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Question: It’s been a while since we’ve had any really good True Blood scoops. Please change that for us. —Jessica S.
As I bragged revealed on Twitter Monday night, Cliff Clavin left a nice surprise in my mailbox Monday afternoon: the first three episodes of Season 4! I can’t wait to watch them sometime this weekend! Kidding! I’d barely sat down on my couch when I had those bad boys finished off. And you know what? I’m going to declare that the show gets off to its strongest start yet. The trouble is, there’s not much I can tell you without spoiling one of the biggest (literally and figuratively) twists in the series’ history. But give me a second, I’ll think of something… Oooh, there’s a very subtle clue in this trailer. Also:

| An unlikely new romance takes shape.
| * *i***** *******e* ***s.
| Pam is at her bitchiest best.
| Jessica makes Hoyt dinner — sounds boring but I swear it’s not.
| There’s some big real estate news — sounds boring but I swear it’s not.
| Sam comes dangerously close to exposing his naughty bits.

Question: I can’t help but notice an alarming lack of True Blood spoilerage. What’s the deal? —Sarah
The deal is you need to sit yourself down and pay attention, because you know that surprise romance I teased above? I think it’s the same one exec producer Alan Ball is referring to in this next quote, which was a response to my question about which couple he had the most fun writing for this season. “The one that I had the most fun with is one I can’t reveal, because it comes as a surprise,” he tells me. “But certainly Eric and Sookie, as fans of the books will know, get a lot closer this season, and that was really fun.”

Question: I love love love Evan Rachel Wood on True Blood! Please tell me we will see her in Season 4. —Hayley
Oh, hell yes. Queen Sophie Anne is actually at the center of what will probably go down as one of my favorite scenes of the entire series.

Question: First off, I think a Smurf lover like you would enjoy this T-shirt. Next, I hope you have some good scoop on White Collar. —Matt
If you’re a fan of Dan Brown, chances are you’re going to love the show’s June 14 episode. Real-life siblings Danny Masterson and Christopher Masterson guest star as brothers in a dispute over their late father’s will. They soon discover that Dad’s two conflicting wills actually form a treasure map of sorts. “[It] was our Dan Brown-inspired episode we’ve been wanting to do for a season or two” says series creator Jeff Eastin. “It was difficult in the sense that we had a lot of very specific clues that we had to get through, so that was sort of a nightmare. But ultimately, if you like Dan Brown, hopefully, you’ll like that episode.”

Question: Barney’s half-sister plus Ted equals Ted’s babies momma? Go. —Dana
Excellent theory. If it pans out I’m taking full credit. Cool?

Question: They can’t seriously kill Pete, especially with poor Lucas watching! Any scoop? Is Tim Daly leaving Private Practice? —Sam
This much we know: Don’t count on the wee one to save the day. “Lucas does not know how to dial 911,” exec producer Shonda Rhimes told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich last month. “I totally came home after we filmed that scene and sat down with my 8-year-old and was like, ‘This is how you dial 911, and here’s our address,’ in case Mommy ever falls over.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on Desperate Housewives? —Mateo
I sort of stumbled on one last night while flipping through the official ballot for the 2011 Emmys. In a surprise — some would say ballsy — move, Doug Savant pulled a Rob Lowe and entered himself in the Lead Actor (Comedy) race. Now, I admittedly missed a couple episodes this season, but I don’t recall Tom being that prominent.

Question: Is there any more news on Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries? —Lisa
Kayla Ewell has yet to see a script, but the actress believes she’s cracked the mystery surrounding Vicki’s season-ending return from the dead. “I’m thinking [she’s] not a ghost, but more of an angel or good spirit coming back to help Jeremy,” she offers. “Vicki really, really loves Jeremy, so [I think] she’s going to try to come back and help him any way she can. But also, wherever Vicki goes, she stirs up trouble. Her intentions may be good and pure, but [I suspect] there’s going to be lots of trouble going on.”

Question: What are the chances of Tina Majorino returning to Bones next season? She was the best part of final sniper episode! —Hillary
I think the chances are very good. Awesome, in fact. “We love Tina,” gushes executive producer Stephen Nathan, “and would love to have her back next year.”

Question: With Bones going on a three-month mid-season break to accommodate Emily Deschanel’s maternity leave, how many original episodes does that leave us with in Season 7? —Rex
If I were a betting man — not an addict, just a fan of the casual bet every now and then — I’d say more than 13 but less than 18. And just so we’re clear I do not have a gambling problem.

Question: Any news on who’s replacing Saffron Burrows on The Finder? —Missy
The role hasn’t been cast, but I can tell you producers are looking for someone considerably younger than Burrows. We’re talking half her age. According to the latest intel, the new character — Willa — will be around 17. Much like Burrows’ alter ego, Willa has a criminal background and some hidden skills that Walter and Leo will put to good use. (Mackenzie Rosman, call your agent!)

Question: Can you please interview Misha Collins about his reduced Supernatural role next season? My life may depend on it. —Marcia
We tried, but the dude’s not talking. Perhaps he wants to lay low until the storm passes — assuming it does, in fact, pass. “We have passionate fans,” acknowledges exec producer Sera Gamble. “We have fans that have strong opinions about a lot of things that happen on the show. People ask me if I’m worried about a fan backlash [in the wake of Collins’ demotion]. We just want to tell a good story and not be redundant and bring you interesting stories that are fresh. Going into Season 7, we have a new, interesting story that we want to tell to you. That’s what’s front of mind right now.”

Question: Now that Misha Collins is no longer a regular on Supernatural, any chance Jim Beaver will get a much-deserved promotion? —Joel
Doesn’t sound like it. “We have a fantastic relationship with Jim,” says Gamble. “We bring him in as the story demands it. He’s basically a fixture on the show as necessary.”

Question: Will Eion Bailey will be back on Covert Affairs for Season 2? —Brenda
Yes, Bailey returns as Ben Mercer in Tuesday’s premiere, during which he and Annie must outrun some bad guys who really, really want him dead. But nearly escaping death won’t bring the two closer together. A new opportunity will launch Ben in a different direction — and far away from Annie.

Question: I have a question about Covert Affairs: What will Jai Wilcox (played by Sendhil Ramamurthy) be up to this season? —Alicia
Being a big sourpuss. When Joan (Kari Matchett) is forced to report for jury duty in next week’s episode, she leaves Auggie in charge — much to Jai’s disgruntlement.

Question: I know it’s been less than a month since the Castle finale, but I am seriously missing seeing my favorite couple on screen — especially given how the season ended. Please give me some scoop to help shake the hiatus blues. —Cheryl
Is it out there that Captain Montgomery’s successor will be female? If not, it’s scoop to you!

Question: Now that Showtime has axed United States of Tara, do you know if the Season 3 finale gives a proper ending to the show? Or does it end in a cliffhanger? –Fernando
I think fans will find the final scene of the series to be extremely satisfying. I’ll leave it at that.

Question: What’s the latest on the return of Robin Sparkles next season on How I Met Your Mother? —Todd
It’s still in the gestation stage. “We do have one little beginning of an idea of something that would be completely different as a way to reprise it,” reveals exec producer Craig Thomas. “My promise would be we’ll only do it if it’s something completely different — apples and oranges from what we’ve already done. ‘Cause I don’t want to be too much in the shadow of “Let’s Go to the Mall,” which I realize is everyone’s favorite.” Speaking of Robin, remember how Thomas hinted that she would be getting a new love interest this fall? It’s totally happening. Casting is underway as I write this.

Question: Now that the season is over, can you answer any of your blind items? I’m still going crazy not knowing which fan favorite may be going “six feet under.” —Clark
Hot tip: If you haven’t already done so, you might want to sign up for TVLine’s weekly scoop newsletter. Sources confirm to me exclusively that there may be a subtle clue in next Monday’s edition. I may also drop a hint or two on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello.

Question: Any Bored to Death scoop? — Matt
Yes, and in a way, Office scoop, too: The NBC sitcom’s Gabe, Zach Woods, apparently having cornered the market on hilariously obsessed dorks, will be guesting on the HBO laffer later this season as super-fan of Zach Galifianakis’ character.

Question: Any more news on the possible time-jump on Dexter and how this will affect his character in general? — Lisa
Well, since the breakdowns that just came out include characters who are residents of a nursing home, it’s probably safe to say that next season, ol’ Dex will be in a rocker, not just off his own. That, or some of the action will take place at a nursing home, and the serial dad will still be around the same age. One or the other. In either case, we’ll be meeting a working-class geezer who’s mad as hell that he’s stuck in a retirement village. (Statler! Waldorf! Call your agents!)

Question: My gut tells me we’ve seen the last of Ivy and Ray on 90210. What are you hearing? —Lauren
I’m hearing your gut isn’t very trustworthy. Not only is Gillian Zinser returning as a series regular next season, but her onscreen hubby, Manish Dayal, will be back as well, albeit on a recurring basis. He is dying after all.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Andy Patrick)

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  1. MEL31602 says:

    I totally forgot about that blind item? I wonder if it’s a character who was in peril in the season finale or if it’s a death that’s going to come out of nowhere

    • Sally says:

      If it’s a character in peril then I seriously hope it’s not Beckett on Castle… But I don’t think it will be cuz she’s too big of a character and is of too much importance to the show. (I really hope I’m right)

    • mfluder42 says:

      I suspect the blind item referred to SPN’s Castiel, as Misha Collins has recently revealed that he was told early in Season 6 that Castiel would be killed off by Season 6’s end. Thank Godstiel he wasn’t – but I (and many others) still fear for his fate, particularly given Sera Gamble’s comments.

      There are a lot of folks who seem to believe the show would be better back as the Dean and Sam show – which is where they seem to be trying to take it. And there is no denying they are at the core of this story. But from the moment they introduced characters like Bobby, Ellen and Jo it became apparent that the Winchester universe would encompass others – including an Angel named Castiel.
      Is the Angel arc done? Perhaps it is… the same way the Azazel arc reached its natural conclusion, the same way the demon blood-drinking days of Sam seems to have reached its conclusion. But I believe it is disrespectful of the journey and the development of these characters to just want to dismiss that arc – and the character – like so much trash. Castiel is not redundant, his story is not redundant, and certainly his relationship to Dean and Sam is not redundant. Castiel’s place in Dean and Sam’s life – particularly Dean’s given that “profound bond” created when Cas raised Dean from hell – is important, whether anybody wants to acknowledge it or not.
      It is only fair to Dean and Sam, to Castiel – and to the many fans of the show who do actually like and love this character – to give him the exit (if he must be exited) he deserves.

