Scoop on Smallville's 'Unbelievable' Return and the Super Finale To Come

Of course the Smallville series finale will be 31 flavors of super, but will it actually be supersized? And what sort of unbelievably romantic moment can “Clois” fans look forward to?

An epic two-hour affair would seem to be fitting for a show wrapping a 10-year run — and in fact that is “a possibility,” executive producer Brian Peterson tells TVLine. “We’d love that, and it feels like the right way to end.”

At this early stage, however — the midseason premiere arrives Friday, January 28 — “We don’t know yet,” says exec producer Kelly Souders. But whatever The CW decides, “The beauty is that the last two episodes go hand-in-hand,” she notes, “so no matter what happens, it will be an event.”

And the title of said finale event? Is it safe to say that, in keeping with the show’s one-word nomenclature and Clark reaching his destiny, “Superman” will be the name of the game-ending game?

“That is not safe to say,” Souders reports. “We were actually just talking about it [on Friday], and we still don’t have a title. And literally, with the amount of stuff we have to lock down for that episode, the title is the least of our problems.

“It might be a no-brainer [such as “Superman”], but I”m not sure,” Souders allows. (As Peterson acknowledges, bestowing the finale with such a potent and important title is “a whole much bigger discussion.”)

Smallville First Look: Chloe Returns To Oliver… And Black Canary?

The immediately good news is that while rumors are swirling that a Clark/Lois wedding may take place before the series flies away for good, fans of the supercouple to end all supercouples won’t have to wait four months for out-of-this-world romance.

Rather, “You will see an unbelievable Clark/Lois scene in the first episode back [airing January 28],” Peterson promises. “It is an unbelievable Clark/Lois scene.”

Fox Has Big Plans For Smallville‘s Lex Luthor

So… who’s ready for January 28? And if “Superman” isn’t the finale’s title, what would you suggest?

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  1. Troy says:

    Awesome can’t wait! UNBELIEVABLE Clark & Lois scene huh, oh man the comic nerd me has so many scenarios but lets see what they give us. Jan 28th can’t come fast enough!

    • Jerry Jordon says:

      I keep wondering what happened to that Superman suit that Martha Kent had made for Clark. Will he finally wear it for the finale? If so, maybe the title should reflect that, with a title like: “If The Suit Fits, Wear It!”

      • bekah says:

        The superman suit was trapped in the fortress by Jor-El. They showed it a couple of times-shortly-during some of the newer episodes.

  2. VOndrak says:

    Can’t wait for Lois & Clark’s return

  3. minipin fan says:

    Cannot wait for Jan 28th. Super Clois moment.
    I am sure the end with great and then again sad.

  4. Xander says:

    They could name the finale MAN OF STEEL. We were discussing this very topic over at our comic boards and we came up with some pretty clever names other than Superman, Man of Steel was mine. HA. Clark and Lois have been pretty kick ass this season so cant wait to see these two flesh out into their iconic roles. As for the unbelievable scene its definitely gonna be something iconic to Clark and Lois in my books, flying? heartbeat? I thought the show is coming back in Feb or something but Jan 28 sounds good. Thanks for the scoop.

    • Cassey says:

      Smallville only uses one word titles.

      • Xander says:

        Well they did Absolute Justice in S9, so we went along the lines that for this BIG FINALE for the series they would do it.

        • Emily says:

          That episode was a two hour event, so two words was okay there. As for the finale title, it must be Superman, only fitting, but if not could be Metropolis- a good lead in to a possible spin-off or tv movie that you guys are hinting about (no spin-of please, just a tv movie will be enough)

          • andrew says:

            actually Absolute Justice is really titled “Society” & “Legend”
            CW just marketed it as Absolute Justice to give it more of a movie feel, so the 1 word titles have not changed

        • Joe E Dangerously says:

          Absolute Justice was not the title of the episode. It is in fact two episodes edited together. One aired immediately after the other with no second opening. The episodes were called “Society” and “Legends.”

