Ratings: Bones Tops Time Slot As Grey's Anatomy Hits All-Time Low

With Grey’s Anatomy slipping 9 percent to an all-time low demo rating of 3.2, Fox’s Bones for the first time ever bested a fresh episode of the ABC medical drama in the coveted 18-49 demo, by holding steady with a 3.3.

And by matching its week-ago audience of 11 million viewers, Bones topped Grey’s (9.4 mil, down 5 percent week-to-week) in that measure, as well.

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The news was better for ABC come 10 pm, where Private Practice (7.23 million/2.3 rating) tacked on 5 percent more viewers to deliver its biggest audience since March 31.

Elsewhere on this highly, highly competitive Thursday:

8/7c | American Idol‘s results show drew 21.6 million viewers (up 4 percent week-to-week) and a 6.2 demo rating. Big Bang Theory (10.5 mil/3.2) held steady, while the rumored-to-be-renewed Rules Of Engagement (8 mil/2.3) gained a few percentage points on both fronts. The Community finale (3.24 mil/1.4) dipped 7 percent to tie a series low demo. The Vampire Diaries‘ season ender (2.8 mil/1.4) surged 17 percent in the demo.

Vampire Diaries Finale Post Mortem: Burning Questions Answered!

9/8c | CSI led the hour in total viewers (with 11.5 million) and gained 18 percent in the demo, though its 2.6 rating represents a series low for a finale (per TVByTheNumbers). Both The Office (6.25 mil/3.2) and Parks and Recreation (4.6 mil/2.4) dropped 8 percent in the demo. The Nikita finale held steady in total audience (with 1.94 mil viewers) but dropped 12 percent in the demo (back to a 0.7).

Exclusive: Nikita Boss Solves Finale Mysteries, Shares Scoop on (Probable) Season 2

10/9c | The Mentalist was the night’s most watched scripted show, matching its week ago audience of 13.8 million and 2.6 rating. Leading out of a second installment of Parks and Rec (3.6 mil/2.0), the Outsourced finale was down a smidgen in viewers (to 2.96 mil) but held steady in the demo (with a 1.5).

What did you make sure to watch this Thursday?

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  1. Ashley says:

    I’m not surprised by this. Normally, I record Grey’s, but this week, I canceled the recording and watched Bones. I was MUCH more interested in seeing who got shot and potential Booth/Bones hook-up than whatever melodrama was going on at Seattle Grace!

    • Julie says:

      Right there with you Ashley.
      I feel like Grey’s hit a low in the season/series.

      Bones was much more amazing last night!

    • RebeccaA. says:

      I did the same thing. Had to cancel Greys in order to watch bones and tape the office. I’ve been a Grey’s watcher since season 1 but this show has just fallen off my radar.

    • lorna says:

      Really? This was the first Grey’s episode in a LONG time that didn’t bore me or irritate me to death with the characters. Actually, I take that back, I hate April and Alex’s latest galpal.

  2. Lisa says:

    Grey’s, not surprised been way too much Calzona and storylines not many are interested in like Teddy, Henry, April, Stark!!! People have given up. I have to admit I dvr Grey’s and the episode was finally GREAT last night because the focus finally went back to Mer/Der and Cris/Owen and Alex. When will the writers learn. At least the season finale looks promising because for the most part the focus looks like were it should be with the other characters in supporting roles. I enjoy most of the characters but I want my Mer/Der/Cris to dominate the storylines. Owen Hunt has been MIA this whole second part of the season, just a waste of talent.

    • cyndegel says:

      I agree! Too much Calzona not enough of the original bunch we fell in love with. I watch Grey’s on demand later to catch up. Had to see Bones last night.

  3. ForensicMama says:

    Go, Bones!!! :D

  4. Jake says:

    Because this season of Grey’s Anatomy is completely lackluster.

    Normally, I’d be pumped for a Grey’s finale, but this year, I don’t even care.

    • jenna says:

      agreed. And whats with everyone having babies? First callie than merder want to adopt and now in the promo it shows that cristina might be pregnant!?!? This show keeps getting worse and worse

      • kt says:

        Well, it’s kind of a natural progression of growing up. From interns with scandalous affairs, to married residents, the next logical step is kids…

  5. Stacey says:

    Love BONES and Grey’s Anatomy but I think the long hiatus hurt GA this spring. Before last week there was like one episode in two months. And not that strong of stories to keep the audience entertained. While flawed at times, BONES was way more entertaining last night even with the heartbreaking loss the show experienced and then you have the potential hookup off Brennan and Booth…

  6. Jill says:

    I use to love Grey’s but then became all about Callie and that stupid baby storyline. Maybe if they go back to Derek and Meredith and Mark and Lexie I would be interested but until then no thanks.

