Exclusive: NCIS Launches Major Serial Killer Plot

No one can accuse NCIS of resting on its laurels as TV’s most watched scripted hour. The CBS smash is set to close out its eighth season with a dramatic serial killer plot that will span several episodes and (presumably) claim multiple lives.

A NCIS rep confirms to TVLine exclusively that the arc, which revolves around a murdering psychopath dubbed the Port-to-Port Killer, is slated to kick off in the April 5 episode and continue through May Sweeps.

And this menace will prove to be extremely formidable  — so much so that Gibbs will be forced to expand his team. According to an NCIS insider, at least two new special agents will be introduced later this season to assist with the case.

NCIS Exclusive: Ziva’s Boyfriend Is Without A Trace Hunk Enrique Murciano!

One of the two recurring characters is described as “a well-traveled and experienced federal agent who is happy to be reunited with his team in their new DC home.” Are you thinking what I’m thinking? ‘Cause I’m thinking this guy’s got ties to the Sarah Jane Morris’ newly introduced overseas detective EJ Barrett. (As Michael Weatherly told us, Morris’ Special Agent will “arc out toward the end of [the] season and be a part of that epic season-finale situation.”)

NCIS‘ Michael Weatherly: Newcomer EJ Revives Tony’s Spirit

I’m also going to go out on a limb and predict the PTP Killer will target (and possibly take out) a member of Gibbs’ team. Just a hunch.

Thoughts? Do these season-ending serial killer arcs give you the heebie-jeebies? Are you worried TPTB may use the opportunity to make some cast changes as the show heads into its ninth season? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. CloisTiva says:

    If one of Gibbs team go so will I!

    • Diane Jones says:

      l feel the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cheery says:

      They should kill Vance, Palmer or Ducky. That’d shake things up, but not too much, and we really need a new director anyhow. Then they can bring in another woman, Ziva and Abby aren’t enough.

      • Ducky says:

        No! You can’t kill Ducky he’s the best! It’s gotten too stagnate with the same people for 6 years so I think one of the team needs to be killed off to change things up. Either Ziva or McGee, and since we know all Ziva’s backstory she’d be the one I’d put my money on.

        • Cheery says:

          If it’s going to be a major character, then I’d go with McGee. Really there isn’t anything special about him, he’s just the nerdy computer guy. Does anyone care about his backstory anyway?

          • Peggy says:

            McGee is the best one, next to Gibbs on the show. No one should be killed off unless it is Barrett. Criminal Minds has been ruined with the cast changes. Please don’t change NCIS’ cast.

      • Vanny says:

        NOT PALMER! I Like him!

    • Bridget Matthews says:

      I highly doubt the main team will change–If they change one thing about the main cast, the show will be OVER

      • Richard says:

        As long as Mc Geeks family produces the show, he aint leaving. But there have been signs that Cote may be moving on. In reality, Tony should have been promoted to Team leader three years ago, and
        all Federal LEO retire at 55, Gibbs (Harmon) are at that point …..

    • Allie says:

      I’m with you on that one!

    • jules says:

      Since the article says that the case will lead to the expansion of Gibbs team, I’m assuming if someone is going to be taken out, it will be one of the expanded members. Core cast have all renegotiated contracts, if I’m not mistaken.

    • karen says:

      The team is great the way it is, I think it would be a big mistake to change things, the show is still number one, and us fans identify with the cast the way it is. I think the one to be killed off should be Tony’s new friend, I don’ think she can be trusted anyway.

    • Eileen McKenzi says:

      Absolutely! Leave the team alone. Hopefully, the “powers that be” won’t try to fix something that isn’t broke.

    • JayBee says:

      Oh please don’t fix wot aint broke!!! I love ALL the characters and now I’m going to worry that they are going to ruin what is a fantastic programme and get rid someone!

      Please leave them all alone!

      • markymark says:

        Agreed! Let’s definitely get rid of these new team members. Not sure if you agree on this, but they need a new director. Tired of Vance!

        • Ncislvr says:

          Hate to burst your bubble, but Vance signed a contract for next season already… I know, I hate it, too! They should kill him off, and get a new female director. And tiva should get together…

    • Lori says:

      there have been talk under the radar that rather then killing off main charicters that a new team will apear and that tony will be the gibbs of that team not on a new show mind you two team this would be to give the show a new dimension new blood new story lines with out removeing the main charicters is the goal if this happens then it will be vance who is killed off because i cant see him promoting tony mcgee would be gibbs new team leader ziva would be next then new blood for the computer /probe dont know who they hve in mind for the new team there will also be apperences from the team tony was offerd sounds exciting

      • Kaislin says:

        it was my understanding that the new female that just returned to the states – EJ right? – is the team leader. Don’t want changes and don’t need additions. They are great the way they are. Too many people to worry about if they add more. And they’ve let it out who the two new team members will be I see. Why not leave well enough alone?

    • becki killion says:

      I am with you. They kill anyone off and I am gone. I like it the way it is. Period

      • Mikki says:

        I agree. Why is everyone on here making comments like ‘oh kill mcgee off, no one cares about his backstory’… Where is the love of the show and all their characters!? It is a brilliant show, and I will be incredibly upset no matter who (if anyone) dies.

      • k9s3mom says:

        YEP! It’s a fabulous time..why would they change it??

    • Amy says:

      I completely agree, I don’t know if I could continue to watch the show if one of the team goes, unless of course Vance goes or whats his name (the kid) in autopsy, I am not so attatched to them

    • Peggy says:

      I do not like the new female (Barrett)at all. NCIS is the best show on TV and if they change the cast at all they will ruin the show. Why can’t the show’s producers leave it alone. Every time there is a good show, they change something about it, which ruins it and then it is canceled.

    • Emily says:

      I agree!! If they get rid of one of Gibbs’ team, I will be gone! That includes Abby, Palmer, and Ducky. They did that with the regular CSI…with Sarah and Grissom and I haven’t watched it since. They will really lose viewers…hope they know that.