          So, no. There was never a two-word title.

          -Joe E Dangerously

      • Sara says:

        I was also thinking “Smallville”. It just seems to wrap everything up in one word. Almost like saying ‘Hey, this is where it all started and now we have come to an end’ I do also like Superman though, but I heard that for legal reasons they can’t use that term because of some quarrel with DC comics. Who knows though what’s really going on or going to happen. I am truly going to miss Smallville when it’s all said and done and I’m sure everyone has high expectations for such an intense show’s series finale. Lately the episodes have left me saying OMG over and over again so that’s good. To the cast and crew: Thank you for creating something truly amazing and good luck with your future endeavors!!..sincerely, a fan :)

  5. Mary says:

    I love that you choose to use the picture of Clark in the glasses from Homecoming,Matt. That is such a great shot. Tom Welling is such an amazing Clark Kent. I’m sorry…but whoever plays this character next has huge shoes to fill. And don’t even get me started on Erica Durance. She is the the best live action version of Lois Lane ever. Tom and Erica are the best Clark and Lois. I will be in mourning when this show is over.

    I hope the finale is called “Superman.” It seems only fitting, right? I hope that the series ends a little bit like Geoff Johns “Secret Origins” with the final 3 frames of Lex assuming his place at LexCorp, Lois standing on top of the DP looking up in the sky and the last shot of Clark flying up basking in theglorious sunlight. That’s my dream ending shot.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Thank you for saying that — just ask Eric from IGN sitting near me today, I labored to grab just the right pic, for like 20 minutes!

    • Xander says:

      Hey Mary, brilliant post. This is exactly how I’d like to see the last couple of scenes to end the finale, that’d be EPIC. As for the Homecoming pic with Tom in the glasses, great choice. ITA with the sentiments of Tom and Erica as the best Clark and Lois, they’ve definitely enamored me this season and brought me back to Smallville to watch the final season.

    • kelly says:

      I can’t wait for Smallville to start again. I’m so excited. I don’t think anyone can fill the shoes of Tom and Erica and anyone else who is a regular. It’ll be a challange. I hope for some more Clois and More Lois. I love her <3

  6. JAVIER says:



  7. Jerry says:

    What about Jimmy Olsen you know Superman best friend and how are they going to get married? When everyone knows that Lois falls in love with Superman and Clark gose thru the torment of wondering if he tells her that he’s Superman that she would only be in love with Superman and not Clark Kent!

    • Michelle says:

      Have you been watching the show? They are ready did that Lois/Clark/Blur triangle thing. And now Lois KNOWS that Clark is the Blur. Old news.

    • Hopeisgone says:

      oh no, God Forbid we DARE to say that lois fell in love with superman and she was with Clark, becuase what a BUMMER that he is superman!

      these producers and those who worship lois lane yield this poor show to their crazy fantasies,,,, they can give you TONS of reasons but they dont know how empty and ridiculous they are…

      SV lois lane is treading on the fine line between the sweetness of Lana Lang and her true love for Clark and the interpid reporter that is Chloe Sullivan!

      she is a faceless woman who stole from both women and added to her the name lois lane only because of the comics!

      • Jason says:

        What in the bloody hell are you talking about? All I gotta say is LOL.

      • K says:

        actually if you think about it, Chloe was originally made up of facets of the original Lois lane and Lana Lang from the comics. If you wanna say unoriginal/faceless it’d be Chloe Sullivan. They went for original with her, failed miserably and now they’ve just turned her into Watchtower which is a thinly veiled substitute for Oracle, which is Barbara Gordon from the comics. Now there’s a rumor Chloe will become Anna Fortune, which is yet another comics character but obviously lesser known. Seems like TPTB really suck with their “original” character, huh?

  8. Miriam says:

    This season has been pretty great so far, and can’t wait for the 1/28 return!

    As for the finale, I think it should just be called “Super” without the “man.”

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Ha, that is what I told Kelly when she seemed bearish on “Superman” happening: “How about just ‘Super!'”?

