Vampire Diaries Finale Post Mortem: Your Burning Questions Answered!

[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday’s Season 2 finale of The Vampire Diaries. If you’ve yet to watch, avert your eyes…now!]

Having far surpassed its “number of deaths per season” quota last week, Thursday’s finale of The CW’s Vampire Diaries managed to do what it does best: Pull long and hard on the heartstrings while nailing those jaw-dropping shocks at every turn. As a courtesy, I’ll offer up one last spoiler alert before letting executive producer Julie Plec fill you in on how the season-ender successfully achieved countless OMG moments, and tease what’s to come in Season 3.

TVLINE | Excuse me while I lift my jaw up off the floor…. OK, let’s start with the biggest surprise of the night: the returns of Vicki (Kayla Ewell) and Anna (Malese Jow). How and when did that twist come to fruition?
That is something we’d had in the works for a really, really long time — in fact, almost back to beginning of this season — and it was born out of two things: Kayla was so much a part of the Vampire Diaries family in the beginning and we missed her terribly, and Malese made such an impact last year as Anna. Killing her needed to happen for the Jeremy character, but it certainly wasn’t a trigger we were happy to pull. So, when we start thinking of how we can bring back people that we love, and how can we give the audience the gift of seeing them again, that started spinning lots of ideas around, and we landed on this one pretty early. We’re really excited about it.

TVLINE | Can you talk at all about what this means for Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and his dearly departed exes, moving forward?
I can’t say much about where it’s going, but it is born out of this idea that Bonnie (Kat Graham) went against the laws of nature when she brought Jeremy back to life. As we’ve learned a lot this season, witches, as servants of nature, have a lot to say when you abuse your magic. And they said to her in that scene that there will be consequences. We have now seen the beginning of what those might be.

TVLINE | Will this new development directly impact Bonnie and Jeremy, if only because both entities he saw at the end of the episode were women he once loved?
It will certainly have an enormous impact on Bonnie and Jeremy if Vicki and Anna stick around — whether they’re in his mind or haunting him, or whatever outlet they turn out to be. Talk about awkwardness in a relationship!

TVLINE | Is it safe to assume that this twist may propel Jeremy into a bigger solo storyline next season?
You can never say anything until it’s written, but Jeremy’s frustration has always been that he’s not supernatural and everyone’s always having him sit in the corner while they do the dirty work. Now suddenly he’s having some supernatural experience that’s going to put him right in the center of everything… however it plays out. This season was about building Jeremy from a boy to a man — and now it’s a man with a problem. [Laughs]

TVLINE | That was a very sweet moment between Alaric and Jeremy. Are you perhaps setting up Ric to be the Gilbert kids’ new parental figure?
We made a promise to Matt Davis to take Alaric and give him a good kick in the ass, and really make better use of that character. We wanted to give him a stronger point-of-view and a richer on-screen life, and this is just one of many things that we hope to be able to do. Matt’s a terrific actor and very valuable part of the show, and to finally be able to have Alaric in the midst in a way that we can really do some great emotional and supernatural stuff with him is really exciting.

TVLINE | Bad Stefan finally arriving was another standout moment. Was it exciting to take this character to such a new place?
When we talked about the series as a whole, we always knew there would be a period in which Stefan (Paul Wesley) would have to journey through his dark side. Early in the season we decided that would be the path we’d take by the end of the season, so everything we did with him was trying to lay the groundwork for the shift in his journey. We are beyond excited about the opportunities here. For Stefan, it’s never as black-and-white as “Good Stefan” and “Bad Stefan”; it’s Stefan struggling with this thing that overpowers him so significantly, that no matter what he tries to do to break himself out of it, it still rules him. And it rules him in a way that it never really ruled Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Watching Stefan fight that, and perhaps continue to get overpowered by it, is a story that story could go on for a long time. There’s a lot of great opportunity there.

TVLINE | Also on the list of “wows” from the finale is the tender “goodbye” between Damon and Elena. What made now the right time to explore this relationship? And what does it mean moving forward?
It felt very much that it was earned for Damon to finally get some kind of acceptance and compassion and reciprocation to the feelings he’s made very clear. He needed it, and Elena (Nina Dobrev) needed to give it to him. She obviously cares about him in a lot of ways, and that’s going to be a big struggle for her next year — for all three of them, actually. What did that moment between them mean? How do they recover from it with Stefan? And where do those relationships lead?

TVLINE | Since you’ve revealed that Season 3 is the “Season of the Originals,” I think it’s appropriate to ask: Are Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gilles now series regulars? Also, will we see Elijah above ground?!
The decisions on the extent of the life of those characters haven’t been officially made, but in our show there are flashbacks all the time. And if we’re going to be exploring the history of the originals, I can guarantee that we’ll be seeing Daniel Gilles again in the past. And when we see him again in the future is part of the fun we’ll have when we start talking about next season.

TVLINE | And finally: Klaus (Joseph Morgan) appears to be pure evil. Would you like to write a more sympathetic side to him next year?
We certainly don’t want to make him any less evil. [Laughs] We love him as our unflinching villain. But if we’re going to start learning about the past and his family, it’s going to be really hard to at least not to have a perspective of Klaus that is somewhat compassionate. It will be interesting to dig into the side of who he was. But by no means is he going soft.

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  1. Corinne says:

    Finale was much better than I expected it to be, although I was surprised how little we got of Caroline, Matt, and Tyler. I can’t believe how much I like Caroline now, considering I could not stand her in season one(how cute it a chipper vampire). I’m hoping Jeremy is not just limited to his 2 dead girlfriends, but now see a myriad of ghosts, if that’s what they are. And come on people, how many times are you going to stake Elijah, its getting old since you know its not going to last. Speaking of originals, anyone else but me think that Elena and Catherine could be dopplegangers of one of Claus and Elijah’s sisters. I was surprised they did not come back to that mystery before the season ended.

    • Tavis says:

      Caroline is still awful.

    • sando says:

      Watch The Vampire Diaries – Season 2 Episode 22 As I Lay Dying


    • Maya says:

      I don’t think that Katherine and Elena are dopplegangers of one of Klaus and Elijah’s sisters, I think that it was someone human who they new, since it was a human that was sacrificed to create the curse, and also in the flashback Klaus told Elijah that loving people made them weak and Elijah said that they loved someone once, which makes me think that it was the original person that Katherine and Elena are dopplegangers of and I am guessing that that means that Klaus and Elijah were both in love with the original girl like Stefan and Damon were both in love with both Katherine and Elena. Elijah and Klaus were probably in love with her when they were human, but I am not sure, these are just my guesses.

