Sarah Jane Morris Weighs In on NCIS Romance, Says Serial Killer Arc Will Get 'Pretty Nasty'

Say what you will, “Tiva” fans, but NCIS newcomer E.J. Barrett (played by Sarah Jane Morris) is a Special Agent to be reckoned with, whether she’s butting heads with “the Great White” or asking DiNozzo to hand her a towel. E.J.’s chilly welcome won’t be warmed up much this Tuesday (at 8/7c, CBS), when her own team of agents makes camp in Gibbs’ squad room, to help out with the Port-to-Port Killer case.

Morris spoke with TVLine about E.J.’s unexpected designs on DiNozzo, why Ziva won’t ever spook the new gal, and how the P2P storyline promises to be rife with danger.

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TVLINE | While watching last week’s episode, I had to wonder if maybe E.J. might want to dial it down a notch when challenging “the Great White.”
[Laughs] Yeah, I guess…. I see E.J. just trying to do her job.

TVLINE | Do you take a deep breath before having to get up in Mark Harmon’s grill for a scene?
You know, I’ve definitely got a side of me, in Sarah Jane Morris, that can deal with the men, the confrontation and all that stuff. Ask my husband!

TVLINE | Will tensions between E.J. and Gibbs continue to run hot?
There will continue to be some tension, but in this next episode Gibbs kind of accepts that [the P2P killer] is E.J.’s case — not that he’s happy about it.

TVLINE | Would you go so far as to say he comes to appreciate her skill set?
Oh, no. No, not yet. Maybe one day. I still don’t really get why no one trusts E.J., but there’s still a part of Gibbs that doesn’t like the way she does things.

TVLINE | This week her own team shows up. Tell us about Agents Gayne Levin and Simon Cade.
Well, they’re top-notch agents, played by two awesome guys — Alimi Ballard (Numb3rs) and [NFL Super Bowl champ] Matthew Willig. Visually, it’s a funny looking team — Matthew is very big, and I’m pretty small — but we’re a tight team, just as Gibbs and his team are.

TVLINE | Is there any new steaminess coming up for E.J. and Tony (Michael Weatherly)? They got off to a strong start with that shower scene in your first episode.
[Laughs] They’re still connecting, but they have to figure out how to navigate that relationship with the work relationship. I don’t think they feel the need to hide it anymore – everyone knows, pretty much! – but at the same time, Tony knows that it makes Gibbs uncomfortable. And I don’t think Ziva approves — for whatever may be her own reasons.

TVLINE | Does E.J. know or suspect that anything ever “simmered” between Tony and Ziva (Cote de Pablo)?
I don’t think that E.J. is easily intimidated by other women, so I don’t think she has any reason to suspect anything or feel insecure around Ziva.

TVLINE | Well, E.J. seems happy to have a reason to stay in town a while longer.
Yeah, I don’t think that Tony was part of her plan by any means. But she starts realizing there are things she’s missing out on in life, being the ambitious agent she is.

TVLINE | Might we learn that the Port-to-Port Killer has a personal vendetta against one of the NCIS agents?
No, I don’t think we’re going to find out that it’s personal for him…. But he’s obviously very calculated and specific with who he kills, so it will hit close to home.

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TVLINE | Where is this all leading — to blood being figuratively spilled on the squad room floor?
It’s going to get pretty nasty out there. Lots of danger. Everyone’s going to start feeling the danger all around them.

TVLINE | Maybe not all of the NCIS agents now populating our screen make it out alive…?
I actually don’t know the answer to that yet, but we’re anxiously awaiting for the next script to get answers. But I really like my guys, and I like everyone in the original cast, too, so I’m hopeful [no one dies]! But you never know with NCIS. Yesterday, I showed up to shoot a scene out in the woods, and there were no other actors around. “Did they do a rewrite and I’m about to get shot in the head or something? Where is everyone?!” It’s a little nerve-wracking, because you never know who they’re going to take out!

NCIS fans, what is your latest take on Special Agent Barrett? And who do you think might be felled by the P2P Killer?

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  1. Davi says:

    I’m an Anti-Tiva person, so I was excited to see EJ get added as a character. I think it’s some of her development that make people dislike her more than anything else. Her romance with Tony was hamfisted at best, and it’s left a bitter taste.

    I don’t care how gorgeous my male coworker is, I’m not letting him wait outside the company showers for me with a towel when I haven’t even known him a week. EJ as a professional crime solver should know way better than to encourage that sort off stalking behavior. (I’m not even going to get into Tony’s crazed logic in that scene.)

