Killer NCIS Preview: Season 8 Climax Will Result In 'Significant Loss'

Intense times await viewers of NCIS as the CBS hit unspools the final two hours of its eighth season. In the first episode (airing this Tuesday at 8/7c), someone with ties to Gibbs’ team becomes the latest victim of the Port-to-Port Killer – and keep in mind, both Muse Watson (aka Mike Franks) and David Dayan Fisher (as Trent Kort) are set to guest star. The May 17 season ender in turn will reveal the identity of the serial slayer, with significant and lasting consequences for the NCIS team.

Gary Glasberg, an executive producer on TV’s most watched scripted series, shared with TVLine a look at the two wild weeks to come.

TVLINE | I have to imagine it’s a recurring temptation to uncork a serial killer arc on a show such as NCIS. Why now?
In looking at the finale we had last season, and other finales the show has done, we really just wanted to present an adversary that was formidable, one we could really dig into and play with — and yet do it in an NCIS manner. The challenge was doing it in a way that was commensurate with this show, and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

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TVLINE | The synopsis for the finale says the team will “come face to face with the Port-to-Port Killer.” Is it someone who has been on our screen before?
He’s been hinted at here and there… there are elements that have come up. It will be a surprise and yet a revelation for people.

TVLINE | I do know how you and [NCIS exec producer] Shane Brennan like to employ callbacks, to, like, some tiny bit of dialogue from Episode 6….
That’s the [series creator Don] Bellisario Way! It’s been fascinating for me to learn that, and it presents tremendous freedom to call back to characters, things and lines of dialogue that have come up, and then build entire storylines around ancillary moments.

TVLINE | So there will be a certain “a-ha!” moment to the reveal?
Actually, throughout the finale there are going to be a number of “a-ha” moments. It’s very multi-layered and not only wraps up the Port-to-Port story but also a lot of other loose ends that have come up. People will hopefully be excited by it.

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TVLINE | You’ve got a full house these final two weeks.
We have a lot of people coming back — Franks, Kort, Ray Cruz (played by Enrique Murciano)…. We’re putting together a really strong team of people to go after this Port-to-Port Killer, and it manifests itself in some interesting ways.

TVLINE | What can you say about the character being played by Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek), Navy Lieutenant Jonas Cobb?
I had never worked with Kerr before, but the whole group has had a fantastic time working with him. He really ends up playing a key role in this whole Port-to-Port case. Honestly, the emotional resonance of his performance has been wonderful, so I’m really excited to see how people react to it.

TVLINE | Explain the finale title, “Pyramid.” It doesn’t sound very ominous.
It’s a reference to where the weight and the power fall. It speaks to how decisions are made, where decisions are made, and where the threat is felt. It gets directly spoken to in the finale, so it will be explained.

TVLINE | Let’s talk raw numbers: How many will be killed by the end of finale, how many critically injured, wounded…?
I won’t give you raw numbers, but I will say there is a significant loss that happens for the team – and there is probably more than one. What happens in this week’s episode and the finale will absolutely rock the world of NCIS.

TVLINE | In lieu of raw numbers, what sort of impact will be felt? In past finales we have seen the NCIS team lose a leader, fret over Ziva’s fate, endure so many crucibles….
There is tremendous emotional resonance that happens from the losses they experience over the next two episodes — and that resonance will be felt well into next season. I have no doubt.

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  1. Joe says:

    It’ll be Mike Franks. i’m 99.999.9% sure & if it’s not then i’ll be very shocked.

    • D says:

      I agree. But in the May sweeps it says 2 deaths in NCIS. I think the other death might be someone from the other team.

      • redreh says:

        Concur on both accounts. Going to be a tough one for Gibbs (and co. for that matter.)

        Am I the only person who still thinks the P2P is Ray?

        • elizabeth says:

          You’re definitely not the only one. There’s something fishy about CI-Ray.

        • CM says:

          Besides him, I also think it might be Tony’s girlfriend, the blond form the new team or the huge dude also from that team, don’t know their names.

          • mallory says:

            I’m with CM…i’ve thought it was EJ from the very beginning. She’s the fishy one….

          • Steve says:

            I am with you on miss blonde… I can’t seed Mike Franks getting killed or being a suspect, and I don’t trust CI Ray, nor Trent Cort. As long as it isn’t one of the current members of the team, Tony, Ziva, Tim, Abby or Gibbs. Vance must go.

        • Katie says:

          I totally think it’s Ray. I mean, Ziva said he travels a lot (early Season 8), there’s been too much talk about him to then just reveal him as a CIA agent and kick him to the curb… He’s the killer. I just hope he manages to slit EJ:s throat before Ziva/Tony puts a bullet through his head.

        • Erica says:

          So with you about CI-Ray. He is the P2P killer. He has the knowledge to keep the forensics clean and his character was a bit off.

        • badprobiemcgee says:

          I have thought that the P2P killer was Ray from the first time that he showed up on the scene. He just put off a vibe to me, like he was the killer. But since they’ve said Cobb, I’m thinking Ray might still be helping him or something.

      • D says:

        Mike Franks died. Now, who’s the other one? The other team? It can only be one more. But EJ was in grave danger and both her partners were shot, so… As long as it isn’t someone from the main cast I’m good.

        • Erin says:

          I do not like EJ – her and Tony are just WRONG!!