      • Corinne says:

        Good point, can’t wait to see all “the originals” stuff next year.

      • gagan says:

        no,that’s not possible cuz then nina dobrev would have to put up a triple role which will make the show predictable and that’s one thing the producers won’t like….so think

    • Lynn says:

      I also think Katherine and Elena are doppelgangers of one of the sisters of Klaus and Elijah. I imagine the original is in one of the coffins Klaus is keeping boxed. When Elijah meets Katherine for the first time he is making a comment about how much she looks like…someone else before he is interrupted.

    • aurélie says:

      Katherine and Elena are parents, in an episode we saw Katherine gave birth to a girl, so I supposed that Isabel is a great girl of Katherine and so Elena…

    • Ram says:

      Great comment Corrine, I agree wholeheartedly about Caroline. She has now become an extremely interesting part to the series. I especially like the doppleganger idea being related to Claus and Elijah, that is a thought i never had even considered but makes big sense, but im more inclined that the doppleganger is related to Claus rather than Elijah since it was his Lycantrope side which was maintained dorment.

  2. matt says:

    I say this as someone who has never seen a single frame of the show, so I apologize in advance, but there’s a lot of Buffy parallels, and I’m only basing it on this one article.

    A human HS student with no supernatural abilities always getting stuck on the outside while everyone he knows has abilities of some kind (Xander). A witch dealing with the consequences of using magic for personal gain (specifically bringing someone back to life) (Willow). A vampire with a heart-of-gold who will inevitably spend a season as a bad guy while the sensitive side fights to regain control (Angel).

    • lorna says:

      A lot of s1 scenes made me go “Hey…they’re ripping off Buffy.” A scene with Stefan and Elena where it’s snowing was a reminiscent of s3 Buffy “Amends.” And more. TVD is still a show worth checking out, Matt :)

    • xav says:

      To be fair, these books existed before the original Buffy movie was even made not to even mention the tv show.

      • lorna says:

        True, Xav, but the scenes that were on Buffy weren’t in TVD books. And not all of the books were out before the movie or the show :)

        • Corinne says:

          The first 3 books were all published in 1991, TVD hasn’t even gotten to the later books yet.

          • Corinne says:

            correction, first 4

          • Miranda says:

            You do know the film came out in 1992, while Whedon’s original idea is what the series ended up being. And the filming was done for the film in 1991, whereas the script was written before that. I don’t think TVD influenced Buffy the movie.

      • Manie says:

        And to be totally fair, the writers of the show have said many times that they are trying to get as far as possible from the books. So it goes back to “It looks like Buffy!” LoL

    • Corinne says:

      As an avid fan of Buffy, there are a ton of parallels to that show but TVD has a completely different tone. It lacks the whimsy of a Josh Whedon show, but I enjoy the dark undertones of the series. Plus, even though Jeremy lacks any special powers like Xander, he is so much more enjoyable of a character to watch, and I doubt he will remain an “outsider”.

    • Captain says:

      I would argue that these storylines are handled in very different ways. As well, Buffy in general wasn’t all that original, I wouldn’t say many of the parallels are directly copying the show but more coincidental. Jeremy is not Xander at all and Bonnie is certainly not Willow.

    • Enough says:

      I am starting to think that TV Line doesn’t like my posts, they never get posted.

      Let’s try this again shall we.

      Matt you nailed it’ that’s exactly why I stopped watching VD early on, I saw too much Buffy in it and well went been there done that… But I suppose it’s good if you need your Vampire Fix. But I will stick to True Blood for that… =)

      • Olivita says:

        So are you back to watching VD or are you still not watching? And if you’re not–then why are you posting as if anyone cares about how similar (or not) this show is now to Buffy?

      • ATLgroove says:

        I totally get the comparisons, considering the roles each group of friends are really parallel:
        Angel, Spike = Stefan, Damon
        Willow = Bonnie
        Xander = Jeremy
        Oz = Tyler
        Anya (or Cordelia) = Caroline
        Giles = Alaric

        General Hotness of Cast goes to VD, Best One Liners and Storylines to Buffy – but alas, it’s not really a contest, is it? Since last night was the season finale of VD, I’ll be pulling up the Buffy DVDs. ;-)

    • Jamie says:

      I try not to compare the two shows, since I enjoy them both and I read the TVD books way before BTVS the series ever came out. While I love both BTVS (I have all 7 seasons on DVD) and TVD, I must admit I do enjoy TVD more. But, that’s just me.

    • Lauren says:

      Nothing wrong with ripping off perfection, at least Vampire Diaries is doing it well, unlike Twilight. And really, any vampire show feels like it’s ripping off Buffy because Buffy set the benchmark. And please don’t compare Willow and Bonnie, that is insulting. Willow could flay Bonnie alive (hehe).

    • Lisa London says:

      It’s funny, I never saw any parallels between TVD and Buffy at all until you mentioned it. The tone is so different! Twilight maybe in early season one, True Blood very occasionally, but really, I think it stands well onto its own. There’re only so many themes you can play with in the vampire world so it’s not surprising that there are similarities between shows, books and movies.

      • Melissa says:

        just remember guys, there’s only so many things you can do with the vampire genre without ripping off another franchise – although i must agree that twilight has an incredibly boring storyline which makes me an even more faithful TVD fan!

    • Van says:

      I am an avid Buffy fan who compares any and all supernatural shows to it. I said early on Damon is Spike, Stefan is Angel, and Elena is Buffy. While I agree there are somewhat similar scenes, plot points, etc between the two the tone is entirely different. Also vampires are more complex in Vampire Diaries. Besides Spike and Angel the vampires were all evil or at least they were portrayed that way.

    • Manie says:

      Hey Matt, I’ve watched the whole series and the more it’s playing the more parallels I see with BtVs. As much as people hates to compare TV shows, TVD is not Twilight (as Twilight only plays with Shape-shifter, werewolves and Vampire. It is also a series of movies and not a TV Show), but TVD is certainly looking A LOT these days like BtVs, what I find even funnier is that it was in the 2nd season(what a coincidence) that we saw the beginning and end of Angelus.

      But I’m quite happy about this actually. I was getting tired of people criticizing Stefan character as unidimensional, which he isn’t, and if it’s just a tiny bit remotely close to Buffy with Angelus, Stefan will be an AMAZING and unpredictable foe for the gang.

