TVLine Items: GH Keeps Herbst, V Beauty Visits Mentalist, and Other TV News to Know

It’s a casting extravaganza! Several of your favorite shows are adding a little pizazz to their already stellar lineups, and we’ve got your round-up right here — starting with a General Hospital fan fave.

You may have heard rumblings that GH staple Rebecca Herbst was not leaving the series after all — well, hallelujah, because ABC has confirmed that Elizabeth Webber Spencer will stay put in Port Charles.

“The show is thrilled she will remain on the canvas to portray the beloved character in many more poignant and emotional stories,” ABC said in a statement cited by “Fans will be pleased to see Rebecca continue the role she created.” News of Herbst’s reprieve was first reported by Soaps In Depth.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

V‘s gorgeous Morena Baccarin will appear in an April episode of The Mentalist as a matchmaker with a dark secret, per

• Amanda Foreman (Felicity) is reprising her role on Private Practice as the mentally unstable Katie Kent, TV Guide reports. She’s set to show up in episode 19.

• Actress Christina Ricci is reportedly in talks to star in ABC’s new 1960s based pilot Pan Am, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal has booked a top secret guest spot on 30 Rock, per Showbiz411. The part was written specifically for the former showrunner by Tina Fey.

• Lifetime’s William & Kate will premiere Monday, April 18 at 9/8c, followed immediately by the first installment of their six-part docu-series, Royal Wedding of a Lifetime.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. George says:

    I know that the Becky Herbst situation has been a pretty huge story in the soap world, and a lot of fans knew about this yesterday, but I’m glad to see this site (which primarily covers primetime) is reporting it as well. Hopefully you guys can cover more soaps in the future :)

  2. JT_York says:

    Hmmm….wonder what brings Katie Kent back to Oceanside Wellness and how Violet will react.

  3. Marcos says:

    Whay about Leann Rimes’ guest starring in Drop Dead Diva? You never mentioned it

  4. Gen says:

    Thanks for covering Rebecca Herbst’s rehiring by GH! It was a happy day for this fan when the news was announced, and I know many others who were equally thrilled that she would indeed retain her job. I now have hope that her character Elizabeth Webber will finally find some happiness with Jason Morgan, played by Steve Burton. It’s a storyline that needs to be told!

  5. Bea says:

    Wonder why Katie comes back? If she’s there to finish the job on Violet it will be a good story.

    Hey, Gen? They did Jason and Elizabeth and it failed. Fortunately, they will have a story together soon when Jake dies.

    • Annie says:

      Hey Bea, how do you know that Jake dies? I don’t follow General Hospital closely but that seems like a really big spoiler. Killing off Jason Morgan’s firstborn is huge!

      • jules says:

        This spoiler has been floating around the soap world for a few weeks (months?) now. They need to make room for a JaSam baby. And @Bea…I would hardly say that Jason & Elizabeth failed. They have a HUGE following and are consistently voted one of the top couples. It’s been pretty widely reported that the reason they’ve gone nowhere is that Bob Guza (head writer) is not a fan.

        • Annie says:

          Thanks! I really hope they don’t kill off Jason’s firstborn child.

          • jules says:

            I completely agree. But I have a bad feeling about it. They’ve made such a big deal that Jason can’t be a father blah blah blah so they can’t very well have him be a father to Sam’s baby and still claim he can’t be one to Elizabeth’s. I think they could easily do it—Elizabeth doesn’t want him around Jake, etc. but apparently (if spoilers are correct) they think getting rid of him might be a better idea.

    • xav says:

      Probably she wants to be let out of the nuthouse and wants Violet or Sheldon’s help. Sheldon thinks she’s ready to leave the place, everyone else is horrified.

