Bones Boss Weighs In Latest Romantic Twist: 'Booth Went Out On a Limb'

Warning: The following contains major spoilers from this Thursday’s episode of Fox’s Bones. If you have not yet watched it, check back once you have.

Going by the final moments of this week’s Bones, it portends to be a very bittersweet –- if not outright sad — Valentine’s Day for Seeley Booth (played by David Boreanaz). Buoyed by Sweets’ enthusiasm to pop the question to Daisy as well as the love he feels for his own girlfriend, Booth bought a sparkler for Hannah only to see his bid for marriage get shot down not much unlike by a sniper’s bullet.

We know what you’re thinking: Is the door now wide open for Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) to finally get on the same page and evolve their friendship into something more? Or is D.C.’s most eligible marksman now, ironically, gun-shy? As the pivotal episode unspooled, TVLine spoke with Bones exec producer Stephen Nathan about the aftermath.

Bones/Booth Season-Ending Romance the Subject of ‘Spirited Debate’

TVLINE | In retrospect, how do you rate Hannah (played by Katheryn Winnick) as one in a series of obstacles for the Booth/Brennan romance?
We loved it. We thought it turned out very well for us, because with any show like ours, where you have a “Will They/Won’t They?” relationship, the audience always wants the couple to get together – as do we, because you know they’re destined for each other. But to construct situations that are realistic to keep them apart can be difficult. We thought that after they both left and went their separate ways at the end of last season….

TVLINE | ….that afforded Booth significant time to meet and get close to someone like Hannah.
Absolutely. We didn’t want it to be just a rebound or a relationship that didn’t have weight. It was very interesting for us to explore what happened when he actually fell in love with somebody else, and then have that person integrated into the Bones universe and become, though we didn’t design it this was initially, very close to Brennan as well. It was a way to keep Booth and Brennan apart in a way that was very real, and in a way that drove a lot of loyal fans crazy. They were angry that Hannah was on the show. Some of them hated it, but I think they loved hating it. Hopefully they wanted her to go for all the right reasons.

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TVLINE | Booth seems in a pretty bad place now.
That’s what the entire end of the episode was about, him facing the fact that he’s alone. Why is he alone? What’s wrong with him that the women he has fallen in love with don’t reciprocate? Again, we want the audience to be on his side and Booth and Brennan’s side, to hope for this relationship to resolve in some way, because now we have an opportunity to explore them again. But I don’t think there’s going to be any quick resolution, because they both have wounds that have to heal.

TVLINE | Yeah, it was just a few weeks ago that Brennan laid her heart on the line in the front seat of Booth’s car.
That was a moment where she was forced to face her own life and see if she was going to live with regrets or confront her emotional life in a way she hadn’t before. She took a risk, went out on a limb and was shot down, because Booth was in love with somebody else. Tonight, he went out on a limb himself and got shot down. Both of them are gun-shy, and the one thing that both of them have to rely on is their friendship. That’s the thing that’s going to sustain that relationship.

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TVLINE | Do you ever look at shows like House and Chuck — shows that successfully put their “Will They/Won’t They?” couples together — and think, “If done right, you can put them together and have good television”?
Oh, definitely. Absolutely. There were a lot of people screaming and yelling about House – “Why did they do that?” For as many people who are disgruntled and unhappy by an event like that, there will be an equal number, if not more, happy about it. But we’re taking our time. Hopefully we’ll be around for a few more years, so we’ll see how that unwinds.

TVLINE | So, just to be clear: No immediate plans for Booth and Brennan to get together?
Brennan was shot down, then Booth was shot down by Hannah. If they then all of a sudden fall into a relationship together, I don’t think anybody’s going to believe that. It would just be a TV conceit. It wouldn’t have any real truth to it.

TVLINE | Have we necessarily seen the last of Hannah?
I don’t know when we’ll see her again, but we loved having Katheryn on the show. No one shot Hannah, so… she’s still out there somewhere in the Bones universe!

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Bones fans, let loose: What did you think of this week’s episode?

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  1. CT says:

    i’m sorry, but i don’t share the producer’s enthusiasm. hannah was one big plot contrivance; a character that was utterly and totally unnecessary. i didn’t love to hate hannah– i just HATED the entire plot with her & booth. talk about testing the patience of your audience…

    • J says:

      I totally agree. We need a like button for comments!

      • Joce says:

        Basically, i’m so sick of is booth and brennan gonna be together. its getting old and tiring. how many years has this been going on? i only watch it for the murder cases anyways, this personal stuff getting in the way. the way that last episode was made i cant even remember what the case was cuz it wasnt even the main focus of the show. have them get together or not but personally i hate soap operas, so please let’s not turn this into one.

        • Arianna says:

          exactly what I said a few minutes ago to a friend: it’s turning into a soap opera!

        • Shirley says:

          I want Zach Addy back.

          • Cinders says:

            I miss Zach, too. He was so cute and awkward.

          • fatcatdaisy says:

            me too. I was bummed when they made him part of the whole serial killer thing. It just didn’t fit.

          • amy says:

            I don’t really care what kind of tv magic it takes, but I too want Zach back. It doesn’t have to be a believable storyline at all as far as I’m concerned. It wouldn’t be the first time for the unbelievable-just bring him back.

        • L says:

          If you hate soap operas you should stop watching television.

        • Sam says:

          Well if anyone ever watched the X-files it took 8 seasons for Mulder and Scully to get together, and then they took him off until the last 2 or 3 episodes of season 9 which was the last season. So the wait isnt bad, and in t.v. world its right on tract. And that show probably would of lasted with them together if A) no baby B) No extra agents C) killing of awesome characters.

          So maybe by the season finally they get Booth and Brennan together and dont alter any other aspects, the show should last.

          • jenni says:

            X-files made the biggest mistake when they introduced some stupid government conspiracy with aliens plot, instead of sticking with the investigation of the wierd, the fantastical, and the supernatural.

      • Joanne Stanko says:

        I LOVED THE SHOW!! It showed how deep Booth was because usually a good looking guy gives the impression of being cocky & unemotional. Dave really brought it and had everyone feeling sad for him. Some want them together but in real life a lot run into bumps in the road….not everyone lives happy ever after….thats life! I think the girl (Hannah) played the part good. She needs to be a little more emotional but if shes not serious in the relationship as Booth, I suppose thats the reason she is that way. Remember what happened to Moonlighting!!

        • peacenik0 says:

          I believe that with moonlighting they got the two main characters together and then split them up right away. They put them in different cities. here is a really good article about the moonlighting debacle and tv http://www.npr.org/blogs/monkeysee/2009/09/what_really_happened_to_moonli_1.html I think the show failed not because they got them together, but because they ripped them apart so quickly. Besides there are plenty of shows where the characters get together and the show still lasts. I agree with other posters that the hannah storyline was a bad plot contrivance. I am afraid that she is not gone for good though.

    • b says:

      Exactly. The producers want to believe that the audience is just restless because we’re a bunch of shippers and/or that we would hate any new change – but I was pretty on board with the whole Booth gets a girlfriend thing. It made sense. He told Brennan he needed to move on, they were apart for seven months, it makes sense that he’d find someone new.

      But then they just did NOT pull it off. Katheryn Winnick had no chemistry with DB, almost all of both she and Booth’s love for each other and she and Brennan’s supposed “friendship” were told, not shown (and far too much of that telling happened in interviews instead of on the show!), and the scenes that might have contributed to those were often awkwardly written. It was poorly executed in every way possible, and they’re in total denial about it.

      • faye says:

        Excellent post, my feelings exactly. TPTB will never accept they simply goofed in casting and writing. I sometimes feel they do not have a lot of respect for their fans but where would they be without us?

      • DL says:

        Agree 100%. Kathryn Winnick brought zilch to the table. She was terrible. I can’t judge the writing or whether or not the arc worked because the lousy casting borked it from the get-go. It very well could have worked with a girl who actually had a personality and a connection to Booth.

      • postsalot says:

        Yes to this, “told not shown” is exactly why it never worked and they need to acknowledge that it failed. They can like the actress all they want but watch the freaking show, it was never believable that her and Booth were in “love”. They barely registered as dating. And the friendship with Bones – blech. I’d have believed it more if they revealed Hannah was faking it just to keep an eye on “the other woman” in Booth’s life.

        And now it’s even worse because they’ve gotten themselves into a situation where when the two of them (B&B) finally get together it will feel tainted because what if plot contrivance had wanted to get married?

        • Donna says:

          I think it worked out well look at angela and hodgins why do things have to be so bad, leave booth and brennan alone they will work through all this and it is not like a soap opera.

      • Meg says:

        Amen. We love to hate her? Seriously??!?!?!?! I would have loved a character that I loved to hate. Instead, I got a character that I wanted to love to hate, but instead just hated. And hated to hate.

        • Debra Swihart says:

          Hannah fell flat for me too. The way that the Brennen/Booth romance works is when you focus on the murder cases and write great mystery solving. Out of that comes the subtle relationship exchanges.
          I hated hating her too.

          • Jan says:

            I totally agree. I just hated Hannah. Let’s go Booth & Brennan. Just let them do what they did before. Great lines, arguing and helping each other. They can put great shows together forever with that.

          • Sherry Hudgens says:

            I love the show, I did not like the Hannah move by the writers , When Booth left he was madly in love with Bones, then he comes back with a girl friend in tow, I love that they put House with Cuddy they are great together, they should put Bones and Booth together and let them fight crime together you can always throw in obstacles, but don’t insult the fans by bringing on a new girlfriend to mess up there relationship.

        • Janie Carol Lawler says:

          I love “BONES” , It is my favorite show ever! I am glad Hannag is out of the show (for now) and I hope for good! If you truly love someone 7 months should not change that. It wasjust a sex need for Booth. Brennon makes no beans about this!

        • Essbee says:

          LOL! Yes! Meg, you said it so well. The producers need to remove their heads from their bottoms and respect their audience. Some other character and actress might have worked much better as Booths new love. We would have loved to hate a likable, strong, substantial woman for taking Booth from Brennan. As one example.

        • Amber says:

          I wish Hannah would die… I wanted her to die the whole time she was in the way… not “love to hate” just definite hate. Maybe they could use her for a murder victim??? hehehe…

      • Amanda says:

        Exactly! They keep going on and on in these interviews about Brennan and Hannah’s ‘great friendship’ and I’m like… really?? Because I always felt like things were awkward when they were in scenes together. Especially that awful scene where Hannah’s in the hospital and asks for Brennan’s sunglasses. *shudder* No chemistry whatsoever. And the fact that the Booth that we have come to know and adore for five seasons now would just say ‘want me to call someone for you?’ when Bone’s confessed her love and proceeded to sob in his front seat? He didn’t even hug her or try to comfort her or seem conflicted! Hows that for someone who was supposedly in love with you a year ago. They totally changed his character and made him unlikeable.