  3. lorna says:

    Great episode. Super thrilled to see Jeremy’s exes back, especially Vicki as she was my favorite character. I really hope they’re not figments of his imagination, but I suspect they might be. GREAT episode. Not a big Klaus fan, lol. Corrine, Katherine and Elena being dopplegangers of an Original is a great theory, but don’t you think the guys would have mentioned it? Who knows, however. Can’t wait for the s2 DVD release!

  4. Casie says:

    What I’m curious about is if the seasons will still somewhat follow the series written by L.J. Smith. I’ve been pleased with how the show has been written so far, so a big kudos to the writers who took on that large task!

    • sam says:

      the show does not follow the books at all. like the main personality of the characters are the same, but everything else is different… different in a good way though. :)

      • Olivita says:

        Um–Except Caroline. Not even close to her character in the book. And Jeremy/Jenna/John don’t exist…and there was a friend named Meredith… But sure, pretty close to the books :/

  5. Tavis says:

    Finale wasn’t as good as last year’s, and I’m still not happy with the decision to kill off Jenna, but the reappearance of Vicki and Anna was pretty good.

  6. Em says:

    WTF! Vampire Diaries was on FIRE with its season finale. The flashbacks with Damon were rather tragic; he loved two someones who could never love him back. His delusions were quite telling of his emotional scars. Caroline’s reunion with her mother really wrapped up that storyline nicely, while still leaving room for it to continue. Evil!Stefan is back–I hope he is as awesome as Angelus was on Buffy. Klaus is a tool, but very fun to watch. But most-gasp worthy was that Jeremy was shot and killed–by the Sheriff! And then he came back to life! Gasp. I literally screamed at my television because I really thought he wasn’t coming back. But Bonnie went all witchy and now Jeremy’s going to have an awesome storyline next year. All hail to the poewr of the wicca. My only complaint was that Jenna’s death felt like an absence more than a death; where was the mourning? I guess that is one of the negative consequences to a fast-paced show. Whatever. Season 3 looks banging according to the interview. Thanks Julie for the great answers and thanks Megan for the great questions!

  7. Yasin says:

    I have to say, overall I was a little disapointed with the episode, I liked “Founder’s Day” and “The Return” better. Last week’s episode was again much better as well. However, I do have to say every finale has featured the return of characters that we thought were gone/missing. First year, Katherine, now this year Anna and Vicki. However, this shows that Julie is a hypocrite, because she said that she would never bring back Vicki since she was the first death- and she’ll let that death stick.

    • xav says:

      There’s no indication that the death HASN’T stuck. If she’s a ghost or a figment of Jeremy’s mind, then the death did stick and the character hasn’t come back from the dead.

    • Sille says:

      Also, if I remember correctly, then at the beginning of this season, Julie said in an interview that Jenna will not find out about the vampire world.
      I guess, they decided otherwise =P

  8. Sierra says:

    I loved the finale! I’m not sure where they’re gonna take the show next season now that Stefan is *technically* leaving to run off with Klaus, who clearly does not want to stay in Mystic Falls. Its a huge can of worms: do Elena and Damon go after him? If they do, where does that leave everyone behind in Mystic Falls who have their own problems going on? Either way, I have faith in these writers. The start of season 2 is no where near where we ended up tonight in the finale as far as the plot is concerned, so I’m really excited to see where they take it!

    • Heather says:

      I’m guessing that next season isn’t going to start out all Damon and Elena together like people think. I’m guessing it starts out with Damon and Elena trying to find Stefan. I’m guessing for the first half of the season Stefan is going to have a lot of scenes shot outside of mystic falls. I think Delena looking for Stefan and with the admission of feelings and the moment and kiss they shared at the end of season 2 are going to slowly build into something more, to the point where Elena is going to find herself like Katherine, in love with both of them. I dont think she is in love with Damon yet (as much as I wish she was anyway) but I think she is on her way there. I think it will happen next season and then they will find Stefan and he will be badstefan and it will cause all sorts of friction between the brothers again and Instead of Elena running back to Stefan because he will be bad and because she has found something new with Damon who is now the good one (temporary role reversals I’m sure) she will be torn on what to do

      • litttle k says:

        I agree that stefan is going to be bad stefan again. does anyone else think that this is like the vampire diaries book shadow souls when stefan gets captured by the kitsum twins and gets put in the jail prison thing, and then elana and damon will have to find him. but i think that she will go back to stefan because she will realise that she is becoming like Katherin and she doesnt want to be.

      • Melissa says:


        Ofcourse it won’t start out with Elena and Damon together! She’s gonna be all “THIS DOESN’T CHANGE ANYTHING DAMON, I STILL LOVE STEFAN” and then they would find stefan and damon would accidentally tell stefan about his’ and elena’s kiss and stefan would feel betrayed and here comes EVIL STEFAN because he was hurt and he has no more reason to act human… YADDA YADDA… but then again – nothing ever goes the way you expect it in this show! for example elija helping klaus after he gave stefan his word and told him he wanted revenge, and the fact that caroline is so NICE and SUPPORTIVE of tyler when she really should’ve been ran, or jeremy’s exes coming back!!!! i never thought the finale would surprise me THIS much!

  9. lisa says:

    Anyone remember in season one finale that jeremy drank anna’s blood before he tried to overdose? So he should be a vampire right?

    • Lulu says:

      The vampire blood has LONG been gone from his system. He’s definitely not a vampire

    • sasha says:

      I remember that.. question? Did ANY of caroline’s blood get into Jeremy’s mouth? I mean, dude had to swallow, right?

      • nonabgo says:

        He was probably dead already when Caroline fed him the blood. It would be too much to make him a vampire AND see ghosts. I wouldn’t care much for a vampire Jeremy, I like him better as a troubled human.

  10. Emily says:

    So Vicki and Anna are the Blind Item from last week? Because if so, I really could have never in a million years guessed this one. And I don’t think anyone else could have either.

  11. Kayla says:

    The Jeremy thing was seriously unexpected! Now we know that we can actually look forward to a WOW season. This really was a fitting end to an amazing season, and I am so happy for D/E!! I was pleasantly surprised to see Kayla Ewell and Malese Jow introduced right back into the ring. I used to miss these girls. And please excuse me for this-I really want Klaus to be gay/bisexual, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him take another kind of interest in Stefan :D I am SERIOUS! Thanks for this interview.