    • DSGeorge says:

      I don’t think Gibbs team will be touched…but I think EJ will end up dead….and my prediction is that Ray (CIRay) will end up being the Port to Port Killer…which is why he will end up killing EJ in the last episode becuase she will have figured him out and since they know each other he will have to take her out. The fact that the eyeball came to Tony at the bar had nothing to do with his former partner being killed and becuase he was at the bar with Ziva when it happened…and because I think he hates Tony becasue he sees that him and Ziva have a “thing”…

      just my 2 cents

    • Helen says:

      They better not get rid of the main characters thats what makes NCIS so good, they all fit together so well. Its the perfect team and without one of them it just isnt going to be the same. so they better not

    • Sue says:

      I agree. they did some changes on Law and Order:SVU and I haven’t watched that show since. Same goes with NCIS, no matter how much I like the show the character they have right now make the show. Any changes with the characters will just ruin it.

  2. B says:

    Didn’t the cast just sign contract extensions? If not, who?

    • Jenna says:

      Cote hasn’t signed a contract renewal yet! Omg… please don’t make Cote gooooooo! <3

      It could make for a good storyline as long as some just gets injured & not killes out of Gibbs team. Besides Cote (aka Ziva) everyone else has contracts in place, except maybe Vance?

      • badprobiemcgee says:

        Everybody except for Cote has signed contracts. Last year Rocky Carroll signed a 2 year contract if I’m not mistaken. I agree people can get injured, if someone wants to be in a coma over the summer, that would be acceptable even just don’t die. And has Ziva not been beaten up enough over the years? I mean just 2 years ago, they tied her to a chair and beat her all summer. I vote they pick on another character. Let’s pick on Tony! I love Tony, but let’s pick on him this year.haha.

      • Jill says:

        Yeah, but this is NCIS. They only kill the female agents.

        That would suck.

    • Kirsty Smith says:

      As far as I am aware only Mark Harmon has signed on for a next season (and I believe 1 or 2 after that). However, in saying that, the rest of the cast may have also signed new contracts and they’re not telling us to build suspense for this story line.

      • Clarissa says:

        Pauley, Michael and Sean (and I believe David) signed on through next season last year. But yeah, just because they are under contract we shouldn’t assume they are safe. I would say that out of all the cast Mark, Pauley and Michael are the most safe.

        I’m most worried about Palmer, Vance and Ziva.

        • Nick c says:

          It’s all about NCIS LA now…It’s so much better
          and you don’t have that sexually harassing, bully Gibbs.
          Gibbs needs to die and turn the team over to Tony.
          Then i would come back.

          Deeks and Kensi are the new Tony and Ziva.

          • Clarissa says:

            lol who does Gibbs sexually harass?

            I tried getting into NCISLA, but I just don’t care about the characters enough.

          • Diane Jones says:

            you are out of your mind Mark Harmond is one actor who can get away with Gibbs part n still be loved.

          • lovetorun says:

            ummm since when does gibbs sexually harass anyone?
            and i really couldnt get into ncis:la. it just seemed like they were trying too hard to match the (unmatchable) chemistry of the characters in ncis.

          • cindy says:

            I don’t think NCISLA has 22 million viewers – yet.

          • stacey says:

            Gibbs doesn’t sexually harass anyone. Also, I like NCIS LA but it’s not the original and it definitely is not all about NCIS LA they are really on opposite levels, NCIS being on the higher level. I don’t want any of the cast to go or to change.

          • sadtroll says:

            Awwww snap, y’all just got trolled. Nick c even wrote it like a little love poem, trolling for fishees. C’mon, calling Gibbs a bully and comparing Deeks and ANYONE from NCIS is like throwing chum in the waters off the coast of Miami.

            Troll – succesful.

          • Jay Bee says:

            How dare you even think about killing off Gibbs he’s integral to the show along with all the other characters! I’ve tried to get into NCIS LA but it is just not the same. I just love the interactions between the NCIS characters and the humour, it’s what keeps me watching over and over again :)

          • Green-ii says:

            go ahead and stay with ncis los angeles…..they are good also…but the rest of us with keep enjoy our NCIS ..they are all in synch with each others’ characters. for us fans in our 50’s ,,, ducky & gibbs give us plenty of special enduendo humor that younger fans may miss…unless you were there…..example when kate asked gibbs what ducky was like when he was younger and gibbs replied…..Illya Kuryakin ….. ducky has had our hearts pounding since the 60’s when he was in The Man From UNCLE……and Gibbs has had our hearts pounding since Flamingo Road (for me!) and they just keep getting sexier with their maturity….so please enjoy NCIS / LA….I am always there AFTER i enjoy NCIS first…
            thanks :)

          • GIBBSRULES51PLUS says:

            I’m with Clarissa….who exactly is Gibbs sexually harassing I would like to know. He is one class act. He is very respectful of both Abby and Ziva. What-the kissing on a cheek? Oh, yeah slap him with a sexual harassment lawsuit. LMAO! Give me a break!

            Oh, and the reason Cote hasn’t signed as of yet is because she joined during the 3rd season. I read this in an article and now I forget where. So,I am pretty sure she will sign once her contract is up at the end of season 8.

            I am a huge Cote/Ziva fan and I can’t stand all the bashing that’s going on. There are just way too many that want her to die. And all of you speak as if you know Cote de Pablo personally and that she wronged you in another life. I feel bad for you.

          • Dee says:

            I am sooooo confused. Why does everyone love Tony??? He is the CONSTANT sexual harrasser!!! – Taking Cassie’s birth control pills, reading Ziva’s emails and following her to lunch, spreading lies about McGee’s sexuality, – and the last straw, which should have gotten him fired – handcuffing a call girl and participating in an orgy being thrown by someone he was supposed to be protecting……..
            I have so often wanted not to watch because of his miserable juvenile antics, and everyone else wants him to lead the team?!

