Morena Baccarin Teases the Big, Naked V Reveal and a 'Totally Nuts' Season Finale

This Tuesday at 9/8c, ABC’s V inches (slithers?) one step closer to its Season 2 finale, as Anna prepares to flip the switch on the Blue Energy reactor that will, unbeknownst to many, seal Earth’s fate. All the while, imprisoned queen Diana is conspiring with granddaughter Lisa take control of matters and do things her own way.

TVLine spoke with Morena Baccarin about the Visitors’ agenda, the very cool reptilian reveal to come, and the rather deadly season-ender.

TVLINE | I’m a fan of the show, but have been having trouble grasping some of the recent science. The Vs are stealing DNA excerpts from humans to, what, help their own evolution…?
Exactly. It’s very confusing. [Laughs] But yes, we are extracting the best DNA from humans and putting it in a big DNA machine, and we’re going to use that for our future generations to have a stronger evolutionary process.

TVLINE | And why is the Vs’ evolution threatened?
We had to flee our planet, so basically we’ve been searching for a new home. Earth is the strongest [candidate] of the planets that we found — it’s the one where we’re most viable and able to have our species continue.

TVLINE | But if y’all adapt, you’re going to want to come down out of your spaceships and live with us. It could get… crowded.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh. You’re onto something!

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TVLINE | In this week’s episode, Anna readies to fire up the Blue Energy reactor, but apparently the device is not what it seems. What can you tease about its actual purpose?
Well, the shape of Concordia [designed as a docking platform for Visitor ships] is a big clue. There are like 529 Concordia cities being built, and there are [hundreds of] ships looming over Earth, but it’s beyond human technology to see them. We are not coming; we are here.

TVLINE | Does Anna’s mother, Diana, truly have the humans’ best interests at heart? Or is she simply angling to be the one to rule them all?
She was a queen, so for sure she wants to be queen again and rule them all. She also has this “emotion” thing that she thinks is a good tool to have. She would definitely overthrow me, so she’s not getting out of the dungeon as far as I’m concerned.

TVLINE | Do you think defiant Lisa has reached the point of no return, or might there be a way for Anna to get her back into the fold?
Never underestimate what Anna can do, but Lisa seems to be pretty far in the Fifth Column direction.

TVLINE | Speaking of which: How fun was the big ol’ slap fight you and Laura Vandervoort got to have a few weeks back?
Pretty great! It was pretty, pretty great. We kept cracking up, actually.

TVLINE | The show has pulled back on the Anna/Chad flirtation thing. Is that because attraction is a sort of emotion? Could Anna be attracted to Chad?
She could be, because attraction is also very animal. But it’s too soon to have that happen. You need to tease that.

TVLINE | As an actress playing an emotion-free character, how and where do you find your “moments”?
It’s very challenging. I have to be really specific and know what I’m saying and why I’m saying it and know the emotion behind it, so I can choose not to show it. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but when I have that behind my words you can kind of see it. You know when she’s pissed; I just can’t show it on the surface.

TVLINE | So the other week, when Anna warmly greeted that Live Aboarder’s daughter, that was all pretend?
Yes, because she knows that she needs that girl. She’s a master manipulator, so she’ll do what it takes – even finding out the woman’s name and naming her own daughter that. But within that, she’s starting to get closer to [Ryan’s] little girl, Amy — and I think that is genuine.

TVLINE | [V showrunner] Scott Rosenbaum tweeted that we are about to get a look at a Visitor in their full, naked, native state. Have you seen the final FX yet?
I haven’t, but I’m dying to. I’ve seen photos, but I haven’t seen the [full-motion version].

TVLINE | I imagine it looks like an erect lizard. Or a Sleestak.
They want to make it a conglomeration of all these different species. There’s something prehistoric about it but there’s also something predatory about it, so it’ll be cool.

TVLINE | The story is we’re getting three deaths in the March 15 season finale….
Are there three…? [Thinks for a moment] Oh my god, yes! It’s crazy. Totally nuts. And it’s really heartbreaking. I cried when I saw it.

TVLINE | If the show gets picked up for a third season, will it be strange returning to the set minus those three actors?
For sure.

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TVLINE | What are your plans for the hiatus?
I’m going to Australia for a convention, so that’s go to be exciting. I’ve never been there. Other than that, I’m in a waiting period, so I can’t really take on much more than an episode of things here and there [such as an upcoming episode of The Mentalist]. I am just hoping that we’ll be shooting V at the end of the summer!

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  1. Jasin says:

    I really hope V gets picked up for a third season. Even if it is a shorter season like 1 &2. It’s a fun entertaining show!

    • sash fan says:

      Yes! I agree; I hope this gets picked up again for next year. It’s just getting good. I love the direction they are going in lately! One of my not miss shows.

  2. ripleyaeryn says:

    I agree! I want a third season! I just hope that Hobbes will be alive in the final second of the season finale! Best male character in the show (now that Joshua is Anna’s new dog!). And I want more Hobbes/Erica!