  2. tiva-fan says:

    I’m a Tiva fan so I hope EJ goes away when this storyline ends. Gibbs is grumpy enough without her around.

  3. B says:

    I don’t know why everyone is up in arms about EJ. I like her and the dynamic she adds to the show. She’s good for Tony. Also just because Gibbs doesn’t like her or butts head with her doesn’t mean the fans have to turn against her. Personally, I like that EJ brings this side out of Gibbs. NCIS is at its best when it shows the fallibility of its characters. The show has a long history of Gibbs not getting along with powerful women and authority in general. And with Tony and EJ hooking up he feels like she’s making Tony be disloyal to him. I like EJ a lot more than CI-Ray

  4. Cari says:

    I’m kind of over the Tiva thing. I mean, I’d still be happy if they got together, but I’m enjoying the idea of them both being happy with other people (well, assuming Ziva forgives Ray for lying to her about being the liaison, which I think she should). EJ’s an interesting character, though I would like to see her mellow out a little (and I’d like to see Gibbs stop being a jerk to her). Plus, I think a scene where Tony and Gibbs go head-to-head over her would be a lot of fun.

  5. Alicia says:

    I’d like EJ more if it didn’t seem like she was overcompensating so much. She puts on this facade of toughness/independence, but she’s trying too hard; if she’s so secure why is she trying to prove something to Gibbs?

    Also, the way she first interacted with Tony gives me the impression that she’s the type to trade sexual favors for professional ones. Not saying she does, but if she’s indeed so smart and capable, she has a funny way of showing it.

    • Kate says:

      That’s what’s been bothering me about EJ — she’s so tough and to unsubtle, it’s like she’s trying to hard to justify why she’s the team leader.

      I like the character in that she shakes things up but I’ll be glad when she’s gone.

  6. marimar says:

    I was looking forward to EJ to shake things in the NCIS team, up the nefarious shower scene. I can’t see her as a respected profesional when she acts that way with a colleague with whom just spoke five sentences before.

  7. kathi says:

    ugggh, can’t wait to see her go!

    Please don’t let her stay until S9 or I will be gone baby gone!

    • Carole says:

      I think you at NCIS need to get a new casting director. The idea of putting this dumb blonde on the show is very aggravating to all of the fans that have loved this show for the last 8 years. She just ruins the whole show for me. Mark Harmon is just great with the team he has had for the last years. Get rid of her, we don’t need to watch another woman on this great series. She doesn’t fit the program at all. Wise up and get her out of my sight. And don’t be killing off any of the team that is on there now just to make room for a stupid blonde that wants to run the whole story line.

      • Gloria says:

        Ohhh, I so agree with you! I don’t like EJ’s character at all. She’s a domineering jerk with a giant chip on her shouldier. Even if the writers mellowed her out I’d still never like her. She does NOT fit this show. She and her team barging in, taking over, acting superior to the characters we’ve gotten invested in over the last eight years? Nah. Send ’em packing or you’re lose viewers. I know one that will stop watching.

    • uggh me too!! she isn’t a leader by any means, please get her off the show! i won’t watch it when she’s on..

  8. Mary says:

    I love EJ. I am so TeamEJ. Frankly,, I’d like her to stay. I hate Tiva and I am so not a fan of Ziva any more.

    I do take objection to the “type to trade sex favors for prof ones”. I think you are not only being really judgmental but also extremely sexist. So she doesn’t act like a blushing virgin and doesn’t back down when someone pushes the envelope. Good for her!

    Personally, I think it was much more interesting to see how threatened Gibbs felt by her presence and how unprofessionally he behaved towards another lead agent. Think about it before responding with the ‘it’s Gibbs’ party line.

    She really has Gibbs shook and with his concerns regarding Vance, he may just be focusing on EJ instead of the real enemy.

    • Alicia says:

      When you throw around words like “love” for a TV character who has existed for 2 episodes I wonder how objective you can be. Of course that “love” wouldn’t be a result of your “hate” for Tiva I’m sure…

      Anyway, I’m not being judgmental or sexist; Abby, Ziva and Jenny are/were no prudes, but they also don’t act like it’s for sale and the rent is due tonight.
      Don’t get me wrong, I love me some salacious women; hell, Kalinda (from the Good Wife) trades sex for favors as a FACT and I adore her! But the difference is Kalinda is proven to be a strong, intelligent, capable woman while EJ is only pretense. What do they say about writing? Show don’t tell? They’re telling us EJ is smart/competent but they haven’t shown it.

