for them and die of high blood pressure for them. Be sensible. You know what!! We asians are laughing at you all haters /fans in American. You all can’t even be united. Look at your fingers. Are they of the same length? This shows that people are not perfect. There will be flaws and there will be something that shine. Have opinions and agree to disagree without all nasty comments.

          • Mike says:

            Please STFU already. I can’t even get past the first few lines without rolling my eyes in boredom. “It takes a Bored one to recognize another Bored one”. Love the logic here. I must be a boring person if I found the interview boring. In that case, you are boring too. Your post bored me, and according to you I am uniquely qualified to judge how utterly boring you are.

        • derg says:

          Jealous guy alert.

          lol of course you’ll like the ‘girl’,

          • Mike says:

            Honey, I’m gay, and the only thing I’d like to do with that girl (Lauren) is take her shopping to replace that horrid child pageant/county fair wardrobe of hers. Nice try, though.

        • Shari Lee- Malaysia says:

          I think I also did that to the other contestants. I only watched Scotty’s performance and wait for the results the next day. You are damned right on this. What you do to others, others will do the same to yours. That’s why she could not have the votes she required. If her fans had been humble, perhaps she might have got the votes to get thru. Not all people like Lauren. Anyway, I cannot vote but I still agree America made the right choice. You made me take sides, otherwise I will be a fence-sitter.

        • derg says:

          But of course. You gay people love those with flamboyant and loud personalities. How can I think of you differently? How predictable.

          Meh. People always prefer to take it easy with the girls.

      • Jan says:


        Its all a matter of what a person’s musical tastes are as to who they vote for. It may be insulting to you for him to win, but not to me or the others who voted for him. Maybe we wouldn’t have been as happy if Haley had won. Haley did get better as the weeks went on. But I was waiting for her to get voted off for weeks. She just wasn’t my style of music. And wasn’t always consistent. I was actually rooting for Casey. Loved his jazz sound. But when he was voted off, I started rooting for Scotty. I think Scotty has a really good voice. I think Haley has a good voice too, but she just isn’t my cup of tea. Also, keep in mind that this is “American Idol”, not “American Singer”. There’s more that goes into a person’s decision on how they will vote than just the voice. Yes, how they sing is of top-knotch importance. But their personality plays a part as well. You could have an amazing singer who was drop-dead gorgeous, but if he was a stuck up jerk, I wouldn’t vote for him at all. I’m glad Scotty is country, because the country music folks will open up their arms to him. The pop/rock music folks have trouble doing the same with he pop/rock singers from AI. Scotty won because most of the people who voted for him liked his type of music and liked him.

      • Shari Lee- Malaysia says:

        Wow Mark you hit the nail right on top of the head. Well said. Remember what you said reflected well back to you. So Scotty and Lauren music is noise to you. What about Haley’s voice to us. Horrible and eerie especially when you hear it in the middle of the night. Grow up spoilt brat. Next year tell us who you want to vote and we will vote en bloc to get rid of the other contestants. HaHa. Silly idiot. Free country lah

        • MS says:

          Shari, sorry if I upset you you seem to have as much passion for Scotty as I do for Haley. My intent is not to insult you, rather in this case I’m trying to make a point as a fan of Michael Slezak’s excellent work, that Haley fans, can as he himself does on occasions, find a little conspiracy with the motives of the powers that be too.

          In this case Michael is the controlling power entity, and he knows good and well the sense of injustice that Haley fans perceive has been done to her, since he helped frame the argument. Many Haley fans have been looking forward to this interview for a while now. So we keep coming back to this site for it, and what do we find but interviews of the very contestants that Michael and Halions feel were unfairly pimped by the AI machine. As you
          can well imagine some people are feeling a little curious as to Michael intentions.

          • Shari Lee- Malaysia says:

            MS, I am sorry too for my comments. I know Michael is pro-Haley and I was suspicious of his intentions and I did complaint about the different names of the stations between Scotty and of Lauren (Guess I am not familiar of the terms} and LUSK was kind enough to reply and explained to me, gentle but sarcastic. Haha
            Well, I guess as fans, we have die-hard opinions of our fav but that shouldn’t make us enemies. Right?. I realized that Michael is from TV/Line and he needs to interview everyone and he cannot be seen otherwise. Interviewing Scotty was part and parcel of this job, whatever his feelings are. But, I am puzzled with your comments. If you think Scotty had been pimped BY AI MACHINERY, why the dislike for him.? It should be AI machinery and the judges who did not give constructive criticisms. They should be the ones to be angry with. The people around the show. What all the contestants did was to sing their best for the title. I always thought the other girl was the one being pimped. In fact after Scotty and Haley had been criticized, they came back stronger. In the group of 3, with the country votes split between Scotty and Lauren, I was surprised that Haley could not break thru to the final. It was a wasted golden opportunity. Though I am not a Haley fan, I wanted to see a dynamic final between Haley and Scotty. Don’t get mad at me. Just my honest opinion. Ok? Anyway, I like the sweet/kind
            way you replied me. Thanks

      • marie says:

        So don’t watch. Sheesh! Why the rancor and bitterness?

      • earlene peshnak says:

        First of all If anyone is noisey it’s Haley ,she also is the most stuck up person I have ever seen.She thought she was the only person on that show that mattered.You should watch his interview,it was the best,he is so cool,and relaxed,funny I think he is the real deal,and I hope he goes all the way in this business.

