Shonda Rhimes: Grey's Anatomy Finale Sets Up What May Be Original Cast's Final Run

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy‘s grand Meredith-Derek romance need to know — in the wake of the unsettling events of Thursday night’s season finale — that series creator Shonda Rhimes aims to have the end justify the means, as the ABC drama enters what may be the final season for Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey, whose deals expire in a year.

TVLine spoke with Rhimes the morning after the assorted emotional bombshells were dropped, solidly rattling Meredith’s newly official marriage, Cristina’s future with Owen, and Alex’s latest (and failed) bid to move past Izzy.

Grey’s Anatomy Finale Recap: Casualties of An Emotional Shootout

TVLINE | Do you think you steeled yourself enough for the blowback from Meredith/Derek fans? Or did you feel you had some “capital” to spend, having just given them a wedding?
I don’t know if I steeled myself for the blowback. I’m sure there’s going to be some, but I’m not even sure I thought about it. I was busy thinking about setting us up for next season, which might be the final season for the [original cast members]. I wanted to spend next season doing nothing but telling stories about the originals, and I felt like in order to do that, we wanted to put everybody in a place where the focus was squarely on Meredith and Derek, Cristina, Alex….

TVLINE | Do you appreciate that the ABC promo department at least gave people a heads up of what was to come?
I’m at a place with promos where I sort of say, “Do what you guys do best.” I remember feeling very panicked about the way they were going to promote last season’s finale and they did an amazing job, so finally I decided that I can’t keep spoilers from getting out. Do it how you want to do it.

TVLINE | Tell us about the discussion about whether Meredith would actually do what she did, tampering with Derek’s Alzheimer’s drug trial.
Here’s what I think is interesting about that, because I’ve heard a number of people say, “I don’t think Meredith would do that.” Meredith is the girl who put her hand on a bomb in a body cavity. Meredith is the girl who tried to help a serial killer kill himself, so that he could donate his organs. Meredith — and this is obvious – has a compass that has always led her to shades of grey. She does not believe in black-and-white, she does not believe in good or bad, she does what she thinks is right. It’s funny, when we first pitched this storyline to Ellen, the first thing she said before we got to the end was, “But I give Adele the drug, right? I definitely give Adele the drug [versus the placebo].” We said yeah, because that’s who Meredith is. And Derek has always been a person who believes in right or wrong, and that has been the fundamental argument of their relationship. I also feel like it’s important to say that Meredith and Derek aren’t getting a divorce; their marriage is in trouble.

TVLINE | But for TVLine’s season finale scorecard, do we count this as a “Break-Up”?

TVLINE | As we left Meredith in her house with little Zola, what percentage of her is feeling undeservedly deserted, and what percent accepts some responsibility for pushing Derek away?
I don’t know. Maybe 50-50? She made a choice but she knew she made a choice. It wasn’t a simple choice to make, but it was the only choice for her to make. As a woman who would tell a gunman to shoot her [n the Season 6 finale], that’s who she is. She deals with consequences later. I know that she feels justified, but I also think she knows she made her own bed.

TVLINE | And what is going on in Derek’s mind as he camps out there in the frame of the unfinished dream house?
He just needed his space. The work of his life, which was him basically trying to cure the disease that Meredith eventually will likely suffer from, has been ruined. If he knew about the baby [Zola], things might be different, but he doesn’t. Right now he’s just angry and he needs a chance to get over it.

TVLINE | You’ve previously told us that Meredith and Derek are destined to be “together forever.” Do you feel that undercuts the drama when you do a finale like this? Or does it in fact amp things up, leaving us to wonder how on Earth they come back from such a deficit?
I feel like Meredith and Derek are meant to be together forever, and we’re going to make sure that in the end they end up together, one would hope – unless one of them dies or something. So, no, I don’t think it undercuts the drama. I think how we get there is the journey.

TVLINE | I was going to bring up Ellen’s quote from a year ago, where she said she would “probably not” renew her contract after Season 8. But it sounds like you’re preparing for next season to be her and Patrick’s “last hurrah.”
It might be the last hurrah for a lot of them; you never know. I really don’t know and I don’t presume to know. Everybody [including Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers and James T. Pickens] has an individual choice to make and I get that. It’s been seven really amazing years. Everyone has a choice to make. All the originals are in play.

TVLINE | You’ve done an excellent job of having Cristina stick to her guns on the baby issue – do you think you can hold your ground and in fact have a lead character on a Big 4 network’s pride-and-joy terminate her pregnancy? Or realistically are there other factors in play?
No one’s ever told me I couldn’t, so it never occurred to me I couldn’t. It is a polarizing issue, and we deal with a lot of polarizing issues. Addison performs abortions on Private Practice all the time, and she’s had one herself; Violet has had two herself. I don’t feel like that’s the point. Every woman has her legal, God-given right to choose.

TVLINE | Are we counting Cristina and Owen as a “Break-Up”?
[Thinks for a moment] I don’t know. That one, I don’t know. I’m still debating what’s going to happen with Cristina and Owen, in my own head. Every day I change my mind about what’s going to happen with them.

TVLINE | Turning to Alex: Does it pain you to put the boy through such romantic travails each season?
I want him to be happy so badly! I really do. It’s so difficult because he’s such the kicked dog a lot of the time, and his character is so tough about it. But you really feel sorry for him. I feel like he hasn’t had any happiness since Izzy.

TVLINE | In a world where Rachael Taylor doesn’t have a Charlie’s Angels reboot to run off to, do Alex and Lucy end this season going strong?
I love Lucy and I thought Rachael was great; she has such a sparkle to her. If that pilot hadn’t happened, things would be entirely different.

TVLINE | Speaking of guest cast with pilots in play: Did you have psychic intel that Scott Foley’s CBS show wouldn’t get picked up??
No, and let me tell you, we were holding our breath. I wish all the best for Scott, but we were holding our breath. We fully planned to go forward with [the Teddy/Henry] story in a slightly different way if he had gotten another television show, but we knew we were ending it this way no matter what.

TVLINE | So Foley will definitely be back next season?
I am very hopeful that we will see him again.

TVLINE | I felt last night like the character of Mark was speaking for you, saying that it’s time to pull back on the Mark-Lexie teases.
I really like Mark and Lexie together, and I re-edited that scene like 50,000 times. I took it out, I put it back in…. The writers and I argued about it for days and days, and it felt like we needed to give Mark some place to go. He’s been in baby land this whole season and he needs to step out of Callie and Arizona’s relationship and stand on his own. That’s what we’re trying to do.

TVLINE | Before we go, I was wondering: As a Lost fan, do you have mixed feelings about Grey’s going up against Michael Emerson’s new CBS show in the fall?
No, no, I don’t. I have Henry Ian Cusick on [the new midseason series] Scandal, so I have my own Lost piece — and I feel good about that.

TVLINE | And as a Buffy enthusiast, can we count on your DVR being set to catch Sarah Michelle Gellar’s now show, Ringer?
You know, I literally have been working so hard, I did not know that she had a show that got picked up. But I am sure I will check it out!

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  1. David says:

    You know the problem with Grey’s Anatomy continuing without any of the original cast members is the name! How will there really be a Grey’s Anatomy without Grey? That will be interesting to see how they deal with that!!

    • Deion says:

      I think that was the primary reason for the introduction of one Lexie Grey.

      • Claudy says:

        Aye, and what a contrived introduction it was.

        Lexie presumably only skipped one year of school and was 24 in her intern year. Meredith’s parents split when she was 5. Meaning Mer must have been at least 30 in her second year, letting Lexie to trail behind her by just one year. Despite the “misspent youth” or whatever that Mer might have had, coming into her intern year at the age of 29 (ie trailing behind by four whole years) still seem to be stretching it a little, ain’t it?

        …And I have definitely put way too much thought into these timelines *facepalm*

        • Michelle says:

          It isn’t a stretch at all. Nobody ever said that people have to go straight from college to medical school (although gunner little Grey did). More and more people are taking time off before essentially throwing their lives into medical books for godknowshowmanyyears. Meredith traveled through Europe. I know many many people who are starting med school in their late 20s, early 30s, putting them at much older than Meredith was for their intern year.