    • Yasin says:

      No way. I was one of the few that did not like Anna. I also didn’t really miss Vicki, found her to be extremely annoying

      • Evangelline says:

        I agree, Vicki was incredibly annoying and I for one did not miss her, though the impact it had on Matt was a nice story. Anna grew on me as she became more sympathetic and I felt horrible for Jeremy when she was staked, yet another person that poor kid lost! I’m really hoping that Vicki and Anna are just spirits and that it does not have a huge negative impact on his relationship with Bonnie.

      • Miranda says:

        Same, with Anna, I really didn’t like her all that much. Plus Jeremy and Bonnie together makes Bonnie a much more likeable character. I did miss Vicki, so I do like that she’s back. But Anna could’ve stayed dead.

        • Jamie says:

          You know, I find Bonnie so much more likeable with Jeremy as well. I’ve started to really like her this season.

          • lorna says:

            not me, im the biggest anti-bonnie fan. kat is a good actress, i just do not like bonnie at all, and would not miss her.

      • Kayla says:

        Erm…let me put it this way-it makes for a great storyline with Jeremy to have him explore the “Ghost(s) of His Girlfriend(s) past”! His character needs to grow into it’s own now. He needs to face his past, and the only way he could do that successfully is to face it like FACE to FACE. This is an awesome twist with a lot of potential, and besides, it is not like Bonnie and Jeremy are gonna get married when they are barely 18 or 19. So I guess Vicki and Anna are cool additions!

      • little k says:

        i was soooo disapointed when jeramy say viky and anna, i hated viky she was just an atention seeking druggie (no offence to anyone out there). i didnt mind anna but i hated viky. i was sooo happy when she died.

  12. Dean says:

    I’m assuming Anna and Vicki are the last two items under shocking resurrections/returns on the May Sweeps Scorecard. I gotta say, that’s pretty shocking twist. I can’t wait to see how they explain this one. I’m a bit mixed about adding the two Originals as series regulars next year though. Daniel Gillies yes, but Joseph Morgan no. I have nothing against the actor or the character, but I just feel that Klaus makes a more menacing villain when he’s operating from the shadows and striking infrequently.

    • Yasin says:

      I agree, but I think we need to have another villain. In season 1 the villain was supposedly Katherine who was in cahoots with John and Isobel. Now this season it’s Klaus. So who could be worse then Klaus…

  13. Jay says:

    We need a Nikita update! Make it an Amanda appreciation post. Melinda Clarke needs to be the front and center of season 2!

  14. Elle says:

    Okay! So here’s my stance on the whole Delena moment.

    Hated it.

    I’m so pro Stelena! I never saw the chemistry between Damon and Elena and I think they don’t work out well together. So I’m bracing myself for next season when I’ll have to endure Damon sucking off Elena’s face (sighs)

    Awesome episode as always! Bonnie was GREAT!! She made going hysterical totally hott lol.

    Speaking of next season.. If Damon turns into a huge douche now that he has Elena I don’t know if I could look at him the same way. He wont be the dangerously sexy homicidal vampire that you secretly want to tame (and bed). He’ll be even more of Elena’s lap dog and the spark will be gone.

    However!! Though it would pain me – Bob help me if Stefan becomes bada** and my new favorite homicidal vampire that I want to secretly tame (and bed). I have a thing with tortured bad boys, eh, its my weakness.

    Okay – I’m done with my rant. As you were… lol

    • Jamie says:

      It’s funny you should say that about the chemistry, since I’m the opposite and never saw any chemistry between Stelena and have felt that way for 2 seasons regarding Stelena sucking face. lol To each their own I guess.

    • Kelly says:

      I think Damon can remain very bada** and sexy on Elena’s side.. Protecting her from Stefan for once instead of the other way around. Interesting twist! Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

    • stelenafan says:

      Well,I’m HUGE Stelena fan and I’m sure that ,,It’s always gonna be Stefan”,but I have to admin that there is chemistry between Damon and Elena,and this scene was so sad and touchy.I cried.Anyway,I can’t think of anybody else to be with Elena exept Stefan,because they are meant to be.
      ..It’s you and me,Stefan.Always…

      • little k says:

        i was crying through the hole thing.
        i hope that elana goes back to stefan and i really hope that she doesnt start liking damon. i didnt like him in season 1 (sorry i changed the subject a little)

  15. TanyaV says:

    I loved the final episode, the only thing missing was some caroline/tyler time … I was really looking forward to another scene with them… He’s been gone for a lot of episodes, so at least now that he’s finally back, they could show him a little more …

  16. Maureen says:

    Great ending to a great season. One of the most consistently entertaining shows on TV. I can’t wait for season 3!

  17. Cassie says:

    The season finale was amazing!!! I’m a huge Delena fan. So, seeing the two of them kiss and hearing Damon tell Elena he loved her made me extremely happy! I’ve been frustrated at times with the lack of interaction between the two. But, this episode more than made up for it.

    I knew Damon wouldn’t die. But, I was still deeply touched watching him face what he thought was the end. Ian is such an incredible actor. He is able to play so many sides of Damon.

    I loved Bonnie saying she loved Jeremy and defying nature to bring him back (have these two slept together yet?). I liked Anna, but I definitely like Bonnie and Jeremy’s relationship more. So, I’m not thrilled to see her and Vicky back.

    Stefan going Rogue is fine with me, if it means Damon and Elena will be able to spend time together while he’s with Klaus. Plus, Paul really needs something more interesting to do on this show. Ian is continuously wiping the floor with him in both acting and storyline

    • Jamie says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better myself – agree with this entire post. DE was just so amazing this entire episode, as always. :)

    • nonabgo says:

      I completely agree. Stefan got too predictable in his hero act, trying to make up for his dark past. Getting him back to his evil self may just reinvent the character and make him less boring. In the meantime, I hope to enjoy some good Delena moments next season.

      • July says:

        2 season, 44 episodes, and 24 months later,the most epic kiss in the story of TVD happened. Elena kissed Damoon!

