Glee Scoop On Sue's New Direction, Plus 9 Romance Updates!

Glee stars have been singing… like canaries, sharing bits of intel about what’s to come when the Fox hit resumes its sophomore season on Sunday, February 6, with a special aprés-Super Bowl outing.

To cite one provocative example: Jane Lynch revealed on Wednesday that in an upcoming episode, Sue Sylvester will join New Directions for a bit, partaking in a performance number set to a song by My Chemical Romance, and featuring Lea Michele and others.

Of course, the word on many a Glee fan’s lips as of late is “Bieber,” as in Justin. The luminous Dianna Agron gave TVLine the inside line on how the teen crooner figures into the Valentine’s Day-themed episode airing February 15.

As we previously told you, The Beebs’ influence is felt when Sam gets it in his head that channeling the lad — bowl cut-meets-mop hairstyle and all — will appeal to Quinn. “But does it? That’s the question,” Dianna teased.

Assessing Sam’s misguided notions, Agron says, “I liken him to a golden retriever puppy. He is sweet, he can be a little dopey — in a lovable way — and sometimes his thoughts aren’t fully cooked.”

All told, “The episode stirs up some problems with them,” the actress revealed.

If Quinn’s wholesome relationship with Sam does peter out, there’s a mob of “Quick” fans hoping to see their girl reignite with babydaddy Puck. Alas, neither Agron nor Mark Salling can offers those ‘shippers much hope. Although she feels that fan base’s pain, Dianna reported, “There’s nothing [planned] right now. Nothing.” Likewise, Mark told me, “It might be a while for that.” (Instead, as scooped in Ask Ausiello, Puck is due for a hook-up with New Directions newbie Lauren.)

To hear Cory Monteith tell it — OK, speculate it — Finn might find himself having (re-)designs on Quinn, especially now that he and Rachel are on the skids. Though Cory claims to have “no idea” what’s to come for Finn and Rachel, he suspects “it’s always going to be back-and-forth between Rachel and Quinn.”

As for McKinley High’s other romances:

* Matthew Morrison is “really looking forward” to Gwyneth Paltrow’s announced encore as Holly Holiday, this time resurfacing as a sex ed teacher (“We’ll see what that entails,” Matt smiled). Might a date or two with Holly rouse Emma’s feelings for Will? Oh yeah. “She’s done enough of making me jealous [with John Stamos’ Carl], that I am looking forward to making her a little jealous now,” Morrison says.

* Will’s ex-wife also stands to lose with Gwyn’s return, hammering yet another nail into that crumbled marriage’s coffin and leaving Terri with zero other options. “Going up against an Oscar winner is so unfair!” Jessalyn Gilsig faux-laments. “Give a girl a chance!”

* Harry Shum Jr. says that Mike (aka Other Asian) and Tina are “going good, though there are some ups and downs — ‘Asian romance obstacles’ — that are fun to explore.” Interestingly, Harry teases that while Tina/Mike may come across as a purely physical relationship, “You soon will see that it’s not entirely like that.”

* “So far, so good” is how Kevin McHale sums up things with Artie and Brittany, one of MHS’ most unlikely hook-ups. “Right now, everybody’s happy,” Kevin says. “When he was with Tina it was super-hardcore drama, so it’s fun to play this while we can.”

* Though Naya Rivera has nothing to tease about Santana and Brittany, her sometimes Sapphic sister, she was game to speculate on what lies beneath Santana’s Cheerios uniform, especially since an upcoming storyline might require her to strip down to her unmentionables: “I’m thinking red, and I’m thinking lace.” And I’m thinking that’s a fine note to leave off on!

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  1. Anna says:

    Ugh, it makes no sense for Finn to go back to Quinn. She did the same thing as Rachel, only WORSE. What is Murphy smoking? Jesus effing Christ these writers are DUMB.

    • Becca says:

      I don’t mean to be rude, but technically, what Quinn did was practically equal to what Rachel did. Yes, Quinn did cheat on Finn in the most drastic of ways, but she didn’t do it out of spite, did she? She didn’t cheat with Puck to make Finn feel bad. Just saying!

