Supernatural Exclusive: Misha Collins Won't Be a Series Regular for Season 7

Brace yourself, Supernatural fans (as if Friday night’s finale didn’t already rob you of most every breath): Though his alter ego now is a bigger force than ever to be reckoned with, Misha Collins will not be returning to the CW series as a regular next season, TVLine has learned.

After making a rock star entrance in Season 4, Castiel quickly became a fan favorite, but the Winchesters’ angel ally has gone from heavenly to sinister this season. In Friday night’s finale, he opened the door to purgatory –- inside himself! –- and became a soul-powered God. And nobody was going to get in his way. Not Raphael, not Crowley, not even the Winchesters, whom he gave the ultimate choice in the show’s final minutes: allegiance, or death.

So why the decision to not bring back Collins as a series regular, just when Cas seems to be at his most… almighty?

“When it comes to Supernatural, our philosophy is that everyone moves in and out and weaves in and out of the story, obviously with the exception of Sam and Dean,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells TVLine. “We love Misha. We love and adore the character of Castiel. His character developed to this extent and went in this unexpected direction because we were so inspired by him.”

The season finale cliffhanger “is a very pivotal moment in Cas’ development,” Gamble adds, describing the character as “transformed.” “Basically, that’s what we’ll be exploring next season, so there’s just a big change.”

A change so big it calls for less of a focus on Cas and the goings-on in heaven? While there will be angel stories in Season 7, “they will probably be more self-enclosed,” reveals Gamble.

“[In Season 6], we consciously kept some of this angel civil war off camera because we are interested in what happens on Earth,” she explains. “We are interested in what happens in the purview of the boys. We feel that in terms of what we can accomplish, the scope of the show, our storyline is best accomplished where the Impala can go.”

Collins is expected to return for the Season 7 opener, but how much of a presence he will have on the show beyond that, if any, is a mystery Gamble can’t delve into “without giving away a lot about the premiere,” she says.

Two other names familiar to Supernatural fans however will be back – creator Eric Kripke and executive producer Ben Edlund. Gamble assures us that despite being left off a CW press release touting next season, Kripke and Edlund are hard at work on the seventh cycle. “Their titles have changed,” she explains. “There are a lot of technical and contractual reasons that people’s titles change that don’t necessarily reflect their level of involvement or commitment to the show. … They’ve been in the [writers] room with me every day this week.”

Supernatural fans, are you disappointed that Misha Collins won’t be a series regular next season? What did you think of Cas’ dark turn in the season finale? And what are your hopes for Season 7?

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  1. ryeisenberg says:

    this is the worst news ever. someone take the show away from sera gamble and give it to kripke and edlund please.

    • robbie says:

      Whatever. Cas is the weakest character.

      • it is not of import says:

        screw you robbie. Cas is the best.

        • Debbie says:

          I like Cas – He is the best and I will miss seeing him as a regular

          • Ruthie Hanna says:

            I,cant beleave it,why,I love his charector so much.I,sit by my tv and watch every episode plus all the reruns every day.The show has been great since day one .Sam and dean,you couldent have picked better acters for there rolls,but Mishia ,,castiell,made the show.His turning point at this last show friday was a big surrprise that I really cant wait to see him in the new season,but thats not happing.WOW,really Sad.Its,not bad enough that im not going to get to see him here in nashville June 4th and 5th due to not being able to offord due to being on dissibility.money tight,but would so much love to have had my pic with him and the cocktail party.Gosh,now u tell me i will see him no more,talk about a double boost of dissapointment.I guess dreams really dont cum true for sum of us.Thanks alot,and good luck with new season.Mr.Collins may god bless you and keep you safe.Irs been a great pleasure watching you.From a not so happy fan a friend in my heart always.

          • Bhante Jagara says:

            I disagree with delimiting the role of the prevalent angel, Cass.
            This is not consistent with the development of Supernatural. Anyone who goes back in the series knows that there have always been angels involved with the stories. Therefore, it is with weak consistency that the upper administration would choose to truncate this. I do believe that the Cass character added dimensions to the story of the Winchester brothers that other tries apparently did not, for what other reason would they keep Cass for so many stories. The show is about involvement with supernatural occurences and this had more breadth with Cass on at least intellectual engagement than merely survival of the brothers and knocking off other beings. It gave another depth of what interrelations of supernatural encounters could involve including thinking differently other than knee jerk
            responses. I look forward to a more substantial role of Cass or similar depths with Supernatural.
            Bhante J.

        • Unknwon says:

          He’s right anyway the show has gone downhill since season 4.

          • Panthera says:

            I think, that it wasn’t caused by Castiels character. If he wasn’t in show here, a lot of people would stop watching it long time ago, especially during season four. I really like him here, he was practicaly one of few things, why I just watch it again and I’m upset now, what writers have done with his character. I should say, I hate them for it right now.

          • Taylor says:

            Still hoping it ends on a strong note.

        • SPN4ever says:

          Has anyone ever noticed that Castiel’s character is similar to Spocks? Trying to understand the ‘human’ side and not getting the jokes that the boys say? very close… I think that is why we like him so much… he’s naive and wonder struck by all that he sees.

          Now for this year’s Cas… I can’t believe how much happened with him… in his eyes he feels that he is right. And in a way he is… to stop the angels from raising Lucifer and Michael to fight the battle. Very similar to Dean and Sam’s sacrifices for each other and for the world. Dean saving Sam from Death, Sam saving Mankind from Death… Cas savig Dean and Sam and the World…

          • Shania says:

            Very good point about the similarity between Cas and Spock. I hadn’t realized it before, but I definitely think that you are right. In Star Trek’s case, the writers quickly realized that Spock-centric stories were going to be very popular and allow them to explore a completely different type of perspective and personal history. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the same type of situation is happening here. Taking Supernatural back to an amusing road-trip is a step into insignificance, I’m afraid. Much as I enjoy Jensen and Jared’s work together, the scenes between Jensen and Misha rival that between William and Leonard, or even more apro, Patrick and Brent (Picard and Data). I really really hope this is a red herring for the fans, and that Misha will continue to play a large part in the show.

        • N/A says:

          yeah really screw u Robbie.u dont know nothing.

        • Kelli says:

          I love cass and am very disappointed and at the same time i very curious ont eh ideas of seven as well

        • freak says:

          remove dean in the show

          • Jenna says:

            Oh yeah what a brilliant idea. Take away one half of the boys, and the show would tank.

            Glad you’re not a writer!

        • Margie Fletcher says:

          I totally agree, Cass is one of the very reasons we watch this show. I agree whoever is writing this give it back to the good writers !

      • Mandy Dillon says:

        Are you kidding me, Castiel has been the most pivotal character since he entered in season 4. He is one of the most popular actors in that series. I am so upset he will not be a regular :(

        • Jaclyn says:

          Absolutely agree, to actually put a press release out one day showing Misha as having a regular cast role and then change it once the finales aired is a disgrace.
          There is so much scope for Castiel and Misha has elevated an already superb show.

          • Alice says:

            That’s a Joss Whedon move- be lucky Castiel is alive. After several seasons of getting “guest star” credit, Amber Benson was finally moved to series regular- on the episode her character was killed off.

          • Hali says:

            @Alice, oddly enough the BTVS theme song was stuck in my head before I read that xD.

        • Novalee says:

          I agree Mandy..Cas has been a huge influence..I am heart broken over this whole mess….Cas gone bad.. Misha only being a guest next year…I’m a Casgirl all the way but this is a nightmare…(and for those who will argue *it’s not the Cas show* I didn’t even start watching the show until Castiel’s first appearance..then I back tracked…

          • Pamela says:

            I only caught glimpses of Supernatural before Season 4–which I caught re-airing on TNT in the mornings by accident after watching some “Charmed” re-runs. I always thought the show was kind of uninteresting, to be honest, but then Mr. Sexy walked through the door busting out light bulbs and wearing that dreamy trench coat. I couldn’t stop watching the screen. It was then that I started watching the previous seasons via netflix, to figure what the hell was going on, of course.

            Still, those three seasons leading up to 4 weren’t much compared to 4-6, involving the Angel story arcs. I loved watching Mark Pellegrino play Satan (I love Jared Padelecki–he’s very talented) but Mark’s version of Satan was just…God, you loved to hate the bastard. And then Trickster turning out to be the Archangel Gabriel. Honestly, I don’t know how they will ever top season 5. It was just so…perfect. Aside from the Gabriel death, still miffed about that one, but oh well.

            And Misha…OMG! Castiel is only so loveable because Misha did all the right things in his portrayal of the character. In season six, we got to see a new slew of what Misha can do and while I’m not thrilled with this “turn”…I can’t help but think that boys have to realize that Cas needs saving from himself. I’d really like to see that play out at some point, without adding a notch to the character death bed post, of course.

            Anyway, I’m not too disappointed with Season 6–I found it very interesting and loved the human-soul-energizer-bunny angel. But, like I said: Season 5, in my opinion, will never be beat. There is nothing they can do to top it’s awesomeness. And, if Castiel is killed off either through possession of tens of billions of souls or ultimately through character death, I will probably discontinue watching altogether. Two heart-throb brothers chasing down the monster of the week just doesn’t do it for me.

          • Jenna says:

            Well it’s NOT the Cas show, regardless of when you started watching it.

        • fandom says:

          Guys, They probably did it, cause this season Misha wasn’t in the episodes alot, and Cas will still be a BIG part, just not as big as being in every episode, which happened this year…. they aren’t taking him away, just changing his status, same thing happened to Kripke, his postion changed, not him being there, clam down, they can’t just exit him out.

          • Helen says:

            And what’s the point of watching THIS kind of Cas in the show, even if he’s still a big part? He just wears Cas’ face, but isn’t Cas.

            It’s like watching a season with Samifer or soulless Sam, instead of the Sam we know and love!

        • raelee514 says:

          Really I wouldn’t worry. He’ll be around, possibly even more than this year.

          Look at Jim Beaver. He’s always a guest star but do feel like Bobby isn’t a regular on the show?

        • Kat says:

          Cas turning into a power hungry maniac was terrible. It wasn’t him. I still love him regardless but I didn’t like the storyline. Sadly I’m sick of Dean and Sam for some reason maybe it was Sam going darkside AGAIN or Dean and his “family” with Lisa and Ben. I’m all for Dean getting a girlfriend but not an instant family when did that become Dean. I wanted it to be cool him juggling hunting and a potential girlfriend instead of him becoming some suburbian Dad. He’s not cool anymore.

          Cas was/is my favorite. His relationship with Dean – awesome. (Liked it better than Sam/Dean.

          With Misha gone. I have no reason to watch. The allure of two brothers has lost it’s appeal since they became so anal.

          Anytime he guest stars I will tune in because I adore him.

          • kristin says:

            Actually if you go back to season 2 when the Jinn poison Dean, his dream world is living in a nice house with a respectful girlfriend.. and in season 3 the episode with the dreamroot, Dean dreams about being with Lisa and Ben… I think he IS like his mom..he wants the “normal life”..he just cant have it…Where as Sam is like John, He’s a hunter.

          • lady says:

            The problem with Dean’s story line with Lisa and Ben is he’s not in love with them. He’s in love with the idea of them. Lisa is just some chick he had a weekend with years ago, now she their together? Dean needed a real love interest.

            I am so disappointed in the Cas story line there just are’nt words!

        • Karen says:

          I will not continue to watch the show without Cass ! He quickly became one of my favorite characters and looked forward to seeing him on every episode!

      • Jessie says:

        Agree 100%. I hope they keep to their promise to return the show to Sam and Dean. I am loving the premise they’ve set up for Season 7. Go Sera!!