        • Troy says:

          Meredith Spent a few years out of school after graduating Dartmouth but was unable to hold down a job due to her partying lifestyle. Ellis approached her about finding direction in her life, Meredith spent 2 months touring Europe and then Ellis got Alzheimer’s, prompting Meredith to go to medical school. In the original script of the pilot it said that Meredith was about 32 years old.

    • Karen says:

      Lexie is also a Grey. They’ve positioned her to be the new heart of the show.

      • Captain says:

        I would love her to be the center of the show. I really would. She (well, her AND Mark) is the only reason I continued watching Grey’s when Izzie left.

      • lorna says:

        I love Lexie. Hate Teddy but love Henry. And good riddance Lucy is gone. She was nothing but a pain and had sort of a “rude flirting” toward Alex. Great finale, but terrible season. Less April, Callie and Arizona next season please.

        • Ashley says:

          I think that there should be more HAPPY times with Callie and Arizona but I would love if Lexie were the center of the show. I think that with Mer/Der issues, there is almost coming to the point where we need to transition. And I do NOT like Lexie with Avery, it needs to be Mark.

        • Taylor Hendrickson says:

          efffffff you! Why would shonda put less Callie and Arizona, cuz in case you forgot they just had a beautiful baby. And April is cheif resident. what they’ve all been working for since day one. She’s going to play a huge part now so it looks like you’re gonna have to deal with it.

        • Taylor hendrickson says:

          And FYI, it was a WONDERFUL AWESOME season. Probably one of the best. And wow you’re annoying. Yeah Lucy isn’t always nice to Alex but it’s called playing hard to get. I wish she was staying cuz they’d be such an awesome couple. The only thing from your rude and awful comment is that I don’t like Teddy either. So maybe you should just stop watching the show you judgmental little creep. Peace and have a nice life.

          • Michelle says:

            Just curious… why are you SUCH an angry person?

          • Shannon says:

            Calm down Taylor Hendrickson, this person was just stating their own personal opinion and not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you so try not to be so narrow minded as to insult everyone who’s saying something you don’t like, and this perosn actually managed to state their opinion without resorting to swearing and making personal insults like yourself.

          • Amanda says:

            Wow….little hostile….maybe you need to get away from the TV more and enjoy life!

        • Sofia says:

          My personal opinion is that the writers became obsessed with marriage. Mer-Der, Yang-Hunt, Cali-zona, even the chief is now madly in-love-with Adelle… remember the days when they would eat lunch over “old-man”? The last time there was a bar scene was way back when Yang lost her marbles… and what happened to patient-doctor love affairs? McSteamy has officially run out of steam… he is now McNanny!!! I miss the good ol’ Grey’s Anatomy fun and drama. If next season is Grey’s last, I think the show should discontinue…. :( I would rather remember the intensive edge that I felt while watching Mer have her hand inside of bomb guy… I didn’t feel an ounce of that this season. After the strike, the writers lost something… I’d rather remember Grey’s as a wonderful show then as what became a boring show. And ditto on Angry-Guy!!! I’ll miss the show sooo much!!!

          • momo417 says:

            I totally agree with what this person is saying here the script is twist and moving away from the good old days when the cast members used to be fun to watch……. when mer was slutty and so in love with Der and they all used to watch Christina go crazy being selfish…… i have to say i love the first 3 season of the show when Isiah left i felt as if i didn’t want to watch the show again cause that was a great lost regardless of what gay slur he said ….he was the best surgeon in the show love him ……..i just wish they could so an episode with all the original cast members including Izzy and Burke.

          • harriet13 says:

            i agree with. momo417. i would love for burke and izzy to come back for an episode.yang could do the thing where she spots him and grabs mer and hides in a closet. both burke and hunt see them go into the closet and stand near it making small talk or jokes until hunt awkwardly unkowingly reveals to burke that he is yang’s husband.DRAMA meanwhile izzy and alex have there own little escapade and the episode all ends at bar, either drinking together or alone. that is anyway how i see it in my head.i need to get out more

    • Emily says:

      There’s always Lexie aka ‘little Grey’…

    • Kelly says:

      Lexie is a Grey, too…just sayin’.

    • Guy says:

      With Lexie of course. She is a Grey too or did you forget that?

      As a massive fan of this show, personally and it kind of kills me to say this but if Meredith and Derek did leave then i say cancel Grey’s. I know its hard to say but love em or hate em losing the 2 lead cast members it just wouldn’t be Grey’s anymore. Personally i hope Grey’s can go on until Season 10, so another 3 seasons and then end it.

    • Laila says:

      You forgot Lexie Grey :)

    • Laura says:

      They would still have Lexie…and since a lot of the season this year was about Lexie and her relationship with Mark/Avery, I could see Grey’s continuing on with little Grey as the “title” character.

    • Stefan says:

      They still have Lexie Grey ;)

    • Fabiola says:

      The name of the show is not about Meredith,but about a book every Medicine student use in College.

      • silly says:

        Yes… that’s what everyone is forgetting! It’s not named after Meredith it’s named after the book!

      • Carrie says:

        The name of the show is based on Meredith not the book. The book is Gray’s Anatomy, not Grey’s Anatomy. Meredith’s last name is Grey.

        • layla says:

          … which is analogy to the book, ‘Gray’s Anatomy’. And to refute that the show is based on Meredith doesn’t even make sense to me. If I can remember clearly I remember when it all revolved around Izzie. And then another when it all revolved around Cristina. Then Callie. Then Arizona. I can never remember a time when I was so grasped around a Meredith storyline. :D

          That was a joke. Of course I love Meredith, but I won’t lie and say that she tends to get overshadowed by the terrific other castmembers when she’s dubbed as ‘the lead’. And we tend to always forget that.

          • Em says:

            So “Grey” is just a typo in the title, riiight?

          • Tulip says:

            Go back to seasons 1, 2, 3. The A storyline revolved around Meredith nearly episode. In the episodes in which Mer didn’t have an A storyline, she had B or C. She was important in every single episode.
            In seasons 4, 5, 6, more often than not, Meredith had B and C storylines, but occasionally had A. In Season 7, it was back to the dynamics of the first 3 seasons. But either way, she had a storyline in each episode. Even when Ellen was gone for her maternity leave, Meredith’s story line was going strong. That is the definition of a central character.
            However, it is an ensemble cast. Everybody who gets their names billed as “a regular” is equally important.

      • Cyndi says:

        That’s right. And it is called “Grey’s Anatomy,” a medical encyclopedia on anatomy and physiology.

      • Julie says:

        Different spelling.

        The title Grey’s Anatomy was devised as a play on words: a reference to both Henry Gray’s medical textbook Gray’s Anatomy, and character Meredith Grey.

        Gray’s Anatomy is an English-language human anatomy textbook originally written by Henry Gray.

    • Ceecile says:

      They have Lexie. She could do the narating.

    • Elen says:

      They have little Grey to go on with…But still, it wouldn’t be the same.!!

    • martina says:

      Errr, Does Lexie ring a bell?

    • well says:

      Uh, Lexie? Who by the way is even more kickass as a character and who they really SHOULD focus on more?

    • kellybelly says:

      The name of the show has two meanings:
      The Doctors “Grey” – Meredith, Her mother, Lexie and then “Gray’s Anatomy” – the medical book.

    • Juie says:

      Lexie Grey

      The title Grey’s Anatomy was devised as a play on words: a reference to both Henry Gray’s medical textbook Gray’s Anatomy, and character Meredith Grey.

    • Serena says:

      I completely agree with this comment. The show will NOT be the same if you remove the original characters. I feel it is a huge mistake when shows remove their original characters. As a fan of many different types of shows;removing the original characters does not make your fans happy.The whole point of Grey’s Anatomy is the character of Meredith Grey.Also Meredith comes with Cristina and Alex who are family to her. You already took away two great characters;George and Izzie. I love the show and am a big fan but I love it because of the original characters.The only reason I follow a show for more than one season is due to liking the characters of the show. My favorite characters are Meredith,Derek,Alex,Mark,Cristina,Callie and Bailey. I do really like Owen and Lexie as an addition to the cast. I think that the cast you have is great now. I hope that you keep this great cast around for many more seasons.