      • mgb says:

        “Super” is exactly what I was thinking. I’m afraid I’ll need a close-up of Tom in the tights though. No fleeting glimpse as he flies away will do after ten years of waiting.

  9. Ingmar says:

    It may be silly, but I’d like the series finale to be called just simply ‘ Smallville ‘. Sounds simple and cheesy but something inside of me just feels that makes sense. The show has been set in Smallville for 10 years. Lois calls Clark Smallville, and to call the finaly ‘Superman’ would be weird somehow. This show is pre-superman time. We spend 10 years with the boy Clark named Smallville in a little city named Smallville. It only makes sense to name the finale to that and not to superman. But honestly I just want Chloe in the finale!

  10. lily says:

    OMGGG I can’t wait to see the unbelievable moment between clois also i hope The cw give them the chance to end the show in a kick ass way 2 hour series finale i would love to see that the last episode will be called Superman or Man of Steel with a clois wedding on it epic season 10 can’t wait for january 28.

  11. Turtle says:

    An “Unbelievable” Clark/Lois moment?? This is supposed to be a Superman show, not some Twilight teen romance.

    • ZmaXcharmvill3 says:

      The relationship of Lois/Clark is a HUGE part of the Entire Superman Mythology, if you don’t know that, then you really should pick up a comic and read.

      Comparing Lois/Clark’s iconic relationship, (which spans over 70 years from comics, to radio, TV & Movies) to anything from Twilight is a disgrace.

  12. mcvs2104 says:

    I am excited for Lois & Clark 2nd half of the season and the unbelievable moment on Jan 28th.

    As for the series finale title Superman is a good one. If we have the Secret Origins ending then maybe Destiny

    Thanks for the scoop Matt.

  13. Sparky says:

    What about Michael Rosenbaum – he absolutely has to come back before the show ends; do we have any indications whether he will be back or not??


      Read the related link above to “Fox Has Big Plans For Smallville’s Lex Luthor,” as well as last week’s Ask Ausiello column (link on right of page).

  14. Isabella says:

    They called an episode Supergirl and they wouldn’t call the finale Superman?? This would be beyond moronic. Could we have ONE episode not about everyone being super but Clark? This will be the last episode producers; and you won’t have to bother with Clark ever again. Make an effort to keep the super to Superman FOR ONCE.

    • Erika says:

      Amen!! I totally understand that this is the pre-Superman phase, but we’ve had YEARS of everyone but Clark being super. It’s time to make it happen!! Clark is Superman!

  15. Isabella says:

    If the producers don’t believe that Superman is fitting for a final episode in a Clark Kent series, then I suggest “The final insult” as the title.

  16. David says:

    I like “Destiny.”

  17. Meagan says:

    Finale titles (possibly with hints of the content we’d love to see):

  18. Michael Sacal says:

    Man of Steel

    Last Son

    Man From Tomorrow

  19. Michael Sacal says:

    How about “Metropolis”?

  20. sunset says:

    Thanks for the scoop, Matt! And thank you for spending 20 min.(lol) looking for the right picture to go with your article!

    I vote for ‘Superman’ too. If not for the one-word title, I’d suggest ‘Look! Up in the sky!’

    I’ve been missing my supercouple and can’t wait for this promised unbelievable Clois scene! But I’m sure every scene with ED and TW will be amazing (hey, I’m biased; I think they’re the best Lois & Clark!)

  21. RaWeezy says:

    Can’t wait for the show to start backup,i vote for “Superman” as the finale title,it just seems right.ive really enjoyed watching Smallville for the last 10 years and ill probably shed a tear when its all said and done. if i could hope for just 1 thing for the finale,it would be to see Michael Rosenbaum back as Lex Luthor!!

  22. disgraceful says:

    Totally agree. Brian and Kelly’s notorious disrespect for Superman and Clark Kent and his fans, who have supported the show for 10 f’n years, is disgusting. They’ll probably name the last episode after the villain, or Lois, or random Justice Leaguer, because God forbid they pay respect to Superman in the last episode ever.