      And as one who is highly sick of death in fiction for the sake of shock, for the sake of resetting the clock to the good ol’ days (which *never* works, by the way) I would like to see this character redeemed, to see him returned to some measure of his former self and – for once – to see a member of Dean’s family (as Dean has referred to him as such) survive this journey.

      Yes, for me, the show will be far less interesting. But if The CW want me (and I know of others) to continue watching and to re-watch the repeats, please do justice to this character.

      I will miss Misha’s character, I will miss the tangible acting chemistry he has with Jensen Ackles – pure magic on screen – but I would hate to have to walk away from this show with a bad taste in my mouth (like I have so many others) because one of the best characters on television has been thrown out like last week’s bad milk for the sake of returning to the old formula. And I know it’s not the case for everyone, but the reality is, I liked SPN in season 1 and 2, I became really interested in it during Season 3 and that season’s arc, and I became a fan in season 4 when a certain angel walked through those barn doors. And I’ve kept watching because of that angel.

      So go for your “fresh stories” if you want. But please include one of the most interesting and unique characters on TV today. Please don’t try to reset the clock to Season 1. That’s what DVDs are for, afterall.

      • Sanne says:


      • helen says:

        Look, I’m also a Cas fan, and I want everything you want, BUT I know you’re not gonna get it. So, why keep trying and not give up on the show already? Last season proved it’s better if they DON’T include Cas in S7 because they can’t write him right. There’s no point to include him, if it’s to butcher his characterization and make him the villain! The line about a “good story” is nonsense – Cas’ story didn’t many any sense from the beginning to the end of the season! Dean’s interactions with Cas didn’t make any sense either!

        So, I’m hoping he’ll die in 7×01 (don’t worry, it’ll be in a heroic manner if they kill him off in 7×01)… but I know he won’t because they’ll want to keep butchering him, but also keep us watching in the hopes he’ll be redeemed in a later episode. They’ve MANIPULATED the Cas fans all season long – what makes you think they’ll play it different next season?

        Who put this show on the TV Guide cover? Misha’s minions and Destiel fans! What was the repayment? The finale. Come on, do you STILL trust Sera Gamble and Co? She DOESN’T care about Cas or his fans, she practically said it outright in her comment above.

        Sera and Co. had Dean being a dick to Cas for most of the season, and Cas lying to Dean for the entire season, and Cas kissing Meg, and Cas being responsible for soulless Sam, and everything else I can’t bother writing down, and of course the finale! Does it sound to you like she cared about telling a “good story”, or does it sound like “we have this secondary character I resent because I don’t know where to fit him in a show that’s supposed to be “the Love Story of Sam and Dean”, so now I’ll get rid of him by writing him OOC/transforming him”?

        I’d say you should give up on the show already, because if you keep watching, you only give them what they want: publicity! Besides, your only REAL hope to get what you want is a significant drop in the ratings. Watching 7×01 to decide if you’ll keep watching or not is a big mistake, because they’ll manipulate you just like they did last season!

      • Maike says:

        Well said!

        How can Castiel be redundant? He was barely used as it is! Same goes
        for any and every other side character.
        Her answer and reasoning is beyond stupid. If she wants to keep Supernatural fresh, the show needs the focus to be on more than only Sam and Dean and their never ending angst about each other. It needs to have other, important relationships, too instead of only the brother’s. Plus, by her logic, Bobby should be redundant by this point, too. She should just admit that she isn’t able to come up with a good storyline for Castiel. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to. I mean, it’s not like she’s a professional writer who gets paid for it…oh, wait.

        • Jenn says:

          Yep – redundant is the same, stale angst between Sam and Dean about the same old issues. You keep the story fresh by including well-written peripheral characters (not shoe-horned-in, one-dimensional ones). I’ll give it two episodes for next season, and if they don’t fix this mess and end up going back to badly done Sam-angst, I think I’ll be done.

      • Kiersten says:

        Yes, please. I could not agree more. We want Cas redeemed. There are so many ways to do this. And if you are done with angels, have Cas fall and become human. I would love to see this story. Please.

        • lorna says:

          Sera really did a TERRIBLE job with s6 minues a couple of episodes. Love my boys and men but man never have I been so bored with the show, and that’s including the horrid Ruby 2.0. She screwed up Cass, we want good Cas. Also, I would love if Robin on HIMYM married the hottie with the fashion faux pas from s6, even though Michael Trevcco’s series was picked up. Her and Barney were AWFUL.

      • MissyandtheCasFan. says:

        This ^^
        I cant even..
        I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning. But a soon as Castiel walked through those barn doors, I have invested even more long hours leading to early moring hours watching the show, keeping on track with other fans, updates etc. Sera does not want to start throwing comments like redundant around, not when it includes Castiel. why rock the boat too harshly, you do not want it to sink, it needs to travel to other places and expand its journey. TBH, If you kill off Cas, you kill off alot of people too and their hearts.
        So dont. Please. Dont.

        • Louisa says:

          Sera is rapidly becoming redundant to me and my interest in this show. She might want to keep in mind they’ll be up against a better written show that closed on a heck of a cliffhanger again in Fringe.

          I won’t be watching 7.01 live if it airs opposite the Fringe premiere and I suspect I won’t bother watching SPN ever again if she really does turn out to be a stupid as she sounds in this interview.

          • Miriam says:

            OMG Stop trashing Sera Gamble. Cas fans don’t see anything else, it’s so annoying. The public at large doesn’t give a flying fu*k about Cas or have an obsession with the guy playing him, deal with it.

      • e0wyn says:

        This. So much.

        • spikesgrl says:

          Have never liked the character of Castiel and am very excited that he will not be back as a regular next season!!

      • Becca says:

        So many fans love Cas. His storyline isn’t redundant at all, it’s fresh and new and something different than one dimensional characters that just revolve around Dean and Sam. Instead this character has something to offer. PLEASE keep him on!

      • Megan says:

        Please, please, please save him.

      • Zara says:

        Thank you! Season 6 was a disappointment to me. It started really rocky, the tone and pacing of the earlier episodes were completely off and I felt uncomfortable watching them, kind of like I was reading bad fan fics. I don’t know if anyone else felt the same way? It improved a bit through the season but then they completely butchered a character many fans have grown to love. If the show wanted to be done w/ the Angel arc, that’s fine, but butchering Castiel’s character like that was downright disrespectful and insulting to the fans.

        I’m not trashing Sera b/c i’m a Cas fan – I just think she’s wrong for this show. Season 6 was the weakest yet and the way the season ended does not instill much confidence that she’ll get it right in Season 7 either.

      • Ana says:

        Couldn’t agree more. The complex relationship between Cas & Dean is not only one of the most interesting & entertaining aspects of Supernatural, it is possibly the best relationship currently on TV. I will really miss it, and will be heart-broken if Cas is killed off. Jensen and Misha have amazing chemistry and it would be such a shame to waste it, just to shake things up. Like you, I initially watched because it was fun, but the angel arc pumped up the drama for me, and it’s been wonderful to watch two great-looming men on my TV screen weekly! (That would be Misha and Jensen, naturally). I so hope the Sera doesn’t mess this up, but I too fear from her hints that Misha’s time left on the show is miniscule. I was planning to purchase all of the seasons, but if he is killed off that will really change my mind. I find it difficult to go back and enjoy the lighter MOWs when I know that something much more traumatic and sad will take over the later parts. Kind of like MASH – I could never go back and enjoy any of the syndicated episodes after seeing the finale.

  2. Lere says:

    Next time can we have spoilers about Dean and Sam Winchester? The main characters of Supernatural, please? Thank you.

    • Sarah says:

      Castiel is important to the show and his fate is hanging in balance here, so take your whiny attitude somewhere else, the universe can’t revolve around Sam and Dean for 7 years.

      • Paige says:

        Yeah, we love Sam & Dean, but it’s perfectly okay to love Cas as well, which many people do.

        Besides, we barely got any info from this.

        • Rowan says:

          Barely any? We got no info. I haven’t been happy with the show since Sera became showrunner and this kind of thing is why – roundabout non-answers. If they’ve run out of ideas now that Cass the new Judeo-Christian soul-powered God, I gotta question her ability to run the show. There are about 4 storylines off the top of my head that would deal with the drunk with power Cass. The show was originally designed for 5 seasons only. This past season flounder a little, but a new showrunner should not be short on ideas already.

        • apt42 says:

          Oh,I think we got a lot of info. We got a major hint from Sera Gamble that they are seriously not interested in pursuing what they have set up in Season 6 (badly, I might add) and throwing out the angel-arc, the character of Castiel, as if that arc and that character simply don’t matter any more… as if this character and wll he has endured for Dean and Sam doesn’t matter.

          We got lip-service paid to “passionate” fans – lip service because while Sera acknowledge our passion, she has admitted that the passion will not divert them from a course they feel is correct… to try and reset the clock, to take Dean and Sam back to their roots.

          Sorry, Sera, but if you wanted Dean and Sam to continue in the Impala going from one ghost hunt to the next, you should have made sure Eric never introduced the concept of Sam being fed demon blood, of Dean sacrificing himself to bring Sam back, Dean going to hell, Sam hooking up with Ruby, the raising of Lucifer (which Castiel fought with them to prevent), the return of Lucifer to hell (which Castiel fought with them to achieve), Raphael’s pursuit to start the apocalypse again (which Castiel fought on his own).

          What I got out of this info? An even greater fear for what they have planned for Season 7 and an even greater desire to not watched, to deny season 6 ever happened and to create my own universe where the series ended in Season 5 (with Sam back, of course ;-) ).

          • Jerry says:

            I think Sera is totally right. She shouldn’t give in to the annoying fans who are always trashing her and whose opinion don’t reflect the fandom at large. SHE AND THE WRITERS SHOULD TELL THE BEST STORY THEY CAN TELL AND BELIEVE IN. ONLY THEN CAN THE SHOW BE GREAT. Cas has been there for 3 seasons and you complain? I wish I could have had Jo Harvelle or John Winchester for that amount of time! Stop freaking whining.