      • ej says:

        hi everyone i’m new to this site and actually only just got invoved with watching greys i would like to throw my pennies in…izzie should at least come back and make some guest appearances from time to time, i liked teddy,losing o’malley really messed it up for me as he was my favorite and i would like to know what went on between shonda and tj,i agree lexie and mark definately lots of fun to do with that relationship, i wish the chief had more to do he is so goofy and wise, greys could go on without same cast if they do it gradually and come up with some awesome characters i love callizona, and i think alex should get someone like this- she comes across as a total witch theres huge chemistry between her and alex but the first time they get intimate she cant cuz she’s been abused another fix er upper but this time they make and both get healing i’d like to know more of the abuse alex endured and yes i also spend alot of time thinking about this stuff because it’s a wonderful world to escape to

  2. Dave says:

    Do the right thing and wrap the series next season. Going on for 15 seasons worked for ER – it won’t for Grey’s.

    • hayley says:

      Agreed to this. And people are saying that Lexie could go on as the title character – which I wouldn’t mind at all, because she happens to be one of my favorites, but make a spin-off if they really want to continue the characters growth and etc or whatever. But then I wouldn’t mind if Lexie takes the lead, i’d rather they move her to somewhere else then with newer people.

    • tracy says:

      I would argue that it DIDN’T work for ER. The show was a pale shadow of itself when it finally left the airwaves and I hope GREY’S ANATOMY doesn’t follow suit.

  3. MerDer4Ever says:


    • Tulip says:

      If you want people to take you seriously, turn off your caps lock, use proper spelling and grammar and write coherently.
      This kind of writing frightens people away. People will not take seriously text that looks as if it was written by a 7 year old.

      • Liz says:

        Wow, rude much?

      • Ace says:

        Rude, but true. I skip right over posts like that, every single time.

        • ej says:

          my husband types like that because he reads caps easier as he is severely dyslexic, please keep in mind some people arent literate tith pc or anything else and it could be discouraging to slam them like that, the world needs kindness and patience…

      • Michelle says:

        Not rude. Love it. Your comment was true and far less offensive than caps lock and unintelligible grammar.

  4. Diana says:

    Shonda is so full of crap. If she had meant for Rachael Taylor to stay on and Alex and Lucy to get a happy ending, Shonda would’ve locked Rachael down with a contract the way Kevin McKidd, Jessica Capshaw and Kim Raver were. But Rachael is better off playing one of Charlie’s Angels than getting stuck in a show where she’d be lucky to get a couple of short scenes every week. If Shonda wants Alex to be happy so badly then WRITE THAT STORY instead of ignoring him for most of the time and then bringing him out only to kick him some more! I really hope Justin Chambers doesn’t renew his contract for another season after season 8. He deserves so much better than this crappy writing. This is it for me. I can honestly say this season finale was exactly what I needed to finally give up on this show. Thanks Shonda!

    • Marti says:

      Amen! I’m kinda over Shonda Rhimes shows right now. Giving up on Grey’s and PP. Too much.

    • Captain says:

      I’m kind of hoping Shondra is able to convince Kat Heigl to return when Ellen/Patrick leave. She’s made it clear the Izzie is Alex’s only way of being truly happy, plus it would fill the void of originals a bit.

      • Tsenio says:

        I haven’t really thought.I’m a huge of fan of izzie and I would be really pleased if they brought izzie in case grey’s continues without merder.i guess it would make up for the losses

      • Ace says:

        I will absolutely quit watching the show if they bring Heigl back. Izzie was one of the most irritating characters I have ever encountered.

        • enbrightened says:

          I agree. I like Heigl. Couldn’t stand Izzie.

          • harriet13 says:

            yes. i love katherine heigl, but i am not really a big fan of izzy’s ,she was a bit annoying however i would like to see her back for a couple episodes

    • teniba says:

      u’ll be back!!!

  5. xoxo says:

    Still makes me a little sad to see that she apparently doesn’t see Cristina/Owen as being MFEO in comparison to MerDer or Calzona. Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh are for me the two best actors on the show and although they got amazing scenes last night and I’m therefore really happy with how the finale worked out, I’m a little bit disappointed that nearly everyone gets reassurance except for CO fans. But we’ll see, what Season 8 brings. ;-)

    • Kate says:

      Having Shonda say your couple is MFEO is the kiss of death.

      • tracy says:

        LOL! As a huge Calzona fan I couldn’t agree more. As soon as she declared Callie and AZ MFEO they went into a relationship death spiral from which, in terms of chemistry, they have yet to recover. I am, however, heartened to hear Shonda say she wants to remove Mark from C/A’s relationship. PLEASE DO THAT! It’s not fair to Mexie and it’s not fair to Calzona. In the meantime, good luck to Christina/Owen fans. MerDer is a lock for happily ever after but Crowen? Yeah, not so much.

    • Jill says:

      While both Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd are very good actors, the storyline for Cristina and Owen has had Owen clipping Cristina’s wings every chance he could get. He brings in Teddy for her and then does nothing when Teddy benches Cristina for 4 months. He gets to pick Chief Resident and tells Cristina he’s not going to select her because he thinks she would be happier in surgery. Now he wants to force a baby on her or he’s gone.

      I loved them together the first season but now Owen is just a millstone dragging Cristina down.

      • kate'shomesick says:

        I don’t agree. Christina’s behaviour – while I agree that she has to decide whether she wants a baby or not (then again why did she get pregnant…if she clearly doesn’t want one…there are ways, you know ;-))- has been selfabsorbed. What she did in that OR, there is no excuse for that and she clearly didn’t get what was going on. That you can tell by looking at the way she spoke to Teddy, who is obviously the more experienced, clear-minded doctor, who knew the rules and was acting responsably. She’s unbearable…I don’t like Owen forcing her to be what her wants her to be BUT the way she is now she is a horrible person. And I kind of agree with a few things Owen said…mainly that if she had the baby she would have to love it or that she would love it and couldn’t do anything against that fact…this seems to be her problem. She doesn’t act responsible and if she continues to be that way she’ll be all alone and miserable by the end.

        • eviltwit says:

          Yeah, because holding Cristina hostage by making her have the baby would super healthy for their relationship. No resentment of Owen or the baby there. Not everyone needs to be fixed. Not everybody has to be beloved. Cristina is what she is – driven, ambitious, focused and very much NOT wanting to add mother to the equation. What, exactly, is Cristina not being responsible about. Would the responsible thing to do be have a child she never wanted? With a man she might grow to hate and a child she might grow to resent so far as to verbally abuse? Remember Meredith’s mom? She was just like Cristina at the beginning. Had a kid she didn’t want, and look what happened there? Does anyone want that relationship poison for Cristina, for Owen, or for their kid?

          As for Teddy She said she was still bitter with Cristina. Holding her back was out of pure spite, not because she is the more experienced doctor. I vaguely remember her admitting as much to Owen at some point. Of course, I don’t actually like Teddy, and I’ve always liked Cristina, so I’m probably a little biased here.

          • teniba says:

            ‘re a little biased? Christina doesn’t want to learn and yes she is the rong person to chose for Chief Resident, she can’t enfroce rules she thinks are worthless for people with her level of excellence!!!

          • kate'shomesick says:

            Maybe you want tp read my comment again…Never at any point did I sa what you arew accusing me of saying. My point simply was that Christina’s arrogant and selfish behaviour is a pain in the a**. She acted irresponsible when she went over teddy’s head in the OR and she didn’t see any need to apologize- she couldn’t even admit that she was wrong because as she herself stated she thinks people like Teddy are trying to hold her back because she’s so excellent…So Teddy had every right to be disappointed with her- she could have even made an attempt to kick her out permanently…as far as I know what Christina did she could have been gone every other second in the real world. Owen also had every right to not make her chief resident because she clearly has- besides of talent and medical know-how- non of the qualities required for that job. She’s not a person who’s good at deligating people, she doesn’t understand the importance of protocols and rules and she is by no means able to take advice or criticism the right way.
            As far as the pregnancy-thing goes… She of course should not have the child if she doesn’t want to have one…but I doubt that she doesn’t. She has serious problems regarding realtionships and taking responsibility, leaning on others (you can read every social study you want…everyone needs trust, being safe, someone to abck you up)… I think she doesn’t want to have the baby because she is afraid to dedicate herself to somebody- in general. And I see that as her main problem- if she were to solve it maybe she would like to have the baby…

        • Casey says:

          I agree with you. In one of Kevin McKidd interviews, he did mention that Cristina and Owen fans are going to be sad, but they will be happy at seeing the prossible of a make up and drama that will come along. I believe that Cristina will keep the baby and find a way back to Owen. I would hate to see her last season on grey’s that would be like a repeat of Season 4.

