Supernatural Spoiler: Season 7 Theme Revealed

After taking a dark and twisty turn during its noir-esque sixth season, Supernatural will tip its 10-gallon hat to another film genre in Season 7.

“We had everyone on the writing staff watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells TVLine. “[Executive producer] Bob [Singer], [series creator] Eric [Kripke] and I were really hungry to capture some of that cowboy, outlaw spirit for Sam and Dean [next season].”

But who are the Winchesters running from? A recent press release from The CW reveals that Sam and Dean “will find themselves…up against a new foe unlike anything they’ve ever fought.” After what happened to Castiel in the May 20 season finale, we had to ask Gamble if the newly minted God is the Winchesters’ new foe. (Of course, the decision to take his portrayer, Misha Collins, off contract suggests Gamble may have other plans.)

“I would consider Cas, in the last few minutes of the finale, to have been transformed,” is all Gamble would say. The boss lady was more reassuring about Cas’ chances for redemption. “We try to be realistic about the fact that people on this show do cross lines that can’t be uncrossed,” she says. “But we examine those things in terms of Sam and Dean. They have a tremendous capacity to move forward. We always look for the chance to have redemption.”

Supernatural fans, what do you think about a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-inspired seventh season? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dilys says:

    I am not interested in any season without Misha Collins and the character of Cas. To end the season with this type of character assassination of a beloved character fans have invested 3 years in is appalling. I am not at all interested in the Sam and Dean angst show. I will only be watching if Cas gets a redemption arc as he deserves. Sam made a deal with demons and opened Lucifer’s cage. Dean tortured in hell. Everyone makes deals and everyone gets redeemed. Cas should get the same opportunity. But sadly I fear Sera and her nonstop Sam fangirling will not give Cas the chance.

    • Filia says:

      This might have been a comment people could have taken seriously had it not been for that ‘Sera and her fangirling’ comment, which colors the entire tone of it. Good job.

      • Dilys says:

        I agree that comment was harsh. I’m still really upset about Sera Gamble lying to Misha Collins fans at the Upfronts by pretending he was a regular next year. And this is not to disparage Sam at all. I just wish the season hadn’t spent so much time on Sam’s soulessness and we could have seen more of Dean and Cas’ arc. Bobby too. I love all four of them.

        • Filia says:

          Thank you. In that case, I agree with you. Sam is my favorite – Sam and Cas, in fact – and I really, *really* wish half the season hadn’t concentrated on his soullessness arc, because that didn’t please anyone. People who liked Sam didn’t *get* Sam, we got some other guy without any of the emotional qualities we love Sam for, and people who aren’t so keen on Sam as the plot could only feel that there was too much Sam, not-Sam, whatever he was. Urgh. All the stuff with Castiel seemed all squished up towards the end, told rather than shown, and I was particularly disappointed by the lack of engagement between Sam and Cas. Aren’t they all supposed to be a family now?

          • kelios says:

            Actually, I really liked the Soulless Sam story arc and know quite a few others who did as well. I also like the Sam and Dean storyline that the show was based on, and will be happy to see the show return to that.

            Also sick of the ‘I’ll never watch again OMG’ drama. Can we please act like adults? Geez.

          • Miranda says:

            kelios, as an adult myself, I – and every other viewer – have the right to have been dispirited by the season finale. To be honest, I wish angels had never been introduced. Barring that that goes back far to many seasons, I’d have lived with the original intent to end the series last season. For Sam and Dean, it was a perfect option. This series’ keeps pushing passed lines that must be drawn in order to keep viewers interested and not alienate all (or most) of the loyal fan base.
            Suffice it to say, I was not impressed with this season, and I was completely unimpressed with the finale, the worst by far. I am God, Cas? Alright, well thanks for the Chuck set up you seemed to COMPLETELY forget about. Hats off to the writers. (That was sarcasm for those who could not tell, being that this is the internet.)
            As a writer myself, I could have fixed that ending all of many ways. For starters, get rid of Crowley and follow the Mother of All storyline. I mean, this is a show that took two whole seasons to kill off YED, a measly ol’ demon. The Mother of All gets three episodes? Poor writing demolished by the need to progress haphazardly.

          • Melody says:

            Just before the finale I went back and watched the entire season over the two week break. I thought the same thing, that there was too little of Cas to justify what we saw in “The Man Who Would Be King”…but I was wrong. After seeing the whole season together, this was inevitable and there were so many hints. The hellatus’ just helped us forget. The moments with Cas were great, subtle and built drama.

            As for Soulless Sam, I was a bit annoyed by him by the time he was finally gone. 10 Episodes are a lot of time to break up the core chemistry of the show, but there were some great episodes and moments in there that I believe made the whole thing worth it. As a writer, I will say that as much as he may have annoyed me by the end, I see the importance of the need for the length of that story line. No matter how you look at it, it was necessary to make it believable.

          • Jessica Valure says:

            I agree with you 100% I didn’t like soulless Sam either, it was even the Sam Winchester we know and love it was somebody who was evil and didn’t care what happened to his friends or family, we got that when he used Dean to get the main vampire, and when he tried to kill Bobby. i hated that part. But we got him back mostly and it really wasn’t his fault Cas is the one who brought him back without a soul. I really don’t think Cas is going to be the main bad guy they go up against in season 7 since he’s not going to be a series regular.

          • lou says:

            I feel the same way, mostly. Sam’s soulessness made for a briefly interesting “what happened to Sam” mystery, but after the big reveal it went on way too long. Bringing on the Campbells I think was a huge miscalculation and Grandpa’s motives were so murky and odd. Sacrifice his grandchildren to save his daughter? I still have no clue what he was thinking. Anyway, Misha and Jared are hilarious together offscreen but have had little chance to interact onscreen, onscreen Misha and Jensen have great chemistry, as do Jared and Jensen. I would love to see more interaction between the offbeat family unit formed by the Winchester brothers plus Cas plus Bobby. My favorite episodes last season were the ones where all four were teaming up, more or less.

          • Loub says:

            I have to agree with kelios, I enjoyed ruthless and souless Sam and also the slightly softer Dean…
            Also agreeing with Miranda that the ‘Eve’ character could and should have been a bigger deal MOTHER OF ALL!!!!!
            I like Crowley and like his comeback – his humour is well written and in all honesty, I kinda missed him.
            Not sure if I’m looking forward to a sundance kid themed season but I’m confident it’l be entertaining. (and they will look HOTT :))
            end .

          • sparker82 says:

            Sam is so Hot with out his soul, I like him either way but I have to disagree with you Soulless Sam way hotter then cry baby Sam!!!!

        • Haraism says:

          By the way, Misha was included as a regular in the Upfronts because they were held before the season finale. If Misha’s name hadn’t appeared, fans would have automatically assumed that he died in the last two episodes. Imagine the internet if, just a day before the finale, we all got wind that Cas dies. There would be mass fangirl hysteria.

          (Also, its unfair to say that Sera Gamble lied as the decision isn’t just hers, and was probably made by a group of people.)

          • Dilys says:

            The news was released by journalists who investigated what happened that it was a deliberate lie. It led to fans of Misha Collins rejoicing at his status for 2 days online. I do not care what the justification was, it was a lie. And whether she was the only one to make the decision or not, she is the Showrunner. Therefore she bears the responsiblity for the decision. I stand by my condemnation of this behavior.

          • Sonia says:

            After reading a lot of the above comments I don’t feel so adrift. The show has has been been so lack luster and at times so poorly plotted and written it was painful to watch this year. The season finale sadly didn’t fail to meet the low bar of expectation I’d set for it. And now you say there is going to be less Cas (not that he was so spectacular this season – for which I blame the writers)next year and it is going to follow a Butch and Sundance themed story line? Whatever that means. We need Chuck to come back and write some more books the guys can live through. The current group of script writers are clearly out of ideas, maybe they just need to move on to another show and bring in some fresh talent.

          • Maxie Peterson says:

            love Cas don’t take him out of the movie.
            he and dean in the movie, watchable.

          • Tmcmill1 says:

            Come on morons don’t you know anything about how the chain of command goes. Sara Gamble is the WRITER. She is not in charge of the show. She decides the storyline and how everything with that is to be done. But Robert Singer is the producer and he and the investers make the decisions and choose what information comes out and what does not. The owners(investers), and the director(manager) makes all the decisions about everything that happens except the plot of the show and how each episode is created. So if Sara Gamble said anything that was misleading then she was told to by her bosses (THE INVESTERS)and director. They mislead on purpose. DU! So that when the show starts on the 23rd it is better then what you thought you were told was going to happen.

        • adriana says:

          Yes I actually love all 4 of them too, together they are the best team if one is missing is just not the same anymore ..

        • Maxie Peterson says:

          I love Dean and Cas, so more of them would have been appreciated.
          I also wanted to see more scenes of Dean and his african / american girlfriend (the one who’s dad was killed by a black truck). That was super cool.

        • Nikki says:

          I agree with the whole redemption thing except for one reason,Everyone else can get redemption, because they are human and imperfect, Although I love the Cas character, he is an angel, a perfect being, for him there is no redemption no matter how much good he does, the drawback to being an Angel, they are perfect, therefore are not allowed to make mistakes, regardless. Sorry

    • Dana says:

      I agree that this season has been a bit too Sam-Centric. I definitely need more Dean. Misha Collins has done a great job exploring the Cas’s humanity, and I would love to see them explore the consequences and eventual redemption of his character in the next season.

      • Michelle says:

        I totally agree. Cas’ fall is the exact same thing as Sam’s arc in season 4. If Sam got the chance at redemption, then so should Cas. He *is* their brother, after all, and has been for a while. Is a little follow through too much to ask?

        • Clare says:

          I agree so much with this.

        • abi says:

          Sam and Dean should focus on Cas in season 7 as much as they focused on their real brother this season.

          • mrswinchester42 says:

            It always bothered me that they only mentioned Adam once. they have a brother stuck in the cage and they kind of forgot about him. Adam’s innocent, I hope the writers remember to finish up his story line or Sam and Dean are going to have a giant black-mark on their track record. They risk their lives to save people they don’t know and ignore their half-brother?

          • NotaCasFan says:

            I agree ;).

          • geeMa says:

            It bothers me that Adam has been ignored. Sam and Dean don’t really know him, but he is family. I think they would make some kind of deal to get him back. Not doing anything rings false for the characters. Just my opinion. But, LOVE the show!

          • Robin says:

            I totally agree. I can’t imagine Supernatural without Cas(Misha Collins). You guys should stick with a continuation of dealing with Cas as God. Not for nothing, but the whole western theme was whack. I didn’t like it at all. Well, thank goodness for reruns on TNT during the weekdays. Not sure I’ll watch next season.

          • Tmcmill1 says:

            I agree with mrs winchester42 i dont like the way they dropped the adam line either, but I cant figure out how they could get him out of the cage without death and dean has already burnt his number of favors with that guy. I also wander if adam was tortured like sam or if michael protected him. I think a perfect twist would be if when death went to get sam out of the cage, as a crooked little twist of his own he got michael out too. And he would still be inside adam. So adam could show up as michael in this new 7th season. I also found a picture from the shooting of the 7th season that had dean and chuck in it, so theres a chance that the real God might come back.

        • Cheryl says:

          It’s absurd to compare what Sam did to what Cas did. Sam was
          pushed and manipulated and – most important – he thought he was
          stopping the Apocalypse by killing Lilith. The only reason it was him
          and not Dean was that Sam got to her first. But Cas knew EXACTLY what
          he was doing and he still did it.

          • lou says:

            And Cas wasn’t minding his own business in his happy little eternal Tuesday place, with the innocent intent of helping sort stuff out in post apocalyptic heaven wherever he could, and then became some sort of accidental messiah because he was brought back “by God”? And that accidental messiah business didn’t make him a pawn Rafael’s burning desire to restart the whole damn thing? And so his original intentions weren’t pure? And once Sam was in it with Ruby up to his eyeballs, he didn’t admit that he was growing addicted to the power that the demon blood afforded him? And that he thought he could handle it, and do good with it? How can you NOT see the parallel? It’s almost as if they rewrote the Sam demon blood story with Cas, because they never got to explore a fully evil Sam the first time around.

          • M says:

            Did you miss all the stuff about Crowley “pushing and manipulating” Cas? Did you miss all the stuff about Cas thinking that what he was doing would stop the Apocalypse that Raphael was trying to bring upon everyone?

            Cas = Sam, Raphael = Lilith.

            It’s a parallel that you clearly missed.

          • Maureen says:

            True, Sam was manipulated , Cas is older than the human race! Of course he knew!

          • Sanne says:

            It’s all the same. They think they both do good. Sam thinks that by killing Lilith, and Cas thinks that he needs a lot of power, so that he can defeat Rafael. Cas only get too much power.
            (Sorry for the bad English!)

        • FBG says:

          Exactly right.

        • Maureen says:

          The show is about Sam & Dean- NOT CAS!
          Bye-bye Cas, don’t let the door hit you!

          • kauro says:

            Angel Castiel has been one of the most important character in Supernaturals so he deserved to have a “good farewell story”, don’t you think? Others were right. What about Adam? that story was left hanging. there are still a lot of questions the series should answer & settle. they can’t just jump from this that easily. I love Supernatural because the writers were creative & smart so I think they can do better than that.Don’t care about the theme just as long the story is there & explains everything.

          • Tmcmill1 says:

            You have to remember though that there were storylines that were forgotten in the first 5 seasons as well. Or so we thought. But in the 5th season everything came back to line up perfectly in the end. There is a really good chance that the writters are doing the same thing again. We might not know until the whole plan comes into place again and you know it took 5 years to do that last time. You never know what they have in store this time, or if they have another 5 years planned and everything we saw in the 6th season will come back around later to make since and fit in with everything else. If you remember adam died and was just forgotten the first time in the 4th season, but they brought him back in the 5th and make him a vital character in the end game. You could tell they set adam up for that 2 seasons in advance!

        • Maxie Peterson says:

          I supernatural agree that cas should be redeemed.
          the 3 works for me.

      • e0wyn says:


      • Haleh says:

        AGREED!!! more Dean arc is needed!

      • tina says:

        A Sam centric season was long ver due and considering the last few episodes and the second half was hardly what you can call Sam centric it is a comment that annoysme. Dean has more than his fair share so some time spent on Samwas long over due and seeing it was only a hand full of episodes outside 2it is not really quite Sam centric.

