American Idol Recap: Destiny's Riled?

Welcome to American Idol Books! This week, we’ve got three selections on special:

* Goldilocks and the Three Judges: This one’s about a little girl named Lauren who likes to do cartwheels in her backyard and sing along with her BFF to Faith Hill on the radio, skills that — along with sugary feedback from a trio of highly paid court jesters — bring her within spitting distance of a pot of gold confetti at the end of the magic rainbow.

* Captain America(n Idol): A comic book about a kid named Scotty, the nicest checkout boy down at the Whole Foods and the star of his high-school baseball team, who uses his super-powered baritone to defeat the forces of evil and win a major-label record deal.

* The Long Goodbye: A gritty pulp novel about a torch singer named Haley who gets marked for death by a pack of goons, encounters a mysterious manchild named Jimmy who may or may not be out to help her, but keeps foiling her enemies’ plans through sheer talent, moxie, and growl.

Riveting reads, all of ’em. Of course, if you’re not really into any of those, we’ve also got a new roman à clef, The Devil Sips Coca Cola, about a dysfunctional panel of reality-show judges: There’s the aging rock star who’s so checked out that he reads the same set of notes to describe two different performances by a contestant. The thin-voiced diva who offers muted praise to the show’s most intriguing vocalist while secretly fantasizing about cutting her from stem to stern. (Her eyes don’t lie.) And the erstwhile bassist who drops names of famous vocalists the way toddlers drop Cheerios — all because his life coach told him he should try a new method called “relevance by association.”

Then again, who’s got time to read books on Wednesday and Thursday nights between mid-January and May when we’re all working toward the goal of discovering the nation’s next great singing talent? This year, in particular, it’s been challenging work — a far cry from, say, Seasons 1, 3, or even 7, where choosing two finalists from the Top 3 contestants was as simple as picking between a slice of moist chocolate cake and a punch in the throat. Indeed, with the American Idol Top 3 results show mere hours away, it’s impossible to predict with any certainty which of the remaining combatants — Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina, and Scotty McCreery — will advance to next week’s Season 10 finale. But let’s break down their individual performances in chronological order — contestant’s choice, Jimmy Iovine’s choice, and judges’ choice — and see if we can make an educated guess.

Scotty McCreery: Lonestar’s “Amazed”
After 12 weeks of live performances, you’d think I would know better than to hope that for the “contestant’s choice” round, the Season 10 front-runner might take a risk by tackling an out-of-left field pop or soul ditty and giving it a country spin. After all, much like the HBO un-cancelling The Comeback or Nabisco introducing a calorie-free Chicken in a Biskit cracker, some things are simply not meant to happen in my lifetime. Instead, we got Scotty “staying in his lane” — the lane which, incidentally, will probably lead him to sell a bajillion records before he’s old enough to legally crack open a bottle of beer — and giving us a performance that was spectacularly competent. Leaning against the piano in his denim jacket and plaid shirt (conveniently in red, white, and blue), Scotty gazed into the camera, hit nine out of every 10 notes, and got his lady ready to lock them doors by telling her, “I wanna spend the rest of my life, with you by my side, forever and ever.” J.Lo gave herself a pat on the back for her mid-season note to Scotty to use more vibrato, and Randy mentioned he’d produced a version of “Amazed” for Boyz II Men, which really reinforced his general awe-inspiring-ness, no? After the Dawg barked about Scotty having put a period on the end of his performance, and his gaze into the camera being the equivalent of money, Ryan Seacrest chirped in with a blithe, “money and punctuation!” Anyone else wonder if our hostbot might be more clever than he lets on?

Lauren Alaina: Faith Hill’s “Wild One”
I appreciated Beyonce trying to get Lauren to tap into a strong, fearless alter ego, but I wish she’d also warned “I’m Just Lauren” to be careful about her breath control on songs with quick cadences. Lauren was gasping by the end of the first line of the first verse of “Wild One,” and wound up wearing the song like a shirt that seems like a good idea in the dressing room mirror, but sits in the back of your closet for two years with its tags still on. It would’ve been nice to hear the judges call her on that issue, or on the fact that during uptempo numbers, Lauren goes to her “legs together, knees bent, shimmy-shimmy” move with disturbing predictability, but instead J.Lo started telling Lauren she needed to “attack” her performances and then morphed into praising her for doing exactly that. And then, Randy…actually, no one really wants me to finish a sentence that starts with “And then, Randy,” do they? (Side note: Anyone want to bet Lauren’s red halter top with white trim was made by the same designer as the powder-blue gown she wore during “Unchained Melody”?)

Haley Reinhart: Led Zeppelin’s “What Is and What Should Never Be”
It’s a pity that the Top 3 weren’t allowed to choose the order of their performances tonight, considering Haley achieved the absolute high point of the telecast with six songs still left in the hopper. As Beyoncé pointed out, Haley “makes you believe in what she believes in,” and this scorching performance of a song I would never have expected to hear on the Idol stage made me think the Lady Reinhart could be in line for a confetti shower — her previous close encounters with the bottom three be damned! I was a little confused by the “baby gate” at the top of the Idol staircase at the start of the performance, but as Haley unwrapped the words of the opening verse like the wrapper of a candy bar, I went into a state of total Idol ecstasy — and didn’t snap out of it till Randy starting serving up his typically rancid word salad. There was so much right about “What Is…” that I’m worried this recap could turn into a Top 20 list. But let’s see…the sensational bugle bead minidress; the blast of pure, cool blues every time Haley reached into her upper register; the added thrill of seeing Haley’s dad slay the song’s guitar riffs; Haley’s smile when she and her dad first made eye contact during the performance; the saucy twirl Haley gave as she moved behind the judges; the way she effortlessly recovered from a nasty spill as she raced up the stairs and back onto the stage; and the gravelly riffing she brought to the end of the number. I could quote some of the judges, but why not relive a little Reinhart magic instead? “Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, bay-bay! Oooh! Whoa-oh-oh-oh.”

Scotty McCreery: Thompson Square’s “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not”
I’ll say this about Jimmy Iovine: The (possibly) balding man who dresses like Justin Bieber’s stunt double may not be a natural TV star, but he did a solid job of choosing songs for the Top 3 that revealed new and interesting possibilities for their voices. “Are You Gonna” brought out a little more grit in Scotty’s voice, and gave him a way to merge his dueling personas (aka “sensitive guy sitting on a stool and gazing into camera” and “high-school kid with goofy eyebrows and camp sensibility”). Scotty went with an acoustic guitar, a plaid shirt, and a bent knee for this number, and told the truncated tale of a young couple from courtship to wedding day with loads of color and personality — minus the usual patina of hokum. Steven declared he’d never heard Scotty deliver a chorus like this before, J.Lo suggested the Southern gentleman return to the buzz cut he’d sported during auditions (I concur wholeheartedly!), and Randy yelped these words: “Guess what I’m gonna say?” Hmmm…you secretly live to crush Haley Reinhart’s dreams? No! Randy would never say that (out loud). Instead, it was — brace for Dawg-style nonsense in 5, 4, 3, 2… — something about Scotty approaching Garth Brooks’ performance level, even though Garth “engages the audience without doing a lot of stuff.” Wait, Randy knows Garth Brooks is a country superstar — not that cat from the Wayne’s World movies, right?

Lauren Alaina: The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young”
Lauren’s panty hose ripped before her pre-performance interview, which had me wondering if Uncle Nigel was all, “Haley got to have a mishap moment! Someone do something to ensure Lauren has one, too!” Okay, okay…I’ll stop conspiracy theorizing and talk about the performance, which I actually thought was Lauren’s personal best this week — despite the fact that her mind appeared to drift and she flubbed a crucial key change going into the final chorus. That mishap was forgivable to me, though, seeing how Lauren really seemed to be living the lyrics of The Band Perry’s mournful midtempo ditty, especially the line directly before her mess-up: “Funny when you’re dead, people start listenin’.” I actually didn’t disagree with J.Lo when she praised Lauren’s tone and told her she “had a very honest moment in the middle of the song,” but while we’re talking honest moments, don’t you wish Lauren had waited another two or three years before auditioning for Idol?

Haley Reinhart: Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon”
Wardrobe, bring out the draped, gray minidress with the ethereal sleeves. Stagehands, cue the wind machine! Stevie Nicks, provide us with your “very abstract” but very beautiful song about that fine skylark. And Haley, you bring to the performance your “gypsy hand,” your mystical upper register, your delicate restraint! Backup singer, please for the love of cats fighting in the alley, stay out of this! Thank you. Oh Haley. “Oh, Darlin’.” Wouldn’t you love to love seeing her performing at the Nokia next Tuesday?

Scotty McCreery: Kenny Rogers’ “She Believes in Me”
Two housekeeping notes: Check how Idol slyly allowed us to see Scotty getting his “judges’ choice” pick surrounded by a huge, adoring crowd (people love him!) while wearing his old grocery cashier togs (he’s still in touch with his roots!). Also please review Steven’s critique: “That’s the first big chorus you sang in a big way like that!” Well, except for the time Steven said something almost identical about Scotty’s previous performance of “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not.” Shall we draw a comparison to Paulagate from Season 7? Nah, because then I’d have to contemplate even more how disappointing the Aerosmith frontman’s performance has been behind the Idol judges table.

Anyway, what I liked about “She Believes in Me” was the way it stretched Scotty’s vocal range like a Medieval torture victim on the rack — only with much more melodic results. The kid has more range than his critics give him credit for, and if I’m being honest, it’s rare to hear him miss a note. What didn’t completely connect was the idea of Scotty coming home from a late-night gig to his sleeping wife. But hey, the judges picked this one for him, so really if someone has to exit stage left to the tune of David Cook’s “Don’t You Forget About Me,” maybe it can be Randy?

Lauren Alaina: Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance”
I know J.Lo handed Round 3 to Lauren before Haley had even taken the stage — it must really take the pressure off our judges to formulate all their critiques during dress rehearsal, no? — but I thought her Lee Ann Womack cover sounded a little rushed, a little off the beat, and a little bit at odds with the band’s confrontational fiddle player. Plus, after Lauren hit the big “Daaaaannnnce!” denouement, she kind of ran out of steam. Not that I’m saying the performance didn’t have its merits, but as far as my personal ranking of Idol moments go, “I Hope You Dance” didn’t come close to Lauren’s “Anyway” from last week. Maybe I’m cynical or maybe I’ve heard this track covered one too many times, but I have to ask if anyone else in America joined J.Lo in getting a case of the goosebumps after this performance. I sure didn’t.

Haley Reinhart: Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know”
Spoiler alert: I’m a pretty big Haley Reinhart fan. (Badum bum!) But hearing Steven Tyler declare my gal the winner of Round 3 would be akin to declaring someone Top Chef just for defrosting a steak. It pains me to say it, but “You Oughta Know” might rank as Haley’s worst performance of the season. Wandering the empty stage in her lacy blue top and jeans, Haley looked like she’d been unexpectedly called back to the stage to help Idol‘s producers fill out the two-hour time slot, and got saddled with a song she hadn’t performed since a particularly raucous karaoke night back in 2008. On the verses, Haley’s voice got lost like a horror-movie victim in the woods, and on the chorus, she devolved into manic sound and fury without really forging a connection to the woman-scorned lyrics. And while I’m well aware “You Oughta Know” isn’t the easiest song to deliver, I still expect better from someone with Haley’s talent. Too low? Change the key. Too fast? Slow down the tempo? Too karaoke? Try a new and inventive arrangement. It’s Top 3 week, and the season for excuses expired when Kendra Chantelle and Lauren Turner got left out of the Top 13.

That said, I still thought Haley had two of the night’s three best performances, and what gives me comfort is that she shone brightest during the “contestant’s choice” round — a good indication that she knows who she is as an artist and how to get the most out of her voice (even if she clearly has zero hometown fans, or so her hometown package and lonely limo ride might lead us to suspect). Lauren (or “our little baby,” as J.Lo called her), had her low point during “contestant’s choice,” and that makes me worry that without a few more years in the Nashville incubator, she’ll just be a little girl playing dress-up, a princess in a pretty dress at the mercy of whatever producer rides up to the castle. With Scotty once again hitting all his little carnival ducks — predictably, yet with undeniable accuracy — I’m going to predict next week’s finale will (and should) come down to Haley and Scotty.

Tonight’s Letter Grades
Haley Reinhart: “What Is and What Should Never Be”: A
Haley Reinhart: “Rhiannon”: A-
Scotty McCreery: “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not”: A-
Lauren Alaina: “If I Die Young”: B+
Scotty McCreery: “She Believes in Me”: B+
Lauren Alaina: “I Hope You Dance”: B
Scotty McCreery: “Amazed”: B-
Lauren Alaina: “Wild One”: C+
Haley Reinhart: “You Oughta Know”: C-

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Who will and should make the finale? How would you rate the judges’ and Jimmy’s song choices? And what did you think of Beyoncé’s cray-cray new video? Sound off in our polls about tonight’s best and worst performances, head down to the comments to expound on said opinions, then scroll down for the latest three-part episode of the most important series on the Internet right now, Idoloonies. And for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. morgan says:

    I really liked Haley’s first two, I don’t think her third was quite as bad as you make it out to be Michael, she did what she could with the crap song that they gave her.

    Have to say, you are going to have to pay me to watch a finale between Lauren and Scotty, it would be like attending a Mississippi country fair pageant with the king and queen of Pumpkin Bumpkin Land.

    I respect that they are good at what they do, and I admire both of them for what they do, but I will only be able to stay awake if there is only one of them, along with Haley Zeppelin Mac Morrissette Reinhart with her fierce musical mix and beautiful voice to keep me awake.

    Self Confessed Reinhearter. (see what i did there!)