      • Lissa says:

        I just really wanted a “like” button on your comment, Sarah. Sam and Dean are the main characters, but they can not exist in a bubble of just them. There has to be other influence and interactions for the story to remain fresh. The fact that other characters (Cas and Bobby) are loved so much does not take anything away from Sam and Dean. Ms. Gamble, Redundancy lies in the same two characters doing the same thing over and over again (example, seasons 1,2,and 3). Castiel is not redundant. Returning to the same premise as 1, 2, and 3: that’s redundant.

        • Clare says:

          I so agree with this, and with the comment further up from mfluder42. Why can’t Sam and Dean have other people in their lives? I don’t want to see the show regress, I want to see it go from strength to strength, and I’m sure the Js appreciate the break they get from having another regular cast member. Above all I’m really tired of being told I’m not a proper fan because I like Cas. Cas has been in three seasons of the show and I’m entitled to like him. A lot of fans do – it doesn’t mean we expect him to take over. It just means we’d like some assurance that he will be saved and that he and we, his fans, will get some respect for sticking with this show. Don’t we count too? We certainly counted when it came to getting the TV Guide cover.

      • spikesgrl says:

        The world can revolve around Dean and Sam for as long as the show goes on. They are the reason for the show and Castiel was a boring sideshow.

        • Jenn says:

          I couldn’t disagree with this more. I found Sam so boring that I stopped watching the show early in Season 2, and only started back up when they added Cass, mostly because the scenes with JA and MC are so well done acting-wise. With the three main characters, they had something that appealed to pretty much everyone, whether the factions agreed with each other or not. To cut one of them out, especially one with such a large and vocal fanbase, would be foolish ratings-wise. And if you don’t think the Cass fans have pull, think again – every poll Misha lists on his twitter, the SPN guys win. They’ve left plenty of openings for Cass to remain as present as he has been in the last three seasons – which isn’t very. If SG can’t capitalize on them, which after the chaotic disorganization of S6, I don’t think she can, then maybe Ben Edlund should take over.

    • Karen says:

      Cas has enriched the Supernatural universe and it’s down to him and the influx of fans that came with him that the show got renwed beyond season 4 in the first place. If he’s written out, you’ll be sorry to see the back his fans when the ratings tank and you don’t get your season 8.

      Just sayin.

      • lia29 says:

        The ratings will be just fine. Other shows have lost characters way, WAY! more important than Castiel and remained just fine. Cas may have kept the show fresh for a season, but he’s no longer serving that purpose. He got old. The angels got old. Yes, redundant. I know you Cas fans don’t want to hear that but it’s the truth. Hopefully they introduce a new great character for season 7 (preferably one that’s female so we get a break from the sausage fest) and write well for her even though the fandom will instantly hate her because she’s female.

        To the writers: Stop listening to the crazy fandom so much and write good scripts you believe in.

        • Dianna says:

          I agree. Do these freaks even have nielsen boxes? Don’t think so. The general public doesn’t even know who Castiel is. When I talk to people about this show they say “Oh the show with the 2 hot brothers?”

          And if it’s about having more characters than Sam and Dean, they don’t need Cas for that. Introduce new characters. I agree the show lacks a feminine presence. Also, Bobby is still there. Cas isn’t needed.

          • Blargh says:

            Funny, whenever I talk about Supernatural people go “…what? Never heard of it.” You would think keeping a popular character and actor would be a smart move for a show like that.
            And calling others “freaks” makes you the true freak. You know the sort that goes all “DeanSamDeanSam – who needs anyone else as long everything’s about DeanSam!”
            Introducing new characters? You mean like they introduced Mary’s family to kill them off, Adam and Lisa and Ben just to get rid of them, Balthazar to kill him off, Rufus to kill him off…basically every side character ever? They have great characters already. But instead of using them they kill them off and/or ruin them every single time.
            I wouldn’t mind a female hunter (probably) or even a love interest for Sam, but there’s no need to get rid of the characters that are already there and people are invested in just to introduce a new one.

          • Jenn says:

            I don’t want female characters. SPN can’t write them well, with the exception of Ellen and Pam. SG definitely can’t do female characters. This season we had a hooker who fangirled over Sam so much that she almost forgot to get paid (self-insertion much, SG?), a single mom with a kid who had no backstory and only existed to open a door when Dean knocked, a female hunter who was so boring and useless that I almost forgot she was on the show, and a female villain who was killed off with almost no development and ended up being a plot device for the Cas!mine character (a rip-off of Angel S4 that was even worse than the original). SPN should just stay away from women on TV before they do any more damage.

          • Kate says:

            Do you really expect to be taken seriously as any kind of balanced, unbiased commentator if you term Cas fans “freaks?”

        • Tonia says:

          “Yes, redundant. I know you Cas fans don’t want to hear that but it’s the truth.”

          If that’s the truth, then I shouldn’t still care so much about that character, I should be happy with just the brothers and their same old been there, done that storylines.
          If he’s become redundant, then I shouldn’t mind him getting written out because, after all, he’s redundant and I shouldn’t want to see more of him. And yet, I do. It’s not even like I want or need him to be in every episode, not because I think he’s redundant, but because I don’t want him to become redundant like Sam and Dean did; to become a mere repeat of Sam and Dean and their redundancy. With every season I care about the brothers less. I wonder why…

        • Cody says:

          LOL, I think you Limps will find out the Sammy angst-fest is redundant when the show gets canceled.

    • Shaula says:

      I agree. Don’t get me wrong, people, I like Castiel, but I wanna know more about next season regarding Sam and Dean. We know nothing about them yet.

      • soberdriver1 says:

        I don’t mind wanting to know more about them just as long as it’s not also a wish that the show be JUST about them.

      • idgi says:

        I think there’s less spoiler info about Sam and Dean because ultimately they are safe. They aren’t dead. They aren’t in hell. They haven’t been turned into demons. And beyond Sam’s broken wall and out-of-character stabbing of a non-threatening (though soul-empowered) Castiel in the back, they are okay and certainly aren’t in fear of being taken from the show. As folks said, SPN is the Dean and Sam show. :-)

        But Castiel has become a major part of Dean and Sam’s universe – much as Bobby is – and all the indications are that TPTB are throwing this fantastic character out like so much dirty bath water, as if his story and his journey with Dean and Sam is not only over, but didn’t matter in the first place. Lookie here, we made Castiel bad, now we can get rid of him!

        Er, no.

        Well, okay, yeah, you can. But sorry, don’t expect me to care about Dean and Sam’s adventures when you don’t show the same care for Castiel’s role in their story – a role he’s had for 3 of the 6 years they’ve been cruising in the Impala.

        A redudant story? The arc of a character who raised Dean from perdition? Who fought with them to stop the apocalypse? Who battled on his own to stop Raphael from starting it? Redundant? Hardly.

    • Lissa says:

      Castiel is an overwhelmingly important character on the show. The fact that his storyline has induced so much emotion should say it all. All shows must evolve for them to survive, Supernatural is no exception. It would be a big mistake for the show’s execs to forget how passionate viewers are about Castiel. Creating a character that is so widely talked about, debated over, and loved is a very rare thing. It would be a shame to throw it all away.

      • Bambi says:

        just wanted to let Sera and everyone else know that before Castiel came in, the entire show was redundant already. It was getting old and stale. The show was flat and really just “eye candy”. Sure I liked watching it, but season 4 and Castiel brought a new layer to the show. It started having dimension and a stronger emotional theme. Basically, it finally grew up, something it needed to do. Going back to the old theme would be a mistake, the beginning of the end.

        • mon says:

          Totally agree, Bambi. I kinda like the show during the early seasons – reminded me of The X-Files and shows of similar themes (no surprise, a lot of names worked on both). But it has to be said that I became an actual must-see-every-ep-asap FAN of this show in Season 4 when they introduced Castiel… one of the most interesting intriguing, unique characters on TV today. His role in Dean and Sam’s life – particularly Dean of course – is so important, and his character development and the arc he has shared with the Winchesters has kept this show a must-see for me.

          In all honesty, once Castiel goes, this show will go back to ‘watch it when I can’. And depending on how they end Castiel’s arc – if ending it is what they’re planning – I may not watch it at all anymore.

        • Kris says:

          And now Castiel and the angels are the ones who are old and stale. It’s just stupid jokes about Castiel is so dumb he doesn’t even know how a phone works, although all the other angels figured it out.

          And where does it say anywhere that they’re going back to an old theme? In fact I think Sera’s exact words were new and fresh.

          • Cody says:

            What is new and fresh about just the boys driving around in the Impala killing wendigos?

            Just what is it about you people that you’re so threatened by Misha/Cas being a part of this show? Does it interfere with your Wincest fantasies that much? LOLing forever at you.

          • Blargh says:

            Considering there hasn’t been any phone jokes at all this season your argument is kind of invalid, to put it nicely. Dean whining about Sam is old and stale, Sam and his troubled soul are old and stale, their little world that doesn’t allow for other characters is old and stale.

            Sera basically also said in another interview that show is going to be back to Sam and Dean against the world. How exactly is that fresh or new, hm? I like Dean a lot, but he alone isn’t enough to keep me interested.

      • Lisa says:

        You took the words right out of my mouth, Lissa. SPN can’t go back to Season 2 now that they’ve come so far – that’s like making a U-turn and revisiting all the previous MOW’s we’ve already met. Cas really changed everything and all they have to do to “de-power” him, since his deus ex machina powers were proving problematic, is to have a new, “old” monster like Eve around him. Having him go so dark so quickly without seeing the downward spiral was a huge mistake, IMHO. They needed to show us his fall from grace in a much more “up close and personal” way. Since he is a beloved character, you can’t treat him like Ruby and use him for shock value, you have to truly justify why he went bad and since the potential to “go bad” wasn’t as evident in his nature as it was in Ruby’s the surprise twist goes over as a “What were they thinking!” moment instead of “Ah ha, I knew it all along!” moment. Besides, Dean’s and Cas’ friendship was awesome and brought a much needed dimension to the show, it really would be a shame to ruin it.