      • sandr cash says:

        Mark Sloan, You know what I think? I think you just showed your stupidity. You create a lot of noise. I seriously think you have a real problem . You are a big fat jerk. Scotty is one of the most amazing talents to come along in years. He has a lot of Carrie Underwood’s people backing him. I would say Scotty I am sure could care less about the nasty things you say about him.He is a gentleman, which by the way, no one could say that about you. Why don’t you just keep your mouth shut. When I care about someone like I do Scotty I don’t mind standing my ground. You really aren’t worth anyone wasting their breath on you. You need to get a life.

        Jane Cash

    • MS says:

      I think it’s great how nice people with lesser talent can rise to win the show.

      go scotty

      • Paul says:

        I’m content with the fact that Scotty won– I think he is good at what he does, country isn’t really my cup of tea. I don’t think he is as versatile or as much of a powerhouse singer as Pia or Haley (my favorite!) were, but I do think he’s talented. I think you DO -or at least you should- need talent to win the show, and I think what you’re saying is a bit insulting towards Scotty. Again, not a powerhouse vocalist, but still a good vocalist none the less.

        • Jan says:

          Great comments, Paul! Nice to see someone who wasn’t cheering for Scotty to win still say that he is a good singer. Thanks!

          • Shari Lee- Malaysia says:

            Thanks Paul and Jan, Both of you are very rational and see things differently. Besides country, Scotty should also sings songs like Engelberg, Tom Jones, Jim Reeves, Sinatra and the likes with a voice like that. He could blow the doors off and the roof down (literally speaking). I hope this label does advise him on this. Hope this album does have a mix of these and pure country to establish himself first. His rendition of Green Green Grass of Home sounds beautiful in the finale. What do you think?

      • Paul says:

        And also, reading your comment above, this isn’t “Nice Guy” Idol (at least I guess it was when the year when Lee won)– but this is bottom line a talent competition. True, it is certainly not all about the voice, and personality, looks, all that weighs in too… Whitney Houston is a ‘diva’ as is Aretha Franklin, and sometimes they can be a bit over-demanding, but should we discredit them because of their personalities? At their prime, they were both 2 of the world’s greatest talents. Diana Ross was a pain in the butt but it didn’t stop her from selling records! It doesn’t matter if you’re nice or not– if you have talent, you have talent, and that’s what it takes in the music business.
        I DO think Scotty is talented, so I’m actually a bit bewildered that you’re a fan and you think he’s ‘less talented’ than others.

    • Alfred Neuman says:

      I love how Scotty had to be maintaining his HS classes even while he was winning AI. It just goes to show you, that you don’t have to be a dedicated musician like some of the other contestants. (James get a life)

    • MS says:

      Attention Team Scotty, Nigel just dissed us.

      I was just watching So You Think You Can Dance and Nigel told the top 10 men that were really going to have to bring it, because unlike other shows (hint, hint) the boys don’t always win. Scotty’s win was not automatic he had to earn with raw talent, not just because he was a guy that all the preteens were voting for because he was cute. Nigel sucks for implying that!

    • MS says:

      Way to go Slezak, here it is Friday afternoon and you still don’t have a Haley interview up. I guess that should send a message to those pathetic Haley fans whose interviews you value most aye.

    • Linda says:

      This was a GREAT interview with Scotty. I LOVE him. And I LOVE this interview! THANK YOU!

    • sahlee says:


    • lynn says:

      Noticeable but what an excellent interview!

    • Christy says:

      Hahaha I didn’t notice that ROFL Great interview too. Very fun, what a nice kid. I hope he goes the distance we could use more of him.

  2. jojo says:

    saving the best for last. when will haley’s interview be posted?

    • EvilEdit says:

      Since he’s had Nigel in the house and his influence has rubbed off on him, you just know Slezak’s going to be cruel and post one part of Haley’s interview at a time. lol. (BTW, sounds like Casey will be last. But with luck, they’ll spend >50% of the time on Haley).

  3. Alex says:

    No Haley! just Scotty, Michael, and Jason Averett :)

  4. stevenjaba says:

    awww… good interview. I like Scotty more now. He’s a smart kid.

  5. Polly says:

    What a great interview. That kid is so freakin’ likable. Great questions, great answers, really enjoyed that.

    • JOHN says:

      Michael…..I’ve watched your interviews for years, and you are the ONLY interviewer that HUMANIZES these performers/contestants, and I think I speak for an awful lot of people as I offer to you a sincere THANK YOU for these amazing insights!

      • Eternal Clementine says:

        Abso-freaking-lutely!! Scotty said it himself, he really liked the interview. Slezak is so invested in the subject material and he is a fan just like us, so he knows what we want to hear. You are so my entertainment blogger crush Slezak, intelligence and wit are HOT!
        Can’t wait for Haley’s interview!!! Hope is like an 8 parter =P

        • Saralyn says:

          Totally agree! Slezak’s one of the best interviewers I’ve ever seen. The contestants seem like real people.

  6. Kristi says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed that! I love that he said he enjoyed the interview and that he got asked questions he doesn’t normally get asked. I am not a country music fan, but I really like him

    • lucky says:

      I heartily agree! I’m not a country fan at all, but he is just so damn likable and a regular kid. Once again, excellent interview Michael!

  7. tamara says:

    Great interview!! I enjoyed it a lot, even though I don’t like Scotty.

