Two and a Half Men Shuts Down Production For the Season, Citing Charlie Sheen's 'Conduct'

In the wake of recent comments made by series star Charlie Sheen — capped by a Thursday-morning tirade during a radio call-in — CBS and Warner Bros. TV have decided to shut down production on Two and a Half Men‘s eighth season.

“Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season,” the network and studio said in a statement.

Men was to resume production this coming Monday, taping only four out of this season’s eight remaining episodes.

Does Charlie Sheen Want CBS To Cancel Its ‘Frickin’ Juggernaut,’ Two and a Half Men?

UPDATE: Sheen reacted to the shut-down via an open letter posted to TMZ, saying in part, “I gracefully ignored [series creator Chuck Lorre’s] folly for 177 shows…. I fire back once and this contaminated little maggot can’t handle my power…. I urge all my beautiful and loyal fans who embraced this show … to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong.”

Until now, Sheen had largely made light of the situation he put Two and a Half Men‘s producers, cast and crew in by prompting a temporary halt in production as he pursued at-home rehab. But during a Thursday-morning call-in to The Alex Jones Show, he put to the test his bosses’ threat to pull the plug on TV’s most-watched sitcom if he crossed any lines.

For one, Sheen called Lorre a “clown” and “charlatan,” as well as directed a somewhat anti-Semitic nickname his way. He also boasted of embarrassing Lorre “in front of his children and the world by healing at a pace that this unevolved mind cannot process.”

Of his time on Men, Sheen said, “I’ve spent close to the last decade… effortlessly and magically converting [Lorre’s] tin can into pure gold.”

Addressing the prospect that the series might recast his role, Sheen shrugged, “Whatever. Do what you’ve got to do. I’ll go make movies with superstars and not work with idiots.”

Charlie Sheen Rants: ‘I Went Back To Work, and Nobody’s There!’

But the straw that broke CBS and WBTV’s collective back may have come with comments Sheen made to TMZ when the entertainment news site asked him to follow up on his radio interview. “I violently hate Chaim Levine [aka Chuck Lorre]. He’s a stupid, stupid little man and a p—y punk that I’d never want to be like,” Sheen said. “You can tell him one thing: I own him.”

Poll: Sheen Situation Has Guys More Likely To Tune Out Two and a Half Men Than Women

Are you relieved to see CBS and WBTV finally declare enough is enough?

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  1. Myke25 says:

    They should replace him with Michael J. Fox.

  2. kro says:

    I just find it so funny and ridiculous that Charlie Sheen is calling Chuck Lorre some made-up Jewish name, which isn’t even the guy’s birth name.

    I wonder how he’s respond if “to make a point” someone decided to call him Carlos Estevez, and only refer to him as Carlos.

  3. Dijea says:

    NEVER watched a single episode of Two & a Half Men, but love to read Mr. Lorre’s comments at the end of his shows.

  4. kingdom says:

    You have to admire Charlie Sheen’s cajones. He is reportedly in the Bahamas with his ex wife and two porn stars yet has the time to play the victim card despite the fact that he makes $2 million an episode and his behavior has cost who knows how much financial hardship to the crew of Two and A Half Men. What is probably even more amazing – there are people dumb enough to fall for it. There are probably few people in the world that wouldn’t mind being treated so “unfairly” for so much money.

    Lorre can have a vanity card field day against me every day of the week until I die for that kind of money. Sheen should try to grow up but once that money tries stops riding and he pours through the money at his current rate, well I am sure there will be a reality show or two waiting for him on basic cable.

  5. Dennis Dziadowicz says:

    Sheen has been coasting on the coat tails of his much more talented co-stars for years. Jon Cryer, Conchetta Ferrell and Holland Taylor are the reason the show is funny. Recast and the show will be fine.

  6. John says:

    I am shocked! Who could have seen this coming? – John

  7. Pam says:

    “Beloved” Betty White has always said that the reason the shows she acted in were so successful was due to the WRITING. As we have all seen…Charlie Sheen is NOT funny. He is NOT Clever. He is NOT Witty. The writing on that show made him look good.