        • MJ says:

          Agree completely. The show is about Sam and Dean, yes, but having other characters like Cas and Bobby actually enriches the characters of Sam and Dean, it doesn’t take anything away from them. Having the boys interact with other characters gives them more layers and developement and it makes the whole story grow. We shouldn’t go back to s1, as much fun as it was, because the show has grown.
          I agree about Cas’ incomplete development. TMWWBK did a good job showing us part of that development, but I think we needed more because Cas going bad at the end seemed more like a shok twist just for the sake of being shoking than the logical conclusion to his downfall. I just hope they can fix this somehow (blame it on the souls belongig to monsters or something) before they kill hom off (wich I think will happen).

          • Sommik says:

            I’ve always been a bit wary of shows that rely on just one or two main characters, since, if I don’t think they have any chemistry or I just find them dull, the whole show is basically ruined for me. So I was a bit apprehensive when I started watching SPN back in season 1, but I found that I actually really liked the two main characters. So I watched and enjoyed the show for what it was, and it was fine for the first 3 seasons although season three was somewhat stale. I loved the introduction of Ellen and Jo, and Bobby and Rufus and Meg and the trickster and the fact that this universe kept expanding very naturally adding interesting layers to the boys so that we had a chance to learn more about them from the interaction with other characters.

            I didn’t truly fall in love with the show until season 4, when Castiel came on and was completely BAMF and season 4 stands for me as the best season of them all with the introduction of so many great characters. Castiel, Uriel, Lucifer, Alastair, Zachariah, Crowley…they were all amazing. I think the casting department did a truly excellent job that season. But Supernatural has a habit of killing off all its current characters, so out went Ellen, Jo, Rufus, Gabriel, and basically everyone the boys have ever interacted with apart from Bobby and Cas. Whom they made evil (and then there’s Crowley but Crowley seems to manage to slither away from all dangerous situations thankfully). The problem with this is that without anyone around the the Winchester’s world become extremely claustrophobic and season seven surely showed me what the show would be had there not been Castiel and Bobby around. I can’t recall liking any of the monsters this season at all (apart from Crowley). The spiderwoman was dull, the vampires overdone, the doggies were just ridicoulous, the dragons couldn’t live up to the hype and Eve..well, that was a major bust. She didn’t become interesting until she turned into Mary and then she died. If they can’t even get the monsters right, then what’s left? The relationship between Sam and Dean? Well, they’ve both been to Hell, they’ve both been to Heaven, they’ve betrayed each other, they’ve given up on each other, they’ve lost their souls for each other, they’ve fixed their relationship with each other…Basically I think we’ve seen it all. Which is where we come back to the recurring characters. We need recurring characters like Castiel and Bobby to give the boys someone to interact with and to grow with. Without them their relationship becomes claustrophobic and the storylines redundant. But if they kill off Castiel, I’m done. I just don’t see a reason to get attached to any new introductions as I know what will happen to them and then the world simple becomes too small for a seventh season show that should have expanded its universe by now instead of constantly trying to diminish it.

    • marylongboat says:

      Misha Collins is no longer a regular on Supernatural, Noooooo i cannot believe it. he was so refreshing and always gave some comedy to the series

    • nicky says:

      I agree. No offense to Misha Collins/Castiel, but I’m glad about the decision, because the heaven plotline really WAS getting old. And this show is not about it’s about the Winchester family hunting demons, ghosts and monsters.

      • helen says:

        Yeah, only you’re forgetting that the show “about the Winchester family hunting demons, ghosts and monsters” would have been canceled after Season 3! So, you got 3 more seasons of Sam and Dean because of the Cas fans!!!

        Frankly, include Cas in “the Winchester family hunting things” and I’ll watch happily. It’d be very interesting to see how he works together with Sam and Dean to get rid of the Purgatory monsters! He had no power near Eve, so how is he gonna help the guys? And he has to help them, because thanks to Gamble and Co, it’s his responsibility the monsters got out in the first place! But this is a decent plot, which means too complicated for them, who’d rather have Sam and Dean as an item, with Cas rejected and off screen, like he was in most of last season.

      • Maike says:

        I can see why some people may get tired of the heaven storyline (personally, I love the angels and what they brought to the show), but I don’t see what that has necessarily to do with Castiel. Just because he’s an angel? If you don’t want him to be too powerful, then depower him, or make a rule that forbids him from resurrecting the Winchesters or healing them (though it’s not like they’ll be mortally wounded or stay dead anyhow – angelic help or not). You don’t want him to be an angel? Then make him human. There are so many possibilities. Sera Gamble just seems to be too afraid to use them and try to explore other relationships than just the brothers, because that would be truly something new and fresh and we can’t have that.

        Btw, if the show was truly about the Winchester’s family, than Grandpa Samuel and their lost cousins should have stayed. Or Adam. You know, that half brother of theirs who’s still being tortured in hell while Dean and Sam don’t give a damn. This mantra about “family” is getting ridiculous when Dean and Sam clearly aren’t allowed to care for anyone but each other.

      • Louisa says:

        Hee, I almost want to see Sera really be stupid enough to do it just for the pleasure of watching her go through the ignominy of having to slink back to Collins and resurrect Castiel mid-season so she won’t get fired because of the inevitable ratings tank.

    • War says:

      No, because who cares about Dean and Sam. They will never die unless it’s the last episode and they’re so repeatitive anyway. We need new charatcers.

    • Maike says:

      Next season Sam and Dean will hunt monsters and being hunted by them. They’ll fight and banter and there’ll be brotherly moments to please their fangirls. Oh, they’ll also drive around in their old car and sometimes may sit on it’s hood or inside of it to have deep, meaningful conversations about their relationship. Those conversations may remind you of something you’ve heard before, because there isn’t anything new to tell or say. Maybe Dean’s one, lonely tear will make an appearance. Sam’s hair may or may not get it’s own episode. Sometimes Bobby will be there to save and insult them. But Bobby isn’t a main character, so you probably don’t want to hear about him.
      There, your spoiler.
      Seriously though. What do you want to hear? There can’t be any new, great spoilers about them if their story next season will basically be the same as always. Sera already said the brothers will stick together for the foreseeable future and laid out the basic plot for them. That plot was seen before, but who cares? After all, being redundant is only a problem in regards to Cas and other characters, but never the Winchesters.

      • Cat says:

        No. Because the show is about them. Not Castiel. Sorry you don’t like that.

      • Cody says:

        This! What the heck is new and fresh about any of that? That’s what is redundant.

        • Clare says:

          Me three. Someone upthread (sommik?) mentioned not sticking with a TV show if the actors had no chemistry and the characters are dull. Any chemistry the Js might have appeared to have has been blown offscreen by Jensen’s scenes with Misha Collins, and the show has reached the stage where a return to Dean revolving around Sam is dull as a dull day in Dullsville. If I want to see that I have my seasons 1-3 DVRs. The show needs to keep evolving with Misha/Cas in the lineup and it must say something that the most popular episode among fans on forums this season was Mommy Dearest: Team Free Will all working together. Cas is a member of Team Free Will and I want to see him saved and reinstated. Without that there’s no reason for me to just keep watching Sammy’s angst part 1,238,000

  3. Dan says:

    If Beckett survives, which I’m going to guess she will, wouldn’t she be become a Lt. and take over the department?

    • sladewilson says:

      I thought about that myself but then it takes her out of being in the field as much and definitely kills the whole “needing a partner” deal. For the general premise to work, Kate has to stay the numero uno detective in the squad room.

      But, and here’s the juicy part – what if the new Captain really doesn’t like the whole writer partner with a cop thing and cuts a deal that Castle has to take some sort of training to stay Beckett’s partner? Now that would be interesting…

  4. Maddy says:

    Jim Beaver has stated in the past that he was asked to be a regular on the show, but turned it down b/c it would mean uprooting his daughter and he doesn’t want to do that.

  5. Ruth says:

    If the twist is just Jason becoming a werepanther then please get a new job Aus.

  6. Laura says:

    The only story I (and a lot of other fans) are interested in seeing on Supernatural relates to a redemption arc for Cas. If the show isn’t selling that, then Im not buying season 7, Sera.

    • Nic says:

      Not this fan right here, I’m interested in the whole package, but my main concern is and always will be about Dean and Sammy.

      • Laura says:

        Oh God you’re one of those fans who calls a 300 pound 30 year old Sammy. Nuff said really.

        • Nic says:

          *Blinks* You don’t know the meaning of “Sammy” on Supernatural and based on your posts… Yep, enough said about you, too. *Rolls eyes*

          Fans like you makes me want Castiel to go. Seriously.

          • Laura says:

            I know all I need to know about the type of fan who refers to him as “Sammy”. Limp springs to mind.

          • Nic says:

            Hahaha, really, Laura? I’m a limp!Sam because I called Sam, “Sammy”? Someone needs to tell Dean that he is a limp!Sam fan, lol.

            God, SOME (not all, I concede) Castiel fans are more stupid than I thought.

          • Pache says:

            Speaking as a Samfan, I hate the name Sammy too. I think it infantilizes him. He’s a man, not a boy. In canon he hates the name.

    • Michelle says:


  7. Danielle H. says:

    TONS of True Blood, Castle, Vamp Diaries, Covert Affairs, and Private Practice scoop! This was one of the best AAs recently for sure. Thanks bud!

  8. Holly says:

    Gina Torres for the new boss on Castle, only because it would be fun to watch Nathan call her “captain.”

  9. Kay says:

    “….We just want to tell a good story and not be redundant and bring you interesting stories that are fresh. Going into Season 7, we have a new, interesting story that we want to tell to you. That’s what’s front of mind right now.”

    Isn’t this what Sera Gamble promised before Season 6 started? “Fresh”, “new”, “interesting” stories? Why then did Season 6 feel like the weakest season so far to so many viewers? I fear her ideas about what makes a “good” story don’t hold much water. Not with her focus primarily on a single character or offscreen stories that suddenly become important at the eleventh hour.

    If Season 7 starts off by getting rid of Castiel or turning him into something evil that Sam will have to hunt while Dean worries about the fragile state of Sam’s mind, I fear it won’t be good or fresh or compelling viewing for this viewer.