    Slezak, you’re the king of interviews!!

    It was great that Scotty said he loved the interview and the questions you asked.
    I bet he’s asked the same 2 or 3 things over & over again, and probably by people who don’t even watch the show.

    Can’t wait for Haley’s now!!
    Make it as long as possible, Slezak. Don’t let us down. Even if you have to fill it with her performance clips or whatever!

    • Malcolm says:

      ‘Even if’???? ESPECIALLY IF. :D

    • Mia says:


      I swear, if you make Haley’s interview anything less than a six-part video, grrrrr……

    • Lunakit says:

      Michael, we have high expectations for your Haley interview! Please ask her if she was aware of Idoloonies while she was on the show. Did she watch it? Did any of them?

    • Diana says:

      I really am tired of Haley fan’s. Scotty gives a great interview and you have to say “I don’t like Scotty” “Can’t wait for Haley’s now”.
      Why not wait and post on Haley’s. You better hope those who Dont like Haley dont bother watching her interview. Stay off the Scotty post talking about Haley. geez!!!

      • JOHN says:

        BRAVO….well said!!!

        • MS says:

          Yes I agree, Haley fans seem to think that the contest is about talent only, had Haley been as nice a person as Scotty she might have won, instead she made faces at the judges when they tried to help her, contrast that to Scotty who seem genuinely pleased when the judges offered advise.

          • Billy says:

            Great satire, MS, but I’m afraid many will read it otherwise and think you are an idiot. Next post please include a “lol” or something like that (“wink wink”?) at the end.

          • shindig says:

            I think the “judges tried to help her” was a clear give away.
            theyt tried to push her… under the bus…

      • Jason McD says:

        I think the point the OP (and many others) was trying to make is that Michael give an amazing interview and that they actually like Scotty more now.

        I think Scotty is amazing and after watching this interview I really want him to do well and I may actually really consider buying a country album!

        • tamara says:

          THANK YOU!!

          I wasn’t trying to diss Scotty, or complain that the Haley interview isn’t on yet.

          I think it was pretty clear that I meant that even though I’m not a Scotty fan, I enjoyed the interview, so I was actually encouraging non-Scotty fans to watch it, becaus eit was really good, and he’s a very likable guy and you’ll see more of his personality in the interview than in what we’ve seen on American idol.

          Chill, people. It’s actually you Diana who’s made tbis a hostile environment with the missinterpretation of my comment.

      • tloubee says:

        I know, right?! Haley fans want to make everything about her! So obnoxious. She didn’t win, she doesn’t have a record contract, and not everyone thought she was all you fans think she is. Stop trying to force Haley down everyone’s throat. You are certainly doing her no favors.

        • Alex says:

          But….but…I thought Slezakville is a Haley-safe zone? *eyes tearing up*

          *runs home crying* Haley fans! We’re not safe here anymore!

          ….oh wait a minute. We’re still in the majority here. Phew, false alarm. Come back out, Haliens, let’s trash this place! XD

        • Mark says:

          Actually as Slezak how’s pointed out many times on this series it was the AI producers that were shoving Scotty down everyone’s throat. If Haley fans are a little zealous it’s because of the overt manipulation that was going on.

          Fortunately Slezak was here to help everybody understand that. But yea Scotty’s a nice guy no denying that, and Slezak I’m sure did an excellent job with that, even though I have not interest in watching the interview.

      • ebayrae says:

        Agreed! Save it for the right post.

      • Bri says:

        It’s a comment section, man.

        You hear things you like and you hear things you don’t. Just because there are numerous Haley fans here waiting for her interview, doesn’t mean they should all hold their tongue just because other fanbases don’t like to hear it.

        Especially since Slezak is a stout Haley advocate, non-Haley fans are the ones that are forewarned entering here. This place has been a safe zone for Haley fans ever since the rise of the haters.

      • Ringo says:

        I don’t like Scotty. Can’t wait for Haley’s now!

        • n russell says:

          you as a fan of “that girl” had to wait. As a Scotty fan we didn’t have to wait because in America Best is First.

      • Jamey says:

        Did you see Scotty in Atlanta OMG he was so pitchy with his vocals, James was the real star by a county mile, screw this interview for the hillbillys, where’s the James interview, I mean the long one.

  8. lucy95 says:

    Really impressed with this kid – wise beyond his years. Great interview & sounds like he enjoyed it too. Am sure it was nice not to have to talk about his relationship with Lauren. Another home run Michael – uff da! BTW are you Norwegian? One of my favorite sayings from my grandparents.

  9. Kim R says:

    Enjoyable! :)

  10. sonja says:

    Lauren and Scotty are not my thing, but I loved both these interviews. especially Scotty, doing an english exam the day after he won! Crazy!

    Great job as always Slezak! Even Scotty appreciated your amazing interview.

    • Katja says:

      I love that Slezak thought to ask if Scotty incorporated American Idol into his essay….AND SCOTTY DID. That’s hilarious.

  11. rebe says:

    LOL… I was gonna mention the shirt. Michael you are awesome.

  12. jamie says:

    Watched all three parts and didn’t notice the matching shirts! Fantastic interview, Scotty is such a nice kid and Michael uses all his ace interview skills!