          So without sounding like the wicked witch of the west, i am hoping, that by the time Gibbs and the team reach EJ and her team, the killer has had enough time to do the deed and wrap her up as a ‘surprise’ for the A Team.

          Clearly the killer doesn’t get killed at the apartment complex where Swan Song ends, or he wouldn’t be around in the next episode. But surely he’s not going to leave EJ alive…so here’s hoping…
          THEN, Tony will seek comfort WITH ZIVA!!

    • Pickle8182 says:

      I think Mike may be going down too. It looks like his boots in the dark rain when Gibbs catches him or dives with him before the wagon gets there. Who is the second one? We know there’s 2 and one was said to be either Franks or Kort. Originally they also said or made it sound like either Tony’s or Ziva’s love interest also got killed. They have my head spinning so much I thought reading this the killer might be CSIRay.

    • znachki says:

      Well, since the cast list has two SECNAVs, I’m guessing that one might be Jude Ciccola – the current one one the show. Either that or he has to resign. However, that would seem to be an unecessary digression.

      So, going with one being the SECNAV.

    • susan says:

      The person dies today and Franks does not come on to the following week

    • Arine says:

      Mike Franks is not the heart of NCIS.

    • Frank says:

      You were right Joe…Once the show started and Gibbs was standing in the rain you kinda got a feeling it was Franks…great call !

  2. tejas says:

    Franks isn’t going to rock the team, though. I’m still hoping Ziva’s one of the fatalities.

    • joe says:

      Ziva won’t be one of the casualties. Cote De Pablo(Ziva) just signed a 2 year deal for the show.

      • tejas says:

        Contracts don’t prevent a character from being written out.

        While it *does* seem unlikely at this point, I can dream.

        • sophie says:

          Seriously? This is NOT Ghost Whisperer. If a character dies in a show like NCIS, the actor will not be playing the role anymore, at least not as a regular, like Cote de Pablo is schedule to do for the next 2 seasons. There is no place for ghosts in these kind of shows.
          By the way, if you hate her SO MUCH, why do you keep watching? Just so you know, you have a very bad taste to be hating such a great character.
          Keep your dreams inside your head. No one cares.

          • tejas says:

            She will, unless TPTB choose to write her character out of the series. All actors’ contracts have that clause in them. It’s the way the business works.

            As for why I watch, I love NCIS, which is why I want Ziva gone. She’s a terrible drag on the show; a completely useless character. I’m not the only fan who would love to see her gone. She’s one of the two most hated characters on the show, second only to Vance, who is, at least, not useless.

            Ooh, maybe it will be her and Vance, though Vance has grown on me.

          • sophie says:

            I’m right, You’re wrong.
            I’m smart, You’re dumb.

          • JustJeanette says:

            @Sophie You do realise, I hope, that the sort of behavior you exhibit with your comment to Tejas paints you, and many other members of the TIVAnistah fan club, as a spoilt little child who has yet to graduate from junior school?

            Strangely enough the world and NCIS does not revolve around Ziva though Shane Brennan’s continued drive for Tony and Ziva moment (thankfully these have disappeared recently and we are getting the smart, quirky program that many fell in love with) has actually brought a degree of ridicule to what was once a bery smart program.? There is a reason that NCIS has been refered to as ZCIS, As the Bullpen Turn and Days of Our Ziva’s; the appearnce od thse names coinciding with the Media discovering NCIS and trying to put it into a basket they could understand; namely NCISexy… SB happily pushing that agenda.

            That TIVA fen now believe that they are ENTITLED to their special ship being the focus of NCIS because the chemistry is SO obvious that everyone MUST acknowledge that Ziva is what makes NCIS; please note, that I have deliberately said ‘Ziva makes NCIS’ because some of the comments made regarding Tony by purported TIVA fen make you wonder why they want their precious princess paired up with a man-wh–re who just won’t MAN up and change to be the man Ziva wants.

            Ziva divides the fandom more than any other factor in NCIS. Unfortunately, in terms of strong story telling, I can’t see NCIS actually utilizing Ziva in a way that almost makes sense out of the complete Mary-Sueness that is Ziva; namely that she’s a sleeper agant and has been playing NCIS from the get-go… kind of fits with the whole “I was sent to Kill Ari” ret-conning of Reunion. The only problem with that storyline, from my POV, is that unless Gibbs has worked it out and he and Vance are playing Ziva while she attempts to play them,then Gibbs’ gut has been completely made MIA and I don’t like the idea of Gibbs being that much of an idiot. It’s bad enough that he now is a murderer and a crooked cop… See Hernadez and Mother’s Day.

          • sophie says:

            Actually I just finished a degree in college, not that I have any explaining to do.
            TIVA? where the hell do you see TIVA writen in my comment? I don’t care about Tony and Ziva, never did. Form me they are siblings. If Tony was meant to be with someone from the team, that someone would be Kate, but she was killed and that will never happen. If Tony and ZIva ever get together I’ll stop watching NCIS.

          • Red says:

            @JJ: It’s not Ziva who is divisive, but Tiva. Let Tony & Ziva be competent partners again with their own separate personal lives, and a lot of us will be perfectly happy again.

          • JustJeanette says:

            @Sophie: I don’t know I could have gotten that idea from? Maybe it was the very erudite

            I’m right, You’re wrong.
            I’m smart, You’re dumb.

            that suggested grade school.