      • Billie says:

        So Rachel kissing Puck after she found out Finn had lied to her for months is EQUAL to Quinn having SEX with Puck when Finn had done nothing but be a good boyfriend to her (at that point), getting pregnant and making Finn think he was going to be a father at 16 while making him financially support her and verbally abusing him all the while?

        Can I have some of what you’re smoking? o_O

        • Sam says:

          I think people need to think about this in a bigger way.
          I notice this-when both quinn AND rachel cheated on finn with puck it seemed that self-esteem issues had a lot to do with it. The fact that quinn got turned on by being told she wasn’t fat said a lot. Why wasn’t Finn enough to quell those fears? By that time he was probably immersed in glee club and rachel. With Rachel-Finn having sex with Santana is a huge blow to her already low self esteem and from what i can tell finn didn’t do much to make her feel better about it. he actually made her feel bad for being mad.
          and then puck comes in. he gives the girls a few compliments, pays attention to them, and bam they cheat.
          i’m not saying it’s Finn’s fault but i just noticed that and think it’s interesting.

          • gillen says:

            i think its a big time unfair for rachel to be played even with quinn. i think the only reason why this plot stirs the opposite current is because rachel is the strong willed of the two. and having her doing the wrong decisions is not her character. while quinn’s known to be all perfect outside but broken inside. thus the clash on rachel. Murphy’s story line should do some explaining cause majority of the fans are having a hard time explaining to the anti gleeks how the situation even plausible. i mean if the show wants to project real teen angst, then the situation apply (yeah teenage life is full of crap) but the viewers wants to feel that the underdogs are someone to look up to. and rachel being put down isn’t the right move. after all rachel is the one who’s been trying to make amends. whil quinn didnt even say one sorry and he hurt the whole group (so sad murphy didnt see or ignors to see this point).

  2. Trish says:

    “sometimes Sapphic sister”
    lol That’s one way to put it ;)

    Thanks for the scoop, MM!

  3. Taylor says:

    Thanks for the quick news. I hope one day they’ll get together.

  4. Natalia says:

    nothing on puckleberry…bummer

  5. Lily says:

    Finn and Rachel need to be back together Finn is WAY too good for Quinn

  6. Beth says:

    Sad that there’s nothing planned so far for Brittana. :( I hope Santana ain’t just giving a show, do not want her doing it for a new love interest.

  7. AlistairCrane says:

    I love Terri, but why is she still on the show if they’re not going to use her?

  8. Cin says:

    Sam & Quinn are my favorite couple on Glee. I’m not happy about any of this Beibs news or the fact that either Quinn OR Finn would even think revisiting their trainwreck of a relationship. Then again, this is Glee. Not sure why I should even hope for coherant or consistant characterizations. The ‘Rule of 3’ is showing – I’d put cold hard cash on the fact that Ryan Murphy is writing the Beiber episode.

  9. grey says:

    What about puckleberry?

  10. janice n says:

    Santana in red lace?! Wowza!

    BUT I hope it’s for good reasons, e.g. nothing to do with a new love interest. Glee needs to get it together and put Brittany and Santana together.

  11. Michael says:

    I don’t care about their romances, I just want to know what songs they are doing

  12. tayson says:

    awz dang – i wish there was some upcoming brittana.

  13. Cori says:

    Back and forth between Rachel and Quinn? Please. Just put Finchel back together and call it a day.

  14. jennifer says:

    Beiber? Really? I hate to miss an episode of Glee, but I’m gonna have to skip that one.

  15. lili says:

    Hum what?? this finn&quinn thing is just ewwww!! Like what?? Finchel is the best! They are in love and they always will be! If finn/quinn does happen I’m done! Ryan Murphy and cie are ruining the best couple on tv FINCHEL!! It makes no sense that finn could forgive quinn and not rachel? This stuff just comes out of nowhere… We waited a year for finchel and now… I want my finchel back!! I know Brad said the thing about happy endings and I love that but why do we have to suffer through some stupid-ewww-storyline that makes no sense in between?? I want finchel at least trying or wanting to get back together! And I want a lot of duets!! Finchel forever!