  13. Tusk says:

    Interviewer: Masterful, questions that allow for insightful and honest answers that reveal more about the interviewee.
    Interviewee: Genuine. Like Lauren, I have a better sense at the sincerity of the both of them. He is definitely bright, self effacingly, and astutely humorous. Definitely has the natural personality and definitely humble (as I expected). Michael’s questions definitely revealed a very positive perception of Scotty. Seems like a real good guy with a level-headed perspective.

    Conclusion: I am pleasantly surprised at how honestly genuine both Scotty and Lauren appear to be. As much as I’ve been repulsed by the production and Judges, I have to admit that they seem to have picked well in their finalists. The top 10, for the most part, all have qualities that people can root for.

    • Sara says:

      I agree – and I love the fact he still plans to go to college!

    • Teena says:

      I agree on all points. I am especially impressed that he was able to complete an AP English course whilst competing, and took the exam the day after winning. The boy is humble, but obviously a smart cookie.

  14. joey says:

    slezack if you’re reading this can you please tell us how long haley’s interview will be

  15. joey says:

    i mean when will it post

  16. whynotcanada says:

    Great interview. Great kid.
    Not a huge fan of country, but i always enjoyed listening to him. interesting to see it was mostly his idea to stay within his country bubble. would liked to have seen him branch out on idol. that is the time to do that sort of thing. Carrie did, Haley did. then again he is only 16 and i blame the judges for not pushing him to do so. Anyway, he still performed very well. (This coming from a huge fearless Haley fan)

    • whynotcanada says:

      p.s. – he can date my 16-year old daughter any time!

    • Teresa says:

      You know, if anyone could make me like country music, it would be Scotty. This is yet another great interview, Michael.

      I love that you create an environment where the interviewees feel comfortable letting down their guard. I love that you take them seriously as people who take what they do seriously and give them the room to talk about their choices. You always get the most interesting tidbits — like Scotty having to shoot three times to get the basket in that “spontaneous” clip. Or that the rush of teens was originally supposed to be for Stefano. And the parts about the songs Scotty didn’t sing are even more interesting.

    • Allie says:

      Just because you are not a country fan is no reason to try to change a true country artist.I darn sure do not see where you are trying to get James or one of the others to sing country so why do you want to change Scotty?

      • Tusk says:

        Haley sang “Blue”. Last time I checked Leann Rimes is a country performer.

        Haley kicked butt on “Gun Powder and Lead”. Gee what kind of music does Miranda Lambert do…..?

        Check and Mate.

        • MS says:

          Great point about Haley performing “Blue”, here something that’s been kind of bothering me a little, and that is when Haley sings “Rolling In The Deep” I have had other people say to me that don’t know her say they like how she sounds a little country in it. (Studio version) I can’t help but wonder if Leann Rimes is not a very large influence in her vocal style, especially the Yodeling. I guess what I’m saying is Haley might be a lot more county than people think, it just may be disguised a bit because of the influences she has picked up.

          Just wondering.
          PS I thought “Blue” was on of the best country songs I heard performed during the season.

          • Tusk says:

            I actually think Haley’s “You and I” has a southern music vibe to it too.

          • sign the growler says:

            Haley did country better than either of the teen idols!
            Everytime I hear Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ on the radio I think of Haley and smile.
            HAY-LEE! HAY-LEE! HAY-LEE!

  17. passivefan says:

    Good to hear scotty admit he went for the tween/g-ma vote.

    • B-scot says:

      Scotty is very smart and he wanted to win but he is also very down to earth. The young girls and their grandmothers are the main power voters with country fans not too far behind.

  18. Tusk says:

    Nigel: “Pick 3 Songs, just in case..”

    Haley: “What!?!?!?” :o


  19. Mrs.P says:

    Oh Lordy…lordy…

    Will the Haley commentors please go to her website and dish about that girl there….the rest of us don’t give a hoot or a holler about the little growler. She lost…she lost…she lost. If people didn’t care enough to vote for her why would they be waiting with baited breath for her interview.

    • Satchvai says:

      She won..she won…she won….the non-Country Idol. TYVM.

      • whynotcanada says:

        i must agree with Mrs P’s sentiment. This interview and comments should be about Scotty. Great interview and Great kid! But, Mrs P, now you opened the pandora’s box by dissin’ my growler. Ask Lauren what she thought, who commented to James and Scotty: “Haley was the best singer in this competition, and you guys know it”.

        • Diana says:

          Yours is an opinion. Most people believe Pia was the best singer in the competition and obviously most people preferred Scotty and Lauren to Haley. I really wish the Haley fans would lay low and wait for her interview. I dont think you will have to worry about negative comments from the other Idol fans….that is what Haley fans do best,

          • Tusk says:

            “obviously most people preferred Scotty and Lauren to Haley”
            understanding the power voting isn’t your thing huh?

            Pointing out that something is their “opinion” and backing it up with your own “opinion” including quite a generaliasation,”Most people” when everyone knows VOTES does not equal PEOPLE (honey its not one vote one person).

            Tom Hanks, who likes Haley votes 3 times, while the power voting tweens votes in the 1000’s…get it?

            As for the Haley fans’ negative comments, read the comments again, most Haley fans here, myself included have been very complimentary about Scotty’s interview. We mostly attack the producers and the process, NOT THE CONTESTANT, like you have done.

            It’s self righteous @sshatts like yourself that make me mad, not the contestants.

            Pot meet kettle and don’t get too inflated about yourself.