        • Mo says:

          I totally agree with you-when Booth shut Brennan down, he would have comforted her, told her he cared about her, and was sorry things worked out as they did,just bad timing. He would have taken her home and not said the stupid, stupid line-can I call someone for you???? Is that how even friends would treat friends??? I don’t think so. Putting Booth and Brennan together will not make us quit watching the show-we didn’t say get married and have kids right away. There are many issues and steps to a relationship that could be woven into the show if they kept it realistic.

          • Ginny says:

            What was the purpose in the “year off” anyway? It was such a clumsy plot line. At this point I don’t care if B & B get together… I’d rather have more shows about Hodgins and Angela… Cam and her gyno…. Or even Sweets and Daisy. B & B have jumped the shark, as far as their romance is concerned. Let them be friends… solve crimes… Just give it a rest.

          • Susie says:

            I think the two of them should move towards being in a relationship with eachother..They are meant to be together…time to make it happen…This has dragged on for too long…Lots of room for new plots with them together, not apart….

        • maire says:

          I agree with you.. he was a dog for just letting her sit there and have her heart ripped to shreads and not even comfort her and then at the bar when he tells her she can sit there and be quiet and drink or he will “request” a new FBI agent for her in the morning. I would have said “go head dick head!” Sometimes you can tell that a guy is writing the scene as a woman would have written it differently.

          • Meg says:

            I agree completely that if a woman had written that scene, it would have been different- maybe better, maybe not. I feel like Booth was really deepy wounded when Brennan said she’d never be with him and on top of that having to see her every day. So he picks up the pieces of his life and finds someone else that he’s really into. Cool. But then Brennan comes back and says “No, I was wrong, I do want you.” I think that the way he reacted was real- at least it struck that chord in me. He was awkward and suprised and probably wondering why God let the timing be the way it was. While the Booth that comforts her is the one we met throughout the series, his character changed after ep.100, and you really saw that in that scene.

            Also, I don’t think he meant it as “Sit here and drink” or else I’ll quit. I think he meant something like, “I’d love to have you here fore me, but I understand if you don’t want to deal with that.” He knows how uncomfortable Brennan can be when emotions are involved and he’s giving her an out for what would be a painful situation for both of them.

          • Debra Swihart says:

            Bones is driven by logic. She is smart enough to know that he is hurting and just blasting off. It is not in her personality to take that personally.
            She stayed true to their history and friendship.

          • Philp T says:

            sorry, i’m glad booth didn’t hug brennan in that moment. there isn’t any doubt that there are still powerful feelings for brennan and any physical contact is just asking for trouble.

            sure the hug would have been comforting until they separated. there would have been that one moment where their faces were close and that is where the kiss happens.

            on top of all this booth had to be feeling completely confused and awkward. not that long ago the positions were reversed and he was the one feeling the pain. he had to be wondering why she could have felt this way when he’d laid himself bare.

            i give my guy a break cuz he’s on a wild ride with no steering wheel or brakes.

          • Essbee says:

            Yes Maire

            I would have said to Booth: yeah, we’ve been here. I think you should leave if that’s how you feel. Bring on new FBI guy.

            They have jumped the shark alright. Too much ick now.

        • faye says:

          Hannah asking Brennan for her sunglasses irks me too. HH mentioned in an interview he thought it was hilarious! I thought it was another go at making Bones look foolish & I resented it.

        • Jacki says:

          I absolutely love this show.

          But, guess I’m in the minority…I didn’t “hate” Hannah. I didn’t particularly like her character either but I feel the chemistry portrayed was right. Looking at the show as reality, Booth’s, Brennan’s & Hannah’s relationships were just as they should have been. Hannah said from the beginning she wasn’t in this for Love & Marriage. You can love someone & still recognize they don’t want to spend the rest of their life with you. For Brennan, as a person not given to emotional displays, what else could she do on realizing Booth’s choice of Hannah? He had given her plenty of opportunities. Wouldn’t you rather be able to remain close to the person who means so much to you than to be viewed as the jealously bitter wench who still had to work with the others? I’d want to be in there, close to the guy I belatedly realized I loved…professional maturity includes respect for your relationship and work integrity, you have to be able to control your feelings. That’s the kind of person they, from day 1, have portrayed Brennan to be.
          And Booth? He had spent several years, learning to work with, respect, and eventually, loving Brennan without receiving much encouragement. All along, Booth has shown his desire for a loving home life for his son, and a readiness to settle into a committed relationship. Granted, it took him a while to realize it, his character is so perfectly written that I think we all love Booth. His boyish enthusiasms, sensitivity, intelligence & his macho committment to being the “good guy”… regardless of the dangers of his work. (Not forgeting how great looking he is)

          OK, he wants his idea of the good life, If he can’t have it with the one he chose, it was time for him to move on with his life. He chose again and for whatever reasons, Hannah was it. Accepting Brennan’s insistence on remaining friends, he shared his life with both women. Hannah, true to her character, resisted Booth’s plans. It shook his world. Brennan, again true to her character, chose to be the FRIEND he needed so much at that last few moments of the show.

          They will rebuild their friendship. As friendships frequently go, it may become love again. Perhaps this time they will both recognize it.

          Kinda wish he hadn’t thrown that ring away though…

      • j says:

        I have not liked this season in how the show has written booth to bare no fault in their situation. He said temperance was his” one” and wanted to take a chance. She does not take chances and she also was given no time to process or mull the idea. As fans have learned over the years temperance is not one to say yes or leap into something. Most especially a relationship she values as highly as her friendship with angela. Booth needs to also admit her has acted a somewhat distant jerk with her as well. Not loving season and fear my once favorite show will fall off my tv lineup if this continues.

      • D says:

        I couldn’t agree more. There was absolutely no chemistry, and the whole relationship seemed fake and a sham. I think the powers that be knew it too, because she was in fewer episodes as the season has gone on, and when she was on, it was for brief periods. They even seemed to make Brennan look frumpy and not as pretty as she usually looks, as if to highlight Hannah’s looks. Bones is nothing like Moonlighting. The characters are complex, and the main event of each episode revolves around a body. This show can easily survive Bones and Booth getting together, and they should. Fans have been waiting for this for a long time, me included, but my patience is being tried, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Don’t drag this out to the last season of the show, whenever you predict that will be. Too many competing shows out there already.

      • s73 says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more. The problem with Hanna was not that she was between Booth and Bones, I can live with that. The problem was that Booth was supposed to be in love with her, yet there was absolutely no substance to their relationship. Hanna was a completely superficial character, they never developed her, we never learned anything about her. And the Bones & Hanna friendship? Please! That was so forced. Even now we don’t have much insight into what’s going on in Booth’s head. I mean, how do we go from Booth shooting down Bones because he really loves Hanna, to him telling Brenan that “he’s not going anywhere” when Bones asked him about letting THE ONE go in the sister wives episode, to him proposing to Hanna in a span of what? 3-4 epidsodes? I understand that TV allows for messed up timelines but still.

    • DL says:

      Agreed. And frankly, I never saw much chemistry between Hannah and Booth, anyway. Winnick never brought anything to the table to connect with Boreanaz’s Booth, while conversely you could see Boreanaz working his butt off to form a connection to her character. I might have liked the arc better if a better actress played the part, but honestly I thought Kathryn Winnick sucked. Every time she was on-screen, it was like she was on one show and everyone else was on another.

      • brynn says:

        i totally agree!

        she was eye candy and that’s about it. and over all just an annoyance. i’m sure she’s a very nice person, and probably a decent actress — but for whatever reason her character just didn’t work.

        the whole “hannah says no” bit seemed really contrived. like they realized ‘well this isn’t working, let’s dump her.’ and then she acted like a complete b*r*a*t* when they broke it off with the whole “i can see that we’re done for now BUT –” if you know someone is looking to get married, and you’re looking for a one night stand with room and board — then WHY on earth would you say something so idiotic? like “i know you’re looking to be in a serious relationship, but it probably won’t work out, so call me when you’re ready to hop in bed.”

        whaaat?? and we’re supposed to like her? i feel like the writing is definitely shaping these characters into very different people.

        good riddance, hannah!

        • Sami says:

          If you remember Booth does have the habit of getting booty calls from his past girl friends. I see that maybe happening with Hannah too. I actually CAN see it all from Booth’s perspective. In the episode where the gravedigger’s head gets blown off at the end when Bones is listening to sea shell her Dad gave her and Booth is watching her through the window of the cafe it’s there in his face that he does still love her. At least that is what I saw. Now he is just mad and I can totally understand that. Again I say, poor Booth! I love this show and I hope they don’t put Booth and Bones together for a good long time, I love the suspense of that relationship! :)

    • Josi says:

      Agree. A lot of people left the show ’cause they can’t buy this reality of Booth putting yourself into this kind of deep relationship so early.

    • as says:

      unlike jessica capshaw katherine winnick (?) is a bad actress. Awful tv voice included. role of hannah was a doosie character that needed to be played with a lot of charisma to be made believable

    • Gata says:

      I concur…althought KW looked beautiful last night, she just did not fit in…

    • NostalgicBBshipper says:

      Had to stop watching BONES even though it’s my favorite show. I just couldn’t bear it anymore. The whole hannah plot made/makes me sick … and it made me dislike Booth; really, really dislike him…

      To put it nicely: I’m immensely disappointed in HH and SN … BONES was such a great show and they just ruined everything… I hope they are happy now.

      • Marie says:

        I completely agree. All the Hannah arc did was make me lose my faith in Booth. I deeply hate him now. And the most infuriating thing is that they’re portraying it like this is all Brennan’s fault, and she needs to “win him back”. It was never true before, but this season it is: Booth is no longer worthy of her. If his love is so interchangeable that he can fall in love with someone else and try to forget everything he’s built with Bones, then he is not worthy of her anymore.

        • Mindi says:

          Are you serious? What was Booth supposed to do? Sit on his thumbs? That would’ve made most of us lose respect for him. She didn’t want to “man up”, he had to move on. He didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just baffling that anyone could hold that against his character. She didn’t even call him the year they were apart!

          • Sherry McKenna says:

            In case you don’t remember – Booth decided to go to the middle east before Brennan decided to go to the island. Booth never told her how he felt. They talked once about the possibility of a relationhip and agreed it would be a bad idea. Brennan couldn’t shoot down what was never asked of her.

      • S, says:

        I find the above sentiments to mirror with those I had in regards to Booth all of a sudden finding love while away. The season ending last year led one to believe that they would come back – to each other. To be in love with her for so many years and then just fall for someone else seems highly out of character.

        On another out of character move – the tossing of the ring in to the fountain. S. Booth is a father of a young boy and as has been pointed out before on the show, not exactly rich. That ring was no cheap thing and he tossed it away with no regards to the money he spent. While I get that he had his heart broken, he tossed what well could be a semester of private school or important things for Parker. Perhaps I am thinking too much like a parent here, but that seemed a fool hardy and out of character thing to do.