        • Staci says:

          Jessie, I completely agree with you. I want the show to get back to monster hunting, where it started, what we all fell in love with the show for.

          • Jean says:

            Yes! Sam and Dean. Saving people; hunting things. The family business.

          • Ana says:

            Comment for yourself, please. WE didn’t ALL fall in love with the show because of the monster hunting. I fell in love with the show because I loved its humour, and the interactions between Sam and Dean. It was like a lighter, funnier X Files. When Misha joined the cast, I loved it even more. Jensen and Misha’s scenes are almost always hilarious, while frequently poignant and give us essential aspects of their characters. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that these two men are so sexy and gorgeous – definitely the two best-looking men currently on TV. My shallowness is alarmed that I won’t be getting my regular dose of Misha, but my love of drama/comedy is concerned that we will be missing the best elements of the Supernatural wit.

        • Issa says:

          Agree with you totally, Jessie! Love the “Show” and the directions it takes — it’s “positively Darwinian!” — evolve or die. Cas will return, and that’s good; but SPN is not about angels, heaven, god, and all of the philosophical ramifications of these concepts — it is about family — the Winchester brothers.

        • Tootsie says:

          Agree, I am so looking forward to the show going back to Sam and Dean. I have watched from the beggining but that doesn’t mean I like all the directions the show has taken and season 6 was a mess. There were episodes I enjoyed and some just ugh! But really hope the show starts to steer away from Cas and the angels and back to the boys in the Impala. I love the comment about not taking the show where the Impala can’t go.

          • spoilt says:

            The series are just awesome since the first episode. But it was all about family business. The problem of the show is that we get to love it and all its characters. The end of season 5 looked like a good ending. The brothers and is new awesome friend fallen angel that stopped the apocalypse. But the fans couldn’t accept Sam locked at the cage with Michael and Lucifer. The “mother of all” thing was awesome. I was missing the monster thing and Supernatural did a great job with it in this season. But the soul thing took one of the great characters so a side that no one wanted… But I expect big things of season 7. Just like Sam had his awesome “demon side” business he needed to surpass, so does now Castiel.

            But like I said at first, this is family business, and Cas should not disappear, die, whatever. At least he should become just like the old Bobby we all like :D

        • John says:

          Disagree. The show needs the dynamic between Dean, Sam, Cas and Bobby. I love Dean and Sam, but it’s really become about the interactions between the four now. Case in point: best two episodes this season were Weekend at Bobby’s and The Man Who Would Be King.

      • Klaire says:

        WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CASS IS AWESOME YOU JERK

      • raelee514 says:

        It’s best to say one’s opinion as opinion and not fact.

      • Mia says:

        I know! GET RID OF HIM FOR GOOD PUH-LEASE ALREADY! I’m so tired of that face on my screen. Introduce a girl for a change, how bout that, writers?

        • Jeremy says:

          If you hadn’t raised a good point about the female casting, I’d just tell you to stick it where the sun don’t shine. I honestly believe Misha Collins’ brilliant performances and watching his character development was essential in keeping a number of fans of earlier seasons watching when Kripke, Gamble and others started taking us on this whole grandiose apocalypse ride. I’ll hate seeing less of him next season. But you’re right about the women of Supernatural. D@mn! Those writers are rough on them! Exactly how many strong and interesting female characters that appear recurringly on the show have been incinerated and mutilated or replaced with other actresses (demnons in other bodies, of course) over the years? Okay, I know it’s supposed to be about the brothers, but come on. I really liked alot of the female actors on this show – did you really have to kill ALL of them?

      • TJCrinc says:

        up yours dude. i do think elevating him to a whole new status is a bit much though (wanted to make a spoiler free comment)

      • Spikenalabama says:

        Agreed. Never liked Castiel. Not sorry to see him go.

      • Almofadinhas says:

        He has purgatory inside him which gives him the power of a God and made him blow up the strongest angel in heaven just snapping his fingers…I mean, of course he’s the weakest, did you have some doubts yet? ¬¬’

      • Katie says:


      • Fiona says:

        Hey you’re not supose to say that!! Cas is awesome,I like Cas, he manage to bring peace in dark times betwen the Wincester’s.

      • Joaquin says:

        You are an Idiot, Cass is one of the mightiest and intelligent characters in the show, if not, he couldn´t have managed to get all the purgatory´s souls.

    • Jenny says:

      …I agree totally. Sera is a talented writer, but Kripke would never have taken the show in this direction.

      • Matthew says:

        i rather approve of this, cas in my opinion was getting to popular for his own good plus its a HUGE twist and i find it to be rather entertaining

        • Xavier says:

          How can a character be too popular? I would think when you create a character you WANT the character to be popular. I thought it was a good thing that they finally lucked into another character outside of Sam and Dean that caught on with fans (Bobby being the other one.) Twists only work if they make sense in retrospect. This one did not make sense. I’ve slept on it and I still don’t get how Cas went from majorly conflicted, doing his best to try and keep the brothers a safe in the midst of a nasty civil war and even coming back to fix Lisa to megalomanic demi-god who just wants to be worshipped. It was too much change in the core character without proper explanation. Not to mention the super quick resolution to Sam’s wall and the mother of all storyline. I’ve been a huge Supernatural fan since season one and I’ve never been disappointed in the writing like I have been this season, especially the finale.

          • Orlando says:

            I agree, Sam’s wall needs more airtime on what really went down in the cage just as Dean’s time as torture-master of the rack. The finale was all-over-the-place and I hope they (the writers) get it together in S7.

          • Pamela says:

            I agree. He went from crying out for God to stop him and then what, two episodes later he’s becoming a God himself? Telling team free will to bow down or die? What is up with that? Like I said in one of my previous posts, the boys are going to have to save Castiel from whatever this power trip has done to him, without killing him in the process.

            I don’t care that he will have a more Bobby like appearance schedule, just so long as they bring him back for at least 30-40% of the time. Which is about the same status of Bobby. And they have to save him, that’s just how it is!

          • art318 says:

            the 50 million monster souls are messing with his head. if you watch the season 7 preview this new so called god says that castiel is dead.

        • dee says:

          Misha also has a huge twitter following and I think he very much helped to keep the interest in the show alive this year. It’s crazy to jettison your popular character and switch the actor to a lesser standing. I’m all for making decisions based on what is best for the show as a whole, but I feel this is a mistake on so many levels.

      • @Jenny says:

        Did you even SEE who WROTE the very last episode? Did you SEE who wrote the Castiel-centric episode? Eric Kripke and Ben Edlund, respectively. They LOVE Castiel (far, far more than I ever did). The news that actually saddens me is that Kripke and Edlund are still so heavily involved. I’m REALLY tired of them turning their bad Dean/Castiel fanfic into SPN episodes.

        • Michael says:

          Edlund is awesome. He’s one of my favorite writers on the show.

        • Maggie says:

          Jenny. “I’m REALLY tired of them turning their bad Dean/Castiel fanfic into SPN episodes.” What the hell are all of you ppl talking about when you say things like this???!! They are so not catering to Slash fans..I have no idea where ppl are getting this. So whooa there is a Cas-centric episode. Is tht why everyone is freaking out seriously I just don’t see any sexual tension between the two in the show.

        • sashay says:

          I LOVE the Dean and Castiel interactions, to me they’re the highlight of the show. Not to disparage Jarad, he’s a great actor, but Sam can be a little hard to take at times, and I think it’s a natural evolution, for the boys to grow more independent from each other.
          I am saddened that Castiel won’t be a regular character next season but I’m fine with the evolution of the character as it stands. Of course power corrupts, and I think it will be fascinating to see what he does next.
          As a weird side-night, I don’t usually find Jarad very attractive, but I found him incredibly sexy as the burned-up, destroyed version of Sam. Guess it was that gross hair style that turned me off him these last few seasons….

        • anonymous says:

          Edlund’s episode was superb. Kripke’s episode pooped all over Edlund’s episode. It’s a shame.

    • Harmony says:

      You do realize that this states that Kripke is in the writing room which means the story decision to remove Cas as a major recurring character is his decision as well as Sera and the other executive producers like Ben Edlund? Sera is not to blame here (not solely anyways) it is the progression of the story in the direction the writers (all of them) feel it should go.

      • chelsea says:

        AMEN! as if everyone doesn’t love sam, dean & bobby as well. I’ll watch until the end. isn’t that what a true fan does?

        • Angel says:

          I will watch Supernatural till the end! I waiting for the show to beginand watched the pilot episode 1’week early in 2005. I remember watching in my basement living family room at 12:30am when everyone else in the house was in bed. I was so scared when it was over…. Awesome show to have scared me hehe:) I will totally watch it to it’s ending with or without Cas, I do enjoy Cas with the boys and I really hope he stays on the show regularly. I don’t like his now being a god of sorts but hey…Sera, Eric, and Ben are up to something, I just hope it’s good and not stupid. Keep Castiel on the show guys! I really enjoy his character, just not the trenchcoat:)

        • Yeah, no says:

          People have opinions. Mine is that the show should have ended after season 5 if THIS is the direction it was going to take. It’s one thing to kill off a beloved character, but to give the character a personality transplant and THEN kill them off? I can’t get behind that decision.

        • BBW says:

          Oh god, the whole “true fan” nonsense. So, someone has to watch whatever horrors the writers throw at them (on any show) in order to be a “true fan”? IMO, a “true fan” has the right to expect a certain level of enjoyment from a show, and if it doesn’t deliver, they have the right to stop watching. Doesn’t mean they weren’t a “true fan” when they did watch.

          • angeldove says:

            Completely agree! As a true fan, I have the right to roll my eyes, twist my neck, snap my fingers, and complain on the boards when I don’t like the direction in which the show is headed. Just like I have the right to tweet obnoxiously, incessantly, about how excited for the finale I was. Free will, they talked about it in the series.

          • Pamela says:

            I completely agree. Smallville, for example. I watched it from the beginning, but somehow after season 4–and I don’t know why–it just didn’t interest me any more. I think it’s hard, sure, for writers to always be fresh and creative, but I think they’ve done well on Supernatural up to this point in bringing the fresh. I came on board after season 4 and I won’t lie: it was the Cas character that got me there and I don’t know if I would watch without seeing a Cas appearance every now and then, just like Bobby. But I’ve watched the first three seasons and if it goes back to that, I will probably stop watching.

            I don’t mean to say that it wasn’t a quality show beforehand or that Jared and Jensen aren’t good enough to carry the show on their own. Obviously we all watch the show for varying reasons and they’ve had a good following from the get go. I’m just not one of the fans who watches it for the monster of the week and if that is what it regresses back to entirely, especially without any Cas at all, I’m sorry but I’m out. I care about the show too, I like the actors and the writers and I enjoy watching them at the cons, but that is not enough for me to torture myself for an hour watching something I have no interest in.

        • palestina says:


      • Ali says:

        Are you trying to say that Gamble is NOT the boss? Because I’m sorry, but she is. She’s the showrunner. If Ben wanted to keep a character, and Sera wanted that character gone, that character is gone. Period.

        • markwood says:

          Actually the business isn’t run that way. An executive producer is not the end all be all. AS their are network and studio reps who have to approve each script. Eric and Bob are also listed as Exec (same as Sera) and while era might run the writing room (breaking down stories, giving assignments, and general rewriting, Kripke still has to sign off of each script.

          • Ali says:

            Showrunner, markwood. She’s not just an exec producer, she’s the showrunner. Kripke’s the creator, but he has stepped back, and now Gamble is the showrunner. She has been since the beginning of season 6.