            As for Ziva, believe it or not I’m with you on sibling versus romantic. She’s still a very un-believable character but at least if the oneside neurotic banter was taken out of the equation she might (eventually) be a decent partner for Tim. She doesn’t trust or respect Tony so being even a so-so partner is a bit of a stretch.

            Again the downside of Baltimore was Ducky bringing up the level of trust that should exist between partners… Though it might explain why Tony has never ratted Ziva out for some of her stunts around the Rivkin saga.

          • g.ulliel says:

            II have written several times how much I love this show
            how could anyone find anything wrong with the most perfect
            show on the air. every cast member (including Ziva) is magnificent

            the writing is different than any show since hill street blues
            the direction is so great I cannot find the words that could
            cover it. the acting, wow,MARK DOES NOT have to say a word, just
            lookat his face and it tells all. I watch every rerun on channel 105
            and my dvds, dont change a thing you are PERFECT

          • Stephanie says:

            I AGREE WHOLEHEARTLY cause ZIVA is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!

    • badprobiemcgee says:

      Mike can still rock the team. Over the brief time with him, they’ve all grown rather attached.

  3. Mooshki says:

    Just so long as they don’t mess with my Illya Kuryakin!

  4. Joanie says:

    Does anybody remember if Mike Franks or Trent Kort were Marines? I don’t think a civilian would get Marine pallbearers. Also Gibbs has a black band across his badge, I don’t think he would do that for Kort since he’s CIA, but then again maybe Gibbs would as a sign of respect for a fallen comrade.

    • tejas says:

      Assuming that the “will rock NCIS” means more than it has in the past, neither Franks’ nor Kort’s death will do that. But then, we have no idea if that shot of the flag draped coffin being carried by Gibbs and the Marines is of anyone we even know. Remember, the promo shots are often taken out of context in order to lead us to believe one thing while then slapping us upside the head with something else.

      In order to “rock NCIS” we’re going to have to lose one of the main characters, not a recurring character. Even killing Fornell probably won’t do it.

      • Alicia says:

        Exactly; the death of Franks, Kort or even Fornell won’t rock the team and reverberate through next season.

        I think McGee is going to die (and they bought out Sean Murray’s contract to do it).

    • Cheryl says:

      I have a terrible memory but I’m pretty sure Franks was Gibbs’ boss or at least partner something like that right?

    • Linnie says:

      I think Frank’s was a marine but I can’t tell you for sure. I really hope it’s not Franks. I love him so much, he brings so many layers to the stories when he shows up. But, it looks like that’s who it’s going to be. Also, after a little bit of research, it seems that there is no hard and fast rule about who the mourning band is used for. I’ve read of firemen wearing the mourning band for police officers. So it could be for Kort, or it could be someone from E.J’s team.

      I’m almost 99% positive that it’ll be Franks (even though it’ll break my entire heart… I mean, for Team Gibbs and Frank’s family…). Sigh. It’s a darn shame. I figured since he was in danger last season finale that he’d be left alone this time around. Give the guy a break ya know? :D

    • JMC says:

      Kort isn’t a US Citizen (can’t remember where he’s from, but I’m 99.9% sure he’s foreign), and therefore not a Marine.

      • Blix says:

        Kort currently works for the CIA, so at some point he’s been naturalized. He still could have served in the US armed forces. However, we now know, with the airing of the episode, that it’s not him.

      • vic says:

        you do not have to be an american citizen to serve in the USMC.

  5. hannah says:

    I think Ducky will be killed.

  6. Kate says:

    I think Vance will die. It would be significant for the team to lose yet another director on their watch. I think Hetty from NCIS:LA will take over for him and be on both shows the way Vance has been, since it’s already been reported that her title will change at the end of the season.

    • Courtney says:

      Ducky would definitely rock the team. Also Vance. But the idea of Hetty taking over as head of NCIS would be interesting… I don’t want her to leave LA though – her relationship with Callen is too much fun to watch.

      I don’t think any of the main cast will go. Killing Kort would be AWESOME. So probably won’t happen. Or what about Fowler?

      I don’t think it’s EJ as the PTP killer. I think the officers on her team might have noticed by now if she was magically in all of the PTP locations at the time of the murders.

      • Kate says:

        I don’t think EJ is the killer either, but I think she may become one of the victims. I feel like either her or Ray will die, and I don’t think they would kill another one of Ziva’s boyfriends since she would probably never date again. I’m still not entirely convinced Ray isn’t involved with the PTP killings though!

      • AliceNOz says:

        I read somewhere that they are getting a new NCIS LA commander, so you could be right. I don’t know how Gibbs would handle that one, but I’ve never liked this dude from the beginning, so almost anyone would be a change forthe better.

    • Chatty says:

      Kate, that’s an interesting idea, but I’m pretty sure I saw on the preview of NCIS:LA that Hetty presents her resignation. We are upset because she is our favorite on that show, and are hoping the trailer is misleading.

      • Kate says:

        Maybe she resigned from that post to take the new one? I saw her burning a file, which reminded me of when Vance became director and the first thing he did was shred his own file. I love Hetty so I would be happy to see her on NCIS. Vance has never really done much for me!

      • Pennagirl says:

        Interesting theory, that could work, I like Hetty.

