BET Restarts The Game With a Sexy New 'Tude

This is the story of a little show that could. Call it blind luck or undying fan devotion, The Game lives on thanks to BET, returning Tuesday–nearly two years after the CW pulled the plug on the series.

So has the, um, mandatory hiatus been good to the footballers and their ladies? Here’s what we can spill:

All is well in the world of your favorite Gamers–just don’t expect the show to gloss over the fact that they were MIA for two whole seasons.

“We pick up two years later, where people are living different types of lives,” showrunner Salim Akil explains. “Derwin (Pooch Hall) is a completely different character, living this balling life, becoming this superstar. He’s part of the Boom Nike campaign. And Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) is coming back stronger than ever. All the characters have changed like people would change in two years.”

Adds Akil’s wife and showrunning partner Mara Brock Akil, “What makes our show special, what makes it successful is that we treat the characters like real people. For us to start back after Melanie (Tia Mowry) and Derwin got married in the hospital wouldn’t be true to time.”

Sure, time has changed The Game gang onscreen, but off camera, the cast couldn’t be happier to return to work together.

“Nothing meant more to us than this,” Hosea Chanchez (Malik) gushes of BET reviving the once-canned series, a sentiment Mowry echoes. “We’re definitely a big, huge family. We’ve been through a lot together. So to be built back up together, it’s an amazing feeling.”

Simply put, Robinson says returning to The Game was “a no-brainer.”

Even Coby Bell (Jason), The Game star who found huge success on USA’s Burn Notice in the interim, can’t help but be thrilled to reunite with the cast.

“We all knew from the very beginning that we had a really special thing,” say Bell. “Just the vibe on the set and how well we all got along, the writers included. It was just a big lovefest.”

There are a few things fans of The Game may want to note before tuning into Tuesday’s fourth season premiere, the first being the extra dose of sexiness, a perk of jumping ship to the basic cable network. Also, look for tweaked sets and a slightly different look to the show as a whole, which now films in Atlanta and will be a “hybrid” multi-camera (think The Big Bang Theory) and single-camera (think The Office) series.

So what say you, Game fans? Are you excited about the series’ long-overdue return? Sound off in the comments.

Catch all new episodes of The Game starting Tuesday, January 11 at 10 pm on BET.

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  1. Uh? says:

    Coby Bell? Huge success? Not quiet sure that was true. Character was weak. Lots of BN fans really did like the character at all.

    • Lori says:

      totally agree. The hot Coby was lame in that show.

    • Zak says:

      I have to disagree with you there. I liked him on Burn Notice and the character seemed to fit within the show. I’m sure there were people who disliked his character for what ever reasons they found, but I know their were also those who liked him on it as well.

      I don’t watch The Game but glad to see it back for the people who work on the show and for the fans of the show which I’m sure are glad to have it back.

      Personally I hope we see the return of Coby for an episode or two of Burn Notice somewhere along the line.

  2. Daniel says:

    So excited for Tuesday. I know it will be worth the wait!

  3. Ellie says:

    So glad it’s comng back and I can’t wait for the 11th. Too excited!

  4. J Dawg six says:

    This show was never good and I am suprised they dugg it up

  5. Andrea says:

    Coby Bell is fantastic in Burn Notice! Jesse has become an integral character in the show. Also, I am pretty sure he will still be around come next season. I am very happy BET picked up The Game, and can’t wait to see the new eps.

  6. brandon says:

    Thanks for giving love to black shows. This maybe the only black show that is worthy to be on Tvline or EW for updates/Scoops. The show is ok, it has a urban follwing which is huge. Plus with the whole VH1 Wives series, this show has a built in audience. What other shows can survive a 2 year hiatus? Family Guy is the other show i think. Family guy is way better than the Game. I’m glad that Mike and the other staffers giving a little love to a predom. black show. This one is the only one that is worth it. The TBS shows are utter crap i wouldn’t make y worst enemy watch.

  7. Sweet says:

    I totally thought the comments would get really racist, really fast about this show. I’m disappointed. Does this mean tvline has better people on the site than 99% of another other site that mentions anything not mainstream? ha.

  8. awesome! says:

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this showw!

  9. Ashley mcgraw says:

    Michael, thank you so much for doing a story on the return of the game. Love the show!

  10. Zandra says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!! I am glad to have the game back. This is very awesome.

  11. Alyssa says:

    Michael you are the best for showing love to The Game! This show has been ignored by most media outlets which is unfortunate because the show is much better than some of it’s counter parts (which for some reason unknown to me manage to pull in higher ratings). I CANNOT WAIT FOR TUESDAY! 1-11-11! OH YEAH!

    • Alyssa says:

      *I’m sorry Megan you actually wrote the piece so shout-out to you for showing love to my favorite tv show as well.

  12. Ray says:

    This show is really the show that will not die. And good for it (and us all)!

    It wasn’t the most epic or strongest show before, but what it did, it did well. It was a great hybrid of sitcom and soap opera. And what I liked was that character actions had consequences, good or bad. They didn’t wrap everything up at the end of every episode. Things moved forward, just like creator/EP Akil mentioned in the article.

    And it doesn’t hurt that this was predominantly African American cast with African American creators, writers and producers in the background as well. There was some authenticity to it that other shows don’t always seem to capture successfully.

    Let’s see how it does in it’s return. I’ve got high hopes. Congratulations to the show! Here’s to a second chance at life!

  13. Rachel says:

    I love this show. Great character development and stories. I’m so excited for tomorrow. I hope the show hasn’t changed too much.

  14. flutiefan says:

    i may be the only suburban white girl who watched “The Game”, but i’ve seen every episode and i’m stoked for it to come back!
    p.s. what about Tasha and Rick Fox? any scoop there?

    • Alyssa says:

      Not from what I heard/read. The cast of the game was on Wendy Williams today and *****spoiler alert*****:

      Wendy Raquel Robinson (Tasha) mentioned that her character was a cougar and dating someone young and that she messed up her relationship with Rick Fox. So i guess for now they are pretty much done.

    • whogivesawho says:

      No you def are not. I love it too.

  15. Nene says:

    Will the (GAME) have a season 5? I hope so.