        • Becky says:

          I agree with your comment about tossing the ring! How out of character for Booth. I thought for sure he was going to “think” about tossing it, then look more carefully and put it back in his pocket.

        • Mel says:

          The whole time I KNEW he was going to toss the ring in… I agree with you that it was stupid considering how that much money could be used, but the lady at the jewelery store did mention there was a no return policy or something. Guess he could have pawned it.
          I think at this point though, Booth’s logic wasn’t working as well as it should have. He’s such a romantic, and a believer in love that I think it greatly over shadowed any thoughts of the money.

        • MS says:

          That’s exactly what I thought when he tossed the ring! Sell it on ebay, craigslist or just pawn it, but don’t throw all that money away.

          I also agree with those who say there was no chemistry between Hannah and Booth. It just never clicked. They really needed an actress who could create at least the same spark as the Booth/Brennen connection if they wanted the relationship to be believable.

      • Shawna says:

        I fell in love with Bones from the pilot and until the beginning of this season. The Booth and Hannah plot line is terrible!!!! This show over the years has offered a smart and a deep forming relationship between Booth and Bones characters. Instead of trying to maintain the chemistry by never allowing the two to quote un quote “get together” why can’t the show evolve with their relationship for god sake pls I would much rather see the show end as sad as that will be with them finally getting together rather than prolonging this crap writing and casting much longer!!! Save the integrity of this show!!!! Pls!!!!

      • Pepper says:

        To SherryMcKenna who said that Booth never told Brennan how he felt…. oh, yes he did. At the end of “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole”, (episode 16 of Season 5… yes, I had to look that up) he tells her exactly how he felt, that he wanted to make everything work and he wanted to get together, and she basically stomped his heart flat. So, yes, he did tell her, and he tried, and she dissed him and started dating his boss immediately after. How much clearer can you be in telling someone you don’t want them? Much as I hated that revisionist-history piece of crap of an episode, it’s canon and has to be considered.
        I don’t blame him for forcing himself to move on and find Hannah. I actually liked Hannah. She made Booth smile, she was good with Parker, she didn’t stomp him down and start dating his boss…
        I don’t support a Booth/Brennan relationship. One believes in monogamy, marriage, love, and religion; the other believes in none of these things. If I had a friend in a relationship with even ONE contradiction in these fundamental things, I would warn him to be very careful… to have all 4? Disastrous. I would never believe such a relationship could work.

      • Pam says:

        AMEN… I used to never miss no matter what. Now I’m taping and watching when ever. Very disapointed. It was ok for him to have a fling in Iraq but they have handeled it very badly since she showed up. I thought I would die over the sun glassed. If anybody that has anything to do with writing reads these I hope they pay attention. Were getting bored!! I personally want them together.

    • suzyku says:

      I completely agree with you. They can’t keep going “backward”, never forward. Hannah’s character was obnoxious and annoying at best. This producer is totally clueless and is losing viewers and ruining what was once one of the best shows on t.v.. So many of us are saying that it’s getting old already, this bad storyline. So many bloggers/viewers, are saying they’re going to stop watching now. The whole point of this show and the reason it has been so successful is the chemistry and love between B&B, these foolish producers and writers have completely taken that away this season and are ruining the show. Other than David’s wonderful performance last night, there was no reason to watch! I’m one of those people who is very tired of the games the writers are playing. They’re going to drag this thing out until there isn’t any audience left who cares and apparently they aren’t bright enough to read the blogs and see how wrong they are! Too bad, if this was what they had in mind for this season they should have pulled the plug and we won’t care if there is a season 7. Stephen Nathan keeps saying clueless and wrong things, keeps throwing out misleading and false teasers and frankly if it comes out of his mouth I just don’t buy it! The writers should hold a seminar on how to take a top show and completely spoil it!

      • Jenn says:

        I completely disagree with this: “The whole point of this show and the reason it has been so successful is the chemistry and love between B&B”
        What made the show different than all the others shows wasn’t the STANDARD relationship between two main characters, every show has that. They secretly love each other but have to overcome difficulties X, Y & Z before they can be together.
        The characters were great (and somewhat still are), the cases were interesting (they aren’t anymore.. I don’t even remember the last few episodes), the FOCUS of the show used to be equal parts B&B and the CASES. Now the FOCUS of the show is all about the relationships between all the characters. I can have that on any show.
        Bones used to be A++, now it’s barely a C-

    • Perpetuo111 says:

      Hannah didn’t work-out that well. But the producers now have another device for Booth and Brennan. All I know is that at some point these to have to get together and make it work.

      Also, these posts are great.

    • faye says:

      I do not share his enthusiasm and I can’t believe the majority of fans of the show do either. I was ready to move on to another show..it got to where I could not sit and watch. It just wasn’t interesting anymore. They lost a lot of viewers during this period and had I not seen a change by epi.12 I was leaving and not coming back.

      Why would he ever be so foolish as to bring Hannah back in the future? She is the only guest that simply did not fit with the other characters.

      • Edward says:

        You watch though just to mess with everything that had been built before Hannah came to the show. They will bring her back AFTER B&B get together with some crack-pot arc that she got pregnant just before she shot him down. To put a larger strain on B&B’s relationship than there already is.

        With the way the show is going though I can not say whether I will still be watching if/when that time comes. I still want to know why they just dropped the whole Bones wanting to have a baby? Yeah Booth had a brain surgery. Oh and the whole memory problem afterwards. But come on now. That is just one of the many things that is really starting to bother me with this show. They will just drop a plot, move on, and never come back to it to put closer on that particular plot. I can just see this Hannah thing screwing everything up even more in the near future.

    • laylagalise says:

      You said it perfectly. The whole “we have to keep Bones and Booth apart because we think it’s realistic and because it’s fun to drive the audience crazy” is getting really, really old. Jerk your audience around for long enough, they’ll get tired of the abuse and go elsewhere.

      • KHS says:

        Since the producers of Bones are hoping the show will stick around for a while yet, it would be a bad idea to get Booth and Brennan together and just bring other turmoil into their what would then be a romantic relationship until the show is finished. That would be more unrealistic than anything that has happened so far. Personally I think that even though a lot of people were dissatisfied with Hannah’s character and actress that portrayed her, the producers had the right idea (and I thought the Katheryn Winnick was marvelous!). Booth and Bones might get into a more romantic relationship eventually but it doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be right away. I think the show’s done a great job so far and leaving the door open was smart in case Hannah will return in the future. I hope another character that might step in for a visit is Zach, too!

        • El says:

          Yes, they will eventually get them together. But that could be two seasons. The idea of them just waiting to get together is just ridiculour. I would rather have them both out dating and in relationships at some point. How realistic is that these two good looking successful people are not out living their lives with someone. Come on. At least have them date. That was my biggest issue with the Hannah SL. Brennan should have been dating, at least before the Bannah breakup. It just became too sad to watch her be punished each week watching them and befriending Hannah. I just hated the whole SL. I can see why they did it, but it was very poorly executed IMO, and it lasted way too long. They just dragged it out to give them more time to keep them apart.

      • brynn says:

        disagree. the x files did it for MUCH longer, and never lost any viewers. but they also didn’t use contrived plots like Hannah and kept the show INTERESTING and REALISTIC without being fluff or unrealistic. seriously, call Chris Carter or something, because Hannah is sinking the Bones ship!

    • Suz says:

      Totally agree with you !!

    • MJ says:

      I agree as well. I literally jumped for joy when she told him no. I haven’t liked it since she’s been on it, but it wasn’t enough to keep me away. I’m not going to lie…. I’m glad she’s gone. Now I’m excited to see what transpires between Booth and Brennan in the future.

    • Pat says:

      I found the whole Hannah thing totally unbelievable. She would have been a reboung romance for Booth because if he really loves Brennan as they lead us to believe he would not get over the love of his life in less than a year and be ready to marry someone else. It made Booth look like an idiot which his character was not. Vulnerable maybe but not stupid. It was aggravating to me. I did not like or dislike Hannah but thought the whole story line was off the reality chart.

    • Amanda says:

      I know… watching Booth have sex and be in an ‘in love’ relationship 8 months after claiming to have been in love with Brennan seemed forced and fake and made me uncomfortable and annoyed every time. It made his character seem shady and unreliable and, in my opinion, reinforced all of Brennan’s beliefs that love is just a chemical reaction in the brain and nothing more… seeing as the man who claimed to be so in love with her got over it and moved on so quickly after wards. Major backslide after all the ground they covered and really tore apart Booth’s whole ‘noble patriot for love’ character.

      • Kelsey says:

        I totally agree with this! Booth and Hannah’s entire relationship seemed fake as well as Hannah and Tempe’s friendship. All of it happened too fast and it was so off emotionally.

    • Sarah says:

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • M H says:

      I completely agree. I wanted them to come back from a year of absence and then develop a meaningful relationship, which would have been more true to life. Booth seemed to fall for Hannah on the rebound, because real feelings for Brennan just don’t disappear…they may get covered up by someone, something or some mission, but not disappear. The producer is dead wrong, and yes, the writer’s completely tested my patience with what used-to-be my favorite show. Now I assume we have to wait for Booth to recover before Brennan can possibly trust his feelings. One thing I know for sure…not meaning to interject any old-time values or anything, but if Booth and Brennan ever decide to make a go of it, I hope Booth takes a step back and decides to NOT have a physical relationship until they are married. I think this would help convince the audience that they both want to be sure of their feelings and their commitment level instead of a hurried romp in the hay after making us wait all these years! Sorry so wordy…but I’ve just about waited long enough for these two to get together. Make it meaningful!

      • Hollie says:

        I soooooo agree with you M H!! They need to make it meaningful and admit that it was just a fling with Hannah and that he made a mistake by asking her to marry him. Booth needs to realize that and then form a good relationship with the woman he knows loves him, because she did finally realize it! Brennan has come so far and addapted to “real life” so well. She now jokes and acts like she understands feelings and things like that, it is the perfect time for her to get into a real relationship with Booth, especially since he has been the one that really understood her from the first! Just do it right and please keep the cases in mind, too. That is a big reason some of us watch the show, too.

        • Essbee says:

          Come on. If someone does not want you, you have to move on. THAT is realistic. Really, admit it, if you worked closely with someone and fell for them, and you offered them a life with you, and they didn’t want you, you would have to get some distance for your own sanity and move on.

          I would rather Booth and Bones together of course, and she is wierd enough to keep the storylines interesting if they are in relationship. However, she said no, and he met someone. I did hate the character of Hannah. Too pretty and fragile, like an insult to Bones. As another poster said, it was like she was from another show.