          • pam2wise says:

            I love the entire cast EXCEPT for Leon Vance. Jenny was much better in the Role of Director, and the relationship with Gibbs was unbeatable.
            NCIS Los Angeles is NOT worth watching. The story lines are lame, and no where as good as NCIS.
            I watch every NCIS episode, even the reruns on USA! I don’t want any of the main cast changed except maybe Vance! They all work well together as one big dysfunctional family.
            I hope CBS doesn’t mess up the show, but getting rid of any of the big stars!
            Cote, SIGN a new contract!

          • gibbs forever says:

            are yo gay or what

  3. Ingmar says:

    I doubt they are going to kill of a major key player. If they do I expect it to be Vance or McGee. Tony and Ziva are to important imo.

    • 06s091 says:

      I don’t care about Vance, but McGee is just as important as Tony and the others…

    • Clarissa says:

      I’m worried about Palmer too.

      Most likely it’ll be the new agents that get killed off though (plus EJ).

    • DL says:

      NCIS is boasting consistent 20+ million in viewers week-to-week. I think they’ll absolutely stick with their current cast. Expect to see the new people get bumped off, in my opinion. :)

    • shaz says:

      McGee, Tony and Ziva are all as important as each other. To kill any of them off would be disastrous. Vance has to go though. He has a major attitude problem towards Gibbs!

    • mariner says:

      Vance needs to fall in a hole somewhere, and get replaced by Gibbs.

  4. JohnM says:

    Ducky’s assistant, Palmer I think is the name. He’s the most expendable in the cast. Unless his contract was renewed too.

  5. 06s091 says:

    The only one from Team Gibbs without a contract for season 9 is Cote de Pablo(last year Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray, Pauley Perrette and David McCallum all signed multiyear contracts and Mark Harmon just signed a new contract a few weeks ago), so I’m not that concerned about losing a member of the team.
    They might split up the team like before, but they will be back together after the first 1-3 episodes of season 9…

  6. Doug B says:

    Director Vance Okay but anyone else it would suck.

    I think they will do the Red Shirt thing by offing the new people

  7. Svenja says:

    I think one of the team members will be attacted, but not killed…maybe Tony since his origin story is kicking off by the end of the season…

    This sounds SOOOOOOOOO awesome.
    I am in love with it.
    Cannot wait for those episodes…

  8. ggny says:

    that is the first promo picture ive ever seen with Palmer in it

    • Suncatcher says:

      I was just gonna say the same thing! Who’s not smiling in the photo? Might that be a clue? : )

      • shaz says:

        Vance rarely smiles on the show, can’t expect the photo to be any different. They all still playing their parts in the photo.

  9. Donna says:

    NCIS is KNOWN for killing off main characters (they’re as bad as Joss Whedon!) Remember Kate from season 1 and several other key players along the way. I wouldn’t say anyone is safe. I REALLY hope that McGee isn’t killed off because he’s my favorite. I worry about Ziva because the show has not been kind to females!

    • 06s091 says:

      Sasha Alexander, who played Kate, wanted to leave the show for other opportunities, so they wrote her out of the story.
      It wasn’t something that was planned from the start..

    • postsalot says:

      “Remember Kate from season 1” Uh, yeah, I think people remember Kate.
      Kate from season 1 and 2 if you please. There was also Jenny, Agent Langer, Agent Lee getting killed by Gibbs and the blonde agent played by Jessica Steen.

    • Bobbie says:

      I am also worried about Ziva too! I really like the whole team together. I am just afraid they have painted CDP character into a corner. Where can she go from here? Don’t forget Jenny and Lee!I really like Ziva.So many people have made so many bad comments about her.For goodness sake she has a crazy mossad father, they beat her and whatever else for 4 months.Tony,wanted take revenge for her death. Tony, Mcgee,Gibbs saved her. Now they brought EJ for Tony. Females either get tortured or killed on this show!I do not think they would get rid of Palmer because
      Because (David) is in his late 80’s isn’t he? I am thinking Vance.Maybe EJ depending how far they take it with Tony.

  10. kenobi says:

    Well, they’ve killed off main cast members before and Shane Brennan has demonstrated in NCIS: LA that he’s not afraid to do it even when the actors haven’t asked to leave, though he may be more reluctant to do it on what is still thought of as Bellisario’s show. Also, the current NCIS cast has had more time to develop their chemistry than its LA spinoff and there would be a bigger outcry. But who knows?

    • Nostradamus says:

      Brennan wasn’t getting rid of characters to create drama though. The Dominic character didn’t fit in on that show. Replaced by a much stronger Deeks. Linda Hunt’s Character and the subsequent “killing” of Macy on the regular NCIS was a similar situation.

  11. Mel says:

    This is only an Ausiello speculation. The show hasn’t said a team member will be killed off, so I’m not panicking. Plus, if Gibbs takes on some temporary members to help with the serial killer (probably EJ,Ray, and someone from EJ’s team), they are more likely to be casualties. CBS would be fools to mess with the present cast dynamic. JMO.

  12. Susie says:

    I agree – the character Director Vance is not all that interesting anymore. I’m hoping that they keep Gibbs team, and Ducky & assistant Jimmy, on the series.

    • Jackie says:

      Why do you want to get rid of Vance? He is the only black person on the team. I need to see people of my race on TV. I love his eyes. He does not have to speak, he speaks with his eyes. I love the way he protects his team’s back.

  13. Tucker says:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned about TV it’s that just because you’re under contract doesn’t mean you aren’t expendable. Especially if you are moving on to a second or third year of that contract.

  14. Cheyenne says:

    I don’t think any of the main cast members will die. Cote probably already resigned for next year, they just want to keep suspense alive. They are probably adding new members so they can kill them off, although I wouldn’t doubt one of the regular members being injured. I would never want McGee to die, but I wish they would give him something tough to deal with… Like the injury ;) He’s under appreciated.

    • kytivafan says:

      oooh, I like your idea. Maybe McGee could be attacked by the serial killer, but survive. S9 could deal with his physical and emotional recovery. Although, the writers failed miserably at dealing with the fallout of Ziva’s Somolia experience.