          • d-idol says:

            just a little FYI…Tom Hanks was a Haley fan after his favorite Pia got voted off. And frankly, who cares who Tom Hanks votes for…This is American Idol therefore you and I are just as important. I want to go on record as saying…I thought Haley was a class act when Scotty won, she seemed genuinely happy for him. I believe this group of 11 (even 13) were the most likeable ever. I have bought a ticket to see them, first time going to see a AI concert. I really enjoyed this season and look forward to hearing each one.

      • B-scot says:

        I did vote for Haley but my two nieces are pro power voters with their new iPhones apps and they liked Scotty. My 250 votes verse their 9,632 votes is hard to compete with. Yes their apps keeps a vote count for them. All texting votes are counted even if late because of time stamp but busy signals are not.

        • Cat says:

          B-scot, that is so depressing.

        • Billy says:

          B-scot’s post should be highlighted, bold, and quadruple font-sized. It is a perfect example of why so many of us are so frustrated with those who say “the best singer won”. Scotty seems like a nice, articulate, intelligent guy, but his singing talent is, at best, third rate (compared to Haley, Pia, and – for entertainment purposes only – James).

          • derg says:

            The ‘best singer won’ may apply for America’s got talent but this is American Idol. To be an Idol of America, you have to have good values and at least a good singing voice, IMO. Scotty fits that perfectly.

            That’s all it is bro, sorry to disappoint you. /shrug

    • Ringo says:

      I’m guessing you aren’t familiar with this website. If you were, you would be aware that it is the Haley website. It has been hijacked, temporarily to give Scotty a bit of a chance at appearing throughtful, thanks to Michael’s insightful, probing questions. Enough fluff, though. Bring on the growler.

      • JT says:

        Yes, but Haley needs a proper website. UMG registered haleyreinhart (dot) com and pointed it to their servers. Interscope needs to sign her soon or let another label (with more vision) if they don’t!!

    • Terry says:


      • tloubee says:

        If I ever liked Haley at all (and I did in the early rounds), I don’t want to hear another word about her now. Why? Fans like this. Take your Haley heart to a Haley forum and back off putting her name in everything. I don’t want to hear about her when I’m reading about Scotty or any other Idol for that matter.

        Your girl lost, there’s not a whiff of a contract in the air yet. Bye, bye Haley. Unfortunately, you left some rather arrogant, obnoxious fans for the rest of us to deal with.

        • MS says:

          arrogant and obnoxious? you should read your own post.

        • Alfred E. Neuman says:

          Haley!, Haley!, Haley!, Haley!,Haley!, Haley!,Haley!, Haley!,Haley!, Haley!,Haley!, Haley!,Haley!, Haley!,Haley!, Haley!,Haley!, Haley!,Haley!, Haley!,Haley!, Haley!,Haley!, Haley!,Haley!, Haley!

          Growler For President

    • HappyDays says:

      I got a little upset because that song is downright inspiring and emotional. So that hit me to the heart. Got me a little bit.”

      Then Reinhart shrugs, resigned. “Hey, it’s a show, we do what we can and I’m staying strong here.” Lauren Alaina jumps in to defend her friend. “I wasn’t a happy camper about [what the judges said],” she says. “That made me a little ill because Haley — I’m sorry guys [meaning James and Scotty] — Haley has the best voice on this show.”

      Says McCreery, simply. “Agreed.”

      • HappyDays says:

        Sorry, the entire prior message was a quote from the article. My “quotes” bot messed up.

      • Tusk says:

        Thnx for the link, I was one of the ones wondering where Scotty was during the whole Earth Song thing when it seemed only Lauren leaped to Haley’s defense (considering he apologised for not stepping up for JC earlier). Weird that Scotty’s acknowledgement of Lauren’s defense wasn’t publicised more.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          And now we know! As I said, never assume anything.

          • Tusk says:

            I never assumed anything, I backed up my query (which I made to point out the nature of Lauren’s heart as opposed to anything negative about Scotty) based on an article I linked to.

            When I was shown more evidence, I “mia culpa”‘d. I don’t get brownie points for that? :)

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Oh yea, you get brownie points for the use of Latin. :-)

    • pjp says:

      This is a comment section, where anyone can voice their comment- you don’t get to pick what is said here. You are probably surprised Haley has lots of fans- get used to it.

    • algalhi says:

      @Mrs.P: Haley – squeeeeeeeeeeeee! I’m waiting with b-b-b-baited breath for Haley! I’d like to say this is a joke, but really it’s not ;) I can’t wait to see Slezak in a puddle on the floor interviewing Haley. Think he’ll kinda dress up for her? Hahah!

      • Maybelle says:

        Hell get use to it Mrs P. Even I have gotten use to this site being all about Haley. BTW it is HALEY, NOT HAILEY…..even this “hater” can atleast spell the Growler’s name right.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      @Mrs.P – I’m a big Haley fan and I’d like to apologize for all the rude Haley fans here. It’s not only rude to Lauren and Scotty but it’s disrepectful to Mr. Sleazak, who clearly works hard to give us the very best interviews you’ll find anywhere, bar none. I never cared for Lauren on the program but the interview was WONDERFUL. And Scotty’s interview was excellent. good grief, people, if you don’t want to watch Lauren and Scotty, FINE, but keep your rude comments to yourself.