  7. Becky says:

    Ptp killer is Zivas dad. I think Vance is killed off

  8. cbw says:

    I’m hoping for a really good finale this year after last year’s damp squib.

    Incicentally, if the conversationss are monitered why is that kidi’s insult still here? I appreciate Ziva is in to appeal to the grade school gang and ,as such, they are entitled to post too but do we really have to have their schoolyard taunts as well?

    • tejas says:

      I don’t know. I think it says a great deal about who the bulk of Ziva’s fans are. I just hope she’s not here in the US because she probably shouldn’t be up this late on a school night.

      • HRU says:

        I am old and I like her alot. So does Hubby. I think she adds to the team dynamics a great deal and really do not think she will bite the dirt this year. Vance and Franks on the other hand, may very well be the victims, though Vance has not been on for awhile which has me wondering. I think Kort is missing the eyeball but not sure that he is in his thirty’s and blue eyed?

    • Svenja says:

      And all the antis are desperate housewives…. I am just kidding. Get rid of those stereotypes. There are pros and antis…some of them are young adults or teenagers, some of them are already mothers, employed and have a family…or they are even older…
      Very mature to do those generalisations…

      • Mag says:

        Amen! We really don’t need to resort to childish insults due to differences of opinion over a t.v. character. Love her, hate her, be indifferent about her but be mature enough to allow people to have their own opinions.

        • Renee says:

          Yes. Thank you.

        • Blix says:

          And yet, the taunt above (by Sophie, the one in question) is the epitome of childish and immature in regards to Tejas expressing her own opinion. So, if we’re all to be “mature enough to allow people to have their own opinions” should that not be true of BOTH sides of the Tiva/Ziva argument?

          Perhaps, then, the Tiva/Ziva faction should take your words to heart, since the immature “rebuttals” to said differing opinion seem to be coming mostly from that faction.

          • Mag says:

            I’m neutral so that was a general service announcement. I haven’t seen either side taking a high road. Its just a lot more fun to participate when there aren’t childish taunts or gross generalizations being thrown around. One persons immaturity or anothers inability to miss an opportunity to slam a character they hate shouldn’t ruin it for everyone.

        • Trecia says:

          I agree with you, everyone is intitled to their opinion. I love me some Ziva, she does make the show more interesting. Also I don’t think Vance will die. I hope not any way, because he is intriguing. No one knows much about him, which makes him interesting to say the least.

    • Dbalcer says:

      Your characterization of Ziva fans is a disguised taunt if you want a board free of that type of post then you too need to be above it. I don’t want any of the team to die their dynamics are what make the show.

  9. Scott says:

    I hate to say this but I have a bad feeling they are going to kill Abby.If you watch the preview real close, it looks like a woman’s long hair on the one person as they fall to the ground.

    • Cheryl says:

      Oh that would be totally uncool!

    • Debbie M says:

      I’m thinking Abby too unfortunately. First, I read somewhere that Gibbs was going to take the death really hard, which would fit. I also read somewhere that she was trying to get a music career going. Hope it’s not the case. I’d miss her.

      • AliceNOz says:

        Dunno, They’ve done WAY too much press with her lately to knock her off. She’s off the charts in popularity at the moment. Of course, I guess that could have been the whole point, getting her focus up.
        However, Ziva also has dark hair. I know people are bickering back and forth about ZIVA, but I’ve grown to really like her. They way Kate and Tony were at each other like kids in the backseat of a long road trip was awesome and when she left the show, I didn’t know how they would proceed with that. Ziva and Tony were soon at it again, not in quite the same way, but she definitely gives him grief and that’s a great part of the show. Kate and Tony (Ziva and Tony) both deep down care(d) for the other, but on the surface… “Gibbs she’s touching me!” “Gibbs he’s on my side of the car” “You’re Stupid!” “You’re Ugly!” Finding yet another female agent to treat Tony like that? Don’t think so… (So hoping it’s Vance)

  10. Vannie says:

    I think it will be Franks Gibbs wouldn’t be that close to the casket if it were someone else. I think the second person maybe the FBI guy and I think that EJ is Gibbs daughter with shepherd which was not explored

    • tejas says:

      You do realize that EJ’s probably late 30s, right? Even assuming Jenny would have hidden a child from Gibbs, that kid would be much, MUCH, younger. Kelly would only be about, what, 25 or so had she lived? And shed died when she was 8. Gibbs was with NCIS for a while before he worked with Jenny. 16 is a *generous* estimate of any mythical child of Jenny’s and Gibbs’.

    • Blix says:

      You do realize that EJ (if she were the bad fanfiction trope of being the daughter of Gibbs and Jenny) would be about 16 years old, according to the time line.

      What FBI guy? The only FBI guys we really know are Fornell and Sachs. I think you mean CIA guy… and we have two of those, too: Kort and Ray.

  11. Vannie says:

    Why do you put *asterisks* around everything you *think* is *important* in a sentence?