        And to answer someone else no Castiel isnt their brother and never was and will be and Edlund never should of gone there

        • Franklin Turtle says:

          The entire series has been about Sam with everyone else just revolving around him. Given that, this season felt even more samcentric and I am sorry but it bored me to death until the last few episodes. These writers constantly claim this is a two-lead show yetthey can’t seem to write equally for both when other shows juggle 3 or 4 times that is beyond me. If they are letting Misha Collins go for budgetary reasons then I suggest the writers take a pay cut instead because they have not earned their salaries for about 1.5 seasons now. I am so sick of The Sam Show and even beyond the possible loss of Cas, I am dreading yet another season of Sam’s post-Hell trauma. If they couldn’t be bothered to write a decent PTSD storyline for Dean that didn’t have a single character show him any sympathy, I will turn off this show if have to sit through character after character telling us how much worse Sam had it. The wall is down, Sam is integrated and seemed to recover just fine after all the hyperbole so I hope the show moves on and finds something less repetitive to focus on.

          • M. says:

            All Sam deserves is a big old “BOO HOO, whiny princess!” He’s never apologized for not being supportive when Dean needed someone to talk to so the second he starts whining about the cage, all he’s getting from me is a big old bag o’ scorn.

          • Maureen says:

            The show these past few years has been bad stuff happening to Sam BUT , how DEAN feels about it! How DEAN reacts to it! Whether it makes DEAN sad!
            DEAN< DEAN< DEAN!
            Enough already!

          • Maxie Peterson says:

            I agree, sick of the sam story. need the dean story. can someone please feel sorry for Dean and stop making him out to be this heartless evil guy that needs to die.
            his cool and simply love his family to death and needs some tlc.

          • Tmcmill1 says:

            So guess what? You are a freaking adult, if you don’t like it then stop bitching about it and don’t watch it. It is so juvenile to write an entire essay about why you would never watch it or what is wrong wth it. So instead of whining about not liking it,DO US ALL A FAVOR AND DON’T WATCH THE DAMN THING!

        • Laura says:

          I wish they had the cojones to get rid of the useless Padalecki, whose one-note performance and and facial contortions take me out of every scene he’s in. His facepulling ruined Swan Song and I hope the derision for the first half of this season has shown Sera Gamble her favourite can’t carry even one episode let alone 12. Please do us all a favour and write him out.

          • Princess says:

            Are you out of your mind???Thats just rude to say..how ols are you?Twelve??Without him the whole show would be nothing!

          • Jenn says:

            They made a bad casting choice, and they’re stuck with it. That said, they can get rid of anyone on this show besides Jensen, and will still watch. I’ll miss Cas (I mean Cas-mine, because this whole season feels like they stole Buffy S6 and Angel S4) if they kill him off, because he made the Sam junk more tolerable, but I’ll still give the show a chance.

          • Edmund says:

            I am glad that I’m not the only one with a problem with Sam’s face-pulling. It’s annoying, the way he looks at every scene (and he pulls the same expression every time he appears – furrowed brows and pinched mouth… Perhaps the occasional furrowed brow and frowny mouthed combination). One feels like slapping him most of the time.

            I mean, I get that he’s been through Hell and all that, but seriously (and sorry, Sam-fans) he just seems really pathetic. He was vaguely likeable in season 1, but that’s it.

            I have a theory: the slimier and longer his hair gets, the more pathetic he becomes.

            I don’t think that Sam should be written out completely, because it wouldn’t quite be Supernatural without both Dean and Sam, but I do think that he should be given less screen time. Like, a lot less screen time. Padalecki is quite a horrible actor. Misha, on the other hand…

            The Sam-Centricness of season 6 bored me to death. Mostly, I skipped the episodes with the Sam angst (read the transcript and summary instead. I dare say I looked out for those with Misha Collins. What, I’m a fan!). If the next season’s going to focus on brotherly angst and Sam’s post-hell trauma, well. That’s me, off.


          • maureen says:

            They need to get rid of boringCas. all he does is muck up the storyline Good Riddance!

          • Maxie Peterson says:

            don’t write him out just make him stop fulling his face and making every scene about him. he cannot carry any episode without dean.
            more sexy dean.

          • Nia says:

            LOL. He did ruin Swan song, I remember wondering ‘am I supposed to be crying, coz hell, I feel like laughing.’ But I’d be happy with evening the odds with Jensen and Misha, rather than throw him out completely.

        • Jo1027 says:

          I agree. A Sam centric episode was overdue.

        • nicky says:

          THIS!!! (Especially the last part about Cas not being their brother)

        • lou says:

          I had the impression he was an honorary Winchester before Dean ever spoke the words. So it was there all along, don’t blame Edlund.

        • Van says:

          Given your grammer, dear, it might be time to put down the remote and concentrate more on your education than Sam-worship. Cas did and does stand up as a character, and Misha was a good addition to the cast overall. The show’s true problems really began when it diverted from Eric Kripke’s intended story arc, at the end of season five. It should have closed then, with Sam’s fall, and Dean having to realize that the fight with darkness cannot always end with the good guys winning. Season six was death on toast, period. I blame Sera Gamble. The woman is not a talent when she is in charge.

        • Maxie Peterson says:

          don’t agree.
          love Cas and dean.

      • Maureen says:

        Another Deanette speaks!
        Let’s have bad stuff happen to Dean for a change and let SAM react to it! Maybe he could have to eat puppy hearts???

        • Maxie Peterson says:

          Totally right
          let’s have bad stuff happen to dean for change and let sam react to that and safe handsome sexy dean.

        • RUBBY says:

          totally agree!
          Season one and two = sammy’s visions
          season3=Lilith vs. Sam
          s4= demon blood
          s5= him being lucifer
          s6=souless sam
          s7= broken wall sam

          it’s totally … ugh! I love sammy but I wish there were more sam’s reactions and More bug bad thing happening to DEAN! even Jensen said that.. it was always Dean reacting and protecting the friggin child!! (wooops! sorry ;) he said so back in season 4 when he finally was brought back from hell to be Michaels vassel…. so I DO want to see so much more of it in next seasons.. I think pretty much everyone wants a change once in a while right?!

    • Clare says:

      I agree with this entire post. If Cas is killed off in 7.01, like Sera Gamble’s other comments hinted, I will not be watching this show any more. I’ve watched it since day 1 but I’m just not interested in that level of utter misery for these characters, not when they’ve already sacrificed and lost so much. Can’t Dean keep this one thing he loves as well as his brother?

      • ceceo2 says:


      • barjy says:

        where do you see that sera told that cass will be probably death in 7.01…she just said that he probably deserve to have redemption..nothing else or i miss something?

        • Franklin Turtle says:

          I can see Gamble redeeming him through some big sacrificial death at the end of the premiere and she and Kripke thinking that they are being oh so clever. That’s exactly the kind of petty response they hand out whenever they are criticized. Unless it’s from Sam fans of course, then they bend over backwards to literally give them what they want. Multiple episodes literally inside Sam’s head, being the most obvious example and the assassination of Cas being the most egregious.

      • Maxie Peterson says:


    • lizzy says:

      I wish I’d written this post because it’s exactly how I feel. Well done!

    • annehb says:

      I agree. Castiel does not deserve to be pushed out of the show as a charcter her never really was. Cas was a doubter, yes – but he was never a corrupt doubter. It’s both bad writing from the writers (sorry Eric, I did believe in you, because you have never let us down before) and stupid from Sera’s pov. Because Misha is a fan favourite, isn’t this a show about pleasing the fandom as well? Even though they think killing off a favourite as “artistic”, I think it won’t matter how artistic it is because the fans really likes Misha. (A great fan myself)

      I do get that this show is about two brothers who faces evil and tragedy full-time, but it’s also about FAMILY. Both Dean (,Sam?) and Cas has thinks of each other as brothers. I think that the Winchesters deserve another good friend, not just Bobby. They’re Team Free Will! And honestly, in the last couple of episodes.. I’d be just as miserable is Jensen or Jared was written off or killed (forever) as if it was Misha(Cas).

      I can’t express how much I hate this idea of Castiel being killed off or turned evil.

      • Jo1027 says:

        What makes you think Cas was pushed out? Maybe Misha wants to spend time with his new son.

        Geez, people. Stop the whining already. None of us know what season 7 will be like. So just wait and see.

        BTW, Cas isn’t or should he ever have been one of the main characters. This show is about the Winchester Brothers.

        • sashay says:

          The show isn’t called The Winchester Brothers, it’s called Supernatural, and like BtVS, I was happy that they’d established a core group. Ensembles are wonderful and they give the main leads a chance to explore other options, like Jensen’s directing debut. Honestly, I don’t understand you people that are so obsessed with the two of them (or more particularly Jarad). All four of them are great actors, I enjoy watching all of them. I DO wish we still had Jo and Ellen, but otherwise, I was happy with all the relationships on the show. Now we’re going to go back solely to POW? Sounds boring to me. I’d become accustomed and excited by the higher reaching mythologies being explored here.

          • Jo1027 says:

            I didn’t say it was called the Winchester Brothers. Please read the post before you reply. I said it was ABOUT the Winchester Bothers.

          • Paula Brannon says:

            I agree! The introduction of angels as part of the SPN canon was an interesting exploration of mythology. We, as fans, have embraced this introduction. More than that, Castiel has been a great part of moving the mythology forward culminating in the season 5 finale. I’m okay with the Sam-centric episodes this season (I found Soulless Sam kind of fun at times and very interesting). I even saw Castiel walking down a darker road. Again, okay with that. There were episodes this season that seemed pointless, deviating from central story arc, and seemed without any kind of plan. The idea that the writers would take us with Castiel down this “darker road” and have Dean exhibit pain at having (yet another) family member head down that road just to have that person completely and pointlessly disappear in the new season… it bodes ill for the actual plan for the story. I fear that the writers are not instilling confidence in the fanbase for the direction or demonstrating concern for meeting the obligation to the suits at the CW, the fans who have been faithful, and to themselves as professional writers. No, I do not want to see our favorite trenchcoat wearing angel go off the way of Gabriel, Chuck, jo and Ellen without a redemption story taking place over more than 1 or 2 episodes.

          • Karo says:

            I agree with everything you’ve said. Ensembles are way more fun than the same two people over and over and over.

            Sadly I’ve this suspicion that they’re so out of ideas that the only shock value they’ve left is to kill characters.

            “What do you think about a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-inspired seventh season?”

            I think it sounds a lot like the season (was it season 2?) in which Dean and Sam were “outlaws” hunted by the FBI, so…just more of the same old?

            “We try to be realistic about the fact that people on this show do cross lines that can’t be uncrossed,” she says.”

            Yeah, removing Castiel from the show is definitely crossing lines. I can only hope that’s not gonna happen. And if it – for whatever (dumb?) reason – has to happen, then I hope at least he’s going back to heaven and not being killed. After all, why kill him and close the door to a possible reappearance forever? Even if he doesn’t reappear, Casfans may be somewhat mollified that at the very least he’s still alive and people who don’t like him can be happy that the show is back to it’s claustrophobic (imo very boring and repetitive) Dean-Sam-only ways.

            “Of course, the decision to take his portrayer, Misha Collins, off contract suggests Gamble may have other plans.”

            Well, considering he was barely used in the first half of the season I can understand not making him a regular again. Why pay someone when you’re not going to use him? Besides, Jim Beaver is also only a recurring guest star and he had more or just as much screen time as Misha, so I hope Misha is still going to appear on a regular basis. Of course, I’m probably going to end up disappointed, but for now I want to give Gamble/the network the benefit of the doubt.

            Oh, and to the people who are of the opinion that you’re only a real fan if you watch for the Winchesters: People like things for different reasons and you don’t get to tell those people what those reasons should be. It’s pretty common that side characters end up more popular, as popular or nearly as popular as the main cast and that’s perfectly okay and normal. Personally I’ve never liked Sam all that much. In the past I watched for Dean and because of the X-files vibe I got from Supernatural. Nowadays I watch for Castiel. If my favorite character – the only reason why I still watch the show – gets killed off, I won’t watch show anymore, because, obviously, the reason why I watched it is gone. It’s not that hard a concept. If that makes me a bad fan, then fine, so be it. Though it’s funny, because I as a bad fan still bought the DVDs, voted for SPN in various polls, watched the episodes, got involved in the fandom and tried to get my friends interested.

            I don’t care that Supernatural is about the brotherly bond – it’s there, it’s always going to be the core of the show and I know and accept that, but it’s not enough to keep me interested. Just because the brothers are the core element doesn’t mean that people are obligated to watch for them or even like them best.
            Also, I don’t really understand why people think other characters take away from the brotherly bond (I really kind of hate that word by now): If it gets broken or weakened just because Sam and Dean also have other people they care about, then it’s not that great to begin with. Personally I’ve always found them having relationships with other people helps to flesh out the Winchesters, too; to give their personalities new facets and thus making Dean and Sam themselves more interesting. Not to mention that the brothers had plenty of scenes and episodes to themselves – almost the entire first half of the season was spend (wasted) on Dean being worried about Sam. There relationship not being what is used to be because of soulless Sam had nothing to do with other characters, especially characters that barely appeared in those episodes (you could argue that Sam being soulless was Castiel’s fault, but in that case I argue back that without Cas there wouldn’t have been any Sam at all).
            In conclusion: How can other characters destroy something when they weren’t even there? In fact, almost all the good episodes had either Bobby, Castiel, Crowley or Balthazar in them.

            “We always look for the chance to have redemption”

            That’s the only good thing I took from this interview. It gives me at least a smidgen of hope.

        • Nancy says:

          I agree Supernatural is about two brothers and their relationship. Always was and should always be. I enjoy the other characters and think it gives Sam and Dean time to play off something else, but I am so excited the way Sera ended this season. The brothers are as close if not closer than in season 1.

          I don’t have a problem with other regulars, but I am not going to stop watching the show because Misha is not a season regular. I probably would stop watching though if Jensen or Jared left. I love both characters and their relationship.

          Everytime the writers write an episode people don’t like, they get upset and swear they will never watch the show again. Why did you begin watching in the first place? Cas, Bobby, John, Ellen, Jo and many more have come and gone. The only two characters to have been on every episode is Sam and Dean or Dean and Sam. Don’t want to offend anyone by putting the wrong name first.