      • Karen says:

        Just one fact correction, Owen does not want to force a baby on her. Quote, “I’m not saying we do this, I’m just saying we think.” All he did was to ask her to wait a few days and seriously think about it because terminating a pregancy is a pretty big deal. Yes, he wants kids, but did not threaten to leave her if she didn’t have them (like Callie did with Arizona.) He was mad because she wasn’t willing to discuss it and scheduled an abortion the same day she found out.

        I also completely disagree with your other comment — Owen has always supported her career.

  6. Hanna says:

    So what exactly is her stand on Mark/Lexie? They’re really over?

    If so, i see no reason to keep up with this show. What sucks is she made some sort of promise that yes, they will be reconciled; but Shonda giveth and taketh. It sucks, I adore the characters of Mark and Lexie.

    • Captain says:

      I agree. I take that quote to mean that Shondra really doesn’t know what to do with them. Lexie’s lines made me feel like they’re far from over since she basically said “I’m never going to love anyone the way I love you but I can’t be happy with you right now.” However, Shondra really screwed us over this year and I don’t know if there’s coming back from it. Shondra said that Mark/Lexie fans shouldn’t give up hope but honestly, what does anything coming from her really mean? She clearly doesn’t know what to do with them besides breaking them up and having them long for each other.

      • Emma says:

        Shonda lies, it’s what she does.

      • Vala says:

        I fully agree with you! I was really dissapointed with the season finale, I was sure that Mark and Lexie would get together by the end basing on the last couple of episodes and from the tweet of Shounda saying that we shouldn’t stress out or whatever! I know that this show is not only about them but it really pisses me of when a great couple like them, with a great chemistry get such a little time of screen and Teddy and Henry that most of us don’t really care gets a happy ending and those kind of scenes. From the begining of this season I was hoping to see more interaction between them, over and over I was dissapointed and from now on I don’t know how I feel about it the only thing I know is that Shonda should STOP PLAYING WITH US…And decide what to do with them once and for all!

  7. bmo says:

    It would be nice for them to end the show on a high note with next year being the last season. You could squeeze two more seasons out but why not go out guns blazing with one great season. I think Shonda will keep Derek and Meredith together. How come Meredith didn’t text Derek that she had Zola? Since he didn’t want to answer the phone call, he could have read the text and then come back to Seattle. I hope Shonda breaks up Owen and Cristina. Cristina has proven she will only think of herself personally and professionally. She has dogged Owen for their whole relationship. I glad Owen grew a pair and kicked that bitch out of the house. Best part of the show. If she doesn’t value or respect your opinion, no point being with her. But I think they should end the show, if Derek and Meredith aren’t going to be on the show, there is no point having the show continue. I don’t want to see an hour of Cristina being a cold bitch by herself. Ha

    • eviltwit says:

      So what you mean by “value” or “respect” Owen’s opinion is that Cristina should roll over and be an incubator for Owen’s baby whether she wants to or not. Why shouldn’t Cristina think of herself professionally. Doesn’t seem like anyone else is. BTW, the house is Cristina’s. She paid for it.

      • bmo says:

        I mean that she should listen to her husband’s feelings and thoughts on the matter and seriously consider them and not make up her mind after ONE DAY(my biggest concern). I don’t know if its legal to go forward if the father doesn’t consent. Since this is fictional it doesnt matter. THey will drive into the legal aspect next season for sure. Cristina is horrible to Owen and their whole relationship is draining on the show. She’s only been cool with Meredith and hasn’t grown as a person. She’s the same person since season 1. I’m glad someone told her off. Even if it’s her house, but i thought he chose it out.

        • Mallory says:

          While I agree that Cristina should have listened to Owen’s point of view, Owen should have listened to Cristina’s. She was telling him over and over that she DOESN’T WANT A KID. This is a non-negotiable fact for her. She has never wanted a kid. She should have used better protection, but she has made it obvious she doesn’t want a kid.
          Shonda already had a character acquiesce on that topic: Arizona never wanted kids, but then Callie and got pregnant and she was thrown into it. Luckily, she’s embraced it.
          But that’s enough for this show. Cristina shouldn’t give in to Owen. This is a large issue for couples that cannot be easily irreconcilable. Personally, I’ve had to end a number of relationships because my partner did not want children. I love both Cristina and Owen, but they don’t belong together. I’ve never felt the kind of chemistry between those two that was there between Cristina and Burke. I think they would be happy with different people. People who share their beliefs and respect their opinions. Stringing them along like this is unfair to both of them.

        • LL says:

          Are you serious? Of COURSE it’s legal for a woman to have an abortion without the father’s consent. Ideally if the two people are in a relationship they will consult each other and make a joint decision, but no man can prevent a woman from having a legal abortion, thankfully.

          • Josephine says:

            Thank you for stating that. Someone is forgetting that the father in a lot of cases is not even told when a woman has an abortion. It is her choice in the end. Thank God. If it was not this way there sure as H*LL would be a lot more unwanted children born… also remember a guy can’t foce a woman to hav an abortion again her choice…
            WOuld it be idial if couples made the decition together… yeah sure… but it is not always possible… also in a lot of cases it is about one of them wanting one thing and the other wanting something else… The one pro keeping the baby in a lot of cases end up talking the other into keeping the child… especcially on tv-shows… and a lot of times it is not very good for the couple that it goes that way…

    • Kristina says:

      I agree, that was my favorite part of the show as well! Cristina is a part of a couple, that child she wants to get rid of like an ugly pair of shoes is half Owens as well. As much as she DOESN’T want a child HE does. So why does her opinion count MORE than his? She claims she loves him but continually puts her own wants, needs, and opinions higher than his and ignores everything he says. If she gets an abortion she might be following her desire not to have a child, but she’ll be killing her characters personality by being so selfish and self serving. It’s a contradiction.
      Why does Shonda think she has to shove her beliefs about abortion down our throats? Why can’t she see that there are viewers out there with contrasting opinions whose enjoyment of the show will be dimmed if she continues writing in these themes. I stopped watching private practice after their 19th week abortion show, and will stop watching Greys who i’ve faithfully followed since the first episode if Cristina kills the baby.

    • sheshe says:

      Am I the only person that remembers that it was Derek that put the NO RUNNING clause in their post-it marriage and he is the first one to run !!!

    • ej says:

      christina as a young girl watched her father die, because of these issues she has walls around her, if its only her in her world then she cant get hurt she made her escape by being totally focussed on her career, she is not a whole person but i think she learns and evolves she stuck with owen when he needed her and he has enough heart to really help her.

  8. Heidi says:

    Lexie is a Grey.

    • Kristina says:

      But she’s not the daughter of the famous Ellis Grey, she has a different mother. So while she may be a “Grey” she wouldn’t be following in the legacy of the “Grey” who started the show.

  9. Jen says:

    Grey’s Anatomy could continue with another Grey –
    LEXIE. She’s really come into her own in the last
    few seasons. I love her. Cristina and Owen better
    be together next season. He’s really good for her
    and vice versa! I could live without Mer and Der,
    and I understand the actors have things they want to
    do. Hey, look how long ER ran without the original

  10. Gerlie says:

    I doubt Lexie was created just so they could have another ‘Grey’ in case Meredith is out.

    Nevertheless, I kind of freakin’ adore Lexie. They’ve given her less room to grow mostly because she’s a year behind the rest of the characters but nevertheless, im interested.

  11. linda says:

    Don’t know what to do with Owen/Cristina? I am so fed up with her. It is one thing having an abortion but another doing it when you are married with a loving spouse. Go ahead and pull the trigger on the most beautiful love story you have written. I am sure CO fans will hold on til SP8 to see what you are going to do but if you destroy them there will be no reason for us to watch. I hate that she is always reassuring other fan bases but could careless how CO fans feel, many us only watch because Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh are amazing actors.

    • Kristina says:

      I agree, I think killing that love story would have a horrible impact on viewers who’ve been rooting for them from the beginning and during their highs and lows. It seems like the writers are trying to force their political viewpoints on viewers, they just pulled this with Shondas other show Private Practice.

  12. Kiki says:

    Seriously, why would Shonda say this: “I feel like Meredith and Derek are meant to be together forever, and we’re going to make sure that in the end they end up together, one would hope – unless one of them dies or something. So, no, I don’t think it undercuts the drama. I think how we get there is the journey.”