    • Growlers United says:

      Haley & Scotty for the final, please! Michael, I agree that Haley’s third performance was her worst, but isn’t it because the judges picked such a crappy horrible song that didn’t suit her? Definitely agree Haley knows what’s best for her (contestant choice) and that Lauren should never sing fast tempo songs while dancing unless she gets some breathing exercises.

      • guiyt says:

        Why do toddlers drop so many Cheerios?

      • amy.. says:

        Haley’s last note on Alanis’ song was AWESOME!
        I was very impressed.
        Did you notice that her having her Dad with her, meant all the contestants needed a “parent moment”
        We wouldn’t want Haley getting special treatment, since she has had less stool chats with Ryan, and no friends in the Limo, and less pimp spots, etc. etc.
        Scotty & Haley for the finale.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I must say, though, when Scotty’s dad sang “Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low”, I lost it. that WAS funny!

        • NyCarole says:

          I am a die hard David Cook fan…. and it just seems to me… he also had to take lots of bull from Simon…. “Who’s laughing NOW”?! When David was put down.. he came back w a vengeance…. sounds alot like Haley! …Country western has the largest fan base known of all genre’s…. I hope America gets this one right.. the same way David Cook astonished AI and won over David Archuletta by a landslide of 12 million votes! Haley is the first gal who got my attention since season 7! Go Go Go Haley!

      • darclyte says:

        I think Haley didn’t do very well with the Alanis song, and the blogger for Yahoo Music called it “mumbled and mushy mouthed” early on and I agree. She definitely seemed to do worse with each song, and I thought the Alanis song was a bad choice for her from the judges.

        I thought that Scotty was solid if unspectacular all night. He showed control and some range, and he was the only 1 to not have a flub of any kind.

        Lauren BLEW that second song. It was boring me to tears, and then she failed the key change causing her to lose the lyrics, and the JUDGES LET HER OFF THE HOOK!!! WTF!!! You just KNOW if Haley had done that they would have ripped her.

        I mostly agreed with the judges that the rounds were Haley, Scotty & Lauren, but I have it like this:
        Round 1: Haley, Scotty, Lauren
        Round 2: Scotty, Haley, Lauren
        Round 3: Lauren, Scotty, Haley.

        So, with Scotty never finishing last in a round, and Lauren finishing last in 2 rounds, and for actually failing to sing properly, Lauren deserves to get the boot. Hopefully the voters saw it that way as well and Haley spoils Nigel’s season long plan to have an all “country teen” finale. I’d watch Tuesday if Haley is involved. I won’t watch until Wednesday if she’s not. I’m not a huge Haley fan, but I just have no interest in watching Scotty vs Lauren.

        BTW, had Haley not fallen, that would have been one of my all time favorite AI performances. It still is up there, and it sucked that she fell, but some might say (as the judges did) that her falling and recovering enhanced her chances. Maybe, but it turned an A+ performance into an A.

        • julie says:

          In spite of Lauren’s fumble in her second song, her over-all delivery of it was an immense improvement over her first song, which she started out on just south of the key (poor thing) and stayed flat on throughout.

        • Dallas says:

          Haley is exhausted and her voice is almost shredded. Reminds me of Kelly Clarkson at the end of her season. Two new-ish singers who didn’t dodge the hard power melodies. Worn. Out.

          • Kelley says:

            Haley’s voice is strained. I have to agree that “You Oughta Know” was not the best choice of song for Haley- at least not in it’s original arrangement. Was the acoustic version (like Alanis did on the Grammys) even a thought? Slowing it down some may have given her voice some rest, allowed her to connect to the lyrics a little more.

            I won’t watch a Scotty/Lauren finale. Haley all the way

      • Pam says:

        Agree with a Haley/Scotty finale. Even my 10 y/o said last night that she doesn’t want to see 2 country singers in the finale. Of course, she’s been a Haley fan all along, so maybe she’s just biased (if a 10 y/o can be, that is.)

        Lauren would definitely benefit from vocal lessons and exercises. The judges should have done her a favor by putting her off for a couple of years.

      • NyCarole says:

        Haley IS the darkhorse who is gallopping to the finish line! She is a fiesty, gutsy gal…takes risks… changes it up and sings her heart ouT! She is a natural performer and a class act and should be the one to represent America as our Idol! Thanks to Steven Tyler for acculating the non-sense of both Jaylo and Randy’s critique of Haley ONLY?! Wats up w that? … Her “insane” performance of Led Zepplen should have closed the show! I think both Scotty and Alaina are too young and green… Haley is ready to rock worlds!

      • Red in Denver says:

        I actually thought Haley’s last song was THE BEST song of the night. So maybe the performance itself didn’t have the “WOW” factor, but I loved her vocals and thought she put the song across perfectly.

        • SEATTLEJOHN says:

          I’m not familiar with the original song and the verses were kinda garbled but Haley really committed to the chorus for some much needed edginess lacking in Scotty and Lauren’s safer endeavors and I really enjoyed what Haley did with it too

          • Jimmy says:

            and Haley scratching the desk in front of Randy and J-Lo when that verse came up was amusing.

      • Jason S. says:

        HAley’s you oughta know wasn’t her worst. That was the week she did WHitney Houston. How the hell did the girl that chose Led Zeppelin choose Whitney Houston. At least You Oughta Know was in her genre!

      • Bella says:

        I agree – Haley and Scotty for the finale. Everytime Lauren sings I keep saying “Carrie Underwood is SO much better.” I think with a few years of experience she’d win the competition. That’s my opinion. As for Scotty, I LOVE his deep country voice but find him pretty boring as a performer. I think Haley should win it and yes, the last song wasn’t the best, but what is the girl supposed to do when the dam judges can’t select a good song! Come on judges! If Simon was still on, he’d had done better!
        Lauren needs to go home PRONTO tonight or seriously! Don’t get it wrong like last week!

      • MamaLis says:

        I agree too. In fact, does Slezak read the Loonies? I just want to commend him (again) on a great column. You really are an excellent writer, Slez. I read the column first then watched on my DVR. Almost spit up my coffee laughing so hard when Scotty sang – as he DID sound akin to a Medieval Torture Chamber… and then Steven with the same comment notes. ?Hysterical!!! That (you) wrote this – ill & overnight- is further testament to your brilliant mind. Thanks for giving us a Season of great columns!!

    • evs says:

      there’s a haunting piano version of You oughta know. I blame the producers for that horrible arrangement. I fast forwarded through Lauren and Scotty, but I’m sure they weren’t horrible either. However it goes, I’m happy. Gotten a couple of viable songs for my mp3 and possibly one emerging artist. Idol season almost over and out

      • Elizabeth says:

        This You Oughta Know sounded like the one they saddled Mamasox with last year, although I will give them credit for changing the “controversial” line – better edit this year. And I think Crystal’s voice was more in tune with that song than Haley’s…

        • evs says:

          agreed! Love Crystal

        • The Ween says:

          Yes, they edited it slightly better this time, but I think she should have gone with the later verse, “Did you forget about me, Mr. Duplicity? I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner. It was a slap in the face, how quickly I was replaced, and are you thinking of me when you(‘re with) her.”
          The minute I heard this was the song, I instantly thought sabotage, because conservative America is going to see Scotty singing about faith and fidelity, Lauren singing an inspiring song about making the positive choice, and Haley singing about giving BJs and being the skanky big-city girl they just all know she is. And then to have that be the last song! I call BS!

          • indy says:

            They did have Scotty singing about taking off his clothes. Why do they do this to these kids?

          • marie says:

            Interesting point. Who knows?

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            And 16 year old Lauren singing a song that a mother would sing to her daughters. Whatever.
            Perhaps “High School Musical” won’t let idol use their music. ;-)

        • linda says:

          I guess you forget she sang it with Alanis?? Alanis carried it and crystal who I love, did not give a spectacular performance…it was one of her worst-that song is just not crystal or haley- the judges screwed her over choosing that for her- and jimmy lovine did not do her any favors either-the other 2 got easy songs-they could be sung by anyone with a nice voice..

      • Jimi says:

        I was thinking the same thing.. she should have gone with the stripped down version of You Oughta Know.. with the piano.. and some strings.. she could have ripped that apart.. maybe given the version just a little bit of melody in the versus.. Damn the judges for even suggesting a song you don’t even sing though.. lol

    • allie says:

      TOTALLY agree. Lauren needs to go. Wild One was simply terrible. It was more than just poor breath conrol – she couldn’t hit the notes either. Scotty bores me to tears but he has been the heir apparent of Dewyze’s AI crown the entire season. So I am hoping for Haley to make it through tonight but if she doesn’t I have to confess I won’t care too much – this has been yet another disappointing season of AI and will be my last. I’m not even bummed about it now that we have The Voice.

      • Lauren's Back says:

        No, Lauren’s back! She’s back from being back! She’s so back, she’s in front, and her front is her back!

      • Tina says:

        It’s definitely Lauren’s time to go. I haven’t felt any conviction from her in a long while. as if she’s all about the pageantry of it all. Not to mention what was with her first out fit last night. Looked like she was going to a 4th of July picnic with some huge, tacky flowers coming out of her ears. Is that why she said the stylist would like to kill her. I think this is evidence she could have benefited from waiting to audition at least another year to mature. She and her mom both wear entirely too much make up. Just had to say that.

        • Botox says:

          Man, I thought I was the only one who thought her mother looks ridiculous.

          Anyone remember how, either around the middle or the beginning, the mother kept getting a matching hairstyle?

    • agrimesy says:

      I like how Slezak put it . . . “spectacularly competent” describing Scotty. I appreciate Scotty, but he doesn’t touch me musically. Lauren has not been able to deliver any WOW’s for me either . . . almost but never quite there.
      Haley excites me. She isn’t perfect, but I even like her mistakes. I know that takes me completely out of the realm of objectivity, so I won’t even try to go there. I hope Haley wins the whole thing. I LOVE to listen to her sing!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Agreed, agrimesy (out of my head!). Scotty is not my cup of tea but trust me, he’s good. I grew up with country music, my husband is a country fan and we’ve been married since JC was walking around in his sandals, and back in the 90s when the radio was filled with crappola like “You Ought Know”, I also found myself listening to a lot of country because current pop/rock radio was just that dreadful. What do I like about country music? The lyrics. They are meaningful, heartfelt, and often clever and quite funny.

        I’m with you – Haley is magnificent and we’ve truly seen her grow and expand her boundaries on this show. Wouldn’t you have loved to have heard her on Broadway Night or Big Band Night? Scotty has been consistently good (the vocal on Young Blood was good if you weren’t looking at the visuals). And Lauren has not lived up to the hype, except when she was singing with Haley! There’s no doubt in my mind Haley can sing country music as well.

        • tamara says:

          yes! we saw in last week’s results show Lauren&Haley nailed Miranda Lambert’s Gunpowder&Lead. They were both superb in that one. Lauren was perfect, it was her thing. And Haley showed once again she can sing ANYTHING.
          I’m not a huge country fan, I like rock,alternative,punk,folk stuff but I love Miranda Lambert, and I loved the girls’ version, specially Haley.

          I was hoping for an all-girls finale, but now I’m sure it’s gonna be Haley&Scotty finale. And I’m happy with that, cause Haley’s the ebst for me, and surprisingly, last night was the FIRST TIME I’ve ever liked a Scotty performance (the 1st one), and he wasn’t half bad in the other 2 either, so as Michael said, last night’s performances made him a rightful contender for top2.

        • marie says:

          Quote DET: “Wouldn’t you have loved to have heard her on Broadway Night or Big Band Night?”
          YESSSSS, DAMMIT!!!!!!!

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Wow, the “evil” just came out in me…
            Broadway Night picks –
            Haley, “All that Jazz” from “Chicago”, or “Steam Heat” from “the Pajama Game”.
            Scotty, “Texas Has a Whorehouse in It”, from “the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”
            Lauren, “Hey Big Spender” from “Sweet Charity”. Or maybe “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” from “Grease”.

            Big Band Night picks –
            Haley, Keeley Smith’s “the Man I Love” or “The Nearness of You”. Oh heck, anything Keeley Smith sang would be great.
            Scotty – Anything by Bing Crosby.
            Lauren – ??????? Guess that explains why there was no Big Band Night this season.

        • marie says:

          “There’s no doubt in my mind Haley can sing country music as well.”
          Sure she can: remember “Blue” way back at the beginning of the season? The studio track is on heavy rotation on my iPod, and I don’t like a whole lot of country music in genera.
          Oh, how I wish she’ll sing a jazz vocal next week – hey, I guess I’m being positive here, she’ll be back next week.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            oh, DUH! Forgot about “Blue”, the first time I really enjoyed Haley.

