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Somebody Somewhere Season 1 Finale Recap: Did Sam Kick Her Midlife Crisis to the Curb? Plus, Grade It!

Somebody Somewhere Season 1 Episode 7
Courtesy of HBO

Last week’s drama on Somebody Somewhere left Sam and her family in a fragile state. While her alcoholic mom remains on the road to recovery, the matriarch was still unable to cope with the effects her drinking has had on her daughters. And not telling her therapist about her late daughter Holly? Troubling, to say the least!

In the season finale of the Bridget Everett-led dramedy, Sam has rebounded from her abrupt exit from the standardized testing facility she was employed at. She’s now working at her sister Tricia’s store, and not only do the two ladies seem to be getting along much better, but Sam’s transformed herself into quite the saleswoman! (Who knew?)

At the house, Fred stops by to deliver Ed’s soil report, so Sam suggests a new location for choir practice: her family’s barn. The two decide to plan a poker night, and there, they’ll pitch the idea to Joel, whose recent breakup has him down in the dumps.

The next morning, Sam and Joel tour some churches in an attempt to get him out of the house and find him a new place of worship. (One church has a hot priest, so there’s that!) Outside, Sam runs into Charity’s husband Coop and totally puts her foot in her mouth. “I still can’t believe that about Rick and Charity,” she tells him. By the look on the guy’s face, he was still in the dark about that whole affair thing. Whoops!

Tricia sends Sam to the motel to commandeer Rick’s smoker. Sam finally asks him what the heck he was doing at choir practice. He says he was working a job one night, stumbled upon it and liked it. (Do we really believe that answer? Guess that’ll have to do until next season.)

Later, Ed is surprised to find Mary Jo sitting at the kitchen table of their home, freshly sprung from her stint in rehab. With money dwindling, MJ thinks she can maintain her sobriety by simply going to meetings. (Based on Sam and Tricia’s responses from last week, that seems like a long shot, but hey, who are we to judge?) Meanwhile, Joel finds Sam’s notebook in his car. Has she been continuing her song about Holly?

Somebody Somewhere Season 1 Finale RecapSam returns to the shop and finds Charity has returned. Now that Coop knows the truth, Charity says Tricia has nothing to blackmail her with. Looks like she’s not going to give up the store so easily. It doesn’t take long for the two women to be at each other’s throats, causing Joel to jump in and separate them. Despite all of the drama, the store winds up winning Downtown Business of the Year. Yay?

At poker night, the crew munches on some edibles and Joel lets it slip that he read Sam’s songs (which hilariously includes a track titled “Put Your D–k Away.”) Fred then takes them on a field trip to the barn, where Sam plays them a tune on her keyboard. She dedicates her performance to her buddy Joel. She promises the song will have “no dongs,” then sings an emotional track about how she got her strength back. Has Sam finally gotten a handle on her midlife crisis?

Back at her parents’ house, Mary Jo lurks outside near the barn — which feels odd and ominous, but thankfully, tragedy does not strike. Then, we see Tricia paying Coop a visit. A little revenge boning for the spouses who were cheated on? Can’t blame ’em!

The season ends with Sam walking into her sister’s old room and laying on the bed. A sense of calm and a soft smile washes over her face.

So how did you like the finale? Grade it (and the season) below, then sound off in the Comments.

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