          A lot of posters used the word REALISTIC. OK – Realistic would be Booth moves on and falls for a smart strong interesting woman. And instead of Bones acting like a sad-sack unwanted third wheel (I hated that angle! What were the writers thinking? This is Brennan’s show. It’s about her. Give her a little dignity) she would wisely retreat. THAT would be how it would go in life. She would move on as well. Date. Close the door on that part of the heart that loves him for her own sanity.

          The way it actually played out I’m glad he tossed the ring and I’m glad Hannah said no. But him telling his heartache to Bones is inappropriate. That was not the right shoulder to cry on. If Bones is moving on, she needs to let him deal, by himself. Not hang around for the crumbs. And I would have her say, “yes, get another FBI agent for me. We have been thru too much to go back into an icky mire again” . Then maybe later they can actually date like normal people.

          Like a lot of people, I don’t care about Booth and Brennan now. It’s a bit ruined. I’d like her to be a detached and normal woman with self respect, not hanging around for the left overs.

          And as another poster said, what was that thing about the ONE you love the most not going anywhere (in sister wives episode)? Then he proposes to someone else? Enough innuendo. We all move on now. Lets just have interesting cases and interesting Brennan and banter and fun. We can watch the other characters lives with pleasure.

    • Dale says:

      I agree with pretty much all the posters. I did not like the Hannah story arc, I did not buy the “friendship” between her and Bones and I am glad she is gone. I don’t think Booth and Bones should run into each others arms though. That would be too contrived. It is much the same as the relationship between Mac and Harm on JAG. You knew it would eventually happen but when. Of course, the very last episode.

      What I do believe is that Bones and Booth love each other, really, really love each other but are afraid to admit it to each other, never mind themselves. I mean: What says love more than when a crazed woman shoots Booth and Bones picks up his gun and shoots her dead. If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is. I think the new bit is good. It is realistic. Lets see where it leads us.


    • HH says:

      I agree Hannah was not necessary. More of a distraction than an addition.

    • Monique says:

      I agree. I was ready to drop the show. I’m sick of the distressing side stuff. I wanted Booth to marry Hannah and for Brennan to be happily married, and let it be DONE with, so I could get on with the part I loved: the pseudo-science, the tight team working together, pleasant repartee. I’m ready for the show to be about the good stuff again. Honestly. I want my fun pseudo-science show back.

    • AMM says:

      I agree, the producer’s are dead wrong if they think Hannah improved the plot. I was personnally turned off by that turn in the plot. The relationship between Booth and Bone’s WAS THE PLOT!… and what kept me watching it! Please don’t ruin another good show; if it works, STAY with it. Bones and Booth BELONG together!

    • Dee M. says:

      Exactly right on that one. I haven’t watched Bones this season and just check in to see if the writers have gotten their heads out of their asses.

    • MOMMAHURLEY says:

      Hannah was an Epic Fail! They will spin it which ever way they can,.. but anyone who actually watched, would be laughing in his face during that interview!

      There was nothing about this season, that the loyal fans liked, much less loved! They’ve brought this show so close to the edge of cartoon version of itself, that it’s going to be sheer majic if they can actually ressurrect it.

      Thank god the Blond Middle aged man’s, Wet Dream Blow up Doll, with Marbles in her mouth…is finally just a sickening memory.

      It would be so refreshing to see SN and HH actually take responsibility for this failure…but they just keep telling themselves whatever they want to hear….!

      It’s kinda pathetic.

    • Alex says:

      I cannot name a single person who enjoyed the hannah twist. So to the producers, listen to the fans. If you bring Hannah back it had better be to test Brennan and Booths relationship.NOT to keep them apart!

    • Eva says:

      they are trying to keep the show alive but the Hanna thing was too contrived and felt like Booth was just on the rebound. So she is gone so good ridance

    • Jasmine says:

      I totally agree, I hated Hannah, and did not love hating her, that’s just stupid. I’m glad shes gone and would be more than happy to never see her again!

    • Donna says:

      I think Brennan needs to return to her more stuffy, do not understand role for human emontions and such and Booth needs to be more FBI like they were in the other years now it is to muchy, lets solve cases and if they get in bed they get in bed but lets look at the bones and slove the crime, isn’t that what the show is suppose to be about and isn’t any more

    • Sonya says:

      I don’t particularily mind the love triangles. I primarily enjoy watching for the cases anyway, but I do feel that the powers that be always make the love triangles akward with little chemistry. It wasn’t just this last Hannah arc either. I felt that, despite akward flirtatiousness on Brennan’s part, I never really felt any chemistry with her and Assistant Director Hacker or Sully.
      Perhaps the writers are simply hesistant to show too much affection/ chemistry during these brief forays. Either way, I think it makes the relationships feel told and not shown. Even when Angela briefly hooked up with Wendell you felt there was chemistry between them. I still rooted for Hodgins, but I felt the chemistry.
      If they are going to continue to write romance arcs, I would just hope that next time they make it believable. Stop hesitating! Risk upsetting people’s emotions! That’s what a love triangle is supposed to be. We shouldn’t feel that a relationship is doomed before it’s halfway over.

    • ElusiveBlu says:

      I agree with you, too. Hannah and Booth had absolutely no chemistry and the couple was a complete distraction to the essence of the show.

    • libbyp says:

      The show is insane if it thinks keeping Bones and Booth apart is the way to go. When Bones was ready to have Booth’s baby, they should have done that instead of just letting it drop and making Booth have brain problems. Come to think of it, the guy’s been brain dead ever since. I loved the show from the beginning, couldn’t wait for the next episode. Even the Baby Daddy season and Booth brain tumor season, I was still rooting for these two…which kept me rooting for the show.

      This season, I no longer care. Bringing Hannah on was horrible. Of course I hated her, but the whole think made me lose respect for both Brennan and Both as well. I still watch this year…so far, but on DVD from a few days to a week later. I’ve been trying to watch last Thursdays epi (the elevator one) for two days now, and I’ve fallen asleep about six times in the process. I don’t like the
      characters any more. For certain, I detest having the show jerk me around keeping them apart for six years. At this point, I really don’t think I’ll be watching next season…if I make it through this one. The show’s waited to long being coy and it’s ruined the possibilities.

    • these producers are crazy–if it’s going to take them another year or so to get together and they are saying hannah might be back — i say adios bones – i’ll watch castle and chuck bye

  2. Maggie says:

    They really don’t have a single clue, do they? As to what they just did.

    Well, I’m out completely now. Absolutely not interested in seeing another episode of Bones.

    Yes, I did hate it. Not ‘love to hate it’. Just hate.

  3. skylark66 says:

    Before I just disliked Hannah, now I hate her. She calls Bren to have her console Booth to get over her. What a joke. Only in the imagination of HH and SN. Ugh, tell me again why I am watching this? Of yeah, for David Boreanaz, but I cant watch another season of heartbroken Booth. Total fail HH

    • Cheery says:

      Really, everything about Hannah is unbelievable; her “love” for Booth, her “friendship” with Brennan. No matter how secure and rational a woman is, she ISN’T going to continue being friends with another woman who made a move on her man. Likewise, she isn’t going to then turn around and call said woman to console the boyfriend she just shut down, which BTW, she still “loves” and wants a relationship with. Seriously, WTF?!? NONE of that makes ANY sense.

    • Kristina DiGiovanni says:

      I am in complete agreement about this episode. It’s ridiculous! They have the perfect set up for this supposed “mystery man” that is calling Brennan to turn out to be the Sniper Jake because Jake has been watching Boothe and would KNOW who he really loves, and would make her an instant target. Taking out another person would just be a cherry on top of it. THERE YOU GO HART HANSON THERE”S A STARTING POINT FOR ANOTHER SCRIPT USE IT!!!!!! YOU OBVIOUSLY NEED ONE DESPERATELY!!! You’re ratings continue to drop no matter what ratings you are posting, obviously from your imagination. Apparently, you haven’t realized there’s another television show about a Medical Examiner who does the same work as Bones, having to identify remains and decipher who they are. it will be starring Dana Delaney and more than likely if you DON”T use the proposed scenario I typed up for you, you WILL BE LOSING in the ratings game to this other show. Get rid of Hannah permanently get Boothe and Brennan together, let that be that. Yours fans are QUICKLY losing interest in this dragged out scenario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. raelee514 says:

    I really thought having Hannah do the “I’m not the marrying kind” and losing Booth for herself was seriously a lame way to write a really great character that I believed had Booth’s heart whole-ly.

    The show seriously, has to stop with the dumb ass external obstacles, and lame twists and just focus on Booth and Bones, let a period pass to wash away Hannah (and if they have Hannah come back it should be because she realized she let a great man go for a really dumb reason she was already living with him!) and drop the Bones/Booth thing.

    It’s either do B/B or admit they are too chicken and don’t.

    • Elaine says:

      Hannah will have to come back to be one of Brennan’s brides maids when she and Booth get married.
      I thought they it played out well. Fans were sitting on the edge of their seats, hoping he doesn’t ask her to marry him, chicken out, or realize that it’s Brennan he really loves. As it turned out so many were shocked to see Hannah was the one who wasn’t ready, and then for Booth to pretty much say.. it’s all or nothing was a bit shocking.
      By Booth giving Brennan an ultimatum at the end tells us he will need time to heal. It does get aggravating while waiting for the 2 to get together, but it also keeps many coming back.
      I do think we need to shed some light on others personal lives or suspense lines to get another feeling of suspense going, so while waiting for Booth and Brennan’s relationship to soar, viewers will keep viewing on the edge of their seats.

  5. GD says:

    Really? When I saw the comment about being around for a few more years and not rushing things…sigh. What happened to this show

    • PhDelicious says:

      Because clearly 5+ seasons/years would be rushing things to begin with. *eye roll*

      There’s allowing characters and relationships to develop naturally where some growth does come from obstacles. And then there’s throwing everything but the kitchen sink into a plot to put off relationship progress until a show is almost over. One is, I believe, what most viewers would like to see. The other is what’s happening on Bones.

    • CC says:

      Years? I’m not going to wait around. Already have. What total BS.

    • Crystal says:

      That is the part that pissed me off in this whole thing. I have been around since the pilot so like many, I have watched from day one. I just find myself tired of it by this point. No, I don’t consider myself one of those fans who thinks because I have been watching 5+ years, I am entitled to something.

      It just comes down to having a believable, cohesive plot and I think they lost that along the way. I would hate to give up Bones but I am to the point where I just haven’t found it as compelling as I once did. “The Doctor in the Photo” was, in my opinion, the best episode of the season and maybe the series. But having a diamond in the rough once a year? Maybe it’s not enough to keep people around. And certainly not worth it to those of us who would like to see Booth/Brennan at least ATTEMPT something. It doesn’t always have to crash and burn.