        • jaxguy says:

          Whether intentional or not, the lack of Broadway night and Big Band Night favored Scotty and Lauren. For the first time I can remember two of the early favorites got a cakewalk to the final. Neither Lauren or Scotty were given the opportunity to butcher an American classic. For me Scotty has never been more than competent. I like country music to a point, but Scotty never made me excited about any of his performances except Youngblood, which excited me in the wrong way. I thought it was HORRIBLE. Lauren is cute, adorable and does have a really nice voice, but to be honest, she too, never made me very interested. At least she has not created the same odious feelings I have had about some of Scotty’s.
          Yes, I am a huge fan of Haley. I liked her all along but she was not my favorite at first. I did not covert as the judges said stupid things about her. I liked her way before that. If Pia was still in the race I would probably be pulling for her because in my opinion she was the best singer, period. I would also be praising the greatness of Kendra Chantelle if she had not been inexplicably booted way too early. I always, warts and all, loved James. The three of them were really great singers who brought interest to the show every week. And that’s exactly why I love Haley. Where Lauren and Scotty are competent and as so many people week after week whine, are downright boring. They never bring inspiration to anything they sing. For me neither have had a truly great moment. And I mean a challenging, sit up take notice, WOW moment. But love her or hate her Haley has had the lion’s share of WOW moments. For me the tide turned in of all places when Haley did the duet of “Moanin,” with Casey a few weeks back. I literally cheered after her tour-de-force performance. It was her coming out song. She also had a fine moment with “Rolling in the Deep.” It was a nervy, bold move taking on a completely current song, sitting at #1 on the charts and doing it great justice. But the best was yet to come. After being torn to shreds like a lamb in a lion’s den, she gave up to that point what may be the best performance of the year with “House of the Rising Sun.” An easy contender for one of the great Idol performances ever. Then the very next week, she gets the ONLY negative feedback while everyone else glides through frictionless. But something magic happened again. Haley took the stage and gave another brilliant performance with “I, Who Have Nothing.” Another potential all time great Idol moment. Then last night on her personal choice of “What Is and What Should Never Be,” she may have even topped herself.While we generally tend to give the greatest to the FIRST greatest moment of something that slays us like Haley’s “House of the Rising Sun,” what Haley did with a Led Zeppelin song, that probably many who watch and vote may never have even heard, was not good, not great, but in my opinion THE BEST PERFORMANCE OF SEASON 10. No one this year, not James, Casey, Paul, Pia, Jacob, Scotty or Lauren could have even come close.
          When Jennifer reluctantly gave Haley a semi standing O, and then went on to reluctantly give in and call her the winner of round 1, it was a sad moment for me. Paula, Simon, Randy, Ellen and Kara would never have done that to a contestant. Then when in round two she declared Scotty the winner, it wasn’t just Scotty, but Scotty, Scotty, Scotty, and parrot Randy repeating the triple Scotty’s. It was as if she was trying to cleanse the nasty taste from her mouth of “Haley,” so she could go back to praising Scotty’s safe, comfortable and totally unchallenging performances. That was the saddest moment of the night. ….Until Jennifer declared Lauren the winner of 3 before all had performed.
          Someone stated they felt Idol was desperate to have a winner that will sell a ton of records so they can hold claim to relevancy. They want to right the wrongs of seasons past. (Lee DeWyze, Taylor Hicks and to avoid wrath a couple of others and you know who I would say.) They want to ward off the onslaught of comparisons with X Factor and the incredible winner of the season just gone by of the British version, an amazing singer named Matt Cradle. Just look him up on YouTube if you don’t believe me. And they want to not allow The Voice, which so far has been very promising – although I will not call it the early winner in the reality singing shows like Jennifer did Lauren in round 3 last night – until it completes the season.
          So bottom line: Fix the voting procedure. Teach the judges how to coach raw young talent. And make sure your themes challenge every contestant like they used too. Then, maybe then, AI will be relevant again, because right now it headed toward extinction.
          Oh yeah. And GO HALEY. If she doesn’t win, at least for me, the whole season was a complete waste of time.

          • jaxguy says:

            A correction. NOT Covert, should be convert.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            jaxguy wrote, “When Jennifer reluctantly gave Haley a semi standing O…”
            I am laughing myself silly. WTH is a semi-standing ovation? Gosh that’s funny.
            And yes, the lack of Big Band Night and Broadway Night clearly favored Lauren (much more so than Scotty).

          • djm says:

            Wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I didn’t start out a fan of Haley, but she started winning me over with “Moanin” and has been improving every week since. And while I try not to buy into conspiracy theories, I think that the judges – especially J-Lo – contempt for Haley is just so blatant and obnoxious, it really pi$$es me off. If Haley goes home tonight you could not pay me enough money to watch the Lauren/Scotty finale and I will seriously be over the show for good. It’s a joke now, and not a particularly funny one.

          • joe says:

            I agree with on so many accounts here. Well written. James and Pia were the best singers in my opinion. I do like Scotty because I love Country music, however, he got off easy. The Producers and judges have been trying to churn out another Carrie Underwood..and Lauren, is goood, unpolished, and needs to mature and build stamina, but she is NO CARRIE. What they have done to Haley has become a verb in my house. “Look they just Haleyed Ralph Machio to put Kirsty in the finals for ratings!”

            Since Haley sat on those elimination stools almost 2 months ago, she has done about 5 outstanding performances…and the Zep song last night….AMAZING. She should release that!

          • Just Jules says:

            Haley had me at “Bennie and the Jets”..

        • Joel says:

          I agree about Scotty’s spectacular competence, but he was at his best employing Babyface’s recommendation he drop some his usual twangs. He doesn’t sound like Gomer Pyle when he talks, so why does he have to sing “But she buhleeyees in muhyeeeeee.” I liked him best with “You’ve Got a Friend” because it sounded the least like a country parody. He needs to stop starting deep and he’ll sound more professional. All that said, he’s going to win even not correcting that.

          Kudos to Slezak for pointing out that “You Outta Know” was an unlistenable mess. That’s good objectivity, and it’s right and just.

          Finally, nothing anyone has sung was as offensive as Scotty’s 9/11 ode to ignorance last week (Don’t know the difference between Iraq and Iran? Pick up a paper),

          • already bored says:

            Hahaha, I was turning channel and stopped at right when Scotty was singing every lines dropping deep. My mom was passing by and she said frowning, “who is this? what are you watching? why is he doing that every single line?” Yeah, I agree he would sound much better if he doesn’t go deep(?) every single time. He can try sounding a little light? I don’t know.

        • already bored says:

          I have to agree that country songs(as long as it’s not Taylor Swift, I don’t think she is country, but well…) often have better lyrics than most songs I hear on radio although I still listen to them.(Firework and ET come to mind) I will admit that I do not have refined(?) taste in music because I started listening to music few years ago. But I noticed that songs I heard on pop radio that usually listen often have mediocre or down right terrible lyrics. Personally, I don’t like the sound(?) of country songs maybe because I grew up in another country and had never heard country
          song until I came here. So I don’t really litsen to it, but I heard few closely because I had to analyze them for a class in high school(The teacher wasn’t a country fan and I had to analyze other songs too although non country songs were all more than 20 years old I think.) Lyrics were definitely more thoughtout, meaningful and interesting. That said, can you maybe recommend few country songs with good lyrics that are not too country or songs that are good if you don’t mind me asking? I asked on internet once for songs to listen and got bunch of American top 40 stuff. I don’t mind listen to pop as some of them are my guilty pleasure fun songs, but I do get sick of bad lyrics…

          • seattlejohn says:

            you could check out the website for NO DEPRESSION, formerly a music magazine that’s gone online…it is focused on ALT COUNTRY singer/songwriters and music that aren’t Nashville top 40 but independant performers into the fringe of country music…Lucinda Williams, Wilco, Carrie Rodriguez…

          • tvlover44 says:

            Also, you could check out the band that gave this mag its name, Uncle Tupelo, whose first album was called ‘No Depression’. Stellar stuff.

      • marie says:

        Well put, agrimesy!

      • MamaLis says:

        Agree. Agree. And i feel I AM objective. Up until last week, I did NOT have a winner or favorite in mind!! Was NOT a die-hard Haley fan. In fact, kinda liked Lauren. But now… I believe Haley deserves it. I was watching Lauren and suddenly thought to myself, “This is the EXACT same Lauren I have seen.. week after week after week after week.” In fact, she’s a little spunky then when she started. zzzzzzz Besides, I can’t take the mean and obvious bias of ms. j ho. Haley deserves it more than anyone.

    • Kim R says:

      When Haley started singing the judges pick, I could hear the bus coming. The judges threw her under again & for all of Steven Tyler’s “Paula-esque” judging, he certainly is taking up for Ms. Reinhart. I was ticked when JLo declared the winner of round 3 before all the singers had sung. Bad form. My husband & I were totally confused by Beyonce’s video????? I was distracted by Lauren’s wardrobe choices & gigantic white earrings, which I thought for sure would make into this recap! haha :) I am hoping for a Haley/Scotty finale. Lauren is a little immature. She needs another year or two & I think she will be amazing.
      Loved Idoloonies. What a great way to start the morning. Thanks MS! :)

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I love Beyonce and she is beyond talented, but that video? There wasn’t much to that song, either. Did J-Lo pass on that one because it had too many lyrics or something?
        Yea, that first outfit of Lauren’s came from the old “Laugh-In” wardrobe, and why in the name of Tommy Hilfiger do they keep putting her in Lennon Sisters ball gowns? She is 16! I wouldn’t wear those awful ball gowns and I’l older than her mother.

        • adamfan says:

          Remember the time when Beyonce was an African American woman? She is looking whiter than my reflection in the mirror. The video made no sense, it was a mess but it looked like it cost a ton of money.

        • marie says:

          Poor kid; when she came out in that first outfit, the red and white monstrosity, my first thought was, who wrapped her up in a tablecloth? Ugh. But, as Melinda Doolittle said, the contestants do have some say in what they wear, and so I guess Little Lauren just has what I’d call questionable taste, Janet-Lennon-as-Cinderella dress included. (God I’m old!!!)

        • seattlejohn says:

          my impression is the dressers are trying to de-emphasize her weight while molding her into a pretty country princess…she used to wear jeans and sh*tkikking cowboy boots but they don’t fit the Idol brand of future CMT queen of country…watching her audition again she seemed earthier plus singing Aerosmith would indicate she has a wider range of music tastes than simply being groomed as a top-40 country mainstay…bring back the boots and let’s hear her get her rock on

          • (!) says:

            I was wondering for a long time what happened to the whole rock thing from her audition, including “My parents’ song is from Aerosmith” thing? Suddenly she became “I’m a country girl” and her parents’ “song” changed into some country tune. She’s wishy washy to me.

      • Mary says:

        I’m rooting for a Lauren/Haley finale. I think that while Lauren has a lot of growing up to do, I still always enjoy the tone of her voice, and I can see her doing well with that. While Haley is BY FAR my favorite this season, there is a part of me that doesn’t want her to get the confetti at the finale. I’d rather Lauren win so the judges can have their “marketable” contestant and have the cards lie where they may. As much as I love Haley, she definitely has a more interesting sound and could do well in a rock genre (After seeing her rock Led Zepplin, it reminded me a lot of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Get this girl a band, stat!) But I don’t think she will sell the numbers that the producers are banking on, and therefore they will just use her as a scapegoat for why this season’s been lackluster. It won’t be the judges fault, or Jimmy Iovine’s fault… it will all fall on Haley’s shoulders. If their “wittle wauren” wins and can’t deliver, then they’ll have to accept some of that blame. And if she does well, then that just works for everybody.

    • leena says:

      Am I the only one who thought Haley fumbled a whole mess of lyrics in You Oughta Know?

      • MDEP says:

        No, I heard it to. I think she also fumbled some of Rhiannon. If she does not make it to next week, that could be a big factor. I would love to see her next week, she keeps it interesting.

        • Anonymous says:

          She changed the lyrics to You Oughta Know because it is a family friendly show, not because she didn’t know the lyrics.

          • leena says:

            Ugh I wasn’t talking about the “go out with you to the theater” I was talking about the “cuz the love that you gave was mumble mumble mumble mumble”

      • Musica1 says:

        She did, but I still loved it. I’m not even a huge Haley fan, but she was so much better than the other 2 last night. I hatred that the judges said that Haley had problems with the rhythms when it was actually Lauren who lost the beat AND the melody on 2 of her 3 songs yet we heard no word of that on her critique. I thought all 3 of Haley’s songs were A’s.

        • Mickael says:

          Leena you’re not the only one,the problem is that from the moment that Slezak started his all the judges are hating on Haley almost everyone on this site blinded them selfs and became obsess with Haley,don’t get me wrong I love Haley and I think I’ll buy her album before any one else’s album this season,but honesty goes a long way,while her first song was the best of the night,all around Scotty was the best,follow closely by Haley,and then Lauren.Oh and did I mention that I do not like Country Music.

    • Joe says:

      I guess it was just me, but for me, Haley’s 3rd song was her BEST performance, not her worst. I just loved the rawness of it, and its meant to be a very raw song of a girl who was cheated on and left by a guy who fell in love with and married the girl he cheated with.

      To me, Haley did it justice and then some. Seriously, I sometimes think the people who comment on this site are soft in the head.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I agree – it absolutely conveyed the rawness of the situtaion. I told Slezak he was a little hard on Haley. the chorus, which actually has a semblance of melody, wasn’t bad.

        • HH says:

          Well she was awesome on the chorus, she totally nailed that and it was THE most exciting part of round three bar none! It kind of sticks in your head more than anything else form the round.

          They should have raised up some of the verses and slowed some down hauntingly instead but who knows did they have time? They had like what one day a song? Holy cow! Such a tricky song in one day. On a normal week it would’ve been easier to deal with. She also sounded very nervous at the start and it made her a little weak and shaky there (I do note JLo called out Lauren as WINNER of round three immediately before Haley went on :( certainly can’t help the nerves for Haley, of course they may have occurred anyway).

    • r conway says:

      I just listened back to Haley’s 3 performances last night (passed on a reload of the other 2 contestants because they are so predictable). Here are my thoughts which I have to put in writing writing lest I wind up as acharacter in Idoloonies! Her third song, You Oughta Know, was a mega hit for Alannis Morrisette in part because it was Alannis’ song about HER jilted relationship. Because Haley performs with such maturity, it appears that she is YEARS older than Lauren and Scotty…it is really just a few years. Why did the judges have her singing about “the mess that you left in the bed was me” “would she have your baby” “i hope every time I run my nails down someone else’s back, I hope you feel me”? WTF! She didn’t look/sound comfortable on the verses? Duh! Look at her prior song choices. Her subdued take on the second listen of Rhiannon was mesmerizing. When you listen to the nuances of her voice, they capture perfectly the haunting story of Rhiannon…mysterious, ethereal, mystical. I loved the wind machine! I loved her gorgeous grey dress. I loved that performance! No doubt her first song was the best of the night by any contestant. She built the song from the bottom up and in spite of the slip on the stairs, she ROCKED it out! She truly belongs on a stage performing and in time will be able to command a stage even better. Her voice is just incredible. I am so tired of J Ho calling her baby…and NEVER giving her positive feedback without hedging. When did J Ho become a producer’s pawn? Randy…just spews nonsense. Steven, love him, but he is COMPLETELY checked out. Can he pick up a thesaurus to find another word for beautiful? Whew I feel better! HALEY for the win! LOVE HER!!

