90210 Season Finale Mystery: Where Were Lori Loughlin and Ryan Eggold?

Monday’s season finale of The CW’s 90210 was bittersweet — and not only because we had to say goodbye to West Beverly High for the second time in TV history. It was also Lori Loughlin and Ryan Eggold‘s final episode, but you wouldn’t have known that little fact by tuning in — because the departing duo’s big goodbye never made it to air!

The episode’s original description teased that “Ryan asks Debbie to move to Paris with him,” a moment we’ll just have to assume went down offscreen, because it certainly didn’t happen in front of our eyes.

Now, before you start forming conspiracies — though I’d love to hear them — a source close to production tells TVLine that the odd couple’s scene was cut from the season-ender simply due to “time constraints.” (Though I have to wonder: Was the stripper scene really that necessary?)

And we’re not only ones who will miss our weekly Debbie Wilson fix next season. Shenae Grimes and Tristan Wilds tell us they’re already dealing with separation anxiety from their on-screen mom.

“She’s one of the most kind-hearted, professional, compassionate, graceful women I’ve met in my lifetime, let alone in Hollywood,” Grimes recently gushed to TVLine. “There aren’t many positive female influences out there, because females can be so catty and so insecure. Lori has never exuded any inkling of those things. I know she’ll be in my life for a long time to come.”

“She’s the best,” added Wilds. “She sends e-mails me to me and Shenae all the time — we still call her Mom.”

You tell us: Did you notice last night’s serious lack of Debbie and Ryan? Or had you already forgotten about the couple altogether?

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  1. May says:

    I totally forgot them. With so many good and bad news, how could I care?

  2. Tavis says:

    Maybe next season the new showrunners will remember this is 90210 and bring back some original faves like Brenda and Kelly. I watched the entire first season but didn’t bother with the second or third when it became clear they weren’t going to show the characters I am interested in.

    • 9021OMG says:

      Are u serious? Season one was awful bc they brought back the old characters, there were too many plots that were too boring and thy broke up Donna and David. Season 2 saw much bucket plotlines, much better acting and Better ratigs because of it.
      It was these awesome reviews from ew and tvline that got me watching seasons 2 and 3 after giving up on season 1.

      • Tavis says:

        Clearly you are 12 years old. Go to bed now, hun!

      • Ray says:

        Hey 9021OMG, It wasnt the original characers that ruined Season 1 it was the writing (for both the originals and the new characters). I would actually love to see Brenda come back again and help mentor Adrianna. She was a great influence on her life and really helped her get back on track at the end of season 1. I dont blame the show for focusing on the kids for season 2 so that they could define them but now that they have there is a way to start incorporating some of the originals back into the show in a cleaver way that makes sense. Especially David, Kelly, and Donna who are either related to or have a close relationship with Silver.

        • Tavis says:

          It’s the new show’s DUTY to reunite Donna and David after BREAKING THEM UP in the first season! We waited ten years for them to get together on the original!

  3. Jamie says:

    This really annoyed me.

    And yes, the stripper moment wasn’t necessary.

    3 years in they didn’t deserves their exits cut.

  4. George says:

    I noticed they were both missing and I was furious! I’m so glad this show is getting a new show runner next year, and quite frankly from interviews I’ve seen w/the cast I get the impression they are as well…

  5. amy says:

    to be honest i completely forgot about them. but then again the 90210 finale was terrible.

  6. Captain says:

    I was disappointed they didn’t get a proper send-off but that said, I wouldn’t want them to have left like that. I kind of assumed the episode with Jen was their last and, although unsatisfying for the characters/couple, it was the best send-off they could do. Annie and Dixon already don’t have their father in their lives, they don’t need their mother gone too. It made more sense to have Debbie just fade into the background instead of having her leave town. Plus, Ryan is a high school teacher. Kids graduate and leave him all the time so it’s more logical for him to just fade offscreen as well.

  7. TheReasonsY says:

    It pissed me off. Not even a hello from the only teacher we really knew of? Naomi didn’t go to him for help/advice over the whole thing? I just wished that they do a 5 years later type deal so we can skip college and maybe both of the actors can come back. It is hard to deal with when other actors from the show are saying they want to move on. Plus a jump forward would be interesting to find out who’s where instead of having to watch the obligatory sorority rush story.

    • Guillan says:

      They need to skip forward 3 years and start out at the start of senior year at college, aidrianna’s a massave tabloid trainwreck back on drugs with a two year old son with navid who has custidy with his wife who he ends up cheeting on when silver returns from 2 years traveling. Naomi’s got twin 2 year olds which are kept with a nanny as she struggles to sty in college her last year and the twins father, LIAM is absent as his long time live in girlfriend annie dosent know that he cheated on her in senior year. Ivy and raj have left town at some point in the last few years (ivy returns later in the series following raj’s death). Silver’s now a college dropout who now works as a dental assistant for her father mel and still lives with sister kelly who now has another child whom she adopted with her new live in boyfriend, STEVE SANDERS and having an affair with, DYLAN MCKAY!!!! Dixon, teddy, ryan, debbie have all exited at some point in the 3 year skip. Jen and annie now bussiness partners in a chain of successful california clothing stores but as annies millions soon begin to be disapearing into the bussiness while jen seems to be getting richer and richer every day. – this is what they actually have to do!!!!!!

