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station 19 recap season 6 episode 18 the glamorous life
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Boy, was Fergie ever wrong when she sang “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody.” The Firefighter’s Ball in Station 19’s Season 6 finale bumped off one series regular, nearly took out another and left the life of a third with a big ol’ question mark hanging over it.

Oh, and there was no entrée, either, owing to a fire in the walls of the hotel!

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Even before Kitty smelled smoke, the bash was a disaster. Ben didn’t want to be there to receive his Medal of Valor. Ross’ appointment of Andy as Station 19’s new captain so ticked off Sullivan that he broke up with the chief. Theo, continuing his aggressive pursuit of the Most Intolerable Character prize, called it quits with Vic. And Jack’s date with Chaos Kate was such a dud that he preferred looking after Nanette, the very pregnant waitress intent on giving her baby up for adoption. In fact, when she went into labor, Gibson was only too happy to volunteer to drive her to Grey Sloan. He just needed to get his keys from the coat closet, where he spied… ugh! Theo making out with Kate. (Consider that Most Intolerable Prize yours, Ruiz!)

station 19 recap season 6 episode 18 the glamorous life Soon, Andy and union president Drew Ferris (Nancy Drew’s Riley Smith) discovered that the dance floor of the hotel was about to collapse. Before they could get everyone to electric-slide to safety, however, down it went, taking with it, among others, Ross, Kate, Dixon and Nanette. Jack nearly fell, too, but was pulled to safety after hitting his head. Hard. Again.

Once Nanette was extricated from the rubble, Carina and Ben operated in the kitchen to try to save both the baby and its mother. The newborn looked like it made it, but Nanette’s fate was unclear. (Perhaps Station 19 is going to let Carina and Maya adopt a la Jo/Luna on Grey’s Anatomy?) After Sullivan found Natasha, he took back everything he’d said earlier. He didn’t want to give up on them — and he wouldn’t, not so long as she awakened. Right on cue, her eyes opened, and the lovers shared what was probably their first-ever kiss that wasn’t in secret.

station 19 recap season 6 episode 18 the glamorous life Kate, it appeared, was going to be fine. Dixon, on the other hand… Despite Travis’ best efforts to save Emmett’s dad, the creep died. (Maybe we don’t need him anymore if Theo is going to be a full-on jerky villain now?) In the episode’s and the season’s final moments, it looked like Jack was on his way to tell Vic about Theo and Kate’s hookup when he collapsed. Had he gotten a concussion? What was going on? We wouldn’t find out until next season’s premiere.

Grade the finale below, then hit the comments. Are Sully and Tasha the next firehouse wedding? Should the new powers that be bring back Ferris? And Carina and Maya are totally getting Nanette’s baby, right? 

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