What to Watch Today

FX's Breeders Returns, Good Doctor's Big Decision and More

Breeders Season 2 Premiere

On TV this Monday: Breeders is back for Season 2, The Good Doctor and his girlfriend make a life-changing decision and the limited series Beartown wraps its HBO run. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar; all times are Eastern.

    NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament

    Sixteen games: Drexel vs. Georgia (at 12 pm, on ESPN2); BYU vs. Rutgers (12 pm, ESPNU); North Carolina vs. Alabama (12 pm, ESPN); VCU vs. Indiana (2 pm, ESPNU); Stony Brook vs. Arizona (2 pm, ESPN2); Wright State vs. Arkansas (2 pm, ESPN); Belmont University vs. Gonzaga (4 pm, ESPN2); Mount St. Mary’s vs. Maryland (4 pm, ESPN); UCF vs. Northwestern (4 pm, ESPNU); Michigan State vs. Iowa State (6 pm, ESPN); Troy vs. Texas A&M (6 pm, ESPN2); UC Davis vs. Missouri St (7:30 pm, ESPNU); Bradley vs. Texas (8 pm, ESPN2); Marist vs. Louisville (8 pm, ESPN); South Dakota vs. Oregon (10 pm, ESPN2); Wyoming vs. UCLA (10 pm, ESPN).

    NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

    Eight games: Oregon vs. Iowa (at 12:10 pm, on CBS); Oklahoma vs. Gonzaga (2:40 pm, CBS); Abilene Christian vs. UCLA (5:15 pm, TBS); Ohio vs. Creighton (6:10 pm, TNT); LSU vs. Michigan (7:10 pm, CBS); Colorado vs. Florida State (7:45 pm, TBS); Maryland vs. Alabama (8:45 pm, TNT); USC vs. Kansas (9:40, CBS).

  • ABC
    American Idol

    Now airing Sundays and Mondays! Before Hollywood Week wraps up, the judges challenge this season’s hopefuls to a series of duets.

  • The CW

    Bishop and Pike use their time in a local prison to their advantage; Arjana reaches out to Tanner for assistance; the case takes a surprising turn.

  • A&E

    Season 12 premiere: Eric works through his emotions as the cleanup process uncovers a beautiful design left by his late wife Sylvie.

  • Fox
    America's Most Wanted

    Episode 2 focuses on Tamera Williams, Larry Chism and Christopher Burns.

  • HBO

    Limited series finale: The entire hockey community gathers to determine Peter’s fate; Maya reaches her breaking point and squares off with Kevin.

  • FX

    Season 2 premiere (two episodes): The kids’ independence forces Paul and Ally to question their parenting style; Ally’s mom is robbed. (Read preview.)

  • NBC

    When the Debris sparks an unusual rainstorm in Nebraska, Bryan and Finola must treat the situation like they are setting foot on an alien planet.

  • ABC
    The Good Doctor

    Shaun and Lea reach a life-changing decision; a renowned surgeon comes to St. Bonaventure for treatment. (EP weighs in on that “huge” twist.)

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