The Smallville Finale's Most Super Secrets Are Finally Revealed

“People are going to fall out of their chairs when they see what happens in the end.” That is how one Smallville cast member (Justin Hartley) previewed the series finale that aired on Friday night, and it turns out that Green Arrow was right on the mark. So, for those of you who have already watched the two-hour series ender, I wanted to reflect on some of the other teases that came our way in recent weeks and “decode” how they actually panned out.

Ratings: Smallville Series Finale Soars

“It will become really clear what role Jonathan plays and why he shows up the way he does in this episode.” – Smallville executive producer Kelly Souders
Indeed, the Smallville bosses had said that dearly departed Dad’s reappearance would mirror the purpose he served in the season premiere, to help Clark comes to terms with who he is and what he is destined to do — Jor-El be darned! Here in the finale, Jonathan prompted his son to have one last heart-to-heart with Ice Dad. And once he did, Pa Kent was standing there to gift him with something super.

“There’s a very good scene with a door that is probably one of everybody’s favorite scenes in the show.” – Smallville executive producer Brian Peterson
Yeah, we loved the door scene as well, as hiding bride Lois and groom Clark had the final conversation needed to allay her concerns about “being in the way” of a superhero. (Yes, he could see her through the door, but… be romantic, people!) Bonus points for Lois’ wedding vows being marked up with editor’s notes.

“There are a couple of [standout] moments in the church, particularly when Lois is about to walk down the aisle.” – Kelly Souders
At the very least she was referring to the moment when Lois, stalled at the foot of the funner, had any final jitters jettisoned by Clark taking her hand and leading her down the aisle. But we also liked how Clark beamed upon seeing his mother “accompanied by” his father there in the front pew.

“I did get a piece of [the Lex action], and it was awesome. It wasn’t stunt-heavy, but it is a beautiful scene.” – Cassidy Freeman (Tess)
I can’t say that this was how I saw Tess’ story ending — Lex fatally stabbing his sis, so that she would not be like him — but I suppose it’s fitting, since it does bring closure to a non-DC character. I didn’t quite grasp all the nerve toxin/amnesia juice stuff, but…. Bonus points for Lex becoming president in 2018!

“I’ve got two words for you: Surprise. Cameo.” – TVLine’s Ask Ausiello column, May 12
Sadly, the opening credits (phooey with those SAG stipulations!) revealed that Aaron Ashmore would be in the finale. Still, it was a terrific moment when, during the closing flash-forward, Lois told Olsen that his brother left big shoes to fill. Bonus points for the bowtie and messenger cap! Somewhere, Jack Larson was smiling.

“[The Oliver/Chloe story] is wrapped up really, really nicely – and it sort of sets [their romance] apart from what you’ve read in the comics…. It’s not something that contradicts all the mythology.” – Justin Hartley (Oliver/Green Arrow)
For starters, you had to love Chloe’s line at the beginning, while prepping the church, about there is no “supposed to do” for Chlollie, that their story hasn’t been written. A nice nod to how this romance was created for Smallville. And by not confirming that Chloe is in fact Oliver’s wife in the future (though that obviously is their rugrat and she is wed to someone), it leaves open the chance that Green Arrow wound up with Dinah/Black Canary.

“There’s a certain thing we gave [Chloe] that nobody else got.” – Brian Peterson
I can only assume he meant a child, in the flash-forwards…? Bonus points for O.J.’s Warrior Angel jammies! UPDATE: Superfan Maria suggests he was referring to Chloe getting to say the word “Superman.”

“There’s the question that everyone asks: Is Clark going to fly? Well, either he doesn’t… or he does. That question gets answered.” – Justin Hartley
Yes, it did. (What are fans going to tweet at me now?!)

“[Using the John Williams ‘Superman’ score] would certainly give me the chills.” – Kelly Souders
Though she wouldn’t confirm the iconic music’s usage at the time, it was pretty much a given. Still, wonderful to hear that heroic anthem.

“We work pretty closely with DC Comics, and everybody knew this [final arc] would be launching that concept of Superman…. So no, there was nothing we had to pull back on.” – Kelly Souders
This is what Souders told me when I asked if the new, Henry Cavill-fronted Superman film franchise now in production had stymied Smallville‘s series-ending plans at all, with regards to what they could and couldn’t show — namely the Superman outfit and flying. And sure enough, at the end of the two-hour ride, we saw Clark fly, and we saw him don the supersuit. My only quibble: We never really saw Tom Welling in full costume from head-to-toe or flying. Yes, we saw a teeny-tiny CGI’d Superman swat away Apokolips, and Clark did tear open his shirt at the very, very end to reveal the shield. But no full-on Welling-as-Superman, which I had to find just a little conspicuous.

“I really think people are really going to like what we did. I mean, when I think about it I get excited. The last image… for me, it gave me goosebumps.” – Tom Welling
Us, too, Tom. Us, too.

What are your thoughts on Smallville‘s finale? Was it sufficiently grand?

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  1. xav says:

    I thought it was a wonderful ending. Though it’s funny that Clark and Lois waited seven more years before getting married.

    • darclyte says:

      Here’s a few of my thoughts on it…


      I don’t have a problem with him being a clone. I liked how they gave him the messed up hand so he has to wear the glove. I also liked how the sign outside Luthor Corp got destroyed so it looked like it read LX Corp. Nice. But, if his memories were all erased so that he’s essentially a “Tabula Rasa,” then why did he become “Lex Luthor,” and not “Warren Buffet?” My guess is that while it erased specific memories, his basic personality and the “gist” of his memories remained. I also think since it was 2018 that the news report should have been that he announced that he was going to run for President instead of having been elected. 2018 is NOT an election year (of course in their reality it could be,) and Lois & Clark/Superman would do everything they could to prevent him from actually getting elected.


      I’m not sure WTH was going on. So, she’s reading a comic book called “Smallville” to her son (the future Speedy if it’s hers with Ollie?) so that made it seem like the entire series was a story that Chloe had been reading to her son. No wonder why SHE is in the story of Smallville, but she hasn’t been in his “normal” history…she put herself in there. But then, it’s revealed that no, everything is still the same, it’s just 7 years in the future. So, how could there be a comic book about Superman that reveals where he came from? BTW, last year they FINALLY added Chloe into the Superman comic books as a young, smart, determined reporter who works (and may be dating) Jimmy Olsen. Nice way to incorporate her and some of her Smallville history into the comics.