  18. shannon says:

    I love Caroline…she’s grown so much since turning vamp. I feel Elena and Damons kiss was sweet…it was good bye for her–he was dying…or so she thought. She cares about him, that’s clear. I don’t think the kiss was meant to be romantic. But with Stefan going off with Klaus to save Damon (and Elena) it was a good place to leave them….it leaves all options open for season 3. In the books her and Damon do share something while Stefans gone….the details of his absence are of course different but its still the same theory. I think the books would make a GREAT movie, but with different charachters. Halfway through them the only charachters I could still picture. As the same from the show were Stefan and Damon….and Matt…ok so basically the guys….but Elena mainly was just such a different person….she definitely wasn’t Nina. She was. (In my mind) how they described her in the book.
    I miss Jenna and feel so bad for everyone, especially Alaric..losing 2 loves to vampires…and Elena and Jeremy have literally lost every parental role they’ve ever had….so if Alaric fills in that would be great. My big curiosity though is….will Nina ever get to play a 3rd role (sorry girl lol) but will we ever get to see the ORIGIONAL the dopplegangers are decendant of???? I think seeing nina with a short, chic hair-do ….to have a completely different look…and as an origional would be off the charts amazing!!!
    I love the show…I think the cast was chosen in perfection. I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing their roles, they’re all just awesome….oh…and I hate Klaus (which means they created him well as well as chose someone to play him well)…..were supposed to hate him so its good…..I do admit though…I thought he’d be a little better looking….then again…its harder to hate a hot guy lol
    Keep up the great work Julie & Kevin….and cast. Can’t wait til season 3 !!!!!

  19. Lore says:

    i have this doubt, how can Katherine enter in the house, wasnt suposed that only the ones Elena invite in can enter? just tell me, im confused

    • Stevie says:

      My only guess in trying to explain this would be that the house was deeded back over to the Salvatore brothers prior to the sacrifice (esp since they originally thought that she would be killed during the ritual); and showing this on tv would have been kinda boring and would have slowed down the pacing of the episode. Again this is just an attempt to explain what could have been overlooked plotline mistake by the writers.

    • Rebecca says:

      hmmm didnt think of that, but now its really going to bug me!

    • Beau says:

      Elena died in 2×21, so her ownership of the house died with her at that point…I guess she didn’t renew it! Probably had more important things to think about :S

  20. Melody says:

    It was an exciting finale. When Jeremy got shot my jaw dropped. Last week they racked up the body count and then they wanted to kill off Jeremy, I was shocked and then relieved to see his eyes open. Good episode all around and lots of juicy drama to explore next year.

  21. Mollie says:

    All I have to say is that this season finale just made this season a million times better for me. Its not like i did not like this season, but at times i thought it was not as good as the first one. Bit the finale was explosive! Many of the things i could have figured out like the Elena/Damon goodbye, but Anna and Vicki coming back! That was a huge shocker!!! but I’m so glad to see both of them, especially Anna. They were that part of the first season that i was certainly missing this season. And of course, The Bad Stefan. So in the end, JUST CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 3!!!!

  22. Liam says:

    I’m a huge TVD fan. I loved the last episode, but I didn’t care for this finale at all. The last twist was good and very unexpected but didn’t save the episode for me. I don’t like where they take the characters. Hope they don’t have the nosedive in quality True Blood had in season 3.

  23. azie@G says:

    when will season 3 be aired?? this year?? next year?? when is the date exactly??

  24. James says:

    For ONCE, TVD reverses the deaths trend and actually brings back NOT one but TWO epic fan favorites.

    I was like, oooh Kayla and I was like no no no. I want Anna then POOF! She’s back too. This is seriously really fricking awesome.

    Haley Joel Osment who? Jeremy is the hottest sixth sense kid.

  25. Dominique says:

    Ithought this episode was pretty mediocre, compared to the previous two. Those were so full of shocks, fire, action, and although there were definately some good moment si nthe finale, it just felt so much like an afterthought.

    Y’know… I’m kinda getting sick of them killing Elijah over and over again. I love this character, and I don’t want to JUST see him during flashbacks. I want somebody, anybody, to pull that knife out of his heart in one of the first episodes of season three, and have him stay alive.

    Also, I find myself to be in the minority when it ocmes to two things;
    – I don’t find the story of Evil Stefan to be remotely interesting (Although I will say Paul Welsey kicks ass as evil Stefan)
    – I hate Vicki, so I odn’t like seeing her back again.

  26. Janie says:

    How can Katherine come to the house, Elena don´t invited her in …..(sorry my English is not so good.)

    • Gagan says:

      yeah…that’s something even i’d like to know….she didn’t invite her in…

    • hazza says:

      I’m guessing that when Elena died in the previous episode, the ‘power’ keeping vamps out of the house was lifted, allowing them to enter.

    • alexmathayes says:

      there are a lot of small mistakes such as this and one I mentioned which the writers seems to ignore or don’t even remember when they are writing episodes. all these small mistakes turn up the confusion each week

    • little k says:

      i thought exactly the same thing!

  27. azie@G says:

    can someone pleeeeaaaaassseeee tell me…when will season 3 be aired??

  28. Ally says:

    I wonder if this means that Jenna will appear to Jeremy? That could be the reason they killed her off. Shock factor plus they still get to keep the actress around for this new Jeremy storyline.

    • Marisa says:

      The actress is back in Canada working so I doubt it. Unless that was all a ruse too.

    • little k says:

      i dont get what that was about.
      i thought that it was a dream when i watched it, and i thought that it was maby stefan controling it. but everyone i talk to say that they wouldnt put a dream like that at the end of a searies, not much of a cliff hanger.

      perhaps he will be seeing dead people as a punishment for coming back to life (from the witches i meen)

  29. alexmathayes says:

    last time a few episodes back Elena gave the dagger to Elijah. How idid it come in the hands of Klaus. Did it magically appear in his hands or was Elijah an idiot to carry it with him whereever he went. This shows gets confusing each week

    • Manie says:

      Based on all the coffins we saw, I think Klaus had a couple of diggers. If those diggers were made to kill Originals, my guess is that there is one for each one of them. :D

  30. Lori says:

    Balance needs to be restored, Bonnie messed with the natural order of things, Jeremy needs to die. Loved Stefan in the finale :)

  31. Natasha says:

    I love Bad Stefan, and I like seeing him with Elena, especially now…
    I realy hope that the kiss between Elena and Damon will be the first and the last

    • Olivita says:

      It wont. Especially not if they keep in line with the books even remotely. The entire storyline is the love triangle between the three–NOT just between Elena/Stefan

  32. Mary says:

    Everything in that interview is just AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to see more of the Delena relationship next season!!<3<3

  33. Sophie says:


  34. salvatoresister says:

    I have to bring my opinion on this amazing episode.
    first of all love the fact that damon was the center of attention in the episode, he is my favorite, and he made me cry when he felt like he was dying and told elena all about his feelings to her.

    second,stefan, wow I think he is such an amazing brohter to damon by trying to save him, even if it meant sacrafising himself to klaus. thought he didnt know what klaus has planned for him. I hate stefan being bad and all, but it makes his character much more interesting now that he drinks human blood, hopefully he will come back next season in a more amazing way than he did in the last seasons.

    and finally Jeremy, wow the last scene where he sees anna and vicky, I thought that he is dead, but after reading this Im not so sure. I do hope he is alive cuz otherwise things will be worst for elena. I guess we wont know till september ahhhhh!!!!! 4 months!!!