    • Gen says:

      Hey, Bea? They didn’t fail, they never even got a chance to be a couple in public before TPTB decided to end them for now. And did you notice HOW they ended? No animosity, no bad blood between them… it was done that way for a reason. They’ll be back sooner or later and their fans will be very happy to see them together again. :)

      As far as I am concerned, Jake possibly dying would tie Jason and Elizabeth together even moreso than him being alive does, so if he dies, that’ll be just fine with me. Parents who have lost a child will share something with each other they’ll never share with another person. Sounds like a great storyline that’ll last forever to me!

  6. Jessica Pando says:

    So happy to see a site like this cover a piece of soap opera news. I was so thrilled to learn that General Hospital rethought their massive mistake and fixed it. Now that Rebecca is sticking around hopefully they will write the story she deserves and let her character Elizabeth have a real shot with Jason Morgan.

  7. Marj says:

    Thank’s for covering the story on Rebecca Herbst. I am one happy fan, cudo’s to GH for rehiring Rebecca Herbst back. This fan is hoping that TPTB(the powers that be) over at General Hospital continue to do the right thing, and don’t destroy the character of Liz any further & for God Sakes don’t kill off JAKE (Jason & Liz’s son) I want to see her character go back to the woman I have related to over the past 13 yrs. That includes keeping Jake alive, and finally giving the fans the story of Jason & Liz that they have been waiting 10+ years for…… Thanks again for covering the story….

  8. Christina says:

    Yep, I’m happy Rebecca has been re-hired to continue as Elizabeth Webber! Hopefully this means she’ll be given some good, character-driven story. I’d love to see the drama of Elizabeth and Jason actually trying to be a family with Cam and Jake when everyone is against them, including their two completely different lifestyles.

  9. Kelly says:

    Glad Rebecca Herbst is staying on GH. Seemed kinda horrible to let her go for budgets and/or to allow executives favorite couples to have a shot with her liked character gone. Too bad though that All My Children and One life to live are rumored to be cancelled by summer.

    • Amanda says:

      I’m afraid they are about to turn her character into something completely unlike her though. Then maybe if they decide to let her go later, the fans won’t fight them.

      • jules says:

        That same thought crossed my mind as well. They re-hired her due to the backlash they received but they’ll continue to destroy her character to the point of being unrecognizable that the fans won’t care one way or the other if she goes.

  10. lia says:

    Thanks for the Rebecca Herbst news, love her character on GH! So glad she is staying!!!!

  11. Katt says:

    It’s nice to see that you cover daytime as well. However, I think bringing back Rebecca Herbst is just going to make others have to go. I have read spoilers saying it’s possible for Nancy Lee Grahn to be the next one to go. Personally, I’d rather have Alexis stay on canvas rather than Liz. Elizabeth is boring. The only person that I watch her with is Lucky, otherwise she gets the fast forward button! She and Jason would never work out with him being in the mob. Even though Jason is my favorite character, them two together is like watching paint dry!

    • Amanda says:

      Actually, they just need to remove half of the newbies on the show starting with Siobhan and Lisa. Keep your core characters/families and get rid of the dead weight!

  12. gh fan says:

    I too am happy to see the Herbst thing covered. However I feel that GH made a mistake. There would be much more story with out her, like Nikolas and Lucky fighting for custody of Aiden. I am just worried who will have to now be let go because Herbst’s fans campaign to keep her. It is daytime, stars are let go and rehired all the time. Sometimes it is just better to have a veteran (i.e. expensive) actor leave, even for a little bit. Look at what happened with Guiding Light? Kim Zimmer was reportedly asked to take a pay cut to save the show and she refused. The show was canceled soon after.

  13. Maddy says:

    I’m happy to see that Rebecca is staying on GH. But please, for the love of God, do not put Liz back with Jason. That ship has sailed a long time ago, Let Jason be happy with Sam.

  14. Tonya says:

    I am so excited that Rebecca Herbst is staying. I can’t wait until Elizabeth is reunited with Jason so their love story is told on GH. The fans of Jason and Elizabeth have been waiting for 11 years to see this love story told. Congrats to the fans of Rebecca Herbst also known as the BeckyNation for keeping Becky here at GH cause with out Elizabeth Webber, GH would not have any heart.