      • Erin says:

        No thanks, not into McGee whump. McGee got enough face-time and serious development this season. I’m thinking it’s Tony’s time as all he got all season was the comic relief role apart from a few eps ago. Although that said, out of them all – Abby is the one long-time member that really deserves a serious storyline. She was a supporting player to Gibbs in last season’s final arc however they really under-utlised her there. She had potential… but it didn’t really go anywhere.

  15. Jaclyn says:

    I like Vance, he speaks Gibbs fluently! If anyone is expendable it has to be ‘stunt actor 1’ that whole team is awesome – And what’s with McGee,he’s lost so much weight I thought he must be ill?

  16. kytivafan says:

    I am thinking that the EJ character will fall victim to the serial killer (and it won’t bother me a bit). It will create some angst for Tony because every woman he gets close to something bad happens to her, but that could play out well in S9 as he continues to assess his life and his priorties, maybe forcing him to take a long hard look at his relationship or non-relationship with Ziva.

    The only regular cast member I would be willing to sacrifice would be Vance, only because I am not as emotionally invested in him as I am with the others.

    Wonder how CIA Ray fits into all of this?

    Looking forward to the SF, this could be really good and I hope it lives up to the hype.

  17. gibbster says:

    hate serial killer arcs. they’ve been done to death. have we no more ensigns to assign to the briny deep.

  18. mondlerlove says:

    They better not kill off any of the regulars. Ziva is my favorite.

    I think/hope that EJ bites the dust.

  19. dan says:

    Like Mel said, This is only an Ausiello speculation…but he does read the TV tea leaves pretty well. I just don’t see what cast member can get got without characters retiring/going on a murderous rampage. Why do people always seem to dislike the Director? I really liked Lauren Holly & how Carroll has evolved his character has been very impressive and thought Vance/Gibbs moments in the Vance-centric ep were phenomenal .

  20. Dan says:

    My hope is Ziva bites the dust and EJ replaces her. She has MUCH better chemistry and she treats him better. Plus she is fun and not mean like Ziva. I hope EJ stays she is the best female to join NCIS since Kate. Even if Ziva stays I hope EJ does to. About time that Ziva wasn’t the only female agent on the show.

    • Tiva4nevah! says:

      I completely agree Dan. EJ has much better chemistry with Tony and seems to like him, which is more than Ziva does. EJ is a much more interesting female agent than Ziva with her violent temper tantrums and diva princess hissy fits. Ziva could do with some competition from a classy, intelligent, professional female character. I thought EJ showed Ziva up completely in One Last Score and was a far more likable character.

      • Heather says:

        WRONG! E.J. is completely unllikeable. We’re invested in Ziva, as well as the rest of the cast. Don’t kill any of the stars! Kill E.J. or CIRay. We could care less about them.

    • TonyFanfirst says:

      Amen, Dan! Ej is a breath of fresh air!

      • pat says:

        EJ is just another Ziva clone. She’s tough, she jumps into cases and conversations that have nothing to do with her, she’s seductive with Tony, and I bet she will be an awesome fighter too. I’m glad she’s not a helpless wimp like Jeanne but she’s no different air than the show has already got.

        I don’t see how you can see that she treats Tony better than Ziva does based on about two minutes of airtime where she butts into their case and a shower kiss. Ziva takes down dangerous men if she thinks Tony is in trouble.

    • charli says:

      I would love to see Ziva go, but EJ is already a Team Leader, so doubt that she would ‘replace’ Ziva on the team if that happened. Would rather see her as maybe a recurring character, not on every week, but the romantic interest for Tony (if they absolutely have to have one, which I don’t really think they do)… And it would be better, if she is to be the loc interest, that she “NOT” be on the team.

      • Bob27852 says:

        Maybe EJ’s “team” will be killed off, and then she will have no team to lead, and must join up with Gibbs’ bunch…

        • Jill says:

          She would get a new team. Joining Gibbs team would be a step back that an ambitious person would never do.

          Since I prefer Ziva to Kate, Jenny or EJ, I’m fine with that.

    • Mykey716 says:

      Did I miss something? This EJ character only joined the show last week – how does she have a better chemistry??

      Ziva is not mean – she just has no time/patience for stupidity!!
      If anyone from main cast does get killed off, I do hope it’s Vance; I’ve never trusted him and don’t like him. Palmer (Ducky’s assistant) would be okay but he’s kinda grown on me in the last couple of years, so it would be sad but only for a minute. Otherwise, I would assume it to be new cast members.

  21. Tiva4nevah! says:

    I hope it’s Cote whose character is killed off. It probably won’t be but I’d love it if it was. I can’t stand Ziva – she’s ruined the last 2 seasons for me. I also can’t stand Tiva. I have a feeling though that poor EJ, who was a perfectly nice character, will be sacrificed in order to provide angst for Tony. I do hope not. I like EJ! Maybe EJ and Ziva die together – that’s a price I’d totally be prepared to pay if it got rid of Ziva and Tiva. I wouldn’t mind if Vance left either – they’ve written him so badly by this point with his constant mood swings and changes of allegiance that he wouldn’t be missed. I’m also tired of him and Gibbs doing their boring alpha dog stand off every single episode.

    • greenfroggy says:

      who is Tiva? I like Ziva. She keeps Tony on his toes.

      • Mr. Wolf says:

        If you weren’t being sarcastic and really are asking, “Tiva” is the squealing little girl mashup name for Tony and Ziva. It’s the way the Harlequin Romance crowd identify themselves to each other. That and using the stupid word “shipper.” Nothing indicates exculsiveness among fans and geeks of all kinds than having their own slang, especially among the 6th grade schoolgirl crowd.

        • kytivafan says:

          Play nice. There is enough room in the sandbox for us all.

          • Mr. Wolfe says:

            You’re right, I have been kind of snarky lately concerning this whole name-mashup/shipper think. Not into moral relativism, but I can let the kids play in their sandbox and just concentrate on the threads written by the grownups. Have fun and don’t poke anyone’s eye out!

    • kenobi says:

      I’m not a Tiva fan but I don’t think it’s been overdone… Unlike on JAG where the Harm/Mac soap opera seemed to become the central focus of the whole show after the 4th season.