  35. danielle says:

    omg! i loved this episode, it really was like tying up some of the emotional loose ends from last episode. i love delena more and more each time they have a moment together and this one was just epic! i love that jeremy is connected to a ghost world!! amazing idea.. will his ring no longer work? Bonnie is simply great at acting and her character has really grown i love it <3 caroline and tyler need more screen time and gosh! stefan going bad. nice. sorta like how in the books hes taken into the underworld and damon and elena go in to save him!! and their relationship grows ;) all in all.. nive cliffhanger, beast season 2 and now 3 months is going to be spent wondering and wondering!! oh and re-running both seasons obviously!! lol. TVD! TVD! TVD! TVD!

  36. lulu says:

    I just love everything about this show, i dont care who loves who, i just think its amazing, and Elijah just is a dream new character so i hope we see more of him.

  37. DayKnight says:

    Elena kissing Damon was the betrayal she swore would never happen. I hope the fallout of the Delena kiss is epic. It’s amusing for all the differences they tried to show between Elena and Katherine.. They now have the most important things in common. Both Doppelgangers and The Salvatore Bros. Also I hope to see more Katherine in S3. Hopefully she plays a part in saving Stefan from Klaus. Finally more Originals as I like to see a sister original having a link to Stefan. Greatly entertaining season of TVD.

    • jcdap says:

      I don’t really feel like her kiss was a betrayal. I’ve read on other message boards that she was cheating on Stephen. It really seemed like a sympathy, granting of a last wish kind of thing. It wasn’t hot and sexy (he was sweaty and dying). It seemed like Elena being compassionate, that’s all. She still loves Stephen, just cares about Damon. I think the kiss will show her she cares more than she probably should but, it’s not like a big cheating, betrayal (IMO anyway).

  38. Ally says:

    Why has no one mentioned this—– we found out that Damon was made a vampire by Katherine—-not by Stephen. He’s lied to his brother all these years and Stephen has carried this guilt! Isn’t this important?

    • Corinne says:

      It was always know that Katherine’s blood was used, but it was Stefan that forced him to feed to complete the transition. Damon didn’t want to finish transforming because Katherine was dead, or so they thought at the time.

  39. to Ally says:

    Ally, you really have not been paying attention.

  40. B says:

    This was the worst episode of VD yet. Elena kissing Damon out of pitty? What the heck was that all about? So forced and so stupid. Also, I hated the fact that Stefan again put himself in a stupid situation to save his stupid brother, that doesn’t deserve it at all. Elena belongs with Stefan and has no business kissing and having feelings for Damon. Her character would become so shady and unreliable if she gets with Damon next season when she’s been such a loyal and trustworthy person. She needs to find Stefan ASAP and bring him back.
    If Stefan becomes the bad vampire next season and Damon the good one, I won’t be watching this show again, cause it won’t make any sense at all. Such a dissapointing finale. I am not even remotely looking forward to next season now.

    • Olivita says:

      I’m not sure you understand the point of so many storylines on this show.

      1. Elena did NOT kiss Damon out of pity. She kissed him because she DOES IN FACT LOVE HIM. So all of you Stelena fans need to get over that fact REALLY quick.

      2. Damon does deserve to be saved, as he has had multiple redeeming moments throughout the series. Pay attention.

      3. The ENTIRE POINT OF THIS SERIES IS THE LOVE TRIANGLE BETWEEN DAMON/ELENA/STEFAN. Elena is actually not necessarily destined to be with Stefan, nor is it “supposed” to be them together, forever. It does not make her an unloyal/untrustworthy person. It makes her HUMAN.

      4. No loss if you stop watching it I’m sure. There are plenty of loyal fans who trust where the writers are taking this story line.

      If you are not looking forward to next season–why do you care enough to come on here and complain? Clearly you do care.

      • Affy-Ann says:

        I think it’s going to be a while before Elena chooses Damon over Stefan. She definitely has to deal with the situation of her kissing Damon, really thinking about what she feels. But I also think both Damon and Elena will be spending more time focusing on finding Stefan and saving him from Klaus. In the process, Damon and Elena are sure to become closer. But I don’t think Elena will just give up everything she’s been through with Stefan to be with Damon. Not yet.

      • Aanchal says:

        A totally agree with you said

    • little k says:

      i dissagre, there has only been 2 seasons so far and i think that this is the best, but that may be because i have season 1 on dvd and i have watched all of them more than 20 times so i may have gotten bord by it a little, but i looove it and i keep on watching them.n

  41. ang says:

    ok, i feel like i missed something… why didn’t jeremy’s ring work when he died this time? it worked when damon broke his neck…

    • Kim says:

      Jeremy’s ring would not have worked because it only works against deaths caused by supernatural means or people. Damon was a vampire and therefore the ring activated, Sheriff Forbes is a human who accidentally shot him therefore the ring would not activate. It was also why in “The Last Dance” Alec/Klaus sent humans after Jeremy to beat him up. There was a line after Jeremy got shot that did explain about the ring not working but it could be easily missed ;)

    • Alex says:

      Because the ring was made to protect against supernatural intities. Sheriff Forbes shot Jeremy. She’s not supernatural so the ring wouldn’t work. (:

  42. sarah says:

    i lovedd how stefan sacrificed everything for damon in this episode it was so sweet it really shows how much the brothers care about each other and i also loved the part where damon told elena to tell stefan he’s sorry <33
    i really don't see what everyones talking about with the "epic delena kiss" it wasn't epic at all. all it was was a peck on the lips done out of pity and they both knew it too. it really wasn't romantic. i'm really not looking foward to delena next season i hope damon doesn't take advantage of stefan being gone. i mean he did all of this for damon anyway…
    i'm really not gonna like the whole bad stefan story line. i hope that doesn't last for long it would completely mess up the amazing stelena thing <33 i'm hoping damon and elena ressurect elijah (or a different original) and have them compel stefan to forget all of his time with klaus but still have him have to recover emotionally from knowing he killed people. and also recover from drinking so much human blood. that would be a good stelena thing elena helping him recover. and also a good thing for the brothers. :)
    ohh and i'm so happy anna and vicky are back!!! the whole jeremy thing was the only thing that surprised me in the whole finally everything else was kind of predictable for me but probably because i spent a lot of time seaching for spoilers. :)

  43. AllTheVoicesInMyHead says:

    I was blown away by this season’s final episode! So many twist I didn’t see coming, that after my jaw dropped for the first time (Klaus stabbing Elijah) it just stayed on my scratchy carpet floor.
    Reading the previous comment there are just a few things that I have to get off my chest, so here goes…
    1. After Klaus so kindly revealed to the audience and a apparently unknowing Kathrine, that Stefen is not the saint he appeared to be.