    • Vannie says:

      ^^^ Directed to tejas ^^^

      • tejas says:

        Ah! It’s an old internet convention that dates back to when the net started out in the 70s (mm… the convention *may* not have started until the 80s – bandwidth in the 70s was so meager that communication was *really* kept to bare bones). All communication was plain text only and asterisks were used to denote emphasis in much the same way italics or bold can be used now. It was, and still is for those of us who’ve been online for decades, so prevalent that Word was written to automatically translate them to italics. The web, and HTML, didn’t come around until ’93 and coincided with AOL’s big push to open the net to to more than just universities, tech companies and a small percentage of Prodigy (for example) users. For a lot of us, it’s second nature and a *very* hard habit to break. :-)

        Thus endth Lesson 1 of The History of ‘Net Conventions. LOL! :-)

        • AliceNOz says:

          Thank you for schooling the uninformed masses!
          You know who you are….. ;)

        • Steve says:

          I’ve always used asterisks to highlight things and often been criticised for it. At least I now know the history behind it. Looking forward to Lesson 2 tejas! Perhaps “Pwned” or “lol”.

  12. Adriana says:

    O god no! I want ALL of the Gibblets to return next season, so Abby better be alright! I think she will be. But McGee and Palmer also better be unharmed!
    And about Ziva, not matter what clause there is in their contract, they would not have Cote re-sign her contract and then kill her of a month later. Not even for the effect of drama.
    The person who said she loves NCIS so she wants Ziva off? WTF? Ziva has been part of this series for 6 years. This series has flourished with her in it. If she was such a turn off for “most of the fans” it would not be doing so well. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the series is doing so well because of Ziva, but she certainly is a big part of it. But seriously? S1 and S2 are gathering dust on my shelf because I cannot watch them. Kate is thouroughly annoying me these days and Tony, OMG don’t get me started on S1 & S2 Tony! I hated him! NCIS was an okay series when it started. I watched when it was on, but I wouldn’t be upset if I missed one. Then, Ziva entered and suddenly this series became much more interesting to me! And she quickly turned in to my favorite character, and she still is.
    SIX YEARS people, get over it, move on and stop complaining.

    • tejas says:

      The last few episodes of S6 pretty much trashed Ziva beyond redemption for a huge proportion of the audience. Many of us who already didn’t like her could tolerate her presence without much trouble, but that broke her beyond fixing. The show flourishing *despite* her. It would do even better without her.

      • thrapston_cheeseley III says:

        Ziva is a running sore, running from herself and society. Yet in the ned her scab will heal us all.

  13. timotey says:

    I think that Mike Francks and EJ will die. EJ’s death will then make Tony hand in his resignation, saying he can’t do it anymore. That will hit the team hard. As Mark Harmon said, someone will leave for other career choices, it can be aplied to both an actor and a character. Tony will then return next season for whatever reasons :P

  14. justjeanette says:

    Except the only fretting I did over Ziva’s ending in season 6 was dreading she’d be back after the betrayal of the team, her outright abuse of Tony, and the fact that she actually wanted Gibbs to throw Tony off the team because SHE couldn’t trust him anymore. That the character then goes on and continues a mission in a tanty rather than exercising any common sense that someone as AWESOME as we keep being told Ziva David is just added a final nail in her coffin as far as I was concerned.
    As to Ah-ha and shock and awe moments; that’s kind of what has dragged NCIS down into run of the mill soap opera territory; What, Franks dies so we can now have Gibbs being substitute father to Amelia they by finally being able to be a father when he couldn’t to Kelly? (Soap Opera Trope #1-check) or is it Tony gets badly injured and realises on what might be his death bed that he is totally in love with Ziva and he declares it while handing Ziva the ring (which would fit the erstwhile assassin according to TIVAfen) that he had used to propose to Wendy (Soap Opera Trope #2-check). Wait, maybe EJ is Kelly who was kept in witness protection and we have a heart rending reunion and Gibbs sails off into the sunset letting Tony take over the team (Soap Opera Trope #3-check) and because Gibbs is no longer there Tony finally mans up and sweeps Ziva off her feet [though unlike Ziva he doesn’t then go on to kick her while she’s down and pull a gun on her with intent] and Tony and Ziva go off and make little Davids because after all who’d want to acknowledge Tony was actually good for anything (Soap Opera Trope’s #4 and 5-check).
    Guess what; in some circles the above suggestions have been made in ALL seriousness; usually be the extreme TIVAnistahs…
    Forgive me if I’m not holding out much hope for a really good season ending; I’ve been burnt a few times too many though Baltimore proved again that the writers (Steve Binder I love you) can write the tight, twisty, quirky NCIS we fell in love with before Shane Brennan fell in love with Ziva David.

  15. Pepper says:

    Of course it’s not gonna be a main character. Just your usual “let’s kill an occasional guest star who we recognize but don’t really care much for”. Shocking? No. Predictable? Yes.
    TV people have a whole lot of different definition of words like “shocking”. I want to be challenged but I can tell who the killer is in the first 10 minutes. Challenge me!

    • Blix says:


      TV’s best shocking these days is pretty sad. So, Franks is dead. Surprised? No. Shocked? No. This episode was predictable from the first 2 minutes, sadly. I do want to be shocked and surprised, but, I wasn’t.

      And red-shirting the recurring characters? Really… whatever. I had a hard time buying the grief in the elevator scene… it was so ridiculously out-of-character and over the top for Ziva. So much for highly-trained former Kidon. Out of the entire team, the only one other than Gibbs with any real interaction with Franks was Tony.

  16. deedeedragons says:

    How about Palmer dying?