          I loved the finale and cannot wait to see what our evil little writers have in store for season 7. I loved that they took Cas and made him go nuts. “I’m the new GOD and I’m a better one.” WOW!! Sorry if I misqouted. I’m sure Misha is going to love playing this character. Butch and Sundance, sounds like the boys may be going out in a blaze of glory.

          • Amanda says:

            I agree with you 100%

          • Sam says:

            I agree with you 100% also!

          • Cynthia says:

            Couldn’t have said it better! *thumbs up*

            …when does this Sam-bashing/Dean-bashing finally stop? People, really? How can you love this show with hating either of them? I’m a Dean-Girl myself, but this show is about both of them! Jeez… If you don’t like Jared’s performance…then don’t watch it for God’s sake.

          • moo says:

            Not a single member of this production staff have ever said “Dean and Sam”. I think that is extremely telling.

          • Raven says:

            I also agree with you 100%! Supernatural is about The Brothers Winchester. Any and all other cast members are welcome but not mandatory. I will be saddened if Castiel is written off but I WILL NOT stop watching because of the loss of a secondary character. It still surprises me that people who claim to be fans of Supernatural get so bent out of shape over secondary cast members. They are obviously not fans of the show but fans of Misha Collins, and to say otherwise is juvenile…

          • lou says:

            Disagree 100%.

          • geordiegirl1967 says:

            Totally agree. I am loving the sound of s7. I’m totally indifferent on what they decide to do with Cas. He is just a supporting character, and while I like him fine, whether he is in or out makes no difference to me so long as they tell a good story, and remember that at its heart SPN is about Dean and Sam and their relationship.

          • Tanya says:

            Well said! I love the show and wouldn’t stop watching until the very end….
            Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but for those on the show that have come and gone “A job well done” Love the show and all of the characters portrayed….I’m a huge Dean fan and it will always remain that way!

        • Teresa N. says:

          I totally agree with you! as much as i love Misha Collins\Cas Real life comes first ppl it just dose, so stop hating. i mean apparently Misha ain’t upset or anything so chances are it was totally Mutual if Misha Leaves. he has a child an makes films as well, an maybe just maybe he might want another child so, he wants to settle down some. i mean shoot he’s a great Man an i understand if he leaves. He also has Random acts ppl so just try to understand, besides who knows nothing is set in stone yet. an if your leaving just coz Misha is going, man i’m sorry to say but you are not as hardcore fans as you thought you were…

      • Sadaf says:

        I couldn’t possibly agree more!! If Sara Gamble is reading this, then please please don’t kill of Castiel!! I love the brothers but they kind of getting boring just on their own. Also it really doesn’t make sense for an angel who has been devoted to the real God for millennia’s to just go and declare himself God! Specially after what they went through just to get the devil back in his cage!! And I do agree with everyone else also if Sam gets to have redemption then so will Castiel!!

        • spnfanforever says:

          I don’t see how you can make a judgement that the brothers are getting boring on their own because there have been so many ssecondary characters introduced in season 6, as well as many appearances by Cas and Bobby, who I regard as main characters, that there have been few eps when they have not been all alone.
          And it makes perfect sense that Cas has delusions of being God because he has taken all those monster souls into himself and he wasn’t meant to hold all that power – and absolute power corrupts absolutely…besides, angels aren’t infallible or even on the side of God necessarily – look at Zachariah, Raphael or even Lucifer!
          I like Cas and hope he redeems himself, I do, but as people have said, Supernatural is about the Winchesters – anyone else can go offstage, maybe to return later, maybe not.
          I’ve really enjoyed season 6 and can’t wait to see season 7, and I think Sera Gamble has done an excellent job to continue the story in for me such an interesting way, especially difficult after the series arc finished in season 5…

          • spnfanforever says:

            should read ‘…there have been few eps when they have been all alone’ sorry

        • Maxie Peterson says:

          Agreed, don’t kill Castiel, but he so really can not be GOD.
          write someting else for him to keep in close to the sam and dean.

      • Kat says:

        Well said, annehb!
        Season 6 was a true disappointment to fans who have been loyal since season 1.
        Sam and Dean have lost so much and so many (John, Jessica, Ellen, Jo, Ash, Lisa, Ben) Bobby and Cas are the only “family” they have left. Don’t take Cas too. Please don’t turn him evil.
        Also, the phoenix ashes western episode was beyond disappointing! Please don’t make an entire season of this sort of bilge!

    • Susie says:

      How about we actual WATCH an episode or two before condemning an entire season?

      • Latoya says:

        You know…It’s not unusual for people to speculate on incomplete information, which spoilers are. If Sera doesn’t want the fandom to jump to conclusions or freak out, she could just keep her trap shut.

      • Ruby says:

        But…that would make SENSE. And God forbid the fans don’t have something to get hysterical about. It’s basically like a profession for them at this point.

      • shenaey says:

        @ susie- well said! we have no idea where they r going with this situation and we should all wait and see what happens…

      • Dahne says:

        Ah, the voice of common sense and reason. I love when we get rational comments over the Supernatural hiatus. They are a rare and precious thing.

        • moo says:

          I’ve watched this show for six years. If the set up sounds like crap, it inevitably will turn out to be crap and they always follow through on what they telegraph in the most obvious and predictable way. So yeah, if Gamble is hinting that Cas is history after the first episode, there is no doubt in my mind that is exactly what is going to happen. It seems that SPN TPTB enjoy eating their tales as much as they enjoy getting the fandom riled up and then disingenuously acting like they have no idea why fans complain so much.

      • M. says:

        People’ve seen the series, they KNOW the score already. The kind of people who say that kind of condescending stuff are either trying to fool people into supporting the Sam, Sam, Sam train or are network shills trying to keep ratings up. We all know how in love Sera and Kripke are with their giant idol to the point of nausea.

        • moo says:

          Agreed. The only surprise at this point would be if Cas actually was kept on and if Dean was actually given a story of his own that wasn’t about him angsting over someone else.

          • Jenn says:

            Dean’s kind of written like most of the bad female characters on television (think: Ziva). He’s pushed as being strong (Team Free Will, people!) and deadly, but ultimately, his entire sense of self is dependent on the men in his life. Jensen plays it well, but it’s bad writing, and I would love to see Dean have a storyline of his own that didn’t involve a romance written so badly that is felt like a soap or a bad romance novel or him angsting over Sam or John or Bobby or Castiel.

          • m says:

            Yeah , let’s have Dean suffer and have do disgusting things, and have unsavory relationships! Why let Sam have all the fun?
            Suffer Dean , SUFFER!!

        • castiel says:

          Hello, mobiusklein. Still spreading Sam hate disguised as meta?

    • Fiona says:

      Gamble pretty much confirmed what any common sense about storytelling would say. It’s no fun to learned to love a character and then have that character die without purpose or redemption. Maybe they die with redemption because that hurts more, but you don’t just assassinate the character and move on. That serves no emotional or dramatic purpose. And one thing storytellers want to do is that.

    • Ben says:

      That’s just ridiculous. The show has always been about Sam and Dean, not Castiel.

      • anon says:

        I agree. I loved Castiel as a character in Seasons 4 and 5 but feel like the writers have just tried to find space for him in a show primarily about the two brothers, because he’s a fan favourite. I can’t help feeling like the character of Cas has been living on borrowed time in Season 6 anyway.

        • anonny says:

          Amen to that anon^ I loved Cas in season 4 but once they started the Cas and Dean show I got sick of him pretty fast. I’m also tired of the obvious slash jokes between Cas and Dean. I don’t mind subtle jokes but recently its like they stuck a bad fic writer in the mix.

          I wanted more of Dean touching demons…or Sam’s wall breaking down because he was helping Dean torture demons. But no, having Cas there ruined the chances for that.

          I may be alone or in small company when I say good radiance to Castiel. Time to get back to what the show is all about, the boys.

    • KrizDeanGirl says:

      but remember the show IS about two brothers.. not cas or bobby even when they’re important pieces of it… it’s always been about sam and Dean.. now if you’re not intrested about watching a tvshow that has been about the bros relationship and that has worked so good in season one and two where none of them had a relevant part (ofcourse AHBL is different).. I don’t know what to say.

      • caiuslupus says:

        Things evolve. The show hasn’t been about just the brothers for a long, long time. Seasons one and two were good for establishing their characters, but really, without Bobby and Cas, the show’d be boring. Heck, it lost something when they whacked Ellen and Jo. Like it or not, it’s an ensemble show.

        • M. says:

          Their dad used to be part of the show but he died. Stuff happens. Hell, Charlie Sheen’s gotten kicked off Two and a Half Men in favor of an actor who doesn’t drive the producer nuts. Telling me that a show possibly can’t change to let someone new in is silly.

          • lou says:

            Charlie Sheen played one of the original brothers in that show about two brothers and a kid. Writing his character off and replacing him with whoever AK will play is akin to writing off Sam and replacing him with Cas or Adam. Not the best analogy.

          • Jenn says:

            I’d be okay with them killing off Sam and replacing him with Cas, largely just to avoid redundancy. That’s the problem when you only have two characters, especially when they’re related – the type of drama you can create between them is so limited that after a season or two it gets very old. Personally, and I don’t pretend to speak for anyone else, I got so tired of Sam (a combination of bad writing and lackluster acting) that I stopped watching about halfway through S1 and didn’t start back up until I heard about the new character Cas.

          • JenniA says:

            Two & a Half Men won’t last past a season without Charlie. It’d be the same if Sam or Dean were written out.

      • moo says:

        “but remember the show IS about two brothers.. ”

        Apparently that means that no other characters can exist on the show. This is the most ridiculous mindset I have ever seen in any fandom and the fact that the showrunners pander to it, speaks to their lack of vision or sense.

    • belle says:

      I absolutely agree. Cass has been such an interesting and multiple dimensional personality in Supernatural, a backbone for Sam and Dean for 3 seasons now. I know the show is the Winchester’s story, but Castiel is sort of a Winchester now, and cutting short a relationship that has taken so long to build, like they did, wasn’t a very well thought out plan. Sera Gamble is a good writer, but Kripke is the one who should be overseeing these decisions. He created a long running TV show after all!!!

      • Kelly says:

        Actually if we want to be honest castiel has been on sam and dean’s side only for one season the 5 cause he switched sides in 4.22 and of course we learned at the end of this season 6 that he wasn’t really on their side anymore even if he started with good intentions and still helped them sometimes.I know misha has a lot of fans and i love castiel too but can we try and be objective here.Anyway if there wasn’t those conflicts and twists and drama in the relationships what would we be watching, after a few seasons the show would have been boring.Remember season 4 they took the strongest bond we’ve ever seen in this show and severed it gradually and all the while it made sense because they were manipulated by the angels and the demons and was a mess after his return from hell and wasn’t at the top of his game and he pushed sam away and sam was so lost and bent on revenge and guilt over his brother’s fate and then high on demon blood.They both made mistakes and even if it was heartbreaking to see them at odds season 4 and 5 were awesome.So I don’t honestly understand your reactions and all the negative comments, i know that I probably won’t change your minds but can you maybe try and think in a positive way, i’m sure season 7 will be as great as the others and the misha/castiel fans should be delighted that the character is challenged in a such a way

    • Rubu says:

      I hate it when people forget that this show is about TWO BROTHERS named Sam and Dean. If you’ve completely forgotten what this show is about, then good riddance to you.

      • caiuslupus says:

        It’s an ensemble. Deal with it.

      • Elistae says:

        This show hasn’t been about two brothers since season two. It wouldn’t have interested me beyond that if it had been. The enjoyment I get from the series is seeing the development of not only the main characters, but the storyline as well…which includes Bobby and Cas. I would hate to lose Cas, truly. He’s a great character played by a talented actor. It will be hard watching such potential trashed. But it’s not my show and no one is asking me to help with the writing. I only hope that there is closure when it inevitably ends. And not X-file closure either. Good closure.

    • Kate says:


      • Sassy says:

        If you’re so obsessed about watching a show about siblings, maybe you should have watched Brothers & Sisters. Some of us here like good writing, great concepts and superb acting, which Supernatural has in spades. Having side stories about Cas and Bobby and the various demons and angels didn’t take away anything from the show as a whole. And by the way, writing your entire post in capitals is considered EXTREMELY RUDE! (You’re welcome).

      • Cody says:

        He is a major character to his fans. WHO ALSO CONTRIBUTE TO THE RATINGS. You might want to remember that, since they’ve been pretty bad for a lot of this season.

      • moo says:

        No the show is about SAM and his brother. They should just kill off every other character and have Sam’s many personalities just talk to each other for the rest of the run of the show. That seems to be what Kripke and Gamble really want to do so just do it already and put 80% of your fanbase out of its misery.

        • castiel says:

          Sam has to talk to his multiple personalities because apparently, Deangirls throw a fit when he talks to Castiel. Only Dean gets to talk to guest stars.

          • Jenn says:

            Partly because the relationship between Cas and Sam feels forced. It’s one of many things on SPN that we’ve been told exists and never shown. If we’d seen an actual friendship develop between Cas and Sam instead of *poof* “they’re friends now!”, then maybe lines like Sam’s “I’d die for you, Cas” wouldn’t have fallen so flat. Dean’s scenes with Cas are far more entertaining, intense, and organic to the story the way it’s been played out.

        • Edmund (again) says:

          Can’t imagine an entire season filled with Sam’s face-pulling.

          …. That. That’d just be horrible.

          • m says:

            Maybe they can stage an intervention for Dean and send him into re-hab?
            Or he could get transformed into a fish, he drinks like one. Or he could get mad-cow from the cheeseburgers?
            If he was in fish form we wouldn’t have to look at what passes for his angst-ridden , glowering, I mean, his acting!

      • JenniA says:

        You need to stop shouting at people, Kate. Express yourself in gentle tones little girl.

    • Samantha says:

      That is exactly what ive been saying this whole time!! Im a die hard supernatural fan and ill always love this show but I REFUSE to watch it if they dont fix Cass and make him normal again.He was my 3rd favorite character of all time and I loved him so much and they completely destroyed and butchered Supernatural this season and it breaks my heart.If it was up to me,I would just pretend Supernatural ended with season 5 and season 6 doesn’t even exist because its just to painfull to know my beloved Supernatural will never be the same.

      • Jo1027 says:

        Actually, the show changed completely when the angels showed up and we’ve had three seasons of watching the boring angel story but I have never stopped watching because I love the boys. So I don’t feel too sorry for you.