  6. carrie says:

    I read interviews about Hannah before she even premiered on the show, and I know that the producers expected us to love her… Unfortunately no one did. I think part of it is because Hannah is a mary sue: there isn’t anything wrong with her, she’s gorgeous, everyone loves her… That makes her annoying! lol. I think it backfired. But I do admit it was good to see Booth in a relationship. It reminded us that he and Brennan are at the age where they should probs be getting married and such. I am glad that there was no ‘jumping into Brennans arms’ at the end of this ep. Well done for showing the pain that booth carries from being denied so many times. (note: DB has never ended up with the girl he loves in ANY series, go figure. He plays heartbroken so well.)

    • CC says:

      “(note: DB has never ended up with the girl he loves in ANY series, go figure. He plays heartbroken so well.)”

      I KNOWWWWW! Poor characters that DB plays are always doomed.

  7. gaby says:

    I wanted Booth and Hannah to break up because he realized he loved Brennan, not because Hannah shot him down.

    I definitely just hated Hannah,period!

    • CT says:

      agreed. X 1000…

    • amy says:

      Totally, totally agreed. After this episode, I deleted “Bones” from my TiVo record list, for good. This show has lost its way, completely. It’s a shame — I still love the characters — but as they are no longer being written as anything like themselves, it’s time to say goodbye. Oh, well. It was (mostly) fun while it lasted.

    • Deena says:

      agree. that was just painfull to watch. and now, IF Booth and Brennan get together it will be cos Hannah shot him down! FAIL!

      • Syra says:

        Agree! What was it Booth said about Hannah not being a “consolation prize”? We were supposed to think that was so noble, but in the end that’s just what the plot has turned Brennan into – a consolation prize who could have been a satisfying choice with better writing.

    • Kim R says:

      I had the same wish. This way was too much, too contrived. In the last 2 episodes before this, we saw Booth watching Bones when she wasn’t looking. I thought for sure it would lead up to him just not being able to deny any longer his deeper love for Bones. His being turned down by Hannah did not fit. Now how long will we have to watch B & B NOT get together?? Sigh.

      • Pam says:

        They really need to pull a Dallas and act like these last few episodes was a bad dream. I don’t no how else they could get back on track and it not be weird for Booth and Brenn to be together. It is looking pretty hopeless. I want to know if these are the same writers as all along?

    • atn says:

      I think (and read somewhere) that the point is not that Brennan is the rebound. Which I think a little intuition and 5.5 years of evidence would back up. I feel with this show that these moments and events require a little interpretation and understanding of emotion. It plays well with emotional complexity and things that happen need to be understood in that way. This proposal was not just Booth finding the love of his life and also making a rational decision. Etc. I love the room for understanding emotional complexity of the two main characters (mainly) in this series. Ultimately, Bones does this very naturally and with resonance.

    • Susan says:

      I agree. I feel that after this episode no matter what they contrive to bring B/B together will feel like Booth is takiing the consolation prize! Bones is better than that.

    • K says:

      Totally agreed. That would have been the best choice – especially after the ending of the episode the week before. The writers need some help with their continuity – why would he say all of that to Bones the week before he proposes to Hannah? Doesn’t make any sense. I’m rewatching the old seasons and they are so much better and the characters so much more real than they are now. I enjoy that they’ve given the rest of the cast bigger storylines, but come on, time to bring the chemistry back – and I don’t just mean between B&B, I mean between the entire cast. Stop dropping worthless characters like Hannah into the mix – the show was great to begin with.

    • M H says:

      Totally totally agree. It would have been great if in the middle of the proposal Booth would have said, “You know what…I can’t do this. I was going to propose, but deep down, I still have feelings for someone else.” Then Hannah could have been her flippy self and said, “I’m not the marrying kind anyway.” Then the door would be open for Booth and Bones. Your stupid writers are probably lacking a meaningful long-term relationship in their own lives, but I hope you read this….WE NEVER LIKED HANNAH. AND YES, I MISSED SEVERAL SHOWS AND DID NOT WATCH IT AGAIN UNTIL I HEARD THAT THERE WAS A CHANCE HANNAH WOULD TURN DOWN HIS PROPOSAL. I so want her to Go away!

  8. Corinne says:

    My heart was breaking at the end when Booth is telling Brennan that woman don’t want what he has to offer. I wanted to cry while simultaneously scream at my tv. I for one, figure this was exactly how it would play out and am ok with them taking there timing finally pairing Booth and Bones. I didn’t really like Hannah either, but I don’t want Booth to make Brennan a rebound. She deserves better.

    • CC says:

      Completely agree. I thought his answer to ‘what happens next’ was PERFECT. Now that Hannah’s gone, I look forward to seeing the beauty of their partnership and friendship shine through again…

    • Marybeth says:

      I agree; I felt so bad for Booth. I thought it was really good writing for a strong friendship for Booth to admit he feels like a failure. And good writing that Brennan knew enough to hold onto his friendship.

  9. gaby says:

    I wanted Booth and Hannah to break up because he realized he loved Brennan, not because Hannah turned him down.

    I definitely just hated Hannah.

  10. Kristen says:

    I think this whole Hannah storyline was one of those things that was better in theory. Like, she seemed totally likable, but then you realize that she’s this ridiculous obstacle for B/B. I really think HH & Company may have missed the boat on this whole B/B thing. I’m still pulling for them, but this is getting ridiculous. House waited until S7 and it worked that way, but Bones is obviously a different show, and it can’t go on much longer like this, even with Angela & Hodgins happily married with a baby on the way, that’s no substitution. Just saying.

    • Crystal says:

      As a House/Cuddy fan, I completely agree with you. For that show, not getting them together until last year’s finale WORKED. This show has been toying with the prospect of a Booth/Brennan relationship since, what, the second episode of season one? It is past time to figure something out with these two.

  11. Allison N says:

    I loved it! I did not see Hannah shooting Booth down! Crazy, crazy girl. The scene with Booth and Bones at the end was just amazing. I do agree that they can’t just all of a sudden get together, since they have to kinda fall back into their partnetship/friendship after both being rejected. And Booth isn’t like Brennan, it will be harder for him.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Booth just needs to avoid women he loves when they wear white/beige/grey coats. He seems to get shot down every time when he tries to make a pass and they’re wearing that colour.

  13. Samantha says:

    Booth totally broke my heart tonight. I also thought that Hannah’s “I’m not the marrying type” excuse was pretty ridiculous- they’ve been together for like 9 or 10 months. And although I’m glad that Hannah is gone, I’m also glad that Booth and Brennan did not get together tonight. It would have been a terrible way for this couple to finally unite, but I was glad to see that Brennan was just as heartbroken as Booth was. Take a page out of Chuck’s book and get these two together. Chuck and Sarah only had to do the “will they or won’t they” thing for three seasons and their relationship is still strong and the show is still great. It can be done, enough of the excuses and just do it already!

  14. Megan says:

    I think this is a bitter sweet break-up. . .

  15. Thomas says:

    Food for thought… Both House and Chuck put their couples together successfully and now both are hitting series ratings lows this year. It can be frustrating, but I’m more a fan of the long tease. Better pay off by doing it at the end of a series pays then testing the waters along the way.

    • Dante says:

      I would argue Chuck’s ratings have more to do with the whole “mother” storyline. A great idea in theory that, I don’t know, just hasn’t been as intriguing as I thought it would. Putting Chuck and Sarah together before the series finale had been planned by the writers almost from the get-go, so anyone who wasn’t a fan of the idea has had plenty of time to jump off the boat before this season.

    • D. says:

      I wonder though, if the series ratings lows are because of the couplings or because of the length of time on the air. If either shows decided not to put the couples together would the ratings be the same?…Who knows…

    • Sharona says:

      On the other hand, the previous season of House where they purposefully delayed the romance (with a painful obstacle who made Hannah look like the greatest character ever) and clunkily wrote out an original character turned off lots of viewers, too. Sometimes cutting to the chase is the kinder thing to do.

      • b says:

        Yeah, House’s ratings are not much lower, on average, than they were at the end of last season. It took a nosedive several episodes before Huddy got together. They were falling slowly but steadily for two seasons, then nosedived right around Jennifer Morrison’s final exit.

      • M H says:

        There can be lots of reasons for ratings to fall. I quit watching House… They waited too long to put House and Cuddy together and he was just mean all the time. I have better things to do with my time. I didn’t care who else left the show, I just wanted House to grow up and come to terms with his own insecurities and then be able to care about someone besides himself. He didn’t, I quit watching. Obviously Cuddy was able to hang in there longer than I did.

    • Paige Matthews says:

      Chuck actually has higher ratings this season than it has ever had in the past. In two separate and recent interviews, the show’s creators and Zach Levi made a mention of the increased numbers and what this could mean for season 5. Both are somewhere on tvline…

      I think Chuck’s ratings are so much higher this year BECAUSE of the coupling. There are storylines people groans over, as there are in every show, but Chuck and Sarah make each episode worth watching. It’s like a permanent benefit.

      • Rowan says:

        I totally agree. The Chuck & Sarah romance finally progressing to a stable relationship is the best part of that show now. This show also screwed up how to keep us interested in the will they/won’t they with some twists that very tired and boring, but when they go them together it gave the show a new energy. And yes, some of the storylines are not very good and drag out far too long (almost like a soap opera). I liked his mother coming into the mix, but they wasted a lot of time getting her to the point where she comes home. They should have completed that arc in 8 episodes and started a new arc then, instead of using most of the season.

      • steve says:

        sorry to bust your bubble paige but chucks ratings are pretty much what they were doing last season. Also on subject of house dont think its been done right. I am disliking house this season because its all about huddy where as what i liked was the team dynamics.

    • Isabella says:

      I think the reason for Chuck is the whole “mother” storyline. It just got way old really fast, but these past couple episodes have been fantastic.

    • MC says:

      My take, House did not put their couple together successfully, ruined the chemistry of the show completely. It’s worse then lame now, and I only watch when absolutely nothing else is on which isn’t often. Don’t watch Chuck so can’t comment on that. I think if they ‘get Booth and Bones together’ the show will end soon there after, love the show don’t want it to end so keep them friends.

      • Essbee says:

        The only reason I am again watching House is because he got into a real relationship and is therefore growing and evolving.

        The other stuff got old after a while. I left it many seasons ago.

  16. Charlette says:

    Well I am so glad that Hannah left for now because I really hated her. But I was hoping that at the end brennan would have said something to booth like there’s nothing wrong with you…..I said that just because he seemed so sad:(. But really I hope Hannah doesn’t come back. And I’m hoping that something will happen between booth and Brennan because if not soon I think I’ll like be done watching bones…..if I can resist:)

    • pd says:

      Bones did the right thing at the end. She was there for him and took the “choice” of partners and friends over the alternative. Booth was drunk and angry and upset and really not himself. Trying to force a second chance relationship at that moment would have been completely wrong. It will happen at the right moment.