    • M says:

      Agree! I cannot stand Callie and its not even because of the fact that she is intractable and selfish, but because they never make us miss her, it became all about her wants and her needs and her feelings every single episode that I am no longer motivated to watch.

  7. Ingmar says:

    I love both Bones and Grey’s but for this week Bones realy deserved to win its timeslot. The episode was so hearthbreaking and emotional! But I hope Grey’s can go up next week since the finale looks realy promising.

  8. Linda says:

    Grey’s has had almost NO publicty for these last 2 episodes, if they don’t promote it how do they think we will see it as must see tv. Now, we are to be excited over Mer/Der breaking up and Cristina possibly aborting a pregnancy. Cristina career vs love is getting old, because she has a husband that would carry the baby for her if he could. Many woman have busy successful careers and our lucky to have husbands that take on the child rearing.

  9. Chris says:

    Too many babies on Greys… McSteamy taking baby talk is not hot!

  10. Jenna says:

    Personally I’m upset in the time change for Bones… I used to watch Bones at 8, Grey’s at 9 & PP at 10. Now I have to choose between Bones & Grey’s Anatomy and since I was a fan of Grey’s Anatomy first I end up choosing Grey’s & watching Bones the next day. Or occasionally my future mother in law will watch one & I’llw atch the other & then we’ll compare stories.

    Despite many people not liking the direction Grey’s has taken this year I do and I’ll always be a fan.

    • Sarah says:

      That is exactly my problem. It used to be the perfect Thursday night watching the two back to back, now I have to pick one. My roommate likes Bones and not Grey’s so I end up watching Bones live and Grey’s the next day. And as someone else pointed out, while I will always watch Grey’s, last night’s Bones was the one to watch live.

  11. Erica says:

    I am going to tune in to the Grey’s Finale because I am excited that there is finally something juicy for Owen/Cristina! If they screw this up and leave me hanging all summer I just might have to give up all together.

  12. Barbra says:

    Bones rocked last night!

    I’m not surprised that Grey’s is sinking faster than the Titanic. The season has been a huge bore loaded with unintersting characters. The writing is horrible and there is no continutity from early seasons in either storylines or character development.

    What did surprise me however, is that Private Practice actually picked up viewers. Unlike Greys, they have had a very strong season and I’m glad to see viewers are finally tuning in to see that.

    • Gina says:

      Barbra, I couldn’t agree more. What started as a very slow and seemingly unmotivated BONES season has quickly turned itself around and made me see why Hart Hanson is so good at what he does. Nothing in the last half of the season of BONES would have been believeable without the slow-ish 1st half. What awesome character development! BONES contrasts so greatly in the character development department with GREY’S that GREY’S stands out as lackluster. Go BONES and the BONES team!!! Can’t wait for the season 6 finale next Thursday night!

  13. Lily says:

    I watched Bones for two reason one the episode looked and was amazing and two Grey’s has been horrible this season I hate that everything is about Callie and the baby she had cause she was a ho. So I am really tired of that show.

  14. Lori says:

    Cristina possibly being pregnant is the only thing that has me intrigued about the last epi of Grey’s. Cristina pregnant in S8 would be hillarious and would be a great storyline.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I love Grey’s but I HATE the Meredith storyline and how it has ruined her and Alex’s really cool friendship. I didn’t think it was in character, either, for her to have done it. And I’m sick of Alex and his constant assholery/romantic disasters. That said, I’m more interested in our residents than all the time/effort spent on the attendings’ stories.

  16. K says:

    Frankly, I’m not surprised. Bones and Grey’s are two of my all time favorite shows, but Grey’s seems to be ripping apart all of the storylines and relationships that they have spent so long building, at one time. After investing so many years in watching Meredith and Derek get together, and Meredith grow up into a functioning adult, I’m not interested in watching it all fall spectacularly to pieces over something that she should absolutely have known better than to do. Bones, on the other hand, is keeping it interesting while not destroying everything that the fans have waited for.

  17. Lisa says:

    Not surprised cause whole 2nd half season of Grey’s has been a Calzona fest. Finally getting back to Mer/Der and C/O but little late :(

  18. Kiki says:

    Grey’s focuses too much to all the extraneous characters. Do we really care about Teddy and her faux love triangle? No, not really. I also think the storylines are lazy these days. Owen picking Chief Resident? Really? I hardly think that would happen in real life. It’s drama for drama sake. And the whole Mer screwing up the Alzheimer’s trial – aren’t most trials done double blind? I know it’s a “drama” but come on, we aren’t that dumb. I also think everyone is tired of being worried that Shonda is going to destroy your ship just because she feels like it. Characters that make choices that are story driven and not character driven never work.