  17. david says:

    It’s possible that the funeral is a flashback, no? It could be looking back at Kate’s death. Just a theory.
    And I agree with some others. Franks is a great asset to NCIS, but if they killed him off, it wouldn’t really rock the team. Probably only Gibbs would be severely affected. Now if Abby was killed… that would have a huge impact.
    Can’t wait for the episode(s).

    • tejas says:

      Gibbs was late to Kate’s funeral. He was dealing with the aftermath of the shooting. But it *could* still be a flashback.

      I wouldn’t *mind* if Franks was killed, I’m tired of how Gibbs tends to run off without the team when he’s around. But what I would *hate* to see is Gibbs taking on the daughter-in-law and little girl. Too soapy.

  18. colorguard28 says:

    I think Franks dying affects the team *because* it affects Gibbs. Just like the missing finger last season and the thought he might be dead affected them. Also, a lot depends on how whomever (I think Franks) dies. Look at how Tony was beating himself up in Spider & the Fly because he thought he’d let Mike get killed. Guilt could easily play a role in how the team is affected.

  19. kag says:

    the only other well known military service person is leon. and i would be sad. he’s smart,principled and dignified. a true leader.

  20. Renee says:

    I don’t WANT the NCIS world rocked! I like it AS IS! That’s why it is my escape from reality…it isn’t REAL. Why don’t TV writers get that? Real life sucks and you truly have no control over what happens at times…that’s what is so great about TV…results can be controlled.

  21. Dr. Akhireh says:

    I’m pretty sure McGee bites the dust. They dropped in dialogue in “Baltimore” between McGee and Ziva about what Ziva would do if McGee were killed…just the type of foreshadowing that NCIS does (and is referred to in the article).

    I think McGee’s death would have a profound impact on the team–just think what it would do to Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, and Abby.

    • Dewkitty says:

      On that line of thinking, they also foreshadowed it being Vance. Tony points out to EJ that there have been many directors, but only one Gibbs.

      You see what you read into it. Everyone swears they see different things and shape it to fit what they want to see happen.

  22. Breck says:

    How shocking would it be if the killer is either Palmer or how about Gerald? The killer does have a medical background and knows NCIS procedures

    • Ashley says:

      I like your suggestion that Gerald is the P2P Killer! He was shot by Ari and then forgotten by the gang – something that could twist someone over the years. It would also explain why he’s more focused on Tony rather than Ziva or McGee: Gerald was gone before either of them really became part of the team.

  23. Pompeii says:

    Ah!!! I see the Tibbs shippers are here. They hate Ziva because she might come between their ultimate romantic couple Tony & Gibbs. Personally I feel that if it’s time to get rid of anyone it should be Tony. Michael Weatherly is putting on weight and he’s not aging gracefully, and the character acts like all he is is a huge walking dick. . Maybe NCIS needs a younger ,sexier ,trim male.

    • timotey says:

      *shakes head* Seriously, you point fingers at people who don’t like Ziva but you’re even worse. They don’t like the character, you bash the actor. Is there a way to sink even lower?

    • tejas says:

      I don’t want *any* romance on the show. It doesn’t have any place in it. Shoot, there’s barely enough time to show decent cases without muddling things with tacked on romances. None of which has anything to do with why Ziva needs to go. She needs to go because she’s badly written and serves no useful purpose.

    • Blix says:

      Wow… you like to take pot shots at the fans who don’t want romance on the show, but you’re worse. Most of the antis just don’t like Ziva (mostly for how she’s been written and how it affects Tony and the rest of the show,) but you’re actually bashing on the actor… That’s uncalled for, and more than just a bit rude.

  24. Dj says:

    The weight and the power fall line makes me think Vance is going to be killed and Gibbs is going to be asked to take his spot but if not Vance then it’s Jimmy.

  25. Auburn says:

    Taking a shot in the dark here, but what if the latest victim is Gibbs’ father? I believe that he was a Marine in his time and would definitely affect the team since they all knew him, and that the latest “career change” will be for Gibbs to leave again. I know they’ve been there, done that before, but who could blame the guy for wanting to leave? I hope I’m wrong and can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

    • Auburn says:

      I also think that Tony’s ex Jeanne could be the Port-to-Port killer since she is a doctor and has some idea on how to get to NCIS. Which unfortunately will make Tony’s latest love interest a target, which stinks because I like EJ!

      • mc7ism says:

        I have thought that too! Also, didn’t Jeanne’s brother get mentioned before in an episode with “The Frog”?? There is definitely bad blood there! hmmm….it is so hard to wait to find out!!

  26. chet says:

    I think it will be Ducky
    we have been seeing him less and less on the show
    I belive there might be age and or health issues
    sry to say

    • Gail says:

      I think it will be Ducky, too. I also read he was not at the wrap party NCIS had….maybe he was upset or too sad to go…? Just a theory. I sure hope it is not him, though.

  27. Scott says:

    No one is talking about Palmer.

  28. Wanda says:

    I don’t think it will be any of the women on this show (including new ones like EJ) because NCIS has made it a practice to kill off the women on this show a little too much over the years (Kate, Jenny, Paula Cassidy, Agent Lee). Time for a man to take the bullet as long as it’s not a main cast member!

  29. Edward says:


  30. Kiki says:

    I have a feeling they’ll kill McGee. That EJ person was just a decoy to make us think it’d be Ziva, but killing McGee – that would certainly be a loss felt by everyone, it would shake things up and mess the frak out of Abby. And if that’s the case, it would be sooo sad.

