Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Rachael Taylor Poised to Return Post-Charlie's Angels

Don’t go reading Dr. Lucy her last rites just yet.

Despite being cast in ABC’s Charlie’s Angels pilot, Rachael Taylor’s Grey’s Anatomy stint is far from over. According to series creator Shonda Rhimes, the Transformers knockout will return to Seattle Grace — and Alex’s loving arms? — after production on the high-profile pilot wraps.

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“We only really lose her for two episodes,” says Rhimes. “She’s contractually obligated to us for the rest of the season, so she’s coming back when she’s done [with Angels], for our last two episodes.”

Next season, however, is another question. Rhimes fully expects ABC to give the Angels reboot a green light for fall, thus rendering Taylor unavailable for a Grey’s comeback. “I would love to keep Rachael Taylor forever,” she confesses. “She is delightful [and] so talented. But have you seen the Charlie’s Angels pictures? Those three gorgeous women strutting across the world in those white dresses? I can’t really imagine that that show isn’t going to get picked up.”

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Besides, as Rhimes points out, “We have 13, 14 series regulars on Grey’s already.”

Thoughts? Would you like to see Taylor back on Grey’s in the fall — Angels or no Angels? Hit the comments!

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  1. Ben says:

    Is it wrong that I really want Charlie’s Angels to fail, as I would love Rachael to come back next season. One it will open up new stories (surgeries) as they will be a main OB/GYN surgeon again. And two I don’t want Alex to turn into a jerk again, after another failed relationship.

    • Jane says:

      It’s so true. She’s like Addison 2.0 except she and Alex have an actual chance at a future together. Only now she’s moving on to bigger and better things – the curse of Seattle Grace Mercy death.

    • Daniejj says:

      I totally agree. I’m also kind of hoping that Charlie’s Angels doesn’t get picked up, although it would be a great opportunity for Rachael to play a leading part.

      • teniba says:

        When you wish a TV show to fail, you actually realise that beside those 3 actress among only 1 has a secure job else where there are also other people who work on this shows, writters, stunts doubles, all kind of special effects guy, camera man, make up people, costume people… So wishing a show is not picked up is wishing those people not to get a job, in this economy? Really, all of this because u want

    • teniba says:

      When you wish a TV show to fail, you actually realise that beside those 3 actress among only 1 has a secure job else where there are also other people who work on this shows, writters, stunts doubles, all kind of special effects guys, camera man, sound crew, make up artists, costume artists… So wishing a show to not be picked up is wishing those people not to get a job, in this economy? Really?!
      all of this because u want a fictional character to remain in your show?

      I understand not wanting to let go a character that you love but not to the point of wishing that some people who are working hard on putting together another show ultimately fail without airing even one episode

    • teniba says:

      I understand not wanting to let go a character that you love but not to the point of wishing that some people who are working hard on putting together another show ultimately fail without airing even one episode
      When you wish a TV show to fail, you actually realise that beside those 3 actress among only 1 has a secure job else where there are also other people who work on this shows, writters, stunts doubles, all kind of special effects guys, camera man, sound crew, make up artists, costume artists… So wishing a show to not be picked up is wishing those people not to get a job, in this economy? Really?!
      all of this because u want a fictional character to remain in your show?

    • Becca Sue says:

      I agree with you, Ben. Give poor Alex a break.

    • sharon aamot says:

      I agree, Alex has been a jerk long enough. The last scene last week when he gave away meridith’s secret, should
      be interesting this week. I don’t agree with what Meridith did and I think she should be punished, or fired. I hope the alzeimers trial isn’t effected. I don’t think Meredith would make a great MOM especially to the adopted baby. If she had one of her own yes.

  2. mdb says:

    13-14 series regulars so she does not even know – just shows that they keep adding characters because they cannot write for the ones they have – there is virtually no growth in characters because they keep adding

    • tvadict Mom says:

      I totally agree

    • Claudy says:

      Exactly. About time Shonda realised how bloated her cast body is.

    • Becca Sue says:

      I agree with mdb. This has to be the longest residency in the history of medicine. And they are still being denied surgeries. They are still living in communes. The kids need to grow up before they are having to use walkers to make rounds.