  3. Ceecile says:

    I hope Tyler bites the dust. Wouldn’t mind Ryan either. Don’t want it to be Jack though. Or the Doc, he’s the only character providing some sort of comic relief.

  4. TheRiffRaff says:

    If they kill off Tyler I would be more than happy to see a season 3, but if Tyler isn’t one of those 3 people killed off then its a no go for me, he’s a idiot and waste of a character. I hope they don’t just kill off 3 insignificant characters like Syd, the new guy running around with Anna and Chad. I want Tyler, Father Jack, and Chad. And make Joshua cool again :)

    • ripleyaeryn says:

      I agree! I like Sid, he’s very funny and if Joshua 1.0 (or Fifth Column Joshua as you wish!) returns, it could give some interesting stuff!

      -Jack is boring and seeing him having an affair with Erica is disgusting, he poorly helped the others! A shame because he could be much more useful.

      -Tyler : we all know why.

      -Chad : Anna will watch him carefully, if I am correct, Chad was one of the potential victims last year in Red Sky. Plus, aneurism threat!

      I don’t want to see Diana dying, Jane Badler is incredible, I want her back with Frank Ashmore, Robert Englund and Michael Ironside if V gets picked up!

  5. Kt says:

    Definitely want a third season. Plus if they kill Tyler the Erica-Anna face-off will be much more intense.

  6. Michael Sacal says:

    Ryan and Diana are definite candidates to be two of the three deaths, but as for the third, it could be anyone.

    It may even be the scientist guy played by Harrison.

  7. jless says:

    This Brazilian actress is very beautiful, but I think she needs to have more acting classes,this show is badly written and the acting is horrible with the exception of Elizabeth Mitchell.

    • AndyLuvr says:

      I believe Morena Baccarin is a Juilliard-trained actress. I think she’s phenomenal. She gets the job done by being stoic yet you can tell she’s brimming with such emotion. As much as I love Jane Badler, she’s too campy and retains many of her mannerisms from the 80s version of V, which I just recently re-watched. (Talk about badly written and poorly acted: I was too young when V first came out to realize its faults in the writing and acting departments.). Morena is so different from Badler: Morena’s just too awesome for words. She and the equally excellent Elizabeth Mitchell make for great onscreen sparring partners.

      God, please let V continue on to a third season! I love this show big time.

    • MikeB says:

      Morena is the best actor on the show and far better than Elizabeth Mithcell.

      Plus, besides Father Jack, she’s the only likable character on the show.

  8. Reva says:

    season 3 would be awesome!!! they can do another short season look how awesome season 2 was that way!!! as far as 3 deaths … most def Ty, would never b missed … gotta keep Joshua

  9. Sarah says:

    As an Australian I am very interested in this conventions she’s attending. Anyone know which one it is? :)

  10. Sue H. says:

    PLEASE keep “V” going! My boyfriend and I look forward to it every week! It is definitely one of our don’t miss shows. Would like to see more of the “lizard” characteristics underneath the human looking skin – creepy!

  11. Kendall says:

    PLEASE…PLEASE….PLEASE let there be a seasn 3 of “V”. It is by far, the best show on right now,. I look forward to every Tuesday and the day Season 2 hits DVD, I will be first in line to get it too. I love Jane badler and hope she returns for Season 3. As for who gets killed off, I don’t have a clue. Can’t wait to see it though!

  12. Rom says:

    ABC has a history of killing good shows before there time….watch, it’ll be canceled!

  13. Buddy says:

    I missed this entire season of “V.” I was out of the country in January and I thought I could watch it on-line to catch up. Nope! The first series I watched not available on-line. I still hope for a third season. I guess I will be watching it, hopefully, on-line or buying the DVDs.

  14. Guy says:

    Last nights episode was fantastic and the finale looks even better. V deserves 1 more season to wrap it all up. Please please please ABC give us 10 more episodes next season. Please. Don’t leave us hanging

  15. Angel says:

    V and it’s viewers deserve proper closure. This series started out slow but remember that any story needs a base, intro of characters, story development, etc. Season 2 has been well written if maybe some character flaws such as Tyler, but then you have Josh which is a great character that deserves more dimension Let’s not forget Diana she’s outstanding. With Diana it’s a PowerPlay, like chess really she’s positioned her pieces and now she’s ready to strike and she’ll use her granddaughter and the Fifth Column to get her title back….that is just brilliant writing and it’s why the show works. This V is not the first V this is a completely different approach and so far has been done well. So much better than the trash out there like “Reality Tv” please, give me something like V and I’ll watch as many hours as it’s on.
    All these reasons are enough to give this brilliant story a proper ending by giving it and it’s loyal viewers a 3rd season!

  16. Liz says:

    Please bring back V for another season. I LOVE this show!! It’s absolutely fascinating. I am so bummed that they killed off Ryan. He was so sexy and one of my favorite characters in the show. I was also really saddened to see that Anna’s daughter has been imprisoned and forced to watch Tyler being brutally killed. I can’t believe Diana was killed… I can’t wait for a new season to begin. Right now things look pretty bleak for planet Earth and the Fifth column. I’m curious to know what role Amy will play. Can’t believe she killed her father!!