  31. Doug-H says:

    Every year, the buzz is that “someone will be dead” or something like that.. In the past it was suspected about Ducky mainly because the actor is older and may want to slow down back in retirement in NY where his family is.. But, it would make no sense since he doesn’t really get in harms way (Jag joke) much… No idea why they have to kill off anyone…

  32. AnnaW says:

    My first time participating in the NCIC comments section. I’ve enjoyed *most* (hee hee) of your comments. I love the discussion and all the possibilities being bandied about.

    This isn’t necessarily in reference to the finale but I wanted to comment on Michael Weatherly. (Sorry if I’m not spelling that correctly.)

    I’m a relative newbie to NCIC. Discovered it during a marathon weekend a couple years ago and have since tried to catach up by watching almost all past seasons.

    I enjoy something about each character. I like the quirky and goofy, the drama and seriousness, etc. I feel like all the characters and their personalities make sense… except I have some sort of a block with Weatherly and I have a hard time putting my finger on it.

    I really do like him/his character but my brain gets a little stuck with him sometimes…. like I don’t find him believable or something. He has good pure moments but I think his character is written as such a doofus sometimes. I think they need to give him a tad more maturity… because come on, if he’s a normal human being, he should be maturing as the seasons pass but we just keep getting 6th grader Tony. A good actor and good writing should be able to produce a smart, savy, sometimes silly, but more mature Tony.

    Does that make sense, and does anyone else feel similar? I think Tony could be my favorite character but he *just* misses the mark a bit for me depth-wise… or something.. I don’t know.

    I see how some of you are very passionate about your love and hate of characters. I’m just in it for a little recreation… but play nice will ya! :-) I’m just curious if others have a similar feeling.


    • tejas says:

      They started regressing Tony badly in season 6. They *finally* started correcting that problem this season. If you get a chance to watch the episodes in order from the start, you should be able to see the character’s progressive devolution. Fortunately, he had such a strong base to work from that it shouldn’t be that hard to leave the idiocy behind. Lots of folks have been asking to see the “Work smarter, not harder” Tony we used to know and it seems they’ve finally heard us. From interviews and commentaries, it seems Michael Weatherly wasn’t too happy with it, either.

  33. annaw says:

    OK, just re-read my post above. Talk about fluff. Here’s the shorter succint version of my question.

    What’s up with Michael Weatherly’s character? The 6th grade doofiness just doesn’t comport with me. A talented actor and good writing combination should produce something a little smarter, savier, funnier, believable, etc.

    • Pennagirl says:

      AnnaW. That maybe but you’ve got to remember that this is entertainment, come to my house I have quirky people there (my husband). Do you think Abby is quirky? You kind of have to if you think MW character is.

      • AnnaW says:

        I love quirky. My house is full of quirky too. :-) I’m just having a hard time conveying what bugs me about his character. I think Kate summed it up though nicely below.
        Sometimes Tony’s quirkiness, goofy, etc. is good. Sometimes is seems too forced — to acted. Pointing out Abbey is a perfect illustration. She’s completely over the top quirky and yet, I don’t doubt any of it for a second. With Tony sometimes it’s not natural and I think it’s poor writing for the character rather than Michael Wetherly’s acting abilities.

    • Kate says:

      I agree. I think the problem is that Tony is often written inconsistently. There have been times through the series like with Jeanne where it seemed like he was growing up but he always reverts. I have no problem with him being quirky such as his love of all things film, but I just think emotionally there isn’t a lot of depth. I think that’s the problem when you have a show that runs this long you have to give the character room to grow or it gets old. I feel the same way about Brennan on Bones, she’s just as robotic as she was at the beginning which has created a disconnect for me.

      • tejas says:

        Tony has a great deal of depth, the problem is that Shane Brennan apparently couldn’t see it. When he took over is when they started writing Tony as if his mask was all there was. It seems, though, that Gary Glasberg, even though Shane Brennan is still in charge over all, has a better grasp of the character and so we’re starting to see a more fully drawn character than during the initial Brennan years.

        • Kate says:

          Well I think that’s where the disconnect with his character comes from. They’ve definitely built in layers to his character but then nothing ever comes from it. For someone with so much emotional baggage (his father, Jeanne, losing Jenny, etc.) he never emotes anything. I thought it was interesting that even EJ laughed off his concerns about Gibbs as Tony simply being afraid of him. Obviously there is a lot more to it than that since Gibbs has been Tony’s role model and mentor for years. It was knowing that he was disappointing Gibbs that was bothering him. It just seems like the writers always just play Tony at the surface which is disappointing because his character definitely has so much potential to be more than just the goofy guy who likes pretty girls.

          • tejas says:

            And we do get to see that from time to time, but we were given many more glimpses in the early years. I think part of the problem is that the cast is too big. There are too many characters spread out over too little show “real estate”. One of the reasons the first couple of seasons worked so well is that there were fewer people to deal with. Now they drag in all these recurring characters (many of whom are wonderful, but come *on*) when they aren’t even dealing well with the ones we’ve got. The beauty of say Jackson or Senior or Sarah McGee is they’re well designed for single appearances per season (would love to see Sarah, again). Fornell makes a great deal of sense (and hey, Joe Spano! LOL :-). Even EJ and her team could be good as recurring… as long as it wasn’t all the time. One time for a big case would be great.