      • Erin says:

        I completely agree! As another big Haley fan, I’d like to offer my apologies as well. Lauren and Scotty are good singers and good people. I thoroughly enjoyed their interviews!

    • (!) says:

      Honestly what’s the big deal? Everyone is saying “Wow now I think Scotty is awesome!” And then mentioning looking forward to the Haley interview. What’s wrong with that? People aren’t allowed to have fun on here talking about their favorites? I get what you’re saying that it’s a Scotty video and there’s comments about other things, but really.. it’s all stuff about Idoloonies in general, and fans talk to other fans. Hell, and the AI forum is horrible, it feels like high school in there. Too much hate.

      And who’s saying anything about her losing? Less people care, really, and there’s nothing wrong with having a personal favorite. With that said, I loved Scotty and Lauren’s interview; I’m not big on country, and I prefered Haley by a long shot, but that doesn’t mean I have to hate ’em or pick out negatives about ’em.

      • Tusk says:

        Wait for these high and mighty Haley haters come out of the woodwork and do exactly what they complain about Haley fans after Haley’s interview…even though the majority of Haley fans have been VERY complimentary about both Scotty and Lauren after their interviews

        Alot of these guys (not all mind you, I won’t generalise like many of you anti-Haley fans do)are so full of themselves and attack Haley even though they should be mad that the AI process didn’t help prepare their own favorites to be better prepared by critiquing them. Instead they (the producers) over inflate the contestants and allow them to keep making the same mistakes (See Jacob).


        Be mad at the manipulation/no help, not the contestant or the fans people

    • MS says:

      Hi Mrs.P. What does the “P” stand for “Pussy Cat”? Well here goes I’m going to try and get this right so hang in there with me:

      Scotty is such a likable guy, so genuine, down to earth, smart, cute, winner, etc. Thank you Michael for making me like Scotty much better now, I never realized what a beautiful human being he is. Am I doing pretty well? so far. Oh I almost forgot, Scotty is a great singer too. Sorry a bit of an after thought but I got it there. As for you Haley fans you should go crawl back under the rock you came from.

      Hope that makes you feel a little better. (-:

  20. Kelm says:

    You really bring the best out of people, Michael ! Well done !

    CAN’T WAIT FOR HALEY !!!!!!!

  21. Muriel says:

    So adorable! Great interview.

  22. Satchvai says:

    Now that I’ve dealt with the troll. I think MS did a great job and got the best interview out of Scotty I’ve seen so far. I am dying to know what all Lady Gaga said to him, though.

  23. LindaT says:

    Scotty: “I enjoyed this interview. It was questions I wasn’t asked before.”

    Yep, Slezak the Master does it again. Best Idol interviewer evah. :)

    • Katja says:

      I thought his reaction to Slezak’s stated disinterest in his love life was adorable. “Well, I do appreciate that.” I’m sure he’s been asked about girlfriends and/or Lauren so many times by now…poor kid. But he really did seem to enjoy this interview, and I gotta say, I always enjoy Slezak’s interviews as well. Like the kid says, he asks interesting and unique questions. I love Idolatry! I mean Idoloonies! (I was pulling for “Idolwild,” myself, for the TVLine name, but who cares as long as Slezak and Averett are doing it together!)

      • Volcfom says:

        By stating his “disinterest”, he gets to bring up the topic without actually asking the question. One of the many tricks up a good interviewer’s sleeve!

  24. ali427 says:

    Wow–what a delightful interview! Slezak, you are truly the best at what you do. And even though I wanted Haley to win, I think Scotty might be the most genuinely likable champ ever. What a great kid!

  25. Danielle Notaro says:

    Scotty says, “if the audience is feeling what I’m feeling” That’s the thing he hardly ever seemed to be “feeling’ anything except when he sang You’ve Got A Friend. And you will notice when he is singing it he is singing into the mike almost straight on not the sly hand to the side thing. I’m glad Scotty loves This Big- because it’s one of the worst I’ve ever heard.

    Even he says toward the end of this interview he sweated on one song,”Gone” That tells me everything and verifies what I was feeling& thinking about him during his run of the show. No effort. Talk about not having a work ethic Jimmy Iovine!!

    • whynotcanada says:

      i agree with most of your points, but let’s cut the “kid” some slack. He’s 16, he’s a decent country singer and agreat kid. let him have his Slezak moment. Besides none of us know for certain that he won based on power voting – he did also have a loyal following. Many Haley followers probably don’t even vote.

    • SajiNoKami says:

      Amazed was another song, Scotty seem to be feeling. At one point you can see him start to tear up.

  26. EAP says:

    not a fan, but he is absolutely charming. How can you not like this kid?

    • whynotcanada says:

      i liked him from the moment he went over and shook hands with all the judges at audition. just a fine gentleman – at 16! I think he had this in the bag from day one.

      • Jessica says:

        I fully agree. I had to go back immediately and watch it again. Just like with Adam Lambert and the confidence/maturity/handshakes/humor I was sold from day one. I am so glad he won :)

      • Neuman says:

        agreed the moment he went over and shook the judges hands and showed what a gentlemen he was, at that point i knew he was the “one” to hell with what Steven said about Lauren.

  27. GeorgiaPat says:

    Great interview! Scotty appears to be a very mature and focused young man. I still don’t like country music, but I think he’ll have a stellar career.