  22. Stacey says:

    Since early in the series; they got a reputation of killing off their females. So I doubt Ziva will die despite Cote having to renew her contract this year if she wants to return. And plus they like to play with Ziva and Tony and keep fans stringing along… I believe Rocky (Vance) needs to also renew his contract his year. So I think if anyone dies. It’s Vance. The tension between him and Gibbs is already increasing… And it’s that time in the series again; where a new director could come in and shake things up. Will Gibbs take over as director and Tony as leader? How will that pan out next year. Since we know both Mark and Michael have new contracts. Same with the other players, except Cote. I just don’t think they would kill their major female like they were forced to with Kate. And they also killed Paula. So yeah, if anyone dies…it’s Vance. Although if someone in the main cast goes; I could see them getting rid of McGee but it’s like Vance or the new girl, EJ who dies. Giving Tony angst.

  23. Alex says:

    Speaking of Pauley, I think she needs to grow up. She looks weird wearing the same minis and hairdo for so many years, she is getting old.

    • Clarissa says:

      Pauley does not equal Abby.

    • badprobiemcgee says:

      You can’t just go and change Abby like that. That’s part of her charm. She’s still got that little girl innocence about her despite knowing that the world has bad in it. It’s a refreshing attribute about her.

  24. Kiki says:

    I’m just really hoping that Ziva’s boyfriend isn’t this serial killer, because it’d be Rivkin 2.0, and do we really need this crap all over again?
    And if they do decide to kill Ziva, it would be a Kate 2.0 – so, really? This plot doesn’t excite me all that much, I’ll wait and see how it turns out on screen.

  25. tejas says:

    Oooh, sounds like Ziva is FINALLY toast. *fingers crossed*

  26. Enough says:

    I do agree with some I think it’s gonna be EJ that bites the dust.. I seem to remember she would be involved in a major arc, and well this is the arc.. If it’s not her it will be Vance, one of the two will be gone I think.

    • kytivafan says:

      EJ will be gone by end of season. Sarah Jane Morris only signed on for four episodes and she has signed for a pilot for USA network, so her days are numbered. We won’t be seeing her in S9. The only question that remains is how will the writers get rid of her – killed off or simply return to Rota never to be heard from again. Let’s face it, she is a transitory character and we will all forget about her by middle of next season.

      • Wow says:

        Lauren Hollu (Jenny Shepard) signed for six episodes, I do believe, in season 3. She stayed until season 5.

        Those four season signings don’t mean anything if the director wants the actor back.

  27. Joe Jackson says:

    Cote de Pablo is the only cast member not to have a contract for next season, if one of Gibbs team gets killed (assuming it is not a member from the new expansion) she is the only logical choice.

  28. SnoopMaryMar says:

    My money is on Ziva and someone from EJ’s Team. I am all for EJ. I like her, she’s refreshing.

    That being said – PORT TO PORT? Baltimore is a port. Where did Tony and Gibbs meet up? Baltimore.

    Clearly, this serial killer is someone our boys have danced with before.

    • tonyismyman says:

      I am not a Tiva fan and I was hoping that EJ would spice up the show a bit. I have to admit that I was disappointed. She didn’t have any chemistry with Tony and her scenes were boring. Maybe future episodes will be better. I am also excited for the Ray character, I like the idea of Tony and Ziva both having love interests outside of the team. Just as long as they don’t play the jealousy card again I will be happy. That is overdone by now.

  29. Jena says:

    What is with all you haters talking about Cote’s contract? You don’t know anything about it nor do you know if she signed or did not sign one. Also, many people don’t care if you dislike her (or her character) ,especially the writers of the show. Your personal feelings do not affect the outcome of the show.

    • CrimChik says:

      Don’t worry Jena!!! There is just a group of anti ziva/tiva hate fans out there that always has something to say about her so ignore them because they always post something negative :)

    • Dan says:

      Sorry Jena but fans reactions to the show do make a difference to the show. They listen to complains and raves. They pay attention to what fans think and feel about the characters and how their stories play out. MANY fans complained about the IdiotTony that they kept seeing and all of the sudden we see this new Tony the last few episodes. SB himself said that they do pay attention to if a character is loved or hated so the fact that just as many fans dislike Ziva as like her can and most likely will play an effect in how her negations go. And for all those who say CBS wont mess with a winning dynamic you need to look at CBS history. Yes they will and have done it. In the second year when CSI was a cheeper show than NCIS is now and got higher ratings (about 22 to 24 million a week they fired 2 of their stars. Not to mention all the women they let go of their top rated show last year. NCIS success is no promise that they will keep CdP. Doesn’t hurt but it wont help. After all CdP is a replacement of the other well loved female lead and who says her replacement if needed would not be even more loved than Ziva.

      • Stacey says:

        You don’t mess with a 22 million viewer show. It’s current dynamic is loved to make that drastic of a change. With it’s solo female lead on the team. Abby works back in the office; Ziva is out in the field. Yeah, they have proven no one is safe. But unless Cote wants to leave; they will keep Ziva since they like to torture Tony and Ziva fans. Sasha wanted to leave; which why they killed Kate. No reason to do this here… I don’ think you can replace Ziva in year nine and have the same success. When they replaced Kate; they had to. And it was earlier in the run…

        People love the show because of the familiarity with the characters, the team dynamic. If some dies; it will be Vance. Or EJ or Ziva’s boyfriend who makes an appearance. Although they might not want a repeat of the Rifkin mess; so they might kill him off. But since Vance might be the most expendable because they can show some change next year with a new director. Especially if say Gibbs became director and Tony stepped in Gibbs old job… But we shall see… But I don’t think they will mess NCIS like they did with Criminal Minds. NCIS is too successful.

      • pat says:

        There is a HUGE difference between listening to people wanting Tony to act more mature and getting rid of a popular character like Ziva.

        In spite of the anti-Ziva posts on the internet, she’s a very popular character and the show has increased its audience when she joined. I know people who skipped the first two seasons and started watching when Ziva joined and who would watch less enthusiastically if she left.

