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Felicity Déjà Vu on The Diplomat? New Romance Brewing on Superman? Did Will Trent Make You Gasp? More TV Qs!

The Diplomat
Netflix screenshots

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The Diplomat, Will Trent, Barry, Superman & Lois and Citadel!

1 | With Felicity vet Keri Russell wrapped up in another buzzy love triangle, this time on Netflix’s The Diplomat, we gotta ask: Are you Team Dennison or Team Hal?

2 | How happy were you that the ridiculous fight/”break-up” between Fire Country‘s Bode and Freddy was staged?

3 | BarryBarry fans, did you recognize Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro as the hitman handler known as “Toro”? And did it kind of break your heart to see Barry and Hank fighting like that?

4 | On Succession, did a pregnant Shiv really snort cocaine with Matsson and sip Champagne with her brothers, or was she faking for their benefit (and to keep her condition a secret)? And are you relieved to see that Sarah Snook will compete in the Emmys’ lead actress category, giving Better Call Saul‘s Rhea Seehorn better odds at winning in the supporting race?

5 | Didn’t Sam’s “teeny ‘tini” jingle in the Somebody Somewhere premiere make you want to slam some cocktails with Sam and Joel?

6 | How is Family Guy going to pretend like Peter doesn’t know what a night watchman is when we all remember his short-lived gig as the overnight security guard for George Harrison?

7 | When NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Densi shared a sweet moment that Deeks said felt like “10 years ago,” wouldn’t you have liked a flashback to Season 3 or so? Or is the show saving those for the series finale?

8 | C’mon now: Does The Blacklist really expect us to believe that Reddington and the Task Force won’t find a way to keep working together, even after their quasi-breakup in this week’s episode? And how shocked — or perhaps pleasantly surprised — were you by Wujing dying already, with more than half of the season still remaining?

9 | Did Ride miss an opportunity to do an “It’s pouring rain, so we have to pull over and check into a motel” storyline with Cash and Missy?

10 | Days of Our LivesWhat was worse, Days of Our Lives fans — the atrocious green-screen effects that accompanied Bo and Hope’s clifftop confrontation or the flashbacks that reminded us of times when the show had a bigger budget and better writing?

11 | Does the WWE World Heavyweight Championship reveal on Monday Night Raw feel like a consolation prize after Cody Rhodes’ deflating WrestleMania loss?

12 | Was Superman & Lois‘ Onomatopoeia reveal a touch underwhelming, since the masked villain’s gender and slim body type had greatly narrowed the list of suspects? And is the show casually flirting with the idea of a Sarah/Jonathan romance? If so, how do we feel about that?

13 | How loudly did you gasp when Will Trent‘s Amanda revealed to Will who his mother was?

14 | On A Million Little Things, as touching as it was for Gary’s friends to go to the airport (all in separate cars!) to see him off to Mexico, wouldn’t a group goodbye at the house have been way less hectic and rushed?

15 | Even though Jeff Probst does an exceptional job commentating Survivor challenges, if you were a contestant, wouldn’t you find him just a bit annoying (especially during endurance challenges that require heaps of concentration)?

16 | Ted LassoOn Ted Lasso, did you notice how excited Roy looked when he thought Jamie’s penis was potentially ripped from his body — and how bummed he looked once he realized Jamie’s penis was OK? Does Charlie Hiscock deserve some sort of award for Will’s uncanny impression of Coach Beard? And TVLine reader Eric asks: Throughout the episode, they kept referring to the fourth rule of total football, without revealing what it was. Was that a nod to whether or not we’re getting a fourth season?

17 | On Farmer Wants a Wife, wasn’t Meghan’s return directed like the heart-swelling third act of a rom-com? Did you half expect Hunter’s other gals to grab their bags and leave?

18 | After watching NBC’s Carol Burnett birthday special, we must ask: Can Carol and longtime BFF Julie Andrews get together for a fourth TV special?

19 | The FlashFor Bloodwork’s big return (to conquer the multiverse, no less!), The Flash couldn’t put the Big Bad in anything more menacing than a henley? During the climactic battle, shouldn’t Oliver have bellowed, “Ramsey Rosso, you have failed this multiverse!”? And we get that scheduling issues prevented it, but wasn’t it weird that Joe wasn’t at Barry’s birthday party?

20 | In Bel-Air‘s Season 2 finale, why did Phil agree to have dinner with Erika after she kissed him? Does he really think he can “handle” her, as he told Geoffrey?

21 | Does Sweet Tooth‘s Bobby make anyone else want a pet groundhog? And how much did you cringe when the oh-so-young Becky didn’t know what a cassette was?

22 | Are you relieved Ghosts is no longer trying to make Hetty and Trevor into an actual couple? And are you hoping to see more of Stephanie and teenage basement dweller Ralph (played by Tyler Alvarez)?

23 | Good Trouble fans, are you a little shocked to discover that Jack Coleman (who is 65) is actually old enough to play Dennis’ father? How odd did it feel to be watching a Thanksgiving episode in April? And are you enjoying the occasional double doses of Beau Mirchoff, between his Good Trouble appearances and his series-regular role on Hallmark’s Ride?

24 | Between Bodyguard and now Citadel, we gotta ask: What’s up with Richard Madden and intense train rides?

25 | What’s the over/under on whether FX is going to use Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” in promos for American Horror Story: Delicate?

26 | Regarding the Late Late Show finale: How much do you think it stung James Corden when his very last guest, Will Ferrell, admitted that his favorite late-night host is… time slot competitor Seth Meyers? Was Corden actually playing the piano at the end? (Curiously, he we never shot from the back!) And now that David Letterman has appeared on The Late Late Show — his first appearance on CBS’ late-night lineup since handing The Late Show to Stephen Colbert in 2015 — what’s it going to take for Colbert to book him?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share! 

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