  19. MissJess says:

    People that weren’t watching Grey’s last night missed out…it was a great episode. And the season finale previews looked killer!

  20. Juliet says:

    I think Shonda made a mistake on how she has been hyping the end of the season and the lack of Media stories and hype has cause non interest. Who is excited about tuning into watch their favorite couple break up and all the gloom doom forecast. I love Owen and Cristina, and I have held on this latter part of S7 with the measley 30 secs hoping I will see more of them on screen. And I have to admit I enjoyed immensely what I got on screen last night. But I don’t know if my heart can handle watching the SF, knowing things are going to end bad for Owen/Cristina (per Shonda and KMK interviews). And after seeing the promo, the bad thing is pretty obvious and very controversial considering she is shown as a happily married woman. The writers need to take note of what the fans want to see, they could careless about Jackson, April, Teddy, Henry, etc.

    • Natalie says:

      Totally agree. 100%. Shonda has actually said (repeatedly) that she’s going back on promises, and she hopes the fans can forgive her. Who does that? That’s flat out tell the fans that she doesn’t give a d*mn about what we want. Alex and Mer had the best/healthiest relationship on the show. She needs to keep SOMETHING grounded. Christina pregnant? Mer/Der possible break? Callie/Arizona/Mark baby and creepy 3some relationship? She’s lost sight of what’s good drama, and what’s annoying. I don’t blame the network for not promoting these unbearable story lines.

  21. JW says:

    I’m not surprised. Grey’s has been hurt by long breaks between episodes, but even more than that, a poorly conceived and executed season. The writing has never been this bad, and I mean even compared to its weakest seasons – this is by far the worst.

    I say this as a former Callie/Arizona fan. The threeway pregnancy with Mark that dominated the season was boring and annoying, and Callie especially became so incredibly unlikeable the more time was spent on her selfish and immature floundering around. Not watchable, and not entertaining.

    Callie/Mark/Arizona were sensationalism at its worst, as well as full of plot holes, time jumps, character assassinations, and inconsistencies. And the rest of the storylines were even more poorly developed and just as badly written. Horrid year all around. It appears they’re blowing up all the other characters/relationships in the season finale. Let’s hope they’ll be rebuilding something better from the ashes.

  22. amanda says:

    I gave up on Grey’s when the hospitals merged and they killed off O’Malley and lost Izzie. Everything just felt forced and it wasn’t fun anymore. Not to mention the silliness of them using Meredith to “consult” when they were trying to hide the real-life pregnancy.

    Bones is totally solid, and I watch it every week. I do think, though, that they’re doing themselves a disservice by using the squinterns (at least so many). My heart didn’t break to see one of them killed last night, and I had trouble believing that the characters would be that upset. I just don’t see them on screen enough to care. If it had been Wendell, that would have made me sad, because I actually feel like I know something about him, as they’ve given us more of his background and situation.

  23. Nicole says:

    I love Grey’s but I think it has lost its charm. The recent storylines aren’t as good as they were during the first few seasons. Now, its mostly about Callie/Arizona/Mark. I like them but too much of them is just too much! Might as well change the title too. In some episodes Meredith Grey doesnt even have a good scene. Its not titled Grey’s Anatomy for nothing. There are a lot of characters in the show and I feel that their storylines are just messed up. And some of the characters are taken for granted. Owen was barely seen during the majority of the season. I would like to see more of him and his relationship with Christina.
    I was sad when TR Knight left the show some time ago because during his last season, he didn’t have a very good storyline. He was just hanging in the background most of the time. A good talent was wasted. I liked him and his character.
    I hope next season they will focus more on the major characters like Meredith, Derek, Christina, Alex, Lexie and not so much on CalZona. I really dont care that much about them.

  24. Amy says:

    Parks and Recreation! Why are more people not watching such an awesome show??

  25. Ana M says:

    Simple: Grey’s Anatomy has hit a low, not only in ratings but in quality. The show is absolutely pathetic nowadays. Stories with great potential (the miscarriage/fertility issues with MerDer) are brushed off for the ridiculous (Calzona + Mark). And it wants to be tied with a nice bow and say: Best!Season!Ever! Not to mention that the promo wasn’t encouraging. Cristina pregnant? Give me a break. I can even bet $100 to everyone here that she’ll switch her mind and have this baby because she loves Owen, even though she doesn’t want to be a mother.