            (Also, Kripke’s listed as an exec? I don’t think he is. I think it’s McG, Singer, Gamble and Sgriccia this year.)

          • Colleen Fottrell says:

            Okay, so what you are saying is that she doesn’t have the final decision. That’s totally false. She’s running the show and hence has creative control over the project. She signs off on all story ideas bottom-line. Finally, she is totally responsible for this decision and like a coward, is trying to deflect her responsibility on others to avoid taking the heat for a bad writing decision.

          • mark wood says:

            Show runner’s don’t have utter control over the product. A Show runner is responsible for the daily management (in sera’s case) of the writer’s room, Bob generally runs the physical side of the production (though both do give input on both sides of the production (creative and physical).

            But as a show runner often still has to answer to another within production, and they then also have to answer to production Company reps (in this case Warner’s) and studio execs reps (this case the CW).

            Those people aren’t typically involved with things like story breakdowns, and script assignments, and daily rewrites (all of which are handled typically by a showrunner), but all of these due review, approve and give notes often pages off notes.

            As for Kripkle, Kripke stepped down from the day to day running of the writer’s room. That doesn’t mean he still isn’t a rung on the ladder above Sera.

            Tat Executive Production credit that Sera, Bob and Kripke all receive at the end of the show isn’t just for show. He still has to review and approve all scripts for the show.

            Rearely due studios give an executive credit for someone who doesn’t contribute for the show. As that credit pays that person money. All the above line credits scene on tv generate specific earnings for each person so named. For example in the last episode Kripke has three above the line credits, meaning he is getting paid set amounts for three different things.

            First up is the creators credit, he gets a set sum for each and every episode produced as the shows creator (and if he wasn’t involved with the show that would be his only credit). He got a written by so that means he earned a set sum for writing the script. He also has a Executive Produced Credit at the end of the broadcast (and before the below the line credits roll), meaning he gets another set sum for overseeing production of the series.

            Now just because he does this doesn’t mean he agrees with the head writer (he might just be a rubber stamp producer, who just signs off on anything that hits his desk). But generally that type of producer wouldn’t still write a script for a show (After all the writing credit is the one that pays the lowest amount so why bother).

            Any Trek fans in here, will have many, many examples of the limits of show runners who aren’t even close to the final say of episodes, story concepts, ect.

        • Enough says:

          Sera does have bosses to answer to, you know those studio executives the men in suits the ones that give her the paycheck. Stop trying to blame Sera for everything. If they don’t like something they ask her to change it, if they cut her budget she has to cut back on characters and story telling.

          It’s a group effort, not just Sera, but the studio as well. They do have to get every script approved before they can even begin to shoot the episode. ;)

          • Ali says:

            Gamble is the showrunner. The buck stops with her. If she’d like to tell me who actually IS responsible for this, if not her, she’s welcome to do so.

          • JD says:

            I’m sure she’ll be in touch any moment.

          • mark wood says:

            Ok, here are some examples from Star Trek (modern TNG, DS9 and VOY just to use some well reported examples).
            TNG 2nd season Showrunner – Maurice Hurley (writer’s), Rick Breman (Production) they both had to get approval from Exec Gene Roddenberry (who had stepped down as Showrunner from season 1).
            TNG Season 3-5 – Show runner Michael Piller. He had to get approval from Executive Producer Rick Berman (and Gene Roddenberry up to late four season).
            TNG Season 6-7 – Show Runner Jeri Taylor had to approval from first Michael Piller, then Rick Berman (both Executive Producers).
            Season 1-2 (co creators Rick Berman and Michael Piller) – Show Runner Michael Piller still had to get approval from Rick Berman (exectuvie Producers)
            Season 3 – Show Runner Ira Steven Behr – had to get approval from first Exectuvie Prodcuer Michael Piller and then went to Rick Breman (EP)
            Seasons 4-7 – Show Runner Ira Steven Behr had to get approval of Rick Berman (EP). Michael Piller creator had stepped down from his EP position and no longer was in a person who had a say in script or any other portion of production, he did give notes (credited as Creative consultant) but those notes had no weight).
            Voyager (Created by Rick Berman, Michael Piller & Jeri Taylor)
            Season 1 (Show runner Michael Piller & Jeri Taylor – both had to get approval by EP Rick Berman
            Season 2 Show Runner (for the bulk of the season) Jeri Tyalor who had to get approval from Michael Piller and then from Rick Berman (both EP)
            Season 3 Show Runner Jeri Tyalor who had to get approval from Rick Berman (EP), Michael Piller was no longer in day to day operations and thus was created only as co creator.
            Season 4 – Showrunner Brannon Braga who had to get approval from Jeri Tyalor who then had to get approval from Rick Berman (both EP).
            Season 5-6 Showrunner Brannon Braga had to get approval from Rick Berman
            Season 7 ShowrunnerKen Biller who had to get approval from EP Rick Berman, Brannon Braga had gone to Consultant, meaning notes that didn’t have to be followed.

            And in each of those seasons the showrunner (not to mention members of the writing staff) have told stories about the people above the those mentioned above both the production company and in Voyager’s case network execs who would not allow certain plots, story lines, or events to occur).

          • JenniA says:

            @Ali, unless you know anything about how television actually works please step back from your little obsession with Sera Gamble. She is one part of a whole group that runs the show.

            Thank you Mark Wood for trying your best to make things clear to someone who obviously has no understanding of how TV works.

    • Alrisha says:

      Have some faith people! Every single season is the same and them the writer do something fantastic. Let give them some credit a wait what is coming. I love the show and going to see it until the very end as long as Sam and Dean are in I’m too.

    • Coco says:

      I am annoyed beyond belief. The only factor mitigating my annoyance was the early announcement that Cas was returning next season and there was time for a big redemption story. Now I feel like they are going to kill him off in the season premiere and have him go out as a big bad. Ridiculous, and makes little sense with the long term character development. Bad storytelling. If they wanted to write Misha off, they should have given Cas a hero’s send off.

    • Colleen Fottrell says:

      I totally second that! I was clear from the beginning that whoever decided to put her in charge made a terrible decision and could definately cost us the series. This idea that she’s taken a well loved character, turned him into an evil bastard only to be killed in the first episode of next season is a real FU to the fans. Most fans of the show love Castiel and getting rid of him will lose them fans…not because he’s off the show necessarily, but how she did it.

      I had been hearing rumors for awhile that said Misha was leaving the show, and I was willing to accept it if it was his decision, but that it was Sera’s idea makes me furious. She’s obviously not interested in what the fans want, so why should I be interested in her show. I’m not gonna tune in, in September just to watch Cas die.

      When someone else takes over the show, preferably Eric Kripke or Ben Edlund, then I’ll start watching the show.

      • cas ryan says:

        this i totally agree with =) thank you for saying this

      • @Colleen Fottrell says:

        Oh, damn, don’t even JOKE about Edlund taking over the show I love! Hell to the no! *shudders forever*

      • Helen says:

        There’s a worse possibility than Cas being killed off in September: that they keep him as evil/crazy and we have to watch this travesty on screen!

      • Cindy Hyer, Henderson NV says:

        The only family left… Sam, Dean, Bobby,and Castiel should be on at least every other show. “To quote Dean… they have earned it!”

        The show was interesting (but easily misable) before Cass. Without Cass you’ll find many women doing dishes rather than postponing them until after the show!

        This comment comes from not only an avid show watcher, but someone with years of pop music, movies, television… moving on to hotel/casinos in Las Vegas with $11M annual promotions budget, handling marketing, advertising, PR, etc for a corporration of 8 multimilion dollar money-makers.

        Why do so many people find it to blow success?

        I certainly hope much of what I’ve read is untrue, meant to stimulate watching the 1st show as a hook, or I can’t help but wonder if personality conflicts or an unwillingness to spend money to make money carry your undercurrent!

        The context of the show is based on the fact that family works out the problems… and this has been shown many times. Bobby stabbing himself, arguemnents that would seem lifelong…

        That’s the subtext of the show. Sam wasn’t abandoned when he went darkside! Dean forgave everyone who knew Sam hadn’t been in the pit the entire time Dean mourned his loss!

        Real families (blood or not) forgive and attempt to reconcile even when they are afraid to ride in the same car! So, who’s next to cut the process and the overhead… Bobby?
        Team Supernatural!

    • lorna says:

      eff this. im a few eps behind, but season 6 SUCKED. i would rather another season of life unexpected. I may be done with SPN. I was so bored this season.

    • Igal says:

      I very much regret that Misha will not be in 7 season. It very badly also I think that without it 7 season will be less interesting.

      • Tuskin says:

        Umm, its not saying Cas won’t be in season 7, its ay he won’t be a Regular, he will be in a few episodes, a line in the article said they would be exploring this new aspect to his character.

    • diane sankey says:

      Regardless of who does or does not decide to remove Cas, the decision is not a good one in my opinion. I was not thrilled with the story line taking Cas to the dark side but okay, play it out and redeem him them bring him back to the family. He brought the show to life when it needed serious help and probably would never have continued with subsequent seasons without him. This season was rocky from the get go and finally began to redeem itself the last few episodes now they want to mess it up for good? Let’s face it, how many different supernatural story lines can you come up with but the Angels and Cas brought the show to an entire new level.

      • @diane sankey says:

        I really wish people, including the writers via Dean, would stop including Castiel “in the family” and putting him on the same level as Sam. Castiel’s not (and should not be) like a brother to Dean. Sam is Dean’s brother. Sam and Dean’s brotherly relationship is (or should be) the focus of the show. Castiel is, at most, a cousin once removed. I don’t necessarily want the character to die, I just want him to not be the focus anymore. I want the focus on SAM and DEAN and SAMnDEAN, like it used to be, like it SHOULD be.

        • @the@person says:

          I think it’s silly to suggest that Sam and Dean can’t care for anyone else as much as they care for each other. Frankly, I think expanding the family dynamics beyond Dean, Cas, Sam and Bobby showed the brothers that it was okay and even healthy to let other people into their insular world after they were paranoid and jaded for so long. It’s character growth, and going back to what you say “should” be is regression, which is always bad writing. Good writing is about progression.

        • Ariana says:

          Er, if Dean says it then it’s so. It’s *canon*. Deal with it. Your precious Sammy isn’t the be all and end all.

          • Snotmonster says:

            “Your precious Sammy”? Oh dear. That sounds a tads bitter. Guess we all know which camp you’re in, eh?

        • Gabriella says:

          Sam is Dean’s brother. Castiel is more like his bestie ;) I for one LOVE that dynamic and would be heartbroken if it was snatched away. Not only did Cas bring a lot to the show as an individual character but his dynamic with Dean was refreshing, heartwarming and hilarious. Not to mention their chemistry, however you read it. Sam and Dean have phenomenal chemistry but there is nothing wrong with allowing them to have good, healthy relationships outside of each other. For goodness sake, they’re not Will & Grace!

        • Jeremy says:

          Actually, I think it’s really helped the show to extend “the family,” somewhat. Look, the brothers theme was great for the first three seasons, but it’s honestly getting tired. There’s a good reason for all the homo-erotic fourth wall jokes in the fourth and fifth seasons and then the “Weekend at Bobby’s” episode in season six (one of the best of the entire series, in my opinion) – it’s gotten to be a little too much. I mean, there are only so many levels to explore in regards to character and plot in terms of these two continuing to hunt supernatural beings together, especially after the apocalypse is averted. I mean, are they honestly going to still be travelling across the country together and having melodramatic dialogue and having earth-shattering revelations about their screwed-up psyches twenty years from now? The journey has to end somewhere.