  23. Elsa says:

    I love that picture! Thanks for the latest news on Smallville.

    I wonder if there are legal issues with using the name “Superman”. The lawsuit between DC and the creator’s heirs is dragging on. If this is the reason, the producers need to be honest and upfront about it. Unless they are legally barred from using the name, there is no acceptable reason to use anything else but Superman as the title of the last episode.

    Unless … Clark gets named Superman before the final episode, and the title of that episode is “Superman”!

    • Chris says:

      They’ve used the “Superman” name in the past, as recently as “Homecoming” where Clark sees his future at the Daily Planet. They use the “S” shield, have shown the suit from “Superman Returns”, and a bunch of other stuff so I don’t think there is any problem using the name Superman again when the time comes.

  24. Rob J. says:

    My suggestions:

  25. brynna says:

    I’m still in total denial about Smallville ending. I’m hoping against all hopes that your blind item is about it. It’s been around for so much of my life, I don’t want to see it go!

  26. eliza says:

    Matt Thanks so much for the article about Smallville and Clois. I love ED and TW’s portrayal of Lois and Clark. No one will ever be able to take their place. Their chemistry is just off the charts!!!
    They are both sexy ,gorgeous and believable in their roles. I’ve waited since season 4 for Clois and haven’t been disappointed. I think that they should name the last episode Metropolis or Destiny.

  27. Susie says:

    I think “Superman” should be the title of the episode just BEFORE. As for the final episode… Hmmm, I think it could be entitled “DESTINY”

  28. Sterling says:

    “Up in the Sky”

  29. lia says:

    Unbeliavable would be choosing to name the finale anything other than “Superman”.

  30. Hopeisgone says:

    hey how about to call it, loisville: the days of how Clark is worthy of lois?

    what about forget that the show WAS about Clark kent, and how he EMBRACES the more SERIOUS destiny… hmmmm… what would that be? I dont know,,, MAYBE going to train to HOPEFULLY become superman, though he proved to NOT worth the title!!!

    what is is Souders,,, cant you even hide your SERIOUS BIG crush on Erica Durance… which MILLIONS of ppl think that she is the WORST CURSE that could happen to the show? seriouisly,,, your infatuation is SICK that I cant believe ppl find whatever crap you pull on them is GREAT!

    one comment here said that they cant wait for the return of lois and Clark… and the truth shall set you free! it is about LOIS, LOIS, LOIS THEN CLOIS and MAYBE just maybe about Clark Kent!

    the show has turned into one BIG WISH LIST of ERICA DURANCE that Peterson and Souders are trying to fullfill since she is NOT known in ANY OTHER place but Smallville,,, the show that has STEPPED BACK GLADLY to have her shine when all the REAL stars left the show! and we know what “potential” she has after this show is DEAD and gone forever!

    ERICA DURANCE IS PATHETIC, the WORST lois LANE ever,,, it is not only bad that lois lane is a LOSER character, but ED made her the more STUPID, SLUT and ridiculous!

    WOW, shocker, Ms Kelly-ERICA DURANCE-worshipper…. there are ppl out there who think ED’s lois lane is the WORST person and ED is NOT even doing anything to save this pathetic character!

    hope you are enjoying what Christmas brought you this year Erica Durance, because I dont think it will be TOO generous to you later on!!!!

    • Jo says:

      Wow. Bitter much? Delusional Kristin Kreuk fanatic? Mega delusional Allison Mack worshipper? Time to get out of your gloomy basement and stop breathing in the Lana/Chloe stale air.