      • oldmaryjane says:

        Actually, you’re quite wrong. Depending on the specialty an individual chooses, a residency can last eight or nine years. That’s especially true in the realm of neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and paeds. surgery. Bailey is a general surgeon and her residency didn’t last as long (five years), but if she had decided to do the paeds. (as AZ wanted her to), it would have been another three years for her. Most of them haven’t even done their first soloes in general surgery, let alone their chosen specialty.

  3. Samantha says:

    As much as I like her character, I can’t really see her sticking around forever. She doesn’t have that much chemistry with the rest of the cast in my opinion (Alex and Callie excluded). I would love for Alex to get a serious love interest though.

    • Kris says:

      Agreed. She’s great for now but her connection to the cast as a whole isn’t strong enough to warrant a series-regular promotion.

  4. Abby says:

    No, Shonda, please no more regulars!! you already said it!! 14 regulars is too much!! plus, the recurrings, they need to downsize the cast (probably Kim Raver, Jesse Williams y Sarah Drew needs to be recurring) and focus on the important people!

    Alex is an underused character, is ok that they gave him a girlfriend, but, he is an amazing doctor, we easily could have more medical stories (he and Arizona are great together!) with him.

    • Sarah says:

      Alex deserves to be loved though. I think it’s awfully sad if all he has going for him is work and nothing else. :( Meredith and Cristina are married and moving forward with their relationships and Alex is supposed to stay forever alone? That isn’t fair at all. Shonda just needs to cut down on the characters and by that I mean April, Jackson, Teddy need to go…

      • Susan says:

        No way should they let go of Jackson…that man is some delicious eye candy. He really doesn’t even have to have a speaking part, just keep him around to drool over.

      • Annie says:

        No no, Jackson needs to stay. Even if he just stays doing nothing and looking pretty!

        I like that the cast is so big, the show doesn’t get so boring.

        I do think Teddy needs to grow up and learn to listen.

        April needs to stay, so Stark can stay too!

    • Jennifer says:

      Make Alex the new rising star in OB that you have lead us to see him as for real. And put his character into therapy like Merideth was in therapy. Make him a real Dr and not just a needy dating mess. Give us our reason to love Alex again. Taylor’s character choked when attending to Callie’s baby….that is her way out for me. I watch for the excitement of seeing these dr’s think quick and work thru cases showing how they love their jobs and have learned the skills. Return to that writing, please.

      • Sookey says:

        When did Callie have the baby? Last G.A. was shown in NYC,
        Callie barely opened her eyes following emergency surgery after the
        car accident. Then, curtain, no indication of whether the baby
        survived or not.

      • Becca Sue says:

        Alex in therapy?? What a hoot that would be. I hope they do it. I love his lines. Like: You have cancer. You’re going to die. Get over yourself. I vote for therapy.

  5. shay says:

    Noooooo thanks
    why all the characters must be in couple? It would be best to depth the character of Alex himself
    And funny this lady looks like Katherine Heigl, no Shonda it’s not a good idea

  6. Cheryl says:

    I have enjoyed Rachel’s character on Grey’s and Alex is due to have at least one sane relationship but I am sure that someone else can come along and do the same thing. Alex is the eternal bachelor.

  7. lee says:

    i love her
    I haven’t loved someone for alex like this since addison

  8. kelli says:

    I don’t care how many regulars there are I want someone added as a love interest for Alex. They added to the cast to bring someone in for Cristina and Callie. I am tired of Alex getting no one.

    • julie says:

      Preach! They brought on someone for Cristina and for Callie (who isn’t even one of the original Fab 5 characters) but they can’t bring on someone for Alex? STFU Shonda!

  9. rr says:

    Well, Shonda, it’s easy. Get rid of the boring, aggravating & useless characters like Teddy, April & even Jackson if you have to; especially Teddy & April.

    • Dee says:

      Owen would be a better character to get rid of. He’s horrible in ever way.

      • jess says:

        I say get rid of all four of them: Teddy, Jackson, April and Owen (Cristina could do so much better. Heck, Cristina DESERVES so much better!)

        • Sookey says:

          What’s wrong with Owen? He and Christina make a very interesting
          couple, and his medical specialty is one of the most interesting
          on the show and anywhere else. Besides he’s sexy, smart, and
          has an engaging personality.