    • Ella says:

      I completely and totally agree. I cannot BELIEVE this, I am so, so devastated. How can they not bring back Misha?! Castiel is beloved and such an integral part of the show now. This truly upsets me to no end.

      I HATED the way they wrote him in the finale. Castiel would never hurt Sam, he would never be so…cruel. Kripke, PLEASE come back and do some damage control. If Sam could be redeemed after season 4, Castiel should be too.

      • Tuskin says:

        Umm, its not saying Cas won’t be in season 7, its ay he won’t be a Regular, he will be in a few episodes, a line in the article said they would be exploring this new aspect to his character.

      • mark wood says:

        Have you watched this show? Castiel with full knowledge freed Sam to release Lucifer. You think that didn’t hurt Sam? Seriously. And guess what Sam (nor Dean) know that Castiel did this.

        And sure he was doing this on orders, but he still did it. Because he was thinking his bosses couldn’t be wrong.

        Castiel will do what he feels must be done, even if it causes harm. Remember the boy he tried to kill in season 5, why did he do that, because he felt it was necessary. And he wasn’t on orders to do so.

        He isn’t human. He helped Sam and Dean not because he was their friend but because Dean convinced him that wasn’t God’s will.

        • bob birch says:

          Have you watched this show? Castiel evolved greatly, came to value humanity and free will and even was willing to turn his back on heaven for these beliefs he came to hold dear. That’s the story we were told. You can pick and choose certain difficult moments to prove this sudden de-evolution but it doesn’t hold up. I could swallow Castiel having a hard time knowing if the ends justified the means and being conflicted. I could no longer swallow the story when Cas morphed into some sort of Michael Corleone with wings.

    • e0wyn says:

      I agree with this.

    • Joking11 says:

      Though I’m not at all happy with the finale and the direction, Kripke wrote Episode 22 and co-wrote 21 with Gamble. He had a hand in the direction the show went. He’s just evil. Went to the Whedon school of fan-buggery. Look how many great characters have been killed off/written off right as the fan base is going nuts over them.

    • cas ryan says:

      i agree worst news ever i hate what they’ve done with cas and now misha is not even gonna be a “regular” wyf??

    • Sheri says:

      This is the first encouraging news I have heard about S7. I am sick of the angel storylines. I hated that S6 ended up being the Cas story. I want to see more Dean and more Dean and Sam, except I don’t want to hear any more about Sam’s special, shiny soul. I want two brothers, driving in the Impala, hunting evil, winning a few, and saving people.

      • Van says:

        You know, I have a suggestion for you…You want the Boys’ back in the Impala, fighting monsters? Then go purchase seasons one and two on DVD!

    • Audrey E says:

      Actually, Kripke is the one who penned the finale, so he’s as much to “blame” as anyone else.
      I’m really sad about Cas in the finale and Misha now. Though it’ll be exciting to see what happens next season. Other than Jared & Jensen, no one is really a “series regular.” I think Jim was this year after being in about every ep. So, as long as we get to see Cas/Misha periodically after the premiere, I think I’ll be okay.

    • Flo says:

      I´m really really really disappointed that Misha Collins won’t be a series regular next season. All Supernatural´s fans love Cass, he earned it. Cass is the best, and he gave so much to this show, I think it´s not fair, not for him and not for us. Always the same story, you made us love a character, and then you take him away from us. I´m so tired of that. We´ll see what will happen in the next season, but I´m sure that you are so wrong doing that!!!! Of course we love the boys, but we also love Cass, and things won´t be the same without him…. I´m sure you are gonna regret this. Like Dean said to Cass: WE ARE FAMILY… and this show is base on that. Did you forget this?????? This is what make this show the best one, besides all the lores, monsters and demons…they make us laugh, cry, shake, rock… but love always succed beyond all the things the Winchester´s had to passed through. Loosing their father, both going to hell, many and many fights between them, but at the end, they are together, and this boys are willing to die for each other. Also Bobby who is like a father to them, and Cass becomes a brother to Dean. I´m sad and upset. I didn´t expect something like that…

    • Daphne says:

      I can not agree with you anymore!!!!

    • Marty says:

      Thanks for the great news!!! It seems like, after three years of angel stories, fans of the REAL SUPERNATURAL finally be getting their show back–the one that was castrated by Castiel, his minions, and the interfering CW execs. “Douched by an Angel: The Castiel Show” has driven away more than a million early viewers of this show. Maybe now we’ll finally get Kripke’s original series back–the one about two brothers hunting down every evil supernatural SOB they can find in a tough, gritty, realistic world, where a crappy deus ex machina doesn’t pop in to save the day.

      • Alicia says:

        LOL-ing forever at the Septic Tank moron.

      • Shania says:

        Completely disagree. The acting calibre of the angels and Lucifer added enormous depth and complexity to the story-telling. MOWs are fine once in a while, but once you’ve explored the greater arc out there, you really can’t go back. It’s like telling a story about the Supreme Court, and going back to write about Traffic Court. It seems so trivial and you know there are larger issues going on behind the scenes. Sure, it started as the Sam and Dean show, but at several points it’s become a hugely popular ensemble. I too, wish the show’s writers wouldn’t keep killing off the secondary characters. I was greatly relieved that Bobby and Castiel were left standing, but I’m saddened that Misha’s presence will be greatly diminished in what may very well be SPN’s final season. Oh well. I’ll still have Misha (and Jim’s) tweets to follow when I can’t see them perform.

      • Arthur says:

        Spoiler alert: shows have to evolve and grow to continue. We wouldn’t be approaching season 10 if it weren’t for some changes – you can only have two guys in a car fighting the same battle every week for so long, and it would have ended seasons ago if it hadn’t expanded. I adore Cas and the angel plotline is fascinating and adds even more to it. It’s interesting to note that all of the Cas episodes this season (s9) have been the highest rated of the season, so.. there’s proof enough that you’re wrong and just bitter.

    • JenMoon says:

      I hate to say it, but I do agree. Kripke and Edlund are by far the best writers, although I was pleasantly surprised by Part 1 of the finale, which Gamble wrote. I think the show needs a stronger vision, one that can be developed and resolved in a single season. The Eve arc was promising, but ultimately tedious and uninspired. Kripke created magic with 1-5. Could he pull it off in a single season? I’d like to see him try it.

    • Emily says:

      I cannot take this news. I love Castiel. He was the reason I was tuning in Friday nights. But now. I’ll just watch Nikita at 8pm. My Friday will still be awesome.
      But when he guest stars of course I will watch because I LOVE CAS!

    • Jeet says:

      You know something I was more disappointed with how it ended between Cas and Raphael. I was hoping for an epic angel vs angel duel to the death. Swords and magic spells flying everywhere. But I suppose that’s just not there style.

    • dot says:

      I am dissapointed that Cass will not be signed to a new contract,I think his character is great and Dean and Sam need all the support they can get, I think they should keep Misha Collins as a regular cast member, also like the character of Bobby Singer

    • freak says:

      yah, sera sucks,give cas back regular season …

    • Susan Simons says:

      This is the best show on TV. I am a Palliative care nurse and my job is very stressfull. Supernatural is the highlight of my week for entertainment. The show has it all including it’s location in Canada.If you are Canadian you can recognize your own country.Fab show, I get a scare, a good laugh,and the men aren’t too hard on the eyes. Susan Simons

    • Laurie says:

      I love Cas.I am very disappointed if he is no longer on the show full time.

    • stephanie braddy says:

      If Sera Gamble has anything to do with misha’s departure, then yes,get her the hell out.If it’s not broke,don’t fix it!!! I assure you,if Misha is gone,I am gone. Keep everything as it was. But I heard Kripke left on his own. He had a set amount of seasons he would do and then retire to something else. I have a sick feeling this season is going to turn out to be a resurrecton of a Hellraiser type season. Leviathan,really sister???? YES bring back “The Krip”if it is going to come to that. Thanks for listening.

    • sandy says:

      the best thing on supernatural was castiel since they not bringing misha collins back for season 7′ i am know longer interested in the show. i have watched since the show began but after awhile it got boreing until cas joined the cast then i really loved the show. i did not like how they changed his charater to be mean’ but i still loved him. so if he is not a regular along with dean and sam and bobby i have know interest anymore redeem cas and bring him back then i wiil watch again. if not so long supernatural for good. i loved sam and dean but not without misha. sandy former fan

  2. Maddy says:

    I can understand the reasoning behind, but I’m going to miss getting to see Cas/Misha on a regular basis.

  3. Terri says:

    Ugh writers! Tons of fans love Cas and are disappointed with the direction he’s been taken in. We live in hope that his character will be fixed and now this? FML!

  4. Nicki says:

    Well my excitement for S7 has been lowered. Castiel was the only good thing about this season.

    • Rochelle says:

      i hate it when a secondary character becomes more of a draw than the main characters but I have to agree with you. Castiel popping up on the screen always seemed like a relief this year.

      • Rasha says:

        And this will be a great way for it to get back to Dean and Sam, more character development, etc. It’s not the end of the world. LOL.

        • Coco says:

          The reason Castiel became so popular is because Sam and Dean had pretty much gone everywhere their characters could go and and it was getting stale. WHat more character development is left for them? They did daddy issues, they did the lonely hunter realization, they did Dean goes to hell, Sam goes dark, Sam goes to hell, Sam is soulless, the brothers have a rift, the brothers reunite. I think it was a good call to develop Cas and let the brothers be cool with each other and react to Cas’s crisis for a change. CASTIEL was a character that was just starting to have these big existential realizations about himself that begged to be explored. But no, now we’re back to season one level monster of the week stuff. Which was great, but I already WATCHED season one.

          • @Coco says:

            Focusing on Castiel and his crisis and his angelic civil war would have been all fine and I would probably have enjoyed that if it had been THE BROTHERS reacting to it all. Not just Dean-the-unsung-hero reacting with all his manpain while Sam-the-sidekick stood to the side and watched while Dean (actually, the writers) tried to shove down my throat that Castiel was up on the same pedestal that Sam once solely occupied in Dean’s mind and heart.

          • frustrated says:

            Exactly! I agree with Coco. The show was decent until season 4, where it really seemed to pick up and get really interesting. You can only go so far with the “Monster of the Week” show. You are going to run out of monsters and good plots. Who wants to watch a show where you have the same story line, but with a different little monster here and there. The whole angel business may have gone too far, or maybe not. I suppose we will see s7. My point is, once you expand the story to include all of these new, interesting possibilities, why in the world would you leave them unexplored and untouched and just go back to same old same old? It makes no sense!
            The whole family element has done well with keeping the show together and making it interesting, but come on. There’s only so much you can do to spice up family! When you add all these new plots and story lines, you can’t just go back.
            I am very upset that Cass will not be a regular, but I am much more peeved about his little “transformation.” If they don’t change him back, or kill him off, his character will be entirely different! You might as well just give him a new name and face!
            Ps: If you want the show to be one that only goes “where the Impala can go,” (strictly Earthy) why on earth would you call it Supernatural! It’s all about what’s out there! Please, writers, figure out the whole family and Cass situation! I love drama, but a lot of this is just ridiculous

      • angeldove says:

        Agreed! Was it just me, or did the “Mother of all evil” storyline just seem out of place, or that it didn’t fit right. Once she was dead, I really didn’t care. I was much more interested in what was going on with Cas and his fight, and how it would affect the boys.

  5. Moe says:

    Well, that just sucks. I’m glad to see that Gamble’s desire to tear down everything that Dean has that is NOT named Sam, has concluded in with destroying both Castiel as a character on the Team Free Will’s side, and Misha’s presence on the show.

    I could have handled Cass turning dark side, if they had continued with Collins on the show and the road of redemption for Cass. But taking him off the show, just puts a hole in my excitement for next season.