    • Sadaf says:

      I totally agree. What have they done to him!! Cas is just an important character as Sam and Dean are. It doesn’t make sense for someone like him to turn all evil without a chance at redemption! I have to say If in season 7 they have the brothers somehow killing Cas then I am not going to bother watching either, because that is just ridicules!!

      • Maxie Peterson says:

        Amen. I’ll seriously stop watching if the boys kills Cas.
        Love dean and Sam but the movie needs other people to.
        as in real life we don’t live on an island we live with family and close friends and just use the bad ones.

    • Melody says:

      This show was, is and always will be about the brothers. People move in a out of their lives, that’s how it works. No one ever suggested differently. Go back to the beginning, listening to the commentaries, watch the interviews, they all say that the heart of this show is the relationship between Sam and Dean.

      I happen to love Cas dearly, and I’m sad to see this turn of event, but if you really look at his character arc and consider what he just dumped into his body, then nothing of this should surprise you. Go back and watch season 4 again, Cas had this in him the whole time. This isn’t at all surprising. Personally, I like the drama and I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

      • spnfanforever says:

        Amen to that! I’ve just written a similar post myself, and I can’t wait for season 7 either!

      • siany says:

        Amen to that sister. Agree 100%. I mean, how could you not see that coming? It was obvious that nothing good was gonna come with Cas going the way he was, and to be honest, even though I love him, Cas was beginning to irritate me immensely.
        I am still going to be glued to my computer every night and can’t wait to see where they take Season 7. :)

    • emmy says:

      are u serieus u don’t care about dean or sam??????????? they are the real heroes of the show they are the once who work ther asses all day and night. if dean and sam made any deals with the demons not for ther own sak it was for saving the world or saving the familly. and the show is made for the tow brothers who hunt together.
      am sorry but i don’t think that’s ur a real fan and u don’t know what’s the show is all about!!!!

    • obi says:

      Adios, crybaby.

    • Veronica says:

      I agree with you 100%. I love Sam and Dean, but Castiel is the best Character for me. I think that Sera is makes a Big mistake. I’m so sad : (

      • cherie rees says:

        What happened to the half human half demon boy who truned cass into a statue will he have power to take him on.does sam still have powers will he get them back with his memories

        • lorie says:

          I wonder the same thing. The boy seemed to be a character that wud be more powerful than anyone. He had his own episode, seemed to be setting something up for the future.What happened to Sams demon bloodlust?. Is he cured? It seemed strange souless Sam never thought to drink some demon blood being he had no concious to stop him.

    • Alyssa says:

      I agree. I love this show, but if Castiel isn’t in it, then I’m going to find another show to become addicted to.

    • Kate says:

      Things have to change or they get stale. I’ll miss Cas, too. And Lisa and Ben. But move on. The show is about Sam and Dean. Not Sam and Dean and Bobby and Cas and etc. Bobby shows up frequently and I won’t be surprised if Cas pops in once in awhile, too. I just hope the story line has more continuity than last season’s.

    • lyla says:

      I think you may be right in that T_T.
      Sera Gamble!!!Please give CASS redemption please!!!
      We FANS love him so much T_T!!

    • Megan says:

      I’ll still continue to watch, even if the character of Castiel is bumped back to a guest. But I agree with Dilys, if Sam… well practically every good character on the show has needed redemption, and recieved it. So why not Cas, who makes an absolutely amazing team with Dean. The episodes with Dean and Cas are hilarious… and they wasn’t enough of them, because as Dilys said, whoever is running the show now is too busy shoving Sam in the limelight and he is their fanGIRL.
      I’ve thought from the very beginning of Supernatural that Dean always got the short end of the stick next to Sam. When Dean went to Hell for him, I though, “Hey, maybe here’s an episode arc that is finally worth Dean.”
      But nooo, we had to put Sam in there and make his suffering worse. It always Sam, Sam, Sam. *sigh*
      So I’ll watch the new Supernatural season, but Sera… you better not let us down.

    • maureen says:

      nobody seemed to mind when they made Sam drink demon blood.
      If they cantreat Sam that way what makes you tthink Cas, a non-Winchester should be exempt?

    • Lanekia Scott says:

      NO MISHA COLLINS!!!! The show will truly be missing him and some fans if he does not return. I love the character cas as a torn angel but a loyal friend always there for sam and dean I love His dedication to them. Cas is funny in a quirky type of way something you need in a show as serious as this one, to turn Cas away from sam and dean would really be a travesty.

    • Guest says:

      Has anyone taken the time to consider that Misha Collins no longer being on contract for the show has very little to do with the character of Castiel? Everyone is crying and arguing over Cas’ story not getting it’s closure, or redemption, or…whatever else, but everyone is ignoring the simple fact that Cas is now a full fledged Almighty. Vis a vis…Castiel could have an appearance in all 22 episodes of season 7 played by any actor or actress. Remember, with the angels only members of a bloodline can be occupied, but the demi-gods could take any form they choose, so why can’t a soul-powered god? Think practically before you start shooting off your keyboards.

    • jose says:

      i agree whit u man cas need a second chance like all the other …..

    • T-Dogg says:

      What did you do when watching seasons 1, 2 and 3!!!! Castiel is great but I don’t care about him anymore hes getting on my nerves, he shows up pointlessly sometimes as well, so i say kill him, epicly

    • Stacey Payne says:

      with or without cas i am a supernatural fan thru and thru i have loved the show from the very begining i just love sam and dean and all the twists and turns of the show

    • The-Creepy-Creeper says:

      Don’t be such a baby. If you’re only watching the show because of Cas, then you are not a true Supernatural fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cas, but it’s about time he leaves. This show has always been about the brothers, and Castiel is sort of the third wheel. I feel that the best seasons of Supernatural were the earlier ones, when it was mainly about the brothers. I want the old Supernatural back, and with Castiel gone as a regular, I feel that that could happen again.

    • pignapoke says:

      Gamble KILLED MY FAVORITE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive been a loyal fan and when Kripke wrote it was hands down the BEST show on TV. This chick doesnt get the boys at all. SHE KILLED Deans humor too which was adolescent at best but all us guys got it completely and it added SO much to the show. Oh and the Music – picked by a chick no doubt cuz it isnt doin the job anymore at all!
      Now Ive been watching Season 7 and Im holding on by a thread to see if it will ever improve. I have serious doubts! Oh and wasnt last Friday’s episode done before already when the shapeshifter in season whatever got dean on the FBI wanted list – deamons came killed all the cops at the jail etc…. Linda Blair episode if anyone out there can remember the name of it. but to do it all over again is cheap and desparate. this new writing crew cant hold a thought or a storyline in tact without getting all “look theres a butterfly!” and forgetting what the hell they were doing. Im mad and disappointed and if it doesnt improve I will STOP watching and hopefuly CW puts you out of your misery.

  2. deborah says:

    I’m NOT happy Misha is suddenly “off contract” and Cas may or may not return beyond the premiere (?). As for the new (?) Sundance & Butch Cassidy” theme, haven’t the characters always been, in some ways, outlaws and on the run; not knowing where to turn, etc? I don’t see a change. Just a different name for something that has always been happening.

  3. Beely says:

    No Misha, no care

  4. Ellie says:

    I LOVE it. Can’t wait for season 7 and a return to focusing on the brothers.

    • CyanaT says:

      Thank you, Ellie. ITA – enough of the angel storyline or it needs to be severely scaled back. We’ve been promised that the boys would be on same page for a while- let’s back to the core story with Cas appearances, Bobby appearances and lots of guest stars. It can be done in S7 without feeling claustrophobic.

      • Cody says:

        Oh, don’t tell me… someone from the CW Lounge, who professes to find the angels boring but rants on and on and on about them, ad freaking nauseum.

    • Kate says:


  5. Jaclyn says:

    I am frankly concerned about this it’s just Sam and Dean thing – the show becomes too closeted that way. Castiel is integral now to the Winchester’s and as a ‘brother’ I am extremely peeved with the exec producers etc for removing him as a major character. Given the fallout it caused emotionally for me and the lack of truthfulness in the CW release that showed Misha Collins as a series regular I am rather annoyed at the whole thing.
    Seriously, the show hasn’t been just Sam and Dean for a long while, the second reoccuring characters who the audience falls in love with appear, game over. I love this show with all my heart and I am heart broken that the producers and writers are ignoring this fact.

  6. AJ says:

    Seriously not interested in the gratuitous villification of Castiel, either.

  7. Dana says:

    I really thought Season 7 would be spent in Heaven. They’ve explored Hell, Earth, and Purgatory, seems Heaven is the next logical step (and I mean more than 1 episode).

    Maybe the ultimate foe will be God?

    • Courtney says:

      That would be great. I loved the few episodes where they got a glance of what Heaven was really like and I would like them to explore that more.

      • dfs says:

        And Heaven could be Cas version of it….completely naive and untouched by humour. They wouldn’t get Dean’s jokes at all…and at least we’d have an excuse for Cas to reappear periodically. Oh Cas, I miss you already.

  8. Rjmoons says:

    I’m not sure how Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid theme can translate to Supernatural, but I know I dont wanna see them ride old fashion bicycles around with Burt Bacharach playing in background. I would like to see them get back to more one shot episodes like they did in the first two season. More small town urban legend monsters, less save the world from Armageddon.

  9. Anu says:

    I just don’t find season 7 to be interesting after what has happened in season 6 at all. Cas turning into a “new god” must have been the thing that I disliked the most. I just can’t see redemption for that guy anymore, not after everything he has done.

    • Jenn says:

      If we can be expected by the writers and producers and showrunner to forgive all of Sam’s awful decisions, superiority complex-based derision of Dean and his hunting skills, and how generally “road to hell is paved with good intentions” all of his actions have been, then I don’t think it’s too much to ask for people to forgive Castiel. At least Castiel did these things to try and save Dean, not to prove he was better because of some Oedipal complex.

  10. Ann says:

    I don’t think “noir” means what Sera Gamble thinks it means.

    Haven’t the Winchesters always been like cowboys and outlaws (or what deborah said)? How is this new?

    Where is Ben Edlund – please tell me he’s been bumped up. He’s just about the only hope I have left for this show anymore.

    • Drew says:

      Season 6 was noir. With the soulless Sam arc and the unraveling of the mysteries which surrounded it, it was very much in keeping with the classic noir film style. They even had their glowing light in a suitcase… in a way.

      • Franklin Turtle says:

        Everything was telegraphed in the first four episodes like always. Except for Cas going crazy God-like at the end, the entire season was utterly predictable. Dropped plotlines are not the same as clever red herrings. I’ve seen better writing from film students.

    • Twinkie says:

      It just barely qualified as noir. Cas was working toward his own ends behind the boys’ backs – that’s noirish, but it was obvious from the beginning, so major fail. There were too many red-herrings, like the Campbells and the Alphas. They should have been part of the story, not just a distraction. The mysteries just weren’t very mysterious, Sam’s story dragged out way too long (and is still going into S7), Dean was sidelined most of the time and Cas was crammed in at the end. It was a mess. And I say that as someone who was really excited about the noir concept and a fan of noir in general. I adore Supernatural, but this season was a bust.

      • Clare says:


        And S7 will be a bust for me if Cas isn’t saved/redeemed. Even if the brothers remain the core focus of Supernatural this show has evolved into more than them. I want TFW standing together at the end of this story. They all deserve to be alive after all they have sacrificed: Sam, Dean, Cas and Bobby.

      • Drew says:

        Noir isn’t just about mystery. It’s about the dark and twisted path from point A to point B. Sometimes, it can just be about the slippery slope.

        And Dean was not sidelined. The season was all about Dean coming back after a year away and finding himself in the middle of this mess. Yeah, there was stuff going on with Sam and Castiel, but a lot of the focus was on how Dean was dealing with these situations.

        • Rick D says:

          Yes! I don’t get where the “Dean was sidelined” stuff comes from. Every thing was about how Dean felt, what Dean wanted, where Dean wanted to go. Will Dean have a family? Can Dean bring his brother back? The only way we could know more about Dean at this point is if they filmed his rectal exam. If anyone was sidelined, it was Sam. He wasn’t even in half the episodes, and we NEVER, EVER hear what he’s thinking or feeling except in 2 episodes this season. 2 out of 22- I’d call that sidelined.

          • amanda says:

            AGREED! I really don’t get what Dean girls are going on about, Dean is never sidelined because the story of the brothers and everything else going on is essentially told through his eyes. He interacts with more guest stars/characters, his POV is always forefront, his emotional journey always told on screen instead of off like Sam’s. Sam may have been soulless this season but in that it meant he wasn’t actually really present for half the season. We still don’t actually know what happened to him in hell where as when Dean returned from hell we were bombarded with his feelings, his pain and told what happened to him. The focus was on Dean while Sam’s story was told in the background. Sam was pretty much sidelined after episode 16 this season while the focus turned to the Cas and Dean show, yet their fans have the nerve to turn around and complain because Sam had an episode which was more Sam heavy than Dean in the finale? Dont see any Sam girls complaining about the lack of Sam in episode 21.

            As for Cas, I’m glad there will be less of him in season 7 I might actually enjoy a season for the first time since season 3. I watch this show for the brothers story as in Sam and Dean.

            I wish Misha luck now that he is able to pursue other work or even just spend more time with his son, I doubt he’s complaining as much as his fans are and I doubt he will stop watching the show as he is a true fan.

          • Twinkie says:

            There’s a difference between seeing the story through a characters eyes and the character affecting or driving the plot. Sam’s story is always the driving force of every season. Dean’s family storyline was the b-side to Sam’s soul and Cas’/Crowley’s hidden antics.

            Dean gets characterization and Sam gets plot. Every blinking season. Wouldn’t it be nice if they each got both?

          • sashay says:

            Are you serious? How obsessed are you with this imaginary character, anyway? Both Jarad and Jensen seem fine with how many lines they get per episode, how their characters are developed. I think Sam actually gets a bit more attention than Dean, probably 60%, but I couldn’t imagine actually whining and complaining about it like you do. Try going out and having a real life before you watch the show. It will greatly open your eyes and widen your perspective.

          • emmy says:

            thank you for saing that

      • Adam says:

        Amen, Twinkie!

      • Latoya says:

        Love. This. Entire. Post.

      • lauren says:

        COSIGNED. There are moments I liked this season, but whole chunks of storytelling that went nowhere and in the end, I am incredibly frustrated. Such a love/hate thing happening with what was once my favorite show up until Season 6. Also ditto to everyone who roots for TFW now as a team, and not just SamandDean.