      Other Stuff:

      Why did they nearly have to copy the plane thing from Superman Returns? Since they went with it, I wish they would have had the President come out and Lois have the camera and be filming Clark saving the plane, and the President ask who is that and Lois say, “He’s been called The Blur, but from now on…he’s Superman.” Then show Ollie reading a text on his phone and him saying, “Really Lois, isn’t that sort of pretentious?” Then Clark flies by toward Apokalips and people say, “Look up in the sky, it’s The Blur,” “No, it’s just a plane,” and then Ollie says, “It’s Superman.” So, it kinda sounds like the old “bird, plane, Superman” thing.

      Couldn’t they have played the intro to the John Williams song “Planet Krypton” as The Suit rose from the Fortress, and his Dad handed it to him? They’ve been using it in the promos. Click on my name under this post to hear it.

      Would it have killed them to have allowed us to see a nice full shot of Tom in The Suit? I guess they couldn’t because of the movie, but come on…10 years and not ONE nice, clear, full shot even briefly because of some upcoming movie that may or may not succeed?

      On the whole, I liked the episode, but just like the series, it could have been better and had its flaws. It’s kind of an odd bummer that the longest running Superman related tv series of all time is Smallville.

      BTW, I am SO GLAD that the David E. Kelly Wonder Woman Abomination didn’t get picked up. Still, as HORRIBLE as it sounded, it couldn’t possibly have been worse than the Justice League tv pilot from the 90s.

      • Leithen says:

        The plane thing is not a Superman Returns reference per se. If I recall correctly, it’s been featured in several versions of the origin stories where Superman and Lois first “meet”, most notably in John Byrne’s Man of Steel reboot of 1986. Superman catching a plane is just a standard Superman trope.

      • sam says:

        You bring up a lot of good points, just within the whole lex thing. Seven years is a long time. we’ve seen him lose his memory before and gain it back, so there is the possibility that he gained it back within that time and kept most of what he knew secret. Giving no reason for Clark to stop him from becoming president,Lex has not always been seen as a villain to people in the comics and if superman took him out with out any proof of criminal activity, the public would turn against him.I to expected that “planet krypton” song would be played well the suit rose. That would have been perfect! As for the whole chloe thing, maybe they comic was made only for her son.

        • darclyte says:

          Planet Krypton would have worked well there with the crescendo when Jonathan hands him the suit. As I recall, the music that was played was reminiscent of the Superman Theme by John Williams with the same 3 notes that rise up like it’s saying “Su-per-man.” But, why did the suit rise anyway? Previous episodes showed it already standing above ground.

        • boo boo the fool says:

          Actually that is how superman movie began with christopher reeves im betteing they were trying to copy that effect

      • Brian says:

        There is enough memory storage stuff between the clone programs and the Luthor journals for Lex to piece back his memory, which is pretty much a TV movie or miniseries waiting to happen.

        As for the comic, I think it’s possible Kara brought it back from the future. That’d eliminate any secret identity issues.

      • Steve says:

        As far as the plane bit, we’re forgetting about superman the movie, hell he even grabbed the same engine as Reeve did. :)

  2. Tucker says:

    Chloe got to call Clark Superman. No one else, technically, did. (And, no, Lana’s question from the pilot doesn’t count.) I figured that was what they meant.

    • Tucker says:

      Ah, looks like you updated with that. ;-)

    • Rich says:

      See…I think it was the fact that she got to save Clark. She did it twice in the episode. Once when Lois was ready to not do the wedding and she convinced her otherwise and then at the wedding when she realized that it was the gold kryptonite. Therefore saving Clark.

      Or…its the Superman thing! lol

  3. LB says:

    I thought it was a great ending – although I do agree I would have liked to see a full head to toe shot in the suit. The flash-forward ending was fantastic. Ill miss the show, but they went out with style at the right time.

    • Tusk says:

      If I didn’t know better, I thought the shots of Superman from at the end, from far away looked like it was animated (cartoon not CGI), more like the old time ’60’s (of ’50’s). Not sure if it was done on purpose to pay homage to those old animations. If not, it was pretty bad and cheap CGI then.

  4. Nia says:

    Chlollie had a baby that made me smile the most !

  5. Khorrie says:

    Not sure what the “special thing” Chloe got, either. Lana said “Superman” in Pilot and Lois said it in Shield. I suppose Chloe said it in relation to that now being Clark’s codename, but it doesn’t seem all that special given the prior context.

  6. Tucker says:

    As for not seeing Tom in the full suit, it was pretty obvious that they never made one for him. He couldn’t wear Routh’s suit from Superman Returns because it was specifically designed for Routh’s body. And it looks like they didn’t have the time or money to create a suit for Tom. It was noticeable but, for me, the compromise worked fine.

    • rocketj says:

      I guessed the same thing, which is why they only ever showed the shield and the cape.

      I was a little confused by the Smallville comic — at first I thought maybe Chloe was in an alternate universe (like, say, ours) — because, isn’t nobody supposed to know who Superman

      • Tucker says:

        I think that’s one of those fourth-wall breaking devices where were never supposed to spend too much time and thought on it. Considering that Clark was still actually like a goofy after-thought of a man at the Planet in the future during the same time-period that Chloe’s reading the comic to her son, I’d say that no one in the general public knows Clark’s identity. For giggles, one could say Chloe had that comic specially made to read to her son.

        • Khorrie says:

          The comic had the DC logo on it along with a price. Didn’t look like just a prop for her kid to me. The comic also doesn’t mention Clark by name, he’s referred to only as “the boy.”

          • Tucker says:

            That was merely a shoutout to DC. Like I say, we’re not really supposed to believe that there is a comic out there in the show’s universe that explains Superman’s origins in Smallville. They might not have mentioned Clark’s name in what they show us, but things like the picture of Clark, Chloe, Lana and Pete, plus the design of the farm would’ve been dead giveaways to people who knew Clark. And in this day and age (or seven years from now), that would’ve spread like wildfire.

    • Osyrus says:

      Didn’t have the time or money to make Tom a suit?
      They had the time and money to make the Booster Gold suit, the CGI Blue beetle suit and Green Arrow’s cool looking suit. A superman suit would be the cheapest of them all to make.

    • Steve says:

      it’s possible, though not likely that they reused the “Returns” supersuit. The colors of the smallville one were brighter, and the shield, though still “3d” and plastic was not the same as Routh’s.

      • I_Captain Blanco says:

        It’s *exactly* the same suit as Routh’s. I know someone at DC.

        • matman182 says:

          you know someone at DC…really….

          and even if you did why would they know the goings on at the Smallville finale set that would be to do with the network an nothing at all to do with DC directly at this stage. Get a grip sir!