      • adamziggied says:

        Didn’t anyone notice when she sang “i hope every time I run my nails down someone else’s back, I hope you feel me”? she walked over and sang that to Randy? Didn’t anyone see that dig? I was on the floor – it was such an F You moment. Genius double entendre and obviously successful since nobody caught it but her, Randy and me.

      • PB says:

        …and don’t forget the director cut to an extreme close-up of Haley just as she sang “Is she perverted like me” Coincidental? I think not.

    • Holly says:

      I’m with you. I won’t even watch the finale if Haley is not in it. I have to say, Lauren has potential, and 3 more years of maturity would have made her a much more compelling singer. I might have even been rooting for her. But the junior-miss version of Lauren is boring and irritating, especially since she has been rammed down our throats from day 1.

    • not says:

      As much as I love Haley, I almost hope for her sake that she loses tonight. I could be wrong, but I think the top two automatically get an album (sorry, dated myself) produced by the Idol machine and AI has an option as to others. So if she wins, she has to go with them. Given the lack of love they’ve shown her, they will produce a CD as required but won’t support or promote her at all. She’d be better off on the open market.

      • linda says:

        Idol owns every contestant for about 7-10 years..coming in 3rd is not the best thing-if u come in second u make more up front money..the top 5 will always make good money from idol-it depends on a lot of things but they make 6 digit salaries for a number of years by being booked by idol- it is much better to come in 2nd-cuz they own u anyhow-might as well get the cash and the car and the contract that the 2nd gets. It is very close to the money the winner gets.

    • imho says:

      Agreed on everything but this: It wasn’t Hailey’s WORST or close to worst – believe me – she’s had a few stinkers. But I did think “why didn’t you change the key”? 3 songs gotten ready so quickly, which I don’t think we have seen in a while for top 3, is tough. Perhaps they were not given as much lee-way in arrangements as we think? But as far as I’m concerned – Hailey/Scottie for the final! And goose bumps on Lauren’s “Dance”? No way – it made me wish for the LeeAnn W. the whole time she sang. But all 3 so very talented – this was a great night to watch AI.

      • JMR says:

        You’ve noticed what wrong with Haley and to a lesser Lauren-they need to polish the performance in practice. A minor rekeying and a small change in pace would have allowed Haley tomake the songs hers as it was it sounded like Haley was a James Durbin and Stevie Nicks impersonator on those songs and not a great impersonator either. Sing your way Haley this isn’t an impersonation show (see America Has Got Talent for that). Does Haley study music? Really? (Music major eh?)

        • Jason S. says:

          I disagree with you on RHiannon. She definitely made it her own and has a completely different sound to her voice then Stevie. I absolutely love Stevie Nicks but I may even like Haley’s voice better. And I feel dirty even suggesting that. I think that was my favorite performance of the night with Zeppelin a close second

    • funkycoldmedina says:

      I soooo agree with @morgan regarding a Lauren/Scotty finale. I’d willingly undergo a root canal, a lobotomy, and 48 hour long natural childbirth SIMULTANEOUSLY than listen to several hours of a twangy 5th rate finale done country western “highschoolmusical” style. Puleeze! Haley fans, I hope you voted til your fingers bled and fell off!

      I would also like to mention how much I LOVE Melinda Doolittle and Monsieur Slezak! And how much I despise Randy Jackson. The ONLY one who wants to hear his mealy mouthed voice drone on and on and on is of course, himself. It is inexcusable how he singled Haley out from the top 4 with his “o-PIN-ions” as IF he were the one deciding her future and not the voters. (take a hint at the manipulations Idol doesn’t want you to know they pull out of their anal orifices YEARLY)Totally unfair to rag a contestant right before her next performance. Way to inspire self confidence, Randayyyyy. JLo should stick to dancing instead of singing or judging a singing contest, and Steven needs to share his unlimited supply of blue koolaid with the rest of us, so we can all see the world of beauty of every living amoeba on the planet like he does, out of focus of course.

      Funny how nobody mentions the fact that JLo and the dawg pack proclaimed they had found “the ONE” immediately after Lauren Alaina auditioned this year. Makes the statement “nobody puts Baby in the corner” have true meaning. What a load of crapola American Idol has become.

    • Julie says:

      I also don’t think Haley did as badly on You Ought to Know as Michael says. She was too soft on the verses, in her lower register, but not bad (so she still has room to improve her singing– as long as she knows this!) Mostly I was disappointed that she didn’t rearrange it to do something less expected, and that she could do more WITH. I was actually more disappointed in her Rhiannon because she should have been able to kill that, but she made it clear she didn’t have enough time to learn it, much less get it under her skin to the point where she could own a performance. Too bad they have to waste time on those dumb home-town visits.

    • Patti Jones says:

      I’m still waiting for Scotty to use his bass notes!! Talk about a money shot… What if they’d let him sing all of “Lock the Dorr and turn out the lights??” That would be really something.

      As for Haley, she’s good I agree, but haven’t we had about enough of growling, screaming, and being just too sexy for her shirt? I’m ready for an All American homespum idol. Both Scotty and Loren offer this option.
      As for the song picks, some were good, others not so good.
      Maybe I’m a “granny” vote, but what’s wrong with natural talent sung with poise and true feeling versus sexed up growls and screams?

      • Kevin C. says:

        Scotty’s bass notes are like Haley’s growl: Good in moderation, ridiculous when overdone, and not something which should be added in every. single. song.

      • not says:

        “I’m ready for an All American homespum idol” – were you not watching AI the last two seasons? In both cases, someone who was basically good and likeable and homespun beat someone who was interesting, original and musically creative. I nevertheless liked both Lee and Kris, but I think history has shown that homespun has an unfair advantage, which no doubt result in a Scotty win this year.

    • Buster Cretin says:

      Exactly! If it’s a Scotty Lauren finale I won’t be watching, and I hope the ratings take a dive!

    • betsy says:

      come on, you know you’ll still watch the finale even if it’s between Scotty and Lauren; you just might not watch their performances. The finale is always so fun – so many guest performers, and the top 12 contestants all come back and perform, too. Don’t you want to see James Durbin and Steven Tyler do a duet?!?! It was PROMISED!! I’m hoping for a Scotty/Haley final two, but I’m watching the finale even if they bring back Normund Gentle and Tatiana for the final two.

    • Leahei says:

      I would have LOVED it if Haley had just sung “you aughtta know” as it was written-f word and bj reference included- on live TV. The judges were making a point of how “innocent” the others are with the song choice to get the conservative country christian vote. And the awful back-up singer on the Stevie Nicks song-really makes you wonder just how much if this crap is planned. Due to her dad being there, they couldn’t ruin her Zep song.

    • djm says:

      I agree with Morgan – you couldn’t pay me enough money to watch a Scotty/Lauren finale. In fact, there is a small part of me that is hoping Haley goes home tonight so I can finally be done with this horrid show. However, having said that, I did vote online for an hour for Haley, so I hope it helped! I honestly believe that the producers do not want a Scotty/Lauren finale either. If indeed they want Lauren to win they will have to ditch Scotty tonight and have a Lauren/Haley finale so that all of Scotty’s fans jump ship to Lauren. OR, if they want to guarantee Scotty wins they will ditch Lauren tonight for the same reason. Regardless, Haley was AMAZING in round 1 and oddly enough my DVR cut off the show right before they announced what Scotty was going to sing for the judges round, so I didn’t see any of the last 3 performances. Form what I’ve read I probably wouldbe wishing that Haley had done the stripped down version of Alanis, but then again they wouldn’t let her shine like that right at the end now would they?

      • Jessica says:

        “In fact, there is a small part of me that is hoping Haley goes home tonight so I can finally be done with this horrid show.”

        MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!!!!! Why do I still watch this????? Only for Haley. And Casey when he was on the show.

        • Lily says:

          Too funny, I had that thought too last week. First happy that Haley was safe, but then realizing it meant I had to watch again this week…and with James now gone too. Sigh.

    • djm says:

      You couldn’t pay me enough to watch a Lauren/Scotty finale, and having said that I have a feeling the producers don’t want both of them in the finale. My guess is that if they want Scotty to win then Lauren will go home tonight so that all of her votes go to him and if they want Lauren to win Scotty will go home tonight so all of his votes go to her. Of course I could be wrong, and if I am that means that Idol is over for me this year (and possibly next if they keep the same judges).

    • jc says:

      9 ho hum performances if you ask me. They all lacked energy and emotion. If you cornered me I would say Haley came closest to giving me what I was hoping for, BUT the thought of her fumbling through some classic rock songs waving her hands in the air like drunk girl on the dance floor ruins the image for me. I would be more compelled to spport a band with Haley’s dad, Scotty’s dad and Laurens mom, then any of the remaining three. So much for season ten……JC outa here.

    • kate newhook says:

      Scotty is the best if that young man wins or loses he”ll be a country star.he has the voice and honesty in himself. i”ll by his Cd’s and so will lots of my friends. his voice tells it all. Why to go Scotty,your huge fan kate form london ontario canada.

    • Maybelle says:

      All you idiots voted till you hands bled and still Haley DID NOT MAKE IT! What fools you all are.

  2. Zach says:

    Here is how i rank’em

    1. What is and what should never be (and sorry slezak she gets a -500 points for the fall i guess she couldn’t jump over the barrel in time)
    2. You Oughta Know
    3. Rhiannon
    4….wait what were the other songs sung? I swear I fell asleep through half of them…oh well #SaveTheGrowler!

  3. L says:

    Unfortunately, I think it will be Scotty-Lauren because that just seems to be the way the show wants it. Both are unbearably boring and I wouldn’t buy anything from them. Haley really ROCKED the first song and will be the only person I’m getting anything from on Itunes.

    I think Haley is the best, most inventive person left-look at her contestent’s choice song – totally unpredictable and fabulous, but I don’t think she’ll win (even though she should.)

    • tamara says:

      Unpredictable and fabulous, and let’s not forget she did LED ZEPPELIN. In the entire American Idol history, only Adam Lambert’s gotten permission to cover them.
      That’s gotta feel better than actually winning the contest.

      She’s gonna be huge internationally. The other 2 are as forgettable as they come.
      Just looking at what Beyoncee said of her, you could tell by her face she was in awe of her.

    • here's to hope! says:

      @L I cynically will agree with you on who will be in the final next week. It’s really a travesty that the producers and judges have overlooked and not given credit to Haley for what she has accomplished each and every week she performs—improvement, originality, stretching herself, taking chances/risks, overcoming mistakes, staying in tune and developing a better performance as an artist, lastly, being able to hold it together despite a consistent effort to tear her down with pre-written, orchestrated negative feedback that no other contestant received much of this season. And she overcame all of that to get to the final three. She’s my Chris Daughtry of season 10. Go Haley!!!

  4. Ken Adams says:

    The lyrics this week were incredibly telling.
    Scotty: “What does she seeeee in me,” he sang sleepily while leaning against a piano. Good question, Joe. What the heck does she see in you? What do they all see in you? When all I see is a warm glass of milk growing warmer on the counter? Like I predicted last week, Scotty got heaps of praise for showing up, shirt on and shoes tied.
    “They said change your clothes, She said no I won’t, They said comb your hair, She said some kids don’t.” I happen to be a big fan of toddlers in tiaras, but come on, sweetie. This is A-merican Idol! The outfits this week distracted from otherwise middling vocals, so maybe that was the point. Look, don’t listen! Her breathiness was especially turned on today, and at this point in the competition, there should be no free pass given for missing the key change and returning with a screech.
    “Wouldn’t you love to love her?” I will be the first to admit that Haley’s voice slays on pretty much any song. She is the first true contestant since Kelly who could sing three pages out of the phonebook and still compel me to vote (I’m hoping she chooses the pages with a pizza parlor’s phone number, as I am especially hungry this morning). With that said, the judges and Jimmy strapped some weights and blinders on our poor little Seabiscuit, turned her around, and asked her to old War Admiral and the other horses down. You could see her try during “You Oughta Know”, but I was mostly loving to love her on auto-pilot tonight. Although, Rhiannon did show me that her album will be chalk full of wonderful surprises. Let’s cross our bleeding fingers (from voting like stalker lovers after a breakup) that the growler is saved.

    • Jamie says:

      Ken must be high Carrie Underwood is by far the best idol! And Haley ruined the Zeppelin song. Scotty is by far the best that is left; he along with Lauren. Come on dude listen with your ears and not your dick.

      • Ken Adams says:

        Invalid, I’m gay. Try again.

        • deedee says:


        • DogBoy says:


        • Lori says:

          hee hee hee… oh snap!

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Ken – made me laugh, and your comments about Lauren’s fashion sense are right on the money. Haley looks like a million bucks (I’m a straight woman, by the way)

        • Floridajeff says:

          You are hilarious, Ken. Oh, and by the way… spot on in your critique, too!

        • HH says:

          haha nice!

          (I love how these girls come out with this nonsense and totally ignore all the male gay and straight female singers praising her.)

          I guess it’s like how you sometimes here really cute girls complaining that nobody ever takes them seriously or gives them credit.

        • HH says:

          haha nice!

          (I love how these girls come out with this nonsense and totally ignore all the male gay and straight female singers praising her.)

          I guess it’s like how you sometimes here really cute girls complaining that nobody ever takes them seriously or gives them credit.