    So Mr. Sheen…you are a D-Bag. And the fact that you jeopardized everyone’s salary, shows your true character. The only reason why anyone kisses your ass is because they are using you.

    You were playing “chicken” with your bosses and you lost. Unfortunately…the crew lost also, but that is your fault. You are a pig.

  8. Rach says:

    took them long enough…Two and a Half Men can be extremely sexist and really isn’t that funny…and isn’t it more like Three Men now?

    if CBS had let Sheen continue it could’ve gotten a LOT worse, so glad they cut it when they did

  9. Ethan says:

    The execs at CBS must be drinking their own kool-aid, because they just killed the viewership of an entire demographic; every male between eighteen and thirty-five will have no choice but to tune into another television station during this time, hoping in the future to catch this flagship series in syndication on a network more deserving of the loyaylty of this audience.

    CBS, clean up your mess before it’s too late, and hope Charlie will forgive you.

  10. Ryan says:

    Charlie Sheen is the show. Nobody can play the part, but him. Anyone who thinks Jon Cryer could carry this show or watches it for him are lieing to themselves because Charlie makes him funny no one else not even Jake. Shuting down production is a joke, his behavior never affected the show and it was still as funny as ever in it’s eighth season. This all comes down to Chuck Lorres little man syndrome. This is his best show he’s made and once HE screws everything up he’ll regret it. The money everyone makes on the show should make everyone shut up and go to work and finish this great show. Not let it waste away because of some insult’s. And let’s face it Charlie is a comdian they say insulting things all the time,boo hoo.

    • Ethan says:

      Here here, Ryan.

      It’s nice to see not everyone’s perception of reality is dictated by the “hipsters”/trend-setters at the major networks.

    • PaulH says:

      Shut up, Charlie Sheen Gadhafi.

    • Edith Dzappa says:

      Charlie Sheen is irrelevant. The success of the show is due to the writing and to the highly talented other cast members. Write Charlie out and replace him with a young boy who might be Charlie’s or Alan’s illegitimate son and allow the title to once more fit the story. The show could actually be better without the ever predictable Charlie character.

  11. Jason says:

    Stupid CBS.

    The people don’t care, period.

    The ratings are still strong.

    You’re taking money out of your own pockets.

    Real stupid.

  12. Alyssa says:

    One of the funniest/saddest parts of this is that he actually thinks he’s the reason the show has been so successful. He the most interchangable character on the show. The Charlie on the show is the same dumb clown he is in real life, it’s all the other characters that hold the show together.

  13. Brock says:

    I so wanna see a recast.
    Or the show to go on without him.
    Charlie’s my least fave.
    I love Berta, Herb, Elenore, Alan and Jake. They can carry it!

  14. jamie says:

    Love the show
    Won’t be watching it again

  15. The Kid says:

    Here’s a twisted theory:
    Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorrie are in business together with this latest News Story. I think the story is a Hollywood SHAM.
    I think it’s a PR Spin to allow Sheen to gracefully bow out of the rest of the season to get his life together. What do you want to bet that the 2 will be back in BIZ together next season; with yet another PR Spin on how everyone “Worked it Out”. After all, Charlie Sheen has brought a lot of press and attention to the show with this behavior. But you never know, actors have a track record for screwing up a good thing. I don’t REALLY believe anything that comes out of Hollywood is true. It’s all just cleverly crafted Press Releases. Gossip: we love to eat it up.

  16. Coachingguy says:

    I guess we finally found out who the half man was in “Two and A Half Men”.

  17. Mikaylah says:

    I am glad CBS and WBTV aren’t going to let Charlie Sheen walk all over them and Chuck Lorre. Charlie Sheen is obviously unstable and needs serious help, not “at-home rehab”. It is really sad that people would still be willing to work with him after all this, no matter how much money he may be able to make. I respect CBS a whole lot more for standing their ground. As far as the success of Two and a Half Men, I think the show should have ended gracefully (is that was ever possible) a long time ago. At least The Big Bang Theory is a success. It was just recently renewed for 3, maybe 4, more seasons.