    Gee – I hope she doesn’t kill Meredith or Derek. She loves to rile up the fans. And as for C/O – I don’t believe for one minute that Shonda Rhimes doesn’t know what she’s going to do with them. Just makes me wonder what kind of childhood she had that made her so, shall we say, TWISTED.

    • eviltwit says:

      I sort of focused on the “unless one of them dies or something”, which made me kind of nervous that one of them will at the end of it all. I think she does know that people would hate her and never watch another one of her shows again. I’m not a rabid Meredith/Derek shipper, but that would just be cruel. Really cruel.

      • Ace says:

        Killing off Meredith and/or Derek would be a horrible exit for those characters. It would be much better to have them move away… maybe to Africa to help kids like Zola, or to another hospital to work on some sort of groundbreaking neurological research. Meredith and Derek’s exit needs to be an upward progression, not a tragedy. (And for heaven’s sake, don’t keep ONE of them if the other doesn’t renew his or her contract. They’re a team.)

  13. Fiona says:

    I love how after an entire season of making Merder invisible, only to suffer that idiotic triangle, ratings at an all time low, NOW she is pimping out MD. I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. I think she lies as easily as she breathes. I can’t wait for her leads to be done and walk away. Shonda will be left with Callie, Lexie, Mark, Arizona, and that hideous Kepner. Watching weekly ratings will be hilarious! Shonda should never have pushed aside her leads like she did. Finale was horrible as was the season and especially that musical.

    • Liz says:

      Yeah, it’s no wonder the originals (like PD & Ellen) want out! She only gave them two scenes per episode!

    • Tulip says:

      HAHAHA. I love when people call her a “liar”.
      Do you REALLY think she’s going to give away secrets before the episodes air?
      Gosh, being a TV writer must be HARD. You have the idiot fans who beg for spoilers then get outrageously mad when the spoilers don’t happen. Then you have the idiot fans who avoid all spoilers then get outrageously mad that they didn’t know what was already coming.
      You also have the idiot fans who only watch for one actor/character/couple.
      Seriously, imagine being in her shoes. Then calm down and BACK OFF. It’s a TV show. GA was designed as entertainment. It’s supposed to fun an hour of mindless entertainment every week. It’s supposed to draw you into a different world, make you forget your troubles.
      These characters are not real. Anything they do will not affect you in real life (except maybe make you cry a little bit, or perhaps it will inspire you to do something).
      But everybody who gets so worked up as the VERBALLY ABUSE the writers? You need to BACK OFF. CHILL OUT. Before you have a heart attack and wish Cristina were there to save pathetic your life.

      • Kristina says:

        ROFL Tulip you’re pathetic! You start out by calling all the viewers who have opinions about their favorite scenes or characters idiots, THEN tell them not to verbally abuse them and how they need to chill out and the characters aren’t real and won’t affect you in real life.

        Reread your post honey, you just got all worked up, offended, and resorted to name calling to get your point across while telling them to knock off the same behavior.

        These shows are for entertainment, viewers are saying we’re not being entertained by these episodes, and are speaking out about which parts of the show do entertain them. Certain couples together entertain them. Certain episodes, or story lines don’t entertain them. Yes, it’s for entertainment, and people are saying they are NOT being entertained. Why is that so upsetting to you? Is it because you disagree with their opinions and rather than state that you feel the need to act like a kindergartener and call names?

    • Tulip says:

      HAHAHA. I love when people call her a “liar”.
      Do you REALLY think she’s going to give away secrets before the episodes air?
      Gosh, being a TV writer must be HARD. You have the idiot fans who beg for spoilers then get outrageously mad when the spoilers don’t happen. Then you have the idiot fans who avoid all spoilers then get outrageously mad that they didn’t know what was already coming.
      You also have the idiot fans who only watch for one actor/character/couple.
      Seriously, imagine being in her shoes. Then calm down and BACK OFF. It’s a TV show. GA was designed as entertainment. It’s supposed to fun an hour of mindless entertainment every week. It’s supposed to draw you into a different world, make you forget your troubles.
      These characters are not real. Anything they do will not affect you in real life (except maybe make you cry a little bit, or perhaps it will inspire you to do something).
      But everybody who gets so worked up as the VERBALLY ABUSE the writers? You need to BACK OFF. CHILL OUT. Before you have a heart attack and wish Cristina were there to save your pathetic life.

      • MRiss says:

        Yes! Mad Props to you tulip. You just said everything I have been thinking. Relax people! It is just a TV show, if you don’t like it…there is a little round button on most remotes that says “power” try pushing it.

      • tripoli says:

        Well said Tulip. People really need to get a grip. Shonda Rhimes will never make the crazy fans happy. And she really doesn’t owe the fans anything. It’s her show, she can do whatever the hell she wants with it.

        • harriet13 says:

          yes shonda can do anything but she owes her show to the fans, albeit crazy, fans make everything happen

  14. Ingmar says:

    One amazing finale. Point.

  15. Roni says:

    David there will still be Lexie GREY. But the show wont be the same without the original cast members

    • Robyn says:

      But she is not Ellis Greys’s daughter and that’s what the show is about…..Don’t go Ellen

      • Kristina says:

        Agreed Robyn, I think people forget the play on names isn’t just for all Grey’s but they’ve made it a LOT about her mom, and her moms legacy. To move to another Grey would remove that part of the show.

  16. LA says:

    “Adele the drug, right? I definitely give Adel the …”

    Don’t you people have editors? Sloppy!

  17. greysfan says:

    So that’s all she has to say about Mark and Lexie? That she likes them?

    So Jackson and Lexie are really together? Well. Shonda Rhimes, I’m not sure if I am still interested in watching your debacle with the Lexie Grey and her two hot god-like men show. It was interesting while it lasted but if you continue to drag it on Season 8 (we all know she’s MEANT to be with Mark, anyways?!) I might stop already. I love Lexie but there’s just such a thing as too much repetition, much, and that’s what you did with Mark and Lexie’s storylines. Babies… ‘we love each other but we want different things’.. lord.

  18. Gead says:

    About Cristina/Owen:
    “[Thinks for a moment] I don’t know. That one, I don’t know. I’m still debating what’s going to happen with Cristina and Owen, in my own head. Every day I change my mind about what’s going to happen with them.”

    Are you trying to kill us by heartbreak, Shonda?? Youre still debating on what’s going to happen to them?!

    I think they are MFEO and that they deserve a good storyline. So I hope Cris is not going to abort the baby. I respect a woman’s rights because I am one too, but we know better of Cristina. She’s more than that. She’ll can totally do motherhood. Aborting the baby would just cause irreversible damage to their relationship and to the fans.

    • Pat says:

      I bet Cristina will bond with Zola and decide to have her baby.

      But she should still kick Owen to the curb for how he’s treating her. She and Meredith can raise their babies together without the men who aren’t good enough for them.

      • eviltwit says:

        Wow, that’s so smooshy and not at all like Cristina to go gaga over a baby, even if it is Meredith’s. She certainly didn’t go all batty over Callie/Mark/Arizona’s. And Meredith wouldn’t be the friend that she is if she tried to pressure Cristina into having it. I just don’t see Meredith doing that, either – she’ll leave Cristian with her whatever she ends up doing and be supportive.

    • xav says:

      I really hope she does abort it. I couldn’t stand to watch a show where Cristina’s character was destroyed enough to have a child. It would be horrible to watch everything she is destroyed. Not all women want children.

      • agh says:

        It`s unbelievable to think a person doesn`t change when she`s pregnant. This stopped being a hypotethical situation. She is pregnant now. You are supposed to change in a scenario like this one. It`s only normal and it is not destroying a character. Not all women want children, but there`s a difference in eciding not to have any and terminating a pregnancy.

        • Tulip says:

          It didn’t stop her the first time. Of course, her ectopic pregnancy burst before she could get it aborted, but she wasn’t going to change for that pregnancy, so why should she change for this pregnancy?
          I like watching Cristina interact with children, but I can’t see her as a mother. It doesn’t fit her character.

          • Kristina says:

            Not all women WANT to become mothers, but some women are CHANGED by becoming mothers. Like Owen said to Cristina saying she didn’t want to have a baby “well you have one”

            People can, and do change. Why are you so against opening up her character to a new chapter in her life?