          (having so much trouble getting my posts to post)

      • Billy says:

        Ken may be high (on Haley) but that’s no reason to insult his listening abilities. Carrie is a fine singer – it’s your OPINION that she’s “by far the best’ idol. Plenty of us think Kelly sings circles around her and demonstrates stylistic diversity and innovation. And, Kelly does this without having to invoke Jesus and apple pie to pander to dualistic and monotheistic epistemologically-challenged ignoramuses.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Carrie Underwood is a spiritual person and so are many of her fans. That’s no reason to be disrespectful to Christianity. How old are you – eight?

        • Yvonne says:


          That is way out of line and completely disrespectful to Christian Idol fans. You obviously don’t know Kelly’s music very well because she too has recorded faith-based music. WTF do you think she was talking about in the title track to her debut album? Yeah. You might wanna check that sh*t out before you spew your hateful intolerant bs.

          Haley’s fans are hypocrites and completely OTT with their anti-Christian comments. Not a good look.

          If Haley makes the finale, it’s going to be fun watching Lauren’s fans rally around Scotty next week and make him the next American Idol. Haley’s hateful fans now have me actively rooting against her.

          • Tom K says:

            Actively rooting against her? How Christian of you.

          • Floridajeff says:

            Tom, that’s exactly what I was thinking… also, that’s a rough vocabulary for such a Christian person, too. Just sayin’

          • del says:

            Wow, Yvonne, nice mouth on your so-called Christian persona there. And now *I* will have to dial my fingers bloody for Haley. You call BS on hateful intolerant behavior? Please pick up your hand mirror and take a good loooooong look. Then wash that Christian mouth out with strong soap. Bah.

          • Yvone says:

            Who said I was a Christian?

            Nice ASSumption there, Einsteins.

            I said Billy’s post was completely disrespectful to Christian Idol fans at it is.

            I am pointing out the hypocrisy of Haley’s fans. These are the same people who will quickly call someone “dualistic and monotheistic epistemologically-challenged ignoramuses” while trashing someone’s faith.

            It’s hypocrisy.

            Slezak’s worshipers can dish it out but they can’t take it.

            And no, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a Christian and loving America and voting for Scotty or Lauren. It doesn’t make someone intolerant or ignorant!

          • HH says:

            @Yvonne – And what have her fans to do with herself?
            And what of all the non-Haley fans going around calling her every four letter word there is?? Again and again trashing her character based upon NOTHING. But those people you are fine with?

      • april-ann says:

        @ Jamie. Finally! I also thought Haley butchered that Led Zeppelin song. She’s awful. SHE is the one who should have waited to audition for Idol. Oh wait, she did. She auditioned before and didn’t even make it to Hollywood. The “judges” got it right the first time. And I don’t know why everyone says the “judges” throw her under the bus. They heaped and heaped undeserved praise on her last night. I still predict she’s winning this. Lauren has a beautiful voice and can really sing, and is by far the most natural performer of the three.

      • anon says:

        Your comment seems a little disingenuous, Jamie. Maybe follow your own advice.

      • patti Jones says:

        I agree with Jamie. This year Idol needs a winner, and that is not Haley. When Alan Lambert lost to “what’s his name?” that was a total mistake. Lambert is the one with the career now.
        If Haley wins, I’m concerned she’ll be lost with all the other growlers around the biz. Give Nashville a gift of Scotty or Loren. That said, Loren is not quite as mature as she could be. Scotty at 16 seems more able to handle fame and fortune.

        You Haley fans look back at Jennifer Hudson. Ever hear her growl and try to be over the top with sex and vinegar? Jennifer didn’t win but look at her now!!! Major career.

        What ever, the votes are cast and we all must wait until tonight to see who’s still standing.

        • Tom K says:

          When has Haley ever been “over the top” with sex? I think she has played it fairly conservatively, actually. I think most girls who are 20 and look like Haley does are proud of their bodies – yet, I don’t think she has tried to play up the sex card at all this season. If people at home and in the audience *think* she is sexy, there is no way for her to change the opinion. Do we want her to go out there in turtleneck sweaters?

          Can’t really compare Haley to Jennifer because they are in a different ballpark in terms of their musical styles. Why would Jennifer ever growl, when it is not a part of who she is? And why would Haley NOT growl, when it *is* a part of who she is? As they say, different strokes for different folks – personally, I’ve been waiting for a Haley Reinhart type of contestant on the show; she fits in with what I personally like. And unlike others, I can respect those who do not like her musical style; there’s plenty of diversity to go around.

      • HH says:

        Haha listen with your ears and not your catty jealousy!

    • Mike says:

      Joey Tribbiani, is that you using your Fake Name again? Ahhh Ken Adams, that’s a good one lol (sorry if that’s your real name, but it makes me think of The One With the Video Tape every time)

    • Marissa says:

      Ken – You may be my new hero…second to Haley, of course. Love it!

  5. JOHN says:

    During an interview, our boy Nigel said that last week, he needed the first spot in the show to be an up tempo, exciting beginning, so he gave that spot to James. But, to make amends for that, he also gave James the PIMP spot for his second number. Last night the terrible first spot was given to Scotty, even though he was singing a ballad….hmmm….then, Scotty was kept in that opening spot for each of the three segments…..sure looks like Nigel was both speaking out of both sides of his mouth (surprise, surprist) and that he was attempting to BUS Scotty to give himself his precious girl/girl finale……so sad!!!!

    • Dawn says:

      Actually, I think Nigel may know that Scotty has a massive and unbeatable fanbase. He’s probably leading by a landslide no matter what order he performs in.

      • B.Rich says:

        This is the truth, Nigel knows Scotty can’t lose

        • Christina says:

          And that’s 100% true. I’m betting that Scotty has had close to a 20-30% lead over his closest competitor in the votes the whole season. I think the fact that Scotty was never given the pimp spot is very telling.

      • Lyn says:

        And if Lauren gets voted off tonight — as she should — Scotty’s landslide gets even more insurmountable next week. Not lookin’ good for my fave, Haley. Except that an album she would make on her own probably would be better than whatever the Idol people would cook up.

        • Yvonne says:

          Keep telling yourself that.

          Adam’s fans thought he’d make a great debut then he sh** out that album of Britney and Gaga rejects.

        • seattlejohn says:

          agreed…after ruining Allison Irraheta’s debut do we really want Haley mishandled as commercial product by AI and Musik Mafia…would love an eclectic CD featuring friends and family and a couple roots-based duets with Robert Plant

  6. Sharon says:

    I’m pretty angry that Idol producers have ruined one of my all time fav guilty pleasures. I’m so bored with Idol. I was pretty bored last season, except for Crystal. This year, Casey, Naima, Haley, and, sometimes James,have provided some worthy moments. I enjoyed Haley and her dad, but.. that’s it. The judges suck. The producers suck. I HATE that damn segment ahead of each performance with “jimmy” or whoever is “mentoring”!! It ruins any surprise or spontaneity. So, Scotty is gonna win this. Ho hum, again! Here’s hoping “The Voice” continues to fill the Idol void.

    • allie says:

      agree with every word you wrote except I think I am too bored to be angry! Idol is a bad habit now but I just can’t see myself watching next year. In fact, the past 3 episodes I have DVR’d it and not watched all of it. I watched up to Haley’s Zepplin performance but when I read that was the highlight I erased the rest. The Voice is FAR superior – just wish it was on an hour earlier.

      • Dan says:

        I think that Idol is about watching raw, undeveloped talent grow on a national stage. The Voice is a singing competition between accomplished, established singers. They’re different things. I love Idol (never missed an episode). The Voice is new and interesting but I need to get through a full cycle to really judge it.

        That all being said– Idol is not even close to as good as it used to be. The production changes they made this year I like. Duets– really good change. Jimmy– I like him better than random-guest that has an album out-of the week-mentor. I think the themes weren’t as bad, they sang a lot more current stuff. The talent on stage will always vary from year to year. This is their second down year in a row for talent.

        What’s screwing up Idol is…(drum roll)…the freaking horrible judges. You know it’s bad when I wish they’d bring Kara back.

        • Finian says:

          Kara, Ellen and Paula – at least you’d expect nothing but cr*ptastic drivel :-)

        • Katie L. says:

          I always liked Kara. I know that makes me the odd (wo)man out, but I thought she gave constructive criticism that was useful and made much more sense than anything that came out of the mouths of Randy, Ellen, or Paula.

          • Joe Strummer says:

            I agree. I thought Kara came into her own last year and was, arguably, the best judge on the show. She at least gave succinct criticism that the contestant could grow from.

            I never really understood all the Kara hate out there.

          • HH says:

            Sometimes Kara seemed insecure/catty with attractive contestants (say Didi, she said she pretty odd stuff to her about how she can’t pull off sexy so don’t even try, etc.) which was bad but other than that, which seemed to be a problem at times, she did seem to be the best judge for sure.

        • allie says:

          The shows are also both about creating stars and AI seems to have lost that ability in recent seasons. (Obviously we don’t know what the Voice is capable of yet). My biggest problem this year – aside from the judges as you mentioned – is the utter lack of creativity in the arrangements. It has been Cover Band Idol from the very first live show and that has been a real disappointment. I also think it is why none of the contestants have ever had a true moment. We can say that Haley sang the heck out of Zepplin last night but it isn’t truly a moment for me unless she makes it her own. (or unless the producers let her make it her own). I can’t remember a single season (and I too have watched them all)of Idol when there wasn’t one true blow your mind moment except for this one.

          • Sebby says:

            Agree completely!!! Where is the truly original performances???? I think Haley came closest with HOTRS, but where the heck is the David Cook “Always Be My Baby” moment? His version sounds NOTHING like Mariah’s and it was A-MAZING! Or Bo Bice’s “In a Dream”?? The list goes on and on from years past. This year… is so lacking in originality. All these kids can sing. There is no doubt about that. But so can a lot of people. What really sets one of them apart from the others? I get so bored with Lauren and Scotty because they take no risks. Its not merely about singing a song well….its about INTERPRETING a song in a way that not only makes it your own, but makes the listener feel like they are hearing something new.

          • HH says:

            Yeah You Oughta Know should’ve had the verses cahnged up, but then again they had like waht one day a song, very tough this week!

    • JayK* says:

      I agree about the pre-performance packages ruining surprises. Like, we knew Gaga told Haley to do that gaspy-inhale during “I Who Have Nothing”. Would have been so much better if I didn’t know it was coming. They should show those mentoring sessions on results night.
      I also agree that Idol has kind of been ruined. I really thought this season was going to be a turn-around and now it’s more disappointing than ever.

      • marie says:

        I had the same thoughts about the pre-performance clips, and specifically Gaga’s “gasp” note to Haley. Agree totally, that much info in advance tends to lessen the impact of the performance itself AND subtly undermines the singer, in that we can then wonder, did s/he think that up her/himself, or was s/he coached on that?

      • Mel says:

        Oh wow, this is such a good point that I had to chime in with support. So true that the mentoring sessions ruin the surprise. They also diminish the honesty in the performances. Of course we know that a gasp before a verse would be all part of the act, but if we’ve just been told it’s an act, then we really can’t have an emotional response. And it’s as easy as showing the mentoring sessions on results night! I don’t understand why the Idol producers are so lacking in creative thoughtfulness like this. It’s terribly disappointing. Nigel takes much better care of “So You Think You Can Dance.”

    • Yvonne says:

      The Voice is a joke.

      The past 2 weeks they’ve put singers in a boxing ring to scream at each other for the chance of advancing. It’s horrendous and the talent level is NOWHERE near Idol’s. That shouting bald lesbian on Xtina’s team is terrifying and Cee-Lo is delusional if he thinks that the yelling old obese white guy is a future soul superstar. It’s ridiculous but I watch because it’s hilarious.

      The Voice should be renamed The Reboot. It’s about the music industry rebooting the careers of previously signed recording artists.

  7. My thoughts on Haley’s performances and why I feel she should be the next American Idol: She had the best and the worst of the night. It reminded me of Hank Aaron having the most home runs and the most strikeouts of any player in that season. You’ve gotta swing the bat to hit the ball and Haley takes those chances.

    • gibb says:

      Hammerin’ Haley!!!

    • agrimesy says:

      I really like this analogy, the best and the worst / success and failure are absolutely the requirements of artistry . . . of stardom. The genius lies in the risk. Yes, that’s Haley.

    • Billy says:

      Excellent analogy, Denise. More please!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Great analogy. Reminds me of what my dad used to say to me as a kid, “do something, even if it’s wrong. If you sit with indecision you’ll never do anything great, either”.

      • jaxguy says:

        I really do agree. Instead of middle of the road competence, like you know who the other two are, Haley does fall on her butt, but when she gets up…..FIREWORKS!!!!

      • Joe Strummer says:

        Totally agree. I’d rather see someone go up there and either A)Fial miserably, or B)Knock it out of the ballpark. This is what brings excitement to a performance. You get this with Haley.

        Scotty and Lauren seem so CALCULATED. No surprises and no degrees of difficulty. You never get a sense of DANGER in their performances.

        I don’t care if Haley actually wins this thing but she should get through to next week so we don’t have a snoozefest for the final.

    • Katie L. says:

      Nice insight.

    • algalhi says:

      @Denise Witmer – THIS! Taking risks in song choice, not settling for being cookie cutter, going for it — sometimes leads to less than stellar results, but often leads to that glorious home run. Haley has had several of those home runs this season. I liked Beyonce’s take on Haley, praising her fearlessness and conviction as what is needed to be a star.

    • Tom K says:

      Very good insight.
      I’ve been thinking for a while now: Why wouldn’t a record producer want a Haley Reinhart? Yes, she can be inconsistent – yes, she takes a lot of chances and sometimes fails; but when she hits, she REALLY hits. Give her a good record producer, and they’ll concentrate on her strengths and put out something really good in my opinion. And really, if you can get just one hit number off of any album release, you are way ahead of the game.