        • Claudy says:

          This is when I REALLY miss Burke.

          • Cindy says:

            It’s so funny that you mention Burke. I was thinking just last night after the Grey’s episode how much I miss Burke. He was a wonderful actor and the show seemed more interesting with him. I also agree with those who mentioned getting rid of some of the “regulars” — and what’s with the new Peter McNichol character, Dr. Stark? Sigh…all I want is to see more McDreamy. I was disappointed he was the only substantial character who did NO singing at all in the recent musical episode. What gives?

        • Nick says:

          Totally agree;
          Have HATED Owen + Cristina since day 1: she needs someone like Burke, not someone that looks like he is atacking her every time he goes to kiss her. I personally (although I know this is not the majority’s opinion) like Teddy – probablly beacuse she is good with Crisitna and a cardio “god” but after the way she treated Cristina in the music episode I am not so sure. Jackson is pointless character. Now if he got together with Yang and competed with her @ the same time – now that would be interesting. April is growing on me, but she is still quite stupid. Only episode I liked her in was the one where she killed a patient and got fired for it.

          • Amanda says:

            I completely agree! It feels like you have been reading my mind. Owen is horrible, they are making him a little more likable, but he is not, nor will he ever be, Burke. I love Teddy. She is a great anchor for Christina. Christina on the other hand needs to hook up with Jackson. And Lexi needs to go back to Mark.

      • Susan says:

        Alex is the loser. Anyone this miserable wouldn’t attract a fly.

      • Lisa says:

        Love Owen Hunt! He is a very interesting character. Cristina and Owen are my favortite couple because they are not simple and boring.

        • jnc says:

          Owen is the best thing to happen to Christina. He loves her for who she is which is a world better than Burke who was self centered and just plain awful. Not to mention stiff and boring. blah to burke…good riddance and hurray for the hunky trauma god, Owen!!

    • tb says:

      AGREED! They can all either go or get bumped down to recurring. Focus on the core couples & Alex.

      • xav says:

        That’s entirely subjective though. I’d rather have less Meredith and Derek, more Cristina and Teddy, no April, more Jackson and Lexie, less Mark and no Owen.

        • Lucia says:

          Get rid of Teddy, April and Stark. I like looking at Avery. Teddy is a total waste of time. If she won’t teach Cristina, then she is absolutely useless as a character. April’s personality is too much like Lexie – stammering and crying. There is really no difference to her character from Lexie’s. Stark, well, he totally sucks. There, I got rid of three characters.

    • Carly says:

      Definitely get rid of APRIL!!!

      • Jerrie says:

        No,please,cant get rid of april until she loses her virginity,lol. Stark can go tho,and take his creepy attitude with him!

        • Jennifer says:


          • swati says:

            Yes!! Please drop Stark and April- please!!!!!!!!!!!
            Let Stark take April’s virginity and then they can go off together into the sunset- happy endings all over! The 2 of them are the most useless characters in the entire show!

          • Cindy says:

            Jennifer — I am laughing so hard right now at your suggestion to “Drop a Plane on His Head!” That is too funny! :>)

    • ar says:

      there should be a “like” button here! couldnt agree more

  10. xav says:

    Just get rid of Owen and I’ll be fine, Shonda.

  11. Dust says:

    Oh, that can be easily fixed if the Charlie´s Angel reboot doesnt work. Just get rid of April, Avery and Mark. I give it a pass at Teddy because I don´t want mopey Cristina crying for a new cardio-goddess to teach her.

  12. Kristy says:

    I really love her and Alex together. He’s such a great guy underneath all the crap. I hope she sticks around.

    • gramma says:

      I’m with you, I think there’s real chemistry with her and Alex! I love them in the “singing episode” you could see their playful, fun side which I’d love to see explored with Alex….no more serious

  13. ana says:

    not a fan…she isn’t addison and this subplot seems like a rerun of addison-alex..desire stemming from an initial love-hate
    cannot replace kate walsh anyway

  14. Ceecile says:

    Get rid of Teddy and Jackson and you can fit her in just fine.

  15. rosa says:

    I like her with Alex. Large cast is an excuse because they brought in someone for Bailey. They bring in for all but Alex. Send Arizona back to Africa and let her take Avery and April with her then bring in a full time cast member for Alex.