            And I’m rambling off topic. LOL! I just wish they wouldn’t equate “bigger story” with “bigger cast of characters”.

  34. Maureen says:

    I’m new to NCIS and missed this week’s episode. Did we find out who’s eye it was? I’ve been watching the old ones on USA, so when I saw that blue eye I thought it was Lauren Holly. What happened to her character on the show? Could it have been hers? Wasn’t she very close to Gibbs?

    • Pennagirl says:

      The eye is from a male that had lasik surgery and doesn’t mean that the person that the eye came from is dead. I think it’s Trent Kort’s eye.

    • Renee says:

      I recommend joining Netflix because you can rent entire seasons and get caught up. That’s what I did when I started watching after season 3. Jenny got killed. And no we didn’t find out who the eye belonged to last week there was another death but it was a copy cat linked to Tony and we saw how he met Gibbs and joined NCIS. Hopefully we find out tonight.

  35. Pennagirl says:

    The promos keep stating the HEART of the team, to me that would be Abby — BUT forbid the writers or the people that make those decisions that it’s Abby.

  36. Suncatcher says:

    – The eyeball is Trent Kort’s. Latest CBS NCIS trailer shows Cort with an eye patch.
    – Consider: former Director, Jenny, we never saw her entire body when she died in the shoot out. We only saw an arm…
    – Consider: former Gibbs’ girlfriend, the Lt.Colonel, left him and retired to Hawaii. Why is EJ taking her team to Hawaii?
    – Not entirely sure Hetty is actually “resigning” from NCIS:LA; word has it Callen & the team are going all out to find out what happened to her – this year or next.
    – NCIS will tick off a whole lot of people if they knock off Mike Franks; writers are already expressing concern of a “back fire”.

  37. The Edge says:

    It’s Jimmy Palmer. He has the know how and he flies under the radar. He’s hiding in plain sight. He has access to everything inside of NCIS. He has been living in Ducky’s shadow for so long and has an inferiority complex. Being the PTP killer will prove how smart he is.

  38. Carla says:

    It could be Vance. He was in the Navy and would get a military funeral. None of the others were in the military. I don’t even think Franks was. However, since they all worked for a military agency, they could get a military funeral. I’m hoping it’s Vance, I really don’t like him. I’d hate for it to be Franks.

  39. smath says:

    Ooh, what if Palmer is the P2P killer and Ducky catches on and has to be taken care of…it would totally suck to kill off Ducky, but there does seem to be an “inside job” aspect to all this…
    I think Franks’ is safe, but I do think its his eyeball!

  40. The Edge says:

    Another reason I’m leaning towards Jimmy Palmer is the history of the show dropping clues and hint…..and at the last moment, surprising us with the real killer. The inside job aspect of all this, the show’s history, and the fact that there has been nothing leading us to Palmer, leads me to believe it’s going to Palmer.

  41. Sara says:

    If it’s Abby then I’ll never watch the show again.

  42. Michael says:

    As much as I hate to say, I think Ducky will be killed off. Ducky has been letting Palmer do a lot of the work lately. We are getting to see that Palmer is capable of taking over for Ducky.

  43. Ainsley says:

    Y are there so many ppl hating on Ziva.? I’ve watched the show for years. Yes Kate died, BUT Ziva is still a good character and she makes the show work along with all the other characters. I personally hope she doesn’t die. I love the thought of her and Tony together, n all the other cast members themseleves see her as part of their family, so if u love the other actors and characters, have some respect. They r all family.

    • Edina says:

      I totally agree. At first, I didn’t really like Ziva as Kate’s replacement but c’mon. Ziva has been the member of the team sooo long now, how can you not like her? I hope she doesn’t die (though I’m not sure after seeing the promo for the finale)
      And you’re right. They are family.

  44. CJ_2011 says:

    I doubt it’s Jimmy Palmer. Last week Ducky pointed out that Palmer had made a mistake in transcribing his (Ducky’s) notes (forgot the double in the description of the knot) – if he was the killer, Palmer would have been too proud to make a mistake like that.

  45. Joe says:

    Last night I started to suspect that Palmer may be P2P. Remember earlier this season when he went up and tried his eye on the MTAC scanner to see if it would work and it didn’t, and someone caught him and he played it off as a joke? Maybe he found the eye he needed and it ended up in Tony’s drink. I’m just sayin’

    • Gail says:

      I don’t remember that, but good catch. Do you remember the episode title by any chance? That really makes me think it could be Palmer, because NCIS does drop very subtle clues.

    • Steve says:

      No way Joe, good guess. Intriguing in fact. I still think its the blond ncis agent.

  46. Sami says:

    The killer is C-I-Ray, he was not on the show that much, he fits the profile of a killer, and he knows everything thats going on in the case because he’s a laison and ziva’s ex!!!!! plus he was in miami during the kills!!!

  47. Steve T says:

    The eyeball can’t be Trent Kort. It is someone who had access to MTAC and Kort never did.

  48. Steve says:

    Has to be the NCIS blond chick…. dead guy will be ci Ray or visa versa.

  49. Han Shot First says:

    It’s Frank’s. They showed that in the opening shot of the show just now.

  50. Han Shot First says:

    Or else it’s Ziva and Gibbs is imagining Franks to help him figure out what happened with Ziva? Ziva wasn’t in the opening shot, either.