      We’ll see what happens – but I think Jimmy challenged Haley this week because he has a keen eye on her. I actually do expect Idol to do something with her post-show, regardless if she gets a Top 2 spot. (Obviously, I want her to get the Top 2 spot to eliminate any doubt) :)

  8. Josh says:

    Don’t understand the Haley love. She screamed and growled her way through the first song. Was boring in the second song, and did not do the Alanis song justice whatsoever.

    Scotty should win the whole thing. He’s the only one who knows who he is as a singer. The other two have good talent but they don’t know who they are yet. This is not about a project winning. This is about having someone who can have a best selling album within 6 months or so, and I think only Scotty can do that.

    • morgan says:

      Dude, I could take you saying she screamed and growled her way through the last song, or that she was pitchy and too fast in Rhiannon
      C’mon, that belongs in a stupid comment hall of fame.

      • Billy says:

        It’s clear to me that Josh has never heard “What is and What Should Never Be” before tonight.

        Josh – Baby Lock THOSE Doors and stop advertising your “glorious lack of sophistication” (to quote Jeff Foxworthy’s definition of being a redneck).

        • Lana says:

          Loving Scotty is not a redneck thing to do. Loving country is not a redneck thing either. Usually rednecks like hard rock something they can rock their heads to as they get drunk on beer. I love rock too, not so much beer, but country songs tell wonderful stories and can make you cry or laugh so much easier than any other type of music and that makes listening to it so much more fun. Scotty isn’t boring but it seems that because he can sing so effortless he is considered dull, go figure. Haley does deserve to go to the finals over Lauren and I too wish Lauren had waited a year of two before trying out for AI. That being said this year gave us a wonderful group of singers and very diverse and while the judges haven’t done the job we are use to they gave us the most diverse Idol ever. The Voice is okay but what is fun about Idol is it takes raw singers and lets us watch them grow and learn how to use their great talent. I may get exsaperated with Idol but it is too much fun to watch to want to quit and I love MS and I wouldn’t enjoy his recaps as much if I hadn’t watched the show. Uhh sorry didn’t mean to write a book but what can I say, I’m country.

          • del says:

            And since you are country, you think Scotty isn’t boring. But you can’t tell those of us that DO find him boring that we are wrong. What you meant was Scotty isn’t boring TO YOU. To those of us that are NOT country fans, he is the HEIGHT of boring. But it’s not because he is singing country, to me. It’s because he is singing country exactly like the original singers. He is not taking any artistic license with the songs. He–and Lauren–are just singing words on a page. At least there is an element of suspense for me with Haley….will she be good? Not so good? With Haley, I am always ready to take the journey with her. With Scotty and Lauren, I am ready to get a drink or take a bathroom break. Same thing as it will be on the Idol tour for me….time to buy a tshirt!

    • Nancy says:

      I absolutely agree about Haley. She also has an enunciation problem, IMHO.

    • Ronnie says:

      The producers may want the person “who can have a best selling album within 6 months or so”
      But as a fan, I want the most talented singer. I want someone who has that spark, that little extra something. Dare say, I want someone with that X-Factor ™.
      I count Fantasia, Elliot Yamin, Melinda Doolittle, Alison I, Crystal Bowersox, David Cook, Blake Lewis as contestants I thought had something special.
      None of them sold as much as Kelly/Keri (who I love). I don’t really care who sells the most, I want the best.
      The Black Eyed Pees sell more albums than Adele… that doesn’t make them better.

    • Katie says:

      Saying that Haley is boring and then in the next sentence saying Scotty should win it all is completely contradicting. Last night I was working on a paper and didn’t even realize I’d missed Scotty’s performances because he doesn’t the same thing week after week and it is BORING. Haley takes chances, she has fun on stage, she falls and gets back up again (literally and figuratively), she has knowledge of many genres of music, and SHE is by far the most talented one left.

      On another note: I didn’t want to believe the “Producers are out to get Haley” conspiracy… but her “revealing” her song alone in an empty limo made me a believer. Here’s how Haley’s hometown visit really went down (I am from Wheeling, IL, Haley’s hometown): Haley went to the AT&T store at Deer Park Town Center in Deer Park, IL. There she met a fan from Houston who gave her a bracelet then right after that she revealed her song to the crowd (if you don’t believe me go to about 1:00 on this video She then went to her former high school and was greeted by a huge crowd out front and in the gym. She had a parade through town with our high school marching band, cheerleaders, teachers, and so many other people from around here playing and dancing and cheering for her. Her parade ended at our village hall where she was once again greeted by many fans along with the family she used to babysit (the 5 kids were each wearing shirts with a letter of Haley’s name… adorable) After that she went to Arlington Park and played for a crowd of around 30,000 people.

      So don’t worry Michael, Haley has plenty of fans around here and I am a full believer of this conspiracy now.

      • Tiffany says:

        OMG Slezak totally called it a couple of weeks ago, when he predicted that if she made it to the top 3, they would probably schedule her hometown parade for 3 in the morning.
        This was even better. She got her hero’s welcome from her hometown fans, and they REFUSED TO SHOW IT. Wow, it is so blatant what they are doing to her. The entire production (producers, directors, and judges) should be ashamed of themselves!

      • susela says:

        Wow, and I thought the reason they hadn’t shown her big reveal to the crowd—and we know they ALWAYS reveal the judge’s choice in front of a crowd—was because she had said, “WTF?? How’m I supposed to sing THAT?!?” But no, here she is, acting all excited, and the crowd acting excited, yet we weren’t shown that. Hmmmm…..

    • jaxguy says:

      You do have a right to your opinion, and if you don’t like Haley fine. From a big, big Zeppelin fan, her “What is…….” was brilliant! But the other two, sorry for the tired AI cliche, were boring, boring, boring. And most here agree that the take on the Morrisette song wasn’t great, but who really this season could have. (Now giving that song to Scotty would have been great.) It was a terrible choice for her, and if you are honest you will see that the judges gave Lauren and Scotty songs that were country, easy and right in their comfort zone. So that kinda trumps your criticizism for me.

    • jaxguy says:

      You do have a right to your opinion, and if you don’t like Haley fine. From a big, big Zeppelin fan, her “What is…….” was brilliant! But the other two, sorry for the tired AI cliche, were boring, boring, boring. And most here agree that the take on the Morrisette song wasn’t great, but who really this season could have. (Now giving that song to Scotty would have been great.) It was a terrible choice for her, and if you are honest you will see that the judges gave Lauren and Scotty songs that were country, easy and right in their comfort zone. So that kinda trumps your negative comments about Haley for me. So for all of you that hate Haley and love Scotty and Lauren, try being honest about those two as much as most Haley fans are of her – we admit when she’s not great – and your opinion will carry more weight.

  9. Mayra says:

    She’s got lots of hometown fans. I think they were only showing the first time she saw what song they wanted her to do. There’s a video on youtube of when she tells people. She was amazing in Chicago, from what I saw in the videos.

    • morgan says:

      Dude, I could take you saying she screamed and growled her way through the last song, or that she was pitchy and too fast in Rhiannon

      C’mon, that belongs in a stupid comment hall of fame.

      • morgan says:

        Hahaha, so sorry, that’s at Josh Maya, please don’t take offense :) (my comment now belongs in a misguided wrong click hall of fame.

    • Sam says:

      Yes. There is something very WEIRD about having Haley read her judges’ choice all alone in a limo. I saw her get the text onstage over the weekend in Chicago and there were like 20,000 people there! WTF??? They have been giving it to this girl all season and she’s proven herself to be the most talented and the strongest. Someone who can handle this. Who in the world is going to buy Scotty’s CD???????????????? I so don’t get it. Sweet kid. Probably great b-ball player…but, holy cow. Believe me, the country world does not want to be invaded by these two babies!! Haley deserves to win, but she has been sabotaged from day one. She may be better off not winning. And BTW: what’s with J’Lo’s evil eye thing with Haley. J’Lo was never a great actress but it is so obvious she’s a Haley hater.

  10. takakupo says:

    It’s time for a McShock Elimination. Guy isn’t consistent at anything except doing country (in the most boring and sleep inducing way might I add) -____-zZZZZ

    • evs says:

      but the same 18 million people who watch NCIS week after week are power voting for him. Following that logic, NCIS is the most watched show and he’s expected to win.. Now, for production value and the demo it would probably be a lot more polarizing to have Haley be in it, because otherwise they are just splitting the country vote, vs a whole new voting market that only Haley reaches

      • Allie says:

        This is the reason that Lauren and Scotty’s insistence (and the judge’s, i might add) on only doing country songs all season was a terrible strategy for them. Sure, it shows me what kind of album you’ll make, but since I don’t like country music, I’m not impressed with your choices or your voice. I live in the same town as Scotty so I would love to root for him, but he’s just silly….he turns each performance into something ridiculous. Carrie Underwood is a country super-star, but she stood out for the first time and had an Idol Moment singing Heart’s “Alone.” She wasn’t afraid to veer away from country and try to sway some votes away from other pop stars and divas that season. Now Lauren and Scotty will be splitting the country vote and Haley will hopefully pick up all the fans of everyone who has been voted out before. If either of them had shown any versatility, I may have been swayed, but Haley is clearly the better vocalist and the most versatile.

  11. Lori says:

    This one’s a tough one to call, but my feeling is that it will be a Scotty/Haley finale.

  12. Linda says:

    If there is any justice in the world it would be Scotty and Haley. Please, America.

  13. zach says:

    isn’t it great that this year they decide to do contestant’s choice first knowing that haley absolutely kills her song in the pimp spot? if haley had closed the show with “what is” then she might be a lock for the finale. with nigel admitting they switch the order purposefully, it seems pretty obvious that he’d rather have haley get her moment out of the way early, and then save her weakest performance for the end. this after jlo has already established the winner of the round with haley still to go. seriously when was the last time contestant’s choice wasn’t the last round?

    • B.Rich says:

      As soon as I heard the order at the top of the show I knew this was the plan. “You Outta Know” was a terrible choice, so put it at the end.

    • Yo says:

      I think the conspiracy thory is still valid. I anticipated Haley’s Alanis song to be god-awful when I heard what it was; you don’t give a person you excoriate for shouting a song that requires you to shout. Hellacious choice, Umma gonna bet it was JLo’s. So the criticisms of the past week were diffused via high praise for Haley’s first number (although Jenn couldn’t roust herself from the chair to applaud) and the night went down-hill for her from there. Rhiannon was no prize choice, either. For a moment there, I actually thought Randy and JLo liked Haley.

      • Liz says:

        I really don’t know what it is about Haley that gets under J Lo’s skin so badly. I noticed that she was a bit of an ice princess even during Haley’s audition.

        • Jason S. says:

          Also when they told Haley she made the Top 24. Steven says ‘She’s one happy girl! Then J-Lo goes “Today she is!” Implying she had no chance winning and would be cut early. Most likely Haley was Steven’s choice and he insisted on her which ended up cutting one of J-Lo’s choices.

  14. Scot says:

    Look, I get it that the judges and producers have wrongly had it in for Haley because they clearly have been angling for a Scotty/Lauren finale for weeks. But I personally find Slezak’s incessant fawning over Haley’s warbling to be insufferable, misguided and ridiculous. This Mariah Carey/Stevie Nicks wannabe can’t hold a candle to past Idol greats like Kelly and Carrie – the thought of her receiving the “confetti shower” is preposterous. We all get that you don’t like Lithgow’s pre-ordained storylines and winners. I too am with you. But that doesn’t automatically justify the deification of the producers’ black swan. Frankly, NONE of the remaining mediocre three are worthy of the legacy of Clarkson, Underwood, or the more talented “losers” (Lambert, Hudson, Daughtry). The fact is, Haley is going to finish third and after the tour we’re never going to hear from her again other than being excessively worshipped in the latest episode of Idoloonies. Enough is enough.

    • Kiki says:

      I kind of have to agree with you. Michael Slezak is so biased in Haley’s favor that I think he can’t see the really, really big picture–and that is, where is she going to fit in the world of iTunes and radio…and how many records can she sell?

      I don’t think she can sell a lot. And yes, her voice isn’t nearly as memorable as the legendary singers whose songs she’s been covering.

      She made a good talking point. But I think Michael has taken it too far to be as credible as I used to think he was. I LOVE his wanting to protect the underdog. But it comes down to voice and the total package–Haley is a flash in the pan.

      The only one who isn’t is Scotty. I’m not saying I’m rooting for him in particular, but he has the staying power.

      • agrimesy says:

        “Haley is a flash in the pan.” Really? What are you using for evidence to support this opinion? The thousands of hits on Youtube of her performances? The thousands of iTunes downloads? The multiple former Idol endorsements? The fans in other countries spamming the media for information on her and begging to be allowed to vote? Led Zepplin personally offering their music to her? Just wondering. Nobody can predict if an Idol alum will have staying power, but I think Haley has more than an average shot at success in the industry. And that’s MY opinion.

        • Billy says:

          THIS to the power of 10!

        • RT says:

          I did not realize that Led Zepplin offered their music to Haley. Very cool. I do remember thinking during her performance that I didn’t remember ever hearing anyone cover Led Zepplin before on Idol or any other show. I think she was amazing on that song. Her dad too. I’m glad he was allowed by the producers to perform with her. What a great moment for them.

        • SlezakFan says:

          That to the power of 100000000000000000000000000000000!