      • Hopeisgone says:

        oh so now I get it, since I dont worship your whore, I am a Lana and Kristin Kreuk fan? it is either that or I am not a true fan?

        doesnt your comment show who is BITTER,,, it seems you cant get LANA AND KRISTIN KREUK out of YOUR mind!

        guess what , I have watched since PILOT… I never knew the comics of the superman but the few comics here and there, Smallville the earlier seasons humanized him, no matter who was his romance at that time!

        it does not have to do with Lana, CLANA or their fans! I have been around since 2001 and I have seen how BIG potential the show was because it was different than all other media that represented Clark Kent or superman!

        the show sustained EIGHT YEARS before it fell for the trap of the comics, when it surrendered to some parts of the comics, it couldnt last TWO YEARS…. that should tell you that ppl only watched Smallville because it was different!

        Erica Durance rode the waves of success only because she personfied the name of lois lane, a name that has been thrown in the mix for years in the comics and that is what all you have got to!

        whenever someone goes against lois lane in this show, all you have to say “but she is in the comics”

        that is what is it to you and to ED and to the producers and that is the ONLY reason that she is in a show where she does not belong to whatsoever!

        • Jason says:

          Your comments mean nothing when you have to resort to using derogatory terms. Speak for yourself please because I for one to do not agree with anything you’ve said, and you’re just making up baseless stuff that makes no sense what so ever. Cheers!

    • K says:

      You do realize Erica is an actress who uses the scripts writers give her, and that it’s a television show, right? For your sake, I hope you do

  31. Muffy says:

    Please don’t let it be a kid! I still say WTF when in SR, Clark learns HE IS THE FATHER! Hell, that whole film is WTF? lol

    I cannot think of anything. Clark gives her the bracelet from “Skinwalker”? They already had sex, got engaged, so what can it be?

  32. WHO CARES says:

    another clois moment,i’m shocked(eye roll)these showrunners/some fans act like if theres no lois lane there will be no Superman(Pathetic) and Muffy u may be on to something for as the bracelet goes,seeing that the showrunners have wasted dc characters on force feeding(pimping)clois this season,the only thing left is the bracelet or Shelby… 10 yrs wasted so i can see clark kent become lois lane do boy..GREAT!!

    • Dominique says:

      Really? You’re surprised that there’s a major Clois scene coming up? Really, on a show that’s all about Clark embracing his destiny and ultimately becoming the Man of Steel, you’re surprised he has an unbelievable scene coming up with the one person who is and always will be the best and biggest part of his life?

      You can’t say “Clark” without “Lois”, they’re connected to each other, and if you’re bothered by the many Clois scenes this season, then maybe you should stop watching the show, cause Lois belongs in Clark’s life.

    • Jo says:

      Lois Lane is synonymous with Clark Kent and Superman. Always has been, always will be. Deal with it.

      • Hopeisgone says:

        is that all you can come up with? that she is in the comics? does that justify the curse she brought to the show?

        the TRUE Smallville fans viewed because it hadnt had her to “pollute” the show,,, it was different and it was going GREAT AND FINE!

        lois is not synonymous with his name,,, believe it or not the comics are about CLARK KENT, SUPERMAN and his life in the earth planet, even I, a non-comic freak, know about that!

        but all you have got for you to reason with other posts is that lois lane is in the comics, deal with it…

        just because she has got the name, it does not mean she is right, and the biggest proof is Smallville,,,, she is the worst that can happen to any person,,,,

        the show sustained without her being the front and center for eight years and look after she became the center, in season 9, how did the show sustain after that? yeah right, only for TWO YEARS TOPS! that should tell you somethingand worse yet, since season 9, the beginning of her era, it moved to friday nights because its ratings were not enough to maintain it on the premiere nights!

        Erica Durance is riding on the success that the OTHER former stars in the show did to maintain the show and make it a big hit! if it was dependent on her and the character of lois lane, it wouldnt have survived all these years just like the former show “The Adventures of Lois and Clark” starring Terri Hatcher and Dean Cain…. another show that the Clark and lois in this show are trying to redo!

        you deal with the fact that not all of the people are wearing the lois blinders ! some of us are not pulled by their ears to accept what crap is thrown their way!