    • Mandy says:

      *If Season 7 starts off by getting rid of Castiel or turning him into something evil that Sam will have to hunt while Dean worries about the fragile state of Sam’s mind, I fear it won’t be good or fresh or compelling viewing for this viewer.*

      Can Gamble really be that stupid? I hope not but I guess it remains to be seen.

    • cg says:

      x2 *claps enthusiastically*

    • Michelle says:


    • Rinienne says:

      I don’t actually mind that it will be little bit less of Castiel, but I won’t watch the show if they will get rid of him at all. also I don’t want him to become an evil monster =(

    • Bri says:

      I just don’t think the arc can be “fresh” again until they move on from the angel/heaven business already. There are plenty of new creative avenues they could move toward and after 3 years, it’s time to let this plotline go.

      • Lissa says:

        I don’t think that it is the “angel and heaven” story line that people are worried about. Most realize that the heaven arc has played itself out. Our main concern is that a beloved character that has given his life to help the guys and save the world on more then one occasion, gets the respect that he deserves and is allowed to retain the “hero” status that he deserves.

      • Kay says:

        IMO, the arc can’t be fresh again until TPTB stop focussing on Sam’s special destiny, his demon blood, his soul, his mind, his Hell experience, etc and concentrate on good storytelling involving ALL the characters, including their OTHER lead character/actor. There was very little angel/Heaven business going on in Season 6, because it was mostly offscreen. However, we had plenty of episodes focussed on Sam and on badly-thought-out new characters, and dropped plotlines, and a desire to be “noir”.

      • Ellen says:

        Please explain what exactly is “fresh” about Sam and Dean driving around in the Impala killing ghosts, demons and werewolves while all their loved ones apart from Bobby die horribly? Perhaps after six years it’s time to let that plotline go.

  10. Joe says:

    Shondas 8 year old can’t call 911? Is he stupid?

    • murley says:

      ha ha, this was my thought. actually i thought “really, you didn’t teach your kid how to dial 911 years ago? ” a preschooler should know how to dial 911.

  11. Renee says:

    Mmm, I’m a bit surprised Doug Savant entered himself as a lead actor. I guess it’s smart bc the supporting actor race is incredibly packed this year. And he did deliver his best performances on this show during the last couple of episodes this season with his character finally getting a lucrative job and dealing with Lynette’s control issues. He was awesome in the season finale (so was Felicity, for that matter). It feels a little silly, though. None of the Housewives have a chance of getting nominated again, sadly, so why does he think he might have a chance?

    • Kat says:

      I’m more than surprised. He doesn’t deserve it at all, I mean, who cares about Tom? He always has the same lame storylines and I really can’t say I watch the show for him. Besides Mike he is the lamest man on the lane.

  12. Cody says:

    This show was dying slowly in s3 and Cas woke it up. I won’t continue watching it without him. It would be a real kick in the teeth to a large number of fans who’ve hung on for precious little over the last two season and who’ve helped boost the ratings and helped vote the show onto the cover of TV Guide, if Cas isn’t kept on and saved. I’m sick of the brothers and their angst.

  13. Donna says:

    Redundancy is a middle name shared by both Kripke and Gamble if you ask me- it seems they keep re-hashing the same stories over and over again using different characters, because Sam’s already done a version of the thing they seem poised to give Castiel next season and that’s only the most glaring example I can think of.

    I also take Gamble’s comment to mean Castiel/Collins will not be returning in any meaningful way next season, which is too bad. Both the character and the actor were breaths of fresh air in what is becoming an increasingly claustrophobic relationship betwwen Dean and Sam.

  14. Dilys says:

    I am so disheartened to read Sera Gamble’s response to fan reaction. We are reacting because we care deeply about the character of Castiel. A character who sacrificed his life twice to save the Winchesters. A character who made the mistake of dealing with a demon – like Dean, like Sam – to save the world. And for this he is condemned. Doesn’t she understand how much some of us care for this angel who has never thought of himself? I can’t bear the idea of what they are doing to his character. And I have no desire to watch Sam and Dean drive around in the Impala endlessly as the last Cowboys. Please let her know that we care. I won’t watch a show that takes my favorite character and assassinates or kills him. There is no story that would be remotely interesting to watch. Save Cas. Redeem him. He saved the Winchesters over and over. They should save him.

  15. Kate says:

    Cas is a character who has come to mean a lot to me and I like what he brings to the show. I honestly can’t see me continuing to watch regularly if he is written out and I think it’d be ooc of Dean and Sam not to try to save him. I think the show has set up the possibility for a great redemption arc. It’d be a huge waste of an opportunity not to follow through on that.

    Also agree with the commenter above who pointed out that it’d be a really crappy way to treat a much-loved character and more importantly, his fans, who have been loyal to the show even though Misha has been underused most of this season.

  16. Jesse says:

    I do appreciate SPN’s work, and Gamble has kept it fresh in S6. But, despite fan passion, SPN takes risks. SPN can’t resist putting a toe over the line, and sometimes they cross too far.

    Castiel(Misha) was my favorite character. Season 6 delivered a shocking twist that depressed me no end. I’m seriously considering dropping this show.

    I’ll tune it to Supernatural’s Season 7 premier. I’m hoping Gamble has something more original than what killed the TV show “Heroes” for me. Let’s take a hero & turn them into a villain. At least that they’re not trying to make the big bad a good guy.

    I’m sure Misha/Gamble’s team & Castiel would make an fascinating villain. But I’m not sure I could take it, or continue to be a fan. I’m sure that Gamble has something better in mind than regressing to Season 1.

    But, why did I spend 3 days of my life voting in that stupid TV Guide poll?? Supernatural fandom is insanity. I want a cure.

    So Gamble, if you’re listening, please ruin Castiel further and cure me of SPN fandom. :P :)

  17. Sam says:

    I watch this show for Cas and his interactions with Dean and Sam. That’s why I started watching the show. I’ve always loved the character of Cas, the nerdy angel who rebelled against heaven and joined Team Free Will. It was tough to keep watching this year as the season was so boring most of the time. But then it picked up and The French Mistake and The Man who would be King got me invested again. My friends and I were happy to see Cas playing a bigger role again and we all just loved Mommy Dearest when the whole gang was working together. And then the finale occurred. Man what a disappointing end. And now it sounds like the Showrunner doesn’t even care about one of her best characters. I know we have alot of other things we could be doing on Friday nights so if she doesn’t care about the character we care about the most, chances are we won’t be watching.

  18. Kiersten says:

    Why in the world would you want to villainize or kill one of your best characters? What are you thinking? I love Cas. He’s the only reason I watch because I am so bored with Sam and Dean and their endless brotherly whatever. I used to like them fine but it wasn’t my favorite show. But then they cast Misha Collins, one of the best things to happen to Supernatural and I started LOVING THE SHOW. Please save him. I want to watch an arc where Dean saves Cas. It would be perfect symmetry. Cas saved Dean. Now Dean saves Cas. I’m wearing my Tim Gunn face and saying SERA – MAKE IT WORK. Redeem Cas and fans will be rejoicing their brains off and singing your praises.

    • Kris says:

      Why do you want Castiel to stay exactly the same? Isn’t that just as boring as Sam and Dean? His endless moronic whatever?

      I hope Dean kills Cas. Then it would be perfect symmetry with Sam and Ruby. See how that works?

      • Aimee says:

        “Why do you want Castiel to stay exactly the same?”

        Uh, excuse me, but what. You’re saying that *Castiel* of all characters has been staying exactly the same? Castiel, the character who has gotten more character development in three seasons than Dean has gotten in six? Castiel, who went from obedient, sure-of-himself, Angel of the Lord, to rebelling against Heaven’s plan even after getting ass-reamed by them for almost doing that before, to a fish out of water figuring out Earth and searching for God and preventing the Apocalypse and learning about emotions and free will, to a desperate, selfless, lonely angel having to make horrific choices and carry out horrific actions just so that the Apocalypse wouldn’t start again, all while keeping his friends out of it at the ultimate cost of himself? Castiel, who grew a heart and even more of a backbone and started to make mistakes for the first time because it was the first time he had full control of his own agency? Castiel, who is in such a bad place right now, who has given so much and who deserves to be redeemed and to grow and learn even more from this biggest of mistakes, this mistake which he has given every bit of himself for?

        Cas deserves redemption, and there’s a reason that he’s still one of the more popular and interesting characters on the show. Redemption doesn’t mean going back to the same; it means learning from what happened and coming away from your screw-up stronger and better than before, if a little more damaged. And if anything Cas’s development has always moved away from what he used to be. The show, imho, could do with keeping him around.

        • Kris says:

          You mean Castiel who they couldn’t make up their mind on so one episode he’s a villain, then next he’s their best savior? The one they booted Anna to the curb to keep? The one where he’s too dumb to know what sex is? The ultimate deus ex Machina?

          And how EXACTLY did he stop the apocalypse by letting Sam out of the Panic Room again? Stopping =/= starting, you know?

          They should have killed him two and a half years ago like they originally planned.

          • Aimee says:

            Leaving the poor writing of 6×22 aside, I don’t see how Castiel has ever been the villain; he just operates naturally on a different set of morality rules to humans, seeing as he’s an angel, and he’s had to learn human morality slowly from the Winchesters along with free will, which naturally is gonna take a while when you consider than in season 4 he also had Heaven breathing down his back making him toe the company line. (I don’t count working with Crowley in season 6 as a villainous act. That was a case of doing something stupid and regrettable for the sake of the greater good, and it backfired on him. Not to mention that Sam and Dean have also worked with demons before, so our protagonists working with the other side is nothing new.)

            While I am sad that Anna didn’t get a bigger part (I really liked her, she totally could have been written in more with a little more thought imho!) I think that has more to do with Supernatural’s attitude to female characters and the decisions of the writers than it does with Castiel’s merit as a character on his own terms.

            Also, Castiel is a genderless being in his true form and by all accounts probably asexual in his true form as well; it’s not “dumb” that he doesn’t understand sex, it’s understandable. Note that I say “understand” because it’s clear that he knows, at least on a clinical level, of the existence of sex even if he’s never experienced the ins and outs and the kinks of it. That’s a hallmark of naivety in human culture, not of lack of intelligence.