      It’s very possible that Sweets was merely pushing Booth’s buttons to get him to propose and to push Hannah out of the picture. (Sweets has a history of pushing said FBI agent’s buttons in regards to women.) It was very obvious that Hannah’s priorities didn’t lie in a long-term relationship. She wasn’t going to be happy at the White House forever. Sweets wasn’t all that upset when he decided not to propose to Daisy because he couldn’t afford a “proper” ring. It’s Daisy! She’d be happy with anything her “Lancelot” gave her as long as they were engaged again.

  17. MCO says:

    This interview made me laugh so hard ! Congrats to Matt to keep a straigh face when you heard things like : “But to construct situations that are realistic to keep them apart can be difficult. We thought that after they both left and went their separate ways at the end of last season….” and not answer “so difficult that you can’t do it”. and pretty much all the things about rushing things and being realistic, and Hannah being a good plot ! Seriously, as an aspiring reporter, I hope I will master your skill to stay pro. with answers like that !
    I think Hanson and Nathan are delusional about the show !

    • Dante says:

      Definitely agree about Hanson and Nathan’s delusions!

    • D. says:

      As long as you’re not using Hannah as your reporter role-model.

    • faye says:

      I agree about HH & SN and I don’t think they will ever change their way of thinking.

    • faye says:

      I feel they are delusional or simply feeding us a line hoping we will eventually believe it.

      It was not Hanson’s decision to let Hannah go so soon. He wanted to pursue the story of the person that shot Hannah. But in an interview he said it was basically taken out of his hands or words similiar. This told me Hanson really doesn’t care what fans of the show think or he is truly delusional & happy in his own little world.

  18. Michelle R. says:

    It’s time. I’m all for will they/won’t they and drawing it out — I get why they do that — but at some point it becomes too ridiculous. I barely even watch the show these days, go weeks without it, because this is all so repetitive and there’s no reason 2 adults who have worked together couldn’t get it together. Glad he’s optimistic there are a few more seasons.

  19. liliray says:

    I quit watching Bones this season because of the Hannah character. It was a plot device to keep Booth and Bones apart and nothing more. Booth wants someone to settle down with and Hannah was definitely not a person who is going to settle down. She’s a blonde Bones.

    • pd says:

      No, Hannah is not a “blonde Bones”. They are two totally separate individuals with completely separate motivations. They tried to portray Hannah as a strong, proud woman, but she only came across as vain, spoiled, and egotistical. She is proud of her Peabody awards, but it’s never said why she won them. Did she win them doing hard hitting stories about tragedies or softer stories, buoyed by the fact that she’s a pretty face?

      Bones, on the other hand, has every reason to be proud of her accomplishments. She holds a doctorate in anthropology, not an easy feat alone, and not something that can be easily buoyed by being a pretty face. She has the intelligence to back up her ego. She identifies remains and gives closure to families who don’t know, but need to know, the fates of their loved ones.

      • Jackie/Max Strange says:

        When Booth mentioned Hannah to Brennan, he had come home early he said because of his son. No Not true. He left Hannah behind, never thinking she would follow him. To Booth, love has always been lust. He picks partners as sexual release. He has been without Bones presence for a year.Because he learned to love Brennan as a best friend, soul mate, he had no sexual relief because Brennah was deep in his soul and heart.. He opens up to Hannah because he feels Brennan will not stay at the Jeffersonian. When she left for Indonesia she was fed up with her job and really wanted to go back. Booth freed himself and in lust reached for Hannah, a party girl. They had no conversations.She knew nothing about him — and he knew nothing of her. while he is still with Hannah in the episode about the Science Dude, Booth is in the audience. Watch his face as he watches her every move and finally she notices him and his facile expressions show how much he depends on her and loves her. He once said to Bones “pick a wife and stay with her.” Much has been said about his hurt when Hannah said no, but that is not what I saw, Watch the episode when Bones rejected him and compare it to the scene when Hannah rejected him. In the scene with Bones he cries and is heart broken. It was pitiful. When Hannah rejected him, he was mad. he has been rejected by three women and the only one who really loves him. Booth wants a family, a home and children. Hannah told him she wasn’t the marrying kind. Booth is not stupid or deaf. Study his expressions and see the hidden glances he gives to Bones during Hannah’s time. They share nothing of themselves with each other — nothing in common. I think he would have found a way out if Hannah had said yes. He knew she would say no and that would confirm what he feared — he would be alone for the rest of his life. Think of what a disastrous marriage they would have had. Hannah liked eating out and drinking and danger. She would never settle down. Note also that Booth said he was angry with all women and his actions showed that to Brennan, He did not get angry when Brennan turned him down. He was heart broken.. Although I think he knew she would say no, he wanted her gone. After all, she left the war and came to him. If he hadn’t felt guilty about her unexpected arrival (which to him proved she loved him) he would have been faced with turning her down. In the episodes when he was with Hannah, in unguarded moments, you can see the sadness. Booth was in lust with Hannah and in love with Brennan.This is the woman who loves him whether or not she realizes it. Like the psychic said” “he saw the truth of her and it dazzled him”

  20. Darth Clavie says:

    I didn’t mind Hannah at first, I was okay with her and even liked her during the first… two(?) episodes she was in, but then she began to feel like this huge thing weighting the show down.

    I do agree that it would be a bit unreal to have Booth and Brennan get together immediately right now, but I don’t like this talk of stretching it into forever!

    • Elaine says:

      I agree! I’m thinking they can get together, and still have excitement, and suspense. She at one time wanted a baby, and Booth donated his “stuff” for her…and it’s still sitting there. Parker, as a big brother. With as wacky as Brennan can be, we all thought that it would be pretty funny… Zack could come back into the picture. Don’t wait till the end to get them together

  21. Randy says:

    I watched seasons 1 to 4 of Chuck this week. I was shocked when they put them together and the show didn’t self destruct. I think it got better without the will they won’t they. I am a convert. Goodbye Bones, hello Chuck.

    • PhDelicious says:

      Welcome to the Chuck fan family! :)

    • Paige Matthews says:

      I did the same thing. I haven’t watched Bones all season, and I haven’t felt the loss. Chuck has managed to make their characters grow even with the coupling, and bring secondaries into the forefront to fill some of the…tension gaps. It works so well for them, I find myself only getting MORE annoyed at the will they/wont they template.

    • jenuzela says:

      I completely agree – the show has been better with them together. Welcome to the Chucknation. I’m a loyal citizen of both camps and I gotta tell you, Chuck is way more fun these days.

      • goodbyebones says:

        ITA. Chuck doesn’t leave me feeling depressed after EVERY episode. I don’t watch TV to get a dose of angst and poorly written plot devices. Goodbye Bones from me too. Hello Chuck, Castle, The Mentalist, Leverage and White Collar. Soooo many better replacements, so little time.

  22. Sean Carter says:

    I’ll be honest, I liked her. The thought of Booth & Bones hooking up still bothers me. I have watched this show from the beginning and tried to get on bored with the other fans but I’m sorry. Hannah was a likable character to the fans who don’t want the main characters to date. I’m sorry but it’s just how I feel.

    • skylark 66 says:

      Yep, sounds like a guy looking at a pretty blonde.

      • Sean Carter says:

        Too bad I’m a brunette kind of guy. I just can not get behind it. I will always remember the “Moonlighting” incident. I don’t care what Hart Hanson says.

        • MCO says:

          And the fact that Moonlighting had TONS of others reasons like, poor writing, a strike, Cybill Shepard getting pregnant and not around for the best part of the season, then Willis shooting Die Hard and promoting it so He couldn’t (and wouldn’t) be on set too much. And the fact she hooked up with him them married another guy ? A thing that so much not like Maddie !
          But nooo, that’s not all of it that failed the show ! Just that they tied the knot !
          (I am a strong NO believer of Moonlighting curse’s. For more informations about Moonlighting and its cancellation, check wikipedia.)

          • Sean Carter says:

            I wouldn’t know, to be honest I didn’t like Moonlighting. I just don’t see Booth & Bones as a couple. That one horrible coma episode confirmed it for me. I’m just not a fan of the idea. What is this notion that every main character in a show should hook up with their partners or co-workers? I just don’t get it.

          • DripPan says:

            The ‘Moonlighting Curse’ is just the name given to shows that are cancelled due to the main characters hooking up. This is what happened to ML because once they hooked them up, the writing got really crappy and Sybil/David did not get along. It still does not alleviate the fact that the show did end shortly after they got the leads together.

            ‘A rose by any name would smell just as sweet’ (or,in this case crappy). It is a title dude so get used to it.

          • amy says:

            Actually, Moonlighting ran almost half of its run after Dave and Maddie got together. The show died not because of the romance getting together, but because (a) it was done BADLY — turning a show that had been a spirited, witty comedy into over-the-top melodrama and forgetting the funny, (b) the show’s writing took a nosedive overall, with even the crimes and capers lacking their earlier pizzazz, and (c) the show had massive, massive behind-the-scenes problems — often blamed on the fighting between Willis and Shepard, but equally caused by gross mismanagement that caused the show to simply fail to deliver new episodes for months on end. Seriously, when’s the last time you heard of a series getting a full-season order and then just telling the network, “Sorry, we didn’t get there — here, have 15 episodes instead”? That’s how badly Moonlighting was run.

            So people keep quoting the “Moonlighting” curse without any understanding of what really happened to that show — and the results are flaming train wrecks like what “Bones” has become.

    • xav says:

      I liked her too. Come at me, bitches.

      • Her Silhouette says:

        I’m a long time fan and female, and I actually really loved the character of Hannah. Yes, I want Booth and Bones to get together, but I found Hannah to be funny and likable, and she was an interesting, strong woman. I think it’s completely realistic for Booth to move on instead of sitting around wanting to be with Bones who clearly stated that she was not capable of being in a relationship with him.

        I think this will give both of them a new take on their relationship. Booth will now understand more about Bones trust problems in relationships and vice versa. I’m still interested to see where the series will go with it. :)

    • Elizabeth says:

      I completely agree with you. Come, let us be fandom pariahs together.

    • Ilyanna says:

      I liked her too. She was sweet. And it bothered me that just because she wouldn’t marry him he broke up with her. I mean, she still wanted to be with him.

  23. PhDelicious says:

    I honestly have no idea why TPTB at Bones are/were so in love with Hannah and the necessity of throwing yet another obstacle between what they’ve clear spent several season developing as the main relationship on the show (Booth/Brennan). If you took Hannah and separated her from the relationship aspects or if she’d existed in a different season I don’t think I would have objected as much. But introducing her this season after spending all of last season bringing Booth and Brennan closer together seems to have no point other than to frak with the viewers.

    Even if they’d really felt that jealousy was the only way Brennan would admit to feelings, it still could have been done much better and without taking Booth this far. Further more SN said they wanted to make it clear that Booth/Hannah was not a rebound and I think they failed. Personally, when you leave someone with an emotionally charged goodbye, a promise to come back, and a plan for reuniting you don’t appear and say “oh, yeah, I shacked up with someone while I was gone. Sorry about that.” Or at least I didn’t think Booth would.