  8. JC says:

    Typical of 90210 not to tie up loose ends. Remember Rob Estes’ abrupt departure last year? And Jennie Garth just suddenly disappearing with no explanation? And what ever happened to Jasper?

    The stripper scene was needed, otherwise the bottle of pills wouldn’t have fallen out of Adriana’s purse. BTW, why didn’t she throw those pills out?

  9. Leo says:

    90210 gets it wrong in so many levels. I gave up on the series on the middle of the first season but tried to give it a chance this new season but really don’t know how I made it to the end. The way they handled the Teddy storyline so badly this season. And this also. And who cares about Adriana for her to get so much time with the same story on a loop. I hope she doesn’t come back for next season, not that I’ll be watching after such a bad run this time around.

  10. John Berggren says:

    I don’t remember if I stopped watching after season 1 or season 2. Last I remember there was a drunk driving car accident after a party and someone might have been run over.
    That said, I stopped watching because they stripped out the former 90210 characters and most of the adults. I am just not the target market for this show. This type of edit just affirms why.

    • Tavis says:

      Agreed. I tuned back in for Brenda and Kelly and stuck around for Donna and the possibility of other returns. I found the new characters totally vapid and uninteresting but got through it thanks to the veterans. But without characters like Kelly and Brenda on the show, there’s no reason for me to watch. And I’m only 24.

  11. s says:

    Didn’t even notice! They were always superfluous.

  12. Keira says:

    The stripper scene was utterly useless and I would’ve preferred a proper exit for Debbie and Ryan. The purse dropping incident for Adriana could’ve been creatively worked in a different way.

  13. Robert says:

    I noticed and thought it was stupid that they didn’t appear. Bad enough that Kelly would miss her sister’s graduation. It seems like none of the parents were there which is odd. When I graduated, my parents, sister, and grandparents were there. Off topic: was the only one that wanted Adrianna to jump?

  14. Mike says:

    Way harsh, Ty! Though I didn’t notice. There was so much going on. I guess we didn’t really need the stripper scene, but I liked it. I’d have cut/shortened the Adrianna seeing dead Javier scenes to make room for Debbie and Ryan’s exit, although honestly they could have resolved the Silver/Navid/Adriana business last week and given a proper plot to Ryan/Debbie for their final episode.

  15. Mehr says:

    I did!! They should’ve really given them an ending.

  16. Dan says:

    I missed them. :( Saw the description on my dvr that Ryan asked Debbie to move to Paris with her and remembered that this would be their last season so I made sure not to miss the finale since they were dumping all the parents after this season. It’s pretty crappy not to even show their coolest/most influential teacher (be it in school/in their personal lives) at GRADUATION even just for a small scene. Mr. Matthews should’ve been there at least… he didn’t even have to be attached to Debbie. I could understand (POSSIBLY) cutting the goodbye scene but not having them at ALL in the finale… messed up. Glad 90210 is getting a new showrunner.

    a yes, i wanted Adrianna to jump as well. hopefully she (along with Ivy and Raj) will be some of the characters “becoming better people” off-screen and not returning for season 4.

  17. Brad says:

    Half way through the episode I started wondering where they were. Wish they got a proper send off, they deserve it.

  18. scooterbeanbag says:

    How could they have not shown Debbie at graduation? In the original series, we got to see all the parents at HS graduation (including Kelly’s father.) They tried to pack too much into this episode and didn’t bother to tie up the loose ends. I’d much prefer to see characters like Debbie or Kelly (whom I hated in the original series) over Raj and Ivy.

  19. Eric says:

    They never addressed Debbie leaving. They never addressed that Annie is a now a millionnaire. They never addressed why A is suddenly seeing dead people. They never addressed the whole drunk driving killing a man mystery and completely ended that story suddenly even tho it had a 2 season build-up. 90210 has horrible show runners. This show sucks, but for some reason I will continue to DRV in hope that it gets better next year, because I loved the original.

  20. Jack says:

    I started watching the first season and it wasn’t the best. I enjoyed seeing Kelly/Brenda, but season 2 just left Kelly in the cold. I can’t believe what horrible showrunners would dismiss veterans and pretty much all adults. The new Melrose Place was AWFUL, but they actually mixed the new with old pretty well so it flowed together. I also read that some of the 90210 kids won’t be returning and they are not sure who gets a contract and who doesn’t. So I’m sure so other people won’t be getting a proper farewell.

  21. iwanticecream says:

    I love Debbie and Ryan!!!!!!!! What were they thinking deciding to cut them off the show? I seriously hope they’ll put these two characters back. I’d definitely miss them so hopefully they come back……. :(