  7. Megan says:

    Terrible. Waste of a decade. Lex’s entire journey and character arc of over 150 episodes invalidated just to line up with DC. Chloe having nothing to do but give Lois a pep talk and end as a housewife (the character never once in ten years expressed a desire for kids, I wanted to see closure with her career). No shoutout to Lana, who will forever be running around with a supersuit and a terrible ending – I didn’t need to see Kristin, I would have been fine with it resolved offscreen somehow. Fitting that Lex, Chloe, and Lana all managed to have the most awful endings that didn’t fit the promise of the pilot at all or have anything to do with who the characters were for years.

    A wedding that never went through even seven years later, and did nothing more than suck up time in the finale. Clark needing to have his hand held, his ego stroked, and ultimately be pushed into his destiny after ten years of back-and-forth. No real action, villains easily dispatched with no conflict, everything resolved by just talking, Ollie crying Darkseid away, all culminating in waiting ten years to see a poorly-done CGI Superman. Clark flying in the season four premiere all those years ago looked better. We waited all this time for that?

    I liked the stuff with Jonathan and Martha, and that Aaron Ashmore got his due. That’s it.

    • Denise says:

      I agree with you 100%. I have no idea why people loved the finale. It was a disappointment, I did like some of the things they did. Overall, too much talking, crying and scenes that dragged on. I was hoping to see Clark wear the suit, but got cheap CGI instead.

      • lorna says:

        agreed. i quit watching in s5, and missed the first 20 min of the finale so i was confused. so this lex was a clone? and how is jimmy olsen alive?

    • so says:

      Less CGI and better CGI would have been great, but you have to remember that SV doesn’t have the same budget it had before season 6. The Superman Returns suit was done to fit Brandon Routh so Tom Welling couldn’t put it on, and having a whole new suit created would have cost too much, then FX effects are very expensive and take time to be done. Maybe we could have had better CGI or a new suit that fits Tom, but it’s likely it would have been done at the expense of guests’ appearances like Lex, Chloe, Martha, Jonathan, Lionel, etc.

      The producers even said that couldn’t do an originally planned JLA episode which was Prophecy because it cost too much.
      So it wasn’t perfect, but I think the producers did the best they could with the budget they had, and it’s still better than if the show had abruptly ended in a previous season.

    • Josh says:

      I could not agree more with this post.

    • MonicaOP says:

      I’m so with your Megan!! This finale was boring, had really poor writing, and the CGI was amusingly badly done.

      All the moaning about the wedding that never happened, and the fact that no one cares about Tess dying and the 2 seconds fight with Darkseid, this was made of fail!!!!!

    • Turtle says:

      Yes, this. I have no idea how anybody who watched this show for 10 years can be pleased. No good look at Clark in the suit, some cgi flying, and not even some real action? A good hour was spent on Clark and Lois’s wedding…and they’re still not married!

      Fitting that Lex, Chloe, and Lana all managed to have the most awful endings that didn’t fit the promise of the pilot at all or have anything to do with who the characters were for years.

      I was glad Chloe survived, but at the same time I wasn’t because she wasn’t even involved in the finale drama anyway. She just scooted off to Star City, and that was that. Chloe and Clark had this amazing friendship and they can’t fit in one last scene for them? In a two-hour episode? Don’t even get me started on Lex losing all his memories. Way to invalidate an entire show.

      • laz says:

        if they did not give all that time to chole at the end we could have had lois and clark married but no it was the chloe show they should have put her in the suit cause we all know she is the star of the show.

      • Holly says:

        Chloe and Clark had an amazing friendship that she trashed in Season 9 by spying on him, lying to his face, and saying that she wouldn’t TRUST him with important things i.e. gathering a kryptonite arsenal behind his back! Chloe flat out said that Clark couldn’t be trusted to make the right decisions after “Doomsday.” When she coddle and separated the guy from the monster… then HE ended up killing Jimmy, DIRECTLY because of HER actions. But in Season 9, she blamed CLARK for all of that.

        Still Chloe and Clark got their happy ending in FORTUNE. Why would they need to take up MORE time, in Clark’s FINAL episode, for him and Chloe to have ANOTHER chat??? If they’re friends then they will continue to be great friends… OFF-SCREEN, like they were for the past two seasons!

    • Brian says:

      I disagree…Lex can get his memories back via Summerholt brain-invasion tech (as has happened several times on the show), the journals the Luthors and Veritas kept, and the memories stored in the clone tech.
      But even if he doesn’t, we DID see the final step of his journey in that scene with Clark. Lex, with all his memories intact, resolved to be evil. Lex’s series arc was completed and not subverted by the mindwipe. The only difference post-mindwipe is that he might have a different descent into darkness if he doesn’t obsess over his lost time (and we know he will–it’s part of his character).

      • Megan says:

        How is it automatically “part of his character” to get his memories back when they didn’t just erase his memories of Clark, but his entire LIFE?

        There was no call to erase his childhood with Lionel or the meteor shower. Everything that defined Lex was taken away.

        And they never even had him speak onscreen after the mindwipe. We have no idea what kind of person he became, if he resolved to get everything back, what his new motivation was when he lacked his memories. What’s the advantage of erasing a character’s entire history and life story, especially one as poignant as Lex’s, on a show where part of the message was that your parents are a huge part of what define you?

        I would have still hated it if they’d only erased Lex’s knowledge of secret (when freaking Toyman gets to know and Clark “trusts” him not to reveal it) but I could have understood it. Erasing the meteor shower and Lex’s abusive childhood, with all his motivations, and no resolution dealing with the fallout aside from “oh and Lex somehow becomes president in seven years” is terrible storytelling.

    • Dave says:

      Disagree this was an amazing and perfect ending.

      There is not a single chance that Tom in a suit would have ever paid off for anyone. After 10 years of foreplay do you really think they could have ever made it good enough to satisfy? NO.

      I liked how they put enough to allow each person to fill it in the way they want – that was genius.

      Also look at the pic tom is and always has been way to slight to fill out the suit in a way that would have not looked stupid. Justin has a better shot at filling out the suit.

      Sorry Tom just isnt broad enough. Now if he was going to doa movie and we always knew he wouldnt – he could likely bulk up some and be better but hes always been more basketball built that football :)

      It was perfect ending and 10 years straight for me it was just great

      paid off to me the way MASH and Newhart both did

      • I_Captain Blanco says:

        Finally, a voice of reason!

        No, the story was not perfect – but the characters were absolutely spot on. And the solution of whether or not to show Superman in costume was handled in exactly the right way. The show was never about “Superman,” it was about *Clark*, which is why you only had closeups of Clark and long shots of Superman. That, at least, they got 100% right. Of course, there are always going to be whiners and complainers.