    • Karen J. Raufeisen says:

      I’m with Rosa! You have the best solution! That would have been my suggestion!! Arizona adds absolutely nothing to this show!!

      • xav says:

        Yeah, she’s only a huge draw for a lot of viewers. I just wish she had more scenes with Alex. Her and Alex were fabulous together now pediatrics has her, Alex, Stark, April and Lucy.

    • linda says:

      i agree about arizona! and april! i like alex & think he needs someone. christina needs someone different. glad they are letting her get more back to herself! merideth needs to have a baby & focus needs to be on the other cast members a bit more for a while.

  16. Tiffany says:

    I like the current cast on greys… I wish lexi and Sloan were back together. And I miss Izzy… leave the cast alone and add more shows

    • Jerrie says:

      Ditto Tiffany!! I miss Izzy too!! And I agree Sloan and Lexi should be together. Pretty boy is just that–nothing but pretty eyes…his character can go,that might get Mark and Lexi back together =)
      I adore Owen,dont understand why peeps want to get rid of him? He is awesome and good for Christina…Another idea–let Merideth get preggers and have yet another (little) character,lol!Add more shows,cant get enough…

      • Katie says:

        LOL no offence, but how can you complain about missing “Izzy” so much when you spelled her named wrong. “I-Z-Z-I-E”

    • JabberingJade says:

      Yes. Send Arizona back to Africa!!! All she does is whine! Owen is boring and so is Teddy. I think they should run away together and then we could recapture the steamy kiss between Christina and Jackson and get a real romance going. I know that Christina only likes the older, teacher, mentor, yell at me, love me, sex me types but she needs a change. I don’t believe that Christina gets to be her true self now. Sigh. Also, I don’t know that the chemistry is believable between Bailey and the nurse.

      The nurse is eye candy!!! But, no genuine chemistry that I can believe. She needs what Christina normally goes for …a father figure. I would believe that.

  17. karen says:

    I say get rid of April.I would like to see Maark and Callie together. get rid of arizona

    • xav says:

      Yes, because when they’re naked together they talk about how they imagine the other one is someone else and Callie only has sex with him when she’s hung up on someone else. That’s some true love for you.

  18. PGM says:

    I’m all for getting rid of Teddy…after this past weeks episode, she showed how jealous she is because Cristina surpassed her by being able to do a procedure she was unable to do. Now, you can get rid of Avery also he’s just a pretty boy sitting there and probably April unless you plan on evolving her character somehow.

    • xav says:

      I thought it was more that she was unwilling to listen and went to her boyfriend instead of listening. Cristina has a very bad habit of going to her boyfriend when someone doesn’t want to do a surgery the way she wants.

      • Schultzy says:

        He is not her boyfriend. He is her husband and as far as I can tell, he is not going anywhere. Get rid of Teddy. She is a total waste and is one of the most unpopular characters.

        • swati says:

          Teddy is an insipid character but they need a cardio surgeon in there. Get a cardio guy- maybe that will bring up some sparks. Maybe Owen will get jealous and stop singing in surgery.

  19. shannon vanderford says:

    taylor hasn’t been on the show long enough for me to get attached however I am completely over Arizona and Callie! I would much rather see Callie and Sloan together they have way better chemistry! Plus bring Izzie back and have her and Alex reconcile

    • JabberingJade says:

      I like Callie and Mark’s chemistry as well. It just flowed better. It was more believable and hot. All the long speeches from Arizona and righteous indignation…over it!

      I like the storyline between Stark and April. If she is going to make that next big step into adulthood it should be with someone who has lived life outside of a hospital and will be gentle with her. But that would be the ONLY reason I would want to keep April.

  20. emily says:

    I still like the idea of alex and april together, why is everyone dissing owen! he’s my favourite! i love him with cristina.

    • xav says:

      Because he constantly devalues Cristina.

      • LMSO says:

        Are we watching the same show? Owen adores Cristina, wants what is best for her and respects her both as a woman and a doctor. I love them together! Both Owen and Cristina are better people for having met and loved each other. CO for the win!

    • Lucia says:

      I love Owen with Cristina. They have really hot chemistry.