        • Nina says:

          Then don’t watch. If it bugs you so much, don’t watch. It’s as simple as that.

          Thanks for the great article Matt. I am looking forward to the second half of the season

        • Jason says:

          Who put you in charge for all the true Smallville fans, I’ve been a Smallville fan since the pilot and have enjoyed all the seasons. Speak for yourself please. Thanks.

        • K says:

          “she is the worst that can happen to any person,,,,”

          LOLOL you’re nuts.

  33. Jason says:

    Names for the finale: Well Man of Tomorrow sounds cool. I’m also on board with Superman Begins. Can’t wait for Smallville to return. Cheers!

  34. Mikey M says:

    Thank god Chloe is back. She was seriously missed.
    Hope we get to see Tom in the Superman suit and I am really hoping Lex comes back for a couple of episodes.

  35. Scott says:

    Brian and Kelly have done a great job with Smallville and for those who say otherwise need to watch a different program. There is a group of small minded people who get angry anytime a character outside of Clark gets there own story arc and then turn around and complain about Clark.Erica Durnance and Allison Mack have given us great characters and Chloe is one of the greatest things Smallville has given us. It’s impossible to please these some people. These people need to use what little brain cells they have left and change the channel.

  36. WHO CARES says:

    if these guys change the channel there will be no one left… after all the rating/demos aren’t scream must SEE!!

  37. Jen says:

    “It is an unbelievable Clark/Lois scene.”

    Unbelievable? Yeah, okay. I think Clark/Lois is unbelievably stupid and totally unbelievably unromantic and they actually turn my stomach unbelievably, so…

  38. Ty says:

    If the finale is not Superman then how about “Silver Age” since fate told Clark he will usher in a Silver Age of Heroes when he becomes Superman

  39. Jen says:

    In reply to some of the comments posted here:

    First of all, if people want to criticize this show or any other show they have the right. To say that people simply shouldn’t watch the show is, in my opinion, ridiculous. Why should I, or anyone else, ignore such shoddy writing as Smallville viewers suffer from? A lot of SV viewers probably don’t even realize the show is so bad, because they watch little else, and it’s a show about Superman, so it must be super, right? Wrong! The show is horribly written, and horribly acted since Michael Rosenbaum made his escape. We, the TV viewers who know a little about quality TV, have a right to point out the execrable writing and acting on Smallville. We’re performing a public service.

    Secondly, I agree that Clark and Lois are meant for each other, but not because they’re ‘so romantic’, but because they’re both so monumentally stupid that no one else could put up with them. They’re both about as sexy as a lump of lead, and my cat and dog have more chemistry with each other.

    When Smallville finally finishes its run this spring — 9 years too late, IMO — the quality of TV in general will go up. Thank you, producers of SV. You finally made a wise decision.

    All this is my opinion, and I’m as entitled to my opinion as anyone else here.

  40. Badgone82 says:

    Do every clana fan knows That without mythos, there is no Clark Kent, no lois, no lana no smallville?
    Clana fans saying they didn’t Know that when they watched Pilot Clark kent was Superman young version, that he was an alien, etc… What a lie!
    Since pilot i knew that lex will become Clark biggest ennemy, that Clark will become reporter at the DP, that he will become metropolis savior,
    since pilot i knew that lana will break up with withney Because it was written she was Clark first love, and since crusade i knew that lois will be Clark partner at the planet, and i also knew it was Clark soulmate, and futur wife

    and you know what everything i said happened,
    lana broke-up with withney, became Clark first love
    lex became Clark biggest ennemy
    Clark became reporter at the planet, and Métropolis savior
    lois became reporter at the planet and clark’s wife!
    I didn’t predict futur, i just know my classics,
    and lois&clark are without a doubt the most famous DC couple
    deal with that

    • Hopeisgone says:

      wow maybe I should applause to you??????????????????????

      we are not ignorant as you sound to be,,, we KNOW the mythos, we KNOW that Lana will not end up with Clark, but that was NOT what Smallville was about….