  15. Saher Mirza says:

    I am so happy about the official confirmation of Becky staying, from ABC. This news literally made my day. Congrats to Becky and BeckyNation. Thank you for your buzz on Rebecca Herbst.

  16. Saher Mirza says:

    Plus, I am a bit worried about the part of the statement entailing the “many more emotional, and poignant story-lines” though. I have had enough of Liz being miserable, I want to see her happy, for quite some time. Maybe a new love interest in Shawn, Terrell, Ronnie, or Jax? It could be interesting if TPTB gave those a try. I just want to see Liz happy for a change, and I hope with Becky’s rehiring, there is a change in the course of writing for Liz. Give Becky a storyline of her own, that all of us can see her in, GH, and not have her be so miserable anymore.

  17. mary says:

    I’m glad that Becky got to keep her job, however I am a Jasam fan and will not be happy if they put Jason back w/Liz..after the scenes from the last few days, Jasam is a GREAT couple, so much chemistry, that to me comes naturally. Liz and Jason to me would be boring..been there done that..I did read on a reputable spoiler site that Liz is going to start going down a reckless me this sounds like they may have a way out if people get turned off w/her character.

    • Saher Mirza says:

      If the writers were to trash Liz like they are planning to, then I just wanted to post here and say that I won’t just stand by and take it. Any more decimation of Liz, and this viewer walks away from GH, along with a lot of others. This is what I am telling tptb again, and for them to not be surprised if their numbers plummet, if they go such a route with Liz’s character, even with RH being rehired. Their numbers shot up this week, as GH made the smart decision of rehiring RH the week before. Well, if they go the route of trashing her again, those same numbers that they gained are going to be plummeting down again, just like they did when they did the Becky thing, before rehiring her. So, all in all, TPTB might wanna think about that, if they plan on going down this blunder of a route, for them as well, again.

  18. GH1109 says:

    @Jules: They have a HUGE following and are consistently voted one of the top couples. It’s been pretty widely reported that the reason they’ve gone nowhere is that Bob Guza (head writer) is not a fan.

    Um. No. While true- they were popular— it has nothing to do with Bob Guza not being a fan, unless you bring ratings and viewer opinion in. More fans like Sam with Jason than Elizabeth. I think Rebecca Herbst is a phenomenal actress- though I never care for Liz, when she’s at her worst I really despise the character. Which means Becky is doing a great job.

    Anyway, it doesn’t make sense for Liz and Jason to be together. Put aside the whole children issue- and it still doesn’t make sense. Liz is a supposed ‘moral pillar’ and despises violence. Plus she’s a bit needier and always wants to be ‘in the loop.’ It goes against the character to make her say ‘oh ok’ when Jason says he can’t tell her something or involve her in something. She’s a little too needy for that sort of attitude. Sam is way more understanding at turning a blind eye to the mob actions, and way more confident to say ‘ok, no problem’ when Jason can’t/won’t share info.

  19. Saher Mirza says:

    @GH1109 – Liz is the one who saved Jason’s life when he was bleeding in that snow, and the one who was bleeding in that church, after Sam was in trouble. She is the one who saved her infant son’s life, from that fire. She is the one who saved a pregnant Skye’s life, by going after Manny herself, and endangering her own in the process. She is the one who helped in Sam being saved from Manny, when she retraced through the steps of when Manny had kidnapped her, which reminded her of her rape, so that Sam could be helped. She is the one who risked getting banned from nursing, so that Sam could have the surgery that saved her life. She is the one who didn’t turn Courtney in, after her blindness was caused by her hit-and-run. I have many more examples on my side, and they have all shown me as Liz being very compassionate and courageous. Now that Becky has been rehired, I hope the trashing of her character stops, and there is a good storyline for Liz. I would like to see Liz have her rape revisited again, as I know, it would be an amazing storyline, if tptb gave it a shot. I really hope they do consider that.