        I don’t know what you’re referring to with CSI firing two stars in their first season. The first regular they let go was Jorja Fox and then they had to ask her to come back because the ratings were down.

        Maybe a Ziva replacement would be better loved than she is. Maybe a Tony or McGee replacement would be too since lots of people don’t care for those characters. But CBS would be nuts to monkey around with the main characters of its top rated show. If they lose anyone, it would be Abby or the lesser characters of Palmer or Vance.

        • Cathy says:

          Okay, I don’t really see the difference – public opinion is public opinion. And while Ziva was popular when she first came on the show, I don’t think she’s that popular now thanks to SB rewriting history and making her self-sacrifice by shooting and killing her half-brother, Ari nothing more than a lie which she carried on for more than 4 years.

          Yes, NCIS is more popular now but who is to say that it would not have been just as popular had Kate stayed? NCIS was just getting their sea legs so to speak when Kate was on and even the first few years that Ziva was on. I did not start out watching NCIS – it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I found a marathon of NCIS on USA and started watching. The close friend, father/son relationship, whatever you want to call it, between Gibbs and Tony is what drew me in and I have been hooked ever since.

          I have read many posts in different NCIS forums that basically said the same thing – that they caught NCIS on the USA channel and got hooked. So I would give NCIS’s mounting popularity credit to USA for putting it out there so much instead of Ziva.

          Honestly, I find it laughable that you would credit Ziva alone for the popularity of NCIS now. After all, there are 6 other characters and one recurring character (Palmer) that have fans of their own.

          • kytivafan says:

            I agree that a singular character does not make or break the show, but I do have to argue that the dynamic that we have going right now is right on track. If anyone of the current team was to leave, it would leave a huge hole – one that the writers would be hard pressed to fill.
            I don’t see the attraction of EJ, she was simply blah, and I for one am glad she will not last past the end of the season. The actress who protrays her has signed only for 4 episodes and she already has a pilot in preproduction on the USA network, she is a transitory character, so don’t look for her to replace Ziva. I think the only postive reaction to her has been from the anti-Tiva front, they will go for anyone that could replace Ziva – and that is ok, it is their right to hate her as it is my right to love her. There is plenty of room in the NCIS sandbox, we can all enjoy the “toys”.

          • Mary-Lee says:

            A handful of diehard Ziva fans would stop watching if she left the show, but I doubt the overall ratings would drop. The show’s popularity in the past 2 seasons is definitely because of it airing repeatedly on USA. It’s become comfortable and familiar. It’s family viewing – very little sex or violence and safe, middle of the road storylines. It never pushes too far or offends anyone particularly. It could do with being either a bit harder hitting (such as the DADT plotline which veered too much on the side of safety for me) or it should stop giving us all these “ooooh, spies! Important political drama!” type plots and take us back to the earlier days when it just told a good story instead of throwing in 400 red herrings and then not resolving them. It straddles a middle ground rather awkwardly. But it’s safe, pretty much, and non-contentious. Only a small bunch of Ziva/Tiva fans watch for her or Tiva. The Tiva episodes do badly in the ratings. The Ziva episodes don’t do particularly well either so it’s not as if the audience is hanging on either Ziva or Tiva for their viewing pleasure. I suspect the majority just tune in for the team caper of the week. A new female character replacing Ziva might actually introduce some new storylines as the show has become pretty stale. It could do with a new face and really they’ve done as much as they can with Ziva – overdone some would say. All that’s left for her is more Tiva teasing and even some Tiva fans are getting irritated by that.

  30. Jill says:

    NCIS season ending arc are hit and miss. I liked the end season 6; didn’t like last season’s Gibbs arc at all.

    I doubt any of Gibbs team will be lost; CBS knows they have a winner in the show. They would be foolish to mess with it.

  31. glenna says:

    Please..If anyone has to be killed off..let it be Leon..I’m tired of him..the rest of the crew has gotta stay..love the all.my favorite show..

  32. mstictac says:

    Well I hope the SF finds Tony maybe injured or in danger, and I’m hoping our heroic, smart Tony is back to stay. I really don’t want another Ziva centric finale. I am one who liked her at first, but am bored with the constant focus on her character. She’s no longer a mystery to me, because they’ve created too many arcs that feature her. Most other characters, like Tony, have been relegated to minor scenes for the most part in the last couple years. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a heavy dose of Tony story in this finale. It’s time!

    • clever1 says:

      Oooh, another CBS forum Ziva basher. Fun stuff.

      • Smartypants2 says:

        Ooh, another CBS forum basher of anyone who dares express an opinion they don’t agree with. Usual stuff.

    • Erin says:

      I love and agree with half of your post mytictac, minus the anti Ziva sentiment. I don’t want a big Ziva finale either and yes I felt a bit worn after her big Mossad/Rivkin/Eli/Somalia arcd. But that was quite a while ago now, I don’t feel the show has been focusing on her recently at all. If anything it’s been McGee’s season. No big arc but a quite a few McGee focused eps and a lot of character development (he’s received the best development in the whole team).

      I am hoping and I think I’m correct that we’ll get a Tonyish finale. They’re brought EJ in as a catalyst, they’re showing an ep flashing back to when Gibbs and Tony the cop met. All the anvils re decisions Tony has made and referrals to his days as a cop lead me to believe that maybe it’s an old case. One that was never solved, or one where he got away. Heck it may be from the case where Tony & Gibbs met. That’s been my thinking for the last few weeks ever since the serial killer news broke (this article is surprisingly late for TV Line).

  33. AliasSamSmith says:

    In an interview Mark Harmon gave not long ago, he stated that there was an individual that would be leaving due to wanting to do other projects. Cote has expressed on more than one occasion that she wants to pursue her music. That combined with lack of news of Cote’s resigning a contract leads me to believe it will be Ziva being killed off at the end of this season.

    • SnoopMaryMar says:


      Now, that being said: it’s not Ziva hate or anti-TIVA on my part.

