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Robbie Amell: The Flash‘s Wrinkle on Caitlin’s Reunion With Husband Ronnie Is ‘Pretty Messed-Up!’

Flash Ronnie Deathstorm
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The following contains spoilers from the April 13 episode of The CW’s The Flash.

Well, that happy reunion sure took a turn.

This week on The Flash, Caitlin (played by Danielle Panabaker) pulled out all the stops, and even locked horns with Barry and others along the way, as she endeavored to “rescue” late husband Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) from the “black flame” that had entrapped him in some sort of schmience-y limbo state.

In the end, someone appearing to be Ronnie did emerge from the Black Flame, after Team Flash used its umpteenth modification of that plastic-looking cold fusion sphere to effect a change. But later that night, in private with Caitlin, “Ronnie” confessed (OK, gloated) that he is not some resurrection of the man she once loved (who remains very much and forever dead), but in actuality is… Deathstorm. [Cue fiery skull head and goth supersuit.]

“I think it’s pretty messed up that [Caitlin] finally gets her husband back after so many seasons, and he’s not the version that she’s hoping for,” Robbie Amell tells TVLine. “It’s really fun for me, because it’s always a bit more fun to get to be the bad guy — and to put Team Flash through a bit of a wringer. But it’s definitely a bummer for Caitlin.”

Amell, as you can tell, is delighted to break bad for this arc, but the chance to do so was not the only reason he signed on for the encore.

“Would I have come back [as nice Ronnie]? Yes, of course,” he says. “Essentially how it was pitched to me was, ‘This is the final season and we’d love to have you back.’ But whether it was the final season or not, it’s always been based on availability and we’ve been unlucky in the past.” (Amell has been busy with a lead role on Prime Video’s Upload, among other things.)  “But this worked out timing-wise, and I was like, ‘Yeah, 100 percent. I’m in.’

“Granted, they’re now doing another season, which I think is great,” Amell added, “but it was really cool to come back and have a bit of gravity to my character. But I would have popped in if it was the lighthearted version as well, with just the flashbacks.”

One good thing about being bad is that, as Deathstorm (and not just appearing in flashbacks with Caitlin), Amell got to work with series lead Grant Gustin as well.

“It’s nice to have some scenes with Grant again, just because I hadn’t seen him in so long,” Amell shared. “A lot of my Deathstorm stuff is [computer graphics] and ADR booth stuff, but it was nice to be on set with him and then bump into the rest of the cast.”

Alas, the character of Deathstorm has no such appreciation for camaraderie, and instead will be foraging for his (gulp!) next meal.

“This thing feeds on pain and anguish, and it’s time to go eat!'” previews Amell with a laugh.  “He needs to get stronger, so he needs to feed on pain and anguish — and that’s what he’s going to go find.”

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