Exclusive: Dallas Adds Jesse Metcalfe, Mars Grad Julie Gonzalo

Former Desperate Housewives gardener Jesse Metcalfe has landed the role of Bobby and Pam Ewing’s adopted son Christopher on TNT’s in-the-works Dallas sequel series. Metcalfe was one of two finalists for the role, the other being Alex Russell. Additionally, Veronica Mars alum Julie Gonzalo has scored a major role in the much-buzzed-about project.

The updated Dallas, from Cane creator Cynthia Cidre, centers on the offspring of dueling brothers J.R. and Bobby Ewing — J.R.’s son, John Ross (Josh Henderson) and  his cousin Christopher (Metcalfe, most recently of NBC’s Chase) — who clash over the future of the Ewing dynasty while the fate of Southfork itself weighs in the balance.

Gonzalo, who most recently starred on Eli Stone, will play Rebecca, Christopher’s fiancee.


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  1. april-ann says:

    I won’t be watching now. The casting’s wrong.

    • siri says:

      Jesse Metcalfe is a great actor who has paid his dues and I will definitely be watching!

      • chattypatra says:

        Agreed. Both actors are talented and beautiful, and I’m glad they were hired. I was sad to see both of their shows cancelled. Yes, I’m still not over Veronica Mars’ demise.

    • AJ says:

      Lame reason to not watch that you seem to be indicating that you would have watched but for the casting. Give it a shot, if you don’t like it, don’t watch. If you like it, you’ll be glad you watched it!

    • Rob Abbuyi says:

      haha “the casting’s wrong” … boy do you look like a fool now

  2. Mel says:

    Don’t think either of them are very good actors. Kevin Zegers would have been perfect.

  3. angi says:

    I’m fairly certain this is gonna get cancelled within 10 episodes. Jordana Brewster, get out while you can/you can do better than this…

    • april-ann says:

      I agree. This has “cancelled” written all over it. At first I hoped Matt Long would play Christopher but on second thought, he’s way too good for this and the farther he stays away from it, the better. He can and will do way better than this.

    • Rob Abbuyi says:

      HAHAHA April-Ann … canceled after 10 shows huh? My goodness do you ever look like a fool now as the show is in it’s 3rd season. And Jordana should get while she can? Again I could not be laughing any more at you than I am. She’s taking this show and ran with it alright .. perhaps you should stop posting when you have no idea what you’re talking about

  4. Cosmab says:

    So funny since not one comment yesterday wanted Metcalf to get it, of course he got it! Typical. He’s awful. Won’t b watching now 4 sure.

  5. Oh Well. says:

    I agree with Angi. I predict this won’t last longer than 10 episodes! Jesse Metcalfe, Oh my, there are no words to describe how awful he is as an actor. This show had so much potential.

  6. Josh says:

    I think I would have preferred Kevin Zegers now that someone mentioned it.

    I only hope that the director can push these folks for the best performances possible. Also hope that these youngins can learn a thing or two from the vets like Larry, Linda & Patrick.

  7. KenBud says:

    Thanks for listening to the potential fans about Metcalfe, Dallas creators.

    Classy ………

    • Klown says:

      They did however listen to the potential fans who DIDwant him on the show. I myself am not one of those people but news flash Kenbud. The world and network don’t revolve around us. Any decision is likely to please as many people as it annoys. This time it didn’t work out for us. Life goes on.

    • Kris says:

      Yeah because television producers should go on message boards for their casting advice. They are going to choose who THEY think is right for the part not you. If you dont like it, dont watch.

  8. Robert says:

    Even though he doesn’t really fit the past, I’ll still watch because it is Dallas. As long as the stories are good and they use JR, Bobby, and Sue Ellen, I will be there.

  9. Mike A says:

    Count me in. I thought it was interesting to bring back Dallas but not with Jesse Metcalfe. The casting is totally off base.

  10. Michael Maloney says:

    “Rebecca” is the name of Pam, Cliff and Katherine’s late mother.

    Afton’s daughter is named “Pamela Rebecca”; perhaps this is that character?

    It’d make more sense for her to be called Rebecca, otherwise Christopher would be involved with a woman who has the same handle as his mother.

  11. Luke says:

    How good a show is mainly depends on its writing. I’ll give it a chance.

  12. Jeri says:

    Jesse can’t act. He’ll spend all his time plucking his eyebrows and checking himself out in the mirror. Big. Mistake.

  13. blech says:

    Metcalfe is a horrible, horrible actor. He has to be one of the luckiest ones ever, though. This makes me wanna avoid this, big time. I liked the original Dallas and would like to see the old characters again and the new ones especially Jordana Brewster might be worthwhile. Hopefully they’ll see their mistake and can Metcalfe and hire an actor with actual talent.

  14. Scott says:

    Metcalfe is not a good fit for Dallas with all of those ugly tattoos. The Ewings are a conservative bunch. A tattooed Ewing will run away us older viewers. Sorry.

  15. melj says:

    What happened to Gary Ewing (Ted Shackelford)? The story won’t be complete without him and Val. I also agree that tattoos will be hard to accept.

  16. Paola drago says:

    Those people are crazy to knock down Jesse in Dallas I know I I won’t watch it if they let Jesse go I love him and he is the best A