    And the fact that it appears that Gamble is still in charge of the show, after the horrible job she did this season with disjointed writing, storylines that went no where, and the almost fangurlish obsession with all things Sam, is just depressing.

    No more Castiel and Misha. Limited Ben Edlund (the only writer I had left that I consistently liked) and Sera still in charge??

    Gah, color me officially depressed about next season.

    • Twinkie says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • Emmy says:

      IAWTC. I loved the episode right up until the last 5 minutes, when it suddenly went completely insane. It was so OOC for Cas, but okay, I thought, they’ll fix it all next season. Maybe I can still trust the writers. Maybe I can still trust Sera Gamble.

      But no. I can’t.

      They’ve gone and ditched their best find of the last six years – Misha, and Castiel, whose character added SO MUCH to the show, and to the brothers, and to the whole mythology – all in the name of Sera Gamble’s efforts to ensure Sam and Dean have nothing but each other. Whatever, Sera.

      They don’t need Cas? They don’t get me either.

      • Kris says:

        Best find in the last six years?! Really?! Well, so much for Jared and Jensen. Well, heck, let’s just kick them to the curb and make it the “ANGEL” show.

    • Lori says:

      Completely agree!

    • Jim says:

      Well that’s interesting. Does she really have a weird Sam complex? Explains a lot about this season and the so called wall in Sam’s mind story that went on and on and ended up being a big dud. If you look at it that way, this finale was all about setting it up so Dean had to choose between Sam and Castiel in some lame fangirl way. Sam overcomes his wall, Sam stabs Cas. Yuck. Sam and Dean are the center of the show, but Castiel was one of the coolest characters on TV. Now we won’t get his story and they’ll use this lame soul absorbing god complex thing to write him off. I don’t get the point.

    • lorna says:

      Moe, WELLL said. S6 had a couple good eps but GOD was I bored most of the season. Even s5 I was iffy, I do NOT like Sera Gamble.

      • Jaclyn says:

        Hang on folks – do not like Sera Gamble? You don’t know Sera Gamble, you can say I do not like her work, the direction or whatever, but please do not say I don’t like the woman, because that’s personal and it should never get personal.
        I love this show and I will watch come heaven or highwater. With or without Castiel (as thoroughly depressed as I am right now about that) because the show itself, Sam, Dean, Bobby, Crowley, Meg and everyone else inspire me – I will miss Balthazar, Castiel (if he is killed off and this isn’t just a possible recurring role now).
        But please don’t make that reactionary mistake of disliking or hating someone that you don’t know.

    • mfluder42 says:

      I hear that. I don’t think I’ll even bother tuning in… I’ll just wait to hear what others say. At this stage, for me, SPN ended at the end of Season 5.

      • claire says:

        It did end with season 5. Which is why I stopped watching then. I don’t know what people have been watching, but it isnt SPN.

        • Jaclyn says:

          Claire, if you stopped watching how would you know what the rest of us have been watching?

          I might not always like where storylines go, but I like the show and its characters so I will watch as long as they make it. Frankly I don’t think it has lost one iota of quality, craftmanship or focus. If something is not to your taste simply say so and move on – don’t keep flogging a dead horse! #I’mjustsaying

          • claire says:

            And #i’mjustsaying my opinion. I have many friends who still watch, so yeah, I kinda know what’s been happening on it.
            But speaking of flogging a dead horse, isn’t that what they’re doing by keeping it on the air? It was meant to END at season 5, the only reason it’s still here is cause they can still make money out of it, cause people will keep watching as long as they keep making it, no matter how crap it gets. Faeries? Dragons? Really? It’s way past it’s sell by date, and they’re grasping at straws plotwise now. I’m not claiming people have to agree with me, but in my personal opinion, Supernatural used to be awesome. It’s isn’t now.

          • angeldove says:

            Jaclyn, I disagree. I think as fans we have the right to speak our mind when we feel a show we love, root for, recruit for, ignore our husband and child for (it was only an hour, ok two- sorry my loves) spend money for cable or internet in order to watch it, then we have the right, if we are so inclined to comment when we hate or love the direction it’s going. Sometimes, fans can be pretty powerful. They can save a show that’s on the edge, or leave a show in droves when it’s Lost their way. I do agree with what you said about not attacking people personally. I don’t know Sera Gamble, therefore; I would never say I don’t like her, but I do question the direction in which she’s taking the show. I am still hopeful though, perhaps she can kick butt next season and shut all of us neigh-sayers up. Here’s hoping!

          • Jaclyn says:

            You’re entitled to your opinion Claire, but again I have to ask if you have lost interest in the show, why do you keep popping up to rain scorn all over a show that millions in the US and abroad still love and enjoy.
            Have your opinion but surely you defeat your own opinion in stating no interest whilst scanning for these stories in order to comment? Logical!

          • Jaclyn says:

            I spend my money on this show too – t-shirts, cable, conventions. What I am stating is this – IF you don’t watch the SHOW ANYMORE, why look for a story in order to comment on something that you have no interest in? If you have moved on, move on. If you’re watching give it a good kicking if there’s something you don’t like. I do, frequently.

          • JenniA says:

            Damn Jaclyn you are so full of yourself! They have a right to their opinions, whether they still watch the show or not. Back the hell off if you don’t like it. Free speech!

    • Sarah says:

      I totally agree!

  6. Jason says:

    This is uber depressing I loves me some Cas, but as long as the stories stay good then I guess I will survive.

  7. Agnes says:

    Yeah, I’m outta here. Castiel was the main reason why I even started watching the show.

    • Jenn says:


    • godricsgirl says:

      I couldn’t agree more. They are obviously killing him off, or close to it, so that’s the end of the show for me. It becomes pointless.

    • Lalo says:

      Then the show really wasn’t for you. It’s always been about Sam and Dean, always will be. Castiel was fun, but if he was the reason you started watching, then you were doing something wrong.

      • Ali says:

        Doing something wrong. With regard to how she enjoys a fictional television show.

        What an odd thing to say.

        • Lalo says:

          Watching a tv show about the Winchester brothers and then being upset when it is about the Winchester brothers? That’s a little ridiculous. That would be like if someone started watching SPN for Lilith or the wendigo from episode 2 and then stopped watching when they went away.

          I’m sure the writers are going to do something good with Castiel’s character. They had an arc for him, his arc is finished(maybe). His character has gotten to do some really great things, more than most other characters on the show. Be happy that you got so much development. Some of my favorite non-main characters weren’t so lucky.

          • godricsgirl says:

            The thing is, it never has really just been about the brothers but also about their extended family and the people who touched their lives and hearts. There have been other great “family” members on the show, but to me none have been as pivotal as Cas. Luckily, not everyone takes the same thing from a tv show or else there would only be one show worldwide which everyone enjoyed for the same reasons etc. Supernatural, in my opinion, would not have survived this long without Castiel. Yes the boys are great but Castiel really brought life to the show and I don’t know how it can possibly survive without him.

          • sarah says:

            Word. It always has been and always will be about the brothers.

          • tripoli says:

            Nice one Lalo. Most intelligent comment yet. People really don’t seem to grasp the fact that characters come and go. Once the story and character has run it’s course, it’s time to move on to other things, or at least allow for each story/character to go in new directions.

          • CoCo says:

            So much development? That’s hilarious. We barely saw Cas this season, and when we did it was to set up this lame ending to his character. People are ticked because they DITCHED the character development for a Castiel inexplicably goes power hungry load of crap.

          • lorna says:

            um no, we just thought of cas as a symbolic winchester, don’t flip a tit. we can be upset.

      • Nell says:

        If it was just about Sam and Dean hunting for all 6 seasons, I can tell you the show would have gotten repetitive and wouldn’t have lasted this long.

        • Lalo says:

          The first three seasons weren’t “just Sam and Dean hunting”. Have a little faith in the writers to make things interesting. I don’t remember being bored the first three seasons. Who knows what they would have done if they hadn’t gone with the angels plot-line. There were rumors about evil!Sam and a few others. I hardly thing that qualifies as “repetitive”.

          • Jen says:

            But the writers chose the repetetive angel storyline for seasons 4-6 – why would we trust that they know what they what they are doing for series 7?!?!

      • Jaclyn says:

        Listen people get into things for their own reasons – it does not make anyone right of wrong – right now we’re venting here because ultimately to withdraw ‘labour’ as it were, is the only way people feel they have to try and show how much the show means to them.

        If most of the folk here truly won’t watch, then I guess they won’t watch – nothing that anyone says or does will alter how they/we feel at this moment, it’s a blow – the high of yesterday, believing we had the same cast (Castiel doesn’t die, nor Bobby) was great and now this?

        People are upset, reacting to them will not change anything, just try and be a little more understanding and don’t jump on people for expressing the views that at this moment they feel. Tomorrow is another day.

      • Sue says:

        Hmm, I didn’t know there is a right or a wrong way to watch a TV show on a bunch of fictional characters. I like supernatural for its plot, not for some fictional sappy unrealistic brother relationship. Does that mean I am not watching the show correctly?



      • Ali says:

        Turn off the capslock, please.

      • Colleen Fottrell says:

        You know what? Don’t you question my loyalty to this show just because I’m angry about the way they treated one of the main characters. Castiel was different than ALL of guest stars on the show in that he developed a close relationship with the boys…he did in fact become one of the boys. He has become as part of this show as the boys, just as Bobby is. How would you feel if they killed off Bobby? The boys need help. They can’t do it all on their own. Also, Cas was a very big deal to Dean and his character development.

        • Nia says:

          Yea (now im sorry if i use boring words my english isnt that good) I also think that Cas is as precious as Bobby just like dean said “hes part of family” And of course the show is about Sam and Dean but also about Bobby and Cas they can’t just kill him, does it makes any sense to someone killing cas? No. But as we see the writers twists and twists probally theyre going to change their mind as they get to see anry fans.

      • Alicia says:

        Sammywsgirl, you’re such a moron. Go back to the Septic Tank.

    • Kris says:

      Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

  8. Ivy says:

    Such bad bad news, just made the night worse. I’m really going to miss Castiel/Misha in that case. But I trust the writers and we’ll see how they’re going to work it out!

  9. Zach says:

    Sigh. I don’t like any part of this. We love Misha. We love Castiel, and let me be frank: We love that Jensen and Jared don’t have to do all the heavy lifting.

    This is a disservice, all the way around.

  10. Angie says:

    Well there went my interest in season 7. It’s been fun while it lasted.

  11. Melissa says:

    I think it’s time for things to go back to focusing on Sam and Dean, so I’m happy to hear this. Cas is fine but ultimately the show is about the Winchesters.

    • Mary Lovett says:

      The show may be about the Winchesters but Cas played an important part of the show. Everyone loves Misha and are disappointed that Misha will not be in season 7 as a regular.

      • Dahne says:

        Not everyone. While I think Misha is awesome, I am happy to see them move away from the angel storyline even if only a bit. It has gotten far too easy for the Winchester brothers to call on an angel to save them. I miss Dean and Sam working things out together and saving themselves. I am pleased about this news because it gives the brothers a chance to get some solid, unconditional wins for themselves.

        • Jessica77 says:

          I think we all know the show is about sam and dean and that cas wad never intended to be a regular. The fact that he became such an intregal part of the story is proof to what a wonderful and inpiring actor he his. I have no problem with cas being written out. I dont love it but i can accept it. What i cant accept is his caracter ending in such a dark manner! Cas has proven himself to be reliable, loyal and pure hearted. You cannot disservice his caracter like that! Give him redemption and send him out with the honour he has earned in the past 3 seasons!