      • Maxie Peterson says:

        Sam’s story should seriousl stop.
        Dean being sidelined like that with Cas crammed in at the end not cool.
        More of dean and cas,the movie will be seriously cool.
        love dean and sam working and crying together, looking like they need their mommy.

  11. Lindsay says:

    I miss the old Cas.

  12. Marion says:

    I gave S6 a chance and for the most part wished I hadn’t, after the finale I’m done with the show. It should have ended in S5. I’m bored to death with the Dean and Sam always being RIGHT and every other character being WRONG.

    • Brie says:

      This is exactly what made me stop watching. Sam and Dean have made some absolutely horrible desicions and are the biggest hypocrites to boot. Yet they are icons of moral highground?! Puh-lease. They are just as bad as any villains they come across with their xenophobia of any other species that isn’t human. I hate that the subtext of this show is that humans are superior to all other creatures and that we are the only ones deserving of a chance to redeem ourself if a bad choice is made.

      • Kelly says:

        I really don’t think we’re watching the same show maybe it’s best to try something else if it’s what you really think of sam and dean and their journey, it’s pathetic but so much entertaining at the same, seriously since i begun reading comments on the last article with comments who are really pure gold and now this one, i think i’ve never laughed so much since quite a while, i even showed the last one yesterday to some of my co workers and we’ve spent a 10 minute coffe break on it so thank you all for making us laugh out loud

      • descrime says:

        Yes! Dean killed the phoniex and no one blinked an eye, even though he was just a guy who had been living peacefully before his wife was killed and was now trying to get justice for her in a world where there was no system to help him. Sound a lot like John Winchester’s story. But Dean killing him was treated totally above board.

        Cas kills the Purgatory lady and it’s like, OMG, you’re going completely off the rails! Even though he was trying to get ingredients for his magic potion just like Dean was trying to his magic gunpowder.

        • lou says:

          I’m glad I’m not the only one who had a problem with the way the Phoenix storyline played out. I am a huge Dean fan, but I have to admit, I felt myself rooting for the Phoenix in that gunfight. Or, at least hoped that it was intimated he would rise from the ashes, so Dean wasn’t really “killing” an innocent dude who wanted to avenge the rape of his wife.

      • Edmund (again and again) says:

        I agree with you. Wholly and completely.

  13. Drew says:

    I hope they explore the decision that Dean made to erase Lisa and Ben’s memories and they don’t just leave it at “if you mention them again, I’ll break your nose” because it was a rather big decision that makes less and less sense the more you think about it. Like… nothing about the decision stops monsters from going after them.

    Oh! And Adam! At least mention the poor brother who is in Hell and nobody seems to remember!

    • Bethany says:

      Thank you! What exactly is going on with Adam and why have the Winchesters, who pride themselves on the idea of family and sticking by family for 5 season, suddenly forgotten the brother they lost. The were gun-ho to try and save him in season 5, why did that change? As for the Ben/Lisa decision I kind of get that. Dean knows that demons sometimes tell the truth, and maybe he assumed that she really did regret him. As for Cas, I do not think he is beyond redemption. Both brothers have done some pretty shady things in the past. I think Cas can be saved, but Dean and/or Sam are going to have to reach out to him and actually listen. They may have asked him why, but they never actually listened to what he was trying to tell them. Which you would think the idea of the apocalyse being restarted after everything they went to to stop it would be the one their minds got stuck on, but no they got stuck on the idea of Cas is working with a demon. Hello pot, meet kettle. In general I have found this show to center on the ideas surrounding family. To have both Sam and Dean get so wrapped up in themselves this season was deeply disappointing. I hope that next season they will come to realize they did not deal fairly with Cas, and that those souls are corrupting him. Then set out to help save him. I also sincerely hope that the reason they took Misha Collins off as a series regular has more to do with contracting than actual air time. We did see more of him when he was a guest star. I do expect that once Cas is saved (buckets of hope that they do) he will disappear for a while to go cope with what he has done. After the finale I was really ticked off, but I am hoping that the reason the writer’s took things in this direction is for a big pay off, otherwise I will return to being ticked because it felt like there were a lot of missed opportunities in season 6.

      • Corinne says:

        Thank you, finally someone who sees it like me. I fully expect Cas to be redeemed from the finale. He went into it with the best intentions, which was to stop the apocalypse from occurring all over. That being said, I am skeptical because of the old say “the road to hell is paved with best intentions”. I fear God will punish Castiel and the boys will now have to save him from perdition. They owe him, he retrieved both of them from the pit. I would love to see Chuck return and aid the boys in the quest to find God. Plus, Dean still has that necklace to assist in that task, the necklace that did nothing when Cas was claiming he was the new God.

        • kelly says:

          i’m sorry (again) but please try and be objective here, their minds didn’t get stuck at the working with a demon part even if cas should have known better, it’s about the lies and the betrayal, THIS is what hurts the most.Come on castiel is so far from innocent ok he’s misguided and he had good intentions but he totally lost himself and like he said “hung himself with a cord” with his freewill he did it all alone,he can’t blame anyone but himself he could have asked for help, tried to be honest but he didn’t and please don’t forget what he did to sam in the finale, he crossed the line to unforgivable

          • Tallulah says:

            But Sam was fine. So I guess his Hell nightmare wasn’t that bad after all was it? You Limps are just pissed off that you aren’t getting your drooling Sammywammy.

        • lou says:

          Ditto. After the finale ended, I have to admit my first thought was not “oh no, what will happen to Sam and Dean now?” My first thought was “oh NO, how are they going to save Castiel?” That’s where the writing took me. If Castiel’s point of view wasn’t supposed to be important to the viewers, why give him an episode to explain himself?

      • lauren says:

        Wow, well said. I guess that’s where I am too.

    • Devin says:

      For someone who mentioned Adam, is it just me that noticed, when they brought back Adam from the dead to be michael they brought the ghoul version back, The real Adam was salted and burned by the winchester brothers, even if you drop that his throat was slashed by the ghouls. And another character that was brought back, why the grandfather, mary’s father. He was killed and brought back, supposedly by Castiel when he brought Sam back which is such a red herring (cop-Out) Why did he bring the Grand Dad back what purpose did it serve but to be taken over the worm thing.

  14. Filia says:

    I wish people would stop vilifying Sera. This season has not been Sam-centric. Sam and Dean have been in the positions they’ve always been in, in which Sam gets the plot (albeit less so in this season than in some earlier ones) and Dean gets to be the emotional center. As usual, Sam hasn’t been allowed to have any emotional reactions of his own, and to me the greatest shame in this is that the connection between Sam and Castiel was completely ignored, erased, even, in the final part of the season, where it could have been so interesting. Cas betrayed Dean? Sure, but he betrayed Sam almost more, with what he did, and surely Sam could have understood his position? Huge, huge wasted opportunity there, and it took massive steps back on the supposed ‘Team Free Will’ front.

    I love Cas, and I don’t want to see him disappear. On the other hand, I do think there could be some exciting stuff for Misha in this new god role, provided S7 isn’t about killing him off in the first episode. I wouldn’t even mind if they hunted him all season, provided that they defused him at the end instead of killing him.

    Also, please can Dean and Sam actually talk to each other, as they utterly failed to do at all in the last two episodes of Season 6? That would be great. Thanks.

    • Clare says:

      Cas betrayed Dean? Sure, but he betrayed Sam almost more, with what he did, and surely Sam could have understood his position? Huge, huge wasted opportunity there

      THIS. Sam was characterized really badly when they didn’t have him try to understand what Cas did. It would be great if this could happen as part of Cas’s redemption arc and if Sam could help bring Cas back to his previous closeness with Dean. Sam has been where Cas was, after all.

    • Bri says:

      I agree with all of this.

    • Franklin Turtle says:

      Guess you didn’t watch the finale where we had three versions of himself talking about how he was feeling from every possible angle. Or maybe you just FF through all of JPs scenes. Too bad, he was actually quite good.

      • tara says:

        Why, thank you. And Jensen wasn’t too bad either. Guess you didn’t watch the other 4, 6, 8, 13, 16 episodes where Dean talked about his feelings. Part of one episode focusing on Sam’s feelings can’t compare.

        • June says:

          … you’re an asshole. Comparing two actors based on the number of episodes they displayed emotions and/or talked about their feelings is ridiculous and a poorly desguisted mature way to say that you despise Jared. But whatever. The way you worded it sounds like you are bashing Jared/Sam but really it would be the writers, who are the ones who control who gets to share their emotions and what they ARE. And, fact is, Dean is the brother who gets his emotions and feelings written in on the plot. It’s all about HIS reaction and HIS take on it. Frankly, I feel that the show has always focused a little more on Dean, even though, to a person with little sensivity to the depth of a show and other characters bond and such, it may seem all about Sam. But only a shallow person would be thinking that… so whatever. Truly, i watched the entire series and never once did it cross my mind “who was getting more screen time”. I find that immature and if you were a true fan of Supernatural, you wouldnt obsess about it.

  15. Jenn says:

    I for one is happy at the thought of no more Cas! The whole angel things as been a lame story line for the past 3 seasons. I would love to see the show return back to the roots of season 1&2.

    I find it funny how many people are willing to jump ship seeing as the thought of no more Cas. I say please jump already! The whole story of the Winchester is about the brother not so lame angel.

    • Hali says:

      ^^ EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking about all these ridiculous Cas fan girls/boys. This is not the Cas show guys, it’s about two brothers (and Bobby xD). Get over it.

    • lizzy says:

      Reading the posts so far and 99% are pro Castiel and Jenn, you’re the ONLY one not…think maybe the majority should win here. Season 1&2 nearly got the series canceled because, while they were good, there was no real direction and people got real sick of the whole “we gotta find daddy” storyline. When the character of Castiel was introduced the show shot off into the stratosphere, not only because of Misha Collins but because the show got incredibly interesting. If a viewer isn’t into supernatural themes…maybe they shouldn’t be watching a show called SUPERNATURAL? Just sayin’…

      • Terry says:

        the ratingds in season one and two were 1.4 and 1.1 share….seasons 3-4-5 are 1.0 1.1 and 1.2 so I would not say bringing in Cas shot the show to amazing new heights

        • Brie says:

          Of course you would happily leave out that SPN was on a different (long established) network during S1 which would lead it to having more viewers, just to prove your point. Nor was Castiel even in S3.

          • Terry says:

            the WB was “Long Established”? 10 years in TV is not what I would call long established…and it is not like people could not simply find the show..this is the internet age, if their WB did not become the CW( which alot of them did just transition to the new network) then they could find where the show was…and my whole point was the ratings really did not change, it was basically the same people watching the show not alot more no alot less

      • DJ says:

        Just because you fangirls bitch the loudest doesn’t make your opinion the opinion of the majority of the people who watch this show.

        • Geordiegirl1967 says:

          Definitely DJ. The vast majority of SPN fans love Dean and Sam and their relationship. Many also like Cas, but the hysterical Cas worshippers are trying – by screaming it from the rooftops – to imply that everyone sees Cas as the centre of the show. They don’t.

          • Franklin Turtle says:

            Why shouldn’t they? The Samgirls screamed long and loud in season 4 and early season when Dean finally got something to do beyond wangst over Sam and what have had since then? A Dean who was literally “no longer part of the story” who does nothing but wangst about Sam. That’s why I want Cas to stay because at least Dean can wangst about someone else for a change. Though it would be even better if he actually got to have a role in the story that wasn’t just reacting to everyone else’s plots.

        • Ruby says:

          Giving a standing O to this comment. The hubris, I swear.

        • Krissy says:

          Bugger off back to the Septic Tank deanjunky.

      • obi says:

        Uh, no. I’m not pro-Castiel, and after reading these comments, I’d say it’s about 50/50. A lot of the pro-Castiel fans are lunatics who have decided to flounce if he leaves, so they’re too immature to count.

    • Latoya says:

      Jenn, it’s fine to want those who believe in the Angel/Castiel storyline to jump ship…however you still won’t get the show back to its S1&2 roots, because their will be no show from the ratings fall out. So, if you want the show on the air, you’re stuck with us.

    • abi says:

      I agree. The show will always be about the brothers and I’d be glad to see Cas gone permanently.

    • Amy says:

      I’ve been rewatching Season 1 and 2 of Supernatural, and I’ll admit, the show was FANTASTIC during that time. However, if this show stuck to just Sam and Dean, it would have tanked a couple of seasons ago. It’s the other characters that have saved Supernatural from being cancelled time and time again. You may not like Cas, but there are a bunch of us who do, and I’m not going back to a season with just Sam and Dean angsting all over the place and being crappy versions of themselves.

    • Rebecca says:

      THANK YOU! I always feel like I’m the only one who still remembers that this show is about TWO BROTHERS. I could not care less about Castiel.

      I’m really hoping Sera brings this show back to what it originally was: two brothers traveling and saving people. Enough with the angel stuff.

      • shell says:

        I agree, rebecca! the reason everyone started watching this show was the premise of two brothers together against the world. why we turned them against each other so many times, i will never understand. cas & the angels was a storyline that has run its course. i loved cas, but that is over. time to move on….get back to the heart of the show, which is sam and dean taking care of each other while fighting the big bad!

        i sure hope that the idea of ‘butch cassidy & the sundance kid’ doesnt mean killing them off in the end. ugh. they have suffered enough, let it end with a little happiness for them, but with them still caring about each other and being close.

    • dee says:

      Yes, because the ratings are so high, we can afford to discourage people from watching it, because they watch it for different reasons than us…:(

  16. Lisa says:

    I trust the writers of this show. They know how much we love the show and all its characters. When it comes to Misha, please remember that Jim Beaver has always been a guest star and not on contract. I believe that Jared and Jensen were the only contract actors until Misha in season 5. We can have a Castiel arc without seeing him in every episode. We could see some new characters interact with the boys that will give the show a fresh breath of air, like Jo and Ellen did.

    I like the Butch and Sundance angle. I just have this ominous feeling that it’s being used as a set up to the end of the series. Jared has said repeatedly that he would like to see Sam and Dean go out like Butch and Sundance.

    • Shaula says:

      I agree with everything you said… I also hope that they won’t die at the end even though the end of season 5 made me learn a hard lesson. I don’t want one of them dying and the other alive. That was too painful for words.