      • Svenja says:

        That is what bothers me too.
        She doesn’t seem to be a skilled agent.
        I don’t get why Jenny promoted her that early.
        Maybe she’s just too young to be a leader….she hasn’t learned enough and once you lead a team you don’t learn from other agents anymore…
        You’re the teacher… of course you still learn stuff, but you do not have a full skilled mentor anymore.
        Tony learned from Gibbs all that stuff throughout those 10 years… he is as good as Gibbs, when he gets rid of all the silliness…
        Tony is capable of leading a team because he has grown under Gibbs’ wing for a certain amount of time.
        EJ didn’t have this kind of “training”.
        Probably she had potential, but the promotion was too early for her and so now she’s stuck.
        Her approach with the case is completely wrong.
        And I assume that Gibbs gives away the case because he realises that his team is in danger…. that eyeball-message was a pretty striking one.
        Gibbs knows that this means “Ok I’m gonna play with you guys now” and he wants to keep his team outta such a thing.
        Letting EJ’s team take over is actually a way of protecting his own team.

    • tvadict Mom says:

      I too like the additions of EJ. I think she has brought life back to the show. I’ve always enjoyed NCIS mainly because of the humor, which I haven’t seen as much of this season.
      Regarding how Gibbs is reacting to her… doesn’t Gibbs have a thing for redheads? Maybe she reminds him of someone…

    • Phin says:

      I agree with this so much! Minus the Ziva/Tiva dislike, anyway; I don’t mind either. I’ve never disliked Gibbs before, but the shockingly sexist and condescending manner he used when interacting with EJ last week pushed me over the edge. It’ll be a while before Gibbs earns back my respect, if he ever does.

      I don’t appreciate anyone else who sneers at EJ for daring to be female and enjoy sex. I’m not exactly pleased with Abby whining about how much she dislikes EJ either. As a note to the writers – having a character comment about how no one likes it when a team is shaken up or a new element added doesn’t stop your cast from seeming like jerks.

      I like EJ; I think she’s an interesting character who has a lot of potential. I wish they hadn’t used the stupid shower scene to introduce her (unprofessional and skeevy on Tony’s part) but besides that, I’ve had no issues with her. I’m worried she will be killed off, but I hope she sticks around – and that everyone who has been snarky towards her has to eat crow.

  9. Charlotte says:

    I’m trying to be open-minded but I just can’t get into her character. I feel like the writers intentionally write certain female characters as abrasive as possible. I was one of the few that liked Lauren Holly’s director but there were times when she just didn’t seem very fleshed out as a character. Of course, I loved Agent Todd from the beginning and I love Ziva. But even when Ziva first appeared, she was not that likable. She grew into a great character. I was dying for the season to end with the female lawyer character. She was just AWFUL. Far as I’m concerned, the writers are going to have to do a lot for me to look at EJ in a more favorable light. Because as she is now, she is just not an attractive character. Nobody likes someone who is so abrasive and overcompensates as much as she does. Yes, we get it. You’re a strong woman. blah, blah, blah.

  10. Jen says:

    Honestly, I liked the concept of EJ’s character, but they have written her has impossibly cocky. She has absolutely no respect for anyone. Now, she can’t be gone fast enough for me.

  11. Svenja says:

    EJ being there is not that bad.
    Sarah Jane Morris is a beautiful woman and it’s kind of interesting (although I am a Tiva-Fan I gotta admit that this is kind of intriguing to watch..we know that EJ is not gonna stay forever, so I am cool with it).
    BUT it bothers me that NO ONE TRUSTS HER.
    Not even Abby and McGee?
    And Sarah Jane appears to have no clue why that is either because the writers don’t tell her anything.
    Apparently she has no clue what is gonna happen in the finale…
    Of course she knows the stuff she’s already shot with the crew… but the rest?
    Maybe EJ is not as innocent as one would think.

    I think she is gonna end up in prison (because she is helping the P2P-Killer), in the hospital, in autopsy as a victim or she will be transfered…
    But the last one is unlikely.
    And I assume Sarah Jane Morris kinda has the feeling that her character’s fate won’t be a happily ever after with Tony.
    She seems insecure concerning her character’s fate….
    Her tweets and this interview are the best prove that she’s no idea where her character is heading, but she has the feeling that she’s gonna die or something like that.