    • atn says:

      hmm, I saw more feelings of rejection from Booth (in his expressions and body language), especially in those very last moments at the airport, which were in conflict with the words and actions due to love. The fact that Brennan actually did choose to leave really said something to Booth. For him to have denied having someone else in his life, especially with no contact from Brennan, might have been self-destructive and a lot of other things.

    • Elaine says:

      Brennan looked alittle hurt when Booth told her that he had met someone. It seemed like her character was thinking they could start off where they left off. Good twist, considering the fact that they went their one separate ways. The old saying is… you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone, and I think Brennan was feeling those effects,h. when she finally spilled it to Boot

  24. Pamela says:

    The will they or wont they is getting SO old. Keeping couples apart is not about tension. It’s poor writing. Period.

  25. Alyssa says:

    Based on many of these comments, I can tell I’m part of the minority. I fully understand what HH and SN were trying to do, and they succeeded. They wanted Hannah to be hated because there’s no easy way to avoid the B&B relationship, and this provided more time and character development.

    I actually liked Hannah as a person, and you can’t just look at this as her ruining lives. She actually helped these characters learn so much more about themselves, and without this storyline, who knows how different the relationships would be?

    • PhDelicious says:

      Personally, my take on HH and SN’s interviews ( is that they wanted people to love Hannah and see her as a good thing and I think they failed miserably. Hannah, the character, is not a bad person or someone I want to hate. Hannah, the plot device, is over-used, annoying, frustrating, not-realistic and a sign of lazy writing.

      • xav says:

        Hannah was a better plot device than every other plot device they’ve used to “keep Booth and Brennan apart” from the very beginning of the show. Really? Worse than a brain tumour or a baby or Brennan being dumb?

        • Phdelicious says:

          None of the things you mentioned – except Brennan’s inability to deal with emotions – were a season long arc designed soley to frustrate viewers. Plus, my point isn’t that Hannah was the worst plot device HH & Co have ever employed. My point is that it is a trite plot device which was unnecessary, except to continue to tease viewers, given where last season ended.

    • libra-rian says:

      I do not like Hannah, it is a contrived character. The acting is pathetic, other than the lady being an eye-candy. There is no substance to Hannah’s existence and the actress is very annoying. I don’t see her as a “good” person. I don’t hate her though, i hate the writers and HH.

      • Alyssa says:

        HOw can you hate the writers? as xav said, it’s one of the better plot devices in the show. The writers and HH purposefully brought her in and HH even said in an interview “she would be hated”. and the actress portraying her said she knew “she would be hated”. It was expected. Do you have any better ideas to temporarily keep B&B apart for purposes of the show?

        Also, the writers you say you hate have been writing this show for years. They’ve made some fantastic episodes, and they definitely seem like they know what they are doing. If you can’t handle characters being distressed and sad (or as I like to call the real-life version, LIFE), then you probably shouldn’t watch the show.

        • Phdelicious says:

          Do you have any better ideas to temporarily keep B&B apart for purposes of the show?

          Why do we need one? Personally, I don’t understand why HH and Co. feel the need to continue to tease the viewers and “temporarily” keeep B&B apart. I think at the end of last season they had developed the characters to a point where it would have been logical to actually use this season to allow the characters to move into a romatic relationship.

        • postsalot says:

          Yeah, I’d normally agree with you Alyssa but in season 6 pushing the two of them even farther apart isn’t the right way to go. You can only stretch out the tension for so long before you’re just dragging it out. Hannah felt like them dragging it out. The fact that they said Hannah would be hated and lo and behold she was, is more likely them just anticipating a backlash which a drooling puppy could have predicted. But this backlash seems more born out of how it never rang true. Fans – it seems – feel more like they’re watching the writers just jerk them around instead of Booth falling in love with another woman.

    • kstar says:

      I totally agree.

      From what I read in posts here and elsewhere the main complaint about the storyline progressing this way is that Booth moving toward Brennan will mean she is a rebound. But the truth is Hannah was the rebound from Brennan.

      I liked this episode and I liked the storyline that he proposed and she said “no.” I would have felt that the storyline was contrived had he suddenly realized he loved Brennan and not proposed. And Hannah wasn’t the marrying kind so it also would not have made sense for her to say “yes.”

      Booth and Brennan have not had a real friendship, closeness, etc. since they said goodbye at the airport at the end of season 5. Booth had to move away from the friendship to attempt a real relationship with Hannah. Now that it is over, he will likely go back to using Brennan as his surrogate relationship. I think over the rest of this season we will see their friendship grow again, and perhaps turn into something more.

      • K says:

        I don’t agree about BB not having had a real friendship or closeness since the end of season 5. The last 2 episodes before this last one were definitely charged romantically and their friendship was evident. It was *almost* the way that it used to be, and made me hope that H was over because of that. I don’t get why the writers throw those moments of intimacy in the last 2 episodes and then get to the proposal. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

        I do agree that they’ll go back to being in their surrogate relationship, and enough with the plot contrivances – let it grow!!

    • atn says:

      Alyssa and kstar, I completely agree you!

  26. skylark 66 says:

    Back again, but I am dying to see the ratings NEXT week. lol

  27. Satan says:

    I used to like this show, then it became all about the Sam and Diane schtick and the stealth Prius product placement plugs. Hey “Bones”, stop sucking, would you?

  28. Cass says:

    I thought the episode was great. And I think Booth was fabulous. He is completely understandable, I think. He fell in love with three different women who weren’t “the marrying kind,” so of course he’s ticked, and hurt. Either something is wrong with all of them, or something is wrong with him. I didn’t want him to propose at all, but I understand why he did. He did love Hannah (even though he loves Brennan most–duh) and he just wanted her to finally be “it”, be the one that would be permanent, that wouldn’t reject him (even if his preference for permanence is clearly Bones). He and Brennan will only get closer now. If he had carried a torch for each woman after being rejected, he would be a very sad character indeed, in more way than one. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

    • tvaddict70 says:

      I totally agree with all you said…David’s acting last nite broke my heart but I thought the storyline was well played. Yes we want them together but its a tv show people…they are gonna drag it out as long as they can…..

    • atn says:

      yes! although i don’t view it as “dragging.”

  29. Anjuli says:

    I LOVED Hannah and especially Booth and Hannah together! How could she say no to Booth?! Booth and Brennan don’t have romantic chemistry – they have a really strong friendship and should NEVER end up together but it’ll probably happen at the end of the show. I hope Hannah comes back but I don’t think they’d play that storyline again. :(

    • libra-rian says:

      I am so glad you are a definite minority. Or that your post is out to irk people. Bye Bye and you can go along with Hannah now.

    • Elizabeth says:

      A freakin’ men.

    • Aloyicious says:

      Another one agreeing with you. I’m old enough to remember how badly “Moonlighting” crashed and burned when Dave and Maddie got together. But the bringing the couple together at the end worked good for “scrubs” (too bad they tried to milk it for more – but oh well), and words can not express how po’d I’d have been in Eric and Donna hadn’t ended up back together at the end of “That ’70s Show”. The will they/won’t they thing is what has drawn in so many viewer – as soon as it becomes a “they did” then the tension goes.

  30. bones used to not suck says:

    It’s official. I can’t stomach another episode of the worst season of this show to date. The writers have destroyed the characters. Booth is like a stranger who changes from week to week so drastically it is like he has some sort of severe mental disorder. Goodbye BONES

  31. A says:

    I’ve been waiting for a few years now for this show to get back to what it was like season 1 and 2, there was just something so much better and different about it that made it special. Not to mention Booth and Brennan had a great thing going, I think the loss of Zack in the show really threw things off.

  32. J says:

    What is it with David Boreanaz’s characters never getting any romantic fulfillment? First Angel had to leave Buffy. Then Cordy got taken away from him. Now as Booth he’s been divorced, had no real love for Cam, wanted Bones but she was too blind to see her own love for him, now Hannah’s rejected him, and Bones and he have to “heal their wounds”? You’d think Boreanaz would be getting tired of playing the poor, depressed, rejected sap.

    And bless you Matt for bringing in the successful House and Chuck couples as evidence that this kind of plot manipulation is unnecessary! It is an insult to the fans to drag it out for so long. Either make it a believable evolution or go back to being a procedural drama. But don’t tease us!

  33. Moriah says:

    I don’t think the writers/producers are at all in touch with their audience. There is only so long they can jerk people’s chains in regards to Booth and Brennan before their audience revolts and it seems like they’re at that threshhold.

    They always use the excuse that people will lose interest if they get them together too quickly but really it’s kinda the opposite. Shows drag things out and tease and drag things out some more until it’s built up to the point where people expect so much that nothing they do will live up to peoples expectations. Then they compound that by throwing a bunch of cliche obstacles at the couple, breaking them up and getting them back together. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

    I think these people seriously underestimate their audience. I think they’d be surprised by how many people would be perfectly happy to see Booth and Brennan just together drama free.

  34. jenuzela says:

    Dammit. I had hope until I read this article. Curse you, Stephen Nathan.
    (and no, we didn’t “love to hate” Hannah, we just plain hated her. Her leaving was the good part about tonight’s episode.)

    The whole “be around for a few more years” reads to me like “we can put it off for a few more years,” which quite frankly makes me want to puke. I liked the episode until I read this.

    Thank goodness for Chuck or I might give up on TV couples altogether. Chuck has actually been much BETTER since Chuck and Sarah got together. I wish HH and SN would be brave enough to try.

  35. Trish says:

    I used to love this show. Never missed an episode. But this season I’m dipping in and out and that’s not a good sign. I think there’s plenty to be explored in the Booth/Brennan relationship with them together as a couple. I mean it’s not like Brennan has ever been in a long term relationship with someone she’s emotionally involved with, is it? Room for plenty of storylines in there IMO. But like so many shows it’s a case of the put them together=the beginning of the end attitude from the writers that’s keeping them apart and frankly I’m bored with that lack of imagination now. Take on the challenge I say. But if they’re talking about dragging this out for several more seasons, I’m done. Much as I love the characters and loved the show, I can choose to do other things with my time until they make up their mind. I can buy the necessary DVD box set somewhere down the line when I’m feeling nostalgic… and it’s discounted…

    • goodbyebones says:

      I don’t even feel that sad about not watching anymore. The show I used to love has completely disappeared. Like you say, I might look it up in a few years, but really, I don’t need to be jerked around for another 2-3 years, or however long they think they can drag this out.

  36. lace says:

    I haven’t watched Bones all season and it’s precisely b/c of Hannah! Fans are tired of the will they/won’t they plot device, we want our couple together. The writers just actually have to write and not rely on tension anymore. Other shows are able to do it, and Bones is losing fans b/c they’re afraid to take the risk.