      • EvaneSam says:

        Well as far as I’ve heard Haley is doing great on iTunes. Additionally she has a very great and distinctive voice, is pretty and is very marketable. She can sing anything. So I think she will do just fine and people will buy her album.
        About being biased, if you watch back the first Idoloonies episodes Michael Slezak (just like I) didn’t even like Haley. But somehow along the way she won him/me over with her personality, her voice and her amazing and risky performances. The minute I heard Benny and the Jets and Rolling in the deep, the first thing I did was record the live audio and download the studio version and put it on my iPod. No other contestant managed to do that. And we are not the only ones who were won over by her, there are millions of other people who would buy her album and lots of artists (Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarckson, Led Zeppelin, …) who think she’s great and could help her out in the business.

      • jaxguy says:

        Ok you are proof positive that MOST of the great music is never played on the radio anymore, or sells very well. People want generic, safe and quite frankly boring middle of the road singers and songs. So in that case Lauren or Scotty should have a clear road to the spot that has become confetti filled Nokia theater. (And the land of predictable and boring choices for the winner.) The bottom line is most the contestants and winners will NEVER been major stars. The only CD’s I have bought by Idol contestants have been the runner ups who, for me have been way more interesting than the winners. “American Idol, the land of Mediocrity.”

    • Eurydice says:

      Oh yes, thank you. But I think the excessive worship of Haley is just as orchestrated as the idea that Scotty/Lauren is pre-ordained. The fact is that you won’t get a lot of hits if you admit the battle’s between So-So, So What and Who Cares – all you’ll get are a lot of posts bitching about what crap the show is this season. This way, we’ve got a story about the Poor Cinderella Underdog and the Wicked Witches who’ve kept a Gullible Nation from recognizing her Galactic Talent. It’s practically a Disney movie.

    • jaxguy says:

      Know what’s funny Scot? She certainly will be heard from at least by me because she is the ONLY performer this year that I have PAID to buy on Itunes. The only other time I have paid to buy music on Itunes was all of Adam Lambert, and a couple of David Archuleta. So your theory may be premature.

  15. jef says:

    And the bus rolls on. What a horrible choice the judges gave Haley as her final song of the night-ya know, the one that leaves the last impression.

    • DogBoy says:

      I DVR’ed the show and started an hour late…so by the time I heard that last song– I had already voted for Haley 100+ times based on the fact that she slayed that risky LedZep song. TO me, the first song left a more lasting impression. Like Slezak, I made note that HALEY picked Zep, JUDGES picked Alanis.

    • Kim R says:

      Totally agree. As soon as she started I said to my husband…I hear the bus now! :(

    • GSOgymrat says:

      Sorry but the problem with “You Oughta Know” wasn’t the song, it was Haley. I voted for Haley but on that song she didn’t try to make the song interesting, like Alanis did when she performed it live and made it a confessional. Haley seemed out of breath and, as Sleazak said, unprepared and lost. Another singer, like Adam Lambert, could have killed with that song.

      • Allie says:

        One thing to keep in mind is that “You Oughta Know” has some pretty difficult lyrics. I’m 30 years old and listened to the song in high school, but Haley would have been far too young to have memorized the scandalous lyrics growing up. Now, if they had given her something for the past 5 years and she botched the lyrics, fine….but I’m giving a lot of them passes when they have 3 songs to memorize in a week and hometown visits to go on. Haley admitted to being nervous about the words to Rhiannon and I have a feeling she was overwhelmed this week by the volume of words she had to memorize this week from Jimmy and the Judges (both of which picked songs she wasn’t familiar with).

        • jaxguy says:

          Agree on everything and especially agree that Lambert would have slayed it. He NEVER gave a bad performance. Ok, he never gave anything less than a brilliant performance and insanely brilliant song choices.

  16. Doopey says:

    Slezak, you pretty well nailed it. I was shocked that Jimmy actually picked really good songs for all 3 contestants, but he truly did. And I agree that Lauren sounded the best I’ve ever heard her on “If I Die Young” up until she missed the key change. But I also realized when they showed her audition tape that she basically never lived up to the potential of that great audition. She’s just too young. I sorta feel bad for Lauren. She’s a talented kid but she just has no idea what she’s doing up on stage. She’s not ready for a music career but the producers are committed to pushing her out there, ready or not.

  17. McLiza says:

    Michael, I thought the exact thing about Lauren’s “pantyhose mishap!” I’ve also thought all through this that she’s an incredibly tacky dresser. But I do see the improvement from her audition look–geeze! It’s pretty clear her 80s teen mall hopper mom is influencing her style choices.

    • MrsFitzDarcy says:

      Did poor Lauren look like a “Hurricane Warning” semaphore flag? Or was it just me? And why was she wearing a fuschia scarf to hold it up? Fuschia and cherry red? Seriously? Someone really needs to sic Tracy and Clint on on her.

      Her second outfit looked like a semi-formal gown and even though it was black, looked totally inappropriate for a song about dying. (And, BTW, producers, so was that beginning camera shot that looked right up her tulle-lifted skirt.

      And can we get rid of the baby blue and 70s ballgown look? Others said it better above.

      And watch her right hand carefully, when she is not in full swing singing she grabs for her skirt like the polyester satin edging of a baby blanket.

    • RT says:

      Ah, the pantyhose mishap. Was anyone else a little creeped out when Ryan asked the make-up lady if she needed help applying shimmer to Lauren’s legs?

  18. Doopey says:

    And also — I thought the verses of “You Oughta Know” were rough on Haley, but she killed it on the chorus. He J-Lo — the end of THAT song gave me goosebumps, for real!

  19. Dessa says:

    Oh, and can we please stop treating Haley like she’s the victim here again? She’s got the freaking pimp spot like 47192279 times.

    She’s great, but the way some people here are coming up with their conspiracy theories on how Haley is being “bussed” is just annoying.

    Sorry, my personal opinion.

    • Ronnie says:

      I don’t believe the conspiracy theories either. Judges song choices went last because the show wants to promote the judges more than the contestants. Haley ends with a crappy song because the judges do not know what a good song is. I bet they actually thought “I oughta know” was a good choice. They are just idiots (with some bias), but mostly just idiots.

    • Billy says:

      While i strongly disagree with you, Dessa, I feel even more strongly that you do not need to apologize for your opinion. You are most certainly entitled to your opinion(s) and to post here on this board.

  20. Growlers United says:

    Did anybody else hear the wrong contestant number (Thanks for voting for contestant 1 / 2) when they dialed Haley’s number?

    • Maddie says:

      You must have written the number down wrong. Called Haley’s three numbers in over & over, switched from one to the next and the recorded voice always said contestant “3”.

  21. margret says:

    I actually really liked “You oughta know”. I thougt it was really really good, especially in the chorus!

    • msmaka says:

      +1 I liked the 2nd part of the “You oughta know”

      Not really a fan of her first one (started well, but kinda growled/shouted too much later)

  22. angry aussie says:

    Just watched the show on tv in Oz – I am not a country music fan and I have NEVER heard any of the songs Scotty and Lauren sang on radio or tv over here. IMHO Haley slayed ’em, but I can’t vote over here so it’s irrelevant. If it’s a final of American (Country) Idol, I won’t have to worry about a night out I have planned for next week, and I won’t have to struggle with my DVR.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Hey, angry aussie – thanks for sending us one of our very best country artists, Keith Urban! He’s a great vocalist, songwriter, and musician.

  23. E says:

    I was confused about the “big chorus” comments from all 3 judges when Scotty had sung a higher range song with a “big chorus” for his first song (even ignoring Steven’s rerun comments). Totally agree that lyrics seemed illl suited for 17 yo Scotty.

    I thought Lauren’s 2nd song was just bad. I like the song, I thought it would suit her well, but the mistakes and the unsure nature of her delivery made it obvious something went wrong.

    I didn’t dislike “you oughta know”, I just thought it was too low for Haley.

  24. renee says:

    I do want Haley to make the top two though I don’t care if she wins or not. I kinda think the Idol audience has a Scotty win coming as some sort of karmic retribution – let em reap what they sow. At this point, I’m mostly just here for Lauren’s outfits which like the proverbial car wreck horrify and mesmerize simultaneously.

    I really just need it to be over. I never want to hear Randy’s voice again – the fact that now he’s repeating his stock phrases like he’s in on the joke that he’s a moron just makes it worse. I never again want to see JLo’s dead fish eyes sizing Haley up for some sort of Diddy sponsored drive-by (for old time’s sake.) And I’m ready to let Steven sink down into his increasingly hazy golden years feuding to the bitter end with longtime companion Joe Perry in the Garage Band version of Grumpy Old Men.

    I need the Growler to do what Buffy would do and just put an end to this, seal the hellmouth for a few months at least.

    Any chance the finale will be called on account of snake?
    Nigel transforming into a giant reptile literally instead of just metaphorically. All leading up to the crowning moment when Lee DeWyze slumps reluctantly onto the Nokia stage to shoot resentful glances at us for not recognizing his authenticity as an artist as he hands his tiara to Scotty. Oh, god let’s just call it now and all go home. (Unless James Durbin is going to bite the head off a bat to prove how metal he is – I might stay for that.)

    • Billy says:

      Renee – if you ever publish a novel I will be the first to buy it. You write with flair, wit, humor, and style.

    • wendeeloo says:

      Agreeeee! Especially about not wanting to hear Randy’s voice again. I can’t stand it when he thinks he’s funny when he is only an oaf…not sure if that’s even a word – but ‘oaf’ seems right. It’s almost like a condition he has – when he has to repeat what others say. And he has no self-awareness if he is not embarrassed by repeating his own lame phrases over and over to infinity and beyond. The fist bump left hanging in the air turned into awkward dancing was my favorite moment at the judges desk.

  25. Jamie says:

    “…as simple as picking between a slice of moist chocolate cake and a punch in the throat”.
    This cracked me up!

    Pretty much agree with Sleazak on all counts w/ the exception of Haley’s “Rhiannon”. While she looked really cool; the dress, the “wind”, etc., I really hated the way the song was chopped up to fit the time limit. Not sure who is responsible for the edit, but I thought it just sounded so disconnected and difficult to listen to.

    Having said that, Haley for the win!

  26. Ellen says:

    Ok, this comment is for the people who don’t like Haley. Come on, how can you say she can’t sing. You may not like her tone but she is a great singer. Example, for me Fantasia’s voice is extremely annoying or Jacob ugh!!!! But, they can sing. I just don’t like them. There is a difference. The extreme dislike is kind of scary to me. Lighten up. All these guys can sing (except Lee Dewyze) It’s their personalities that sell.

    • MFW says:

      You are correct, it’s their personalities that sell. Having said that, Scotty will win and Haley will be the runner-up. Lauren’s personality is too flat and she needs more ‘world experience’ to make her a bit more interesting. In about 5 years, she will be great. Scotty’s personality appeals to those that take the time to vote, girls and their moms and grandmothers. He’s been a lock for sometime now.

    • jaxguy says:

      you nailed it Ellen

  27. Joanne says:

    I voted pretty steady and I am hoping for Haley in the final. Scotty can sing but his genre isn’t one I listen to. Lauren, really should’ve waited a while longer to audition. She doesn’t have a clue as to who she is, and it shows. Her last song was terrible in the lack of emotional connection. I’d actually buy music by Haley. She has an interesting voice and she can use it. Loved the Led Zep song. Thought she did very well with Rhiannon and had a major WTF with You Oughta Know. They should NOT ever make someone sing a song that they have to ‘clean up’ on AI. There is plenty of music out there w/out doing that.

  28. Merrilyn says:

    Just so you know that assumptions about what kind of people are voting for a certain contestant aren’t always true, I’m one of those conservative, rock-ribbed Republicans who lives in a small town in the South and loves Jesus. Who should I be voting for? Well, I’ve been voting my fingers off for Haley the last few weeks. Scotty’s a nice kid and all, but I’m not a country music fan, and Lauren just bores me to tears. Haley is awesome sauce!

  29. Ellen says:

    Michael, I thought the same thing about Jennifer’s eye’s. I thought geez, she really does not like her. Even though she said nice things they she didn’t really get too invested in her comments. Like she does with Scotty or Lauren.

    • Scarlett says:

      I totally agree! Those were some evil eyes coming out of J-Lo last night. I don’t get it.

      • DogBoy says:

        IMHO: Haley is viewed by JLo as competition– as an adult. While Lauren and Scotty… are two precious kids blessed with great natural voices, in a genre JLo doesn’t need to deal with professionally, ever.

      • Ablo says:

        Watching the the clip of original audition they showed — JLo didn’t like her right from the first.

        • Liz says:

          I noticed that too, Ablo. And it looked like Randy felt dissed by her comments about her last year’s audition.

    • Ronnie says:

      JLO doesn’t like anyone who might sing better than she. After the Beyonce video they didn’t show the judges, likely because JLO had flame shooting out of her eyes.

      • del says:

        That Beyonce video….did it just cut off in the middle of the thing? I didn’t get much rhyme or reason to it, so maybe it had finished. But it seemed like….okay, we’re out of time, too bad Beyonce.

    • Mickey says:

      Actually, while I agree that the fish-eye was there for Haley, I also think ole Jenny from the block might have been a bit put out by the stunning Beyonce. Beyonce is the real deal, a fabulous voice, great dancer, does the fashion thing, a pretty decent actress… All the things JLo attempts, but she simply pales in comparison. Particularly the voice. No comparison. None.

    • Stephanie in Aus says:

      I agree about Jennifer’s eyes tonight. There is no love at all for Haley there. Randy has that same look towards her at times too. Jennifer’s comments to Haley always seem to end with something negative. It’s like “Yeah you were great but.. *insert negative comment here*” She even seemed to make fun of Haley in her comment about dancing around the back of them when she sang You Outta Know.

      They are all great kids and I wish them all the best in their future careers but really America, Scotty as the American Idol? He will make good records for the many country fans, I suppose. His stage presence is nice if you like kooky grins and eyebrow raises. Lauren is cute but needs more connection with her songs, that will come with time. The pony stomp needs to go! Haley is my number one, she feels her music and it shows! I hope she wins but realistically it’s all about the money, money, money, (as Randy mentioned tonight) and perhaps Scotty will be the one to sell for them. I think it will be a very boring if it’s a Scotty/Lauren finale.

