What to Watch Today

The Fonz Meets Mork, Disney Builds a Better Boy and More

  • Disney Channel
    How to Build a Better Boy

    In this TV-movie, school outcasts Gabby (China Anne McClain, A.N.T. Farm) and Mae (Kelly Berglund, Lab Rats) use Mae’s father’s design software to create a high-def version of Mae’s fake boyfriend, Albert. Thing is, Mae’s dad works for a top-secret military branch… and Albert is actually an advanced robot.

  • Reelz
    Robin Williams Remembered

    This special celebrates Williams’ life and legacy with a look back at his stand-up career as well as his work with Comic Relief and other charities. (At 8:30, a second special revisits Williams’ on-screen career.)

  • The CW
    Masters of Illusion

    Magicians continue to show off their skills. (Can anyone change the channel without using their hands?)

  • The Hub
    Happy Days

    In the episode that paved the way for Mork & Mindy, Robin Williams guest-stars as Mork, an alien that tries to take Richie back to his home planet — but first he must face off against the Fonz.

  • CBS
    Hawaii Five-0

    Repeat to Revisit: When Chin Ho’s former classmate is found dead at a high school reunion as a result of falling on one of her stiletto heels, Five-0 investigates.

  • TNT
    Cold Justice

    Season finale: The team looks into the 1975 electrocution of a Vigo County, Ind. woman who was found submerged in a tub, an electric clock radio sunk beneath her.

  • Disney Channel
    Girl Meets World

    Special time slot: When Maya’s artwork is displayed at a school event, Riley thinks it’s the perfect moment for Maya to reconcile with her mother. Also, Lee Norris reprises his role as Boy Meets World’s Minkus.

  • Cinemax
    The Knick

    Thackery orders Herman Barrow, the Knick’s crooked superintendent, to deliver more cadavers so that he and his team can test new surgical procedures. Elsewhere, Algernon offers to share a procedure he learned in France and Cornelia addresses a typhoid outbreak.

  • HBO
    Jonah From Tonga

    Jonah sneaks out of the house to go bowling; Kool Kris helps the Fobba-licious crew work on an original music video to enter in an anti-bullying contest.

  • Syfy
    The Almighty Johnsons

    The brothers find themselves in uncharted territory after embarking on a road trip to follow a falling star. (Have they not seen Stardust?!)