            And if we’re going down the pointing fingers of blame for starting the Apocalypse route, then Sam and Dean also had their hand in it by breaking the first and last seals respectively; however, all three members of Team Free Will made up for what hand they had starting the Apocalypse by helping to stop it and put Lucifer back into his cage in the end. Honestly, Castiel brought a new dimension to the show, and if they do have to write him out or kill him off, I would at least appreciate it if they did justice to the complexity of his character, the dichotomy present in his personality, and all of the character development he’s been through over the past three years, when they do it. At the moment sadly, I can’t see Gamble delivering on that.

          • Cody says:

            “And how EXACTLY did he stop the apocalypse by letting Sam out of the Panic Room again? ”

            Oh sammycat, as always I’m LOLing forever at your Limpy refusal to accept that Sam could have chosen not to walk out of there…

      • Louisa says:

        Oh you. Get used to the fact a lot of fans find Sam and his endless moronic whatever boring. LOL it must have creased you up inside to hear Dean call Castiel brother. Now slink back to the Septic Tank and peddle your hate there, hmmm?

        • Stewart says:

          I know I didn’t like Dean calling Cas brother. It didn’t make any sense to me, it was out of character and out of nowhere. But I guess Cas fans didn’t see it that way because they generally seem to want to replace Sam with Cas. It’s annoying. If getting rid of Cas means getting rid of his annoying fans, i’m all for it.

          • Dani says:

            I’m a Cas fan, but I’m also a HUGE Dean AND Sam fan (and Bobby and Ellen and Jo and Rufus and Gabriel and… basically every character on the show now and in the past). It makes me really sad when I see people who want to replace Sam with Cas (because, honestly, Dean cares about them both and Sam and Cas care about each other–they’re friends!), but rest assured that’s not the case for most Cas fans, or even the majority of them, in my experience.

            There are a few annoying, out there Cas fans, but the same can be said about fans of any of the characters. It seems like you’ve come up against several of the annoying variety, but I just wanted to remind you that there are many of us out there who are rooting just as hard for Sam as we are for Cas. :)

  19. jody says:

    Thanks for the Supernatural news.

    After the mess of last season, all I can say is that maybe the writers should listen more often to the pulse of fandom – especially about what works, what doesn’t work, and what most fans want to see. And it’s not like fans are making outrageous demands or something. An end to the brothers constantly in conflict. A little less on the neverending “doom and gloom” rut the show seems to have fallen into. More POV from Sam. A plot driving storyline and/or direct inclusion to the uber plot for Dean. And keeping beloved characters like Cas and Bobby around as members Team Free Will, to help support the brothers.

    I have to admit, I have a hard time reading Sera’s quotes because she comes across in interviews as dismissing fan opinions as inconsequential. I hate to break it to her- if fans aren’t happy, they leave and that ain’t good news for anyone.

    • Blah says:

      If u get rid of the constant conflict thats really gonna make for a really boring show j mean what else is the show going to be about if there isnt conflict or doom and gloom? It can’t just be Sam and dean driving around talking about how awesome everything is…this season had some epic high points but also some epic low points. It’s still my favorite show so I’ll tune in as long as it’s on.

      • Donna says:

        I can stand plenty of conflict as long as it’s not between the members of Team Free Will. Let them be untied against evil, that’s all I ask.
        AFAIC, the best couple of episodes this season were when they were working together, before the big, stupid reveal.

        • helen says:

          THIS!!! No conflict between the member of TFW!!! I want to watch an entire season of them UNITED AGAINST EVIL, not one of them being evil!

    • carla says:

      If they’re fans, they don’t leave. If you leave the show because Cas leaves it, you aren’t a fan my friend.

      • Cody says:

        Oh right, like you wouldn’t be frothing at the mouth if it was your precious Jared who was in danger of getting written out? Like you wouldn’t stop watching if Sam wasn’t in the show any more? Pull the other one, it clangs.

  20. angel_kink says:

    Please don’t just kill of Castiel. I’m cool with God!Cas or human Cas or angel Cas or ANYTHING!Cas (Cthulu Cas? OK), but just don’t kill him please. :(

  21. Daz says:

    I liked the relationship between sam and dean throughout the show. Sure it was better in the early seasons but it’s about them and their brotherly bond. Cas is a really cool character and I liked he became more a part of the show since season 5, but he is just a supporting character like Bobby. I kinda lost interest in the show this season and it isn’t because of the writing. The writing has been terrible. the individual stories have been terrible. Bad sam has been done many times before. The whole redemption thing is ridiculous at this point and the main baddie being cas (claps). well done. I would have preferred it if the grampa brought Mary back from the dead and she was the mother of all things. yes i know she appeared for such for about 5 minutes, but still. Just one more point. Killing off a major bad guy every five episodes is lazy writing. Still love Crowley though.

  22. Janet says:

    This just makes no sense to me. SPN showrunners are worrying about redundancy NOW? The Dean and Sam relationship has been pretty much the same thing over and over again. Sam worries about the evil inside of him, Dean worries about Sam, Sam pushes Dean away, Dean gets surly, they refuse to talk about their feelings until it’s too late, lather rinse, repeat.

    Having Cas brought new life to this show. If anything, keeping this character around would help them AVOID redundancy. And don’t go trying to be edgy by making a beloved character evil. If you took a class in keeping your viewers, one of the first lessons would be don’t ruin a beloved character beyond all recognition and redemption.

    Maybe we should sign Gamble and co. up for that class.

  23. helen says:

    I’m kind of done believing Sera when she talks about a “good story.” Isn’t that what we were promised last season? Instead, we got red herrings coming out of our ears and tons of story arcs that turned out to be pointless by the finale.

    Since I’m dubious about next season’s storyline, I’ve adjusted my expectations to only wanting 2 things: after how much last season focused on Sam/his soul, I hope this upcoming season will be Dean’s turn to have that same kind of attention. Not to sideline Sam- just to make the storylines balanced. It was really frustrating not to have anything to talk about Dean’s character for most of S6 and very disappointing after how so many hopes were raised about Dean’s possible arc early on to have it all turn out to be moot by the end of the season.

    And it’d be great that at some point, Cas could have be redeemed (without necessarily killing him off). But after seeing how nonchalantly popular characters like Rufus and Balty were killed off in recent episodes, I’m not sure how well the writers really understand the audience this story is supposedly meant for. If we’re going to emotionally invest in characters like Cas, that should mean something more than the writers giving us a death scene cop out. Let the brothers actually have a “win” for a change and save Cas from himself. Now, that would be really something!

  24. Lurk says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t give a crap about Castiel.

    I would be perfectly okay if he got decapitated in the first episode of the season, just like I would be perfectly okay if he was possessed by Cthulhu and then Sam and Dean save him or whatever. I don’t care!

    It’s the Sam and Dean show guest starring Bobby. That’s what I started watching, that’s what I want to watch. I feel like the angels have detracted from the show. They were cool in S4. They were OK in S5. But there was NO REASON for them to stick around in S6. Angels are too big for Sam and Dean to deal with, so you end up with them just standing around while Cas and whoever do the heavy lifting. Lamesauce, dude.

    Get rid of the angels, plx. If you wanna keep Cas around, sap his powers and make him human or something, but please get rid of the angels.

    • Rik says:

      I just posted basically the same sentiment. There has been way too many angel stories over the last few seasons. Cas’s role needs to be reduced for the health of the show no matter how beloved he might be. As I said, I actually do like Cas but the show passed the angel tipping point after season 5.

      • Tasha says:

        Agreed! I like Cas well enough, find him fun, but he has to go or at least the angel storylines have to go. The finale had Sam and Dean basically sidelined in the main plot which should never ever happen. So please, kill off Cas or make him human, but no more angels and no more heaven.

    • Kris says:

      I kinda hope that Death comes and rips out Castiel’s grace. Then he can be reborn as a little baby and we’ll never have to see him again and all the Castiel fans can shut up.

  25. Lisa says:

    I just love SPN fandom. This story was about several different shows, but look who dominates the comments. You guys are great, no matter what your opinions are. That’s what keeps this show going. Anyone with any sense in their head should pay attention to these fans. They are unlike any other fans out there. Keep them happy and keep your show going. Are you reading this, Sera???? Please pay attention!

  26. Michelle says:

    Why is Sera Gamble so insistent on getting rid of Cas? Seasons 3-5 are why the show is still around – if she gets rid of the one thing that brought a breath of fresh air to Supernatural, I hope she realises a lot of people are going to lose faith in the show. I’m growing tired of her “controversy for controversy’s sake” way of running things.

  27. Rik says:

    As a Supernatural fan who isn’t a Mischaholic its funny to see all the angst over Mischa Collin’s supposed demotion. Oh no now he’s on the level of Bobby who also isn’t a regular cast member. Oh how will they ever survive if Cas only shows up as much as Bobby which is about every other episode. Seriously folks, they’ve said Cas will still be on the show just not as much but you all act like he’s gone for good.

    • Kay says:

      Rik: “Seriously folks, they’ve said Cas will still be on the show just not as much but you all act like he’s gone for good.”

      Who are “they” that you refer to? Sera Gamble and CW falsely let it be known at the CW upfronts that Cas was a regular in Season 7. But within 2 hours of the airing of the Season 6 finale, Gamble gave an interview in which she refused to talk about Castiel’s status beyond the first episode of Season 7 because that would “spoil” the story for fans in Season 7. She has been very dismissive of fans so far who like this character and have been clamoring for any news that can clarify matters after the huge cliffhanger at the end of Season 6.

      So…… can you please link me to where they said he will be on the show but “just not so much” after the very little screentime he actually had in Season 6? I would love to read something concrete by ANY of the showrunners.

      • Kerri says:

        The deliberate lying just to help preserve the ratings for the finale is one of the reasons why I’m not going to be watching next season.

        It seems a waste of time to continue to support a show that treats viewers with such disrespect all around.

    • Dani says:

      Actually, they haven’t out-and-out stated that Misha will be involved with the show beyond the season premiere. I think that’s the source of a lot of the worry for a lot of people. I can understand why they haven’t said anything definite–I mean, they are just now working on beginning to write Season 7 and they’re probably afraid saying too much one way or the other will spoil things (or limit their options)–but I can also understand why some people are worried or frustrated given the cliffhanger they left us with for the season finale.