  12. Rich G says:

    ” I still don’t really get why no one trusts E.J.”

    Neither do I. She’s an NCIS agent, not some agent from another agency that they might have reason to distrust. (not that that makes sense anyway)

    I thought Gibbs was out of line with how he treated her. I didn’t see his reasoning.

    • XK says:

      Agreed. I like Gibbs, obviously, but his behavior towards EJ was ridiculous last episode. If you have a problem with Vance (and he obviously does) take it out on Vance, not the person trying to solve a serial murder case.

    • Phin says:

      Gibbs was definitely out of line. He talked down to EJ in front of a potential suspect, physically dragged her out of the room, ran right over her on her own case, was generally rude and condescending, asking about her personal life in a way that could accurately be called sexual harassment – it wasn’t the Gibbs I’ve grown to know and love and I was horrified by his behavior.

  13. Please just go away says:

    EJ can’t go away fast enough for me. She’s stunningly unprofessional in about 6 different ways. If you’re truly focused on solving a case, maybe you do your best to enlist others’ help and brainstorm WITH them on how to go about it, not just pout and stamp your little foot and throw your weight around.

    She’s supposedly been on this case for 9 months, with no results. A little humility and team attitude would be in order.

    Good-bye EJ.

    • editor says:

      To “Please just go away”…I could not agree with you more. As Season is coming to a close, I can only hope and pray that Agent sleazy does not carry over to Season 9. I will refuse to watch it ! I can not tell you how much I hated the shower scene and at this point I’m thinking that maybe just maybe Tony is just a bit too creepy for Ziva now. He needs to start thinkin’ like a cop and as he once said “a really good NCIS Special Agent” and stop smiling over the “hedge” to that little midget! The only thing I can be thankful for is that TPTB have not let us see any kissing or anything further between the two of them. I hope they never do and with the last 2 episodes, there are way too many people out huntin’ down the P2P killer to have anything personal go on between them..except maybe McGoo and Ziva find something bad about her and kick her but all the way back to Spain and FAST !!!

  14. Bella says:

    I don’t have a problem with other love interests being brought on for tony and Ziva, because thankfully, while they’ve teased that relationship, they haven’t made it the forefront of the show like Bones has. I didn’t like EJ from the get-go because she indulges in some of my pet peeves – eavesdropping on other people’s conversations and then butting in with her opinions when they weren’t asked for or needed. She continues to be over-aggressive. She might be a good agent, but I don’t care for her as a person. AT least, not yet. I haven’t cared for Gibbs’ behavior towards her, either, but I’ll always love Gibbs.

  15. Tivafan says:

    I’m hoping EJ’s the killer. I hate her.

    • J says:

      That would be a great plot twist, but I would feel horrible for Tony. Seems like every time he makes a love connection something goes horribly wrong.

      That, and I think EJ is just too neurotic to be a cold-blooded killer.

    • editor says:

      I’m with you Tivafan. I hate EJ more than anything !
      Almost ruining my lovely feelings for Tony too. He is sexy with a great smile – but sometimes that just isn’t quite enough !!!!
      Come on !!!

  16. Red says:

    Totally agree that the writers seem to WANT us to hate this woman. But I wonder if any of the Tiva fanatics noticed that Gibbs’s hostility to the relationship between co-workers EJ and Tony would also apply to the romance they so desperately want between Tony and Ziva?! I felt that Gibbs was a paranoid bully as he lost his cool vs. EJ last week, and hope that he regains his professionalism.

    • Kate says:

      Gibbs doesn’t trust EJ. I wonder if he would be so opposed to her and Tony if he did.

      For Tiva shippers, maybe this is what is going to let Gibbs drop his opposition to co-workers dating, that it could be worse. Probably the show won’t go Tiva till the last episode anyway though.

      • Unhinged says:

        I’m sorry but if Gibbs is opposed to Tony and EJ he is sure not going to be alright with Tony and Ziva.

      • Mikaylah says:

        I think a lot of his opposition comes from not liking her. He knows Tony well enough to know he gets tangled up in his relationships and EJ seems a little manipulative.

    • Machelo says:

      I think Gibbs is professional, she’s showing her assets and it’s not appropriate. Gibbs doesn’t trust her that’s why he’s butting heads with her, how can he trust a woman that beds Tony after a week? She’s jocking for position and using his team to do it. You don’t have sex on NCIS property after landing for a week it’s sluty and ridiculous even i dare say shows how she might have gotten where she is at such a young age? She’s pushy, insulting, demanding and in my opinion she’s a younger prettier Hollis.