          • audrey says:

            I feel the exact same way. Beautifully said.

          • Nia says:

            I agree with you just popping him off like the badman is unacceptable he is “reliable, loyal and pure hearted” And if he really has to go then with those points . Just what i dont agree is that i cannot accept him to go cause whats that hard about doing some cas showtime? moving away from that storyline is okay but therefore killing cas isnt right there can still be cas without being a angel storyline or not?

        • Coco says:

          I don’t agree, but even if I did, there were more logical ways to solve this problem than to attempt to rewrite three years of the Castiel we grew to know and love in two episodes. Make him human, let Raphael win the war and strip him of power, whatever. But this was poorly conceived and executed. God bless Englund because he dang near pulled it off and made it believable, but then the finale was so laughably subpar that it overshadowed the attempt at character development in his Cas centric ep and left me shaking my head.

      • Lisa says:

        Yes, we get that people are upset because EVERYONE loves Misha. He’s seriously a great addition to the show. But, ultimately, the show is all about Sam and Dean and THEIR lives and who comes in and out of it. It’s their journey and Cas is just another person they meet along the way. It was good while it lasted and I hope they actually make it a good departure into guest starring!Misha.

        • aj says:

          YES! This, SO MUCH, Lisa!

          The show is, always has been, and, in my opinion, should be about the Winchesters. Castiel was/is a great character, but characters come and go, arcs start and end, and it’s time for a new chapter in Sam and Dean’s lives. Plus, let’s not forget that all they said was Cas/Misha would not be a series regular. He may still show up as a guest star every now and then.

          I’m excited for Season 7, now. Gives us a chance to get back in the heads of our two main boys and see them tough things out on their own, like they used to. I trust the writers know what they’re doing because they haven’t let us down before (and by “us”, I mean “me and others who feel the same”)

          • Kerry says:

            That being said. I don’t always watch a TV show for the main characters. I watch it for whatever quality/plot/character in that show that fascinates me. When my favorite character goes, I go with it.

    • April says:

      I’m with you. I want things to go back to Sam and Dean. I miss how they used to be. I kind of ready for a break from Cas.

    • dahne says:

      Agreed. For me it was never more clear that the angel storyline needed to be cut back or gone altogether than in episode 6.20. When the 3 demons come in to kill Dean, Sam, and Bobby, I was prepared for a battle. For the Winchesters to do something clever to get themselves out of that mess. Instead, Cas popped in for 10 seconds and smited them all. That does not make for good TV. Why should the Winchesters even hunt in this scenario? Bobby does the research, a Winchester prays for Cas, and Cas takes care of the problem. Leaving the Winchesters to what? Develop their rock-paper-scissors prowess?

      • Castiel is my homeboy says:

        I’m surprised you didn’t tune out season 4, then, if this “angel storyline” bugged you so much. You can’t cut back or delete three years of a show’s mythology without it weakening the show. It’s a dumb decision. If they wanted to change the dynamic there were smarter ways to revamp season 7 than a retconnish reboot. Reboots are lazy storytelling, period. End of story.

    • Oh my Cas! says:

      Cas IS a Winchester. Not by birth, but he is their brother-at-arms. To Dean, that’s family!

  12. ashley says:

    Wow, that is really freaking sad :( I guess i’m not surprised but seriously, cas/misha are like the best character/actor ever. Im really sad he’s not going to be as involved.

  13. DryedMangoez says:

    Well, that certainly leaves season 7’s story arc completely up in the air then. Very interesting, though sad that Misha won’t be a regular anymore.

  14. shoreofmysubconscious says:

    Someone please burn Sera Gamble on the ceiling and give the reins back to Kripke and/or Edlund. Every time I read an interview with her, I just rage inside. She thinks that she has all these awesome plans when they are, in fact, quite the opposite of awesome.

    • Lalo says:

      Wow, hate much?

      Kripke’s original storyline for the show didn’t even involve Cas or angels. He had to change his mind last minute because of the writer’s strike. Sera could have written Castiel off the instant she got in control of the show. And you know what, she didn’t. She gave him a really awesome storyline. He had the best part in the finale. Yeah, she really just wants to ruin him.

      Not everyone thinks she’s doing a horrible job. I’m glad that SPN is getting back to what it is supposed to be about, you know, Sam and Dean. I’ll miss Castiel but I’m hoping he’ll go out on an awesome note. Something really memorable.

      • tripoli says:

        Again, you are the voice of reason.

      • Coco says:

        Yes, because it’s really a boon when you develop a recurring bit part into a complex fascinating character only to have a new showrunner reduce your complex fascinating character into less than he was as a recurring bit part- into a cartoon token bad guy. Wow, that Sera really did Misha a solid there.

        • Jeff says:

          “A cartoon token bad guy”? No, that’s not what happened to Cas this season. If anything, the show has taken pains to show how a good-hearted person with the best intentions can lose themselves in pursuit of a goal. Cas has done everything he’s done this season with the thought of helping the greater good. His decisions have been tragically flawed but that’s what’s made his journey this season so interesting. He’s only become a more complex character, instead of just being Sam and Dean’s angel buddy. And while it looks bleak for Cas, there’s nothing that says the resolution of his arc next season won’t be a redemptive one. I hope it is and I hope the character can make a graceful fade – perhaps returning in limited capacity.

          I’ve enjoyed the character of Cas immensely but I do think it’s time for Sam and Dean to be left to their own devices again. It’s too easy for the writers to have that easy out whenever Sam and Dean are in a tight spot. I’d like to see Sam and Dean have to rely on their own wits again in Season 7.

          Season 6 had some uneven qualties to it but overall I love what Gamble did with the show and I applaud her for taking chances that were guaranteed not to please everybody.

          • JenniA says:

            Oh no, Coco was correct. It wasn’t until the last few episodes of Season 6 that Castiel turned into a “cartoon token bad guy”. There was nothing at all in the beginning of the season or even before that to give us some indication that Castiel was in danger of going down that path. We had a lot of the civil war issues, but that was it. So for this huge 180 degree turn for Castiel to make has thrown a lot of fans over the edge and if they don’t redeem him somehow this next season, many fans will revolt.

            I love Dean and Sam very much. Same with Bobby but Castiel became an integral part of their family. He added something special to the show and to have it taken away is like someone cutting off a limb that wasn’t gangrenous (sp?). It could’ve been saved and should be saved. That should be the purpose of Dean, Sam and Bobby now. Find a way to save their adopted brother and still fight evil.

    • lorna says:

      haha i knowww

  15. rina says:

    this thoroughly pisses me off. the season finale left me breathless and numb. i don’t know if i even want to watch the 7th season, what is there left for it to do? :|

  16. Virginia says:

    NOOOOOO!!! Want Misha Collins as a regular. Even as a regular he isn’t in every episode. Now this means even less of Castiel. After tonight’s episodes? That cannot be wrapped up in one episode. Am now majorly bummed. That’s what I get for reading spoilers. (Not that I could have avoided THAT info for months)

    Loved what they did with the character of Castiel. He had gone about as far as he could as a “good” guy. And as happens many times in history, he was only doing what he thought was right, only to have it go terribly wrong. Not that he can see the wrong about it.

  17. Paige says:

    … Well, dammit. Now I’m gonna have to revise my expectations for next season, in the sense of what’s gonna happen.

    I love Cas and still do. I figured that he was gonna go through his Big Bad storyline, be redeemed somewhere down the line, and work for the rest of the season trying to win Sam & Dean’s trust back. But now it’s different. :/ I’m scared about what’s gonna happen. I love Cas and don’t wanna see him go, BUT THEN, there’s that thing where, if Cas goes, the show can drop the angel storyline and possibly move onto something new? Which sounds really refreshing to me. Hmm…

    I have mixed feelings about this. I just can’t wait for next season. By the way, tonight’s finale was fantastic, esp the second part. Well done, Kripke!

  18. Clare says:

    Well I won’t be watching any more then. I can’t believe I hung on through this lousy season for that, and now to find out there won’t be much effort to redeem Cas. That’s unbelievably poor treatment of a really large potion of this fandom.

    • You lost a fan, Sera says:

      I agree. The show has been slowly losing my allegiance since the beginning of the season. This straw broke the camel’s back, and it’s gonna take alot to get me back to root for them, the brothers (NOT JUST SAM MIND YOU) and the Supernatural.

      • @You lost a fan, Sera says:

        I find it *hilarious* that all caps “NOT JUST SAM” you put there. When Sam was barely even in 6.21. When much of the emotional development they tried to shove down my throat as believable was focused on this sudden “brotherly love” Dean has for Castiel. Remember when this whole “means justify the end” plot was used with Sam back in S4? Dean didn’t seem so willing to go “NO WAY! Sam would NEVER do that!” but apparently he’s full of doubt over Castiel doing it? Yeah, excuse me if I don’t quite agree on the whole “it’s been all about Sam in S6” when Sam had barely any emotional development at all, when the actual conflicts created by him not having a soul, then getting a damaged soul but no memories then having all of his damaged soul and memories back were barely explored in favor of making it all about Castiel betraying Dean. Not betraying the brothers, betraying Dean. Sam has barely been an afterthought.

        • sarah h says:

          It’s called evolution of a character. Dean isn’t as young and doesn’t see the world in black and white anymore, but in shades of grey. Still, he does have a strong sense of right and wrong and gently tries to impart it to his “family” instead of hammering it into them. Dean and Cas are my favourite characters because they are the most complex, and it also doesn’t hurt that Jensen and Misha are so hot! Between them, they probably bring in a large percentage of the female viewers. (Check out the sexy men, and stay because you love the writing/plots).

  19. kiwibookgirl says:

    very sad news – wont be the same without our angel :(

  20. Meaghan says:

    This makes Cas’ cliffhanger so much worse. I had heard earlier that he was returning as a series regular, so I figured (after being gutted by the season finale) that Cas would play a huge role next season and have his storyline really detailed. I have faith in the SPN writers (glad to hear Kripke’s still on!), but this scares me.

    • Kim says:

      Jim wasnt a series regular either.
      Most likely Misha probly will be in more episodes than people think.
      Misha is just a guest star a very popular one, but he is not bigger than Supernatural.

  21. Cait says:

    Im so glad its going back to Kripke and Edlund, and while I’m still in shock over the finale, and am going to miss Cas, I’m kinda glad the angel storyline will be (mostly) over.

  22. Rick D says:

    Yes! Just the news I’ve been hoping for! FINALLY the show will lose the angels and get back to having Dean and Sam be the focus of the show.

  23. sweetiepie1019 says:

    Makes sense. You can’t exactly have the Winchesters going up against someone that powerful week to week, now can you? And even when Collins was a regular, we saw the same amount of Cas as we did of Bobby, or even less, and Jim Beaver’s recurring. The thing I’m mourning is that Cas went so wholly to the dark side in the first place. As great a plot twist as it was, I miss adorable, innocent Cas. New God!Castiel scares me. And I really don’t want the boys to have to kill him.

  24. Caroline says:

    Mischa Collins NEEDS to be a regular! Cas is like the third brother in a sense. His dry sense of humor, lack of certain knowledge and one liners. He’s hilarious.
    I don’t know how I feel about his “dark turn”. I do know that I don’t particularly like it because it gives the option of Sam and Dean going against him and that wont be very pretty. They were the perfect trio :(
    I hope he’s on it more then just the Season Opener.
    I want the guys to figure something out to get Cas back to his old self. Even if it throws some “punches” and problems into the story line.
    But who knows what this will do to Sam and Dean and whats to come with Purgatory being opened.
    All I can say is I’m most excited for the return of Supernatural in the Fall over all the other shows on TV. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  25. Tammy says:

    hold the phone! super confused. in the CW press release he was listed as a series regular?? does. not. understand. i don’t mind him not being a series regular because he wasn’t for 2 seasons and i was fine but i don’t want him to disappear from the show.

