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The Equalizer Season 3 Finale Recap: Robyn & Co. Are Under Attack From All Sides! — Plus, Grade It!

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It’s rare for every main character on The Equalizer to be under attack at once, but that was the case on the show’s Season 3 finale, which aired Sunday on CBS.

Robyn, Mel, Harry, Dante, Delilah and Aunt Vi all had battles to fight during the action-packed episode — arguably one of the series’ best so far.

The episode, titled “Eye for an Eye,” opens with Robyn and Mel being chased — and ultimately trapped — in a building by men with guns. Then, there’s a rewind to a much more joyful period six hours earlier. While happily working on her dad’s old car, Robyn gets a call from Aunt Vi and Delilah, who are planning a day of fun themselves. After making a plan to join them for dinner later, Robyn heads to the auto store. That’s when things take a turn for the worse: She’s being followed.

Meanwhile, Harry and Mel are at a grocery store, where they also are being followed. Soon, they’re fighting off two men in the parking lot while Robyn is doing the same with three men in the store bathroom. Tile is broken, stalls are torn apart, and a sink is smashed as Robyn pummels her attackers. Before she leaves, she notices a syringe on the floor.

the-equalizer-finale-recap-season-3-episode-18Aunt Vi and Delilah are also in danger as they pick up snacks at a bodega. Using her newly honed observational skills, Delilah notices a man acting strangely.

Mel, Harry and Robyn meet up at their headquarters, where they are surprised by CIA agent Colton Fisk, who says he got word they were being followed. After pulling camera footage from the attacks, Harry identifies a white van, which he hopes to pursue.

In need of backup, Harry recruits Dante, whom he finds in a bar, wallowing in the despair brought on by his suspension. Robyn and Mel investigate the drug in the syringe by visiting an acquaintance who owns an illegal lab. With some persuasion, he reveals it is a “truth serum” that also gradually shuts down the nervous system. He admits he sold it to an anonymous buyer.

the-equalizer-finale-recap-season-3-episode-18Back at the bodega, Delilah correctly predicts that the strange man will rob the store. As the armed robber holds Aunt Vi, Delilah and the other customers hostage, Harry and Dante locate the white van outside a building. Peeking through a window, they notice a symbol of a black bird against a red background on a wall. After texting a photo to Robyn, they learn the symbol represents the Venezuelan Freedom Fighters, whom Robyn helped fight a dictator when she was a member of the CIA. When the agency abruptly withdrew from the mission, many of the freedom fighters were left to die, including one of Robyn’s colleagues. Robyn determines the group is getting revenge against both her and Fisk, who was also part of the operation.

Harry and Dante successfully fight off an attacker, but they realize he has injected Dante with the truth serum. They call Robyn and Mel, who are on their way to confront Fisk. They tell Harry to get Dante to the illegal lab.

Fisk tells Robyn and Mel that he believes the leader of the Freedom Fighters is coming after him. And as Robyn and Mel are leaving the scene, Fisk is kidnapped in the white van. While following the vehicle, Robyn and Mel call Harry and Dante, who confesses that he loves (!) Robyn. But there’s no time to unpack that revelation; Harry must get the antidote for Dante. When they arrive at the lab, though, they discover its owner has been murdered.

the-equalizer-finale-recap-season-3-episode-18As Aunt Vi tries to defuse the situation at the bodega, Robyn and Mel are gassed and tied up upon their arrival at the building. Harry frantically looks for the antidote at the lab while Dante’s body continues to shut down. Harry is forced to use defibrillators to revive Dante, and then they, too, are kidnapped.

A sympathetic Aunt Vi starts a conversation with the robber and learns he became desperate after he lost his job and his wife. She and Delilah ask him to consider surrendering.

Robyn and Mel also are making progress: They lure one of their attackers to them, successfully knock him out and escape from bondage. Meanwhile, Fisk is being assaulted and questioned by the leader of the Freedom Fighters.

Aunt Vi continues to encourage the robber to turn his life around. When police finally break into the store, Delilah acts quickly, kicking the robber so he falls out of the line of fire. After noticing his gun is empty, she relays the information to the police, who spare his life.

There is no resolution for Fisk, who is now being injected with the truth serum — or Robyn and Mel, who are now trapped by the men, as shown at the beginning of the episode. They are separated, and Robyn is taken to a room where she is confronted by her old CIA colleague, who isn’t dead after all. Upset at being abandoned by Robyn and the CIA, she reveals her plan for revenge: She will burn Harry, Mel and Dante alive in front of Robyn, who helplessly watches on camera as her friends are tied up and surrounded by flames.

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Robyn fights, but is overpowered. As she watches the fire grow more intense around her loved ones, all she can do is scream.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Grade it, and the season as whole, via the polls below. Then sound off in the comments!

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