    • AllTheVoicesInMyHead says:

      I was blown away by this season’s final episode! So many twist I didn’t see coming, that after my jaw dropped for the first time (Klaus stabbing Elijah) it just stayed on my scratchy carpet floor.
      Reading the previous comments, there are just a few things that I have to get off my chest, so here goes…
      After Klaus so kindly revealed to the audience and a apparently unknowing Kathrine, that Stefen is not the saint he appeared to be, I wondered about one thing:

      Did Stafan really just sacrificed himself for his brother or was it just a convenient way to get back to old bad self, where he wouldn’t need to hold himself back. As a huge BtVS Fan I see all the similarities to Angel. And for Angel, the soul was a CURSE, not something he seeked out/choose.
      Considering Stefan’s upbringing, I have a feeling, that there was a lot of pent up anger mixed with the “I’m the king of the world blood high” after he completed his transition. We saw it when he KILLED HIS FATHER and drank his blood to finish the transition. We saw it when he was HIGH ON BLOOD persuading Damon to drink off the girl he brought him. He said it himself, retelling the glossed over for humans story how he met Lexi.

      I think nither Stefan’s nor Damons’s charakters are plain black/white or good/bad. I think there are many layers of gray that I hope we will find out more about in the next season.

      • AllTheVoicesInMyHead says:

        Another thought:

        Stefan wants to save his brother because he knows he can have eternity with him. Elena pretty much told him, she doesn’t see herself beeing a vampire a.k.a. I don’t see myself spending eternity with you. And a decade is a small amount of time, when you’ve been around a couple of them and have many to come in the future.
        So instead of pushing the limits with Elena to the point when she’ll appear to be just a old couger, he’ll indulge in killing sprees with Klaus and returns to his beloved brother after his dacade – sentence.

        • little k says:

          i dont know why stefan didnt just kill himself when he found katherin went of with the blood to cure damon, i know there wouldnt be much point of a third season if that happened but wouldnt you prefer to be dead than to be captive of klase and made to kill sooo many people

  44. Don says:

    When I saw vicki I was sooo happy!! I really hope she’s back for good. She’s my favourite character and she’s amazing! They need to bring her back!!!

  45. Affy-Ann says:

    I loved the finale! It was definitely amazing and I seriously can’t wait for season 3!

    Bad Stefan’s much worse than bad Damon, so I’m very excited to see how that plays out. And I think aside from being the ‘Season of Originals’, a big part of season 3 is how Damon, Elena, Bonnie, Alaric, Jeremy, Caroline, and even Tyler find a way to find Stefan and save him. Stefan’s always been the hero, trying to save everyone, and I think it’s time everyone tries to save him.

    As for Jeremy, I just got off from The VRO radio show. There’s a good theory that he’s now some kind of mediator between the living and the dead. I can’t think of anything else he could be. And I’m looking forward to seeing how Bonnie takes the consequences for how much magic she used. I think the witches were even angrier at her for trying to save Jeremy because she asked them to help her save Damon. It was all mounting up.

    There’s a lot of potential for season 3! The Vampire Diaries is getting more and more intense! XD

  46. Danielle H. says:

    This is one of my top 2 favorite shows, but I have to say I was very let down by this as a finale episode. This would have been better as a midseason finale or something because it was just not shocking enough. After last week it was like “Hmm… so what can top this as a finale?” There was another episode earlier in the season (the one where tons of stuff happens that the only moment I can think of right now is that Caroline sings on stage to Matt) that would have even worked better for a finale then this. The most shocking thing was the return of Anna and Vicki, and it had no where near the affect of the end of last years’ finale. O well, I look forward to season 3 still. Btw, since I’m a Delena shipper, I was happy she was being nice to him, but her kissing him in no way is her admitting love for him. It was more of a pity kiss that says that she cares.

    • little k says:

      i loooove vampire diaries, i read the books a little before the secon season came out on tv, but as soon as i found out that there was episodes of vampire diaries i bought the box set of season 1 even though i hadnt a clue if it was any good!
      but now i find the books really boring because the episodes are sooooo goood and fab. the books and the episodes are completly different, but i like that they are not the same otherwise it would be to predictable

  47. Windy B. says:

    First off, I have to say that I have been a Vampire Diaries fan since ’91 and was introduced to LJ’s wonderful world of fun. I have read all of the books and was pleasantly surprised to know that they had been made into a TV show. Then I was even more pleased by the stark differences between the two. I love the show! The similarities with the book are enough for me to kind of speculate where it is going to go, but they always surprise me with some random twist that blows my mind.

    I was expecting Klaus to stab Elijah, it had to happen. Hybrid dude gave one too many veiled threats about “reuniting” Elijah with family to have been shocking. But it got the point across that Klaus doesn’t really mind offing family or breaking his word. I don’t think that Elena and Katherine are dopplegangers of the Original’s sister. That just be weird (and illegal). I’m hoping that they bring a blonde haired, blue eyed beautiful vamp (like Elena in the books) but that has the same features and personality as Katherine and Elena do. A real love triangle is somewhere in the brothers’ background that I really want to see.

    I was completely shocked by Sheriff Forbes shooting Jeremy. I was thinking about how they would explain that one to Elena, but Bonnie saved the day (and maybe screwed up Jer’s mind) by going against the warnings and bringing him back. Then he had to go and start seeing ghost. This is an awesome twist! I was not a big fan of Vicki, found her to be to shallow and self absorbed, but I’m glad that they brought her back into the plot. Anna was someone I warmed up to, and think that her and Vicki being there to haunt Jeremy will be very interesting. It will surely make his relationship with Bonnie tough, but I have full confidence that they can pull through. I love them together.

    I’m still not sure how I feel about Jenna’s death, but hopefully they’ll write in Alaric to fulfill the parental role. He’s too nice of a guy for them to get rid of him. Maybe there will be a Meredith in his future. Nothing like a girlfriend/vamp hunter to give the show more action.