  26. moo says:

    I honestly cannot imagine watching this show without Castiel and the Dean/Cas bond. Screw you show. I’m done.

  27. Dedi says:

    I thought the finale was heartbreaking, but this? This HURTS. I don’t like this. I don’t know what is going on. WHY? I’ll still watch regardless, but, this literally breaks my heart.

  28. jlreinheimer says:

    I’m so tired of focusing on Sam and Dean. We’ve had more than enough of that. They’ve matured past codependency, and their relationship is not interesting anymore. Outside characters are needed. Especially since the Cas-centric episode was easily the best episode this season, quality-wise (not including the meta ep, which was just super fun).

    I’ll watch the premier, but if it’s as disappointing as I’m expecting, there’s a good chance that I’m out.

    • ryeisenberg says:

      Agreed! Why go back to what the show was at the beginning when it’s evolved to something so much more complex and interesting since then?

      Castiel deserves a chance at redemption!

      • Linda says:

        Thank you! What’s the point of wiping out three seasons of the angel story arc downsizing the mythology when it had grown so rich and complex? I actually laughed at the lines they gave poor Misha there at the end. Love and worship me? Seriously? It played out more like a parody of Misha’s fanbase who call themselves “minions” than a clever character based plot twist.

    • Emma says:

      I agree completely. I honestly did not think it was possible to be more disappointed in a season finale than 5.22, but last night proved me wrong. Last year, I was shocked that a whole FIVE seasons of increasingly complex mythology, character progression, and relationship building ended with Dean running off to play house with a chick he barely knew and Cas essentially abandoning him immediately after the fact (which I thought was pretty out of character on both counts). I was pretty convinced I wasn’t even going to watch season 6. But then the season began and Dean left Lisa’s and Sam was acting strange and Cas started showing back up and I had some hope, even I kept waiting and waiting for something really exciting to happen. For me, that something was 6.20. I know some people didn’t like it that episode, but for me it was far and away the best episode of the season and one of the best of the show. Edlund treated every character in that episode with respect, and you could actually sympathize with everyone involved. It was emotional and complicated and THAT’s what I love about supernatural.

      Because in the end we all know it’s not about the vampires and the wendigos and the corny jokes; it’s about the strength of connections between people. Why did Cas disobey heaven in the season 4 finale? Because of the strength of the bond he had with the Winchesters. Why were they able to stop the apocalypse in the season 5 finale? Because of how much Dean loved Sam. It really disappoints me when I see everyone here cheering when it seems like we’re heading back to Season 1. Dean and Sam aren’t what they were in Season 1. They just aren’t. A show where they just drive around in the Impala killing the monster of the week would be completely discounting how far they’ve both come. Dean and Sam’s relationship has been explored to death, and what characters like Cas brought to the table was a chance for them to learn to trust someone outside of family. Now because of this terrible finale everything – EVERYTHING- that they’ve done with his character is ruined. The Cas we knew in Seasons 4 and 5 wasn’t there last night. The Cas from 6.20 wasn’t there last night. I’m not planning on sticking around to see them bastardize Cas’ character further in Season 7, or introduce yet another “dark and terrible foe” or drive yet another wedge between Sam and Dean. I know that this is just my opinion, me and this show? We are professionally done.

  29. Sarahphine says:

    Maybe I’ll start watching again, then. I really disliked the path the show took once the angels and Castiel were introduced. I miss the boys hunting demons and when the YED was the Big Bad.

  30. Steph says:

    Im disappointed that misha is going to be absent for most of the season. I was so emotional while watching the finale, I just had so much rage and sadness. But over all the show was mind blowing.

  31. Elle says:

    YESSS!!!!!!! I can breathe a sigh of relief.

  32. Ali says:

    Eh, if they off Cas in the first episode, I’ll know it’s time for me to weave out of the story, too. I’m primarily a Dean fan, but I can’t stand the claustrophobia of the brothers having no one but each other, no matter how crappy the treatment the other gives them. If Gamble wants to give Cas and Misha the boot, that’s obviously her prerogative, but it’ll just be the end of the line for me.

  33. Brittany says:

    Honestly? The show is ruined for me and this just set it in stone for me. Good job running the show into the ground, Gamble.

  34. Sallie says:

    No! I love Castiel! I don’t believe he’s EVIL now. I just think that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” He’s high on souls for Purgatory right now and he’s not himself. He’s needs Sam and Dean’s help to fix this :/ I hope he becomes a regular again.

  35. Amy says:

    Jim is billed as guest star. As a series regular Misha was paid regardless of his involvement in an episode. That’s what the gags always was between the Js and Misha. I’m sure Misha will be credited as guest star. Bummer for him, though it would give him more flexibility around work. Wise budgetary decision probably. As usual, I love that the Supernatural writers are brave enough to take steps that maybe are not seen in a favourable light. I look forward to how they deal with the changed Cas in season 7.

  36. Kendall says:

    What was the point in this entire slow paced season with the big payoff being Cas’s turn to the darkside (since we didn’t really see what came of Sam getting his Hell memories back) if Misha isn’t going to be a regular next season? He was a regular this season and barely utilized, but if they’re taking him off contract, you know he’s going to make himself less available by finding other projects. Ridiculous.

    This show ended at season 5.

    • Me says:


    • lauren says:

      Yup, my thoughts to the letter. We care what happens to Cas now, we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting to see how he deals with this ill gotten power and how Sam and Dean try and get through to the old Cas. And then, well, Sam and Dean working to save Cas from himself, that wasn’t the point after all? Okay. You lost me there.

      • Kelly says:

        I think that’s exactly where season 7 will go among other things (like the fallout of sam’s wall) but Misha doesn’t need to be a regular for that and that doesn’t mean that we’re not gonna see him.
        Bobby is a recurring character and we see him plenty
        Just chill a little (not just you) i think you’re all getting ahead of yourselves, have a little faith, may I remind you that the writers aren’t morons and they love the show as much as we do and they never disappointed us so far! I loved this season i think it was a very clever way to begin something new after the apocalypse.
        And in my opinion they created this storyline for castiel to keep him on the show cause he’s such a fan favorite character not to oust him because really what would have been the point keeping castiel on the show if he stayed just the angel pal of the brothers ? Not very interesting the show has always been about sam and dean and we can’t have cas riding in the backseat of the impala, can we?
        Bref season 6 was awesome bring on season 7 !!!!

        • DawninVA says:

          Let’s not forget Misha has another project he’s acting, producing, and co-creating on http://divinetheseries.com. If this gives him even **more** exposure in the biz then I’m all for it. Knock it out of the freaking park, Misha, like you always do! (= Jim B, Mark S, and Mark P were all in the guest status in S5 and some in S6 yet that in **no** way *diminished* the potency of their characters who were/are beloved by some fans also. I do understand where all the rage and hurt is coming from and it’s valid for those people to express, but I’m not ditching the show. Bring on S7!

  37. Shannon says:

    I’m shocked and disappointed that Mischa won’t be back as a regular next season. His presence on the show has made for some very interesting and often funny scenes. I understand that if the writers want to go back more to the basics then it has to be about the Winchesters. Though I don’t like that Cas has gone dark side I do like the potential that it could bring for some interesting scenarios in future story lines. I was hoping with the current arc with Castiel we would see more of Mischa not less. I trust that the writers have more brilliant ideas in store for us. I’ve watched since the beginning & haven’t been disappointed yet. Can’t wait to see what this new foe will be for next season. Could it be Castiel in his new role or someone that has to do with Castiel? Its going to feel like an extremely long wait to find out.

  38. carolyn rose goyda says:

    i was thrilled picturing all the OMG oh my Cas humor and give and take but to have him exit or leave as a regular ? don’t know what to say
    Some of the best humor ever this year thanks to great casting – i will try to stay loyal – they have pulled our legs before

    Crowley needs his own spin off show and i would love a spin off of an earlier version of the Roadhouse

    we need more Supernatural and more two hour eps wuhoooooo

  39. Rochelle says:

    tonight’s episode(s) was like the pile of turds on the crap sandwich that was this season.

    i can’t even properly express my disgust at the way this show has gone. I kept watching because I loved supernatural from the pilot. I thought season 5 was sort of iffy but figured they’d turn it around this year.

    not so much. I hope that Misha runs far and fast from this and Jensen and Jared follow soon after.

    I’m such a downer right now lol

  40. Casey says:

    Well this is highly unnecessary. Seriously? Castiel is my favorite character and he’s become such a big part of the show. Sadly, the show will probably lose viewers next season, and it’ll probably end. He has a LOT of fans! Such a shame. D;

  41. HT says:

    I think the show is going in an unsuspected, cool new way! Although I prefer the older seasons with the monster hunting, I am very intrigued in them exploring the dark side of Cas and how it will affect the boys. I need to see good Cas again. I think they will show a much darker side of Cas just like they did with demon blood drinking Sam. Cas will be pitted against his “former family” just like Sam was against Dean. PS. Wtf happened to Chuck? Was he the old God? Is he M.I.A? I’m very sad about *SPOILER* Balthazaar and Dr. Visyak! :( Crowley should have died. How is he still breathing?! The boys killed the Devil (Lucifer and Michael) but they can’t kill a former Crossroads Demon turned new King of Hell?!

    • JenniA says:

      Lucifer and Michael are not dead. They’re both trapped in the cage in Hell. Because of this, the angel stories can’t just go away as if they never happened. That’s why this whole mess with Castiel going dark side is just dumb. And yes they need to bring back Chuck. It was obvious he was more than a prophet of God.

  42. Joe says:

    While I lament Castiel’s diminished(?) role next season, I think it makes sense, especially considering what’s going on. We can’t see him every week, and have him remain threatening. I can’t wait to see where the writers take us in the fall.

  43. Katie says:

    As much as I love Cas, the show always has been and always will be about the brothers. Cas didn’t appear ’til S4, didn’t was a regular ’til season 5 and the angels storyline was drag long enough

    Less angels, more brothers relationship will be good.

    People saying how they only watch for Cas, where were you the first 3 seasons without him? Anyway, not like he was there every episode and not like he won’t be there at all either

  44. mosey says:

    Meh. Love Cas and love Misha like woah, but I’m happy to leave the show and the direction the characters take up to the writers. Doesn’t mean I’ll always agree with what goes on onscreen, but it will be interesting to see where they take things. Hopefully this means dean/sam season 1 brothers together against all bad no matter what scenes for season 7. The brothers relationship, with all its highs and lows was the reason I started watching and why I’ll remain watching. And I suspect that even if we don’t actually see much of Cas, his presence will be a force that drives S7.

  45. CA says:

    Yeah, throw me on the “Castiel was the only reason I watched the show” bandwagon. Not to say that I don’t love the work and effort that Jensen and Jared put into the show, it’s just that I never looked twice at the show until after I discovered the Castiel character — and by extension of that, the amazing dynamic that he threw into the cast and story line. Sooo, I’ll probably watch any episodes pertaining to the Cas=God storyline but I most likely won’t be spending my Friday nights glued to the CW for Supernatural anymore.

  46. Kahla says:

    I think that Sera has done a good job with the show, but I have to admit she is no Kripke or Edlund.
    Also, I think driving Castiel to the point she did was the only way for him to actually go dark side. I really don’t think he would have otherwise.
    The cliffhanger was, as terrible as it is for the fandom to handle, a great way to make us come back.
    It does bother me though that Misha isn’t going to be a regular. He’s been really pivotal for a lot of what Dean and Sam do onscreen that off screen might not work so well.