  19. Vivi says:

    It’s unbelievable what comes out of the mouth of ShondaRhymes! She thinks fans are what? Small pets waiting for something, a cookie,maybe,or at least something really decent?! 7 years and we’ve got this??? S7 ended and theres no return, you burned all your chips babe!

  20. Aniolan says:

    I sincerely hope Cristina realizes she is a married woman and decides to talk their future together with him; she definitely should have the baby; ask any woman who has a career and she will tell you you can do both things (be a mother and have a career at the same time.)
    Shonda: don’t disappoint us mothers.

    • Lori says:

      Being a mother and having a career at the same time is something to stand up for too Shonda. To just take the issue of aborting a baby of a married woman so lightly just makes me sick to my stomach.

      • Karen says:

        But she has stood up for that on 3 accounts.

        1) Bailey – she got into a huge fight with the chief when she wouldn’t confirm her residency in season (2?) because she was pregnant and didn’t want to say yet. Then again with Arizona about accepting peds fellow when her hubby gave her an ultimatum. She had a heartfelt talk on the plane to retrieve organs with Yang, where Yang was asking how she did it and did she “take pause”.

        2) Meredith – she’s all in on having a career and being a Mom and so is Derek.

        3) Callie – she has been wanting to have a baby since she was with George! It was NEVER a question in her mind that to do anything but be a Mom AND a surgeon. Mark and Arizona are now on the bandwagon with this too.

        So that’s a total of 6 characters who are both dedicated to their career as well as being a parent. 7 if you count Owen wanting to.

        Why is it so wrong then that Shonda covers the other side of the spectrum with ONE character??

        • eviltwit says:

          Yeah. Can you seriously see Cristina get all worked up over baby things? She known all along that being a mother is not for her – being at the top of her profession is. And, frankly, if she wants to be a star, that doesn’t leave a lot of time to take care of children. Remember Meredith’s mother? So no, in Cristina’s case, she can’t do both. Why should she have to? Are men expected to?

      • Tulip says:

        The “working mother” thing is NOT what is holding Cristina back. She even said it last night. “It’s not about my career.” She knows she can be a surgeon and a mother.
        She just has no desire to be a mother. It is not part of her character. I don’t want Shonda to write every female having a kid. It’s not fair to Cristina or the multiple fans who watch who also don’t want kids. As of right now, GA is kind of saying “you must get married and have kids and a career (ALL THREE) to be happy.” That’s not true. We need a life-long bachelor (Alex?) who can be happy without getting married. We need a married couple(Owen and Cristina?) who can be happy without kids. We need a married couple (Meredith and Derek?) happy with kids. We need a gay legally-unmarried but completely happy with kids couple (Callie and Arizona.) There are a lot of different relationships out. GA cannot only have “get married, have a baby, be happy.”

        • Kristina says:

          So here is what has you so pissed off, you don’t want Cristina to have a baby because you’re happy without one? And you don’t want Alex to be happy in a relationship to prove the point that other people don’t need to be in a relationship. So because you in your personal life don’t approve, you’re angry at the viewers who want that? Why don’t you go watch Happily ever after it’s about a bunch of uncommitted people partying and having irresponsible sex and not committing to anyone or anything and being happy about it. People can grow up achieve their goals and find themselves wanting new ones, or changing who they are as people come in and out of their lives.

          You want to shove your personal feelings onto this character but there’s an entire storyline here including other people, a loving husband who wants children. So it’s not just about what you want Cristina to look like, her character has a spouse to take into consideration, and her love for him COULD change her desires to have a child. She could find it in herself to say I love you and I want to give you something that matters to you so much. Just because you’re happy without kids or being a cat lady doesn’t mean other people can’t change their minds. Hell look at Anne Heche in real life, she was a lesbian with Ellen for how many years then married a man and had a child. So in real life people DO change drastically. Especially when they’re in love.

  21. Brittany says:

    When Meredith leaves the show, I will too. This season has really sucked, but the season finale has given me hope that next season will focus on Meredith and the rest of the ORIGINAL cast members. I’m so over the Callie/Arizona drama.

  22. ana says:

    If Cristina and Owen are not endgame I hope she tells us because I don`t want to sit through a season if that`s not the case. I love both actors and I love their love story. I don`t buy they aren`t MFEO. But if Shonda doesn`t feel that way I`m out

    • Tulip says:

      Endgame is a ridiculous concept. Who wants to know how the show is going to end years before it does? I would rather watch it unfold and be surprised! It makes it so much more enjoyable.
      (Oh, and obviously Owen and Cristina aren’t made for each other. The chemistry between the actors is sporadic, and hmmm… they want different things. One person who wants a kid and another who doesn’t are NOT MADE FOR EACH OTHER. It’s not pizza or Thai. You can’t happily compromise on having a child.)

      • Kristina says:

        Some people do skip to the end of the book to see how it ends and still enjoy the journey there. Some people find themselves rooting for the characters and disappointed when that doesn’t pan out. Calling them ridiculous is just well….ridiculous. You’re not the only person in the world, and to say you’re opinion is the right one and everyone who doesn’t agree is an idiot or ridiculous is just silly and narcissistic.

  23. Amanda says:

    ROTFLMAO at how quickly Shonda appears to say MerDer aren’t broken up. She just can’t help herself in her constant need to appease some fanbases.

    On the other hand I like that she is not giving away where C/O will end up. Its more interesting as a viewer to not know the end to the story beforehand.

  24. ben says:

    Love Shonda Rhimes interviews, shame the comments always spoil them.

  25. Jen says:

    I’m not going to say that I’m looking forward to losing all the characters I know and have loved for years, but I am saying that I’m completely for Grey’s being treated sort of ER was – a new crop of doctors, more stories, more drama, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Lexie – and tell me how awesome it would be to see George Clooney taking the Chief’s job after Richard retires to care for Adele?

  26. Allie says:

    Reeeeeeally wish you’d asked her about Derek’s horrifying “bad mother” remark and how he comes back from that. Because unless we get an actual apology with some begging and maybe some tears, that character is pretty much dead to me. I really hope that isn’t brushed under the rug, like when he called her a wh*re or lemon and she just accepted it and moved on.

    • Olivia says:

      Doubtful his nastiness will be addressed. Shonda doesn’t believe in the apology. Her male characters act like petulant children while the women suffer the consequences of their actions. Derek crossed the last line with that remark. The “whore” “lemon” were bad but this, was way worse. I have no respect for him any longer.

    • Liz says:

      Amen sister! He NEVER apologizes… Even the sweet PD who plays the character asked why she stays with him!!!

  27. lili says:

    Season 8 will be focussed on Meredith, Derek, Cristina and Alex??? About freaking time!! For that I cannot wait for Season 8.
    I really hope Ellen and Patrick do not renew their Grey’s contracts after Season 8. They should do other projects. They are beautiful and talented people. When Ellen has a movie out , I will surely go the cinema and watch :)

  28. calzonafan says:

    How about we start with the fact that there was NO CALLIE AND ARIZONA, SHONDA. HOW ABOUT THAT. Seriously only 2 seconds of ‘blink and you’ll miss’? They just got married and they have nothing to say to each other? No Baby Sofia? All us Calzona fans are kind of in a rut here.

    And as for Meredith and Derek possibly disappearing, good. Go away. No, the show is not about ‘Meredith’ just because she’s a GREY, in that case Lexie should be focused on as much too, but how come she barely even has a few lines to say for the most part? This show is an ensemble and as for someone who narrates it Meredith as a character just – boring. And she’s supposed to be the ‘lead character’ and yet no interest takes on her.

    I’d rather see a Callie/Arizona/Mark/Jackson/Lexie/April spin off rather than see Grey’s Anatomy continue on with most of the cast. Or if it really must continue on, then go ahead and put Lexie as the main character. I love her :D She’s all pretty and interesting as a character and I’d like to see her year get focused on as well. but i’m holding more on to some kind of spin off with Callie and Arizona mostly.

    • Allie says:

      You’re mad that the finale didn’t focus on Calzona? After almost an entire season dedicated to them? Now you know how fans of Meredith/Derek and Cristina/Owen felt when they were oh-so-generously given 20 second scenes during The Calzona + Mark Hour.