  8. Tavis says:

    I was disappointed. We never actually got to see Clark in costume.

    Also, why in the world were Lois and Clark STILL not married by 2018? Makes no sense.

    Another thing: Lex couldn’t have been elected in 2018. 2016 or 2020 yes, but not 2018.

    Ultimately, the mixture of good moments with some unfortunate ones made this finale bittersweet.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Another planet comes thisclose to colliding with Earth and the only effect on our climate is some wind and hazy skies, and you’re quibbling about election years? ;)

      • Mel31602 says:

        Knowing Lex he probably had the president elected in 2016 killed so he could get elected

        • Tavis says:

          That’s not how it works. If the pres got killed, s/he’d be replaced by the vice president. There wouldn’t be another election til 2020.

      • Tavis says:

        Uh, yeah I am. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the stupid things they did in this episode.

      • SnazzyO says:

        YOMANK (You owe me a new keyboard) Matt.

      • MonicaOP says:

        Love how you mention how crazy the reaction to the planet coming close to earth was :D, I mean really??? People watching in the streets??? We would have been all friend by the moment Clark finally decides to be super!!!

        I know people says you have to stop your disbelief to be a comic fan… but some things are just to idiotic to be created!!!!

        • Marie says:

          The reason why people didn’t freak out with the planet is because they were the ones who attracted it and in the meantime it was attracting them too — through Darkseid…

    • CloisFan says:

      Everything had to line up with the mythos before they could get married. For Perry to be editor in chief, the real Jimmy to be at the DP, Lex to be president etc., it takes time (seven years sounds about right?)…

      They didn’t need to show us a wedding so early in the relationship but the one that they did, although ultimately interrupted, was gorgeous and allowed us to see one even though it wasn’t “supposed” to happen yet.

    • Joe says:

      Come on people… it’s fiction. They don’t have to line up election cycles with ours. There was a whole little 7 season show about the White House called the West Wing. It’s election year cycle was two off from our world’s one also. They DID NOT make a mistake. They just chose to have the election in 2018.

  9. no longer a fan says:

    i cant believe that they messed up the finale. first of all where the hell was darkseid. i mean what i expected was that when clark was in the fortress putting on his suit whilst flying that they first would show the whole damn suit, he’d break the sound barrier, save the air force one (like in superman returns). After this the proper darkseid (the bad ass dude with the helmet) would be causing havoc in the streets throwing people left, right and center, throws a car at a mother and child where clark flies in last second to save it with the superman theme tune playing in background. Then for 5 whole minutes both would be fighting, ending with clark cracking darkseids face with a flurry of punches causing him to flee with his plannet in order to save his life. Finally clark would stand in the middle of the street with everyone cheering him on and would then fly of into the sunset with lois in his hands

    • The sequence you described is great…sure, but that would have been the entire budget of the entire 2 hour finale. Let’s not forget this is television. I was satisfied, my kid was satisfied – the first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes were cinematic.

    • tmaisback says:

      First of all, none of you are realizing what the finale was supposed to be about. It wasn’t about flashy suits or seeing Superman do Superman stuff. It wasn’t about violent scenes, of which we have seen plenty in the last decade and which were never shown to great effect in the movies, the obvious inspirations for the series finale. It was not even about tying up loose ends, necessarily, though it certainly did tie up many. It was about showing the beginning, not the end, of Superman’s journey. It was about ending the story of Clark from a small Kansas town and beginning the one about a mild-mannered reporter for a big metropolitan newspaper who flies around and saves the world from evil. The fact that we didn’t get to see Clark don the super suit is irrelevant. It wasn’t about seeing Superman in action because, if you will recall the title of the series, this show was not about Superman, at all. And until the very last moment when we here that iconic song there was no Superman to us. That final moment marked the end of the show and the beginning of a legend. Everything else was still foreplay. And personally, I think it is already classic.

      • Holly says:

        This show was called Smallville. So, IF it was just about the town… not seeing him doing Superman-ly stuff… then He shouldn’t have met Lois, dated Lois, worked at the DAILY PLANET, met Perry, got engaged to LOIS, fought DOOMSDAY… encountered ZOD… known LEX LUTHOR. Had Chloe Sullivan KNOW his secret identity. Worn glasses as a reporter. Met GREEN ARROW, BLACK CANARY, and the rest of the JUSTICE LEAGUE. And the list goes on and on.

        I don’t get when people say that they show wasn’t about “Superman”… when in Season 9, Clark was doing everything that Superman does, BESIDES flying! He was the hero and dating Lois Lane and working at the Daily Planet.

        To say it’s NOT about Superman, just seems like a lame cop out for the Producers to NOT deliver when they SHOULD HAVE! Dawson’s Creek, One Tree HIll — both those shows are named after towns, but as the shows EVOLVED the characters moved ON and didn’t only stay in that TOWN! Saying Smallville wasn’t about Superman… it’s just absurd and not factually true! imho

  10. George Smith says:

    What a horribly disappointing ending. Seemed like a rush job to finally do what should have been done 7 seasons ago. The animation at the end was really cheesy! And the story was very unbelivable.

    A truely horrible way to end a bad soap opera of a story

  11. Mike says:

    I loved it. It was better than the last movie.

  12. Gary says:

    I think not having Tom in the full Superman costume was the producer’s decision and not anything dictated by DC. This was the story of Clark Kent before he became Superman. Everybody knows what happened after he became Superman. To have him completely in the Super suit is one beat too far. You would then be getting into the beginning of the first Chris Reeves film. As for them not getting married for seven years, I guess they are both too busy. I mean they were living together in Smallville so its just a ceremony.

    • Marco says:

      I agree with you 100% this finale showed us the first time Clark flew and put the suit on, this was the “first peek” the world had at him, you know the story afterwards, how he gets interviewed by Lois and so forth…

  13. Nichole says:

    Loved it!

    Lois looked gorgeous for the wedding. Gorgeous. Sucks that it took seven years to finish the ceremony, but oh well. I loved the moment with Lois smiling at Clark through the plane window. It was perfect. I even thought the CGI looked good, especially by TV standards. Heck, it even looked better than what they put in the Spider-Man movies. I wish we could have gotten more Superman time, but what we did get was done so well.

  14. kevin turner says:

    Finale did have some good points like the door scene. My main disapointment was not seeing clark head to toe in the suit and a close up of him flying. Waited ten to see him fly and was very disapointed.