      the name ITSELF should be ENOUGH for you to understand that it is about the days BEFORE he met the pathetic excuse that is lois lane! more than so,,,, the lovestory intorduced by Clark and Lana brought a FRESH air to the BORING mythos that have DIED before the introduction of this show….

      many more media introduced the same boring story that it became redundant, Smallville WAS a “unique” intake of the “untold” story, the story that no one knows before the introduction of Smallville and guess what, it was more beautiful than the old crap that have been going on for 70 years! it even brought a huge possibility that the mythos might change for something better, unique, original and unforgettable!

      you cant seem to deal with the fact that Lana has harbored through her EIGHT years in the show more than the pathetic lois lame did in the seventy years in the comics!

      you suck it up for or DEAL with this fact,,, the CLANA fans are a VERY large society on the net ALONE. on TV, it is a FACT that CLANA sustained EIGHT years while the crap that is going on is finally coming to an end after TWO years of bringing lois to the front after all the real stars left the show, two years, she couldnt save her butt but in TWO years THANK GOD!
      the show was unique until it took a sharp blow and will finally go in the drain! THANK GOD!

      you are among those who accept what life throws them just because you already know the result, no need to change, no need to imporve, just stay until it gets fossilized! sheeesh!

      • Badgone82 says:

        You really made me laugh!!!!
        More please
        clana new story???
        Wake-up they stole iconic clois moments In DC to give them clana in SV
        like lex/lois/Clark triangle, time travel, dp rooftop kiss…
        If clana was fresh and all new why did they take clois moments, they can’t have enough imaginations?
        Lois&clark 19millions viewers in the 90′ so does That mean we are more important than clana fans
        on the web clois win 90% of the polls against clana
        dc comics books with clois are sold by billions all over the world
        and again, clark Kent deserve better than lana
        kill kidnapp betray cheat stoling 10m$ etc….
        True Clark fan will never allow Superman to ends with such a woman
        Personally my favorite clana episode was persona
        and when you see luthor in season 10 waoh!
        Big différence between clana and clois
        one woman can made out with bizarro a full month and say she never loved someone more than this fake,
        the other only looks in Clark eyes and knew it wasn’t luthor
        being Clark soulmate doesn’t mean sweet kiss, but being present when he needed her and knowing him,
        which clearly lois did in luthor and lana didn’t in persona

        deal with it
        all Superman series ends with clois asks teri and erica
        or Dean or Tom
        clois all the way

    • WHO CARES says:

      Really,u are going with this 70yr old story to justify the big yawn,until u can tell me something new about clois other than what everyone already knows then ASAP me at… Neverland!!

      • Badgone83 says:

        If i ask U Spiderman girlfriend, you Will answer Marie-Jane
        if i ask you superman girlfriend you will say lois lane, it’s not what i want or what you want but they are both famous couple, why?? How?? We don’t care it’s written, and Because it’s written we had the luck to Watch smallville for 10 ten season
        so yes i must always remenber thanks to who and why we had smallville
        BTW it’s the best lois and Clark story he met her at 17 fell in love with her at 21 understood his feelings at 22
        7 years to build this relationship when clana had 7 years of i-love-you-but-i-break-up
        you will tell me she was Clark true love in smallville
        i will answer she was withney true love in SV
        she was Jason true love in SV
        she was lex true love in SV
        she was bizzarro true love in SV
        don’t speak of Adam etc….
        Lana kidnapped Lionel fake her death to send lex in jail stole 10m$ tortured lionel, lied to Clark
        she let this woman die ( talk about it in persona saying that bizzaro was ok with her)
        she killed 3 persons in 7 years which is too much
        but it’s the sweet kristen who’s acting so we don’t care about those murders as long as clana have a happy-ending, right?
        Sorry but no thanks
        how can you even forgive lana for reckoning kara and persona?
        For what she did to Clark in Oracle lex and Lionel
        for jonathan
        as sweet as she is, it’s mission impossible for us
        stop blaming ratings because from season 2 to season 7 it did 9.2 million to 3.6
        from season 7 to 10 it is 3.6 to 2.7
        on friday night beating Supernatural by 700 000 viewers!!
        So if you try to go on ratings facts will Agree with me

        • LexFan95 says:

          Respectfully, Badgone83, would you please observe some netiquette and use a) spellcheck and b) reasonable sentence structure?