    • Drew says:

      How many episode did Misha actually appear in in season 6? 13 or so, maybe? Jim Beaver was in around 12, I think… the decision probably just means that they’ll use Misha as needed, rather than slipping him into episodes where he wouldn’t really work. It’s not like he’s just going to be popping in to say “hey” anymore.
      Not that I don’t think Castiel can be saved. The souls corrupted him, since they weren’t the best possible souls he could have gone for. I think he was overpowered and something that he went into with good intentions turned out to be a bad decision (like Sam and the demon blood or Dean and wiping Lisa and Ben’s memories)

      • shell says:

        agreed. and a few of the episodes that cas/misha appeared in seemed like they just wanted to find a moment to add him in, he wasnt really integral to the story. like they needed to use him since they contracted him, and to make sure we didnt forget him. it was a waste. he could be in episodes as needed without being contracted.

    • Jennifer says:

      Agreed! Thanks!

  17. Nic says:

    Focus on the brothers and I’ll be happy. :)

  18. Jaclyn says:

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – I loved Frontierland, I don’t know maybe this will work – I guess I am still very brittle over the Castiel ‘god’ ending which seemed to completely negate 620 and how he questioned and questioned if he was doing the right thing and suddenly he’s decided. That episode was amazing, it promised so much and then it was all torn down in the last two episodes for the ‘big bad’ effect. Why not make Crowley the big bad, have Castiel having to be contrite – I am completely and utterly exhausted at how upset losing Ellen and Jo last year, Rufus and the Campbell’s who only seemed like a plot device and nothing was truly explored there.
    No one bothered to go after the two hunters that killed Sam and Dean in cold blood – they forgot the Angel sigils on the ribs and Cas just found them the whole time.
    You execs seriously need to raise your game, and writers you need to stop thinking small plot devices and start thinking overall two season arc.

  19. spikenalabama says:

    I guess I am the only one but I don’t care the least little bit about Castiel. I hope he is only around for the first episode. The show needs to be about the brothers again. No more Heave/Hell/Purgatory/
    Angels stuff.

    • kudougirl says:


    • Dawn says:

      The show needs to be about the brothers again.

      After six seasons of brotherly angst the worst thing that could happen is for this show to be solely about the brothers again with the endless, BORING angst, and endless, BORING Dean doing nothing but race around after Sam.

      The brothers are exhausted as plot points in this show. Castiel’s redemption arc is way more interesting.

      • abi says:

        I disagree. Castiel is the most boring part in this whole show and I’m relieved he’s not a regular next season.

      • Rick D says:

        That’s IF he gets a redemption arc. I hope he doesn’t, as he’ll make a much more interesting villain. As we’ve seen from all the villainous stuff he’s done already.

    • Jo1027 says:

      You’re not the only one who didn’t care about the Castiel/Angel storyline. I hope it’s gone as well.

    • m says:

      ME too!!!
      No more angels, please, I’ll be good! I promise!

  20. Steve says:

    As much as I love Castiel, I loved what they did with his character this season. They might have taken away his human like qualities at the beginning of this season, but I feel like they gave them back since “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” applied to Sam back only a few seasons ago. The exploration of a character really means delving into their strengths and weaknesses and I think it was a very logical descent into darkness for him.

    I’m kind of disappointed he won’t be a series regular next season, but Supernatural has always made it a point to keep the show about Sam and Dean. And besides Bobby, people have continued to make their exits. As much as I love Castiel, he can’t really be the exception. I think it’s a great way to keep things fresh and keep the show from getting too comfortable. I mean, if they don’t get things changing, it could very easily fall flat now that the initial 5 year overarching story has been completed and they are going from season to season.

  21. Kay says:

    What do I think about a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-inspired seventh season? I think we had plenty of that in Season 2 and also 3, to some extent. It’s nothing new. I also believe that we should not believe anything that is said at this stage of the game – just recall how much of what they said at the beginning of Season 6 turned out to be true or important. Sam and Dean, just by themselves, have become too claustrophobic, and frankly in my opinion, boring. I haven’t really been engrossed by just the Sam and Dean show for the last two seasons. I am also not going to like reducing or eliminating Misha Collins’ Castiel. He has remained interesting for three seasons and is now more interesting than ever.

    Whatever. It’s the showrunner’s decisions as to how to run her show. As fans, it’s our decision to remain a fan and watch the show or not. I am sure many fans will love the move back to Sam and Dean with Castiel gone for good. So far, I am not feeling too inspired. After six seasons, I will probably stop watching, especially if Castiel leaves early in the season. I do wonder why Sera Gamble had the brilliant idea of “transforming” Castiel, while all that demon blood did not transform Sam.

    • Filia says:

      Because you cannot equate Castiel with Sam. That’s the long and short of it. Neither of the brothers can ever really be transformed because they are the core and basis of the show. Everyone else is expendable, much as we love them.

      • Kay says:

        It’s a fan perspective and different POVs, isn’t it? You don’t equate Sam with Castiel. After watching how Castiel’s season 6 plot almost exactly mirrored Sam’s Season 4 plot, I certainly can. In fact, from my POV, what they were scared to explore with Sam in Season 5, they are dumping on Cas in Season 7, but without any chance for a redemptive arc, as I see it so far from the news. Also, I don’t share your view that everyone else but Sam and Dean are expendable. That attitude has left the show with decreasing ratings every season except Season 4, and a stale, claustrophobic feel by now.

        Anyway, I don’t like this news so much, you do. That’s okay. It seems the showrunners are planning a new season with fans with similar views to yours, not mine.

        • raelee514 says:

          I think Season 4 Sam and Season 6 Castiel archs are very reflective and I am pretty Sera and the gang know this.

    • Lisa says:

      I think absorbing every soul in Purgatory is a lot bigger than drinking demon blood. If I remember correctly, Sam’s eyes did go black in season 4 from drinking too much blood. I also think that, given the nature of the souls in Purgatory, there is no way Cas can have a pure heart like God should.

      • Corinne says:

        Agreed. I also think there is something to be said for the fact Sam is a human being with a larger capability of seeing thing in gray, where as angels primarily think in terms of black and white. Cas used to follow orders, and when none were given and chaos ensued, he chose a course and did not waiver.

    • Kelly says:

      Maybe to give him a good reason to stay in the show to please the castiel and misha fans, she’s doing it to please us and so far the majority of fans has been so disrespectful and ungrateful towards her, such a shame.If they hadn’t taken season 6 in this direction with cas there would have been no reason for him to even be part of this season.As for sam first after 4.22, he’s been “cleaned” by god when he put dean and him in the plane and it’s been heavily implied that all the angels (including cas) told dean from the beginning were lies to create a rift between him and sam and it worked.Then at the end of 5.22 sam was technically dead so when cas resurrected him he was as good as new.Most of the answers are there you just have to look for them

  22. riley says:

    I must say I am rather excited for this. I have no idea where they are going with Castiel, but that’s OK. Some mystery is a good thing.

  23. deliah says:

    I’m one of those who wouldn’t be interested in watching a season without Cas. It’s not like I’d expect the focus to shift away from the brothers- it’s always been about them and that won’t change. But after six years, for me, just Sam and Dean, week in and week out, is a recipe for stale. Team Free Will added a fresh dynamic, with both Cas and Bobby as vital players for the storyline and for audience interest.

    And seriously, after everything that Cas has done for TFW and the relationship he’s forged with them, he deserves a well thought out redemption arc of some sort: not a one minute “sorry!” before he explodes so some other such nonsense.

    • Dawn says:

      THIS. Cas is much-loved by a whole lot of fans. I won’t keep watching if he (and we) aren’t treated with the respect we deserve for what we bring to this show in terms of an interesting character and numbers in the ratings.

      • obi says:

        Then GTFO. You were never a proper fan in the first place.

        • Jenn says:

          Who are you to define what a proper fan of the show is? People can be fans of the show for different reasons, liking different characters, and can critique the writing, acting, editing, musical score, and showunning as they like. Just because someone is a Samfan, Deanfan, or Casfan, and you aren’t, doesn’t mean they aren’t proper fans. I have three big problems with this show – bad writing and acting, which the show has had interlaced throughout all six seasons, and fans who claim to speak for millions of other people.

          • Q Ball says:

            I have three big problems with this show – bad writing and acting, which the show has had interlaced throughout all six seasons, and fans who claim to speak for millions of other people.

            Translation:If the guys weren’t hot I wouldn’t watch.

    • Ellen says:

      THIS! They made a HUGE disservice to this character AND his fans. He sacrificed everything by breaking ranks to join the Winchesters, and for the writers to turn him into this crazy being in the finale was sadistic and heartless. I’m watching TV to entertain myself, so I’m not going to watch next season because I find no entertainment in this twisted version of Castiel. And of course I won’t buy the S6 blue-ray.

      I’m only going to watch and buy the blue-ray, if they fix things in the premier, and then have a redemption arc for Castiel – they better FIX his relationship with the Winchesters, especially Dean, ASAP. Otherwise, goodbye.

    • sarah h says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I thought most of us watched the show because it was interesting, well-written and acted, and it didn’t hurt that the show had three really good-looking leads. But it seems as if the show has a bunch of pre-teens obsessed with the characters as if they are real, and I find them kind of creepy. It’s a relief to find someone with a rational and intelligent viewpoint on here. Kudos!

      • Franklin Turtle says:

        This show hasn’t been well-written since The End.

      • vanessaj says:

        well i see reason to all comments because i believe in people expressing their opinions, but to say that teens think tey are real is kind of harsh! I am 15! i know that this is just a show and personally i like it! i cant wait till season 7 i like whats going on so please dont speak like an adult while acting so whiney! its just a show! you should all chill out :) I love cas, dean, sam, bobby, etc(in no particular order!) peace :) thts how ‘preteens’ say it and see it! thxs and i really hope you dont stop watching the show! none of you! you just might be in for some cool suprises! bye peeps!!

  24. Nicole says:

    I love Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I am really excited about that angle and the show getting back to it’s roots. However, I don’t think doing away with Castiel is necessary for that to happen. This show often sends a pretty miserable message – that Sam and Dean can have no one but each other. I think getting rid of their only friend and a fan favorite character is a bad idea. Not to mention his fans will not be happy if Sera & co just decide to do away with 3 seasons of character development and brush Cas off as another big bad. This show is a big part of my life, I’m very involved with fandom – but I will stop watching if his character isn’t at very least given a respectable send off. They owe him that.

    • Rick D says:

      Cas isn’t “owed” anything. He’s a fictional character. Just sayin.

      • Cody says:

        LOLing forever, since you feel passionately enough about Sam, a fictional character, to be on here further up ranting about how he was sidelined.

        • Franklin Turtle says:

          Hypocrite thy name is sam fan.

          • obi says:

            Excuse yourself, but I’m a fan of Sam and I’m in no way a hypocrite. I may be happy that there’ll be less angel garbage, but I sympathize with Castiel and have said many times that his storyline this season parallels Sam, and I feel equally badly about both of their issues. SO don’t lump everyone together like that, because you look like an a$s.

          • tara says:

            Hateful and rude, thou art a Dean fan

          • m says:

            loser, thy name is Cas fan!

  25. raelee514 says:

    Redemption for Cas works for me. I see no where it says Misha won’t be around at all, and if in asking about Castiel being the foe for the season, Sera brings of seeing it through Sam and Dean’s eyes and redemption — I think Cas may be defused or find his way back into their good graces.

    As long as season 7 isn’t the final season and they don’t end it with Sam and Dean going off a cliff and dying for real I can go with a cowboy wild west theme for the season.

  26. Susan says:

    ““We try to be realistic about the fact that people on this show do cross lines that can’t be uncrossed,” she says. “But we examine those things in terms of Sam and Dean. They have a tremendous capacity to move forward. We always look for the chance to have redemption.””

    What the heck does that even mean?? There better be redemption for Cas. He is such a great character and I cannot bear the thought of the show ruining him. I hope we see a lot of him in season 7, no matter Misha’s cast status.

    • Franklin Turtle says:

      So is she implying that Cas crossed a line that can’t be uncrossed? How is what he did any worse than releasing Lucifer after being led around by his boy parts for two seasons? And yet Sam still got a blame-free redemption. But seriously, I’m just morbidly curious about how Gamble is going to blame Cas’ going dark side onto Dean. That’s the MO on this show, afterall.

      • Jo1027 says:

        Explain to me how Sam got a blame-free redemption.

        • descrime says:


          Sam lost /nothing/ he really valued after he went darkside. And he was miraculously wiped free of his addiction afterwards (with a small slip up with Famine). That’s called blame-free, narratively speaking.

          • m says:

            Sam has been tortured and manilpulated from the jump!
            What show are you watching? Do the voices in your head change the storyline?

  27. Meg says:

    I would love to see Misha back as Castiel, and a theme of him working towards redemption with the help of the brothers Winchester.

    It is possible to balance this with an emphasis on the brothers and them going back to their roots.

    I have absolutely no idea where this all or nothing mentality comes from. Of course Sam and Dean are the focus, but to set up such a huge development for another integral character – Castiel – and then squander it is such a wasted opportunity. Especially when this show is all about redemption and accountability and family/friendship.

    I just want them to do justice to Castiel.

  28. Styrch says:

    Nothing made me happier than seeing Cas kiss the girl demon like the “pizza boy” this season. To bring him close to being human only to turn him into a God… I’d love to see him come to terms with both sides of himself. I would also love to see what happens if THE God shows up (I have been wondering if he was a fictional that the Angels made up). I do hope that Cas can continue on. I will miss him.

  29. Breck says:

    Those of you who say you won’t watch the show without Castiel are NOT true fans of the show. For crying out loud, there were THREE seasons before Castiel was even introduced.

    I am actually OK with Castiel becoming dark and the “new God.” He was warned of what the power of having that many souls can do. To me it seems like it will circle back to Dean’s necklace, and they will have to find the REAL GOD in order to stop Castiel and bring him back to the character we all love.

    The fact is, this story is about the Winchester brothers, everybody else is just there to support the story and their journey. These boys are hunters, and it’s a life that you just can’t leave. I’m glad they are going back to the roots of road tripping monster hunting.

    • Meg says:

      I do not understand this at all.

      Who are you to say what a “true fan” is? What the hell does that even mean?

      Everyone comes to shows for different reasons and stays for different reasons and leaves for different reasons.

      No one is disputing what the show is about. But if they engage with a different character to you why does that bother you so much?

      Please don’t pressume to know why others watch/like/don’t like what they do.