      As for the actress herself she’s answering questions by saying we this and we that, she’s not a part of WE she’s a guest actress, And she’s constanly blowing her own horn or that of EJ’s she could never take Ziva’s place on NCIS not even close. She’s no threat and not that great an actress, she’s lucky she had her looks maybe she can land a fluffy roll as someone’s mistress on another show?

      • TvWatcher says:

        Amen to that Machelo :) Well said, I agree with you 100%

      • barb says:

        I also agree 100%!

      • Kelli_Jo says:

        I agree, Machelo! I just don’t like EJ and I’d like to see her gone. After last night, I don’t mind her team. I like them. But she is abrasive, arrogant and disrespectful and I don’t find her the least bit likeable.

        And I’m NOT a Tiva fan. Apparently that is a required disclaimer if you’re going to state you dislike EJ.

        I don’t consider her a threat to Ziva because, despite all EJ’s bravdo, I haven’t seen one thing that tells me she’s a half-way decent agent … let alone an agent that excels at her job.

        Ziva has earned my respect. EJ has not and at this point I don’t her earning it in the near future!

        Sleeping with Tony like that WAS a slutty thing to do and extremely unprofessional. Real nice way to make a first impression. Whinning that she was going to call Vance when Gibbs pulled her out of the interrogation room – real grown-up (like kindergarten grown-up)!

        Nope. Don’t like her at all and can’t wait to see her gone. And after this interview … can’t say I like the actress much either.

  17. timelord says:

    well there has not been any movement in the tiva storyline. it just irritates me. and all this problem with ray seems manufactured. i mean why cant ziva understand that ray didn’t share the info about the p2p killer because it was confidential. i mean she does work in the govt and she has had to keep secrets. it just seems made up.

  18. Catie says:

    well, at the rate they’re going on NCIS right now? I’d much rather have EJ around than Gibbs.
    At least she hasn’t murdered anybody (yet, that I know of) and let her collegues lie for her to cover it up.
    She also plays well(ish) with others instead of belitteling them with no reason.

    • Mikaylah says:

      Gibbs is a man who gets things done. Sometimes he wrinkles feathers, but it always ends up being for the best. And his team knows that it isn’t personal when it comes to them. He would do anything for his team.

      • Phin says:

        It always winds up being for the best because of serendipitous coincidence and when it isn’t for the best, it’s covered up. Gibbs might be a guy who gets things done, but his style leaves much to be desired. This is also a man who killed one of his team members, even if it was with her permission.

        • Catherine says:

          Okay, I’m sorry but that last statement I definitely have to disagree with.
          First of all, Lee WAS NOT a part of Gibbs’ team. She may have been, at the start of that particular season, but she had been transfered back to the Legal Department of NCIS when she was killed.
          Second of all, Gibbs killed her, with her permission as you mentioned, to eliminate a terrorist and potentialy save the lives of many other people.
          Third of all, if Gibbs hadn’t shot her, the terrorist probably would have anyway.
          It was not murder in cold blood, it was something he needed to do. You can’t judge Gibbs on that act.
          If you had mentioned his murder of the drug dealer who killed his wife and daughter, then I could have worn that, but not Lee. That was justified.

          • Phin says:

            We’ll have to agree to disagree, but to me, Lee was part of the team. She’d worked with them on and off for two years, directly under Gibbs for part of that. She was never one of the inner circle, but she was a team member.

            And Gibbs killed her. Why he did it and her permission doesn’t change the fact that he killed her. She was defenseless and was killed in cold blood, a sacrifice to taking down a terrorist. I’ll never see that as “justified” or would claim that Gibbs didn’t have a choice. Maybe he would have killed her anyway, but it was still a cold and calculated move and not one we’ve seen much regret from Gibbs regarding.

            I didn’t mention the drug dealer who Gibbs murdered because the discussion was about his teammates.

            Gibbs is a terrific character in a lot of ways. He obviously inspires a lot of loyalty from fans and he fascinates me, personally. I *usually* like him a lot. But Gibbs doesn’t always put his team first and he doesn’t always do anything he can for them. He keeps secrets. He gets his hands dirty. It’s part of what makes his character interesting.