      • Shantelle says:

        I really don’t like lucy she is not a good actress she seems like she tries to be a bad as* but I don’t believe her she has no spark no energy no goals or anything eye catching please just get rid of her I don’t like her with karev I know Izzie isn’t coming back but either get someone better or drop her

    • Erin says:

      Owen is great with Cristina, they are why I have been hook to Grey’s since season 5.

  21. Sarah says:

    Well Shonda, this is an easily fixable problem. You have 3/4 totally dispensable characters! Get rid of them!

    Alex, as one of the original and main characters, should and deserves to have a long term love interest not these repeatedly short-lived relationships. Teddy is useless. April is useless. Jackson is useless. I’d even argue that a couple of other characters should be shown the door but I’ll just leave it at these 3. These characters don’t really have a purpose or a reason to be regulars. They could have perfectly stayed as recurring and just made appearances when they were needed. I really hate that the one character I think would fit and would be great to stay on for Alex is leaving yet Shonda was quick to make Kim Raver, Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams regulars even though they weren’t in the slightest bit needed or wanted.

  22. Tonya says:

    I would much prefer they get rid of Teddy, I don’t care much for Kim Raver on any show she’s been on, and Grey’s is no exception. But I’m also in the minority who wished Izzie would come back. What do I know ;)

  23. Jill says:

    Alex needs a better storyline. He has been underused this season. I like Callie and Arizona together. And would rather see Sloan, Teddy, April, and Jackson go. I think Eric Dane has got to be one of the worst actors I have ever seen. When he tries to do drama it’s funnier then comedy.

    • julie says:

      Mark should have been shipped off to LA to be with Addison. It even makes sense: LA and Plastic surgery.
      I agree, Eric Dane is so wooden in his delivery. He can only really pull off the funny scenes but anything dramatic is way, WAY out of his league.

      • Claudy says:

        Shonda essentially killed it at the crossover last season – she even had Mark saying plastics and LA and then she wiped all possibility of it happening.


  24. April says:

    I do like her and Alex together, if only because it gives Alex something to do, but the cast bloat is OOC and were Rachel Taylor to stay, someone else would have to go. Stark perhaps?

  25. Renata says:

    I wish she could stay a little longer!!!
    Why can’t Alex be happy for while? (we know nothing lasts forever on GA..) All Karev’s women had the same fate…
    We should get rid of Stark and let Arizona be the head of pediatrics again! Don’t let that old man be April’s first!!!!!!

  26. alw says:

    I say let Dr. Lucy leave. Alex can make a run for it and go see Addison. I love Private Practice, but Addison wants a baby and Sam isn’t going to give her that. She and Alex were so good together.

  27. Krystle says:

    I don’t think its wrong to want Charlie’s Angels to fail.. I also wouldn’t mind that! I would love to see Lucy and Alex get together!!

  28. Sharon says:

    I like the character Lucy . She keeps Alex in check and he needs that . She calms his arrogance right down . Though we haven’t seen it yet I would also imagine that if a real relationship evolves Lucy
    will also find a way into Alex’s tender side and begin to understand and accept the many facets of his personality . I’d actually like to see Alex learn to deal w/ his family issues and come out a happier man who believes in more than himself . Lucy just might be the gal to help him get there .

  29. Dominique says:

    Boo! Why bother bringing her and her character back if she can’t even stay for the next season? Why even break Alex’ heart again if it’s not needed?

  30. Kevin says:

    ABC is 100% certain they will pick up the Charlie’s Angels for the fall but I don’t know think is not going to fail, it destined to be one of the most buzzworthy if not most talked about pilots of the new fall TV season coming off the success they had last season with the Hawaii Five – O reboot on CBS.

  31. bonnie james says:

    I don’t think alex should be with her number 1 because their too much a like rude and telling people like it is plus no more new characters I’d like to see izzy come back she was good for him and with him or I’d like to see derick step down from chief because he has to take care of meridith because she does go blind or she got pregnant and it is a very high risk and has to be watch continuously and alex be the best candidate for the job of being chief but any how no more new characters this is just my thought lol

    • Dan Haslum says:

      Izzy won’t be back cos Katherine Heigl doesn’t want to. I like this new girl.