    • narrans says:

      Why does he have to go dark side though? It seems like that’s the rut the show is stuck in: everyone who’s an ally and friend either dies or turns evil. If they wanted Cas off the show, just freaking have him sacrifice himself for Dean one last time and fall or something.

      Now all we need is for Bobby to turn out to be the father of all evil, and then there’ll be only Dean and Sam left, and Sera Gamble can fangirl to her heart’s content.

  47. Iris says:

    WTF NO. This is absolute BS.

  48. Kira J says:

    I’m sure there’s more to it than just Gamble deciding to write him off. There’s a lot of politics and budget issues that shows are dealing with, so I wouldn’t blame Sera. And he’s still going to be on the show, it’s not like he’s not coming back.

    Personally, I’m fine with Misha’s role being scaled back. I love him, but if Cas really is the new villain, he can’t be popping up with the Winchesters every episode, and he’s been their easy-out since Season 4.

    I hope this makes room for more characters, especially more girls. I love the boys, but there is a severe lack of women on this show. We need a good, strong female hunter, friend, angel on this show.

    • Meg says:

      Budget was part of my thought too. Especially since the CW is picking up two shows with established TV stars (SMG and Rachel Bilson). Those types of things don’t come cheap.

      He’ll still be on, I’m sure. This is probably a cash saving issue – like with Kripke and Edlund taking lesser titles. You pay them less that way, the show goes on.

      • Kira J says:

        I agree. Supernatural’s always been the redheaded stepchild at The CW, why should it change now even when it’s one of the highest rated shows? That irritates me, but budget issues are happening at all channels.

        I’m actually excited, because it means (hopefully) more screentime with the brothers. I’d rather they focus on Sam’s character than more Castiel. Sam’s character has been slighted for the past few seasons.

        • Ali says:

          Are you kidding me? Season 5 and 6 were entirely about Sam! I’m sick of Sam. I want more Dean, and I want more Cas, and more stuff that isn’t about how shiny and amazing and wonderful Sam is.

          • Kira J says:

            I doubt we were watching the same show. They never explained how Sam’s powers worked. They never really delved into what Sam did while Dean was dead (and that Ruby-centric “I Know What You Did Last Summer doesn’t count. Season 5 was all about Dean’s moral outrage at Sam’s refusal to obey him. Sam’s arc and mental state were sloppy in Season 5. First he’s gung ho, then he’s angry and he doesn’t know why (um, he lost his whole family and had been tortured by demons for his whole life) and then he’s just gone with no soul. Even episodes that were supposed to be about Sam turned out to be about DEAN. I love both brothers, but the show has been slanted towards Dean for seasons.

            If Cas is a villain, they’re best written shrouded in mystery. You can’t know what they’re doing all the time or what they’re thinking because it ruins it. Everyone said Gamble ruined Season 6, and I LOVED Soulless Sam. He actually had some texture and some fun one-liners. But Sera’s (and crew) have delivered one of the best season finales of the entire show. I’m so excited about next season and I really care that Cas will be in 11 episodes instead of 19 of however they’re going to split it up. It’ll still be awesome. It’s way too early to say the show is ruined because Misha won’t be in a few more episodes.

          • Coco says:

            I agree. What’s wrong with Sam has been the focus of how many seasons now? Half the season was wasted on Grandpa and SoullessSam.

          • another lucy says:

            Yeah, well, am I allowed to say I’m sick of Dean and Cas?

          • Jeff says:

            Sam has been the center of the entire series. You just now noticing that?!?

          • Ali says:

            No, not just now noticing it, just sick enough of it now to say something about it. If the show is really supposed to be about both brothers, give me some Dean to balance out all the Sam stuff. And a good, healthy dose of Cas, too.

  49. Kaja says:

    I hate this. I was ok with the finale and was actually trying to see the bright side, but I cannot believe they’re doing this. They broke this awesome character and now they won’t even give him the screen time to get fixed! He was barely even there this season when he was a regular! Are they actually planning on going forth with just the idea that he’s evil and leave it at that? It makes no sense! Castiel has always had good intentions, he’s always been on the side of humanity! They’re not even going to give him the time to explore that! This is ridiculous. I am beyond pissed right now.

    • Kelly says:

      You just said and I quote “it makes no sense” do you really think that the writers are stupid or high on something ? It it makes no sense to you it will make no sense to them too and I really doubt that they all lack common sense
      I’m sorry but I’m amazed at all the posts I’m reading and all the vile comments and I have to say I am really disappointed, I’m sure that if other fandoms are reading this they must be laughing out loud at the so called number one fandom and maybe the writers and producers too it’s pathetic. Between the sam haters that i can’t even begin to understand because he represents half the show and yes i say half and I can prove it and the sera haters: poor girl she’s doing an amazing job following in the footsteps of might Eric Kripke who didn’t abandon the show and is still very active; so I don’t understand how you guys can watch the show? Actually I have a theory these guys are not fan of the show and they never been they’re just crazy fans of jensen and misha, sorry for this but I had to say it, it is not against you even if i am replying to your post

      • Kaja says:

        I have been a fan since day one. The attachment that I have for these characters is pretty up there with the one I have to my family. Questioning the writing does not make me “not a fan,” I think it in fact makes me more of a fan, because I’m not just here to agree with everything they do. I care about this show and I am here to express my disagreement with some of their choices, with the hope that maybe they’ll notice and pay more attention to those things next season and fill in the holes. I’m not just bitching for the hell of it, not just because they broke Team Freewill, even though I am sad about it. I’m mad at the fact that the character development of Castiel does not follow. When you watch each episode individually, you see awesome writing, but when you look at the big picture it really does not flow. They made us love and accept Castiel as family, then Ben showed us Cas’ side and the hard decisions that he has had to make, which just pushed us more towards his side. Sera then made us see Castiel protecting the boys despite it all, which just made us feel for him more. Then Kripke made us see Castiel try to be there for the boys still after they refused him help, he showed us him trying to make Dean understand him and begging him to have faith in him. He showed us everyone turning their backs on him and him being left alone to bear the weight of it all by himself. For three season they have been building Castiel to represent everything that is good, their writing has done nothing but put us on his side. Yet now I’m expected to believe that he’s the “big bad” next season? When the worst we can even see is him being resentful and drunk with power. Everything in Castiel’s being tells us that he is still good. There is not even any proof that he’d be a bad God. Castiel has done nothing but sacrifice himself for people. I honestly cannot see him trying to kill the world and if he’s not trying to kill innocent people and is generally good, then why would the boys be against him? I get Castiel being resentful, but here they’re pretty much trying to built a whole story line on Castiel being mad?
        Not to mention the whole thing with Sam’s wall, the monsters and the Mother of All was kind of half-assed. I have always sided with the writers, because even if they did something I didn’t like, they made me believe it. This time I’m left sitting here thinking, “what was that?” I love this show, so by no means will I abandone it. I just hope they get it together next season and better address the mess they have created. I was glad to see Castiel as a regular at first because I thought “awesome, at least we know they’ll truly deal with all of this and better explain it.” So when they changed him to guest star, I was not happy. However, I’m now over it. I’m trying to think of it as merely a pay cut for budget constraints, and all I can hope for now, is that they will use the time Castiel is there wisely. That they’ll actually explore his character, and fix him if he’s good, or really sell us that he’s evil if he is. I honestly wouldn’t mind it either way. I just want to buy it! I want them to make me feel it!

  50. Twinkie says:

    So, she’s destroyed any importance Dean had as an individual character, destroyed his family, destroyed his friendship with Castiel, given all his story lines to Sam…great job Sera. Shame on Kripke for letting this happen. If I thought they’d give Dean something next year, I’d be back, but you can’t fool me again.

    • Rasha says:

      Gamble didn’t do that, that was all Kripke (if not all the writers). I love SPN, but it became The Dean Show around Season 3, and especially during Season 4, and Sam’s storytelling was shortsighted because of it. I loved his arc this season, but even that was a little sloppy. I’m tired of Dean always saving everyone and issuing stupid ultimatums, and Sam being the tainted brother. Dean flat out irritated me in Let It Bleed. Hopefully that’ll change too.

      Bottom line is huge decisions like this can’t be blamed on one person. I’m sure it is a collective and complicated decision from a lot of people with a lot of factors.

      Bobby is a reoccurring character and he’s on the show quite a bit.

      • Dogma says:

        I totally agree!
        Sick of the Dean Show!

        • imp67 says:

          It just goes to show you how people’s perception differs. From my POV i’ve thought that most of Supernatural has been Sam-centred. S1 the start; both brothers then in S2 Dean learns there is something about Sam and it’s about Sam and his visions and his connection to the YED. S3 it’s Dean’s final year so yeah we’re focussed on Dean more. In S4 Dean came back from Hell but the storyline was about Sam and Ruby and Sam’s “addiction” to demon blood and how Sam was going to stop Lilith. S5 Lucifer is out of the cage and it’s now about Sam being his vessel and we get a little more Dean this season when we learn that he is intended to be Michael’s vessel. The final episodes of S5 was mainly building up to Sam’s sacrifice and the finale of him going into the pit. S6 starts with Dean trying to live a normal life (which totalled about 2 episodes worth) but it’s mainly focussed on souless Sam until he gets his soul back and then the main tag line is the Wall of Sam. In all the seasons’s Dean’s had his time, of course, but the actual storylines (again from my own personal perspective) have been Sam-based and Dean has been riding shotgun to Sam’s driver. Of course from another perspective you could say that S2 was about Dean trying to save Sam that S4 was about Dean trying to stop Sam from gong to the dark side; S5 was about Dean trying to keep Sam away from Lucifer and S6 was about Dean trying to get Sam’s soul back and when he did it was about him trying to stop the Wall of Sam coming down. As I say; it all depends on your own take of how Supernatural has evolved. Personally I LOVE ALL OF IT! I get irrited at times with some storylines or episodes but then it is a long running series and that is expected. I love the whole concept of the show and can’t wait for S7!

          • It is so true Dean Sam Bobby and cas are family. I totally agree it was the greatest disappointment when things werenot resolved with cas getting out of this mess. You need to bring him back and make him a good angle who watches out for my Guys again. He needs to be taking care of them. Have him come back with a means of killing these ugly things. Please bring Misha Collins back into the show as much a possible
            I love supernatural. Please keep it going Thanks Rita

    • Jeff says:

      How did she take away Dean’s story lines? The destruction of his family IS A STORY LINE.

      I can’t believe people who watch this show for ONE BROTHER. It’s a bout BOTH and has ALWAYS been that way. They’ve both gotten equal times in the spot light. Maybe no one sees that because they only like one brother, but I watch the show for THEIR RELATIONSHIP. Yeah. A relationship takes 2 people.

      Thank GOD they made Castiel a baddy. Two birds, one stone. They now don’t need ANOTHER guest to come in to play a villain. They can just use Castiel who’s already on the show. We can now get Sam and Dean back together again and doing something TOGETHER for hopefully an entire season.

      Sera changed the show. Sure. But change is good, especially after 6 seasons. It’s no different than your fave band trying something new. Or your fave director doing a different genre than you are used to. This is no different. They did something different and I for one commend them for it.

    • Nate says:

      Why do people not realize that Eric K. was very very involved with Season 6? It is HIS show, and he has said numerous times he was not going anywhere, he was just handing over the day-to-day to Sera. If there was somthing he did not think was “Sam” or “Dean” on wrong for Supernatural, Eric would have stepped in.