          • Agent Lee says:

            Agent Lee was not killed in cold blood. She had stolen and sold state secrets, shot an innocent co-worker and framed him, lied to anyone and everyone, and used Palmer like toilet paper. As for her giving permission, are you blind? She was seeking redemption for her own HORRIBLE acts by sacrificing herself instead of rotting in jail for the MURDER she committed. “Fans” like you, phin, are why this show has been so dumbed down and frankly ruined in an effort to get that big audience.

  19. TvWatcher says:

    I can’t stand EJ and I really don’t like her being shoved down my throat as the next best thing since slice bread. After reading spoilers I am thankful she has a small arc and will hopefully be gone soon.

    I would love to see her get killed or her be the killer…

    Don’t fix what isn’t broken is the motto, Look at House you shake up and change out cast members she show takes a nose dive ratings..
    Hasn’t been the same since season 3 or so in terms of ratings. ;)

  20. Erica says:

    Not loving EJ, just think they could have approached it differently. As for Ziva and Tony, I think they would be good together, but they seemed to have gotten past that a few seasons ago. Just not sure EJ is his true mate. And I think Ray is the P2P killer, dudes creepy!

    • Mikaylah says:

      Really creepy, but I can’t tell yet if that is because of the secret nature of his work or something more nefarious. Hoping for Ziva’s sake he is not the killer. Poor girl has really bad taste in men.

  21. Mikaylah says:

    I get a bad feeling from EJ that makes me not trust her entirely. Maybe it’s because of the threat she poses to the dynamic of the team or maybe the writers did a good job adding enough subtle clues to an overall larger deception later on. I don’t like the fact that she (or Vance, for that matter) are challenging Gibbs. It actually really makes me mad that Vance obviously has it out for Gibbs right now, and is undercutting him by bringing in another team. I don’t see Tony and EJ having much of a future, so the threat of her as an obstacle to Tiva is really a moot point.

  22. Cal says:

    I thought Ray was nice and I liked him, but I don’t like EJ. She is nasty to Gibbs and seems to be very conceded.

  23. Butch Fralia says:

    I’d encourage everyone to remember Paula Cassidy (Jessica Steen). In the beginning, Gibbs wasn’t to hot on her but later became more tolerant and wasn’t any more abrasive to her than his team. She was even TAD with the GIBBS team for awhile.

    If E.J. is a good guy then I’d anticipate their relationship to progress along the same lines.

    I think it’s overlooked that most team leaders don’t report directly to the director of NCIS as Gibbs does. Most report to someone like Heddy on NCIS:LA. That makes Gibbs kind of senior and special in the NCIS pecking order.

    This could very well be a setup for E.J. and her crew.

  24. charli says:

    I’m hoping CI-Ray is the P2P killer and Ziva is his next victim! perfect ending to the last 5 seasons

    • Catherine says:

      I liked Ray and I love Ziva. If that happened I’m pretty sure I’d stop watching the show. And wanting a character dead just because you don’t like her is a little harsh don’t you think?
      Furthermore, the last 5 seasons have produced the number one scripted show on television. I don’t think they’re going to mess with that.
      Plus, the eyeball was blue. I’m pretty sure Ziva’s eyes are brown.

  25. Machelo says:

    EJ…You and your team won’t be around long enough to be a hinderance to Gibbs and team. Jumping into bed with Tony after a week shows your character, trying to pass off that mountain on your team as bright or intelligent will be hard work, your team looks like a circus act! As for Paula CAssidy she was a train wreck waiting to kill someone, she made stupid rookie mistakes that pissed Gibbs off, the only redeeming thing she did was save the team by blowing herself up. She couldn’t hack it on Stargate sg-1 (those in the know) and she couldn’t handle Team Gibbs either. I happen to think the show is hot as it is, this should only be another cliff hanger story arc and they should all go away once it’s done.

  26. JustJeanette says:

    I find the anti-EJ comments most amusing. She’s a threat to TIVA… Well, I suppose that’s true given tyheat Ziva has no other rason to be on the team than to be the female half og the romantic pairing. Ziva’s kind of replaceable that way.
    I like EJ. I like the dynamic between to the two teams. I like the fact that we haven’t had TIVA shoved down our collective throats and we’ve actually got an interesting storyline, again, for a change.
    As for comments about why did Jenny promote her, where are her skills etc… Um, Why did Jenny EVER let a foreign national SPY operative have unfetted access to NCIS and through that access to large areas of the US military machine?
    Unfortunately the Producer/Writer sector seems fixated on ROMANCE in NCIS but aren’t brave enough to try the other wonderful subtext relationship; Tony and Gibbs…
    Time will tell but I like EJ and am willing to see what happens. If her presence also means I don’t have to dodge TIVA anvils (kind of the way Tony dodges Ziva) then I’d be a very happy camper.
    SUBTEXT for all; text for none.