  16. Debra says:

    I have a bad feeling that if they go there with Finn and Quinn, the reaction to the breakup of Finchel will be a peaceful protest compared to the riot Finn and Quinn renewing their relationship will cause. From what I can see, just the rumor of it is making a lot of fans very angry.

    • Brianne says:

      I completely agree. That, and the Puckleberry romance planned? Not the smartest moves on RMurph’s part.
      Also, it irks me knowing they’ve completely shoved Quinn/Puck’s storyline out the window. I think that couple had the most substance, they were both complicated people, but different with each other. Even if the writers decided they didn’t want them together, I do NOT think they should’ve given them NO interaction. They had a child together, for goodness sake! I was hoping for an interesting plot with them this season. I’m still hoping they’re going to reveal Quinn’s torn over giving Beth up, she just doesn’t show it.

      • GleekForLife says:

        i agree…and what about season 1’s finale? when quin asked puck if he really did love her back then & he said “i did….still do.” after that we come to season 2 & NOTHING with them? i mean seriously! & FINCHEL IS NEEDED! NO GLEE WITHOUT THEM!! & plz no quin/finn drama again!

  17. Anon says:

    Santana/Naya is red lace omggg i’m down! …if she’s doing it for herself not for a love interest. Also, no planned Brittana? WTF Glee?

  18. Tom says:

    Oh-my! Santana in red lace?!?!
    I may have to watch this show again.

  19. JW says:

    im dzown for anything santana! although im kind (and by kind of i mean SUPER) disappointed that we won’t be seeing any brittana soon. really had enough of bartie.

  20. JW says:

    “so it’s fun to play this while we can.”
    That’s right Kevin, enjoy it while you can. Brittana or nothing yo! Also… hell yeah Santana! I’m thinking it’ll have something to do with Sue/Cheerios in the Superbowl episode.

  21. luce k says:

    i want my finchel!!!! ahhh!! and i also want brittana!

  22. 4846girl says:

    Really disappointed about Quick, they’ve totally ignored that. It was even established that Puck was still inlove with her at the beginning of the season. I’m happy for Tina/Mike, they’re cute and it’s nice that they’re going to add a few more layers to that; although Tartie needs to be endgame. And lol Santana, girl you better be doin’ that for good reasons that don’t include seducing someone that isn’t Brittany. :P

  23. Joan says:

    Oh the slut who got knocked up stills gets the guy, thats so stupid. Finn and Rachel FTW

  24. jasin says:

    Really hope they start doing more with the fabulous Jessayln Gilsig. Terri is a fun character but is uner used. Hope they follow thru with her starting to date the glee coach from the other school.

  25. Kristia says:

    Finchel, Quick, Wemma, Tartie, and Brittana. That’s all I’m asking for.

  26. MARY says:

    We need our Brittana, but meanwhile: SANTANA AND RED LACE, SANTANA AND RED LACE… I am dead, unless she’s doing it in a seduction kind of way.

  27. Debra says:

    Wow, they seem to think that Quinn is so absolutely lovable that all of the boys are just supposed to want her and nobody else. I wonder what they see that I don’t.

    Don’t get me wrong, Dianna Agron is a good actress but her character, except for when she was pregnant and even then had her moments of complete hatefulness that was directed for the most part at Finn before the truth about the baby came out, that made me as a viewer want to reach through my television and smack Quinn. I wonder what Ryan Murphy is thinking by revisiting it again when it was such a train wreck the last time Finn and Quinn were a couple.

  28. Dee says:

    Whoa, Finchel-fans! Let’s all take a deep breath and remember that there is a-whole-nother season after this one that’s already been confirmed since forever ago. Having all the relationships since the begin of the show stay the same would be boooorrinnggg! So let writer/actors/characters have their fun while we sit back, relax and enjoy the show. ;)

    • PV says:

      cause Glee is a great example for not having stagnant characters that never grow. They *never* do that.

      Leaving the characters in their relationships would be exactly what Glee does. None of the characters seem to learn anything or change episode to episode. Character development is already nil (and boring).