      • sashay says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more, Meg. There are certainly some opinionated people here, and they’re not shy about attacking anyone with a different perspective. I think there’s room for all kinds of fans. God knows SPN needs ALL of them, if we want to keep our show on the air….

        • Dave says:

          Saying they are not a true fan of the show is actually completely accurate. This show is and has always been about Sam and Dean and thier journey, nothing else! It’s never been about Cas. It’s never been about Bobby. Just Sam and Dean and thier journeys. If someone who states to be a fan of Supernateral is willing to stop watching the show over a character that is not Sam or Dean then they were never a fan of Supernatural, only a fan of that character.

          • rita says:

            Well said Dave. Also, Cas fans saying lack of Cas will afect the ratings are delusional. Many shows have lost characters way more important than Cas and they’re fine.

    • Susan says:

      Wow. Who are you to say if other people are true fans or not? Is there a checklist we have to follow? Who are the true fans of the show, those who debate endlessly about which brother gets no love from the show? There are people who would stop watching if Sam went truly evil, or if Dean ended up with Lisa, or if Bobby died, or if the Impala got destroyed beyond repair, or if Cas died or went evil. We all have our favorite characters and our own borderlines of what we can and can’t take from the show.

      Personally, I’ve watched the show from the beginning and I love Sam and Dean and I know they are the very core of the show, but I think I would stop watching if they ruined Cas’ character, because he has become my favorite and the one I empathize with the most. That doesn’t make me less of a true fan than someone who feels the same way about Sam, Dean or Bobby.

    • Louisa says:

      there were THREE seasons before Castiel was even introduced.

      And he has been in the show for three seasons. If you can, try to wrap your brain around the fact that yes he is important to a lot of fans who are sick and tired of the endless, boring brotherly angst.

    • Latoya says:

      “NOT true fans….”

      WOW Breck, WOW. To quote Digger, “Who died and made you Queen?”

    • Franklin Turtle says:

      Ah the “true fan” straw man. I was wondering when it would show up.

    • Plum Trees says:

      Man, I’m right there with you. A true fan doesn’t abandon ship just because they didn’t get what they wanted with all their whining. These fans saying they’ll leave aren’t true fans. And the Sam-Dean-loving fans who left when the angels took over aren’t true fans, either, even if they’re all coming back en masse now that that Misha is no longer a regular (which is ridiculous, because Bobby isn’t a regular, either, and he’s on all the time).

      So, no, sorry, you guys are not true fans if you stop watching a show because Misha wants to spend time with his kid. Get over yourselves.

      • magreeda says:

        I’m sorry, I thought we were fans of a TV show, not members of a cult. I didn’t know there was a mystical list of rules to being A TRUE FAN. I thought you were a fan if we watched and liked it and wasn’t if we did the opposite.

        But, no, being a “true fan” means masochistic, slave-ish devotion to whatever stupid thing the writers decide to do. Hmm. Yeah, right.

        Have fun with your cult, I’ll be switching over to Grimm or Fringe from now on if Cas is offed in the 1st episode or not given a redemptive arc; call whatever kind of fan you want, but at least that way I’ll be being entertained and not frustrated by shoddy writing and ridiculous plotting like I was this season.

    • Edmund (the fourth time) says:

      You must understand that three seasons of brotherly angst is more than enough. Ratings would have dropped eventually, had it continued that way.

  30. Deion says:

    I think Misha Collins has been an incredibly good sport these last 3 years. But I have to agree with many of the other commenters, Castiel has become an integral part of the show. I just hope whatever they do, they don’t ultimately ruin what they’ve built with the character. I won’t comment on the overuse of Sam as I am a Dean fanboy. I’m biased.

  31. Lana says:

    I’ve watched Supernatural from the beginning and have been a fan since the start. I loved the season six finale! Sure, Castiel takes a flip on character and goes all intense on everyone. But in the last two seasons he hasn’t been a very reoccurring character visually. I think that was the producers warming us up for this, because on the inside we’ve felt all along that Cas wasn’t going to be solid through and through and stick around.

    I’m up for any new changes the seventh season may bring. Each season has already been amazing and unique, so I doubt it will be chaunched this next year. I’ll definitely miss the old Cas, it will be a big change without him. But isn’t that what shows are supposed to do? Change and evolve into new plots? Yep. And that’s what’s going to happen. I look forward to seeing the bew possibilities Dean and Sam cross in the upcoming season!

  32. raelee514 says:

    One more thing: Why does everyone think Sera Gamble writes and produces this show all by herself. Kripke was still around all year, Bob Singer is still boss as an Executive Producer. Yes she is the showrunner, she makes a lot of calls, does a lot of things but she isn’t the only person making the calls, making decisions.

    Bob Singer thought up soulless Sam. Ben Edlund wrote and directed 6.20, he probably had a lot to say in the decisions of how and where Castiel went. Kripke wrote the last episode of the season. All of them, ALL of them made the choices we are discussing. About Misha, about the direction of season 6 and the upcoming season 7.

    Disagree or agree with the shows writers, and producer’s and it’s creator. The main thing is, Sera is not doing these things by herself, and it’s seriously crazy to make her scapegoat and villify her as so many of you are

    • Mel says:

      *shrugs* maybe because when Kripke was the showrunner, and don’t get me wrong the man had his issues as well, it wasn’t the IMHO incoherent mess we got this season. I don’t think that there are too many people who thought this season was a success by any definition. There were things to like about it sure and I am sure there are even some out there who liked it overall but interms of pacing and storylines I believe the general consensus from both fans and critics is that it was a mess at least that is how I’ve read things and in the things I’ve read. So between last season and this the biggest change is that Sera is the showrunner. Now is it “all” her fault. No I wouln’d say that but does being the showrunner mean that you are ultimately responsible for said mess, yes, yes it does. The buck stops there.

      • timotey says:

        The worst thing that ever happened to this show – and that’s just IMHO – happened under his rule: the absolute mess that was Bela Talbot. Season 3 was, all thanks to her, when I came the closest to dropping the show.

      • raelee514 says:

        I actually felt like both Season 5 and 6 had similar pacing issues in some ways and different issues in others but that due to what the story was over all. I also think some of the mistakes made season 6 matched characterization choices I think they made mistakes with in concerns with Ruby in season 4 —

        But none of it made me enjoy the show less, or dislike it anyway, I just saw the flaws but they were never grievous enough to out weigh my likes.

        So one season of Sera with comparable issues to 5 seasons of Kripke as show runner. Doesn’t make Sera the ultimate “EVIL”

    • Cady S. says:

      If Sera Gamble was not to blame for the tossed salad plots and story arc in season 6 then who DO we blame? Eric Kripke had a tightly orchestrated, logically written story arc and every episode in seasons one through five was written as a logical sequence of events and characters. Season six had a few bright moments, but I have to say that it seemed to me that whoever was responsible for plotting out the story line was completely out of their element. Sera did do some great stories as a writer in previous seasons, but as the chief architect in season 6, she fell flat. There were some great clues left by Eric about why Lucifer ‘picked’ Sam as his vessel (remember when the priest was possessed by Azazel, and he spoke to Lucifer in the church? Lucifer called Sam “special”.) They could have used the fact that John Winchester was a vessel, and had him be possessed by an Archangel at the time of Sam’s conception. And/or they could have brought back the half demon/half human boy who Castiel called the ‘antichrist’…And what about all that demon blood that Sam had to consume at the end of season 5? Wasn’t that supposed to have changed him forever? Sorry, but I will end with this: Supernatural USED to be my favorite show–I never missed watching it–until season 6…It became so disjointed plot-wise that now I only watch it if I have nothing better to do…Very disappointing.

  33. Aaron says:

    I love the Castiel character but I feel like they have exhausted the heaven-hell-angel storyline. Only problem is that it’s hard to suddenly make a left turn and talk about something else. Season six was a weak season, went all over the place. If this means bringing some coherence back to the story, I think I can be on board with these changes.

  34. Connor says:

    I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I am sick to death of Castiel.. and the whole angels idea, I think it has tainted the show.. I started watching because it was a great story, brothers killing supernatural beings, but everything the writers have done since introducing angels has completely contradicted everything else from seasons 1-3.
    Example: Bela was removed as too many episodes were about her, it’s not the Bela show or the Sam, Dean & Bela show for that matter, yet Castiel has gotten far more episodes and I couldn’t care less about him, I would have much rather seen Bela develop into a more stable character.

    • Franklin Turtle says:

      FFS Bela was featured in three episodes and she hasn’t been on the show for three years. Let it go and get some perspective dude!

  35. Drew says:

    Can someone explain why people think the season’s been Sam-centric? The first half of the season was all about Dean. Dean coming back to hunting. Dean figuring out what was up with Sam. Dean fighting to get Sam back. And in the second half of the season, it’s not like Sam took over… I don’t get it. I’m not complaining that it was all Dean, but I’m just saying that it wasn’t Sam-centric at all.

    • Ann says:

      The first half of the season was (and most of the second half) – as even Jensen Ackles himself said at the most recent con in Germany – all about Dean helping to “drive” the “Sam story”. Period. Not even the man who plays Dean Winchester thinks Dean Winchester had a story line last year. He was asked what he thought his character’s story line was at the LA Con meet and greet – once again he had no answer. He even said he hoped season seven would be stronger for his character, which means he doesn’t think season six was strong at all for “Dean”. Coming back to hunting? Please, that was accomplished by episode #2. Done. There was no story line that was supernaturally related to Dean Winchester – and those are the only story lines that matter to the producers on this “supernatural” genre show.

      • Kelly says:

        Jensen said that by the end of the eight first episodes he was exhausted and asked the writers himself to cut him some slack, so if that doesn’t mean that the first half of the season was dean heavy i must return to school and relearn some basic in english.Anf for crying out loud stop trying to look for a storyline for dean like you said it must be supernaturally related, dean is just a normal guy granted he’s a hunter but there’s nothing supernatural about it.They found a way to make him part of the mythology in season 4 and 5 because it’s served the plot, first with the angels lying to him and telling him he was chosen to stop lucifer from rising and kill lilith and we all believed it’s true but the twist at the end was even better because we’ve never seen it coming.Then it turned out that he was michael’s vessel chosen to kill lucifer, the writers found a way to give it some meaning with the parallel between the two pair of brothers.But now what? the apocalypse has been averted dean retired then go back to hunting, he’s back to being a regular guy.In the meantime sam died and went to hell and i’m sorry for all of you who hate sam but the aftermath of his trip downstairs needed to be told and i’m glad that sam didn’t get away with it so easily it would have lessened the consequences of his sacrifice.But in no way is dean ignored he’s still one of the two heroes of the show the awesome big brother that we love and we still get the story from his point of view nothing has really changed, it is still their journey who cares who get the storyline as long as they deal with it together, so please to all the obsessive dean fans stop talking nonsense we see plenty of dean, dean will always about sam (and sam about dean people have tendance to forget about it) it will never change, their relationship is the third character of the show right with the impala.If it doesn’t entertain you anymore, quit whining and look for another show and let us enjoy our show in peace

        • Sassy says:

          Yes, I definitely think you SHOULD return to school and re-learn some basic English skills, as your post just doesn’t make sense on so many levels. I am beginning to think that ALL of the Samfanboys are completely freaking nuts. First you attack people that like Cas, then you attack people that like Dean, I guess you won’t be happy until you watch a one-person show featuring only Jarad. Poor guy. I wonder if he knows most of his fans are lunatics…

          • Kelly says:

            Poor Misha and poor Jensen, I wonder if they know that most of their fans are lunatics.And yes poor Jared for being so criticized and vilified he really doesn’t deserve it.And please no need to be personal and mean, i think i expressed myself quite clearly if there were some grammar mistakes, i apologize but english isn’t my mother tongue.I just gave you my opinion of the show, i actually have facts and arguments backing my view of the show whereas most of the whiners just bitch and whine about this or that but without anything to show that their view is justified or make a lick of sense.

        • Franklin Turtle says:

          Dude when has sam been all about Dean? Ever? In season 1 he was all about getting revenge for Jess. In season 2 he was all about figuring out his own powers. In season 3 he was all about learning to be stronger so that he could save Dean. But I never got the sense except for Mystery Spot and the finale that he was more concerned about Dean than about himself being left alone. Season 4, he was all about proving himself stronger than Dean and saving the world with his powers. In season 5, he was all about getting his own redemption and season 6 he was all about finding his soul or figuring out what he did while soulless. Sam loves Dean and actually does care when Dean is in danger but the rest of the time, he’s all about himself.

          • Kelly says:

            I guess it’s a matter of perspective and first i never attacked anyone not the cas fans nor the dean fans, i love the three characters and I love the show.I guess I just don’t understand where you’re coming from, you’re bitching and whining about something that i don’t honestly see but it must because i’m objective regarding the show and don’t have any favorites.In my view of the show sam has never been about himself and you can see how much he loves his brother, he’s just a poor dude who really was born under a bad sign and made mistakes like his brother dean who is a poor dude too who had to deal with a lot.The show is about their journey and their relationship who has been tested in a lot of ways but still now their bond is stronger than ever.I love dean but the fact that he doedn’t get a supernatural storyline doesn’t bother me at all unless the writers come up with something good like in season 4 and 5.Even sam for that matter once they deal with his PTSD from hell now that the wall is down thanks to cas, there isn’t much more to tell about him for a supernatural storyline, it’s over the demon blood has been dealt with, the masterplan which was the apocalypse came and went.And the writers aren’t stupid they know this, that’s why they come up with an interesting storyline and a mistery about cas and his downfall to keep going after season 5.Don’t forget it was supposed to end, season 6 has been a whole new beginning and the set up for the arc that follows in season 7 and i’m sure it will be awesome.I’m sure if you weren’t so obssessed over some characters you will see it too, try reading between the lines and maybe giving poor sam a chance and some empathy, i really don’t understand the hate that some of you have for him.And no i am not a limp or sam fan i’m a supernatural fan and i love both brothers equally it is the beauty of their relationship that is behind the success of the show nothing else

        • JenniA says:

          i actually have facts and arguments backing my view of the show whereas most of the whiners just bitch and whine about this or that but without anything to show that their view is justified or make a lick of sense.
          Comment by Kelly – May 25, 2011 03:55 AM PDT

          Seriously Kelly? You have facts to back up your view of the show? Those are called opinions, not facts. Until you understand that don’t presume to post in here claiming your views are fact-based and no one else’s are.