  18. Todd says:

    I just love ho people post here saying that the show is bad , or charlie is bad but the numbers speak for itself , Highest RATED means millions of viewers LOVE the show. Im a late-comer so i tivo’d 176 shows so far and watch them over and over .. sad to see it go. Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer are perfectly cast . its the CAST that makes the show, the ENTIRE cast. PERFECTION

  19. Aidan says:

    Disappointed that the show has been canceled for the season. There are talented people that work on this show, and even though a lot of people on here may not like it, there are millions of other people that watch it.

    That said, Charlie Sheen is a right prick, and HE should be the one that is fired from the show, and CBS should let the show run without him. That way they can keep everyone working for the rest of the season, and then they can decide to change the show up. I would still watch. Jon Cryer is the only reason I watch. He is great in this show!

  20. lydia says:

    The bosses can use any actor with a brain to play a smart ass sleazeball.
    I dont like the show for its inane sexual jokes
    Sheen isnt even good looking.. no lips and that drug induced smart quip timing is OLDDDD
    He is so full of himself he needs to get a room.

  21. miles silverberg says:

    About time, and good riddance. Whatever America saw/sees in this stale Odd Couple ripoff is beyond me. I have yet to laugh out loud at an episode. Just let it fade away, and put something new and original in its slot.

    You know who I feel bad for in all this? Martin Sheen and his wife Janet. They will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at the end of this year, and this is what they have to deal with in their golden years.

    • Casey says:

      Sweet story Miles about a 50th anniversary, but how does Emellio Esitivez Charlie’s half brother (Martin’s son) fit into this scenario of yours?

      • miles silverberg says:

        I dunno, why don’t you ask him? Just because I didn’t mention him, doesn’t mean I don’t care how he’s doing. All I did was express a thought that came to me…why break it down and confront me on it? Not every comment made here is automatically meant to start a debate.

  22. jt says:

    funny show that brought a lot of good times…this will be the end of it… recasting charlie’s part would never work.. hope he gets the real help he needs/he has to want it (or you’re going to end up dead man..sooner than later)

  23. JenB says:

    Charlie Sheen is completely off his rocker…hasn’t he ever heard “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”? He has got to be on something because his behavior the past week or so is not normal. I am a fan of the show, but can’t say that I blame TPTB for shutting it down for the remainder of the season. I just feel bad for the rest of the cast and crew.

  24. JohnnyRebel says:

    Horay For Hollywood!!!! I have been praying for this spoiled, self-centered brat to get fired for a long time. Sheen is a “two-and-a-half-men sized douche bag” and the show is a real stinker. The fact that the show was popular doesn’t mean that it was any good. In truth, it really sucked badly. The acting was mediocre and the comedy was pathetic and stupid.

  25. John N says:

    This shows that even greedy corporations can do the right thing now and then.

    They may have saved this sicko’s life.

  26. sally cryer says:

    I have to say this show is one of a very few that have made me laugh out loud. I don’t think you cancel a show because of peoples personal lives. The show is very entertaining and not just because of Charlie. It seems to me like CBS and this Lorre fellow are making it personal instead of keeping it about the show. Many people are involved in the show and its not right to cancel because you can’t get along with one. Jon Cryer and the rest are awesome and the show needs each one to make it a success. A replacement won’t do so suck it up Lorre and just let Charlie do his magic for the good of all. If he takes a nose dive on his own time, well that will be his problem.

  27. Marie Grant says:

    Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer make this show. Without either one of them it will not fly. You should consider making Charlie an offer that includes some kind of rehab that he will buy in to. We all need help from time to time but if the person needing help doesn’t agree with the treatment its likely that it will be for naught. I believe that there is hope for the show to continue but it will depend on how much CBS is willing to negotiate. It’s not like this show didn’t make them money. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Get Charlie to want to make it work for himself and the other actors on the show.

  28. jen says:

    Charlie is just a selfish man …. he acts like he is the “only” one who made that show. Well, he is the star of the show… but at the same time the show wouldnt be as succesful if he didnt have his costars …it takes everyone to make the show a hit. And he may not care about losing the show …. but he put all the other actors and the whole crew out of work.

    and now the Exec producers of ‘Major League” will not hire him for the movie which he has a huge role on, They dont want another fiasco like the one Lindsey Lohan created on there movie “Georgia Rules” So charlie best shut his mouth about going out and doing movies instead …. they wont put up with him either.