  28. Josie says:

    scotty is actually 17 not 16

  29. Ronnie says:

    Another great interview proving that the Idol edits don’t give us a sense of the contestants as real people. Scotty was very likable here, down to earth, funny, and with a nice perspective on his journey.
    Idol should hire* Michael to interview each contestant at the beginning of the season and post them on-line. A real interviewer like him, without an agenda related to the show’s ratings, would provide a great window into who these kids are going into the season.
    *I suggest a rate of $10k per interview to Michael, with an additional 1% net show revenue going to TV-Line for promoting AI through Idoloonies. They have the cash!

  30. kt says:

    Fun interview! I’m glad Scotty appreciates the awesomeness that is “Idoloonies” and how great of an Idol interviewer Slezak is!

  31. Yo says:

    Could someone please post the buffering solution again? Video buffers mid-way and does not come back. Thanks.

  32. thelstrikeman says:

    Nice kid but still a kid. I’m not into a country bieber. Plus, country music bores the hell out of me!

    • JOHN says:

      I too am not (was not) a fan of ‘country’ music….but I will support this ‘kid’ by buying his CD(s)…attending his concerts, etc. How refreshing he is compared to the ‘freak shows’ that populate the music scene today!!!

  33. duranmom says:

    What a great interview! While I’m not “Team Scotty” per se, I certainly appreciate what a well spoken, smart and level headed kid he is. He answered your excellent questions with such honesty and down to earth-ness (I totally made that word up). I am now a fan.

    As a mom, I liked hearing that he wants to go to college and that he was taking his AP English test the day after his confetti shower. Good job, Scotty! Momma and Papa McCreary raised you well. :)

  34. Rebecca says:

    That was fun, Michael. The questions about his AP English exam? Awesome.

    • JT says:

      I laughed out loud when Scotty mentioned he included his Idol experiences in one of his essays. As a parent of a daughter in college and a son about to apply I can really relate. Love the fact that his mom was all over him about going to college. Yeah! Love the interview, Michael!

  35. K. Elaine says:

    GREAT INTERVIEW!!!! You Rock Scotty. Wish you all the best.

  36. Naysayer says:

    Scotty is a one heck of class act, even with his twang. I always thought his voice was too old for his age but now I think it is just right for his soul. He appears to be one of the most intellegent, charming, mature and grounded 17 year-olds I have ever seen. If it’s an act, it is one heck of an act.

    • tloubee says:

      I LOVE that thought – his voice is just right for his soul! Very well said!

    • ElenitaHB says:

      I a 50-year old Mum from the UK but I enjoy reading a lot about this year’s American Idol amazing winner Scotty McCreery. America got it right this time…voting for someone who’s so gifted not only with musical talent but so gifted with great values, faith and morals at a very young age. Kudos to the parents!!!!! I was inspired to comment because of this post by Naysayer. I just wanted to say, you just summed up my impression of this wonderful young man, Scotty. He should be invited by the Pope to represent the youth in the World Youth Day. He is just an amazing role model for all the young people of the world.He is not just an American Idol…he could be the World’s Youth Idol.He deserved to win because of his special musical talent coupled with his big heart and great mind…a real breath of fresh air in th emusic industry. (He is also every mum’s dream son-in-law, LOL!!!! ) By the way, he and fellow young contestant THIA MEGIA should do a duet during their tour. They look good together and will surely have a unique musical combination. From the UK to Scotty McCreery, a massive congratulations to you. If only the US is ’round the corner from the UK, I will be in their concert all the way through:-) Yey! All the best to him and his family!

  37. Soozie says:

    What a nice kid Scotty is, and smart, too. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders and a great game plan for his music future. Going for the Carrie Plan. As a life long country music fan, with a special place in my heart for traditional country music (esp the stuff you can dance to and sing along with), I really hope Scotty does well. Time will tell.

    Great interview Slezak! Again. Two homeruns with Lauren, then Scotty. Looking forward to the GrandSlam with Haley! :-)

    • My Alter Ego says:


      Wow! Your comment above is so refreshing — thank you!

      I’m not a country fan -never have been and never will be- but I loved how these two interviews brought out (or, at least, brought us closer to)the real Lauren & the real Scotty. I hope that they will have the success in life that they hope to achieve.

      And, saying that doesn’t diminish, for one second, my respect for Haley’s talent and my wish for her to succeed as well! The music business is huge and varied and there is a lot of room for all to excell!

      I, too, look forward to the grand slam (interview) with Haley.

      • Soozie says:

        @My Alter Ego
        Thank you! Haley was my fave. She had me at Blue. Before then, none had really captured my attention. At the levels that these kids had risen, they all had talent and tons of loyal fans. It boils down to individual taste in music. I don’t get, and never will the vitriol spewed at these kids. Scotty had it right, stay off the internet while in competition. They all would be mortified at not only other contestants’ fans, but at their own.

  38. JRM says:

    Great interview! Scotty seems like a genuine nice guy. Wish him the best.

  39. DRW says:

    You’re a really good interviewer, that’s for sure.

    Cannot wait for Haley’s now, hope it’s as long and in-depth as this one was! Excited to hear her properly talk about things she hasn’t been asked about yet…

  40. JVC says:

    Bravo Job Slezak,
    This interview actually made me a bit happy and more accepting that scotty won. Because teenage male contestants have not done well on idol. Jordin Sparks winning showed the teenage girls can do well, but the best we got out of teenage boys was archuleta from seven 7 and he finished 2nd. In the post jordin sparks era we were given allison iraheta. Plus the male winners that have won have not done so well either. So bravo job for the Scotty, and hopefully in a couple of years you will be the male carrie underwood in terms of success.