    • TvWatcher says:

      And the Anti-Tiva comments are just as amusing. You guys are always blaming the Tiva fans, but I have yet to see a real Tiva fan post. It’s always the Anti-Tiva fans complaining about the Tiva fans, that do all the posting..

      I don’t like EJ and I am not really for Tony and Ziva either, so my not liking EJ has nothing to do with Tiva. It has to do with how they have portrayed EJ… And pretty much Machelo summed it up for me a few posts above yours. :)

  27. QuickDraw says:

    As someone who is the “head”of a NCIS team–how unprofessional is it to jump into bed with another agent from another team? Great way to not impress your bosses and co-workers. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. Add in bratty, arrogant and whining–eecch! Threatening to call Vance when she didn’t get her way–yeah, way mature agent. I don’t blame Gibbs for not trusting her. I hope the P2P killer is eyeballing her as the next victim.

  28. as524 says:

    So far I really like EJ…even if she appears to be driving a wedge between Gibbs & DiNozzo (but hey now we’d know how he’d react if tiva ever came true )
    Here’s hoping EJ hangs around as a recurring character the way Paula did. Like the side of tony we see with her around

    • editor says:

      glad you ‘really like EJ’ – those few words she has said in a couple of episodes – while standing in a towel- says more about you than about her I’m afraid. And by the way, Paula was also a stupid ditz and I couldn’t stand her either. She, like EJ did everything wrong. Those two should have stayed out of NCIS and become bar hostesses…soooooo much better suited.
      Come on !!!

  29. J Money says:

    It’s not as much as I hate EJ because it disrupts TIVA… it is the fact that the writes seemed to have introduce EJ and Ray as a collective force to dance around TIVA. It is irritating in they was that Hannah was on Bones. EJ could have just as easily been a male agent and I would have found the serial killer arc just as fascinating, but creating the jaded and convoluted set of side romances is just really really unnecessary. Tony already had Jeanne who broke his heart and Ziva had Rivkin. We get it, NCIS. Tony and Ziva date. Please don’t make it 50% of the show like Bones has made the sexual tension a main fixture of their show that has grown characters gossiping like school girls. This is exactly what is happening to NCIS. I would be perfectly fine if NCIS ends a few years down the road and TIVA never happens. But NCIS is just being really stupid about it now and is damaging more than the hilarious sexual tension, they are once again straining the friendship which is part of the charm of NCIS.

  30. RockyPinky26 says:

    No offense but I hate EJ Barret!

  31. B. S. says:


    So the man is smart enough to get there.

    Once there … what would you do?
    – bear in mind, you’re an experienced agent, not intimidated by anything, nor inclined to hysterics.


  32. B.S. says:

    Gibbs won’t be feeling she’s making Tony disloyal to him, he wouldn’t care about such nonsense. Gibbs is exasperated with Tony’s distraction and inferior performance (compared to his prior performance).

  33. B.S. says:

    Oh, c’mon people … surely you have a feeling of … SPINOFF COMING!!!

    Or she dies, one or the other.

  34. J says:

    My problem with EJ isn’t so much that she’s acted unprofessionally (which she has) or that she’s yet another plot contrivance to drive a wedge between Tony and Ziva’s friendship (which she does), or even than she’s annoyingly aggressive in her attempts to prove herself better than Gibbs. It’s that her character arc is pretty unnecessary.

    Why does the show need her? Tony has enough UST with Ziva. Gibbs gets his feathers ruffled by a truckload of other much more likable recurring characters. Abby gets nervous anytime the team is off balance, and the P2P killer would do that even if the team was solving it on their own. It’s not like they’ve never picked up a serial killer case on the 3rd or 4th victim before. So why is EJ and her team even necessary? The only real new information she’s brought me is that the NCIS office has a skylight.

    • tammy says:

      AMEN! and totally agree. EJ and Ray can take a hike.

      • Pennagirl says:

        Totally agree. I like Tony and Ziva as members together on Gibb’s TEAM (if the writers put them together romantically, that would be the end of the show). I don’t like how this entire story arc is being written, it’s choppy, people are popping in and out of scenes that don’t have the background for the viewer to understand. The writers are letting the fans of the SHOW down. E.J., and her team is like spreading marshmallow fluff on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…just too much, or trying to fix something that wasn’t broke. Get rid of EJ and HER team…and Ray with them too. Whose eyeball is that anyways….Trent Kort’s???