      Don’t get me wrong, Im a huge Glee fan – season one was brilliant and I have to keep watching for my girl Mercedes :P

  29. Cindy says:

    Cheese on crackers why can’t anyone on this show be single? I’m completely down for half naked Naya Rivera gracing my screen but i will throw something if she’s doing it for a boy. All the girls on this are used as nothing more then props for the boys and it’s ridiculous. And Brittany/Artie can end anytime soon. NO REALLY GO AWAY. This relationship is ruining Brittany and it’s just making me further dislike Artie. I feel like the writers spend too much time on random nonsense pairings instead of actual character development.


    • PV says:


      I thought Quinn would be that unique voice at the start of the season, but they had to go an make a bad casting decision in regards to Kurt’s boyfriend (because Darren Criss really is the superior choice) and they were left with this uber boring blond kid. Giving Quinn a boyfriend really did a disservice to her character.

      And I use the word character lightly.

      • Cindy says:

        I honestly believed she had so much potential to become a compelling character but they ruined it before we even got to see a glimpse of that. Really, I just need these girls to be treated with some kind of respect.

  30. April says:

    Kind of looking forward to seeing a big girl get some love for a change.

  31. hn says:

    I’m tired of the people judging or critizing the character of Quinn. Everyone has their faults on this show. and it’s not that Quinn doesn’t deserve Finn, it’s just they obviously don’t belong together. Wrong personalities.
    I hope they do revisit Puck and Quinn. I don’t mind waiting, but give us a little hope.

    • Joan says:

      um no Quinn doesnt deserve Finn she was horrible to him and if a guy had acted like that people would have been outraged it was even shown. Let her have Puck people like that belong together.

    • Erin says:

      Quinn and Finn go together perfectly. Quinn adores his dopiness and evens it out. Puck and Quinn are awful together and their personalities don’t go together at all, even the writers realise that. Yes, they should at least have a conversation so they can get closure on the whole (and i use this term loosely) relationship after HAVING A BABY but if they are never revisited, I will be extremely happy.

      • Debra says:

        Are you sure we are watching the same show? Quinn and Finn were horrible together. All she cared about was her reputation when they were a couple and used her pregnancy, despite Puck being the father, to keep him away from Rachel. That, IMVHO, is not a perfect relationship.

      • Leyla says:

        When did Quinn adore his “dopiness?” She was constantly nagging him and belittling him. The line “Are you a Moron?” comes to mind. She spoke it when Finn came up with the most adorable baby name of all time. Yeah, that’s adoring his dopiness for you.

  32. Ben Phelps says:

    Terri really needs to be written off the show, and I hope they make Sue joining New Directions at least somewhat plausible (not likely, though)

  33. Maggie says:

    why does everyone think Quinn is this angel if anything she is the worst person on the show at least the others fess up to their faults

  34. Angel says:

    What about Kurt? He needs to come back to McKinley. Dalton sucks! I hope Sam and Quinn break up. I like both characters but I haven’t seen this “AMAZING CHEMISTRY” they are supposed to have that made Ryan Murphy rewrite Sam’s entire storyline. They should have been cast as brother and sister. It’s like watching Ryan and Sharpay from High School Musical… Sam even has the same last name. Finchel fans need to relax. You KNOW your couple is endgame. Wouldn’t it be boring if they didn’t have any drama? A happy couple doesn’t get alot of story or screentime.

    • gillen says:

      ryt finchel hold your bombs, except you want to end the show on its sec season. and kurt must return to mackinley. dalton is a gloomy place and a character like kurt’s wouldn’t play a lot of grounds there. just say a long distance relationship with his soon to be boyfriend would be a good topic. so put him back to mckinley. among the boys, he’s the one who makes the story roll.

  35. Katie Foster says:

    Well, I for one have always adored Finn/Quinn. I know that they were the couple the writers intended for us to hate, while Finn/Rachel is supposed to be the couple we root for, but I couldn’t buy into that. Dianna and Cory have wayyy more chemistry, and FQ were strangely more sincere to me than FR have ever been.

  36. Michelle says:

    I will be dancing in the streets when Quam ends. My undying love for Quick aside, my main reason for wanting the end of the relationship is they are boring as all hell, pot plants have more chemistry than them. Can’t Quinn be independent for once? I think the writers lack the ability to write characters decently without the need for being in a relationship, like poor Mercedes has had one storyline so far this season, it’s ridiculous. Thanks for the spoilers.