  15. Mark says:

    Darkseid is suppose to be this badass strong villain who goes toe to toe with Superman. Not in smallville where you just have to fly through him..or whatever the hell that was. It was rushed, boring and a terrible ending. The whole time I wanted to see Clark put on the suit and do SOMETHING. The last 5 minutes we get to barely see him in the suit, not even see him lift the planet away and then a very cheesy ending. I don’t even want to talk about the whole Lois and Clark wedding thing.

  16. Carrie says:

    That was terrible. It’s almost like they were purposefully trying to make people angry: if you hated Superman Returns, you should have hated the ending. If you loved Lex or Chloe, you should hate the ending. If you watched for ten years, or cared about flight, or the suit, you should hate the ending. EVERY fangroup got screwed, it’s kind of amazing.

    • Tavis says:

      The Clois fans got especially screwed. The botched wedding was bad enough, but you’re telling me it takes them AT LEAST 7 more years to finally get married? And in the end they don’t even get married? Good Lord!

    • Dave says:

      Sorry to disagree, Carrie, but you are assuming too much. There is no SHOULD in this equation and basically what you are feeling right now is borne out of your own opinion. Your IF-THEN scenarios are founded by your own feelings.

      I hated Superman Returns, but I do not hate the ending, but not love it 100% as well. I say it is enough for what the TV show has given for 10 years.

      I love Lex and Chloe, but I do not hate their ending, although I should agree that it should have been better. Lex’s ending was to make it more or less similar to the comic book Lex. Chloe should have died pushing Clark to being Superman, if it was up to me.

      I watched for 10 years, care about the suit or the flight, but I really do not hate the ending either, like I said, it was enough.

      And I am sure there are many things behind the scenes that could have contribute to this (contracts, restrictions and other BS), but that is just how entertainment goes.

      My advice: Take it easy.

  17. AndyLuvr says:

    I’m not upset about not seeing Tom Welling full frontal, for lack of a better phrase, in the Supes costume. “Smallville” has always been fundamentally about Clark Kent and not the man flying in a tights and a cape. That part of the mythology is already well taken care of in the films (I still cannot believe Zack Snyder will be helming the next Superman movie. I absolutely hated what he did with “300” and “Watchmen,” which does not inspire any confidence in me that he’ll do right by this next attempt at a Superman movie) and comic books. So to me, it was sufficient and fitting that we got a brief glimpse of Clark dressed up as Superman and that most of the episode dealt with Clark not wearing the costume until the very last minutes of the show. But everyone’s mileage will vary on this point.

    I was sad Tess died and really surprised about the Lex mindwipe especially because in the comics, current continuity has it that Lex did live in Smallville when he was younger (though he was not friends/obsessed with Clark as Lex was in “Smallville”) which I believe DC Comics/Geoff Johns deliberately took from “Smallville” and featured in last year’s “Superman Secret Origin” 6 issue mini-series. Cassidy Freeman and Michael Rosenbaum were terrific in their scene so from a performance standpoint, it was excellent though I’d have preferred it had Lutessa Luthor lived to see another day.

    It was a terrific “Finale” and last night underscored how much I’ll miss “Smallville,” especially Tom Welling, Allison Mack (who was once again in the opening credits!) and Erica Durance. And, yes, I freaked out when I saw Aaron Ashmore’s name onscreen. That’s when it became clear that he would be the surprise cameo that had been teased beforehand, which was great because Ashmore was screwed over at the end of Season 8 when it was revealed that there were two “Jimmy Olsens” in the “Smallville” mythology and that the character Ashmore played from seasons 6-8 was the faux one and not “The Real Jimmy Olsen.” Good for “Smallville” for correcting that error.

  18. Louise says:

    I thought every second of the series finale was amazing. Brian and Kelly gave the cast, crew, writers, creators and most importantly fans a nod to who Clark And Lois will become and I was truly happy with how it ended.

    I thought the fact that they didnt get married for 7 yrs fitting seeing as though it ties in with the superman comics, it was will they?, wont they? for ages before they actually got married.

    I think what was most important for Clois was for them to resolve how they felt about their relationship and solidify their bond, it didnt matter they didnt marry for yrs to me. Knowing they were happy was enough.

    The whole Chloe/Oliver thing has always annoyed me but by the end it was implied that the child was his and I’m glad they left it open to interpretation.

    I do wish there had been more time to include Lex in more scenes but it’s understandable they needed to resolve other things, the scenes they did have were good and we all know how it ends up anyway.

    My only hump was the lack of Justice League but there were other priorities as Kelly said.

    Your never going to please everybody but for someone who enjoys the comics and the superman verse, taking into account it’s a stand-alone show that did push storylines and challenged itself. To me it was an epic 2 hour ending. I loved it and will miss it terribly.

    P.S:The only thing that still peeves me about Smallville in general is that CW promoted the finale’s ass off (*quite rightly, it deserved it) but if they had supported the show more and promoted/marketed it better, it might be still going. Just a thought.

  19. AJ says:

    not seeing Clark in the full costume was Tom’s decision actually. he didnt want to do it

  20. Walid Zabadne says:

    I felt like the finally was great. the story line wasn’t bad and as a fan i was satisfied with what the producers of smallville had to offer. i thank the producers for giving us a great show that we enjoy watching. Also i thank Tom Welling for his great acting as clark kent and finally being superman.

  21. Potch says:

    It just goes to show that no matter what, people will find something to complain about. I thought the ending was absolutely SUPERB. I’ve been watching the show since the day it premiered. I love the characters. I love everything about it. And it had me in tears. It had me laughing. It had me on the edge of my seat. It was a very fitting ending to the series. Everything I hoped for happened. It was perfect. Those of you complaining… shut up and go write your own show if you think you can do better.

  22. Mark says:

    I made my wife watch because for once I thought it would be a good last episode, but no just more disappointment once again. My wife is mad because I made her miss The Soup and Fashion Police. What total waste of time only the last 5 minutes where worth watching.

  23. themanabout says:

    Some technical issues that were incorrect. The suit that Jonathan
    hands to Clark in the Fortress has a raised latex “S”, and the suit is very thick latex with bulk. Obviously, this was used for close-ups due to its impressive curb side appearance. The one he wears under his suit toward the end is a flat cloth material “S”. Plus there is no way you could fit that latex suit under his business attire.