  29. allie says:

    Think these rants give the public a good idea of how Sheen treated his wives. His new girlfriend is one lucky gal.

  30. Moregamerz--youtube search says:

    So i really hope this works out OK, i mean there isnt a sitcom that can replace two and a half men i mean i know there are problems but fix it i really hope that they dont cancel the show!! and you can of course replace charlie sheen…

  31. Moregamerz--search youtube says:

    And Charlie sheen isnt the one that made this show so good, and why the heLL SHOULD THE REST OF THE CREW SUFFER!! MAKE THIS SHOW RUN AGAIN ON TV!

  32. Debbie says:

    I am glad to see this show is ending for the season. Hopefully they shut it down permanently and the crew find new/better/more reliable jobs! The 2 1/2 premise has been tired since the first episode and Charlie’s colleagues and certainly the crew deserve better. The show’s creativity and ability to be interesting ran out long ago… Why not let Chuck Lorre and everyone move on while Charlie gets to lump it for a while (though I am sure he is not without his paycheck to keep him warm!)?

  33. SDTim says:

    Wow – glad to see Charlie’s “in-home rehab” is working so well! LOL Clearly he has mental health issues in addition to his substance dependence issues and needs a real rehab program (for a REALLY long time).

    Maybe this will be Charlie’s “rock bottom” – I mean, who’s gonna hire him in this condition?

    Too bad for the rest of the cast and crew of the show. I hope it’s retooled without Charlie.

  34. Jason says:

    When you lie down with DOGS like Sheen, you’re just asking to be bitten, burned, trashed, backstabbed….

    You people who are actually “supporting” Sheen are truly sick and need to have you head and heart examined. This guy is a blemish on civilized society, and to encourage or support him just shows how insane Americans have become. Just give the moron more money, eh? You all deserve to wallow in the gutter together. Hope your kids turn out Just. Like. Him.

    Remove Sheen from his humorless show, or cancel it altogether. It’s time for normal human beings to stand up to this vermin.

  35. TONY says:

    I think he doesn´t have a legion of fans to walk with him to march up the steps of justice… i love this show but after all this i hope they recast his part, honestly Charlie Sheen doesn´t deserve all the money and privileges he receives for this.
    aparently the “legion of fans” has sided with the show this time, not with Charlie, now the question is, who can replace him? it would be very funny if a diferent actor replaced him in each remaining episode of this season, and even more funnier if one of them was Michael J Fox, so he can see that it wasn´t only him who made the show great.

  36. Lola says:

    Team Lorre!! Who’s with me??

  37. stacie says:

    am i the only one who thought the last few years of “2 and a Half Men” was like watching a reality show prequel to “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” ?? i honestly enjoy the other characters more then Charlie and would be much more comfortable watching this show with Charlies character being recast

  38. Matt says:

    Now that is cutting off your nose to spite your face, to use an old cliche’. The network stops a #1 show to make a point, I guess! I never heard anything about what Sheen said until the network started doing news releases about canceling the show. Personally I don’t give a rats be-hind, about what an actor does or says on his own time and I seriously doubt anyone else does either. I enjoy Two and Half Men, I think Sheen is very good in the part and funny! I like him as an actor and entertainer and have no need to worry about his personal life or who he likes, fights with, marries or anything else. It is not like I am putting my financial or legal affairs with him, he is an ACTOR, I watch him for entertainment value only. David Duchovny has his issues and now he has show that his character replicates his true life in many ways! Oh, but that’s HBO, must be different because he is far more obnoxious than Charlie ever was. Some of our best actors have issues, maybe that is what makes them great! I think Lorre and the network are their own worst enemies, as tough as it is to have award winning shows these days, they need to suck it up and do their jobs which is provide us entertainment.

  39. BMA says:

    Here’s my thing: Charlie Sheen has been tabloid fodder for the last year, with domestic violence accusations, hotel destruction, visits from porn stars, and all the rest. While I’m not on his side in this, I think it DOES say a lot about CBS and Lorre that they didn’t pull the plug until Sheen insulted them. They reaped the benefits (i.e. publicity) of his antics, then get offended when he turned his attention to them. Seems kind of childish to me.