  30. takakupo says:

    Michael, I remember not so long ago, perhaps one or two years ago, when you were at EW you said that “The contestants are hitting the notes at least. Is that where the bar is set?” Scotty can hit all the notes he likes, that’s doing the bare minimum when you’re in a singing competition. Scotty hasn’t had a memorable moment thus far nor has he grown at all. In fact, the last few weeks have been side steps and steps backward for everyone’s favorite country Bieber. I however am not a fan just because one “Hits the notes”.

    Naima could hit the notes just fine but it wasn’t her first concern. She worried about what was going to make her standout; what would showcase her artistry and her entertainment value. When the notes became a problem J. Lo pointed it out and she fixed it. Scotty has the problem in reverse. The only thing he’s worried about is hitting the notes and remembering the lyrics. I haven’t been entertained by him once this season and I do believe that you’ve treated him with kid gloves as much as the judges have. Lets not do this next season.

    • Valerie says:

      AGREE 100% with this post!! Scotty is a good singer, yes…but he is so boring and predictable!

      “country Bieber” – perfect!! :-)

    • N says:

      How could ANYONE be bored by “Gone”?

      • takakupo says:

        I suppose one might be able to say that I wasn’t “Bored” by ‘Gone’ or ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ but I wouldn’t say that I was entertained either. Someone up there was talking about Carrie Underwood having a breakout performance with Heart’s “Alone” but that wasn’t the song that made me a fan of hers. I actually watched her perform ‘Crying’ by Roy Orbison and that threw me in her general direction.

        What Scotty has done though is stick to his lane so hard that no matter what he sings now he’s just going to be remembered as the country guy, or that guy with the low voice, or (unfortunately for him) nuts of wonder. He had such an array of songs to choose from and he really polarized himself by trying to convince us all that he was genuine country. Big price to pay in my opinion. If Carrie could do it then so could he.

      • Yvonne says:

        “Gone” should be released as an actual to-radio single. It fits in perfectly.

  31. Pat says:

    Those were the worst Judge’s picks ever! Kenny Rogers for Scotty? Seriously? However, the worst was the pick for Haley. I believe she tried to make the best of it, but come on. Jennifer’s dislike of Haley was so obvious last night, her expression said it all. Any praise she gives is so grudging. I can’t believe the best they could do for Lauren was I hope you dance.

  32. Justin says:

    Haley did what she could with You Oughta Know. I thought she started off horribly, but she killed it during the chorus. I actually loved Rhiannon. I’ve never loved that song more than when Haley did it last night. It actually gave me chills. Scotty’s Are You Gonna Kiss Me and Lauren’s If I Die Young came in 3rd and 4th for me. Singing contemporary country was the way to go for them. Good choices. I’m just glad James is gone. If I had to sit through three performances of him, I may have pulled an Elvis and shot the TV.

  33. Pearl says:

    Well, i have to say, i dont know if anyone saw it, but, whem Haley got her song from the judges, the way she said “of all the songs i’ glad they choose this one for me” and then look aside totally pissed of explains a lot about being her worst song to night. I love Alanis, but that song has nothing to do with haley. Looks to me that she was pissed of with that particular song from judges that she slipped with it.
    Ps.: why Haley is THE ONLY ONE that get her song in the car? That’s really insane.

    When Judges got haley an ovation for the first song, i was so shock like her, not because she didnt deserve, but in general, they wait till the last minute to do it. I dont know what uncle Nigel wants with it, but looks like an evil plan to me…C’MON, RANDY SAID THAT HALEY HAS BEEN AMAZING EVERY TIME. RANDY?!?!
    There is some dark behind it.

    • agrimesy says:

      Haley didn’t get her song text in the limo. This video clip has over 10,000 hits. Haley was upbeat and positive. The Idol camera man was right there. Why didn’t Idol show Haley’s fans cheering for her?

      • Mark says:

        If there was a shred of an ounce of a doubt that the producers want to bury Haley, I’d say the re-shooting of her receiving her judges choice is game set and match. The video of her getting the song at the store is just plain adorable. Perfect TV. Did they decide she was just too like-able with all those fans out there?

  34. Amber says:

    I can’t stand Haley and her growling. And Lauren’s personality annoys me so much and she has bad breath control. Scotty’s mannerisms are weird, but I want him to win

  35. josie says:

    I totally buy into your conspiracy theory Michael. Both Scotty and Lauren got their judge’s choice texts in front of adoring crowds. Hailey gets hers all by her lonesome in a limo? C’mon—she’s getting the same bum’s rush out the door that Sayesha got. You Oughta Know and Happy Feet are not songs that you pick for American Idol finalists. If Haley should make the finale by some miracle I suspect Nigel will be standing on the grassy knoll wating to pick her off.

  36. Mel says:

    I wished these finalists would have done something DIFFERENT with those songs. Anything. Watching last night made me appreciate Casey, Naima and even James a little more.

    I watched the last season of X Factor UK and the reason I like the show so much is that the judges pick the songs and encourage rearranging and mashups and crazy theatrical performances. I wish the Idol judges weren’t so critical when people try to do unusual things, like sing an unreleased Gaga song really well.

  37. Sarah says:

    Alright, I’ve got to say it. Who else could not stop thinking about “Nuts of Wonder” during Lauren’s take on “I Hope You Dance?” ??

  38. Name That Tune says:

    Scotty & Lauren are splitting the country vote. It’s going to be very close between them, but one of them is going home.
    Based on performance, it should be Lauren – would not be surprised if it is Scotty.
    A Lauren/Scotty finale would be as exciting aa watching paint dry. AI will lose half its audience.

  39. Valerie says:

    For the first time in a very long time I didn’t feel like the judges or the producers bused anyone last night. Did Uncle Nigel take a night off? Was he busy with SYTYCD and missed the taping?

    I may not have liked the judge’s song choices, but I understood them, and their mediocrity came not from some intent to make the contestants sound boring or screechy but instead from a lack of creativity (really, no surprise there).

    I thought Jimmy’s choices were decent, maybe a little safe but he also appeared to be watching the audience reaction intently: I genuinely think he chose his songs as a marketability test.

    Haley’s Zeppelin cover was incredible, and all 8 of the other performances were solid, nothing spectacular, but no train wrecks. I’m really curious to see how the final two shake out.

    (The real stars of the night for me, for you, were Haley and Scotty’s dads. What a cool pair of characters they are!)

    • Mark says:

      Spin on the conspiracy theory: All Randy and J.Lo. achieved last week was enraging Haley fans to vote more. So they decided to backpedal and try to keep the fingers off the phones.

  40. AlyssaG says:

    I’m frustrated that the judges chose you oughta know for Haley. Last week they criticized her for shouting through Earth Song and this week gave her a song that calls for shouting. I don’t think it was part of some sabotage for Haley, but I do think it’s representative of how ineffective the judges are this season. They just don’t know what they are talking about.

    • AlyssaG says:

      Thinking about it more, I wish they gave her “Leaving on a Jet Plane.” That song is perfect for Haley’s range. She could have done something similiar to the Chantal Kreviazuk version.

      • RT says:

        I love that version of “Leaving on a Jet Plane!” You are, right, Haley could have done wonders with it.

  41. stevenjaba says:

    Haley is not going to be able to win this thing no matter how well she performs. Scotty and Lauren are drawing from the same pool of voters. When one of them goes home – they will pull in the other’s votes.

    • DogBoy says:

      Yup. Math works more for Haley this week than next week if she makes it thru.

    • Ronnie says:

      That may be true, but it wouldn’t bother me either. I am not invested in the actual “winner” at the end as much as I am good performances throughout the season.

  42. Tone says:

    Scotty should make it to the finale. He was consistently good last night. He did WAY better than last week. He’s ready. And yes I hope he goes back to that buzz cut. Lauren did okay….The problem is she still has issues that had she waited even a year for auditioning they would have possibly been gone. She needs more time. I’m still wondering though where was that Lauren from the auditions? She was fearless, confident, emotionally connected. Where has she been at for the season because that Lauren and not the “I’m just Lauren” deserves to be going to the Nokia. And Haley’s choice surprised me in a good way, and I thought she recovered from her little tumble very well. Jimmy’s choice was really good for her. It wasn’t to the level that Didi Benami did that song last season but it was pretty good. And I loved the wind effect. The judges pick…I don’t know. The verse was difficult but she totally attacked that chorus. If she had just sung that chorus the entire time, I’d have been like “Vocal of the night!”. I’m hoping she makes the finale because she would be a nice contrast to Scotty and the show would definitely be more interesting that the American “Country” Idol finale of Lauren and Scotty.

  43. Li-Li says:

    Ah, a subtle shout-out to all the “Comeback” fans. I don’t wanna SEE that!

  44. Kathryn says:

    Scotty and Lauren’s performances were predictable and boring. They had their good moments, but it was nothing new and exciting.

    Haley’s first performance however was downright amazing. The dancing, twirling, singing. All of it! Her second song was a nice contrast to the first, and the song perfectly suited the tone of her voice. I caught myself smiling towards the end of the song, something I’ve never done before. The third was… meh. It wasn’t great, but it was good at least. I blame the judges for a bad song choice.

    Scotty and Haley for the finale! Lauren and her voice need to mature a lot more before winning american idol.

  45. mary grace says:

    Haley’s first song rocked!! Second song had the ‘goose bump’ factor. Last song was an impossible assignment…hopefully not on purpose….Would love to see Haley and either one next week!! Inspite of the judges, I hope ‘America gets it right’ this year.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Beyonce called it, said she was fearless and took risks, which the others don’t do. They are good singers (not yet great) but they sing songs we’re familiar with in the same ways. Haley is all over the board, she’s jazz, she’s rock, she’s blues, and producers will love her.

      I didn’t think James progressed. He sang like he was desperate.

      I like Scotty, great attitude and personality. And I think it’s his to lose, because the girls are going to vote for him.

      Lauren reminds me of a cross between Carrie and Kellie. She’s got Kellie’s personality and Carrie’s song style.

  46. Rik says:

    I must be the only Haley fan who didn’t like her Zeppelin cover. Oh for sure it was far better than anything Scotty or Lauren did or have ever done this season but it still for me was her weakest of the night. Rhiannon was just haunting and beautiful and dare I say better than the original. You Oughta Know was also good once Haley reached the chorus.

    I’ve got no illusions about anyone but Scotty winning this thing given how far ahead he is every week on Dial Idol but I’m hoping for one more week of Haley. If she goes home then I’m not even gonna bother watching next week since I couldn’t care less about Country Idol.

  47. Jonathan says:

    Haley completely killed the other two on every performance; ‘You Oughta Know’ was a bit off during the verses, but she slew that chorus. Lauren just looked uncomfortable on her first song, though if she hadn’t screwed up the one line on ‘If I Die Young’ then it would’ve been quite a remarkable performance. Scotty was technically sound, but is just so boring; I wonder how these teenage girls have the attention span to watch for his numbers when I nearly fall asleep every time he performs.
    That being said, ‘Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not’ was possibly my favorite of his performances, just because I felt a bit of non-hokey fun being had.
    J. Lo continues to infuriate me. Why doesn’t she just admit that she can’t stand Haley; she’s pretty much said it with her eyes. It was almost funny how obviously painful it was for her to struggle for criticisms, especially on Haley’s last number (even though it was the most deserving of it). The Voice continues to impress, and once The X Factor comes on, I’ll be done with Idol for good. Sorry judges, but there’s only so much non-critiquing I can take.

    • Suncatcher says:


      – Jonathan, I totally agree with you here. If JLO could, there is no doubt in my mind that she would have used a death ray on Haley throughout last night’s show. I used to like JLO but after the past several weeks and her totally phony judging / lies, I cannot stand the woman. She also repeatedly cuts off Steven Tyler as she is a control freak and can’t wait to get her 2 cents in.

      – Speaking of “judges”, Randy continues to go on and on and on about pointless points. When he brought up again how Lauren was discovered in New Orleans, for the 451st time, (cue the tape; again) I thought I was gonna hurl.

      – Did anyone else notice when Haley got a standing ovation on the first song, that JLO did NOT stand up? She may have at the last minute but only a crane was gonna get her big butt out of that chair.

      – I thought Haley’s Dad was AMAZING on that guitar! Good lookin’ guy who can ROCK! He’s too old for Idol. He should go on X Factor – or replace Ricky Minor!

      – Beyonce’s video was wayyyyy beyond me! What the hell was THAT? There were soooo many animals / gang members, it reminded me of “The Unicorn” by the Irish Rovers. Sing along: “There were green aligators and long necked geese, some humpty back camels and some chimpanzees, some cats and bats and elephants and Lord I’m so forlorn, don’t you for get my Unicorn.” What was she thinking of?

      – Bottomline: I think we have miraculously and, inspite of the “judge”, managed to get 3 very talented and likable kids heading into the finale. Any one of them will make a terrific American Idol.

      GREAT JOB TO ALL YOU “SAVE THE GROWLERS!” At least the finale will finally be a fair fight – despite JLO!

  48. DB says:

    Please eliminate Lauren….Haley/Scotty final…I couldn’t bear to watch a country duo final…BTW 30,000 fans showed up for Haley in her hometown and it was rainy and cold…hopefully they will show that next week…

  49. DN says:

    The king is gone — and now you just have pure karaoke. Good luck! LOL

  50. Beatrice says:

    Anyone else think that Scotty looks like a young George Bush (W not Sr.)?

    • Nona says:

      How many times has someone mentioned this? You must be new to the board. And PLEASE don’t let him get a buzzcut. That would be awful!