      I just think they’ve done all they can do with Ziva outside of hooking her up with Tony and MW has been very blunt, he thinks it would be awful for the show. I agree with that. Now if you had asked me before ALIYAH? I would have hissed like my cat at you. But season 7 kind of wrecked Ziva for me. I don’t dislike like her, but I don’t respect her anymore.

      They signed MW, SM and PP each to a multi-year agreement (which I suspect is three years – MH signed for two), ergo all contracts expire together……which would take NCIS to 10 seasons.

      • frenchie says:

        I completely agree SnoopMaryMar. I didn’t dislike Ziva until the end of S6 arc – I was perfectly happy with her as part of the cast. Then she betrayed the team and yet was allowed back on it as if none of that had happened. She was violent and abusive towards a team-mate. She tried to get Tony fired. And they let her walk back in without addressing any of that. Now they try to convince us that she’s all kind and wise and mature, but the damage has been done. The fact so many episodes focus on her hasn’t helped – I am so bored of her character and her character’s plotlines. When 2 originals, Tony and Abby, get relegated to the back burner, with Abby barely there and Tony just given all the stupid drivel plotlines, I resent greatly the fact Ziva is being given so many big plot arcs. I can now barely stand to watch her and if it’s a Ziva-centric episode I give it a miss. Still haven’t watched Enemies Foreign and Domestic or Dead Air or any of those focusing on her this season. When will we ever get Abby backstory? When will Tony get an intelligent arc of his own? I’m hopeful that the introduction of EJ and the upcoming Tony origin episode will see more focus on the lovely Tony of S1 – 4 who I fell in love with and have despaired of ever seeing again. There’s only so much humiliation and downgrading of one’s favorite character a fan can take, and right now Ziva is the only one allowed the big stories on NCIS.

  34. Michelle says:

    As with all of NCIS’s killer arcs, my standard reply: If they kill Tony, I’m done.

  35. DieZivaDie says:


  36. ZivaHaterStink says:

    All you Ziva haters stink. She kicks major ninja butt and EJ is gone anyways. Cote de Pablo is beautiful and I’m glad she’s on that show.

  37. sunny ems says:

    I can’t wait for this story to unfold..don’t want to see anyone killed off,I’m thinking its about time McGee had an end of season story line based around him..;-)

  38. tivabeliever says:

    If Ziva goes, I go too.

    It’s that simple.

  39. atlanta says:

    Just what we need. Another serial killer arc on TV. Wow, that’s really, really creative.

  40. anna says:


  41. Ashley says:

    If they’re going to kill off any character, my vote is for Leon Vance. No offense to the actor or character – I actually like him more than I thought I would when he was first introduced – but I don’t think the director of NCIS should be a regular on the show. It worked best in the days of Alan Dale’s Tom Morrow: a recognizable actor in a recurring/guest role who came on only when a case warranted it. Shouldn’t the director be too busy to get involved in every single case one team is working on?

    Lots of Ziva-hate going on here! I still like the character, but I think they’re at a poop-or-get-off-the-pot point with her relationship with Tony. I’m tired of her off-screen boyfriends and his diverting love interests (no opinion on EJ yet – not wowed, but don’t hate her). They either need to put them together and explore what happens when two damaged people like that both work together and date each other or let it go, at least for now.

    • Bobbie says:

      I agree with you! I do feel like they have cornered the character Ziva with all the trauma they have it her through! I would be a little angry to. I do not like they never dealt with it either, several missed opportunity. I really like Damon and Ziva though. I am not fond of EJ, She rubbed me the wrong way. She just reminded of the girl in high school under bleachers with all the boys.She even made the comment` She never made varsity because she was just to interested in the boys. Then the shower scene.I think they could have done that not on the first day met.Cote has to feel that to! If she thought her story line has gone as far as it can then she may want to leave which is understandable. You would to so don’t be angry and don’t put down her acting!

  42. Kate says:

    From all the episodes of Vance this season i’d say theve been building up to his death off the show, weve learnt so much about him and his past in this season and thats what they did with Jenny before killing her off! They might then have another one of the team in critical condition, either Ziva or Tony to please the big Tiva fanbase (even if you dont like them you cant deny they have a big fanbase). And then on top of that some of the new characters introduced this season will most likely be killed off, for the added drama! If Cote has asked to leave there would be a big wrapping up of the Tiva storyline from the beginning of the seaosn, and new love interest would not have been added!

  43. Mary says:

    I really liked the Team Gibbs parts in One last Score. Micheal Weatherly did a good job with that stuff. The plot was okay. The parts with Tony and that new agent was boring and predictable. It was very soap opera and cheap. The shower scene at the end ruined the episode for me. It came out of left field. It made me GAG! It was not sexy. It was creepy. I was like are you kidding me? There was ZERO chemistry between Weatherly and the actress in the whole episode. It didn’t feel real and it was in your face bad. I think EJ’s a pretentious user and up to no good. Do not like this new agent idea anyway. I hope she’s only here for a few episodes and DOES NOT become Tony’s love interest on the show, that would suck bigtime. She’s worse than the Hannah character on Bones! I stoped watching that show. I would stop watching if she was full time on NCIS. I hope they don’t want us to like her because I don’t like her at all! I don’t know if I can watch the next episode with her in it. I pray that they don’t want us to like her and that she turns out to be bad in the end. Maybe they’ll make her the serial killer or she gets killed by the serial killer because she’s so stupid and obnoxious.

    • funinthesun says:

      I agree, the EJ character is boring and her interactions with Tony felt forced. She will only be around for a few episodes, and I am glad to see her go, I was hoping for more from her. Maybe the Ray character will bring some excitement. This season has been blah for me, I am hoping that the season finale will amp up the tension, we need some excitment, the show is getting a little stale, but I guess 22 million viewers can’t be wrong.

  44. Gina says:

    Before the new season started, I had a feeling someone would go. This report confirms my suspicions and I think it will be McGee (Sean Murray).

    Murray hemmed and hawed before signing on for the season and in the episode two weeks ago, McGee made a couple of mistakes and displeased Gibbs. Murray is starting to look bored, too.

