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Titans: Joseph Morgan Shares the (Very) Naked Truth About That Scene, Teases Unlikely New Alliance

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The following contains spoilers from Titans Season 4, Episodes 6 and 7, now streaming on HBO Max.

HBO Max’s Titans kicked off the back end of what is now its farewell run with the emergence of Sebastian from the bloody Red Moon ritual, to now help Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente) resurrect his and Rachel’s father, the mighty and malevolent Trigon.

Speaking of back ends….

“Yeah, that was all me. No double,” Joseph Morgan shared with TVLine when asked about Sebastian being seen from head to to wearing nothing but blood, as he stepped out of the temple pool.

“I was offered [a body double],” the actor continues, “but had I spent so much time in the gym, using the same trainer that Josh [Orpin, who plays Conner] used for the first few seasons. I worked with him a lot, and on my diet as well, because I kind of knew that scene was coming.”

As Morgan explains, “I’d seen some of the graphic novels, and I knew that was an iconic image of this character, and quite frankly I’d be disappointed if he didn’t do something like that. So [showrunner] Greg Walker and I pushed really hard for that to be a part of the season. Even though I don’t love the nudity stuff, I felt like it would be a really poignant moment. So yeah, I did that. I went for it!”

Titans Conner 4x08The second new episode — which largely revolved around Dick and Kory (Brenton Thwaites and Anna Diop) struggling not to lose their memories whilst trapped in a hexed town that was the site an ancient horn needed to summon Trigon — closed out with Conner surprising Sebastian at a restaurant, to make a toast “to the future.” (Conner had conspicuously peaced out on the other Titans after unearthing inside the Temple of Azarath a box that Lex had buried.)

What does Lex’s newly shorn son have to offer the Titans’ latest foe? In short, Sebastian has a “product” to offer, and Conner can help with “distribution.”

“[Conner] has a framework at LexCorp, and he has a plan,” Morgan teases. “He has the experience that he’s culled from his father [Lex Luthor], and a method that they can both kind of use each other for mutual gain.”

Morgan raves of the unlikely alliance, “That was a fun arc for me to play with Josh. He’s a terrific and committed actor, so it was really interesting to explore that dynamic with the two characters.” As Morgan notes, “Sebastian is more of a loose cannon and you can’t really control this power that he has, and he has all these rage issues with his mother, while Connor can of course relate to having issues with his parents, having sort of two fathers at opposite ends of the spectrum.”

And for those longtime Titans viewers who have enjoyed seeing Orpin go all in with this very new arc for Conner, it sounds as if Orpin is a superfan, too.

“He’s been given the chance to explore that side of his character, to really branch out,” Morgan notes of his new scene partner. “I think he had a lot of fun with that opportunity.”

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