    • Babygate says:

      Ahmmm, Derek is not Chief of Surgery, Dr. Webber is. Derek is the head of Neuro. And Meredith stopped taking the fertility drugs that were making her blind. She’s back in the OR, so she’s fine. Alex is competing for Chief Resident, and I agree that he’s the best candidate for this job…

    • Amber says:

      I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but Derek isn’t the chief anymore. He quit last year. Alex couldn’t be chief, but I fully expect him to be chief resident. I don’t mind the new characters if it means someone interesting for my favorite character. Lucy seems like a been-there-done-that combination of Addison and Izzy and Lexie, even though the characters aren’t that similar, their dynamic with Alex is. That said, if Teddy decided to move off with her new husband for treatment, I wouldn’t cry about it.

    • melissa says:

      Are you even watching the show? Derek stepped down as cheif a while ago and appointed Webber again?? and if you honestly think Alex is the best person for Chief…you are off your rocker!

  32. Dan Haslum says:

    After his horrendous singing I say get rid of Owen.

  33. April says:

    Here it is: get rid of april-she’s a titbag. Get rid of stark-he’s a creep. Get rid of teddy-she’s a bitch. Get rid of arizona-she screwed up a long time ago, she’s lucky callie didn’t just stay with mark, callie n mark need to be together anyway cuz lexie just don’t know how to roll with the punches. Get rid of lucy-we all know izzy needs to come back, fix things, and live happily ever after with alex. Keep owen AND bring back burke-that should throw a wrench into things. Then all will be great.

  34. Sharon says:

    Totally get rid of Arizona, Teddy, April and Stark. I actually prefer Callie with Mark. The actors have a much easier chemistry.

  35. blondi9271 says:

    I’ve been a loyal viewer of Grey’s since season one. However, I don’t like the lack of new episodes. It seems lately it constantly reruns. Ever Thursday i anticipate a new episode and its a big let down when it is not. Also Shepard and Grey new a new dilemma. I have been watching the seasons over again and it made me realize why i loved the show so much. The relationship between the too used to string me along and i couldn’t wait for the next weeks episode, lately the two of them are boring. Oh and really Lexi should be with Mark i don’t really like Jackson. But my main concern is def the lack of new episodes thanks!

  36. gabhainn says:

    I actually prefer Lucy Fields to Izzy Stevens. I may be part of the minority who was happy to see the back of Izzy – who’s character just spiraled downwards in the later series. Lucy could be an amazing character, she has nice chemistry with Alex. I don’t think we need to get rid of crap loads of characters to bring in one. Arizona, Teddy, April and Jackson are all great characters and I love the current cast.

    I say keep Lucy and get rid of Webber. He can leave to look after Adele. Stark can get the boot as well. I love April and don’t think she should be with him.

  37. lei says:

    1. Make Arizona a nice character again.. last ep i wanted to slap her when she called Mark a donor sperm
    2. Get rid of Jackson, he bring absolutely nothing to the show, except being preety.
    3. More Meredith (it’s called GREY’s Anatomy)
    4. Kim Raver can stay if she behaves.
    5. Sarah Drew ditto.
    6. For the love of God, kill Private Practice and bring back Kate Walsh..
    7. Keep Lucy, and don’t make her crazy or give her Stage 4 Melanoma (which has no possible cure wathsoever… she should have died).
    8. Eli bugs me.
    9. Stop giving the Chief’s women Alzheimer’s.

    • Claudy says:

      I miss OR Addie too. But what I really have fallen for was the pre-season-4-GA Addie.
      Now GA is just this huge mess that I don’t even want Addie anywhere near it.
      Of course, that’s not to say I’m happy with PP’s writers either.

  38. angela says:

    i would love if addison came back full time. if private practice goes off the air for any reason she better come back to greys!
    i could go without lucy, eli, april, jackson(although he is good to look at), lexi, and arizona. at least drop some down to just recurring roles (except for lexi, just get rid of her). i must admit i’m kind of interested to see where the whole stark/april thing goes but i would definitely sacrifice that story line for more of the original cast. i wouldn’t be be broken hearted if teddy left either.
    alex definitely deserves someone who isnt going to go crazy, just not lucy.

  39. liz says:

    Keep RT and get rid of Mark Sloan/Eric Dane. He can go to rehab for sex addiction or take a few acting classes. He has been on the show too long and looking pretty old.