  41. B-scot says:

    Haley was my favorite but all top 4 were great this year and anyone of them could have won. Scotty seems like a very nice person and he was likely to win from the start due to being a cute teenage guy. Even Carrie likely would not have won this year.
    Great interview I do like Scotty more now.

  42. amie says:

    damn slezak, you made me a scotty fan post-idol.

  43. Sasha says:

    I love the interview!

    Just like I loved the Lauren interview!

    They’re nice, I mean I’m not a fan, they’re great singers though.

    Can’t wait for HALEY

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Actually, Sasha, they’re likeable, great kids, but NEITHER of them are “great” singers. They’re not dreadful, and they will both likely see success, maybe a great deal, as singers, but a lot of those who are “successful” in the music business, know little about what is required to be a “good musician.”

      In fact, success in the music business and truly “good musicianship” are usually at opposite.

      • derg says:

        Say what you want, but not many 17 year olds are blessed with a deep voice. And Scotty is smart to make use of that gift. I must admit that Haley has probably the best and most unique voice in the show, but Scotty has a great singing voice nonetheless.

      • Sasha says:

        Well I know they’re great singers compared to many out there BUT compared to me, they’re about 100 times better.

        As I said I’m not a fan of either, they seem like great kids.

        I’m a super Haley fan though, so I can’t wait for her INTERVIEW

      • MA says:

        Oh, I don’t know. It really depends on your definition of a “great” singer…and there are many definitions. I don’t think that to appreciate the muscianship or, what I like to call, the “fantastic academic musical nerdiness” of Casey and Haley, you have to put down the more mainstream pursuits of Scotty and Lauren. Haley and Casey were my faves, hands down, but they sing the kind of music I like and they appreciate it from a more technical perspective, which I also like. But I also love me some Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, and even Carrie Underwood and Shania Twain. If you really LOVE music, you can appreciate all the genres and still have your favorites.

        That said, the interviews with Scotty and Lauren were fantastic and made me really respect both kids a lot. And let’s remember, these are KIDS, Scotty and Lauren especially, but even Casey, Haley, James, Jacob, etc. Regardless of how they’re portrayed on TV, they’re all really, really young and are just trying to find their groove in a world and industry that is h***bent on forcing them into presets. So I applaud them all for their balls and smarts and talent, and am impressed by how most of them show up most Internet posters in terms of class and propriety. Good on them. Makes me like them all even more.

        And now, PLEASE, bring on Haley!

  44. bob says:

    slezack great job with scotty and lauren but when will haley’s be posted

  45. Eva says:

    I was dying of laughter about the AP English test. So funny. I love Scotty and this was a fantastic interview!

    • Tony says:

      I thought that was so funny too. I got quite a chuckle out of him saying “I hope I did good” about an English test (proper grammar would have dictated, “I hope I did well.”) Overall, good kid, good interview, good job

      • Kari G says:

        Thank you for commenting on this :) I thought the interview was great, and Scotty seems like a genuinely nice kid. But I had to laugh upon hearing he took an AP English Final because I too noticed the incorrect grammar immediately.

    • MS says:

      I know I was laughing my head off too. It’s so funny to think that Scotty was so awesomely good that he good divide his attention between winning the biggest talent contest in the country, and doing school work, and still completely dominate the full time dedicated musicians like Haley, and James.

      I’m sure sure Nigel, Randy, and Jlo were laughing just as hard at the spectacle of it all.

      • buzz says:

        MS…Haley is a college student, not a full time musician. She has a lot of experience because of her parents band and her student background singing with various school ensembles. The Idol spectacle is laughable with Randy, Jlo & Nigel. I like Michael’s idea of bring in all new judges each year.

  46. Monee says:

    A Southern gentleman at 17, mama would be proud. Again, I echo what loads of other posters have said–I like him and Lauren so much more now. It kind of makes me even more angry at the Idol machine for making me dislike people without seeing them in the right light. I was impressed when he complimented Michael on his interview and questions. It is really impressive that Michael seems to get such good chemistry with such a large number of the contestants.

    • Sis says:

      Scotty was true gentleman prior to birthday 17. He auditioned while age 16. There is great hope for youth of the world. A female pitcher age 13 in baseball hall of fame? Believe it, and of course parents of many boys are cruel to and about her. There are YouTube videos about her “journey.”


  47. nodak says:

    I liked the kid, but, I am not a country music fan, and so as much as I tried to enjoy his performances, I just couldn’t feel the love. He has a nice voice and is a fun person, but not my cup of tea.

  48. Kathy says:

    I’m sure Scotty is not the first to appreciate the well-thought out questions you ask. I watch a lot of the interviews and the questions are all the same and obviously being asked by people who have not watched Idol and have no real interest in the contestants. I noticed how much more engaged he was with your interview and how good his answers were. So much fun for us fans! Thanks, Michael!

  49. Kathy says:

    I really enjoyed the interviews with Scotty and Lauren…super cute kids.

  50. Jessabean says:

    Great interview. Scotty is really smart. He’d have to be to take an AP English exam. :)

    On Idol, they played up his aw-shucks-ness so much that I never realized how sharp he is, especially about the music business. Good for him!