    • Meghan says:

      Lol, focusing on Calzona had the ratings at an all time low. MOST people don’t care. It’s sad for you but oh well. After Shonda put the focus on Callie (who is just a horribly selfish person) and Arizona and Mark, ratings took a dive. They are not interesting. You’re NEVER going to get a Calzona spin off lol but your Meredith hate and insults are amusing. You mad? You are correct. Calzona is in a rut because they’re awful and a ratings killer!

      • MD says:

        I agree. Calzona or the cartoonish threesome whatever you want to call it killed this season, just look at the ratings of this season. THANK GOD no Calzona in the last 2 episodes, hopefully they’ll be in the background next season and focus on the interesting characters that we fell in love Grey’s because of them. Calzona, Lexie and co is not the reason why people started watching Grey’s in the first place.

        Lexie as the lead character is such a joke? She’s not interesting to be a lead character. She’s a bright and shiny girl who had a good childhood, you can’t really have drama with her and good stuff to happen like for Mer in the last 7 seasons!!

        • calzonafan says:

          Lol. I agreed with you on most points but to begin with I actually started watching Grey’s because of callie and arizona, though. and Lexie as the lead character actually WOULD be interesting. they barely focus on her.

          So what, you have to be dark and twisty and boring to be an ‘interesting’ lead character? Oh, right, let me check… every other female lead character in television are all messed up in every way. And as for how dark and twisty Lexie is probably in your standards we don’t even know. She might appear all ‘bright and shiny’ as you say it (wow, such Grey’s slang we’re talking, no?) but I’m pretty sure she has some kind of past. Nevertheless, and im not even alone in thinking this – I’m pretty sure everyone considers Meredith the boring character even before the new kids started getting around. It was always Izzie and Cristina getting the attention. Lmao.

        • *star* says:

          MD, I agree with what you’re saying! Lexie is interesting enough to be on the show as a supporting character, but certainly not as the lead. I’ve been a fan from the very first episode because of the original characters. So for season 8: more Alex, Christina and Mer&Der drama. =)
          Ps: I’m sooo happy they ended the Alex and Lucy thing that was going on. She was annoying.

        • Rosa says:

          The lowest rated show was the one completely focused on Meredith. So I think you need to get your facts straight.

      • Tracy says:

        FYI, the ratings hit “all time lows” on the episodes where Calzona *weren’t* featured. The musical episode was a huge ratings hit because ABC did a ton of promo for it. The second half of the season has suffered from a weird schedule, lack of focus (for all the characters), disjointed/shallow writing, and very little promotion.

        • Sandra says:

          EXACTLY. Thank you. There are some people here who are obviously homophobes and want to blame the ratings on Calzona, when in fact the lowest rated episode of the series this SEASON was the one where Meredith was in the ER. An hour of MEREDITH. If people really wanted to see her so much, why didn’t they watch that episode? Yet, episodes with Calzona haven’t done so bad at all. Look at the ratings for the finale! Compared them to the ratings for Callie and Arizona’s wedding! lol That should tell ya how wrong this haters are about Calzona. I am tired of the hate, Calzona is not just for gays or lesbians. I am not gay and I like them. I see them no different than any other couple on Greys.

        • Daniel says:

          It’s not fair to say the ratings were bad because of characters in particular, however, the ratings did go down this season. I agree with Tracy this season was very strange, the promotion wasn’t there much, the schedule was weird. When the show was promoted the ratings did well, so I feel ABC perhaps is not supporting the show like they did before. The show is not exactly dying – still getting ratings, ratings that equal shows like Modern Family. Modern Family is not exactly getting 15 million per week. It averages about 10 million which is the same as Greys.

    • eviltwit says:

      I was actually shocked to see other people IN the season finale, it’s been so much about Callie and AZ this season.

      Callie has completely lost her edge and moxy. She used to be my favorite character, but she’s become practically unbearable. If she left, I’d not notice, and I never thought I’d say that. She’s so pathetic now. I blame Shonda.

      • RondoRo says:

        I still like Callie. I started to watch the show because of Callie and Arizona. Both of those characters went through a lot, so they reacted accordingly.

  29. natalie penn says:

    It is going to Lexie centered show when Mer leaves. The whole point of lexie’s character is so the show has a “spare Grey”

  30. Miche says:

    Are you kidding me, Shonda? You reassure EVERY OTHER FANBASE about the pairing and not Owen and Cristina?? You know what, why should those fans come back next season if you don’t give us a reason to?

  31. Melissa B. says:

    “Every woman has her legal, God-given right to choose

    Seriously? If you are going to speak as to what God intends, every child has the God-given right to LIFE!

    • Michael says:

      AGREED!! I can’t believe she talks about having abortions like its an everyday routine. It’s a big deal. She says ‘every woman has her legal, God-given right to choose.’ To use ‘God-given’ and involve religion into it is stupid. Every unborn child has a God-given right to live and that is a fact.

      • eviltwit says:

        Actually, it’s not a fact, but that’s okay. In America, religion trumps science, so we’ll just go with it until the country overrun with children no one wants and fewer can afford.

        And, God doesn’t give us the right to choose, in the US, the LAW still affords us the choice whether there’s some deity available to give us the “right” or not.

    • NCSouthernBelle says:


  32. Charisma says:

    Honestly, I don’t think I could happily watch the show without Meredith, Alex and Cristina. The interns were always the heart of the show for me – love their dynamic.

    Also, I really don’t care about who Lexie ends up with, but it’s obvious meant to be Mark, so dragging it on for yet another season is just annoying. On the last episode, she seemed fine about the baby, so why aren’t they together now? I just feel like too much time has been spent on that issue.

  33. Christine says:

    Im pretty sure if the original cast were gone I would not watch Grey’s anymore. I have watched this show since the beginning and patrick, ellen, christina, baily no way I would watch it.

  34. Jenn says:

    Isn’t Lexie a Grey as well? She isn’t an original so I think it would be very easy to focus on her if Ellen doesn’t renew.

  35. me says:

    Too many abortions for my taste Shonda! We get it. You love talking about woman`s rights and gay`s rights, but enough is enough. Abortions should be accepted in some cases, not always. Seriously if you make Cristina go through with it I will never watch this show again

    • Tulip says:

      If you’re that against abortions, don’t ever go to Hawaii. It’ll probably freak you out. Actually, you should probably just stay in the South.

  36. clarie says:

    I’d watch the Lexie Grey show. As a fan of the show since before, I would actually really like that. I just can’t let go of the show as of yet. And while it took me the entire season4 for me to warm up to her – she quickly became my favorite by Season 5 anyways. As for the original cast leaving that would sadden me, but I was expecting this. An early goodbye to Meredith and Derek.

    Though I really rather would not see Grey’s go into some sort of ER-type show; I can’t imagine even more newer characters picked up in. I wouldn’t want to see an even larger cast that we have now. If they do focus it on lexie, then i suppose the drama between Mark and Jackson would presume. And as a fan of that triangle (I can’t pick myself! her soulmate that tends to hurt her, or the guy who’s madly in love with her – that isn’t her soulmate but is trying to hard to be?) – I’m looking forward to that.

  37. Sa says:

    Okay. IF Mer/Der/Cris/Alex leave and Mark/Lexie are over I am NOY going to watch the DAMN SHOW ANYMORE. You can’t lose the originals AND break up one of the best couples you have left. You just can’t.

  38. Heather says:

    Thanks for the great interview, Matt! You and Michael always rock! Been following you both for years!

  39. SS says:

    A Grey’s Anatomy without THE Grey? IMPOSSIBLE Lexie is there but hell since eight years the show has been about MEREDITH and via her about MEREDITH AND DEREK Lexie is a good supporting character but does she has it in her to carry a whole show? Nopes not at all. The most graceful thing for GA to do would be to end the whole series next year, because honestly whats left to watch if there is no Mer Der Cris Alex? IMO nothing!

    And please Shonda don’t scare the heck out of me by your remarks of “unless if one of them dies…” Don’t even THINK of going there, for once give MerDer the happy ending they have been hoping for since the very first scene of this freaking show seven years ago. The world needs a happy ending Shonda not a broken heart.