  35. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Tiva fan here.
    Really disliking the Tony/EJ. I mean I know it’s just a fling and will probably end by the next season’s premiere but UGH. I can’t believe Tony is willing to fight Rule 12 for the blonde and not his ninja… :/
    Tony/Ziva better get some payoff!

  36. BrennanHater says:

    Shane Brennan has ruined NCIS. The characters and the stories used to have such depth and a sprinkling of humor. Now Gibbs is always cranky, Tony is a goofy screwup, Ziva is an infatuated schoolgirl and Tim is no more than a computer jockey. Enough with the Tiva fans and haters

    • Catherine says:

      Most agreed with post on this whole thread.
      I want Don Bellisario back. Shane Brennan has ruined my favourite show.

      • Ruby says:

        Please change writers and get Mr. Bellisario back !!!!! This show is going downhill fast.!!!! If the original cast is changed then there will be 2 more who won’t watch the show.

  37. nyo50106sc says:

    I do not like someone who comes in and puts her 2 sense when it wasn’t ask for {EJ 1st episode} She certainly does not respect Gibbs and that is just wrong he is the senior agent in the bullpen. Also what self respecdting career women would allow a man she just met a few hour before stand outside her shower. Also she does not seem to care about “rules”. EJ seems to have angenda of taking over and the “h” with everyone else (including) Tony. Last night was a perfect example when Tony suggested that they keept their personal lives out of the office.

  38. editor says:

    Whoever wants to – take offense – I hate that Barrett chick. I won’t even use her initials. She is Unprofessional, rude, obviously easy and sleazy. She seems to watch Tony like he belongs to her! ha! He does not !!
    I also agree that the actress should not be giving interviews spouting “we” think this and “we” think that…she is a ‘limited guest star’ for gosh sake and I hope they do NOT carry her over to Season 9. Maybe, with a little bit of luck she does get shot in the head in the woods as mentioned in her above ‘interview’. Have noticed that Tony and Ziva have grown closer because of her – she doesn’t like to know where Tony has been for the last 2 days – what does that tell you Tony? Come on!! Honestly, I can’t wait to see the back of her and her circus like team. They caused me nothing but stress since they arrived. Ship em all back to Spain pdq!!!

  39. hillsy says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that E.J. and her team are only there so we have some characters to get close to briefly that they will kill off in the season finale so they can leave our REAL cast alive. I don’t really care for some of the writing these last couple episodes, no matter how much Gibbs doesn’t like someone he would NEVER act so unprofessional, and some parts feel predictable. That’s not how Gibbs is. I like E.J. but I don’t think she’ll be around next season and I won’t really miss her. I like that she “shakes things up” on the show though, with her relationship with Tony and her tension with Ziva and Gibbs. I LOVE Ziva and would like to see her happy, if I ends up being with Tony that’s fine, but I don’t think that would happen until the series was ending (which I hope won’t be for another 10-20 years!). I like CIRay, but I don’t think that will last too long. If I could pick two characters to get together it would be Gibbs and Abby. Anyway, I hope the writing gets better these last episodes of the season than it was the last couple, I like the tension between Gibbs and E.J. but I hope they write Gibbs more like himself and less like some irrational jerk.

  40. hillsy says:

    Hold the phone, Don Bellisario is gone?!? WTF?!? I’m a HUGE fan, but had not heard this news. That explains a LOT, like why Gibbs isn’t acting like himself and the not as phenomenal as usual dialogue. The cast needs to let this new dude know he’s messing their characters up. I REALLY hope it doesn’t ruin the show and make it get cancelled. I will stay loyal to my favorite show, even if it’s not perfect like it was. They could have brought this new team in for a spin off, but I think it’s just to kill them off.

  41. RussB says:

    I have not read every post but why aren’t people wondering why they have spent weeks now introducing new people
    with very little real need for them in these shows. They have loaded up the cast big time. I am almost sure they will rehab EJ so people like her and have her start a new NCIS show. In this interview she makes it clear she will be around for a while.

  42. Michael says:

    First impressions of E.J. didn’t go to well for me. That will have to come down to writing.

    Never like Ziva considering that they really need to put in more time training her to fight. I’m a fan of Ziva mind you but, her action sequences don’t really show a trained killer. Its shows an actress attepmting to portray one.