    Ok, the fact that Clark had to face all these trials that would lead him to ultimately face darkseid and realize he could fly was intriguing. This doesn’t follow the Superman mythos since in the comics he can fly as a little boy. The fact that he had to go thru all these trials in order to get the inward confidence to believe in himself is pretty far fetched. It almost makes him look like a basket case. Exactly how much confidence do you need? Kara could fly right away, as did the prisoners in the Phantom zone. Nonetheless, the CGI of the planet being moved by Superman was low rent, B movie stuff. Also, Welling never bowed to wear the full suit in close-ups. He originally said when he signed for the series 10 years ago he wouldn’t wear the suit and it looks like the producers obliged to his terms. Unfortunately, for Welling this is a bit of a risky move. Reeves wore the suit and had a very successful movie career independent of Superman. Welling has yet to be the lead star in a hit movie in 10 years. I wish Welling the best though.

    Clark not getting married until 2018 is dumb. What did he do in the 7 years after the failed wedding for petes sake? Having Lex as president in 2018 was a nice touch even if the writers had the year incorrect. Should have been 2016 or 2020 for the correct year. No election takes place in the U.S. during 2018.

    Overall, I liked the series and what they did with a very small budget. I think the last 3 years were up and down. Many side characters in the show ended up on series of their own. I enjoyed Doomsday, Lex, and Braniac the most. I think the strength of the show was due to excellent casting, and emotional scripts. I did miss Lana, and Jonathan. I hoped they would have found a way to bring the original Jimmy Olsen back, not a look alike. His death made no sense. I was happy to see Clark’s dad on the finale. He was such an important character on the show. I wish he never had to die. But like all good things they must end.

    • Kelan says:

      Seriously, you think the producers and writers don’t know the year elections are held? Is a fantasy show, hello! I’m sorry, but some of you are really dumb.

      I wanted to see Tom in the suit, I was disappointed by that, but the finale was still good, a suit doesn’t make or break an episode, the story does.

  24. Allie says:

    The finale exceeded my expectations! It was quite close to perfection. It was an experience- nervewracking, heartbreaking,frightening, awe-inspiring, truly beautiful, and satisfying. I can think of no other television show that has, imperfections and all, been so inspiring and dealt with such profound and universal themes in such a beautiful way (although they were working with legendary source material!)Erica and Tom, you are forever my Lois and Clark. Thanks to everyone who made it happend. Way to go show!!!!!!

    Matt- you’re awesome- thanks for being so good to the fans- just wondering if you have any inside scoop on why Lois and Clark waited 7 years to marry after their first attempt? It’s not major, but gotta say I just wonder “Why?”

  25. anthony579 says:

    I love it that after all this time. People are still complaining that we didn’t see Tom Welling wear the damn suit. Who cares? You didn’t have follow the show for ten years. But you did anyways and are still going to complain? If Smallville was that bad of a show as some of you are stating then why follow it for so long? The Smallville producers gave us what they could and I personally think that after following the show that is solely based on Clark Kent, not Superman or Clark Kent Daily Planet, but Clark Kent the person for 10 years. I think they did a great job. We got some flight time, not much but enough. I mean these people complaining that we didn’t get enough flight time, what did you want to see Tom flying around earth for 60 minutes? Also people seem to forget that this is a TV Show not a high budget blockbuster movie. With the budget Smallville producers had I think they did a great job. So good I’d like to see what these guys could do on a high budget end. I do agree with one quote that was stated earlier. The effects of him flying in the opening of season 4 were much better. Maybe they could have given us a little more of that. What I don’t understand is why can’t people seem to understand that this show is not about Superman? Tom Welling and anyone who has ever been involved with the show has clearly said that from day one 10 years ago. The ending was perfect. We all now know he is Superman now so just move on. Enjoy that we were able to see Smallville for as long as we did. Because now that it is over, it’s over for good. People need to get a grip and just enjoy the moment we had even if it was just for a second. Your world isn’t coming to a end because the cgi was bad or no close up of Welling in the suit. I promise you’ll live to see tomorrow. My final thought is this….AWESOME FINALE!!!! Thank you Smallville for 10 GREAT years…May you live on with future generations who have yet seen the show and for those of us who stayed with you on this long journey in our hearts…SMALLVILLE NOW….SMALLVILLE/SUPERMAN FOREVER……..

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Why the ridiculous amount of secrecy for this finale?

    We literally ended up in the exact same future they showed in Salvation. Nothing happened as a surprise except the casting of Aaron Ashmore. We saw all of it one year ago: CGI Superman flying around, Lois in the glasses, offscreen Perry, Clark wearing the glasses, Lex’s run for president.

    The only thing that was left as a surprise after Salvation was Chloe’s future, which was a massive disappointment.

  27. Liz says:

    I loved the finale despite some of the cheesy slow motion fight scenes. There were so many wonderful moments, I especially enjoyed the scenes with Clark and Jonathan and also loved that they brought Aaron Ashmore back to play actual Jimmy at the end, which was almost enough to make me forgive them for that whole Henry James debacle a couple of seasons ago. And I also loved that Micheal Rosenbaum came back as Lex, the finale would not have been as great without him. This finale certainly did not disappoint, although a small part of me wishes that they would have had Lois call Clark Superman after he saved the plane.

  28. So says:

    Sometimes people have such high expectations in how things should unfold that it’s no wonder they are disappointed.

    I loved Clark, Lois, Jonathan, Martha, Tess, Lex and liked Lionel, Oliver and Chloe. I thought it was nice to have both the Kents and Luthors and see in a same episode how different the two families were.
    Clark and Lois had intense and moving scenes, both individually and as a couple, that achieved to propel them towards their iconic version.
    Martha and Jonathan filled their roles of parents very well,showing continuous pride and support in Clark.
    I loved the Lex/Tess scene; Lex being his evil self killing his sister because he thinks he was doing her a favor in some way so that she doesn’t become bad. Tess ending up sticking up to the good side and erasing Lex’s memories so that Clark is safe (at least for some time).
    I didn’t care much for Chloe and Oliver, but I thought they were cute.
    I loved Aaron Ashmore’s appearance as Jimmy’s little brother. It was nice of him to come back after the TPTB forcefully pushed him away and retconned his character in season 8.

    My 2 issues:
    – a comic book revealing Superman’s youth and other identity – really ridiculous because what’s the use of the double identities for Clark if something as trivial as a comic book is created that tells everything about him?!
    – Clark and Lois not officially being married after 7 years and seemingly trying to keep their relationship like a secret affair at the DP. It didn’t make much sense, however their future scene remained funny and awesome.

    Overall I’d give a 8 or 9 out of 10.