    And hoping against hope you learned from the crappie mistakes you did this season and focus like hell on the core cast the ORIGINALS who freaking MADE the show. See if you are sure of having a show without the originals then whats the fuss after this season u can focus on all your dhaling secondary chars the ones for whom no one gives a rat’s ass n trust me no one would bother to complain coz no one wld care any longer, but seirously you have this one last chance to make this season as EPIC as the first season of GA was, bring back the sexy adorable MerDerm the gold mine which you have in the form of DemPeo’s chemistry use it USE IT while you still can, make this season truly truly legendary and give this epic of a love story a beautiful ever lasting end. give them such an end that it doesn’t feels like an end, and every time we watch the very last MerDer scene we want to relive their journey right back from season 1. MerDer deserve an epic time stopping end, something that would be imprinted in the pages of history, like their beginning was,

  40. laura says:

    I hate how everyone always says such rude comments about whatever Shonda Rhimes says or as they’d like to claim ‘promise’. She writes. Peoples minds change. So she decides to change something in her head and you all get pissed off and even call off death threats (I see it on websites..). It’s horrible.

    I applaud her for having a genius way to storytell to begin with, but I have to say that the show has become too crowded to properly tell such great stories to begin with. There’s just too much, and other characters get put in the backseat, and the fans of these characters become irritated and then unleash their anger.

    All i’m saying is, be grateful. The amount of hatred I saw today in reaction of Cristina and Owen’s angst-fest, or Mark and Lexie’s possibly never getting together again and their triangle with Jackson all over the internet astounded me. Wow, so much hate in the world for FICTIONAL characters? I know we get attached but what I saw was just so much unneeded hate. You watch this show, you watch what you see. Have your own opinions. But don’t go as much as to say you want to kill the creator of the show for breaking up this and that couple for an episode or so.

  41. AUST says:

    “mark needs to step out of Calzona’s relationship” – Amen to that.

  42. Sara says:

    Derek will return without incident or Meredith the doormat will beg him to pick her again – boring. At least Cristina and Owen may be a bit interesting to watch. I plan to give next season a go to see if its worth it but if its all about Meredith and Derek the happy family in their Barbie Dreamhouse then I’m out.

  43. hemo says:

    Holding out until the season premiere to see if Lexie really is sticking out with Jackson. I can’t stand the idea that she won’t end up with Mark. And if they’re going to continue ignoring the Mark/Lexie situation (they think that skipping them out on every other episode is ok with us fans?) then i quit. I’m tired of having to follow them since Season 5, and go through the hellhole they were under in Season 6 and Season 7 and for the same AGAIN in season 8? No. Freaking. Way. Grey’s Anatomy writers. I love that couple but if the same happens ill just have a deal with my brain that they’re together anyways in my own alternate universe and quit the show. I’m tired of it.

  44. Liz says:

    Derek was an assh*le, telling Mer she wouldn’t be a good mother. Assh*le!
    And then leaving her like that… It’s like Thatcher all over again. He left Mer, except this time he also abandonned his baby. Can I say assh*le again?!

    Now, Shonda, about focusing on the originals? Well it’s ABOUT TIME!! Last year was Teddy’s Anatomy, this year it was Callie’s Anatomy! ENOUGH!

    • Alice says:

      Yeah, I definitely got a Thatcher vibe. And talk about a low blow, considering Mer’s fears about becoming her mother, the “bad mother” comment was horrible, since he knows better. And he abandoned his kid- he better feel some serious guilt and there had better be groveling of the “I’m sorry I choked you in my sleep” variety.

      • eviltwit says:

        It’s certainly difficult to root for Derek and Meredith when he’s being written as such an unmitigated jackass. Why should Meredith take him back every time he goes into one of his everything is black and white snits and then says something unforgivable. This time, he was really beyond the pale.

  45. Laurie says:

    I am finally happy that we got lots of Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh on screen. Love these actors, they rocked their scenes last night despite a very difficult subject because it really is a no “win” situation and you really felt both of the characters pain in a very real and raw portrayal. Cristina/Owen do angst well because the actors are brilliant but pushing the envelope so far to destroy their relationship is just not right. I am not saying to write C/O sweet and boring like Mer/Der because that is not them. They are very complex characters but they can be complex and angsty raising a child. I have no problem with pro choice, heck I had an abortion at age 23 but I was alone and didn’t have a loving partner. If I did he would have had a say in the matter especially if I was married even though I am very career oriented and independent. I know a drama needs to push the envelope but I am so afraid you have pushed this fanbase to far. I hope I am wrong because I want to see more of Cristina and Owen’s lovestory. I truly believe it was one of the most gripping and powerful one’s written for tv because they both are not perfect but underneath it all they have an emotional connection that is so constant.

  46. Ayesha says:

    I’m still upset that nobody acknowledged that Cristina had an ectopic pregnancy in Season 2 that ruined her chances of getting pregnant. Will that ever be addressed?

    • ugh says:

      Maybe you should read a little before commenting. She lost 1 tube. People have 2. And having an ectopic pregnancy doesn`t mean you can`t get pregnant.

    • kj says:

      It probably won’t. Ectopic pregnancy doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant again, it just makes it a lot harder.
      I would love to see Cristina have the baby because I think it would be a huge development for her character. To see her go from self/career obsessed to trying to balance that with motherhood and handle actually loving someone else so much you HAVE to put them first would be great for her character. It would be nice to show her still be tough at work and be a loving mom at home.

      • eviltwit says:

        So what if Cristina is self-involved and career-obsessed? One kind of has to be in order to really excel at anything and be at the top of one’s profession, which is what Cristina has always aimed for. It’s not something that must be fixed at all costs, certainly not by some sort of instant-mother shock treatment (as popular as that is in tv fiction these days).

        Having to become a mother is not some sort default therapy for women who don’t confirm to a society’s idea of who they should be. Why should she have to balance motherhood and a demanding career if she doesn’t want to? She has to put her patients first all the time, because she’s busy trying to SAVE THEIR LIFE. Must she also have to have a child to take care of? Is this some sort of requirement? In spite of being successful professionally, a woman still isn’t considered a full person unless she is someone’s mother? What century are we in?

  47. Melissa says:

    Shonda creates some of the most selfish, self absorbed woman in television. Violet Turner on PP and Christina Yang NEVER think of anyone but themselves, husbands or kids be damned. Even without the Christian pregnancy storyline she has never put any else’s needs above her own.

    • Nina says:

      Yer Cristina is so selfish she saved Dereks life with a gun to her head and refused to stop opperating.

      She stuck by OWEN after he choked her and almost killed her.
      Stuck by Owen when he had feelings for Teddy
      Stuck by Owen through ALL his PTSD
      She helped Izzie when she found out about her cancer

      Now tell me she doesn’t put other first.

      So easy how people forget the good things this character does. All because she doesn’t want a child like ‘normal’ women.

    • JRP says:

      What has Owen ever done for Cristina that would warrant her thinking changing her whole life around for him? She is the one who has made all of the sacrifices for him. He hasn’t made any.

      She stayed with him through his PTSD after he choked her and humiliated her at work in front of her colleagues. She also stayed with after him almost cheating on her with Teddy and not knowing who he wanted to be with. What has he ever done for her? He is the one who always gets his way. So to say the she is selfish because she held on to a position that she has had the entire time, and he knew about, is ridiculous. I hope they stay broken up and moves on to someone else. He isn’t worth the trouble.

  48. Tsenio says:

    I believe that if at least one of the original cast decides to leave after season 8,shonda should end it there.Grey’s can’t afford to lose another of the original cast

  49. Wes says:

    Can’t believe nobody mentioned Cristina’s headaches in the last few minutes of the show. She mentioned the headaches and tiredness in the scene with Owen and again in the last scene with Mer. I see trouble ahead.

    And yes, please, for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, put Mark and Lexie together and be done with it. Jackson’s a douche.

    • MRiss says:

      I’m so glad someone finally mentioned this! She kept saying she didn’t feel well and she had a headache and she needed to go lay down…I kept saying to my GF that there had to be something seriously wrong with her.

    • madds says:

      Yeah I don’t like Jackson either and Lexie and Mark need to get married already because they clearly love each other.

  50. Liz says:

    This isn’t ER. Shonda should make next season its last. Grey’s has been on a slippery downhill slope since Season 3 anyways.

    • madds says:

      Um no. Grey’s has been going uphill this entire season. Obvi you don’t know what you’re talking about. So shut the f*ck up and go talk crap about some other show that ACTUALLY IS GOING DOWN HILL. K thanks bye.