  37. libra-rian says:

    The producer HH was just enamored with the sexy actress, that’s all… The lady “cannot” act… she is beautiful though… I for one never see “any” chemistry between her and any of the Bones cast, including Booth. It is just because she is a beautiful blonde that HH is enamored with. the plot is pitiful but maybe salvageable by a better actress. Even saints make mistakes, HH is no exception.

    • Allyson says:

      KW is really not one of my favorite actresses. Not only did she have any chemistry with the Bones cast, but when she guest starred on House as the girl who had been raped and would only talk to House, her acting was so rigid and stiff–like she was just reading lines off a cue card. I tried to chalk it up to awkward writing then, but after seeing her on Bones, I’m chalking it up to an awkward actress.

  38. Lynn says:

    Uh Hannah IS rebound……The ones saying they want them together will be he same ones in a few months saying “they’re so boring, why’d they put them together” that’s how it ALWAYS works……

  39. libra-rian says:

    Smart writings & great plots make “CHUCK” very watchable after the characters hook up! Bones writers & HH simply are not good enough to make this work – they don’t have confidence in themselves, end of story!

  40. AngelMoonGirl says:

    I’m torn.

    I love that Hannah is gone. I love that Booth got such a well-acted breakdown scene with Brennan.

    But, I hated the way he gave her an ultimatum of sorts. I hated that Hannah’s storyline was, sort of, left open. But what I hate most is that Booth actually proposed! Ugh. Seriously, it makes everything he said to Brennan about her being “the one” a moot point. It makes *Brennan* seem like the rebound; the second choice when we all know it should have been Hannah -.- Why couldn’t he have broken up with Hannah over Brennan? Why just because he was hurt over Hannah’s rejection?

    The writers are going to have to put in a lot of effort to bring back the Booth/Brennan of old. I miss the faith, the trust, and the love they had for each other that has been missing this season. They’ve just been off and I blame Hannah and that contrived love triangle. It’s totally killing my vision of Booth and has made Brennan regress. Good riddance to Hannah, I say!

    • Chrissy says:

      I’m hoping that all that was said in his drunken haze and he realizes sooner rather than later what he wants (and that she wants the same thing…)

  41. libra-rian says:

    And, honestly, I am ticked off by HH & the writers’ self-congratulating tones of thinking they did great for bringing the HH character so smartly and perfectly..oh, see? Hannah & Bones are even friends. If they really think they need to be believable, then WTF are they thinking? success brings jerkiness and blindness…. i love Emily Deschanel & the supporting casts…HH & the writers, not so much any more. It is painful to watch 1st half of SS6…

  42. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Oh and it seems like TPTB are eating their words (again). Weren’t they suggesting the possibility of putting Booth and Brennan together just a few months ago? Liars. Now it’s looking like the same old song and dance- let the UST fester a few more years. Then *maybe* we’ll try. Ughh.
    Anyone catch the preview? Who the heck is Jean Paul? I swear, if they’re thinking of throwing ANOTHER love interest into the show… >:(

    • goodbyebones says:

      They were suggesting it a couple of weeks ago. That’s the speed of the u-turn. They were desperate to keep viewers. I will be fascinated to see the ratings next week. I tell you, if this garbage didn’t have the AI lead-in, they would be looking at a very different rating right now.

  43. camus says:

    -“We didn’t want it to be just a rebound or a relationship that didn’t have weight.”

    Thank God. It really is a lot smarter that Bones will end up looking like a consolation prize.

  44. Kristina says:

    I know I am in the extreme minority, but I liked Hannah. I thought the character paid off nicely. The only thing I didn’t like about her arc was that the writers used her to, once again, resurrect the tired Booth/Brennan “relationship”. *sigh* Face it people, these two characters don’t even understand each other half the time, much less “belong together”. I stopped caring about them getting together a long time ago; soooo over it.

  45. Kim says:

    I am excited about Hannah’s exit and Booth’s new emotional state. It makes his character ooze with emotional tension just waiting to explode (maybe in a confined elevator???) I would have preferred for him to realize he loved Brennen and not even have proposed but this will work too I guess. We can at least get back to the B/B chemistry now and hopefully not extend it out too much longer.

    • tvaddict70 says:

      I agree, cant wait to see where this leads the believer in romance/fate in Booth…..cant wait for elevator episode!

      • MOMMAHURLEY says:

        I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one… remember it’s the same two spin doctors…that are telling us that that one is going to be goood….. HH and SN have no credibility…they just tease and spin everything to sound like something but they can’t deliver the goods.

        This entire season so far has been in their imaginations…nothing that actually appear on screen has matched anthing they’ve said about the show…. Hannah is a top notch award winning reporter…a real professional… a tough no nonsense go get em type… what we got? A Bimbo in a sex suit, delivering unbelieveable lines…like a high school dropout pretending to be a brain surgeon…Brennan and Hannah are BFF’s…really? I saw Hannah swooping in everytime Brennan had anything of value, and swiping it from her, then waltzing off with Brennan’s man with a Mean Girl, Blow up Barbie expression of smugness on her face. This will have a prfound effect on Brennan…other than TDinTP… we saw nothing of the kind. brennan was brennan only the Emilia Bedilia version of Brennan.

        So hype the elevator scene all you want SN and HH but I’ll believe it when I see it…I suspect, unless things really live up to the hype that episode may spell the end of the show’s mediocre ratings, and a plummet out of Fox if they don’t really deliver!

        Your fans are as smart as you are SN and HH…most are college graduates, a good number of them watch because it’s intelligent..and because the science is good and because the relationship between B&B was intelligent and emotionally fulfilling….now it’s kind of crap! more like constipated crap that needs a good laxitive.

        This kind of interview really pisses off the long time fans becuase we all know it’s spin! We all know they can’t be believed…and we all want so much more for this show….but most of us are teetering on the brink of giving up. Now that Hannah is gone, we’re beginning to regain our footing…but a good misstep by SN and HH with a bunch of insencere tease kind of hype will be enough to put a good many of us over the edge.

  46. Georgia says:

    This episode was pitiful, and seriously is the last one I’m watching. HH and SN have had plenty of opportunities to do the right thing and get Booth and Brennan together, and they have muffed every single one of them. I’ve come to realize it is purely conceit on their part. I think that those two bozos think that their audience will watch any far-fetched bull* they put out, and I am done. Having tension last this long is so unrealistic.
    Hannah was often referred to as a speed bump, and that’s how I thought of her. She was totally a rebound with blonde hair and no acting skills at all. If I had to listen to one more of her stilted comments and watch one more of her collection of “expressions” roll across her doughy face I would puke on the TV screen. Thank God she is gone, although I’m sorry the sniper didn’t get her. I am done with Bones. . . I’ve watched since the start, but this season is so lame, it’s almost like I’m leaving nothing.

  47. Ann says:

    I’m more disgruntled and unhappy by the thousands of ways they’re dragging out the “Will they/Won’t they” in Booth and Brennan’s relationship. They’re trying so hard to avoid ‘unrealistic’ that they’ve ended up doing it. Bones is a good show, but they should really take a serious look at how they’re handling this fan-loved relationship in their hands.

  48. Stephanie says:

    What a disapointment! Nothing like taking Brennan from being “the standard” to a rebound girl in no time flat! They took my absolute favorite show and trashed it. What a joke. You can tell the majority of writers on the show must be male. Brennan and Hannah as friends, what a joke. She came off as nothing but a contrivance, and a spoiled brat to boot! Plus, the actress herself was terrible! She looked good, but everytime she opened her mouth, I would cringe. What the he!! kind of dialect is she speaking with anyway?!? Here’s hoping after this stint, she earned enough to afford acting and speech lessions. Good riddance to this storyline. and

  49. Amber says:

    I was 90% sure Booth was going to propose to Hannah before the episode aired and look at that I was right. However, as much as I didn’t want to see that I am really really good with this episode. I must say SN’s comment about have more seasons does sound like they want to stretch out the BB stuff longer. But back to the fact that I laughed, I smiled and cried a bit too for Booth in the end. His ultimatum to Brennan didn’t bother me at all. Oh and shame on you for thinking Brennan is a rebound girl or consolation prize. I am going to say this very clearly, Booth has never ever thought of her that way and never will. If he had hooked up with Brennan at the end of the episode then yes, rebound or consolation prize would be appropriate.

    I liked Hannah and don’t hate her know. Her friendship with Bones got a little unbelievable though. When I say a little I mean a lot. At the end of The Body in the Bag with their drinking scene I was all, “What is she going to replace Booth and then later on confess her undying love for Bones?”

    Moving on, I enjoyed the scenes with Fisher and Hodgins they were quite funny. The case was all right. I was mostly waiting for the proposal scene and the ending scene which was brilliantly acted by the way.

    I look forward to next week.
    *whistles on her way out*

  50. Karen says:

    What are the producers and writers of Bones thinking?!? There is only so much “realistic” obstacles that a will they/won’t they couple can go through before it’s make or break. I know that they are trying to keep it real with the circumstances that may keep the couple apart… but after 5 seasons, it’s really getting ridiculous! You can’t keep playing the obstacles card without it starting to feel “unrealistic” and turn fans off. We feel we are being jerked around. To be honest, I think with all the time that has past between Booth and Brennan, and all the “obstacles”, the tension between the two characters is gone, and starting to feel more like a comradeship instead of a relationship. They are getting more of the brother and sister vibe now and even if they get together NOW, I still think the sexual tension is gone. I believe if they are TOGETHER now… it would be UNREALISTIC. I really hope Castle doesn’t do the same thing, cos their writing team at the moment is doing a great job balancing the will they/won’t and realistic missed timings!

    • MCO says:

      An Interview of Marlowe, sooner this week, seems like they won’t jerk around fans. And Marlowe said : “I think there’s inevitably going to be a point in the show where beyond that point the fans feel like we’re just jerking them around. I don’t think you can get to a season seven or so without doing something because then I think your characters just become brother and sister and the romantic tension goes away. You can’t sustain it that long.
      I believe there’s storytelling on the other side of it, you know? That when people are in a relationship it can be just as difficult, it can be just as complex, there can be just as much banter and there can be just as much rooting for people. ”

      In this, I also read a “In your Face Bones”, unsaid !

      • Karen says:

        I read that article too and I totally feel that Castle writers knows what is happening with Bones and do not want that to happen with Castle.

        • Sharon says:

          Truth – Castle and other shows, are indeed learning from the mistakes made by Bones. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Bones and all I watch on TV are Bones and Castle, but have mercy, enough already – get B and B together by the end of this season. There are tons of creative writing possibilities with having them as a couple. With great plot lines, the most gorgeous couple on TV, brilliant writers .. if the Bones folks does this right, it will be the best show ever and the BEST love story ever written for tv. Please, no more Hannah.

          • Alyssa says:

            I know! Getting B&B together could open a lot of doors. I mean both their lives are somewhat dangerous… you could have various twists on that that bring them closer together.