      That being said, I’m fairly certain this is more of a money issue than anything, but we’ll all have to just wait and see.

      • lolz says:

        It’s not a money issue. It’s a popularity issue. Castiel has overtaken one of the leads so he and his fans must be punished.

    • soberdriver1 says:

      Yeah, right. I just love how people’s fears about Dean were dismissed before Season Sux then they mostly came true especially after Jared boasted that Sam was going to be the new Dean and Sera said blather about reversals. Sam got to be crowned the better hunter by Bobby and every other hunter thought Dean was wimpy. Dean’s storyline with his new family was given mere lip service while he was forced to be all about Sam while Sam couldn’t care less about him. Dean’s friendship with Castiel fell off the radar until it was unbelievably crammed into the last few episodes of this season. So damn right, people should angst away considering the epic fail of this seaosn.

      • lolz says:

        Gotta agree with this. Dean fans were screwed over big time last season. This season it’s going to be Cas fans. Guess who gets to benefit in both cases?

  28. Al says:

    Cas has become important to me as the Winchester boys, having him in the show only makes things more interesting.

    I love TFW working together, Mommy dearest proved to be great because of different pairings/interesting relationship that we saw in it.

    I’m here since S1 but I’ve outgrown just Sam and Dean, I need other characters and Cas has tons of potential.

    • Hudson says:

      This! Team Free Will is what I want to see. Dean, Sam, Bobby AND CAS. Not Godstiel. Cas deserves redemption. Isn’t that what Dean said when Rufus dies. Forgive. And then he called Cas family so why not forgive? Uh Sera, without fans this “wonderful story which so far all you’ve said is something to do with Dean and Cas acting like cowboys” won’t be so wonderful if half the viewers leave. And after that finale, half of them have already left of Hawaii Five-o, for Doctor Who, and so on. Might be a good plan to keep the ones you have.

      • Kris says:

        Or they might just get all the fans back who left because they were sick of the angels. Hmmm…

        • Kay says:

          They might. We’ll just have to see, won’t we?

          The ratings were on a downward spiral after 6/06 or so, and never did go back up to the mid 2m range after that.
          However, Season 4 actually gained in ratings over Season 3 and was more critically appreciated too. So, yes, interesting experiment coming up ahead, with fans who like Dean pretty disgruntled by both Seasons 5 and 6, as well.

        • Louisa says:

          When will you Limps get it through your heads that hardly anyone is watching for Jared/Sam? Oh, I know! Maybe when the show is canceled after all the Dean and Casgals leave.

          • riley says:

            There are viewers, and then there are obsessed fangirls who like to throw insults around on message boards. Trust me when I say the show will survive without the extreme fans of any of the character, and fandom will be a much better place.

          • lolz says:

            So smug and yet so wrong. The extreme fans are the only reason this show gets any buzz at all. Why do you think Ausiello is even bothering to cover the show? So he can get the crazy amount of hits that this kind of story generates. Who do you think voted for Dean, Castiel and Supernatural and got them two TV Guide covers? Or the People’s Choice Awards? It was the extreme fans who who wore out their track pads voting for the faves.

            And Kripke and Gamble certainly didn’t have a problem with the extreme Sam fans when she bent over backwards for the last two seasons giving them everything they wanted. Somehow, I’m betting you also didn’t have a problem with extreme sam fans either, which explains your smugness when Gamble is giving the other fans the middle finger while continuing to cater to the faction that wants Cas gone and Dean focused solely on Sam. Problem is, that faction is the smallest so she’s just cutting off her own nose.

  29. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Bones is about Booth and BRENNAN. Not Booth and Agent Shaw :X The only time I’d be okay with Tina back and taking Brennan’s place in the field is when Brennan’s too pregnant to accompany Booth, and even then I really don’t want to see much of her. The show will tank if we see too much of her and not enough of the two main leads sharing screentime; it’s a guarantee… (it may be a bad example because this also had a romantic side to it, but look how well Booth/Hannah (gag) turned out).

    • Nicky C says:

      I think if Agent Shaw returns it’ll be as Booth’s protegee. Brennan has the squinterns and I think it’s about time Booth has someone to mentor.
      I highly doubt that she will have anything romantic with Booth (I think her hero worship of him means she sees him as a role model for her career)– and if anything, I was picking up major undercurrents of UST between her and Sweets in Hole in the Heart.
      I’m already shipping Sweets with Genevieve Shaw, he could do so much better than Daisy.

      • jessica says:

        Totally agree- I loved the scene in Hole in the Heart where they are out in the field and she asks why the he’s there. I thought they would be a good couple the minute I saw them interact. I was never a Daisy fan. Definately don’t see her as a romantic interest for Booth.

      • murley says:

        i really hope tina comes back. it would be interesting to show booth in that mentoring role and i also immediately saw the chemistry between sweets and shaw. plus having characters from 2 of my favorite “gone too soon” shows (‘veronica mars’ and ‘freaks and geeks’) get together would be pretty awesome.

  30. Lisa says:

    So who is the surprise romance on True Blood, I am going crazy here!! lol

  31. Alene says:

    Castiel is not redundant. He is very far from it. He is a beloved and important character and deserves to be treated as one. I know Dean and Sam are the core of the show (even if Cas is my favorite), but that doesn’t change the fact that Cas is a part of the show. He deserves to be saved, preferably by Dean. He did it, all of it, by Dean. He actually said that to Dean. It would be bad for Dean’s character if he doesn’t do everything he can to save Cas. Because he said that familly is forgiven and he said that Cas is like a brother to him. He always was there for Sam, it’s time to be there for Cas as well. Show Cas beeing redeemed, show Cas gaining their trust back, show the development of Cas and Dean’s relationship. It would be great to see Cas as a fully human, learning to adapt with Dean, Sam and Bobby’s help. The show is about Dean and Sam, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have other people (or angel) around.

    • Kris says:

      Hmm, he’s not beloved by me. I kinda hope Sam is the one to kill him while Dean is holding him down. It would be a nice parallel to Ruby.

      • Alene says:

        Don’t you see that this would ruin Dean and Sam as characters? All the talk about family, Dean saying that Cas is family and then treating him like they treated Ruby? I understand that not everybody loves Cas, but comparing him to Ruby? After all the times he saved both brothers? After everything that he left behind just to help them? Not to love a character just seems to make a few people ignore all the context of the character in the show! Treat Cas as nothing but a villain would be ridiculous. I know the show is about Dean and Sam, but I really don’t like Sam. Pretend that Sam could be put aside of the show like any other character. I still wouldn’t want it to happen, because it would be bad for the general context of the show. If something like this would happen, I at least would want the character to be treated with respect. And that’s what I want to Cas. I really don’t want that he leaves the show, but if this really has to happen, I expect to see the character beeing treated like he deserves. Because after everything he went trough, he earned that right. See people treating important characters like nothing just because they don’t like them is so frustrating.

      • Clare says:

        What a repellent person you are.

      • lolz says:

        You’ll probably get your wish so yay for you. Of course, the show will be cancelled mid-season but you Cashating Sam fans will have won so I guess that’s all that matters.

      • Daphne says:

        Thanks but no thanks. And before you come back firing your hate, I’m a Sam-leaning bi-bro. I have no desire to see Sam (or Dean) take any part in hunting down and savagely killing an angel who has sacrificed a lot for them. I think Sam and Dean are better than that. I want to see them save him. I like Castiel and I like him in the show as a support character.

  32. Keep Cas says:

    I’ve watched this show since the pilot. Sam and Dean are the heart of the show and I don’t want that to change but this show can’t be all Sam and Dean. I enjoy watching Sam and Dean interact with other character and Dean and Cas’s friendship was great to see on screen. It showed real character growth for Dean that he stopped being all about Sam.

    What’s Dean’s role this year, to be all about Sam again. That’s not new and fresh. If Sam has PTSD from his time in hell, well that story sounds familiar. Cas’s story pretty much mirrored Sam’s from season 4.

    None of that sounds fresh. The boys on their own on the run sounds like a repeat of season 2.

    What exactly is fresh and new.

    Cas was in season 4.

    Also if you really want to reduce Misha’s and Castiel’s role on the show maybe it wouldn’t have been a good idea to actually set up a huge storyline for him.

    I want to see a redemption story for him.

    Also, if the show if going to introduce characters just to kill them off why should I invest any emotion into them? I was so disappointed to lose Rufus and Balty.

  33. Rinienne says:

    Castiel is not redundant. It’s actually not THAT bad to reduce his role, as far as they won’t get rid of him!
    The redemption story is a good idea, and I hope all the fans will get it. The show won’t be the same without him!

  34. Rik says:

    The angel storylines on Supernatural have really been dragging the show down. It was cool at first but after three seasons of Supernatural: Touched By An Angel its time for something new. I actually do like Cas and he brought humor to the show but he was also way too much of a Deus Ex Machina. If Cas is somehow de-godded and de-angeled then keep him around but if keeping him means yet more angel storylines then he needs to go for the sake of the show so we don’t have yet another season of Sam and Dean vs Heaven and Hell.

  35. tahina says:

    Im going to miss Cpt Montgomery on Castle too, but the scoop about a possible female Capt is very intriguing indeed. Who could it be? :)

  36. Valerie says:

    I love Supernatural, I’ve loved it from the beginning, but I didn’t obsess over it until Castiel came along in season 4. That’s when the show moved from “oh, I’ll watch it this weekend” to “OMG, IS IT ON YET? WHY ISN’T IT 8PM YET? I NEED IT YESTERDAY!”

    Castiel deserves to be treated with respect by the writers, as do Castiel’s fans. If you make him the Big Bad for season 7 you will have ruined this character, especially if you don’t then redeem him and let us have “our” Cas back. AND DON’T KILL HIM OFF.

    It seems like every time I read another article or spoiler (or rehashed info pretending to be a new spoiler) I lose more and more faith in the writers. And especially after the press release debacle. There’s only so many times I’ll let them stab me in the back before I give up and move on to a show that actually respects its fans.