  40. Supes says:

    Does it matter…she won’t be coming back next season unless Charlie’s Angels just “tanks in the ratings”.

    What I hate the most is how Alex’s character gets crapped upon as far as relationships go on Grey’s Anatomy.

    How about giving Alex a love interest that can actually BE LONG TERM this time around…I know that it won’t be the same as Alex/Izzie but I think out of all the characters he deserves to be in a happy relationship the most..and yes I’m a big time Alex Karev fan.

  41. Kristen says:

    I’m actually tired of Meredith. She’s boring and a baby doesn’t fit her. She’s too “dark and twisty”. I favor Lexi. I’m also tired of Callie being a lez. As for Arizona, she was one of my favorite characters once they introduced her. And I’ll always have a soft spot for Mark and Alex.

  42. Lisa says:

    If I can get more of Owen and Cristina, I am all for getting rid of Arizona, Teddy, and Jackson. All of them have irritated me this season. The beginning of season 7 was amazing because it focused on Mer/Der and Cristina/Owen and the rest were background stories and window dressing (nice to look at). That worked!

    • paige mulroe says:

      I totally agree, it was nice to focus on those two couples!! I still could use more of merder.

      • LMSO says:

        I absolutely agree. GA works best when the focus is on Meredith/Derek, Cristina/Owen, and Alex with strong support from Bailey and the Chief. Everyone else is much better used in smaller doses IMO, including Callie/Arizona who I generally like but have seen way too much of lately. I like Jackson with Lexie. I’m neutral on April. Teddy can go disappear into the Parking Lot of Doom or run off with Henry or Andrew and the show would be the better for it. At the end of the day GA is the story of the residency of five interns. With George dead and Izzie MIA, the heart of the show is now the remaining three, so more Meredith, Cristina, and Alex I say! As for couples, Cristina/Owen are my favorites with MerDer a strong second. We need more of both of those pairs and a love interest for my Alex who can give him the love he deserves. Are you listening, Shonda?

  43. paige mulroe says:

    All I know is that Grey’s will not make it with out Meredith and Derek!!!! They are the show, and I personally think they need more moments!!!

  44. Susie Zander says:

    I agree with most of the comments before me. I think it’s time for Alex to grow up and have a girlfriend.

  45. Babygate says:

    I think she’s awesome and I love her with Alex. He deserves to be with someone like her. He needs a lady love and the problem is that there is no one available from the existing cast for him, except maybe April? And that pairing just doesn’t work. I say, keep her as a recurring character. They can be together and she can be working in another hospital and visit SG every so often. Like Bailey’s ex-husband or Adele. After having Alex fall for this girl it would just be cruel to take her away…

  46. simoche says:

    i watch the show bcos of alex

  47. MR505 says:

    I like Teddy; I think she’ll come around in regards to Cristina – prolly just jealous/threatened that her star pupil brought in some other Doc’s trick surgery & showed her up; I say keep her, lose Stark & make April recurring (she’s whiny); at least make Racheal recurring if CAs doesn’t pan out. I have no interest whatsoever in Owen…

  48. rebecca says:

    i love lucy & alex so far.. but if she does have to go i have a solution.

    Private Practice would be absolutely fine without Addison. Bring her back to Grey’s (not the new version Addsion, but the old one before she went to LA) Alex and Addison had great chemistry & she wants a kid, Alex would make a great father.

  49. Kiki says:

    Maybe Teddy can hit the highway. Owen is awesome and needs to stay. He and Yang are one hot couple. Perhaps some of the others, like Jackson, April and Lucy can be recurring. The cast definitely needs some weeding out.

    • Courtney says:

      I totally agree with the weeding out but for me Owen is a keeper. Owen and Owen/Cristina are why I am now addicted to Grey’s again. I still love sweet Mer/Der but sexy passionate Owen and Cristina are who have me obsessed with this show. Even though they have gotten very little screen time so far this season, their brief scenes captivate the screen. And when we finally get to see Owen on screen being a badass trauma surgeon, I am delighted because Kevin McKidd is an amazing actor.

  50. Cherry says:

    Dear Shonda, write out Teddy, Stark, April, and stop having Addison coming back. It’s time to move on. Owen can go too. What do you think? Oh and I liked the music event.