  40. run-that-by-me-again says:

    No one is irreplaceable.Ever.

    No one.

    Bye Charlie.

  41. Tom Starr says:

    The 1/2 man is Sheen, if he’s even that close a proximity to an adult male. I’ve stood by patiently waiting for the end of the hiatus and I’m only an addicted viewer of the series. I can’t imagine how frustrated Jon, Conchata and Angus are, wondering what they should do with their careers. Lorre has his plate full with his other projects so he’s not hurting financially. I think a few “Charlie-less” episodes would be a wonderful cure for the raging egomaniac’s narcissism. BTW, he looks horrible this season so life in the fast lane is catching up to the superstar. Look in the mirror Chuck! It ain’t pretty when Father Time catches up with fast-timers.

  42. Marc says:

    F’n tools. Show sucked. the only reason I saw it was this chick I was bangin’ liked it. Lame ass sitcom B.S. Get a life you TV idiots. Sheen is a rock star and you all just bag on the money maker.

  43. Kay says:

    While I really have enjoyed watching Two and a Half Men, I agree with other posters that Jon Cryer, Angus Jones, and Conchetta Farrell are great in their roles and are very funny. CBS has definitely gone “above and beyond” what they probably should have for Charlie Sheen and obviously, he took advantage of that and now he is degrading to everyone he has worked with on the show. Chuck Lorre and CBS should try to continue the rest of the season without Charlie….they could replace him, bringing on a “new” Charlie or have a different character that is family to Alan and Charlie. Jon Cryer is wonderful in his role. I think I have laughed at characters shenanigans more than I have at Charlie Sheen’s. BTW….who almost always is nominated for an Emmy award each year for their acting in comedy????? Jon Cryer, NOT Charlie Sheen. To me, this speaks volumes. Here’s to finishing 2 1/2 Men WITHOUT Charlie….I would certainly continue to watch!!!

  44. Rob says:

    I have started afacebook page to replace Charlie Sheen with James Spader. Why should the crew suffer from Charlie’s actions? Go to-!/pages/Replace-Charlie-Sheen-With-James-Spader/132832890119857

  45. P L says:

    Charlie Sheen is out of line and his commentaries make him sound like a raging lunatic which I’m assuming is on account of excessive drug use and excessive ego. However, his is the best show the network has or had. Mike and Molly is pathetic as is the Big Bang Theory. They paid him that much money for a reason. They must have thought he was worth it.

  46. P L says:

    Everyone loves Charlie Harper but has issues with Charlie Sheen. I have a hard time understanding how that’s possible since they are essentially one and the same. Consider it reality T.V. Isn’t that what most people are addicted to these days?

  47. Me says:

    Recast Sheen’s part with rob lowe and make it his cousin instead of brother. Rob could carry that show well

  48. littlesnapper says:

    charlie sheen is the king of all other shows i never laughed at other shows cause they suck all protesters of him are haters till he kills himself/dies then like all on tmz says he’s a ledgend f@@@ you all thats what you all did to jakson till he died SHAME ON YOU

  49. john says:

    Somewhere up the road some idiot made a comment about Emilio, a talented individual who has been in some enjoyable movies. Why on earth is it petty morons have to make comments like that. I have never heard of Emilio acting anything remotely like Charlie has been. I met Emilio on set some years back where I was a lowly stunt man; he is a very generous individual with a great sense of humor. When I twisted my knee a bit he was the only one of the cast that bothered to ask me how I was doing.

    So just keep Charlie’s family out of it.

  50. SR says:

    No No No Charlie Sheen is completely right. He is öt being greedy at all. Its a matter of principle. He is the reason for the great success of this show. He has generated huge revenue for the production companies, yet ìs salary has remained fixed. Supply and demand. He deserves more. The bosses are trying to mould Charlie in 2 another one of their many well trained puppets. They have been ö a power trip, thats y Charlie lashf ov. They need 2 aæept the fact that he is important and in his own right is the boss of this show. Döt undervalue him, pay him more, keep him motivated and bring on the laughs!