    Stefan trading his time with Klaus for the cure was a very Stefan thing to do. Feeling that he had to right the wrongs of the past, will lead to turbulent times for him in the future, but I’m glad he was able to get the cure. Klaus giving the cure to Katherine was a smart move on the writer’s part. For the first time, Katherine witnessed what a vampire Stefan is really like. He’s not all fluffy bunnies and rainbows. Stefan being a ‘ripper’ makes him less inclined to be the good guy and it’s exactly what his character needed. He needs to work out his issues and accept what he is before he settles down.

    Despite popular belief, Katherine does have feelings. I think she would no longer want to associate herself with Stefan because it will be an added risk of getting caught. After all, he did wipe out an entire village by himself. He has probably killed ten times as many humans as Damon and Katherine combined. Basically, she will do what’s best for herself.

    As for the kiss between Damon and Elena. I think that she is seeing the more human side of him and that she does care for him in a way. But for right now, that’s all it is. She is not in love with him and there is currently not a love triangle. She loves Stefan and accepts Damon, that’s all. I’m hoping that Season 3 will bring the two closer, maybe let Elena fall for him while they search for Stefan and he can help her cope with the losses she’s faced. Then we can watch the tension mount up when they find Stefan (or he returns) and he is battling with his inner demons and Damon has to protect Elena from her own boyfriend.

    Personally, I think that Stefan and Lexi were a great match. Damon and Rose were perfect for each other. And Elena and Matt were a good couple. But if I had to choose between Delena and Stelena, it’d have to be Delena. Just my opinion. Plus I’ve been waiting almost 11yrs to see who the b*tch chooses and it’s killing me inside. lol.

    Will Elena accept Stefan back after he’s murdered hundreds? Will Stefan freak out when he sees that the two of them are closer? Will Damon help Stefan or will he let him dig his own proverbial grave?

    I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see Season 3 and watch it all play out.

    • jcdap says:

      GREAT post Windy B! I agree 100% with everything you said. Nice way to sum it all up and add some good questions of what’s to come!

  48. Beau says:

    Phew, been reading ALL these comments and there’s so many opinions! Just to add more to the mix now haha, I feel like a need a good rant with people who love this show as much as I do!
    1. Firstly, I agree it definitely wasn’t as shocking a finale as last season’s (don’t know what could top that…!) BUT I think it was still really good, esp. considering all the incredible things that happened in 2×21 – they still had tons of stuff to make a good episode.
    2. Re: Klaus and Elijah – it was pretty obvious Klaus was going to kill Elijah, I knew it the minute Elijah made the mistake of letting Klaus live! Gah. Hopefully Elijah will come back next season though b/c I love his character, Klaus is the quintessential hot crazy villain, I think he’ll be good for the show but I’m not particularly fond of him otherwise. As for the original girl that Katherine and Elena are doppelgangers of, I agree with those who think she was someone both Klaus and Elijah loved…definitely don’t think she was their sister, ugh. For one thing, GROSS, why would Elijah fall in love with someone who looks like his sister? And also, she would’ve been a vampire when they turned into Originals, and couldn’t have been human for the sacrifice.
    3. DELENA DELENA DELENA YAY. I accept that Elena’s definitely not in love with Damon (yet!) and that the kiss showed she cared for him more than that she had romantic feelings for him, but I feel like next season she’s going to be exploring how she feels towards him and I think she’s going to find it hard to admit that she feels more for him than friendship, at least. SO EXCITED TO SEE HOW THIS PLAYS OUT. As for Damon – oh, stunning. Ian was INCREDIBLE as always and I can’t wait to see his interaction with Nina in S3, they have such amazing chemistry!
    4. As huge a Delena fan as I am, I can appreciate Stelena to a point, and I do actually really like Stefan as a character. Bad!Stefan’s going to be CRAZY ahh, but it’ll definitely be interesting for the show and for Stefan as a character, the writers definitely did the right thing deciding to properly explore that side of him. Also interested to see how things between Stefan and Katherine play out, IF she’s around next season (hope she is!) because I really want to find out if Katherine does love Stefan. I know she’s all “self preservation” blah blah, but I honestly believe she loves him, I guess the question is if she’ll make any sacrifices for him…!
    5. ANNA YAY I LOVE ANNA. Vicky, I wasn’t too fond of, I found it quite irritating and self-centered, but I’m so intrigued to see where this goes for Jeremy. Am I the only one that ia indifferent to Bonnie and Jeremy? Have never liked Bonnie much, but I guess she’s slightly more tolerable with Jeremy – still, always preferred Jeremy and Anna, they were so great together and it killed me when she was staked in last season’s finale!
    6. Lastly…MORE TYLER AND CAROLINE! Their interaction in 2×21 was so great, I was squealing the whole time. I hope we see more of them together in the third season! Matt can GTFO haha.
    GIANT RANT that no-one will read but I just needed to get it all out! I don’t know what I’m going to do til September, to be honest…COME FASTER!

  49. Salina says:

    Good things: The semi resolution between Caroline (who is a more likable than Debbie downer Elena) and her mother. Caroline is flawed not perfect like Elena and more believable as a character. The acting was good this episode.
    Bad things: Klaus was looking for Katherine for how long only to let her go so he could get a wingman? Stupidest plot ever. He sent her off knowing she was on vervain and would not return. Doesn’t even make sense. The big bad wants an evil buddy more than revenge? Stupid. The actors are doing better than the writers here. Hope they don’t screw this show up like the writers did with Angel. It became crazy and everyone was supernatural. You have to have some characters grounded in reality otherwise the supernatural one’s don’t seem so special and there aren’t many people left now that Jeremy is supernatural too. Next thing you know it just like on Angel you will forget the vampires are vampires, they won’t ‘vamp out’ anymore. They got lazy with special effects. We already don’t see fog effect anymore. Where did that ability go? Hope they keep true to the fact that it’s a vampire show.

  50. Lena says:

    I don’t believe for a second that that kiss was a pity kiss. It wasn’t able to be a passionate kiss because Damon was dying and couldn’t participate. You can bet your sweet patootie that next time Elena kisses him, he will actively participate. I think Elena kissed him, because she realized how much he actually meant to her…I’m not saying it’s love yet, but it’s definitely heading that way. It going to seriously confuse her and it’s going to be a struggle, but I think she won’t be able to deny her feelings in the future, and I’m sure the writers are going to drag this out, after all it’s the love triangle that causes the big debates.

    I’m not sure she is going to end up with either of them, given that she has pretty much made it clear she wants to remain a human and have the chance to live a full life and she cannot do that with either of the vampire brothers.