    • Franklin Turtle says:

      It was Samcentric because Sam was all about Sam and Dean was all about Sam. Again. I love Dean to death. He’s my favorite character but the writers keep stuffing him back into that box and it’s really damaging the character IMO. Also the set up of having Dean be so ridiculously rusty after only one year in retirement were transparently set up to make Sam look like the more badass brother. Dean wasn’t even allowed to care about any other characters but Sam after the second episode and (no I don’t count the non-story that was his relationship with Lisa) until the last three when he finally got to interact with Cas again. That’s why I want Cas to stay. A Samcentric Dean has become a tedious Dean. Especially when Sam is never forced into the same narrow box. Of course that is because Sam is always and forever the most samcentric character on the show.

      • tara says:

        I disagree. Dean many times has been all about himself. He never misses an opportunity to talk about his low self-esteem, how his life sucks, blah blah. Everything is about his point of view. Lisa does count, he lived with her for a whole year.

  36. Sidney says:

    I hate Sera Gamble, she is a bitch.

    • Lisa says:

      Please remember, this is a TV show. Those kind of comments are not helpful.

    • Ace says:

      Oh? So you know her personally? Seriously, this is uncalled for. You may disagree with her decisions professionally (I do, to be honest), but there’s no need for personal attacks, especially attacks based on gender.

      Mods, I think this post should be removed.

    • obi says:

      I hate Sidney, she is a bitch.

      See what I did there? I made an assumption about you given the absolute ZERO KNOWLEDGE I have about you.

  37. Carrie says:

    I love Castiel, he is my favourite character and if he’s not in the show then I won’t be watching the show.

  38. Lizzy says:

    So not interested in cowboy stuff, the one episode last season was fun but not something I want to see as a theme. I still think they’ve made a major mistake of not having Castiel on all season and taking Misha off contract like they’ve done, it’ll cost them an 8th season.

  39. Clare says:

    I’ve watched it since day 1 but if Cas is killed off in 7.01, like Sera Gamble’s other comments hinted, I will not be watching it any more. I’m just not interested in that level of utter misery for these characters, not when they’ve already sacrificed and lost so much. Can’t Dean keep this one thing he loves as well as his brother? I’m more than happy for the focus to still be on Sam and Dean. But Castiel has been in 3 seasons of the show and to a lot of fans he is just as important as Sam and Dean. He certainly is for me and he doesn’t deserve to be turned into some sort of monster especially if he isn’t going to be saved. Both Sam and Dean have said they would die for him. Dean loves him and I’m pretty sure Sam cares for him too. It would be so ooc of them to hunt him without trying to help him.

  40. KC says:

    Dean and Castiel just won the long running best TV romance poll on spoilertv.com with nearly 8000 votes. Surely they can’t ignore that. People love Castiel.

    Dean Winchester & Castiel (Supernatural) 58.41% (7,616 votes)


    • hee says:

      That….is not a very big number. I love Cas, but it is the Winchester’s story.

      • Jenn says:

        Maybe not a huge number, but they beat Tiva and Kurt and Blaine. It’s kind of funny. I don’t think SPN would ever go there, because for all their hoyay, they’re pretty hetero-normative, but it’s new enough to primetime TV that I’d watch out of sheer novelty (because this show, like most others, can’t write a romance plot that makes sense).

  41. Enen says:

    I’m for Sam and Dean. Love the side trip with Cas, but love the direction Sera is going, very cool. Butch & Sundance’s outlaw spirit is what the show is about! But do agree with Rjmoons comment regarding “one shot” episodes of seasons 1 & 2, loved those stand alone episodes…

  42. Mish says:

    Does this mean we’re going back to the earlier seasons’ trope of law enforcement being on Sam’s and Dean’s backs? I enjoyed Henricksen and seriously hated his character’s death but that story’s already been done. Is it going to be Sam & Dean hiding out with a female companion? That doesn’t really appeal.

    Without Castiel, though, I’m less inclined to be interested. I know a lot of fans want the show to be nothing but the Sam and Dean show but I respectfully disagree. My favorite Season 6 episodes featured Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Bobby. They’ve got great chemistry that broadens the story.

    I did enjoy the first season with its almost claustrophobic focus on Sam and Dean and the Impala but much of its charm came from their youth, from the awkward process of two men who didn’t necessarily get along but loved each other trying to rebuild their relationship after years apart, and the humor of a tightly written sibling rivalry. That formula doesn’t fly for me any longer after the Hell that they’ve seen (and lived). They’ve outgrown the youthful pranks; their relationship has matured. I’m grateful that Sam and Dean are rock solid now but that removes a lot of the tension so critical to that first season’s success.

    Which brings me to the news that Castiel might not be appearing beyond the first episode of the seventh season. It was the addition of Castiel that took SPN from a show that I watched on DVR to one I watched live. Time was I couldn’t be bothered to remember when it came on after programming my DVR; now I eagerly anticipate the show each week.

    If Supernatural is going back to its original formula, monster of the week, two guys in a car roaming the countryside in implausibly short time periods and hiding out from the law, then it’ll go back to its status as a show I watch at my convenience.

  43. Supernatural fan says:

    every season is mostly all about sam for once they should have a season all about cas i strongly agree with all the other fans i mean for one the soulless sam was really stupid and second this season did not make any sense once by far it kina reminded me of a soap opera with different stories added everytime

  44. Audrey says:

    no cowboys and outlaws. that will drop ratings bad. i want to see all the old characters back, everyone who has died. like ellen, jo, ash, mary, john, rufus. since sam and dean beat the devil and cas is now a god, he should bring them all back to unite and fight evil together. cas should come back too as a powerful god, but still on sam and deans side. misha does alot for this show. i love j and j also and jim beaver. but it just wont be the same without misha.

  45. tippy says:

    Here’s how they do this right:

    1) In the season premiere, Sam and Dean fight to save Castiel, but he won’t be moved. Instead, he promises them that his reign as God will be benevolent, and that he will win their devotion, no matter what it takes. At which point, Castiel ascends to heaven, leaving them alone and not knowing what to do.

    2) Over the next few episodes, Dean and Sam find that the landscape of monster hunting has changed significantly. Not only are the threats easier to contain and less ambitious (nobody’s trying to take over the world anymore), but they are starting to have the devil’s own luck. It’s so far removed from what they’re used to that they start to feel almost obsolete. Cue the promised theme of “the last cowboys in the modern world.”

    3) Crowley returns and tries to reason with the boys, explaining that Cas has gone off the rails and the whole balance of good and evil is in serious danger. They’re unreceptive, but then things start going wrong and they realize that the more Castiel takes into himself, the more likely he is to “explode and take half the planet with” him — and/or release a million monster souls that will plunge the world into chaos. Fact is, the world is more in balance when good and evil are fighting each other as more or less equals.

    Boys do some soul-searching, admit they might have not really heard Castiel out, but know that now it’s too late and they have to take him down. Unfortunately, up in heaven Castiel realizes this means he can’t “win them over” and resolves that he will have to destroy them before they find a way to destroy him.

    4) Second half of season is how do you kill God (please, call the Authority!), and as the boys plot and Castiel defends himself we see him cracking. Culminate in a giant Buffy-esque yellow-crayon moment where we’re right at the brink of disaster and Castiel sacrifices everything to undo the wrong he’s done. Whether he dies or just goes fully human depends entirely on whether the show is picked up for Season 8.

    5) And dear God, if you really love us, please let Gabriel come back and give Cas the loving kick in the nuts he deserves.

    Pleeease make a note of it. :)

    • Amy says:

      I would watch this for sure.

    • CyanaT says:

      Excellent scenario… should please many fans!

    • frannie says:

      I would love to watch this! How I wish you were one of the writers in that room…

    • Jo1027 says:

      Boy does that sound boring. Good thing you’re not one of the writers.

    • obi says:

      This is not Charmed, and no1curr.

    • lou says:

      Not bad. I vote for Cas goes fully human. Maybe the Authority ;) shows him some mercy because he’s partly responsible for checking out and leaving Cas to clean up the mess, and that’s his penance.

    • Ria says:

      Now that outcome would be awesome Tippy!! I think that scenario would please most fans (whether Cas or Dean/Sam fans) and would make for an interesting season. I hope they do the right thing and end the series before it REALLY becomes too redundant and boring! (ie Smallville). True its always been about the brothers, but adding a few spices to the pot every so often just makes it better, regardless if they are on contract or recurring status.

  46. jana says:

    i say this a lot but season 6 actually turned out be my favourite season overall
    i hope the contract thing is just a money thing and he ll be in a lot like jimb, what good does it do thoughif he stays evil and hunts them or sth, i wish hed be redeemed in the premiere
    i am actually sad too lisaben are most likely not gonna apear again,
    i liked them as part of the show brought sth new it was kind of cute
    either way i ll always watch and am so glad we have season 7

  47. Barb says:

    I adore Cas but if you look at season 6, many of the eppies he was in were more cameos than anything (and Misha did what he could to make those moments memorable). Bobby has had more of a presence but he was not on contract so Misha not being on contract either could follow the same route. I hope that Cas will be on past the first eppie since it would be strange not to have him looking out for the boys in some fashion as he has done over the seasons.

  48. Jay says:

    I’m always going to be a huge fan of the show, wherever it goes. I’m completely behind the writers 100% on Castiel’s story arc. It’s interesting, and adds a whole new layer to the character. I love Castiel as the nerd angel, but I also love when shows explore new ways to develop a character, and besides, having Castiel as a big bad for season 7 if he sticks around for enough episodes will hold more emotional weight than any other bad guy that’s been on the show. It won’t just be about killing the next black-and-white evil bad guy, Sam and Dean are definately gonna struggle emotionally this one, because they have history with Cas.

  49. SPNTeamCas says:

    I like Butch Cassidy & Sundance, but um, hasn’t that kind of been the way of the show all along? I don’t really see how that’s supposed to be different or something to get excited about. And I really cannot get excited about going back to just SamnDean, no one else matters and no one else can ever be right or ever have a permanent spot in their world. I love both Sam and Dean, I loved seasons 1-3, but trying to revert to that after the brilliance of season 4 and all the repercussions from that season is a very bad decision.

    The Supernatural universe is more than just Sam and Dean now. Yes, they are still the focus and the heart of the show, it’s still their universe, and there would be no show without them. Dean is still my favorite character of all time, in any medium. But without Cas, the Cas that we have grown to love, this will not be Supernatural to me anymore. And I won’t be watching anymore. I’ll be heartbroken, but I’d be even more heartbroken trying to watch them live in a world without Cas in their lives.

    • Dilys says:

      This. So very much this.

    • Mae says:

      “And I really cannot get excited about going back to just SamnDean, no one else matters and no one else can ever be right or ever have a permanent spot in their world.”

      But didn’t we learn this lesson with Lisa and Ben? It makes so much logical sense to me that Sam and Dean CAN’T have others in their life without putting them in danger? It is the hunter’s life.

      Sam tried, Jess died. Dean tried, Lisa and Ben got kidnapped. It just doesn’t work for them.

      Bobby is still in their world, hopefully always will be. I’m sure next Season new characters will be created who will be weaved into their world.

      “But without Cas, the Cas that we have grown to love, this will not be Supernatural to me anymore. And I won’t be watching anymore. I’ll be heartbroken, but I’d be even more heartbroken trying to watch them live in a world without Cas in their lives.”

      Seriously? I don’t understand giving up on a show you love because 1 character will no longer will a regular. The writers have yet to confirm or deny how much of a role Cas will have next Season. Jim Beaver as Bobby isn’t a regular and look how much screen time he gets.

      • SPNTeamCas says:

        I agree that they have yet to confirm or deny how much of a role Cas will have next season. But Sera has said that beyond the first ep, she really couldn’t say how much of a part Cas will play in the rest of the season. Sure, this might mean that she’s not wanting to give away plot points, but this statement along with reducing Misha’s status on the show is what concerns me.

        So, if Bobby can remain in their world, why can’t Cas? Why can’t this character, who has become such an important part of both their lives just as Bobby has, who has supported them, helped them, saved their lives countless times, raised them both from Hell, and been loyal to them through everything, why can’t he remain in their world?

        If Misha’s status is truly recurring throughout the season like Jim Beaver’s then that’s great. I’d be perfectly happy with that, as long as his character did have a redemption arc that lasted more than one or two eps. I think the character and the fans deserve at least that.

        • kelly says:

          Get your facts straight he didn’t raise sam from hell, he tried and just saved his body, creating a monster and then he didn’t care about it and didn’t bother to tell dean, such a great friend/brother indeed!Loyal? he lied time and time again through all season 6 and then pulled the ultimate betrayal by bringing the wall in sam’s head down.I love cas too but get a grip he isn’t perfect, nobody is! he has a lot to make up for and it won’t be easy for the brothers to forgive him

          • Krissy says:

            he lied time and time again through all season 4 and then pulled the ultimate betrayal by choosing a demon over his own brother

            Sound familiar, you twat?

          • kelly says:

            Actually Krissy if you want to get technical sam never betrayed his brother, never once in the show was the word betrayal uttered.We got to see in 5.01 dean’s point of view who is hurt emotionnally, miserable and completely in over his head with the rise of lucifer.
            Now if you don’t remember how the las t scene played out go back and watch 4.21, sam asked dean to come with him, to trust him for once and let him call the shots.Dean knowing that sam isn’t thinking clearly anymore because of the demon blood refused with legitimate reasons, got desperate and then opened his mouth and drove his brother over the edge.They obviously fought and we all know how it ends.Stop thinking that dean is innocent, he’s not, sam neithet they both made mistakes and they were turned against each other by angels and demons.If they had stuck together from the start instead of letting them come between them, lucifer would never have risen but of course there wouldn’t have been much story to tell.This storyline was brilliant so is the way they orchestrated all season 4 and 5

          • moo says:

            @kelly pew, the sent of samapolgism in the morning. Strangling someone and then leaving them broken and bleeding on the floor while you run off with you demon girlfriend is betrayal in my book. Never mentioning that or apologizing for it makes Sam the most unredeemable character on the show. Nothing that has come after has changed my opinion of him and I certainly have zero interest in listening to him whine about how much harder he had it in hell than Dean who he accused of whining. Sam is a horrible brother. Actually Cas is too considering how he also beat the crap out of Dean and lied and betrayed him repeatedly. This show’s idea of family is sick and its message of blame the victim is sick.

  50. Lisa says:

    The angel arc is finally over? In that case, I may return to watch.