          Your comment is almost unreadable.

  41. Badgone82 says:

    And for SV quality in my top5 épisodes of the séries there is
    1) homecoming
    5) absolute justice

    with salvation and Homecoming as best Clark centric episodes.

    Identity is also a good Clark episode, in the top 10
    so saying smallville is doing bad since season 8 is a joke!
    Clark begin to become who he is since S8!

  42. susan says:

    This final season started out promising but has since fizzled with so many plot holes and some episodes in which almost nothing happened. Add to the fact that Clark still isn’t flying and the showrunners won’t admit that they are contractually prohibited from having Clark really fly until the last episode. The final verdict on this series will be one that was somewhat entertaining at times but really just teased and stalled fans on plot payoff for almost ten years. Which is really puzzling since it’s almost as thought the showrunners didn’t want to have better ratings. True Superman fans never embraced a show where everyone flew before Clark.

  43. Maureen says:


  44. William says:

    How about, “finale” ?

  45. Zod says:

    Despite a good season last year season 10 has been completely rubbish. Expect the remaining episodes to be more of Clark unable to do anything unless that annoyance known as Lois is holding his hand. Thank god this show is ending

    • Badgone82 says:

      You Know in 3 years with lois by his side he changed
      he found a Job with lois help, he changed his way of dress with lois advice, he became Métropolis savior thanks to lois articles at the planèt
      i remenber him in the past years especially in s6 and s7
      and i do prefer Clark now!!
      Don’t worry when smallville ends, Superman movie will be there soon 2012!

  46. Maz says:

    please don’t hate me for referring to the old series of ‘the new adventures of superman’ with teri hatcher and dean cain, but if you all remember the ‘big’thing at the end of that show was whether or not they would be able to have kids. which they weren’t able to, but in the last scenes they ended up with a baby (which i think kinda ruined it).

    i’ve never red the superman comics, so i don’t know if they had kids in those either, but smallville has done pretty much everything else, now with the wedding/superman revealing/luthors back etc all that’s kinda left is a baby superman.

  47. don says:

    i love all the clois stuff i just think they are going to kill the clois for tess but i hope i am wrong but i think at the end of the january eps i think tess will be knocked up by clark luther i think she slept’d with clark luther because in a eps called scion will be about superboy but with a twist i just see it happen’n but i realy hope i am wrong i just don’t think the tptb will help there selfs.and on a side note in luther when clark luther told tess give me the box or i will kill you he had on a differnt clothes then he had on when he come back from the alt world and tess had on shoes when he said he will kill her and when he comes back she has no shoes on and kelly sounders said one releship will change for ever i just realy realy hope i am wrong but al septien said his eps he is doing that is scoin has alot of groth so i don’t know but be ready to be let down if you are a clois fan like me.

  48. dim star.. says:

    no Chlark anymore, not a very well written story!!!!!!!!

  49. mickupo33 says:

    If they plan on sticking with the one word titles, I think the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the last episode being “Superman”… but i think simply calling it “Tomorrow” would be a excellent fit too, especially if the last scene is of Clark finally donning the costume. It signals the end of the show and of Clark’s adventures as the “Blur”, but it also signals a new day moving forward as Superman, and that his legend as Earth’s greatest superhero is just beginning.

  50. Jen says:

    Since they’re looking for one word titles for the last episode, how about ‘Puke’? I can think of some others, but they’re unprintable.

    Also? The so-called love stories between Clark and Lana and Clark and Lois are both utterly boring and I can’t think of anything that could be referred to as ‘beautiful’.