    Just an opinion.

  45. margaret says:

    i agree above
    dont kill anyone off and dont add anyone
    everything is just great cast wise, they dont need help with
    bigger cases
    just the management leave them alone

  46. Niki says:

    Hi “Stacey” & “pat” (your comment was the one was posted right after hers) – You both said it best, above.

    The bottom line is – and always will be – about The Numbers Game. For a broadcast network, it is the numbers and the “almighty dollar” (sad, but true). CBS will not mess with a formula that continues to reap success. They’re not that clueless. No offense to Mark (Gibbs – ’nuff said!!!) or Michael, but ever since CdP’s arrival onto the scene….those of us who track these types of stats have noticed NCIS’s numbers have increased quite steadily – Period. She has become an integral part of a formula that WORKS for this particular show. She is an enormous draw, and here’s a very important point: I believe she has brought with her a highly valuable, ETHNICALLY DIVERSIFIED viewing audience that otherwise may not be inclined to tune in. It doesn’t matter whether or not people agree with that statement. It’s the truth. Beyond those factors, she’s the extra “shot of adrenaline” the show seriously needed after Kate’s departure. I luv Gibbs; Tony’s got great wit/timing & he’s a great agent, but Ziva’s character is the main reason why I was drawn to the show in greater depth, since S3. I respect Sasha, but her character was a bit “flat and dry”, for me; too “goodie -goodie” – I had a hard time connecting with her. As far as Ziva’s “not-so-perfect personality” – it’s amusing that so many have sooo very, very much to say about that; the show’s writers love all of these opinions about her, since they CREATED her character that way. If you want to get “mad” at Ziva….get mad at the writers; she’s THEIR creation. It’s not Cote’s fault (poor CdP; she gets blamed for all of this!) One thing I can see – it certainly is making an awful lot of YOU talk about her on these posting boards. Thus, Shane & Co. obviously are doing something right (btw Shane LOVES Cdp). Harmon LOVES Cote as well, and will be the first one to say that she has been great for NCIS, along with the rest of the cast. They are a GREAT group, together; they are the core of the show…as it is & always will be “character-driven”. Therefore the core group (the “formula”) will remain intact, even if the story lines get a bit shaky and uncertain. Again…..one does not mess with the numbers.
    I’m not even going to engage too deeply in the “debate that really doesn’t exist”, since every successful TV show follows a master trope/game plan. “Tiva” may not be the desire of every single solitary NCIS fan, but make no mistake: it CERTAINLY is important to the show, to CBS, and to the writers & producers, who know doggone well just how massive it has become, or else they would not have gone through all this trouble of spending more than six YEARS playing/teasing/implying it with viewers. Ziva’s no-nonsense approach is a great balancing match for Tony’s frat-boy goofiness. To be fair to Ziva – she is no longer the “untrustworthy Assassin” anymore – that argument is so moot and inappropriate in the present day. Ziva is now an NCIS agent who is working hard to put the horrible past behind her and find out who SHE is as a woman and a professional – not who her father programmed her to be. Characters need a chance to grow & evolve – just like Tony’s character is now finally attempting maturity (i.e.: False Witness), which I personally am happy to see.
    Those two characters (both very attractive, of course) have undeniable chemistry which has now become both famous & synonymous with NCIS; they were meant to do exactly that. Whether certain fans like it or not, the Tiva machine is one of the key reasons (although not the “only” reason) why so many tune in on Tuesday nights, when they could easily be watching something else. Again, when all is said & done it will always be about the numbers. Enough said – for now!

    • NoTivaplease says:

      No Niki, Ziva/Tiva is the reason YOU watch. Not the reason 20 million other people watch. CdP could go and the ratings won’t change. Mark Harmon is the only person the show couldn’t lose ratings-wise. It’s ludicrous to suggest the ratings increase are in any way due to Ziva. The ratings rise coincided with the constant airings on USA – that’s airings of the first five seasons by the way, two of which didn’t even feature Ziva – so people got hooked on the show in part because of the Kate episodes. Everyone knows that apart from a handful of Tiva/Ziva fans so obsessed with Ziva that they haven’t realised NCIS is an ensemble show and not actually (gasp!) ABOUT Tiva.

    • Erin says:

      What??? I like Ziva but no, Ziva is not the reason (nor Tiva) as to why viewership has doubled. It’s called syndication and word of mouth. The more it’s grown the more it’s been in the media, the more people have watched as the show is repeated constantly they can easily catch up.

      To be honest, I kind of miss the good old days where it just putted along as the little show that could. It still had respectable numbers and a great fandom with half the crazy.

  47. Jace says:

    Just give me more Tony and less Ziva and I’ll be happy.

  48. ny050106sc says:

    Ok, The cast is the team. Hopefully, they will not be any of the Major cast members leaving especially those who have already resigned (Michael, Sean, David, Mark, Pauley etc) and yes hopefully Cote. NCIS would not be the same without any of them becasue they are all valuable members of Team Gibbs. If anyone goes hopefully it would EJ (did not teally like her character)

  49. Steph says:

    In my opinion it takes all the characters to make NCIS…NCIS
    Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, McGee, Ducky, Abby. If any one of them were to leave I wouldn’t be tuning in every week. NCIS is getting 20 million viewers a week. Why get rid of a key character when you have ratings like that. People thing getting rid of one character won’t change the show. Each character is a pivotal part of the show. You get rid of one you throw off the balance. When Kate died NCIS didn’t have as many viewers so nothing really happened. If they tried doing that now? I don’t think it would end well and the ptb know that.

  50. M. says:

    CPB hasn’t resigned — it’s early though — but she’s also made clear she’s ready to jump someday. Going out with a blast may make it this year to go. Palmer would be a great victim. Everyone is happy and signed for season 9, so that’s it. Sad would be rebooting Tiva by killing Ray and EJ. That would be just too unoriginal. I’m slightly happy seeing Tiva drifting a little bit apart — because it made no sense, it inauthentic.