  29. james says:

    I’ve been a fan since season one all though I have not watched smallville consistenly for all ten seasons. For example once doomsday was banished with the help of marshin man hunter I have found that the series has not gone down hill but taken a small step back. It was really nice to see Lex back,he was a great character, it just didn’t realy seem like there were any iconic foes for the league let alon clark to face. The character building was and is always one of the best things about smallville it would have been nice though to see a face off between clark and and a major villian. I personaly felt that the episode where oliver and clark went to the fantom zone was more of an intense episode than the finale.Not that it wasn’t good I just felt a little let down at the end of it.

  30. Jem says:

    So much hate ;) I enjoyed it. There was a lot to take away from it and a lot to love.

    We got the see Lois be the Lois we know she is, complete with what I can only assume as the first Pulitzer she would win. We got to see Clark and Lois solidify their bond (albeit without formality) where it counts with their vows.

    We got to see Clark BE Superman. A man that inspires and gives hope beyond his strengths and his special abilities. As for his abilities well, the Fangirl in me was moved by both the Air Force One save and you know flying around and moving the planet bit. I don’t even care if it was CGI. It was awesome.

    We got closure for Tess. I’m glad she ended her tenure in heroic fashion. The show has always been about Clark saving people with more than mere brutality, or superspeed (Lois alluded to this in part 1) but rather the almost pigheaded, unfailing belief in man and the good of man. He believed in Tess and in the end she was redeemed aka saved because of him. Great call.

    Finally, I guess I’m most happy because I really just expected them to show the gratuitous Superman moment at the end with one last image but it was so much more. The last scene made me fall of my chair but all the Superman bits before that was awesome! And on the plus side I quite enjoyed seeing Lois and Clark happy and in love in the future/present (not really sure how time works here) with Perry and Jimmy. A win for me.

  31. Johnny says:

    the ending, just like the whole series was meant to try to attrarct viewers from both sexes. Only that for the past couple of seasons it’s been more a girly series. Lots of talk, not much action. It was fine for what it was, not great, just. Ever since the great Superman-Doomsday battle was reduced to ONE PUNCH in season 8, I knew I couldn’t expect a super awesome action sequence like the one “nolongerafan” described. So I wasn’t disapointed, I understood they got an even lower budget than before and that the characters and the story would dominate this finale and not action. Definitely could’ve been way better but I enjoyed it.
    By the way, anyone seen allstar superman animated movie? That one did suck, you can do anything with animation and they fell way short of spectacular.

    • Megan says:

      “Only that for the past couple of seasons it’s been more a girly series. Lots of talk, not much action.”

      Must we call it “girly”? Can’t we just say the last few years sucked?

      Because this girl who’s watched for eight years is hella pissed over Clark dispatching his two toughest enemies in the Superman universe both with single punches.

      If the character writing had been really well done it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but for both Doomsday and this finale, both character and action were terribly lacking. The early seasons had plenty of Clark and Lana whining about their feelings to obnoxious degrees, but there were great character moments and decent action setpieces on a TV budget. I wasn’t expecting the moon and the stars but even the ridiculous Ollie/Clark gladiator fight sequence two weeks ago was way better than this.

      • Johnny says:

        Hey sorry I didn’t mean it that way. Just that it’s more the stereotypical thing hollywood “thinks” girls like. I felt they knew they were loosing guys with less action secuences than previous seasons due to the smaller budget they had so they had to go for what they “thought” would attract more girls to compensate. For me the last few years didn’t completely suck, I still enjoyed watching every week, but longed for the better days (but not for that annoying lana though!)

    • John says:

      First of all. It only took flying through Darkseid to destroy him because at that movement Clark became the light and that was all it took to destroy him

      I have been disappointed in the past that a single punch was all it took to destroy a super bad guy, but Smallville was more of a story driven show that didn’t need all the action, and if you recall in Supermans Mythos. He is Superman!!! He holds back cause he is so powerful. I do believe one punch would be all it tok to destroy a foe

      • Brian says:

        Yeah…Clark threw a planet last night. One punch is all it takes for most villains.
        Darkseid only went down that easy because Clark embodied the light from that moment on. And he’ll be back: Jor-El and Carter both said you can’t defeat Darkseid.
        Doomsday was a tactical decision on Clark’s part: it was a monster who got stronger every time it died. Getting it out of the way of innocents was the only responsible thing for Clark to do.

  32. Hector says:

    that Lex is the real Lex just when he was blowen up in the truck. they use other clone body part to put him back together.

    • biphindy says:

      I also think that this was the real Lex and not a clone. In the lab, it said Lex 0. That would seem to imply the original that all the clones came from, and not a clone itself. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about the memory wipe. I guess it goes to show that Lex would be evil no matter what. He was evil before the memory wipe and he becomes evil afterwards.

  33. speeps says:

    Disappointed in the finale. Seemed like there was no cohesion from last week to this week.
    Why show the Legion of Doom getting assignments last week if you’re not going to even touch the subject? And the only thing needed to defeat Darkseid is to fly through him? Please.

  34. Kevin says:

    Loved The Finale! It was Great! Great seeing Lex back to and seeing Linal give his life for his son. I guess the Kents and Luthors are kinda the same after all. If Hollywood was smart they’d keep the cast from Smallville and put them in the new Superman movie as the characters they already are! :-)

  35. Rafael says:

    One word: AWESOME. Will truly miss the show.

  36. Kaibosh says:

    It ended pretty much the way it should have and was expected to. There weren’t any big or bad surprises which is a good. It had the exciting and dramatic flourish that everyone wanted. As far as the episode itself goes and as far as story telling goes; it was really bad.

    It was full of unnecessary dialogue between Clark and just about everyone that didn’t advance the story. There was never any doubt that Lois and Clark would be together so all of this talk about not being together was just fake drama for the sake of creating tension. It wasn’t genuine and it showed.

    More than half of the episode was taken up with Clark talking to everyone about overcoming his insecurities and accepting his destiny. It was completely unnecessary and it wasted time. This has been one of the biggest flaws of the series since they have done this way too much for too long in too many episodes. Its tiresome and the result of lazy writing.

    When they finally came around with dealing with the Darkseid menace; it only took three arrows from Oliver and Clark pushing the planet away from. Wow that was fast and easy. Ten minutes of actual plot resolution for a season’s worth of buildup. Shades of Doomsday all over again. On the plus side the return of Lex was handled better than I thought it would.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m being critical here I know; but I want to say again it wasn’t a terrible episode. The show ended the way it was supposed to. With a flourish and a dramatic introduction of Superman to the world; John Williams music and all. Not bad.

    But as far as TV story telling goes; this was NOT a good episode. I grade it a D plus at best.