    • christina says:

      I cannot understand all of the Sam hate. I love him. I also don’t get this talk of how ‘boring’ Sam & Quinn are. I think they are perfectly suited and have wonderful chemistry. The shippers in this fandom are set in their ways and opinions. It reminds me of Harry/Ginny vs. Harry/Hermione in the HP fandom. The funny thing is, with open eyes another solution might be the better one for everyone. I’ll admit to being Quick last season, but with how sloppily the Beth storyline was handled and then with Puck very much not seeming to care about anything but himself this entire season. Not that I dislike him, but he clearly doesn’t care about Quinn or whatever past connection they have.

  37. MissJess says:

    I think my favorite pairing right now is Artie and Brittany…probably because I love the character of Brittany more and more each week!

    I’m patiently waiting for Kurt/Blaine, but kind of care less about the rest of the relationships on the show. Although I do miss the Will/Emma interaction too.

  38. Samm says:

    So no one is going to acknowledge the fact that Finn actually cheated on Quinn? Alright, it was after she cheated on him, but he was unaware of this at the time and he STILL made out with Rachael. Double standards all around. He should look in the mirror before he so harshley criticizes Rachael. And ro re-visit his relationship with Quinn would be mind boggling since they had the most destructive relationship, really this does not send good messages to children. Sadly, as a viewer who knows the difference between these issues I still love the show despite the problems that occur in the writing room.

    • haley b says:

      He did not actively cheat with Rachel as Quinn did with Finn, Rachel invited him for a kiss and he couldn’t resist it. Well, you know what happened in the auditorium. But Rachel blatantly invited Puck to her bed with the purpose of spiting and hurting Finn. That is a lot of difference. I think Finn is better off without any girl drama for the time being. Both Quinn and Rachel need to back off Finn. HE’s the one who should be staying single.

  39. Blair says:

    Aw but Cory and Dianna have the best chemistry!

    • Jennie says:

      Even though I don’t like the pairing of Finn and Quinn, I have to agree that Cory and Dianna are the best-looking among this cast. They do look fantastic together. Too bad the writers f*cked up their relationship.

      • Summer says:

        i agree, Cory and Dianna together are the cutest! The writers really did screw up what they had, they just look so good together and have amazing chemistry.

  40. jane says:

    I dont understand why people view Finn as a saint. In my opinion I dont believe that he deserves either Quinn or Rachel. Firstly, he constantly chooses his reputation over Rachel. He doesn’t stand up for her and even when he compliments her he manages to insult her.It also seems that as a couple Finn and Rachel bring out the worst qualities in each other, I think they are better suited as friends. Also Finn lacks the intellect to be with either Rachel or Quinn. In the end Finn will proably just hold them back from their dreams.

  41. aoralin says:

    Does anyone else think they’re going to bring Terri back, only having her actually being pregnant?

  42. BC says:

    i also have to agree i don’t like the re-paring of finn and quinn. she treated finn like crap when he was trying to find jobs and stuff she kept putting him down. I think that it’s not a healthy relationship at all. I also believe what Rachel did was wrong but her and Puck only kissed nothing else unlike Quinn. For now i think that Finn needs to figure out who he really wants and who really care for him and so far the only one who truly see the good in Finn is Rachel. So right now Finn needs sometime to think and then maybe the writer’s will get Finchel back together more toward the end on season 2

  43. kp says:

    I think Quinn was immature and insecure for most of last season and Finn took the brunt of it. Part of her awfulness last season was about her freaking out about the complete mess she had made of her life and her inability to make it better and while it was bad when she took it out on Finn, in the end I think she had a lot more remorse than some people here give her credit for (think about her conversation with Rachel after the truth came out).

    I would prefer that Quinn and Finn think they should get back together because of their circumstances but then realize that its a foolish decision and decide to be friends. That would be a more satisfying way to continue their story together in my opinion. Quinn realizing how much she has grown from the (terrible) girl she was last year and then working on her friendship with MERCEDES (where has that gone this season?). And then Finn getting back together with Rachel because she brings out a less superficial side of him.