    If they really do go ahead with what it looks like they’re planning, it won’t be brave storytelling. It’ll be stupid storytelling. Don’t spit in the eyes of a good majority viewers for caring about a character that you may not care about. Just because my favorite toy isn’t your favorite toy doesn’t mean you have to smash my toy to bits. We can both have our toys and happily live in harmony together. IT CAN BE DONE, WRITERS. Prove to us that you have the skill to keep good supporting characters with good storylines as well as your two main characters. I DARE YOU.

    • Lauren says:

      But Castiel isn’t your toy, nor is any character in that show.
      They belong to Kripke, Gamble, and Warner Brothers, among others involved in production.

      • Donna says:

        They offer us these “toys” every episode in the hopes we will buy them, and strictly from a business sense it should be sensible to continue offering what the bulk of the products’ consumers seem to want.
        There are plenty of creative ways to power down Castiel without removing him from the show completely- maybe Gamble should indulge in a little fan-fic if she’s strapped for ideas because I’ve seen some very good ones lately.

        • Lauren says:

          Yes and no – the thing of it is that the “products’ consumers” you mention ~are not actually represented in ratings~. Online fandom is a very, very skewed thing and most of the people who are part of it are not actually Nielsen families… which means they aren’t counted in Nielsen ratings.
          Most of the viewers who tune in every week and do show up in the ratings numbers are an entirely different base – believe me, I work with about six to seven of them on a daily basis and talk to about a dozen more. They aren’t looking for who gets more screentime or which character is thrown under a bus just as long as they’re being entertained.
          So the idea that Kripke and company are biting the hand that feeds them is complete bollocks. As is the idea that they “owe” the fans anything.

          For what it’s worth, as a casual viewer, this is the first time that I’m actually excited to see where they take Castiel. Hopped up on evil monster juice along with being super-powerful but still have the emotional intelligence of a child is much more interesting than me than the past two seasons of being the Deus Ex Machina of the Week. Besides that, the final scene is the only time besides the final scene in the barn where I’ve really felt like Castiel had presence and was a powerful, super-smitey being. So kudos to SPN there, I’m actually being entertained.

  37. - Lauren says:

    I’m actually looking forward to Supernatural next season. The angels were always too powerful for the boys to take on and I don’t know where else they could have taken Castiel, outside of him falling and being the third person in the Impala backseat. (And there would have been lots of outrage about that, if it was anyone other than that character.)

    Hope Sera and Kripke can write some -external- challenges for the boys that they can take head-on without sparing all the existential angst of the past three seasons. Especially if they take them on using their own brains and brawn, instead of a deus ex that they’d started to rely on via Castiel or Bobby.

    • lolz says:

      At this point I welcome anyone in to the back seat of the Impala just so that we don’t get another season of Dean being all about Sam and Sam being all about Sam.

  38. Bri says:

    It’s interesting that I hear some SPN fans saying that the show got “stale” after 3 seasons of “just Sam and Dean,” and yet 3 full years of angel arcs (most of which have taken place offscreen entirely) haven’t become equally as played out? What I’d really like to see is a new direction taken entirely, a new big bad with new supporting characters weaving into Sam and Dean’s lives. Maybe even ones that don’t die within a single season. (And for dead characters to stay dead.)

    • Rinienne says:

      New bad guys! yeah! they started to talk about Lovecraft, I think it’s an awesome source for new bad guys!

      • Dani says:

        I so, so, so want the Lovecraft stuff brought into next season. It would be such a shame to bring in something with so much potential and just drop it. Especially since it seems like something that would work beautifully into the whole god!Cas arc they’ve set up.

    • Alene says:

      The thing is that just Sam and Dean don’t have the same range than everything that can be done with the angels. It’s incomparable. And I don’t mind if they focus less in the angels, but they can’t ignore their existence. You can’t pretend that nothing in the last three seasons happened, it would be incoherent.

  39. Sasha says:

    Mackenzie Rosman! Wow haven’t heard of her in a while!

  40. Mike says:

    I hope this Castiel dude gets killed off in the first episode, just so all his insane fanbrat fans disappear away from here. Christ.

    Thanks for the Bones and White Collar info.

    • Belinda says:

      Who are you to call anyone “insane fanbrat fans”? The fact that you are insulting others to make yourself look good as if your opinion is superior only makes you sound like a brat.

      • tripoli says:

        Oh, but he’s so right. Quite a few of you Supernatural fans are definitely straddling crazy in your far too obsessed with a fictional world rants. And the demand for respect from show runners is pretty much lost (and not deserved) when you surround it with childish complaining and threats. Which is clearly the specialty of the Supernatural fandom. Chill out, it’s only TV. Your life will keep on going, with or without your beloved Cas.

    • andrea says:


      I like Supernatural, but holy crap. There’s being a fan, and being obsessed…and I think far too many fans fall into that latter category…

  41. rowena says:

    I think Sera Gamble and Eric Kripke are jumping up and down for joy at the reactions to the finale. People sure are talking, and they knew going in that the reaction would be.

    In all honesty it is time to move away from angels. If they can find a way to organically keep Castiel around then I am all for it. But if the story is best served without Cas, then I would prefer him to be gone. I will certainly miss him though.

    • Belinda says:

      My issue is not that Cas has to leave, but simply HOW he is going to leave. They set up this huge cliffhanger all centered around Cas and him being the new God, what kind of decent writer would simply just kill off the character in just less than one episode later? Especially a character who has contributed so much to the show? If Cas must leave, I am not against it, but what I am against is simply tossing the character aside like garbage without giving Cas a proper exit that is befitting of a fan favorite character who has given so much to the show. He at least deserves that much.

  42. Nata says:

    Ok, they just want to tell a good story, but take into a count that the story supposed to end after season 5… only one reason they continue, because fans wanted to. So, they should listen our opinion, right? too much people don’t want Castiel to go, too much people think that angels line are started to get boring, but there are ways to make both sides satisfied! Make Cas something like he was in season 5: not yet human and still not able to magically heal or resurrect. I’m sure there are ways to do it, to explain how it happened. Castiel became too much of a character to simply get rid of him!

  43. Kate says:

    The show announced profound bond between Dean and Cas. Now I want it to be explored more. Can the main storyline for once not be dropped and heavily presented through next season? It’s not that hard.

  44. nikka says:

    re: Vampire diaries
    I thought Jeremy was able to see vicky and the other dead girl because he almost (or did he actually) died and developed a third eye and can now see the dead spirits.

  45. Tavis says:

    “A *i***** character dies”. I can’t figure out what the second word is.

  46. Dee says:

    We just want to tell a good story and not be redundant
    If, after six seasons, Sam is Sam and there is NOTHING WRONG with him; if Dean finally gets a real, good “mytharc” role that holds on TILL THE END; if Castiel tries to redeem himself (and to rebuild the profound bound, of course!), then I can say, wow, NOT redundant!

  47. Kris says:

    Yaye, no more Castiel! About time they got rid of those effing angels. Too powerful and no one could kill them but themselves, so Sam and Dean are sidelined every time they show up. I might actually start watching the show again after skipping season six if they actually follow through on getting rid of Misha.

    • Louisa says:

      Oh God you’re so obvious it’s funny. Which one of them are you? Sammywsgirl? Windkyl? Ravanne? Benson35? Densejunky? Spectre/Kresnik?

  48. Belinda says:

    Cas is NOT a redundancy!! His character and stories can be new and refreshing and interesting if you would just actually take the effort to work on interesting storylines instead of just going back to Sammy/Dean Forever, THAT is a redundancy!

    A show is strong when there is a powerful supporting cast, you watch any show on TV, you see that it’s true. You have such a good supporting cast member in Misha Collins, his chemistry with the boys are perfection, why would want to ruin that? Why mess with perfection? Why are you so intent on destroying a character that the fans have such affection for and love so much?

    If you kill off Cas in the premiere episode just after setting up such a huge cliffhanger centered around him, then you are not a true story writer! Any decent writer knows you don’t set up a story like this and just drop off the character immediately, it’s dumb and it’s stupid! And not only is that a disrespect to the fans who have supported you along the way, but also to all the contributions that both the character of Castiel and the actor Misha have given to this show and helped it succeed!! You OWE it to your loyal fandom and to the great work Misha has done to give Cas a PROPER and FITTING exit, not shoved out the door simply because you can’t think of new ways to keep him!

    Sam and Dean need these supporting characters to interact, it is how their characters grow as well! You take that away, you make their world claustrophobic and small, and the characters will not grow or expand but simply regress!

    Please, if you just listen for once, Cas brought such new fresh blood to the show, made it bigger and better, please don’t just toss him to the curb like this! You have the potential to write possibly one of the best tales of redemption/friendship/forgiveness storylines, don’t take the easy way out!!!

  49. Tiantong says:

    Dean has stated that Cas is family, and Sam has said that he would die for Cas, so if we are to take in Dean and Sam’s words that Cas IS family, then why must he leave the show? Why can’t he be saved and given a proper redemption storyline? The Winchesters don’t easily throw around the word “family” and not many ever earns that label, but Cas did, after everything he has sacrificed for them, he earned that fair and square. The boys have always said that they don’t give up on family, and if Cas is family, then should they just give up on him? If they won’t even save Cas then how can their words still matter? How can they still be the Winchesters if they give up on family so easily when things get rough? Dean never gave up on Sam, Sam never gave up on Dean, and Bobby is always there for both of them, so why can’t they save Cas? There can be a great redemption and forgiveness story for Season 7, Cas deserves at least that much! He has brought in so much good stuff for the show, new worlds and new storylines, he deserves an amazing storyline that isn’t just gonna end so rushed! Misha Collins is an amazing actor whose chemistry with Jared and Jensen are flawless! Please don’t take that away!!

  50. moo says:

    Sera Gamble really does hate talking about any character but Sam, doesn’t she. She clearly also resents Castiel’s popularity, much like she clearly resents Deans.

    I am guessing her “fresh new story” is another iteration of something-is-done-to-Sam-so-that-Jared-can-play-Sam-as-jerk-to-Dean-with-built-in-excuses and Dean-worries. My guess, Cas is a gonner after the two or three episodes. In other words, her fresh new story is season 7 of The Sammy-Stu Winchester Show. Because nothing say fresh and new like repeating the same story for the 5th time.