    I don’t watch BONES but heard very good commentary on it, so I’ll start and pray for Patrick Dempsey & Ellen Pompeo to wake up and leave Grey’s, so I can stop caring on all accounts.

  26. Liz says:

    It’s a shame that Community came out so low, and I know that I am part of the problem. Going up against American Idol is impossible because AI is difficult to find in full after the fact (I don’t have DVR) but I know that I can watch Community tonight on On Demand or Hulu. So I watch AI live and Community later, and I am sure many people do the same. However, that makes the show look bad to the numbers guys who make decisions based on ratings.

  27. HRU says:

    I have always been a CSI watcher and Last night Bones made for a really hard choice on which to watch live. Greys never entered the picture

  28. Alicia says:

    Yay for Bones. I gave up on Grey’s a while ago. The storyline has become boring and overdone. Bones has outclassed and one upped Grey’s and dominated the 9 PM time slot.
    I’m really happy that Private Practice has been gaining viewers. It’s an amazing show and the writing has been so strong this season.
    I wish I still loved Grey’s. It used to be “my show” but I guess that title belongs to Bones now.

  29. DLG. says:


  30. Cindy says:

    I deleted the last 2 eps of Grey’s from the TiVo without watching them – it’s just not fun or interesting these days. Bones is improving, especially if Brennan and Booth are finally together.

  31. BRETT says:

    GREY’S ANATOMY had a strong start to the season, but I have to be honest, at this point I am also sick of all the baby drama left and right. They should have kept it only with Meredith, since the show is supposed to be more about her. Good thing is next season we won’t see the babies and hopefully they can get back to developing some of the other characters. They’ve forgotten about Mark and Lexie, and I also think that is a mistake. I liked them.

    • Caro says:

      I agree. Unfortunately next season will be Ellen Pompeo’s final season so that will be a huge loss. Fans are already angry about the lack of MerDer time. With how things are going right now I expect Patrick Dempsey will also want to leave and the fans quitting after the lack of good stories. They are killing the good stories: Mark/Lexie, Cristina/Owen, Alex/Lucy, Bailey/Ben, Andrew/Teddy, and replacing them with horrible ones: Callie/Arizona/Mark & Sophia, Bailey/Eli, Teddy possibly leaving the show entirely… its such a loss and fans are getting tired of all of this. Let’s not forget the endless waiting to see Meredith getting pregnant, Derek building their dream house, Cristina not rocking in the OR and the character killing of Mark and Bailey, useless adding of players like Jackson and Stark and this stupid April/Stark thing. No wonder people stop watching. But I still have a little bit of faith that Shonda Rhimes will come through and WON’T s p o i l e r break up Mer & Der as is implied in next week’s promo. I can’t imagine her killing off the base of her entire show with that!

  32. Deion says:

    Fine, fine. BUT WHAT ABOUT NIKITA?!

  33. Ilaria_26 says:

    Well it doesn’t surprise me, this show went downhill after season 3! It lost appeal, and it isn’t for the lack of merder, it is for the way it is written! About private practice, seriously this season has been terrible too, but in this last few episodes was written better…

  34. Aust says:

    I am not surprised by this. I mean I do like Calzona as a couple and I hope they stay together but the baby storyline is just ridiculous.

  35. Jenny says:

    I love Grey’s!!! The baby story line was good- I think!!! And I’m interested to what will happen to Mer in the finale, and between Henry and Teddy!! Plus Callie and Arizona are AWESOME!! :)

  36. S says:

    The ratings will do down even more if Shonda breaks up MerDer. How dare she break that promise… The couple most people want to see and we only see 5 minutes of them and more of the other air hogs. Oh and of course to top it all off she has to get another woman on the show pregnant before Meredith @@

  37. Melanie says:

    Because it’s all about Callie and Arizona now. It SUCKS I dont watch for them

  38. mawhi says:

    I wanna know who the dummies were that watched the first episode of Parks and Recreation and not the second. Because there were a million of you and you all are idiots. Sorry ’bout it!

  39. Julia says:

    Calzona wedding happened same night as Cooper and Charlotte wedding on Private Practice. In the PP episode following the wedding, Cooper & Charlotte had couple moments, talked about being happy and married, and acted like a couple. Callie and Arizona didn’t even speak to each other and acted like friends or colleagues coming down the stairs. Every other couple on GA have had post wedding moments. Callie and Arizona is the only couple who have not in 7 years of this show.