  37. GT says:

    Chloe’s wearing a wedding ring, and a rock on her finger in the last scene. I think it’s safe to assume she and Oliver are still married in Smallville’s universe. Also, the “supposed to do has never been a part of our relationship, we’ve always had our own way of doing things” line could also refer to the opposite. Where Chloe and Oliver are concerned, their relationship follows it’s own rules, not necessarily rules set by comic “mythology”. Lastly, Oliver and Dinah are more apart in the comics than they are together, and are now divorced. They were never a “Lois and Clark” kind of couple with their on-again/off-again relationship. I don’t get why people hold them up as some kind of be-all, end-all epic love relationship in the comics. They aren’t.

    Chlollie pretty much reaffirmed their love and relationship in both scenes they were in. One of them while walking down an aisle in a church and kissing in front of the altar. I understood the imagery there. It was an affirmation of their marriage, that yes, they’d do it all over again, even without the influence of magic spells.

    If this were any other show, there’d be no question about Chlollie’s future, because nothing on the screen pointed to them being anything other than happily married crime-fighters, raising a family. When a TV show has a couple get married, shows them happy and in-love in the finale, I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to assume that they stay married. The only thing causing doubt is comic mythos, which I think the show has pretty much shown us, that where Chlollie is concerned, they went out of their way to defy mythos.

    • stina says:

      “The only thing causing doubt is comic mythos, which I think the show has pretty much shown us, that where Chlollie is concerned, they went out of their way to defy mythos.”

      And were given DC’s blessing to do so. But people are going to see what they want, no matter how obvious the truth is. And nevermind the fact that both Justin Hartley and Al Septien have no confirmd via Twitter the Chlollie marriage has lasted, and that that’s their little snickerdoodle of a son (god, he was adorable).

  38. Michael Sacal says:

    The final scene was just what I wanted and have been saying for months. Clark ripping his shirt open to go do his job as Superman.

  39. Bigfkn says:

    I think Chloe’s “jewel” moment was when she’s goodbye to Clark and tells him “see you in the funny pages” which is a reference to the fact that a comic book version of her finally made a appearence this year.

  40. shamonfrom the bx says:

    It was what it was a great tv show nothing more and nothing less . I loved it and it didn’t have what we would get in a movie but it ended how most of us thought it would with the last minutes of him wearing /cgi in the suit . The show was never about superman but Clark journey toward being superman . I would have loved a full on fight between Darkseid and more of Lex quoting Socrates and other great philosophers like he use to do but i was still happy how those two interacted in the end . Smallville will be missed by me along with tess she was hot .

  41. Samantha says:

    Mixed bag, for the most part didn’t live up to the relentless hype of the last few weeks. Too talky, uneven pacing, lots of “resolutions” and plot points that didn’t make any sense. Too many characters telling Clark (and us) how wonderful he was for no apparent reason. Lois & Clark’s wedding and them in the finale were cute. Martha was great, Perry & Jimmy at the end were fun. Ghost! Jonathan was sort of creepy and maudlin. Bummed that Tess died and her death wasn’t mentioned by any of the other characters. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Oliver & Chloe are still married and that is their (adorable) kid–Smallville’s symbolism is about as subtle as an anvil. I don’t get the people who refer to Chloe “just being a housewife” now–women with careers still read bedtime stories to their kids. Oh, Smallville, you wacky cheesfest you–inexplicably, I will miss you.

  42. Billl says:

    I was hoping the last scene would be Superman in full uniform, standing on the Daily Planet globe.

  43. WhtSnw says:

    Loved the ending, but I still didn’t get why Lois and Clark had to wait SEVEN years to get married?? And they also keep their romance a secret from everyone?! What’s that all about?

  44. Dominique says:

    The Smallville finale was brilliant, I have not other words. I loved it so much, they wrapped up the characters story arcs really nicely and gave all of them a little bit of an open ending.
    Chlollie having a baby was wonderful. Jonathan being back, and that Kent Family moment in the barn was so beautiful.

    God and Aaron Ashmore… I love this man so much, and since his appearance, unlike the others, wasn’t announced, I literally let out a scream of joy when I saw his name appear. So happy they decided to bring HIM back to play Jimmy Olsen.

    They wrapped everything up real nice, they gave all characters good scenes to work with, and I loved that Clark did fly in the final moments, and did wear the suit. And that last scene… Just epic. Rarely have I ever seen a show create such a wonderful finale.

    I do have a question though; why does everyone keep saying Lex is a clone? Cause from what I understood, Lex himself was very much alive, but he needed body parts and new organs from several clones, but I thought Lex HIMSELF was still the Lex we’d known for 7 years.

  45. SnazzyO says:


    There’s a new theory in town: Baby Heartbeat Theory (BHT)

    BHT: The reason Chloe left all of a sudden and Clark looked startled and up at Ollie when they hugged is that Clark heard the heartbeat (faintly heard as she is walking away at the end in slow mo if you listen really carefully).

    What do you think? BHT Yes or no? And can you get an answer for us on this one?????

    • tmaisback says:

      I love that theory. It suits the scene, which cofused me at the time with the look Clark gave Ollie. I thought maybe it was a sign that Chloe was going away for good and wouldn’t see Clark again, but now that I have heard this theory, I am content that it is true.

  46. AllisonT74 says:

    I really enjoyed the series and will miss Smallville. Was sad to see it all end but enjoyed the finale. Thanks to the cast and crew for 10 years!

  47. tommy says:

    After watching 2 hours of TV, I came away with one thing on my mind.

    Was the kid who has been in the opening credits for years, you know the one that Clark shields with his body from oncoming meteors the same kid that took up the last few seconds of the “crowd looking up as the blur flies up to deal with the oncoming planet” scene.

  48. DanieXJ says:

    So, in the Superman Television Mythos Clark/Lois have now gotten screwed out of not one, but two real weddings. L&C:TNAS, where there was the whole Clone/Lois who eats frog crap, and this one.

    Add to that the whole Magic Kiss from the movies. For being supposedly the ‘canon’ love story of the Superman Mythos, Clois gets screwed a lot.

    And don’t start me on the Lex Stuff.

    • Brian says:

      At least SV Clark and Lois got to stay together, even if they aren’t married (and I think they are secretly married in those 7 years, thanks to the Toyman situation from last week).

    • Michelle says:

      In the comics Clark and Lois have been happily married since 1996. Just sayin’.

  49. absherlock says:

    I thought it was great. A little long when it came to the scene in the Fortress of Solitude where we basically fast-forwarded through the past nine seasons, but good nonetheless.

    And has anyone mentioned the ending credits being a shoutout to the Salkind credit sequence?

  50. jeff ceragno says:

    hopefully, in 5 years they will do the the movie………………Smallville